OpJusticeForJake PR1

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  1. OpJusticeForJake. For Immediate Release
  3. Greetings,
  5. It has come to our attention that threats have either been made or are perceived to have been made against one or more public officials. The purpose of this release is to denounce any and all threats of violence. Anonymous is a peaceful entity. We do not make threats of violence and we do not participate in or condone acts of violence.
  7. We have seen instances in the past where threats were made by local individuals for whatever purposes and these threats were attributed to us. We are trying to ensure that this does not happen here by denouncing any and all threats of violence early on.
  9. To be clear, Anonymous has not made threats of violence. Anonymous will not make threats of violence.
  11. Recently a police officer's personal phone number was apparently released by persons unknown. We regret this. While we do sometimes release personal information, a procedure known as D0xing, we have not reached that point in this case. We hope and fully expect not to.
  13. At this point in time we are simply watching to see what officials are going to do with the results of the current inquiry. We fully expect justice to be served. If this happens, as we expect, we will quietly fade away. If this does not happen, further investigations will commence. In any case, there will be no violence nor threats of violence towards any persons or property from Anonymous.
  15. That is all
  17. We Are Anonymous.
  18. The Corrupt Fear Us.
  19. The Honest Support Us.
  20. The Heroic Join Us.
  21. Expect Justice.
  23. Contact:
  25. #OpJusticeForJake
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