Nokhai Nov 12th, 2019 72 Never
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  1. [2019-11-03 00:23] *Mistress Merial  Boops her auntie's buldging fuckable cumsacks
  2. [2019-11-03 00:24] *Nokhai  thumps her hips into those prodding digits. "I heard you were such a good girl today!"
  3. [2019-11-03 00:26] *Mistress Merial  eagerly grabs her auntie's nuts, massaging them as she lightly digs her claws into her taught scrotum. "Momma always says that~ But yes I was!"
  4. [2019-11-03 00:31] *Nokhai  lets out a low huff, it's truly shameful but feeling those young hands so eagerly molesting her obese horse-nuts already makes her floppy cock twitch out violently in its floppy state. Out of sheer instinct, she just plants her whole palm atop of Merial's head whilst rocking her hips against those warm hands. "Well, she says because you know how to treat your naughty Momma just right, don'tcha?"
  5. [2019-11-03 00:37] *Mistress Merial  sneers an evil grin as she squeezes down on Nokkie's horse nuts tighter, feeling them dent inside of her tiny hands. She doesn't resist when she is brought closer, only flexing out her claws and lightly digging into those obese, churning cumtanks as she is rocked back and forth. "That's right I do~ Momma always loves it when I make her nose go up like a piggy and breed her in front of the whole town!"
  6. [2019-11-03 00:42] *Nokhai  sinks her silky white teeth into those thick cock-sucking lips, indulging herself in the sensation of those hands squeezing her crown jewels ever harder than before. The continuous teasing only makes that greasy horse-cock tremble even more. Upon hearing what her niece does to Urshka her jaw almost dropped and a gooey rope of pre already started to leak out of that piss-slit. "Why... I can see why you're her favorite child![sub]Fuck that's hot...[/sub]" She mumbled out whilst reaching down trying to get a peek off of Merial's own glorious package.
  7. [2019-11-03 00:51] *Mistress Merial  watches as her auntie's eyes dropped down to her own, ill-fitting skirt, and grinned. "Oh, does Auntie want to look at her niece's cock?~" She taunts as she stops groping her auntie's cumtanks and grasps the approaching hand. "Auntie will have to beg to see it~ To see my loli-stud cock~" Merial asserts as she pulls down on the Draenei's hand and forces her to her knees before her. With her free hand, Merial teases Nokhai's cumslit, slowly pushing her tiny, immature arm down her urethra.~ "Beg."
  8. [2019-11-03 00:59] *Nokhai  unknowingly had a bit of drool salivating from her maw from the sheer thought of seeing that juicy cock she's been fantasizing about. With a somewhat needy stare, she followed Merial's motions, getting down on her knees with her thick thighs spread wide and her obese nuts thumping against the floor. Unsure what Urshka would say about this Nokhai tried to resist these urges for a while but as soon as her niece's hand started to tease that fat flare she couldn't keep it together, the way it forced itself down her aching urethra made her groan out in a rather pathetic tone. "F-fuck....[b]PLEASE[/b]...! just a quick look? m-maaaybe more...?[sub]I WANT TO SEE IT SO BAD![/sub]"
  9. [2019-11-03 01:03] *Mistress Merial  sneers in disgust and retracts her arm out of the whore's urethra, offering it to the begging slut before her to lick clean. "Just because you asked so nicely, Auntie. I'll show it to you, you pedophile whore~" Merial coos as she takes her skirt and slowly slides it over her bulge, sighing in relief as the coiled up bundle of fuckmeat springs out to its full length and smacks the Draenei whore in the face. A cock of a similar size to Nokhai's was flung free of its cotton confines, but on such a small frame, it looked far bigger as it rested against the eager slut's face, drooling precum down Nokhai's face as it rested there above her.
  10. [2019-11-03 01:11] *Nokhai  instinctively opened her maw wide open to take Merial's whole fist into her mouth, greedily slurping up all of the nut-sloop her urethra had stained that small arm with. Both of her wide glowing eyes started to flare too once her lovely niece spoke up. An audible -PLOP- could be heard as she pulled away from the hand to watch in awe as that underage cock got revealed. Her whole face turned into a new shade just as that juicy cock flopped up against her face, she couldn't believe her eyes and in the midst of it all her long purple tongue just rolled out in sheer awe. Naturally, she instantly started to smear her whole face up and down that godlike cock, the fact that it belonged to someone this young only made her even hornier, a true pedophile! "Holy...[b]FUCK![/b] It's even better then I dreamt of... it's so [b]BIG[/b] and perfect...!" Her hands quickly reached down to push her massive tits up against that phat rod too, slowly motorboating Merial's cock in between those dark-skinner mammaries whilst trying to literally snort up the drooling pre-nut.
  11. [2019-11-03 01:17] Mistress Merial: (You sure you dont need to sleep? I know it's getting late there)
  12. [2019-11-03 01:18] Nokhai: (Well, it's only around 1 am, I'll probably be around for 3 ish more hours. But we can pause this if you're busy with something else~.)
  13. [2019-11-03 01:19] Mistress Merial: (I can keep going, just we would need to scene transition in order to get Nokhai all set up with the proper bondage gear and such, which would be a convenient stopping point)
  14. [2019-11-03 01:22] Nokhai: (I mean, I have more than enough time to keep going for quite some time. Up to you if ya wanna continue. Not sure if ya into this thus far but I'm fine with either.)
  15. [2019-11-03 01:28] *Mistress Merial  sighs contentedly as her Auntie worships her lolicock, trapping it between her fat, fuckable tits and lapping away at her foreskin covered head. "How pathetic you are auntie~ Nothing but a pedophile aching for a loli-stud to come by and fuck you~ You're lucky I scooped you up when I did~" Merial coos, rocking her hips in time with Nokkie's breasts rubbing along her shaft, bashing against the Draenei's nostrils and teeth with hery thrust of her hips she gave. "You're so pathetic, I bet you'd even get off to this~" Merial said, innocuously as she balanced herself on one feet, her cock supporting some of her weight as well as she deals a kick as hard as she can directly to the pedo-whore's gigantic equine cum factories, slamming her tiny, fel-laced foot directly into her left testicle. "I bet you like letting little kiddies use your family jewels as punching bags, don't you~" She asks as she delivers another, powerful kick to the shaman's balls, mercilessly holding nothing back as she throws her weight at the larger woman.
  16. [2019-11-03 01:37] *Nokhai  reels her head upwards, flaring her nosepipes wide open before sinking them into that wonderous heap of foreskin, giving it a few truly gargling snorts which followed by a resounding huff of joy. Her eyes kept on getting crossed too as her whole face was used as some sort of rag for this perverse loli to use, that didn't stop Nokhai from doing her best to worship that pole too. Hugging her tits all around that fat loli cock to jerk it like a total bitch in heat. Merial's words couldn't ring truer as well since Nokhai clearly got off on all of this, her greasy horse-cock throbbed like a mad hose. Gooey ropes of her thick pre came drooling out too once that malicious neice started kicking those fat low hanging nuts, time the maso-tanks were kicked Nokhai yelped out in truly pathetic tone yet it was painfully obvious she loved it. "Y-Yes... god... FUCK yes! I dream of having my huge cock and obese balls bullied and absolutely tormented by nasty younglings every DAY!" she screamed out, clearly with no shame left, not even caring who might have heard her either.
  17. [2019-11-03 01:51] *Mistress Merial  grins wildly as she watches the shaman debase herself for Merial's amusement, using the fat piece of pedomeat as a jerkrag to slap and rut her cock across without a care in the world for how the pedophile felt. Gpd you're pathetic. Repulsive. A stupid masochistic whore just begging for children to use and abuse her like the cockrag she is. A stupid little fuckpig is what you are. A pedophile piggy.~' Merial taunts, not slowing down her relentless assult of her auntie's masochistic cumtanks for even a moment. "You don't even care who uses you do you? You just need to be abused by kids with huge cocks. To feel the shame as you submit to those weaker than yourself. You're an addict, addicted to kiddies. [color=purple]And it just makes me want to fuck you even more!~"[/color] Merial moans as she slams her cock forwards, painting her aunt with her loli seed as she cums from the desires Nokhai imbued in her. "Snort it all up you filthy fucking Pedophile! Fill your brain with my cum!"
  18. [2019-11-03 02:05] *Nokhai  had gone beyond her sanity, deep down she knows this is awfully wrong, what the actual fuck was she doing?! But these voices quickly faded away in comparison to her hunger for complete depravity, she didn't care, all she wanted was to worship underage cock! With sweaty tits clamped down at each side of this rutting loli cock Nokhai tried her best to align the twitching shaft against those warm kissers, reaching around with all of her maw, all of that juicy foreskin completely overlapping with her thick lips. She kept this up for quite some time, feeling how Merial's cock slowly got more and more excited. "I want young [b]COCK![/b] I need it... I need all of it to fucking defile me in every possible way!...Especially yours!" she blurted out in the midst of that sloppy blowjob, gyrating her whole body against Merial's cock whilst her horse-nuts swung back and forth from each forceful kick, leaving her rock hard horse-cock to flop around violently with strings of precum drooling down every side of it. - Just as she caught her breath that glorious fountain of fresh loli spunk came spewing out, completely caking Nokhai with it, naturally her maw tried to catch most of it. Just as the whole loop of that glorious orgasm had its last spasms Nokkie immediately started to snort, trying to literally snort some of the gooey gunk off of her face before leaning in close to snort the belly of that monstrous underage schlong. "[s]OOOWIINNKK![/s]". Clearly, only a few snorts of that potent spunk already started to fry her brain cells.
  19. [2019-11-03 02:13] *Mistress Merial  grins and winks at the eager fucksow beneath her, frying her own brain with loli-cum as she desperately tries to get more out of the young stud. It was perfect in it's depravity and Merial would never be satisfied with anything less. As the eager bimbo fucktoy snorted away at Merial's cockgrime and cum, the loli lioness herself reached around behind her to pull out two gifts for the pathetic pedophile. A set of nosehooks, and a bright pink latex gimpsuit; completely restricting the drae-slut's body once she put it on. Lifting a foot, Merial stomped down on her auntie's cock, grinding it to the floor of the street as she leered down at her. "You're going to put these on, and you're going to follow me home. Be a good Piggy and obey your loli-daddy, and I might even fuck that stupid, useless tool you have the audacity to call a cock." Merial grins as she tosses the two articles of clothing at the eager, retarded pigslut, not even caring to watch her reaction as Merial walks back towards her home, leaving the spunk-drenched cumslut to make up her mind in the middle of the publis square. Though the lioness had a feeling she would be getting a visitor rather soon.~
  20. [2019-11-03 02:14] Mistress Merial: (Alriight I gotta fucking eat and as much as you say that you're fine I refuse to be responsible for keeping you up. We'll continue this with the proper abuse soon~)
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