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Gingers by Only Some of the Time

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  1. Gingers by Only Some of the Time
  3.     Oh thank God, it was over, she thought as she was lead from the podium, her body shaking as every nerve was released from its horrified paralysis. All those eyes staring at her, the rich and elite of society holding up their numbers as they made their bids on her body. She had been sold for 300,000 dollars, a high price, even for a virgin slave like her. She hadn’t even paid attention to who had won the bidding match. She had been too busy watching her younger brother in line behind her, his young face as pale and terrified as her own.
  5.     Roughly she was lead from the bidding room and into another where she was forced to her knees, her deep red hair spilling over her shoulders and covering her face as though trying to protect her from the fate it had doomed her to. It was no use though; she had been cursed from birth with the same red hair that ran through her father, brother and mother when she had been alive. It was a miracle they had managed to stay in hiding for as long as they did.
  7.     She heard a door slide smoothly open and flinched, kneeling so her forehead touched the cold marble floor. A hand roughly yanked her up by her hair and she glared tearfully at the man she now belonged to. ‘Oh! She’s much prettier up close,’ he said as he let go of her hair. He gently took her chin to wedge her mouth open, examining her teeth. ‘Look good?’ He pulled her to her feet and examined the muscles of her naked legs and thighs, moving to her bound arms next and grasping her breasts. ‘She’s a bit underweight isn’t she?’ he asked, ignoring how she snarled and writhed against his touches.
  9.     The slave dealer chuckled and said, ‘Her and her sire and sibling have been in my cells for three weeks. They all have too much spirit for most of my customers.’
  11.     The man nodded and circled her like a hawk, examining her from every angle. She just eyed him warily, her tied and mottled hands clenching into fists behind her back. It was now that she was able to get a good look at the man. He had to be about nine or ten years older than her 17 and was tall and lean, his hair so black it looked almost blue under the softly glowing lights. His hard grey eyes examined her critically, causing her to shiver slightly. He had the eyes of a connoisseur.
  13.     ‘She seems to be in fine shape, other than a little on the thin side,’ he said as he stopped his trek around her. He suddenly grabbed her shoulder, reaching a hand between her legs and pressing a finger into her. She snarled and tried to jerk herself away, but his hand was a vice on her shoulder. ‘You say she’s a virgin?’ he asked lightly and pumped his finger in and out a few times as he tested her clit with his thumb. She bit her lip, her tears streaming silently down her face as she glared death at the man.
  15.     ‘It’s guaranteed sir,’ the slave dealer assured. ‘She was checked as soon as she was brought to us.’
  17.     The man nodded, taking his finger away and wiping it on a handkerchief from his pocket. He reached into his suit coat and brought out a leather bound checkbook. ‘300,000 was the agreement?’ he confirmed as he wrote his check. ‘And 250,000 for my other purchase as well?’
  19.     ‘That is correct Mr. Nellis,’ the dealer said with a pleasant smile. The dark haired man finished writing the check, signing it with a flourish before handing the paper over. The dealer took it with a bow of gratitude. ‘Thank you for your patronage sir,’ he said sincerely. ‘Now would you like her to be transported to your estate?’
  21.     The man thought for a moment before shaking his head. ‘No, I think I will keep this one with me,’ he said with a grin.
  23.     The dealer bowed again. ‘As you wish sir. Then I will leave you with her,’ he said before bowing himself out of the room, closing the door quietly behind him. She cringed, but didn’t react any other way, just kept her eyes downcast, staring at the marble floor.
  28. Sam gaped as she looked up at the building that towered over them like some glowing-eyed monster and her bare feet were numb as they stood on the light sprinkling of snow that frosted the pavement. "Hurry up!" Jonathan snapped and hurried her through the door of the apartment and ushered her into the elevator. "You'll catch your death before I even get my money's worth out of you."
  30. She growled at him, but was grateful for the warmth of the building, her entire body feeling numb. Realization of what her life had become was fighting to settle in her mind, but she refused to let it, allowing her to stay in the comforting numbness. Jonathan pressed the button for the 57th floor, the very highest number and her stomach lurched as the box started to move upward quickly. Such things as elevators and automatic doors were completely alien to the girl who had spent her entire 17 years in hiding.
  32. Oblivious to her unease, he gripped her shoulder and led her out of the elevator after the doors finally opened. She looked around at the high, gilded ceilings in awe, the extravagance of the place more than anything she had ever experienced, yet her mouth dropped open when he typed in the pass code to the one of two doors on the length of the hallway. She was looking at a wall of glass that overlooked the entire city, the lights twinkling through the lightly falling snow. Comfortable leather furniture decorated the room and a fireplace was crackling loudly while a large HD television sat just beside it. The room seemed to ooze class and shouted of a lifestyle she knew nothing about. Doors branched off from the one she saw and she realized that this was only the beginning of the pent house apartment.
  34. "Go sit by the fire," he ordered as pulled his coat off her shoulders and hung it on the polished oak coat rack next to a few hats.
  36. Sam wasn't about to argue and rushed over to it, feeling the warmth bathe over her like water. She almost moaned in relief and scooted as close to the brick hearth as she could, almost feeling embers jump out to graze her skin. She flexed her numb hands, struggling to get the feeling back in them through the ropes were cutting into her wrists that had been put on for "safe transportation."
  38. Jonathan looked over at her and sighed, brining out a small knife from his pocket. Sam looked up and all she saw was the naked blade in his hand as he advanced on her. She gave a fearful cry and ducked away from him only to lose her balance and land on her shoulder, jarring it horribly. "Calm down!" he snapped irritably and flipped her over onto her stomach before cutting the ropes away. Sam whimpered as the fibers of the rope stuck to the wounds on her wrists and heard him tsk his disapproval. He threw them aside and rubbed the palms of her hands to help get the blood flowing again.
  40. "Stay here," he said shortly before walking into the attached kitchen and rummaged through a few drawers before he found what he was looking for. Sam didn't dare move, her heart still pounding against her chest as she listened to his movements. He returned with a damp washcloth and a small first aid kit before kneeling down beside her again. He cleaned her wrists quickly but thoroughly, ignoring her hiss of pain as he covered the area in a stinging antibiotic ointment. He wrapped her wrists in gauze and ordered simply, "Do not pick at that. Those bandages aren't coming off until I say so, understand?"
  42. "Y-yes sir," she muttered quietly, still lying against the ground, her body trembling fearfully. She wasn't about to make a break for it with him still kneeling right beside her. Suddenly, she felt a cold piece of leather encircle her neck and snarled, jerking away from him to see the black collar in his hands. His eyes narrowed and he gripped her hair, yanking her back towards him roughly before he snapped the collar around her neck, making sure it couldn't slip off but wouldn't choke her either.
  44. "And you will not take that off either or I will glue it so it will never come off," he warned her, raising an eyebrow as though daring her to protest. She flinched under his gaze and nodded mutely, crawling closer to the fire again, finding an odd comfort in its warmth. It was almost as good as wearing clothes, she decided. He snorted before packing up his first aid kit and disappearing into the kitchen again.
  46. Sam waited with baited breath, expecting him to appear around the corner again and dared to feel a bit of relief when he didn't. She sat up cautiously, her green eyes settling on the door they had come in through. There was his long coat and a hat hanging from the rack and a plan already began to form in her head. Her head jerked around when she heard laughter and saw him leaning against the marble kitchen counter, an amused smirk on his face. "Oh so now you're thinking of escaping now are you?" he asked condescendingly.
  48. Her anger bubbled up inside of her and erupted before she could stop herself. "Fuck you," she hissed, green eyes flashing dangerously.
  50. He raised an eyebrow at her and said lightly, in that same annoyingly condescending voice, "Language there ginger snap."
  52. For some reason that sent her over the edge, causing her anger bubbling over into rage. She picked up the knife he had used to cut her wrists free and threw it at him with all the strength her drained body could muster. He didn't so much as flinch as the blade embedded itself in the drywall next to his head. Without warning he walked towards her, grabbing the knife from the wall as he did. Her eyes widened as she realized exactly what she had done and backed away from him, eyes welded to the knife in his hand.
  54. She gave a terrified cry as she backed into the wall, unable to retreat any further. The man knelt down in front of her, pressing his knee between her legs and the knife up against her throat. "That was a very bad idea," he said, voice dangerous.
  56. "I-I'm sorry, Oh God, I didn't mean to I-I-I just..." she couldn't even finish her sentence, gasping as she felt the knife press closer to her neck. She closed her eyes, tears streaming out from behind them as she felt his hand rove down her side before moving in-between her legs, spreading her outer lips with his fingers.
  58. "I should beat you and sell you to the mating kennels for even trying that," he hissed into her ear as he pushing a single finger into her tight pussy. She gave a choked off gasp, her tears coming faster now. "But fortunately for you, I've trained more disobedient gingers, and I will not fail on you," he hissed and pressed a second finger into her, pumping them in and out and feeling her juices flow over them. He pulled them back out and licked them clean, a smile playing across his face. He kissed her forehead gently before licking away her stream of tears. "Calm down," he whispered, his voice changing to a tone that could be considered comforting as he tossed the knife aside.
  60. Her shoulders were hitching with quiet sobs. Oh God, she had never been so scared in her life. She kept her eyes shut tight so she didn't see him undo his pants, taking out his cock and positioning it between her legs. "This is part one of your training," he whispered before thrusting into her, feeling the tight membrane break. Sam cried out, her tears only flowing stronger as a bit of blood trickled from her.
  62. Jonathan stroked her face, making quiet comforting noises though they fell on her deaf ears as she blocked herself off from what was happening. He laid her down and began to thrust into her steadily, groaning at the tightness. Oh God, there was nothing like breaking a cherry on one this young. He reached down to finger her clit gently, knowing that this would be hard for her at first though with his training, it would get better with time.
  64. He continued his assault, watching her sobs only grow as her body betrayed her, sending disgusting pangs of pleasure through her body. She gave a hoarse cry as her muscles tightened and twitched around him before he came as well, shooting his cum deep inside of her pure, unsoiled body. He pulled out with a groan and frowned as she curled up into a tight ball, hugging her shoulders as she cried.
  66. He sighed and picked her up like the child she was before carefully taking her to another room of the apartment with a large Jacuzzi style bathtub and open, marble tiled shower. He carried her into the shower and turned on the water, feeling it caress his shoulders as he washed her gently, bringing up a soft cloth the clean her.
  68. She hid her face against his chest, her body still shaking though Jonathan couldn't tell if she was crying anymore or not. Gently he dried the beading water from her pale skin before carrying her to the room he had arranged for her and laid her tense form down in the comfortable bed. He tucked the blankets in around her before pushing two painkillers into her mouth, holding her pale lips and nose closed until she swallowed.
  70. As soon as he let go of her she curled up into a small ball and pulled the blankets tightly around her, feeling as though they were her only protection. He sighed and leaned down to kiss her forehead, seeing her flinch and trying his best to ignore it. "Goodnight Sam," he said quietly as he went to her door and wasn't surprised when he didn't get a reply. He locked the door before closing it and heading to his own room.
  72. The first night was always the worst.
  74.     ‘What is your name?’ he asked suddenly as he surveyed the girl before him.
  76.     She swallowed thickly before answering, ‘Samantha, but my family calls me Sam.’
  78.     ‘Well, Sam, do you know what has taken place here today?’ he asked, voice light and condescending as though he was talking to an infant who couldn’t understand any better.
  80.     She bristled at his tone and snarled, ‘I’ve been bought, like a piece of meat.’
  82.     ‘Exactly,’ the man replied before he grabbed her chin roughly, her jaw creaking under the pressure of his strong fingers. ‘And do you know what the means?’ Sam glared at him, though her silence prompted him to continue. ‘That means that you belong to me now. You are a ginger and are therefore suited for nothing more than to be a slave,’ he said, still keeping his grip on her chin. ‘You will obey me when I tell you to do something or you will be punished, is that understood?’ He let go of her and waited for her answer.
  84.     She clenched her teeth, green eyes glaring and channeling every bit of hate she felt towards the man. ‘Yes sir,’ she replied, her voice barely above a growl.
  86.     He smiled at her, the look of it almost disarmingly charming, and such a stark difference from the stern and demanding tone he had just been using. ‘Wonderful! Then we will have no problem,’ he said, clapping his hands together happily.
  88.     Sam just bared her teeth, closing her eyes as he raised a hand. When no strike came, she opened an eye cautiously and saw that he was only taking off his jacket. He draped the long coat over her shoulders and said, ‘I have clothes waiting for you at my apartment, but it’s still chilly outside.’
  90.     She quickly pulled the coat around her to cover her up as best as she could and jerked away from him when he tried to put his arm around her shoulder. He sighed and grabbed her hair, yanking her head up to look at him. ‘Stop,’ he said simply, voice hard. She let out a breath and felt her fight go with it as she stared into fathomable grey eyes. Without warning, he leaned in and caught her lips in a domineering kiss, covering her mouth with his. She opened her mouth to gasp and he took it to his advantage, swiping his tongue through her mouth, ravishing every part of it he could reach.
  92.     She weakly tried to push him away, but he cupped the back of her head, only bringing them closer, nibbling her lip as he finally pulled away. She looked at him as though he had struck her and was only rewarded with his smirk. ‘That’s better,’ he praised before putting his arm around her shoulder again. ‘My name is Jonathan Nellis, but you will either call me ‘master’ or ‘sir,’ he said flatly, leaving no room for discussion. She followed him, pale as a ghost and silent as a shadow, terrified as to what awaited her. She glanced back at the door she had come in, realizing she would never see her father or her brother again.
  94. -----------------------------------
  96.     Jonathan backed off of her for the next few days, allowing her out of her room to explore his apartment, though she rarely went far while he was watching. She was like a scared cat trying to get used to a new home and avoided him like the plague. He wasn’t at all surprised by her reactions as most of his slaves had been terrified of him as well their first days until they realized how much worse off they could be. So, for the most part, Jonathan went about his daily routine; going to work and leaving her to her own devices though he was sure to lock the doors and windows, just incase.
  98.     Sam always waited until she was sure he was gone before really exploring the expansive apartment. She went through room after room and discovered that her master had quite an extensive and varied collection of books, though she passed them by, having never been taught to read. She found an office and a luxurious guest bedroom before finding a room she hoped never to encounter with her master present. Various leather bonds hung from hooks on the walls and there was a tabletop with devices she had never encountered before, but could only guess too accurately what their use was.
  100.     She swallowed thickly and was about to slam the door shut when she noticed a door on the other end, locked from the outside. She bit her lip and crept towards it, hoping Jonathan wouldn’t be home anytime soon. Carefully she undid the bolt lock and peeked in through the door.
  102.     Her heart nearly stopped as she saw three red headed figures in the room, two asleep while the other, a woman, older than herself by a few years was idly picking at her nails. She looked up, her dark strawberry blond hair framing her lightly freckled face. ‘Well, well, well! What do we have here?’ she asked as she got to her feet, her golden skin almost gleaming.
  104.     Yet Sam ignored her completely, eyes still fixated to the young 13 year old boy asleep in the third, big ginger’s embrace. ‘T-Toren?’ she asked, not daring to believe that it was really him.
  106.     The boy blearily opened her eyes, the same green eyes as Sam’s. ‘SAMMY!’ he cried as he leapt to his feet, jumping out of the sleeping male’s arms who grunted and opened his eyes as well.
  108.     ‘S’going on?’ he asked and ran a hand through his mop of burgundy hair as he heaved his muscular body into a sitting position. Sam ignored the other two and just swept her little brother into her arms, holding him tightly.
  110.     ‘God I missed you kiddo,’ she whispered and kissed his forehead gently. ‘Are you alright?’
  112.     ‘I’m fine,’ he assured her and nuzzled her neck gently. ‘Anessa and Nathan have been taking care of me.’
  114.     Sam’s heart stopped as she heard a door open somewhere in the expansive apartment. She swore and quickly set her brother down. ‘I’ll be back,’ she promised him before shutting the door, trying to block out her brother’s desperate cry.
  116.     Her heart thudded almost audibly against her ribcage as she tried her best to slink out of the room, hoping to sneak past her master before he made it this far back into the apartment. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ she heard a voice say right behind her shoulder and stopped dead, the little color left in her face draining away.
  118.     She turned to face her master, seeing his eyes narrowed dangerously, arms crossed over his chest as he waited for an explanation. Her anger bubbled up again at the sight of his impatience; this bastard had been keeping her brother from her! She was the one who deserved some answers!
  120.     ‘You’ve been keeping him from me,’ she hissed, her hands clenching into fists.
  122.     For a moment, he looked utterly thrown by the statement. ‘Oh! You mean the little ginger whelp?’ he laughed. ‘Yes, I have been. You would have only distracted him from his training just as he would be a distraction to yours,’ he added with a smirk. ‘It’s best you just forget you ever saw him here ginger snap.’
  124.     She snarled, her shoulders shaking with the effort of keeping herself from attacking him, remembering all too well what had happened last time she did. ‘You fucking bastard!’ she hissed, her voice dripping venom. ‘You kept my brother from me!’
  126.     Jonathan glared at her, arms still crossed over his chest as he stepped towards her, making him look about two feet taller than he really was. Sam found herself taking an involuntary step back. He grabbed her hair roughly and yanked her back into the room she had just come out of before latching her wrists to a pair of shackles that hung from the ceiling. She scratched and bit, yelling her protests but all her master had to say was, ‘You need to learn when to hold your tongue.’
  128. ---------------------------------------
  129.     He let her hang there as he went and unlocked the door that held her brother and the other two gingers. ‘Anessa, I want you to teach Samantha here a lesson,’ he said and allowed the female ginger out while Sam heard her brother’s cries in the background.
  131.     The woman’s grin turned into a predatory smirk as she looked at Sam, dangling from the ceiling. ‘Of course sir,’ she said, voice light though a hint of malice was hidden under the buttered tone.
  133.     Jonathan grabbed Anessa’s chin roughly and said, ‘Do not leave any marks or else your own skin will pay.’
  135.     Anessa’s hazel eyes hardened for a moment but she relented at last, dipping into a small bow as her master let go of her. ‘Of course sir,’ she repeated and watched Jonathan leave to complete some task of his own, handing of Sam’s fate over to her completely. Sam wasn’t sure if she felt better with him gone or not; this woman had a sinister look in her attractive eyes.
  137.     ‘So you’re the one that the little brat keeps talking about hmm?’ Anessa said lightly as she circled her prey. Sam tugged on her bonds, gritting her teeth to bite back a response. ‘And I suppose you think you’re Jonathan’s new favorite, don’t you?’
  139.     ‘I don’t give a damn about Jonathan,’ she snapped and yanked on the chains, hearing them clank almost musically though they didn’t relent their hold on her.
  141.     Anessa laughed, a sound that reminded Sam of breaking glass. ‘Oh you do have a tongue don’t you!’ she said happily as she clapped her hands together. ‘We’ll see if we can improve that.’ Anessa grabbed her chin suddenly and squeezed, making her lips pout as she grabbed two little pieces of flexible wood from the nearby table. Without warning the woman cupped her head roughly and forced her tongue into her mouth. Sam squealed indignantly and tried to pull away but the woman bit onto her tongue and dragged it out of her mouth before trapping it between the two pieces of wood so she couldn’t pull it back in her mouth.
  143.     Sam squirmed in her bonds, tears welling to her eyes even as she glared defiantly at the woman in front of her. ‘Maybe that will civilize your tongue a bit,’ Anessa smirked before slapping her ass roughly. Sam could only snarl and jerk, her shackles clinking together. Anessa laughed that same high pitched laugh as she circled her. ‘I think I know something that might tame you a bit,’ the woman said as she rummaged through the supplies on the table.
  145.     Sam watched her, green eyes weary. Anessa grinned wickedly as she turned around, allowing the trapped girl to see the vibrator she was holding in her hand. The woman turned it on and her grin only widened at the menacing buzz it made. She came up to Sam and wrapped her arms around her waist lightly as she layered gentle little kisses and nips over her shoulder and neck. Sam trembled under her touches, feeling that odd warmth form in her stomach and her squirms became less and less until she was hanging almost submissively in her bonds.
  147.     It was only then that Anessa pressed the vibrator against her clit on full power.
  149.     Sam squealed and jerked, a bit of saliva dripping from the end of her tongue, but Anessa kept the device firmly pressed against her. Sam felt the woman latch onto her neck again and bite harshly, the pain only adding to the pleasure as Anessa licked away the blood from the wound. ‘Such a pretty one you are,’ the woman smirked before pinching the tender skin between Sam’s legs, hard enough to bruise. ‘Yet I know Jonathan will still prefer me over a little piece of meat like you.’
  151.     Sam could barely comprehend what Anessa was saying as the pleasure reached its peak, rocketing through her body so powerfully her knees collapsed and left her hanging from the ceiling. She felt her own juices trickle down her leg and heard Anessa scoff. ‘I bet you don’t even know how to please him,’ she smirked and tilted Sam’s dazed face up. ‘Pathetic,’ she added and slapped the girl hard, leaving a red hand print splayed across her cheek. Sam whimpered quietly but couldn’t do much else as she hung limply in her bonds, watching as Anessa walked out of the room, strawberry blond hair swaying.
  153.     Dimly, Sam heard her brother’s muted cries from the other side of the door as well as the deep voice of the other man, trying to calm him down. The shackles were cutting into her wrists and she was getting desperate enough to hope that Jonathan would come and get her down soon. She slowly closed her eyes, trying to steady her breathing as she prepared herself for the long wait.
  155. ---------------------------
  156.     Sam’s eyes flickered open at the sound of a door creak, and she would have been startled by it had she had the energy to move. She looked up and saw her little brother’s green eyes peeking through the crack and she blushed furiously; he should never have to see her like this. The door creaked open a little further and Toren bolted out of the room, hugging his sister’s legs tightly while the big ginger followed, quickly finding the keys to her shackles lying on the table.
  158.     ‘You alright kid?’ the man her brother called Nathan asked and unlatched her bonds, helping to steady her once she had regained her footing.
  160.     Sam gave him a gentle smile before reaching down to scoop up her brother into a tight hug. ‘I’m fine,’ she assured the both of them as Toren buried his head into the crook of her neck. She felt his hot tears against her skin and cooed comfortingly while Nathan put a hand on her shoulder.
  162.     ‘Anessa will have master occupied for awhile,’ he said and ushered the two of them back into the room they had emerged from, though he kept the door ajar so it wouldn’t lock them in. Sam looked at the man curiously as she sat Toren down again, though he still clung to her like a burr. Nathan was tall and muscularly built, while his short mop of red hair framed his angular and freckled face. He had scars running across the light skin of his arms a chest and he moved with the grace of a cat as he sat down on one of three mattresses that lay across the floor. Sam couldn’t help but notice that he and Toren were wearing boxers and nothing else. ‘The names Nathan,’ he said with a white toothed grin. ‘And from what Toren tells me your name’s Sam, right?’ he asked lightly.
  164.     Sam managed to snap herself out of her daze and nodded. ‘Yeah, that’s me,’ she said quietly and smiled gratefully at her brother as he draped a blanket across her bare shoulders. He was still as small and scrawny as any prepubescent boy, though Sam couldn’t help but notice that he looked much more toned than she remembered.
  166.     She smiled at him and grabbed one of his arms. ‘What have they been feeding you kiddo?’ she asked with a shaky laugh, still trying to get over the shock of seeing him here.
  168.     Toren grinned proudly and said, ‘Nathan’s been training me! I’m gonna be a fighter, just like him!’
  170.     Sam looked between the two of them, utterly confused. ‘Fighter?’ she asked, her apprehension obvious in her voice.
  172.     Nathan laid back on the mattress, cupping his hands behind his head. ‘Ya know, two gingers going at it, weapons or not is at their master’s discretion. They place bids and the last ginger standing wins.’
  174.     Sam blanched and held her brother protectively. ‘I don’t like the sound of that,’ she said, her voice descending into a growl.
  176.     Nathan just chuckled and said, ‘Don’t worry. Toren’s suited for it, and with my training, he’ll be just fine. Besides, they don’t allow weapons until they’re at least 16, so all he risks is a few broken bones at most.’
  178.     Sam could have slapped him for how casually he talked about her brother’s bodily health. Yet she was beginning to realize that nothing she could say or do would prevent the inevitable, so she just sighed and sat back as Toren laid his head down on her lap with a yawn. ‘I’ll be fine Sammy, you’ll see,’ he said and scooted towards her in an obvious gesture of ‘scratch my back.’
  180.     She grinned and did as requested, running her nails up and down his back as he began to doze. She looked him over and noticed a few small bruises and cuts that littered his skin before casting a glare at Nathan. ‘You aren’t hurting him, are you?’ she asked, voice hard.
  182.     ‘Me’ Naaw,’ the man said and shook his head. ‘Toren’s a nice kid and he listens. Anessa’s the one who’s gone to work on him a few times.’
  184.     Sam’s eyes narrowed further. ‘And you didn’t stop her?’ she snapped.
  186.     Nathan looked at her in surprise before he started laughing. ‘Oh, that’s a good one! Me get in the way of that bitch when she’s on a rampage’ Hell no!’
  188.     Sam rolled her eyes and went back to gently running her fingers through her brother’s red hair. ‘Just’ keep a look out for him will you?’ she requested quietly, guessing that she wouldn’t be able to see her brother as much as she would like, if at all.
  190.     Nathan looked at her, brown eyes sympathetic. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll watch out for him,’ he assured her gently. ‘I’ll be sure that Anessa doesn’t sink her claws into him too deeply.’
  192.     Sam smiled at him and leaned down to kiss Toren’s forehead. ‘Thanks,’ she said. She had her brother back, even after she thought she wouldn’t see him again. ‘Happy’ didn’t even begin to describe the emotion she was feeling.
  194. ------------------------------
  196.     She was startled from her thoughts too quickly when the door opened. Anessa smirked down at them and Sam could almost feel Nathan tense, his eyes narrowing slightly in warning. ‘Master wants to see you,’ the woman said, completely ignoring the other ginger before walking into the room and lying down on her bed gracefully.
  198.     Sam swallowed but carefully maneuvered herself out from under Toren and hurried out of the room, seeing Nathan’s salute before he went and wrapped his arms around her little brother again. The door swung closed and Sam heard the lock click ominously before she walked out of the room with as much confidence as she could muster.
  200.     Jonathan was waiting for her in the living room where he sat back in the leather couch comfortably. Sam pretended not to notice that his pants were still unzipped from whatever he and Anessa must have been doing. ‘Come here Sam,’ he said and motioned to the seat next to him. She cautiously did as she was told and sat down awkwardly, folding her hands in her lap as she sat up very straight.
  202.     He reached up and ran a hand gently through her hair while his other hand trailed up her leg. She bit her lip and repressed a shiver though she couldn’t stop the goosebumps that rose over her skin. ‘Anessa has a wonderful mouth, but nothing close to your warmth,’ he said quietly. Sam expected some reprimand, some punishment, anything but the gentle touches he was giving her. ‘Relax,’ he whispered into her ear, ‘I’m not going to hurt you. It only hurts the first time, I promise.’
  204.     She didn’t want to believe him, but she found her tense muscles slowly loosening as he ran his hands up her arms. ‘Why did you want to keep Toren from me?’ she asked quietly, needing to know.
  206.     Jonathan sighed and pulled her close against his chest. ‘I wanted to keep you two apart until you had progressed in your training a bit more,’ he said quietly. ‘After I knew you wouldn’t be distracted by each others presence, I would have let you two see each other again.’
  208.     Sam curled into his warmth, wanting to get in his good graces while she could. ‘Will’ you let me see him’ now that I know he’s here?’ she asked quietly and kissed his chest, moving the smooth cloth of his shirt out of the way to reach his skin.
  210.     He put his arm around her shoulder and said, ‘Perhaps’ I can be persuaded.’
  212.     Sam nearly quit right then and there, but her want to see a face as familiar as Toren’s drove her on. She gently unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands over his chest, watching him sigh and lean back, a slight smirk on his face. She straddled his waist and felt his hands snake up her back before bringing her close into a gentle kiss.
  214.     It was so much different than the last time he had taken her and Sam couldn’t help but realize that she was’ enjoying his touches. His breath mingled with hers and she breathed in his scent of expensive, almost spicy smelling cologne mixed with a hint of his sweat. She felt the bulge in his pants harden and grow as it pressed against her thigh and shivered slightly, both from fear and perhaps, a bit of anticipation’
  216.     She ground her hips down reflexively, hearing his appreciative moan as he leaned his head back against the couch. Nervously, she pushed his pants away and released his cock, already rock hard and waiting. Slowly she lifted herself up and fell down on top of him, impaling herself on him deeply and realizing instantly what a bad idea it was. She gripped his shoulders as he plunged deeply into her, her own weight working against her to force her down on his thick erection. ‘Oh fuck you’re big,’ she gasped, her nails digging into his skin lightly.
  218.     Jonathan moaned and gripped her hips, his thumbs roving over her stomach, tickling her lightly which only sent pangs of pleasure from the area. ‘You’re gonna be fine,’ he assured her quietly, his voice deep.
  220.     She took a few moments to gather herself and felt his cock twitch inside of her before she finally started moving. She lifted herself up only to fall down on him again with a breathy gasp. Again and again she repeated the action, watching Jonathan moan under her, his grey eyes looking up at her lustfully. Sam began to fall into a pace and gyrated her hips on him as best as she could, forcing herself down even further so her clit rocked against his pelvic bone. Her breath came in shorter and shorter gasps as she continued the motion, giving a short cry as she finally came.
  222.     Jonathan felt her already tight muscles clamp down on him like a vice. He gave a deep groan and jerked his hips up into her before he came as well, gaining another gasp from the red head. Sam gave a shuddering moan before she laid weakly against his chest, too tired to even pull herself off of him. He chuckled breathlessly and rubbed her back, waiting to recover himself before lifting her up as carefully as he could. ‘You get to sleep in my room tonight,’ he said and kissed her forehead, watching her curl up against his chest as he carried her through the apartment. ‘And you need to eat more,’ he said, frowning at how light she was. Her only reply was a quiet grunt that could almost be considered a laugh.
  224.     He laid her down on his king sized bed and pulled the covers over her before slipping in next to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. ‘And don’t worry, I’ll let you see your brother again,’ he assured her gently and kissed her forehead.
  226.     She curled back up against him, telling herself it was more for warmth than anything. She kissed his chest gently and whispered, ‘Thank you.’ Jonathan smiled down at her, watching her drift off into sleep before following soon after.
  228. ------------------------------
  229.     Toren paced the length of the training room, stretching out his arms as he did. ‘She didn’t even say goodbye to me?’ he mumbled quietly, though Nathan’s keen hearing picked it up.
  231.     ‘Kiddo, you were asleep. She wasn’t going to wake you up, and besides, you’ll see her again,’ Nathan assured him.
  233.     Anessa snorted from the corner and said, ‘It’s nearly one in the afternoon! If I didn’t know any better I’d say they’d fucked themselves to death.’
  235.     ‘Shut up Anessa,’ the two males in the room chimed, but Nathan had to add, ‘Just because master doesn’t want you today, doesn’t mean that he’s not awake.’ Anessa glared at him, her long fingers curling into fists though her tongue seemed to abandon her and left her in a surly silence where she sat in the corner. Nathan rolled his eyes before turning towards Toren. ‘Alright, ya ready kid?’ he asked as he heaved himself up from where he’d been stretching on the ground.
  237.     Toren cracked his knuckles and grinned at him. ‘Ready!’ he chirped before he started to circle the bigger man, ignoring the amused look on Nate’s face. Toren charged in and grabbed the man around his middle, twining a leg behind his to try and trip him.
  239.     Nathan reached down and tapped his legs further apart. ‘Wide stance,’ he instructed. ‘Don’t be afraid to get in close. You can’t trip anyone if you’re afraid to get near them.’
  241.     Toren growled and moved in closer, trying to use leverage, rather than his own strength to get him down to the floor. He finally succeeded in toppling the older man and relaxed his guard, and was caught completely by surprise when Nathan flipped them over and pinned him to the ground. ‘Don’t let your guard down,’ Nathan said as he smirked down at the boy who squirmed and writhed under him. As innocently as he could manage, Nathan pressed a knee between the boy’s legs, gaining a yelp of surprise.
  243.     Anessa scoffed from the corner and muttered, ‘Pedophile,’ before walking back into the other room, preferring to be alone rather than see Nathan molest the boy.
  245.     Toren watched her go, looking confused. ‘What’d she mean by that?’ he asked curiously, every year of his sheltered 13 year old experience shining through.
  247.     ‘Not a thing kiddo,’ he said with a slight smirk before he leaned in and gave the boy a gentle kiss. Toren made a face, but didn’t protest, having become used to his teacher’s advances for the few weeks he’d been there. Nathan helped him back up to his feet and clapped him on the back before saying, ‘C’mon, give it another shot. And don’t let your guard down this time.’
  248.     *
  250.     Sam woke peacefully, feeling warm and far too comfortable to consider moving. She opened her eyes and managed to bite back a yelp of surprise when she saw Jonathan’s sleeping face right next to her own. Carefully, she steadied her breathing and got as comfortable as she could again as she gazed at her sleeping master.
  252.     His black hair was falling over his eyes and a bit of stubble was on his face. As she gazed at him she had never realized how strained his expression was while he was awake until she saw him devoid of it. Tentatively, she reached up a hand and gently stroked the side of his face. His had shot up so quickly, Sam would later think that he had to have been awake. He grabbed her hand sharply and looked at her in confusion for a moment before his expression softened.
  254.     ‘Sorry,’ he apologized quietly and let go of her hand which she immediately drew back to her chest and swallowed thickly. He sighed and leaned in to kiss her gently. ‘I said I was sorry,’ he muttered and Sam was surprised to hear something of a whine in his voice.
  256.     She gave a weak grin and said, ‘I-I didn’t mean to wake you.’
  258.     Jonathan glanced over at the clock on the bedside table and groaned. ‘I needed to be woken up anyway,’ he said and put an arm over his eyes. Sam couldn’t help but grin at him bemusedly before lying back down and feeling his arm run through her hair. A light knock sounded on the door, causing the both of them to look up.
  260.     ‘What is it?’ Jonathan called.
  262.     Anessa’s strawberry blond hair appeared through the door and she stood there meekly. ‘I was just coming to check up on you sir’ I was worried,’ she said meekly, though Sam could hear the buttered tone, no matter how well she disguised it.
  264.     Jonathan chuckled and ushered for her to come in which she eagerly did, joining the two of them on the warm bed. Jonathan wrapped his arms around the two girls and sighed contentedly, a wide grin spreading across his face. Oh God, he loved being him sometimes. Anessa gently laid her head on his chest and cast a smirk in Sam’s direction, which she pointedly ignored.
  266.     Jonathan ran his fingers gently through Anessa’s hair which only seemed to spur the woman on. She gently kissed and nipped at her master’s chest, causing his eyes to shudder closed. Again, she smirked at Sam, as though daring her to try and compete. Sam wasn’t taking the bait, though she did scoot herself towards her master just a little bit and was rewarded when Jonathan tightened his embrace around her shoulder.
  268.     Anessa’s lips trailed up to her master’s neck where she sucked and nipped gently and Sam could feel the shiver that ran through her master’s body. Sam bit her lip as she watched her master writhing and found that she wanted to make him make those little pleasured noises. Sam glared at Anessa before she ducked under the covers.
  270.     Jonathan groaned as he felt Sam’s lips close over his dick while Anessa’s lips continued to caress his neck. He’d never made Sam do this to him before and had to admit that the girl had a naturally good mouth, just as good if not better than Anessa’s. His hips jerked though he felt her hands hold him down as she continued to suck him, making delicious noises that only heightened his arousal. He grabbed the back of Anessa’s head and brought her into a deep kiss, ravishing her mouth entirely.
  272.     The woman straddled his middle, just above where Sam continued to suck and deepened the kiss further, her hands roving over his chest. Jonathan moaned deeply and arched up, his entire body feeling like it was on fire as his arousal consumed him. He broke his kiss with Anessa as he threw his head back with a cry of pleasure as he came fiercely. He hazily felt Sam jerk under the blankets and heard her choke but she managed to gather herself and clean him up.
  274.     Sam was blushing furiously as she emerged from under the covers, a bit of cum on her chin. Anessa came up to her and licked it off, biting her lip rather harshly as she pulled away. ‘Little slut,’ the woman hissed into her ear, quiet enough so only she could hear. Sam glared at her though she felt her already low self esteem take another plunge. Anessa smirked and went to lay down, resting her head on Jonathan’s chest and gave Sam a superior look that made the girl feel like an insignificant bug. It only made things worse when Jonathan wrapped his arms around the woman, pulling her close as he dozed.
  276.     Sam felt unwanted tears well to her eyes and looked away quickly before going to lie at the foot of the bed, not wanting to see the two of them together. She heard Jonathan’s even breathing and realized he had fallen asleep again and swore she heard Anessa’s quiet chuckle as she closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep.
  278. ------------------------------
  279.     ‘A question Sam,’ Jonathan said one day while he was eating breakfast.
  281.     She looked up from where she was kneeling on the floor by his feet. ‘Yes sir?’ she asked tentatively.
  283.     ‘Where are these bruises coming from?’ he asked and ran a hand over her arm where little black bruises peppered the skin, mingling with some of the older ones there.
  285.     Sam’s eyes widened from where she was looking at the floor, but no movement betrayed her. ‘Just my own clumsiness sir,’ she said quietly. Jonathan’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he didn’t press her, though he could tell she was hiding something from him.
  287.     ‘I see,’ he muttered before setting his empty plate aside. He stood up and went to grab his jacket from the coat hanger. ‘I’m off to work,’ he told her. ‘I shouldn’t be too long.’ Sam stood up, allowing Jonathan to claim his kiss from her. ‘I’ll be home soon, and tonight, we’re going out.’
  289.     Sam looked at him in surprise. ‘Out where sir?’ she asked quietly.
  291.     He just chuckled and gave her another quick kiss. ‘You’ll see,’ he said and grabbed his hat. ‘I’ll see you later,’ he called and headed out of the room, the lock clicking behind him.
  293.     Sam sighed and went to lie down on the couch, looking forward to a nice nap before going to visit her brother. She wasn’t expecting to feel a hand wrap tightly around her throat. Her eyes flashed open to see the sneering form of Anessa on top of her. ‘You little slut!’ she hissed and tightened her grip, causing the girl to gag. ‘You told him didn’t you?’
  295.     Sam grabbed her wrists and tried to pry her hands off. ‘I-I swear! I d-didn’t say a t-thing!’ she managed to choke out. Anessa let go of her throat and slapped her hard, causing Sam’s head to jerk to the side. Sam grit her teeth and put a hand over her cheek, feeling the heat radiating from it.
  297.     ‘You better not say a word, got it?’ Anessa hissed, her tone deadly. ‘Because I will make your life a living hell if Jonathan finds out where you’re really getting those bruises from.’
  299.     Sam nodded her understanding and Anessa just scoffed before grasping the girls breasts harshly, gaining a cry from her victim. ‘That’s a good little slut,’ Anessa smirked and ran her tongue teasingly over the girl’s nipples, causing her to squirm though she couldn’t push the woman off of her. Without warning Anessa grabbed her wrist and twisted it into an effective, and painful joint lock. ‘Get up,’ she hissed.
  301.     Sam bared her teeth in a snarl but Anessa only twisted harder. Thinking she might break her wrist otherwise, Sam finally relented and got off of the couch. Anessa threw her forward where she landed in a heap on the ground, tears leaking from her eyes. ‘I said get up!’ the woman snapped and yanked on Sam’s hair. She kicked and scratched but the other woman managed to effectively drag her through the apartment, despite Sam’s best efforts to get away.
  303.     Anessa finally managed to drag her into the punishment room where she immediately grabbed a pair of handcuffs and latched her hands behind her back, tossing the keys carelessly on the ground in the dark shadows of the room. When Sam tried to jerk away from her, Anessa just slapped her hard across the face and pointed to a device in the corner of the room. ‘Get on it,’ she snapped, hazel eyes narrowed dangerously.
  305. ------------------------------
  307.     Sam looked at the thing and swallowed thickly, guessing accurately what it was for. It was a small dome like device with a large dildo sticking up from the rubber seat. She hesitated and Anessa just slapped her again, causing her already sore face to sting even more. ‘NOW!’ Hating herself from her inability to fight back, Sam crept over and straddled the device, though she couldn’t bring herself to sit down on it. Anessa just sighed and pushed down on her shoulder, impaling her on the dildo and forcing her clit right against the rubber.
  309.     The woman moved quickly and effectively, frog tying Sam’s legs so she couldn’t unfold them to stand up and tied a gag tightly into her mouth. Once finished, Anessa crouched down in front of Sam and stroked her face gently, a malevolent smile on her face. ‘So’ Jonathan’s at work, and Nathan and Toren are too busy using his gym to be able to hear you,’ she informed the bound girl who tried her best to head butt her. Anessa just laughed and reached down for the small remote that lay at the base of the device. She flipped the switch on and turned the knob up all the way, stealing Sam’s breath away as the thing began to vibrate while the dildo rotated inside of her, sending rippling waves of an almost overwhelming pleasure.
  311.     Anessa grinned and kissed her forehead. ‘Have fun today Sammy,’ she said and tapped her cheek one last time before standing up and leaving the room. Through her haze, Sam could hear the door lock behind her.
  313.     Sam found herself moving with the machine at first, crying out behind her gag as it brought her to orgasm again and again. God, she had never felt anything like it before, and soon it wiped her mind of any other thought but the pleasure. But after she felt like she could not give anymore, the device continue to rip orgasm after orgasm from her already exhausted and trembling body. Her cries of pleasure began to turn to cries of sheer torment as the device tortured her incessantly.
  315.     A puddle of her own juices formed under her and she began to realize the extent of Anessa’s cruelty. She didn’t even realize she had begun to cry until she saw the tears drip onto the black seat. Her body shook and trembling, sweat pouring down her overheated form. Each twist of the dildo inside of her was sheer torture and her clit felt like it was being rubbed raw from the constant stimulation. She saw the remote right in front of her, yet no matter how she twisted herself, she couldn’t reach it. She began to sob outright, crying out behind her gag for someone, anyone to help her. Yet no one heard her cries through the expansive apartment, except for maybe Anessa who was enjoying listening to the girl’s hysteric cries from the other side of the door.
  317.     Sam finally gave up her fight, her body literally unable to process anymore as she fell into a kind of stupor, her eyes half lidded though tears still fell from them. It felt like an eternity, and she didn’t even hear the door click open. Jonathan raced over to her and immediately turned the device off, pulling the nearly unconscious girl off of it. He cut the ropes around her legs and untied the gag from her mouth, feeling a pang of fear when he didn’t get any reaction from her. He looked around for the keys to her handcuffs, but didn’t see them lying forgotten in the corner of the room. He gave up, deciding the most important thing was to get some water into the dehydrated girl and find out who did this.
  319.     He took her into his arms and brought her out into the main room and laid her down on the couch. ‘Sam, can you hear me?’ he asked and lifted the girls eyelids to get a look at her dilated eyes. When he still got no reaction, he hurried into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of cold water which he tipped up against her chapped lips, pinching her nose closed and forcing her to drink. He sighed in relief when a shiver ran through her body and her eyes seemed to focus a little bit. ‘You’ll be alright,’ he told her and stroked her damp hair away from her forehead. She just looked at him blankly, so tired she could only hear every other word he said.
  321.     ‘Everyone, get in here NOW!’ he barked, his deep voice carrying easily throughout the apartment. Three pairs of feet scurried into the room, and his three remaining gingers were standing in front of him in no time. ‘Who did this?’ he demanded, pointing to Sam who had already slipped unconscious on the couch.
  323.     He watched the three’s reaction carefully, finding nothing but fear on Toren’s face, while Nathan and Anessa both looked shocked. He had to admit; whoever did it was hiding their guilt very effectively. He could already rule out that Toren hadn’t done it, but the other two he still couldn’t be sure. ‘You three, in the punishment room now,’ he snapped, voice deadly serious. ‘You will wait for me there and I /will/ find out who did this.’
  325.     Anessa, Nathan and Toren all hurried to obey while Jonathan turned to look at Sam with a sigh. He gently picked the girl up and brought her into his room, lying her down on his bed with a large glass of water on the table for when she awoke. He stroked her red hair gently before standing up and heading to where the other three were waiting.
  327.     Jonathan stormed into the room where his three gingers stood, waiting for him. ‘I want to know,’ he began, voice raised, ‘whose idea it was to leave Sam tied on a sybian for the best part of oh’ two hours?’
  329.     He wasn’t surprised when no one spoke up. He looked between the three gingers, seeing all their eyes cast towards the floor and snorted. ‘Toren go sit in the corner,’ he told the boy, knowing there was no way he had done this. He obediently did as he was told, though he kept his eyes on Nathan, biting his lip nervously. His teacher had been with him all day! There was no way Nathan could have done it without him seeing.
  331.     ‘Do you two have anything to say for yourselves before I lock you both in solitary for a few days?’ Jonathan asked, eyes hard.
  333.     Nathan blanched at the prospect but Anessa jumped in first. ‘Sir, I was asleep until I heard you come home!’
  335.     Jonathan eyed her warily before turning to Nathan. ‘Sir, Toren and I were training almost all day,’ he insisted and Toren nodded eagerly from his place in the corner.
  337.     He looked between the three gingers, all staring aptly at him before his eyes went to Toren. He knew the boy was innocent, but that wouldn’t stop him from using him against the other two. On the surface, both of his older gingers had seemed to accept the boy with open arms when he had first come here. Jonathan had no way of knowing that Anessa only used Toren for her own entertainment, not giving a care about his wellbeing.
  339.     ‘Toren come here,’ he snapped and the boy let out something between a hiccup and a squeak before he stepped forward, eyeing his master nervously. Jonathan grabbed him roughly and started to tease his small cock, holding the back of the boy’s neck to keep him still. Toren gasped and grabbed his hand tightly, trying to break his grip in every way he knew how, but Jonthan’s hand was like an iron vice.
  341.     ‘Sir you can’t honestly think-’ Nathan began.
  343.     ‘Quiet!’ Jonathan snapped, cutting him off in mid sentence. Toren was trembling outright as the big man bent him over the table in the corner, latching his hands to the far legs so he couldn’t pull away. He slipped a ring over the boys cock and felt him jerk against his bonds while he coldly just tied a gag into his mouth. The boy would probably hate him after this, but fortunately Toren wasn’t his direct responsibility; he’d given that duty to his two eldest gingers.
  345.     Jonathan grabbed one of the smaller toys from his collection and coated it in lube before slowly pressing it into the boy, hearing his muffled cry behind his gag. He began to tug desperately against his bonds, trying to escape the device that felt like a steel bar inside of him. He’d never had anything like this done to him before, and had never realized it would hurt this badly. He began to cry quietly as he rest his head against the table, his body trembling horribly.
  347.     Jonathan made sure the toy was in as far as it could go before he turned on the vibrations, gaining a muffled scream from Toren that even made Jonathan feel regret over what he was doing to him. He turned back to his other slaves, gauging each of their reactions. Anessa still had her face downcast, arms folded meekly in front of her while Nathan was staring openly, lips drawn into a thin line and face pale.
  349.     ‘It was one of you two,’ Jonathan hissed. ‘The boy will stay like this until I get a confession.’
  351.     Nathan couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Jonathan had no idea that Anessa didn’t give a shit about Toren. He glanced over at the woman and saw that behind her shield of hair, a small smirk was playing across her lips. She wasn’t about to say a word’ she was going to let the boy take the fall for her. Toren was sobbing into his gag, and that only tore at him more. The boy was suffering because he was too much a coward to stand up to his master. Give him the toughest ginger on the planet and he could take him down without a second though, but put him against Jonathan and he was scared as a kitten; he’d been that well trained by the man.
  353.     Jonathan reached down and turned the vibrations up all the way, ripping another scream from Toren’s throat. Nathan swallowed and realized there was only one thing left for him to do, despite the fact that it scared him shitless.
  355.     ‘I did it!’ Nathan said, struggling to keep his voice steady. ‘I-I thought it might be a good prank... I didn’t mean any harm by it sir?’
  357.     Jonathan looked at his oldest slave in disgust and Nathan felt his heart drop into his stomach. He quickly unlatched Toren’s wrists and pulled the toy from him before taking the ring off. Toren cried out as he was finally allowed to cum before his trembling legs collapsed and he sat against the floor, crying quietly. ‘Anessa, get him out of here,’ he said, eyes glaring darkly at Nathan who stood tall, though his face was white as a ghost.
  359.     Anessa hurried and pulled the boy into her arms, acting every part like the comforting mother. She carried him into their adjoining room, hearing the door close before tossing him onto his bed where he curled up into a small ball as though trying to be forgotten. His cries finally died down and he could only listen through the door at Nathan’s shrieks of pain.
  361.     On the other side of the room, Anessa laid back in her bed, a satisfied smirk on her face. This had gone better than she could have hoped! She had been expecting to get some punishment for this, yet the big idiot had taken the blame for her entirely! Sam would be too afraid of her wrath to tell Jonathan who had really done it, and Nathan and his little runt didn’t have the balls to tattle on her. She gave a quiet chuckle, the satisfaction of a job well done turning into warm fuzzies in her stomach.
  363.     ‘You hurt my sister?’ Toren’s quiet voice said from his bed as he looked at her, green eyes rimmed with red from his tears. ‘And now master is hurting Nathan because of you.’
  365.     Anessa looked over at him and smirked. ‘What are you talking about’ Nathan confessed. I’m completely innocent,’ she said with a smug grin.
  367.     ‘You bitch!’ Toren cried and made to jump to his feet, but he just fell back to his knees, his sore muscles making it hard for him to stand. Anessa just burst out laughing and Toren could only drag himself back to his bed, collapsing onto his stomach to give his sore backside a rest. He dug his nails into his pillow out of sheer anger that only turned into tears at his helplessness. His exhausted body fell asleep listening to Anessa’s quiet chuckle and Nathans muffled cries of pain.
  368.     *
  370. ------------------------------
  371.     ‘I expected better from you Nathan,’ Jonathan snapped and brought the wide, flexible leather paddle down on his back again, leaving another red streak to compliment the others. Nathan barely managed to bite back his cry, feeling as though his entire back was on fire. Each impact felt like it was taking another chunk of skin from him, yet he knew that the thing was designed to never leave scars. He was almost glad for the shackles that chained him to the ceiling, knowing he wouldn’t be able to support his own weight otherwise.
  373.     ‘I’ve had you since we were both fifteen! I thought I had trained you better than that!’ Jonathan said as he continued to rhythmically beat his back and chest, causing tears of pain to run down the muscular ginger’s face. He tossed the paddle aside before picking up a glass of salt water and tossing it onto the man’s back, knowing that the simplest methods could easily cause the most pain.
  375.     Nathan shrieked in agony as the salt burned his raw skin. ‘Sonuva bitch!’ he cried and laid his head against his arm, eyes clenched shut as he struggled to bite back another outburst. He expected another bout of attacks and dared to open his eyes when they didn’t come. Jonathan was standing in front of him, arms crossed over his chest, though instead of anger on his face there was a distinct disappointment and that more than anything made Nathan look away.
  377.     ‘What happened Nate?’ Jonathan asked quietly. ‘How could you hurt someone so intimately like that after living in that kennel for fifteen years?’
  379.     Nathan blanched and nearly told him the truth right then and there, but his voice seemed to be stolen from him as he was taken back to that awful place. He had been a kennel ginger, born and raised in the worst of conditions, never know who his father was, and only knowing his mother by the number branded on her shoulder. When Jonathan had bought him at the age of fifteen, he had been beaten and raped more times than he could remember, reducing him to little more than an animal.
  381.     Jonathan had picked him for his strength and ferocity, only realizing later on that there was a person underneath the ruthless exterior. Jonathan hadn’t trained him to fight; he already had that skill from berth. Jonathan had trained him to be a human.
  383.     Nathan hung limply in his bonds, the words hurting worse than any physical pain. ‘I’m sorry Jon,’ he whispered.
  385.     Jonathan ran a hand through his hair with a sigh before unlocking his bonds, allowing the big ginger to fall to the ground. ‘I should sell you,’ he muttered under his breath. ‘Instead I’m putting you in solitary for two days. After that you will go to Sam and beg her forgiveness, understand?’
  387.     ‘Yes sir,’ he said, bowing his head low enough to touch the ground.
  388.     ‘Go,’ he said simply. Nathan immediately got to his feet and hurried to the small, closet like room near the back of the apartment. He was sure it must have been a broom closet at one point in time, but Jonathan had found a better use for it by soundproofing the room entirely and putting a lock on the door. Nathan made sure to close the door behind him, hearing the lock click and plunge him into complete darkness. He swallowed thickly and sat back against the wall, trying to relax as best as he could, using his stinging injuries to distract himself from the overwhelming silence, and the suffocating feeling of being completely alone.
  390.     Jonathan sighed and rubbed his aching forehead, feeling as though he had aged a decade in the past two hours. He heavily made his way back to his room to where Sam was still unconscious. He held a hand in front of her mouth and found she was breathing normally and gave a relieved sigh. He looked at her handcuffed hands and kissed her forehead gently before going back into the punishment room to find the keys.
  392. ------------------------------
  393.     Sam woke, feeling as though she had been hit by a truck. She groaned and rolled over, finding nothing but soft sheets and even softer pillows caressing her aching body. She glanced towards the bed side table and found a large glass of water, just waiting for her, beads of condensation sliding down the side. She snatched it up instantly and drank deeply, feeling herself come back to life a little bit as the cold water hit her stomach.
  395.     She set the glass aside and attempted to sit up, but her muscles protested the movement so she just laid back down with a groan and closed her eyes again. A door opened and she peeked an eye open to see Jonathan emerging from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist and water still beaded on his skin. He must have thought she was still asleep because he didn’t say anything as he toweled his hair, causing the black tangle to stick up in all different directions.
  397.     Sam watched him silently, feeling her mouth go dry at sight of him. He must have felt her gaze boring into his back because he turned and a smile spread across his face, exposing white teeth. ‘You’re awake,’ he said as though glad to admit the fact. He came over and sat down at her side, running gentle fingers through her hair. ‘I was getting worried.’
  399.     ‘I’m sorry,’ Sam replied quietly and nuzzled into his hand ever so slightly, not wanting to admit how much she was enjoying his touches.
  401.     ‘Don’t apologize,’ he told her and kissed her forehead. ‘If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine,’ he told her with a sigh. ‘I didn’t know things between you and Nathan were so rocky, but be assured that I won’t allow him to touch you again.’
  403.     Sam’s eyes widened and she looked at him confused, but understanding slowly seeped in; Anessa had passed the blame onto him somehow. She swallowed and could only nod, not wanting to bring the other woman’s wrath onto her again. She didn’t want a repeat of nearly being fucked to death. Besides, she preferred to get her revenge herself.
  405.     Jonathan sighed and continued to stroke her hair. ‘Sam, I’m going to need to check to be sure there wasn’t any damage, alright?’ he told her and kissed her nose. She whined quietly as he slowly pulled the covers off of her, raising goosebumps across her skin instantly. He pushed her legs apart before positioning himself between them and spreading her labia. She moaned quietly and gripped the sheets tightly, pulling them over her chest as his fingers gently touches and probed the sore and sensitive area.
  407.     Jonathan chuckled quietly as her juices seemed to flow of his fingers from even the simplest touches. ‘Fortunately it doesn’t look like anything is torn,’ he told her as he examined the area. ‘You’ll be sore, but it doesn’t look like we need to get you medical attention.’ Sam shivered as he pulled his fingers away, and found herself wanting his touches to return. ‘My, my, you are eager aren’t you?’ he asked, a bemused grin on his face.
  409.     Sam just glared lightly, not appreciating being teased when she was still so tired though her annoyance melted away as his cool fingers returned to the area. She shivered and scooted to push herself down on them, hearing his chuckle. She felt him spread her legs again and moaned when she felt his hot breath right next to her honey pot. ‘I think I know what will make you feel better,’ he told her, tickling her thighs with his breath.
  411.     His tongue flashed out and he gently massaged the area with it. He dove his tongue in deep and was rewarded by Sam’s breathy moan as her hands went down to grip his wet hair. He licked and sucked at her clit soothingly and he could tell she was still oversensitive from her ordeal because it didn’t take long for her moans to turn into a sharp gasp as she came under his skilled tongue. He pulled away and closed her legs before pulling the covers back over her again. ‘Feel better?’ he asked and stroked her face gently.
  413.     She gave a dreamy smile and just nodded, a tired laugh escaping her lips. Jonathan chuckled quietly and kissed her forehead again. He reached for the bedside drawer and opened it to pull out a bottle of painkillers, popping out two of them for her. ‘Don’t fall asleep yet,’ he said, noticing that she was already slipping back asleep. He held out the pills and the glass of water for her. ‘Take these,’ he ordered gently and smiled as she obeyed before lying back down on the bed again.
  415.     He ran a hand over the sheets the covered her pale form and asked, ‘Is there anything else I can do for you Sam?’
  417.     Her green eyes flickered open for a moment to look at him as her hand stopped his hand on her stomach. ‘Stay with me?’ she asked meekly, not wanting to be alone.
  419.     He looked surprised for only a moment before he grinned and crawled under the covers with her, wrapping his arms around her waist. ‘I’ll be right here,’ he whispered. She smiled and closed her eyes again and Jonathan couldn’t help but notice that she fell asleep with that same smile still on her lips.
  421. ------------------------------
  423.     Nathan hugged his shoulders tightly as he buried his head against his knees. This was always the worst part; the anticipation of when he would be released and the fear of that moment never coming. Hunger gnawed at his stomach and his tongue felt like sandpaper in his mouth from dehydration and despite the fact that he had been stuck in complete darkness, he didn’t find it easy to sleep and his eyes itched from fatigue. With a quiet groan he laid back against the wall, not daring to put his arms out and feel the walls on every side of him.
  425.     He heard a quiet click and thought he had just imagined it at first, but a second later, light flooded the small room as the door opened. ‘God damnit!’ he howled and covered his eyes as they strained to re-adjust.
  427.     ‘Stop whining you pussy,’ came Anessa’s voice and Nathan squinted up at her, blearily seeing her smirk.
  429.     ‘You fucking bitch,’ Nathan hissed as he unsteadily got to his feet, clutching the wall for support.
  431.     Anessa just sneered at him before walking off, swinging the keys around her fingers as she did. Nathan grit his teeth as he glared at her retreating back, imagining just breaking her neck to be done with it. Unfortunately it was just a wishful dream as he started to carefully step down the hallway, one hand on the wall for support. It always shocked him how much two days in solitary could weaken him.
  433.     He finally made it to the punishment room and crossed it to get to his own when he was attacked by what appeared to be a speeding red streak of hair. He let out an ‘oof!’ as Toren practically tackled him in a fierce hug. Nathan chuckled and grinned down at the boy, ruffling his hair affectionately. ‘You alright there kiddo?’ he asked quietly.
  435.     ‘M alright,’ Toren mumbled and nuzzled him gently. ‘Are you?’
  437.     Nathan shifted his sore back and muscles and muttered, ‘I’ll live.’ It was only then that he realized Toren was crying. ‘Hey! Kiddo, don’t cry,’ he said as he knelt down in front of the other and cupped his face gently. ‘I’m only kidding, I’ll be fine.’
  439.     Toren wrapped his arms around him again, burying his head into the crook of his neck. ‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered quietly.
  441.     Nathan cupped his face again and gave him a stern look. ‘Toren, listen to me and listen carefully,’ he said, voice low. ‘This is not your fault. If you want to blame someone’ blame me,’ he muttered.
  443.     Toren looked at him in surprise. ‘Why would I blame you?’ he asked, perplexed.
  445.     Nathan sighed and ran a hand through his hair, looking distinctly uncomfortable. ‘There’s’ a reason why Anessa hates everyone in this house except for Jonathan,’ he said quietly.
  447.     Toren only looked more confused. ‘What reason?’
  449.     Nathan sighed and ushered Toren into their room before he sat down on his bed with a groan. Toren followed him and sat next to him, still looking at him and waiting for a story. Nathan ran a hand over his hair and said, ‘I don’t know where she came from but judging from the condition she was in when Jon brought her home, it wasn’t the best of places. Bruises and cuts all over’ She didn’t speak to anyone, and I’m sure I didn’t help that.’
  451.     He paused and gave Toren a grateful smile as the boy handed him one of their water bottles. He took a long drink before he continued. ‘When Anessa first came here, I was only 18’ still half insane from growing up in the kennels.’ Toren shivered slightly, remembering Nathan’s descriptions of his birth place all too vividly. ‘When Jonathan put her in the same room as me’ old instincts took over,’ he muttered quietly. ‘Her first night here I r-,’ he paused and swallowed thickly, loathe to admit every word he was saying. ‘I raped her’ when Anessa first came here.’
  453.     Toren’s eyes widened and he looked away from the big ginger. ‘Oh,’ was all he could find to say.
  455.     Nathan gave a weak laugh and said, ‘So I can guess it’s easy to understand why she hates me. I know she still hasn’t forgiven me for it’ Jonathan punished me badly for that one too and I guess Anessa saw him as some sort of savior after that,’ he said with a shrug.
  457.     Toren nodded his understanding and leaned up against Nate lightly, deep in thought. The big ginger sighed and put an arm around his shoulder before kissing the top of his head. ‘Please say you don’t hate me?’ Nathan asked quietly and Toren was amused to hear the obvious pleading in his voice.
  459.     The boy grinned and wrapped his arms tightly around his waist. ‘I don’t hate you,’ he assured him.
  461.     Nathan gave a small smile and titled his face up to kiss him one more time. ‘Thank you.’ After a quiet moment he asked, ‘You aren’t still feeing sore down there are you?’
  463.     Toren blushed and looked away. ‘A little bit,’ he mumbled. ‘How can anyone think that feels good?’ he asked quietly.
  465.     Nathan chuckled and ruffled his hair. ‘It can feel good,’ he assured him. ‘You just have to be with the right person.’
  467.     ‘Kay,’ the boy replied and curled up a little bit closer to him with a yawn.
  469.     ‘You know, that sounds like a good idea,’ he said and laid down on his bed, bringing the boy with him. ‘Let’s have a nap and then go get something to eat.’
  471.     Toren grinned and curled up in his arms, happy for the familiar warmth of his teacher. ‘Sounds good,’ he said quietly, his eyes already drooping.
  473.     Nathan sighed contentedly and scratched Toren’s back until he was asleep before following.
  474.     *
  476. ------------------------------
  477.     Sam sighed from where she was lying on Jonathan’s bed, boredly watching tv and wishing that he was back from work already. He had ordered her to stay in his room and rest, but she was starting to get antsy being locked in here. She finally just flipped off the television and picked up the book he had been reading the night before from the bedside table.
  479.     She’d never been taught to read and put the book aside again as a futile task. She groaned and turned over to glare at the wall for a little while before she finally got fed up with it and got out of bed. She snatched Jonathan’s bathrobe from where he had hung it and pulled it on before going about searching his room. She rummaged through his underwear drawer, finding a pair of pink heart boxers much to her amusement before she moved on the bedside table.
  481.     She opened the drawer and peeked inside, only the blush furiously and slam it closed again. Was he expecting her to put that inside of her’! The damn thing was as thick as her wrist! She slowly opened the drawer up again and looked at the toy before pulling it out.
  483.     The door clicked open and for one very awkward moment, Jonathan just stared at her from over his sunglasses. ‘Well hello there,’ he said, a smirk spreading across his face. Sam blushed horribly and hid the toy back in the drawer as quickly as she could. ‘Was someone having fun without me today?’ Jonathan asked as he tossed his sunglasses and jacket to the side before going to join her on the bed.
  485.     ‘I-wha- I didn’t /use/ the thing,’ she squeaked indignantly.
  487.     Jonathan just chuckled and laid her back on the bed, straddling her waist as he did. ‘Uh huh, sure,’ he said knowingly as he reached for the drawer. He pulled out the toy again as well as a bottle of lube. ‘I think we need to get you better acquainted with this,’ he said with a smirk. ‘After all, I did get this one just for you.’
  489.     Sam shivered as she felt his fingers go down to coat her already slick entrance with lube, spreading it inside of her with his fingers. She felt as though she should be fighting him, but dear God it felt so good. All too quickly she felt the lubed up head of the toy pressed against her. Her eyes widened and he cooed comfortingly. ‘If it hurts too much, I’ll stop,’ he told her gently, knowing that she might still be healing.
  491.     ‘You’re fucking craz-AH!’ Her sentence was cut off as he slowly began to press the toy into her, making her feel every inch as it entered her. He pushed the last inch into her sharply, gaining a yelp from her. He just smirked at her glare as she lay there panting. ‘Jerk.’
  493.     He just kissed her stomach before flipping on the vibrations, gaining a shuddering moan from his prey. He tied a rope between her legs and around her waist to keep the toy firmly in place. She moaned deeply and laid against the bed panting, her hips jerking slightly.
  495.     ‘W-why?’ was all she managed to choke out.
  497.     Jonathan kissed her forehead and stroked her hair back. ‘Because I want you nice and ready for tonight,’ he told her.
  499.     ‘W-what’s tonight?’ she asked before groaning, her back arching as she gripped the sheets.
  501.     ‘The fighting season starts tonight,’ he said with a wide grin. ‘And Nathan and Toren are in the first fights of their divisions.’ Sam gaped at him and he just kissed her gently. ‘It’s going to be one very eventful night.’
  503. ------------------------------
  504.     Jonathan chuckled as he watched Sam pull her coat around herself and wrapped his arm around her shoulder to help keep out the chill. He was sure that the vibrator he’d fitted her with was driving her insane by now, but she was holding herself well. He could hear Nathan and Toren talking quietly as they walked behind them and Anessa was unusually quiet. The glowing stadium stood in the distance, and he felt a rush of excitement. Ginger fights were his favorite sport by far, and he was glad to have two contenders this year.
  506.     He knew that Nathan could hold himself just fine in the rings, though the fact that he’d been drained by solitary for a few days worried him a bit. He hoped that a good meal and some rest had helped the big ginger, but he still wanted to be sure. ‘Nate,’ he called the big ginger forward as they entered the noisy stadium.
  508.     ‘Yessir?’
  510.     ‘Are you sure you’re good for tonight?’ he asked, voice low and serious.
  512.     Nathan flashed a white toothed grin and said, ‘Always good sir.’
  514.     Jonathan chuckled and clapped him on the shoulder. ‘Good man. And how is your little prodigy over there doing?’ he asked. Tonight would be the first time he’d see Toren fight, and wondered what his trainer thought of the boy’s progress. He’d seen too many young ones killed during their first fight, and didn’t want that happening to Sam’s brother.
  516.     ‘He’ll be fine sir, I guarantee it,’ Nathan said and ruffled Toren’s hair playfully. Toren glared at Jonathan lightly and pulled himself a big closer to Nathan and Jon sighed. Obviously the boy still wasn’t a big fan of him.
  518.     ‘Mr. Nellis!’ Jonathan looked over at the summon and saw a young ginger approach and bow. ‘Sir, your box is waiting for you, just as you requested. Shall I take you there?’
  520.     ‘Not necessary,’ he replied. ‘We can find our own way.’
  522.     ‘Sir, can we please hurry?’ Sam asked, rather breathlessly, her legs already weak. Jonathan smirked and tugged her jacket apart before putting a hand between her legs to test her. She gave a breathy gasp and gripped his shoulder as he pinched her clit, running his fingers teasingly over her slick entrance.
  524.     ‘Oh you’re not near ready enough,’ he teased. ‘I think we need to take a lap around the stadium before you can sit.’ He looked at Nathan and Toren and said, ‘Go up to the box. We’ll meet you there, and I want you two to stretch and rest, got it?’
  526.     ‘Yessir!’ Nathan said before leading Toren away from them.
  528.     ‘Sir, please,’ Sam gasped, her face as red as her hair as she practically dug her nails into his coat to keep herself still standing.
  530.     Jonathan took off of her jacket and put a few dollars in her hand. ‘Go get me a gin and tonic, and then we’ll go up to the box,’ he told her. He didn’t tell her that he could order food and drinks from his private box. He pulled Anessa close, hearing her giggle as they watched Sam painstakingly make her way to the bar. He had to admit it; Sam made it too easy for him to bully her sometimes, and God knew he loved to watch her struggle.
  532.     It took her about twice as long as it would have taken anyone else, but she finally made it back to him, the wetness between her legs now visible under the hem of her coat and skirt. She handed him the glass and rested her damp brow against his shoulder as she panted for breath, body trembling. He grinned and took a sip of it before handing the glass to Anessa for her to carry and picked Sam up, cradling her in his arms. ‘Very nice job,’ he praised and kissed her gently.
  534. ------------------------------
  535.     She either didn’t hear him through her haze or was too tired to reply as he carried her to the elevator, going up to the second floor and walking down the hall and having Anessa open the door to his box. Luxurious leather seats sat in front of the glass window that overlooked the stadium floor. Other members of the elite stood around, chatting amiably to each other about the strong contenders for this season.
  537.     Jonathan grinned and laid Sam down in one of the chairs and took out the toy he’d forced on her, but not before taking her coat off and revealing the rather scant outfit he’d made her and Anessa both wear, that really exposed more than it covered. But he had to admit, the black strips of cloth that wrapped around them looked wonderful, compared to the absolute nothing most of the other gingers he saw were wearing. So he was considered a bit more reserved of a ginger owner, what of it’ He still had last years fighting champion to his credit.
  539.     Nathan and Toren were both stretching and talking in low voices, just as he had ordered and he grinned approvingly. ‘Jonathan Nellis!’ a booming voice called and Jonathan noticed Sam jump out of the corner of his eyes.
  541.     Jonathan laughed and turned to greet the man. ‘Richard Ashby,’ he laughed and took the offered hand, always glad to see his old friend and rival, clapping the big man on the shoulder. ‘What’s the starting bet this year’ 150 grand that your ginger might finally beat mine?’ he asked.
  543.     ‘Oh come now Jon, I won’t settle for at least 200. I’ve been training a new one. He’s young, but he’s one of the fiercest things I’ve ever seen,’ Richard chuckled. ‘But speaking of new gingers, I’ve heard through the grapevine that you’ve gotten two!’
  545.     Jonathan grinned and stepped aside, motioning for Toren, who obediently stood up and came to his side. Sam took a little longer, having to steady her still shaking legs before she went to stand bashfully next to them.
  547.     ‘God, they look like they could be siblings,’ he said as he looked the two of them over. ‘And this is your new fighter I’ve heard about is it?’ he asked and examined Toren, circling him carefully and sizing him up.
  549.     ‘That’s because they are siblings,’ Jonathan chuckled. ‘And yes, I’ve enrolled Toren in the minor division. He’ll be competing in his first fight tonight.’
  551.     ‘Siblings you say!’ Richard said, a rather wicked grin coming over his pudgy features. He didn’t seem to hear a word of whatever else Jonathan had said. ‘Have you ever had them perform together?’
  553.     Sam shivered at his tone, guessing all too well what he meant by that and looked at her master, alarmed. Jonathan’s well mannered smile stayed on his face, but his grey eyes hardened slightly. ‘No, I never have,’ he said simply.
  555.     Richard scowled and asked, ‘Well why the hell not’ It would be quite interesting with these two, I’m sure,’ he added, his eyes travelling over Sam’s barely covered curves. She had to resist the urge to cover herself, and just barely managed. ‘Come on girl, why don’t you teach your brother what it’s like,’ he smirked.
  557.     Jonathan’s laugh was rather strained. ‘Now Richard, I can’t be tiring out my newest fighter right before his first match,’ he insisted.
  559.     Richard sighed but relented. ‘Maybe some other time then,’ he said with a wave of his hand. ‘But if you’ll excuse me Jon, I need to go check on my fighter. I’m having to keep him bound when he’s not in training or in the ring. I fear he’s a bit unstable.’
  561.     ‘I’ll find you later to collect my debt after my ginger pounds him into the dust!’ Jonathan called after his retreating back and Richard just waved a hand over his shoulder.
  563.     Sam swallowed thickly, all to glad to be rid of the man. ‘Sir, he wouldn’t really want to see me and Toren’ would he?’ she asked quietly.
  565.     Jonathan sighed, his smile fading from his face. ‘The man likes incest,’ he said simply, and just left it at that.
  567.     ‘But’ you wouldn’t make us?’ her voice trailed off. Jonathan gave an indecisive shrug and Sam’s eyes widened. She shivered in disgust and immediately went back to her chair, wanting desperately to pull her jacket back on.
  569.     Anessa smirked from where she was kneeling by the chair and reached a hand up and under Sam’s scant black skirt to gently stroke her thigh. ‘Mmmm what an interesting sight that would be,’ she purred and pinched the other girls clit, ‘seeing you fuck that little runt of yours.’ Sam hissed in warning and Anessa pulled her hand away, laughing, while Sam wrapped her arms around her legs, pulling her knees close.
  571.     Jonathan looked at his wristwatch and snapped his fingers at Nate and Toren. ‘Take him downstairs to the lockers,’ he ordered Nate. ‘He goes first, and be sure one of the slaves gets him back up here /safely.’
  573.     Nathan bowed low. ‘Yessir,’ he said before grabbing Toren’s hand. ‘Let’s go kiddo.’
  575.     Sam heard the exchange and jumped up from her chair, going to catch her brother in a tight hug. ‘Good luck kiddo. I’ll be rooting for you,’ she said quietly and kissed his forehead.
  577.     Toren grinned and returned the embrace. ‘I’ll be fine!’ he assured her, his excitement showing in his face. Nathan chuckled and winked at Sam before taking Toren’s hand again and leading him out of the room. Sam sighed and sent a silent prayer to whatever God might be listening that he would be alright.
  579.     She felt a form behind her a winced as Anessa wrapped her arms around her. ‘You know, scrawny little gingers like your brother usually don’t live past their first fight,’ she whispered into her ear.
  581.     Sam reached down and pinched the sensitive skin on Anessa’s thigh hard, hearing her bite back a yelp of pain as she pulled away. Sam smirked and went back to her chair, finding Jonathan already sitting in it. He patted his lap and she obediently sat down, just grinning at Anessa’s glare as she knelt on the floor by them.
  583.     Jonathan smirked and put his hand down between her legs, slipping it through one of the slits in her skirt to finger her slick pussy, still sopping in the aftermath of her earlier ordeal. ‘You are insatiable,’ he whispered and bit her neck lightly, hearing her quiet hiss.
  585.     She leaned back into his touch for a moment, before her eyes shot open, seeing Toren step out onto the large stadium floor, along with a few others that all took their stations at various rings drawn in the sawdust. Even through the thick glass, the cheers from the crowd could be heard, causing Sam’s heart to skip a beat. Jonathan noticed her tense and only doubled his efforts, his thumb going to press up against her clit, though rather than arousing her, it only seemed to make her more anxious.
  587. ------------------------------
  588.     Jonathan sighed irritably, but Sam could have cared less as she leaned forward to get a better look at the ring as a loud whistle blew, signaling the beginning of the fight. Jonathan yanked her back into his lap and growled into her ear, ‘Stop it.’ She returned the comment with a growl of her own, and when she felt his hand go down between her legs again she nearly lost it right there. Yet when he reached for the toy he’d used on her earlier, she pulled herself out of his grip entirely, going to sit on the floor as she watched Toren go against the other boy.
  590.     ‘Sam,’ he said, a hint of his anger and surprise showing in his voice. She ignored him, watching as her brother stumbled from a well delivered ridge hand that looked as though it had hit him in the temple. ‘Sam!’ he snapped, his voice rising. After being ignored again, he grabbed her wrist and yanked her roughly back towards him. She let out a cry of pain before turning to slap him, hard.
  592.     Her blue eyes met his grey ones for one moment before he had her lying on her stomach and pinned. He summoned one of the slaves and ordered rope. The slave girl ran off and he leaned down to hiss in her ear, ‘You will regret this.’ Sam was far too angry to care, but let out a small cry of pain as she felt the rough rope encircle her wrists. He yanked her to her feet by the ropes around her wrists, causing tears of pain to well to her eyes, though she bit back the swears she was wanting to yell at him.
  594.     He seemed to sense her motive because he took some of the rope and tied it into her mouth tightly, making her feel like she was wearing a bit. He handed her leash over to the slave boy that had brought him the rope and said, ‘Mount her in the men’s room.’
  596.     The boy bowed before he half dragged, half prodded Sam out of the box and down the hallway, ignoring her squeals of protest. She saw Jonathan’s hard glare before the door closed, a loud cheer rising from the crowd.
  598.     Her struggling form was half carried down the hallway, people parting to allow them through before he pushed her into the men’s bathroom. Her eyes widened in shock and she stopped dead for a moment to register what she was seeing. Two other gingers were mounted on what looked like wooden stockades that separated the men’s urinals like barriers, cum dripping from their red and sore looking entrances. Sam squealed her protest and renewed her struggle but the slave boy effectively cut her bonds before positioning her head and wrists in the proper holes and locking the top of the empty stockade in place, trapping her between the two pieces of wood.
  600.     She tugged against the stocks, feeling her wrists scrape against the hard wood and whimpering. The slave boy locked her ankles to the legs of the stock before leaving her, the rope gag still tied into her mouth. She glanced over at the other two gingers, her breath coming in panicked gasps and saw the glazed, almost dead look in their eyes.
  602.     He heart jumped painfully as she heard the door open. ‘Hey, they got a new one!’ he heard a voice say and jerked against the stocks desperately, though she knew she was locked in tight. She couldn’t turn her head far enough around to see what was going on, and could only look at the clean tile wall in front of her.
  604.     She felt hands on her hips and squealed her protest and heard a laugh before the man entered her, pounding into her brutally fast. Tears welled to her eyes and her voice seemed to die in her throat as the man began to thrust into her. All she could hear was his grunts of exertion that seemed to go on forever before he came, shooting his hot seed into her.
  606.     Sam whimpered, her legs trembling as she felt another presence take the first’s place. Her eyes widened in horror as she felt him position his cock against her back door and tried to word her protest from behind the gag. Her attempts were futile as she felt the length press into her, gaining a cry of pain from her as she felt like she was being torn apart. He finished with her more quickly than the first did, yet he pulled out, shooting his cum across her back.
  608.     The night seemed to go on for an eternity, and Sam began to learn to love those who decided to take one of the other girls, or left in a hurry to get back to the fights. Yet there were those that seemed to come to the ginger fights just to be able to get at a few gingers for free. They were always the worst, having competitions to see if they could shoot their cum over the barrier to try and get it on her face. A few times they succeeded.
  610.     She lost count of how many had taken her, and her sobs soon ran out, leaving her with the same glazed look the others held. In the times when no one used the bathroom, she could hear the wet sound of cum dripping out of her and the other gingers before hitting the tile floor and didn’t want to imagine what her backside looked like, though she could feel her muscles twitching and throbbing. She began to love the fact that the men couldn’t see her face.
  612.     All of the sudden, she heard a rush of feet overhead, and hazily registered that it was the end of the fights. She wasn’t expecting a storm of people to come into the bathroom, talking loudly about the different fights. She only managed to catch snippets, though her concern for her brother had died at some point during the night, leaving her feeling like nothing more than an animal.
  614.     She knew it was inevitable, but the voices eventually had their attention drawn to the three treats left for them. Sam cried weakly as she was forced to cum over and over again, not even able to register when one person finished and another started. She was lost in the haze of pain and pleasure, feeling her exhaustion slowly take hold, darkening the edges of her vision until it consumed her entirely. She slipped unconscious and didn’t wake when Jonathan came to unlock her from the stocks.
  616.     He sighed in disappointment before handing her limp form over to the servant boy. ‘Wash her off and bring her back to me. I’ll take her from there.’
  618. ------------------------------
  619.     Jonathan stroked the unconscious ginger’s hair as he watched Sam rest. He hadn’t wanted to do it, he really didn’t, but when she had embarrassed him like that in front of his peers, he couldn’t let it slide without some display of punishment from him.
  621.     But perhaps he had pushed her too hard’ Maybe she hadn’t been ready for such a stressful environment. He should have worked harder on her training before the fight, somehow prepared her better to have avoided an outburst like that.
  623.     The door to the room creaked open. ‘Master?’ came Anessa’s tentative voice.
  625.     ‘Come in pet,’ he said quietly as he stroked Sam’s hair out of her face. He felt Anessa’s weight at his back before she wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a gentle embrace. ‘How is Toren doing?’ he asked quietly.
  627.     ‘He’s sleeping as well,’ the strawberry blond informed him. ‘I’m surprised he managed to keep going after he got hit that hard in the temple,’ she mused. ‘Nathan says he has a concussion, but he should be alright.’
  629.     Jonathan smiled and said, ‘I’m proud of him. He managed to win his first fight, even against a more experienced opponent. And Nathan,’ he whistled. ‘He pounded Richard Ashby’s ginger into the dust,’ he said with no little hint of vindictive glory. ‘Speaking of, I’ve invited him over tonight.’
  631.     Anessa looked at him, surprised. ‘Why, sir?’
  633.     ‘Well, one: he owes me money and two: I almost feel bad having Nathan completely incapacitate his best fighter for the rest of the season,’ he said with a light chuckle. ‘I suppose I should be glad that Sam and Toren and both too banged up, or else Richard would probably want them to perform for him.’ He made a rather sour face.
  635.     Jonathan looked down at Sam before leaning down to brush a kiss onto her forehead. He stood up carefully so as not to disturb her and left her to rest, but not before pushing another pain killer into her mouth, just incase she did wake. He ushered Anessa out of the room before locking it, just to be safe.
  637.     ‘Anessa, call Dmitri and tell him I need a bottle of 1999 Don Perignon,’ he told the ginger, who looked put out, but obediently did as she was told. ‘Oh, and a box of his finest cigars. I’ll pay whatever he asks,’ he called.
  639.     He walked through the punishment room to Nathan and Toren’s, quietly opening up the door and stepping inside. He smiled when he saw Nathan holding Toren in his lap, gently stroking the boy’s wavy red hair as Toren continued to sleep.
  641.     ‘You shouldn’t coddle him like that,’ Jonathan admonished lightly, his amusement showing in his voice.
  643.     ‘I like coddling him,’ Nate said and kissed Toren’s forehead, watching the boy stir and curl into his warmth. Jonathan sighed, noting the bruise that decorated the side of the boy’s head, creeping out from under his hair.
  645.     ‘Has he woken up at all yet?’ he asked quietly.
  647.     ‘He did a few hours ago and I made take a few of those pills before he fell back asleep again,’ Nathan said. ‘It’s nothing to worry about, I don’t think. He’s not nauseous, so I think it’s just a minor concussion. Besides, he’s a tough kid,’ he chuckled.
  649.     Jonathan smiled, but it faded as he said, ‘Richard Ashby is coming over. He’s bringing two of his females over with him.’ Nathan looked at him sharply, but didn’t say anything. ‘He’s paying me quite a hefty sum to have you mate with them. He thinks that maybe your seed with provide him with a good fighter.’
  651.     Nathan glared at him, but knew he was in no place to argue. ‘Fine,’ he spat.
  653.     Jonathan patted him on the shoulder and said, ‘I’ll have them ready for you, and I don’t have to tell you not to injure them, correct?’
  655.     Nathan bristled, wondering how long it would take him to build up Jon’s trust again after he’d taken the fall for Anessa. ‘I won’t hurt them,’ he assured him gruffly.
  657.     Jonathan opened his mouth to say something, but the ring of the doorbell interrupted him. He sighed and got to his feet. ‘I’ll have them mounted in the play room,’ he informed Nathan before going out to greet his friend.
  659.     The big ginger sighed, pushing his hair out of his eyes and hearing the door in the other room open, following by muffled cries and clanking of chains. Nathan winced and gently laid Toren down in his bed, pulling the covers over him and tucking him in. He walked out of the room and saw Ashby’s two ginger girls bent on their hands and knees and chained to the floor.
  661.     They both gave fearful cries behind their gags as they tugged against the chains that held them and Nathan sighed. Poor things. He came in front of them and knelt, carefully undoing the gags and putting a finger to his lips. ‘If you don’t want them to come back in, I suggest you be quiet,’ he said gently, trying to sooth them at least a little bit. They did as suggested, but one kept hiccupping, tears leaking from her dark eyes.
  663. ------------------------------
  664.     He looked the two of them over, seeing that the first one was younger than even Sam, fifteen at most, and her hiccupping cries were heartbreaking. She had short red hair looking almost purple in the dull light. The second was an older woman, maybe 23, give or take with wavy strawberry blond hair that was much lighter than Anessa’s. Pity, if she had been a few shades lighter, she could have passed as a blond. They both were well proportioned with wide hips, perfect for child bearing and a sign of fertility, and had a sinewy muscular build that breeders strived for in females.
  666.     Nathan felt an old instinct try to take over, but fought it back, resisting the urge to just fuck these two into the ground. Instead he reached up and stroked the tears from the younger one’s eyes. ‘Shh, I’m not going to hurt you,’ he said as he looked from one face to the other, trying to offer a bit of comfort. He’d seen too many rapes of these types growing up in the kennels and didn’t want to contribute to the pain these two must have already suffered.
  668.     He went to the older ginger first and kissed her gently. ‘Do you have a name?’ he asked quietly as he stroked her face.
  670.     She shook her head sadly and said, ‘Just a number.’
  672.     Nathan sighed and kissed her again, more deeply this time. Her voice stirred something inside of him and he closed his eyes, fighting the urge to just attack and claim her as his own. He pulled away and looked at her for a moment before saying, ‘I’m going to give you a name, alright?’ She looked at him surprised, but a small smile spread across her face as she nodded. He returned the smile and said, ‘Your name is Cassandra now, alright’ And I don’t want to hear about you letting anyone call you anything else.’
  674.     The ginger giggled and Nathan smiled, kissing her again and feeling her eagerly return it. He went over to the younger girl and brushed her bangs off of her forehead. ‘My name’s Jillian,’ she said automatically and Nathan chuckled.
  676.     ‘And a good name for someone as beautiful as you,’ he said and gently, grinning at the blush that spread across her face. He stroked her cheek gently before looking at the two of them. ‘My name’s Nathan,’ he said with a grin. ‘Now you two know what I’m here to do, don’t you?’ They both looked down and nodded and Nathan smiled sadly. ‘I don’t know who’s taken you before, but I promise I won’t hurt you. And you never know, it might even feel good,’ he said and kissed Jillian deeply, feeling the young girl tremble before going behind her, stroking her body gently.
  678.     He ran his hands gently over her back before reaching around to grasp and knead her breasts, hearing her breathy gasp of surprise. He shivered, eyes darkening as he bit back a lustful growl, still fighting with himself the entire time. He wasn’t going to hurt these girls.
  680.     Slowly, he mounted her from behind, gently biting into her shoulder as he began his thrusts. She was so young, not a virgin, but still so tight! He had to fight back with all his might not to pound this poor girl into the floor, just barely managing to keep his thrusts steady. He heard her moan and couldn’t help but reply to it as he reached his hand around her to finger and tease her clit.
  682.     Her gasps became more ragged as the muscles around Nathan began to tighten even more, until she screamed as she reached her peak, clamping down on Nate like a vice. He groaned and shot his load deep inside of her, imbedding himself as far as he could. She gave one last breathy gasp before Nate pulled out, letting her rest as she sank to the floor. He sucked at the slight indents his teeth left on her shoulder and felt her shiver. He gave a rather breathless smile and kissed the top of her head, hearing her quiet laugh before he moved onto the other ginger.
  684. ------------------------------
  685.     She was fidgeting in her bonds, chains clinking musically and Nathan couldn’t help but chuckle. ‘You’re a bit eager, aren’t you Cassandra?’ he asked and pushed her wavy hair behind her ear.
  687.     She blushed brightly and turned away, a coy smile on her face. Nathan looked at her before looking around on the tables to see if the keys might have been left. He grinned broadly when he spotted the little ring of keys and unlocked her wrists and ankles. ‘I’m going to have to lock you back up when I’m done or else we’ll both get in trouble,’ he told her with a chaste kiss. ‘But you’re just too pretty for me to take from behind,’ he whispered, hearing her surprised laugh.
  689.     Nathan grinned and rubbed her sore wrists for a moment before pulling her into a deep kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist. He smiled as he pulled away, looking at her honey colored eyes. That’s exactly what she was, all honey, from her strawberry blond hair to her creamy skin. ‘How did one like you become a breeder?’ he asked quietly. ‘You’re far too beautiful for that.’
  691.     She nuzzled up against him and said, ‘That’s exactly why I became a breeder. Master Ashby wanted someone like me to bear a fighter for him.’
  693.     Nathan smiled, glad that she was one of the ones chosen to bear his child. The thought of it made him proud, despite that fact that he would never be able to meet the kid. He gently laid the woman back onto the ground, his body trembling. She pushed one of her knees between his legs, gently rubbing up against his sac. He growled suddenly and pinned her hands down, hearing her squeak of surprise.
  695.     He saw the beginnings of fear in her eyes and closed his own, battling with himself until he got control again. He leaned down to kiss her gently, releasing her hands as he did. ‘Sorry,’ he apologized quietly before he trailed a few gentle kisses down her chest. He latched onto one of her breasts and whatever she was about to say was lost as he sucked and teased her hardened nipple, gaining a gasp of pleasure from her.
  697.     He grinned and sucked hard, pulling away and allowing her breast to plop back into place. She moaned and arched up into him, wrapping her arms around the back of his neck and pulling him into a deep kiss. He returned it eagerly, his free hand reaching down in between her legs and finding her pussy sopping wet. He chuckled as he broke the kiss and asked, ‘Are you ready for me Cassandra?’
  699.     She moaned and wrapped her legs around his back. ‘Please Nathan,’ she bit out, her chest heaving.
  701.     He grinned and positioned his cock. ‘As you wish,’ he said quietly before pushing into her wet folds. He groaned and caught her lips in a rather desperate kiss as he began to thrust into her. She gasped and wrapped her legs around him even tighter, urging him on faster which he immediately complied.
  703.     ‘You’re- holding back,’ she gasped, able to tell he was restraining himself by his jerky, uneven thrusts. She looked at him, those honey eyes heavily lidded and purred, ‘Don’t.’
  705.     Nathan moaned deeply and hefted her legs up over his shoulder before he began to drive her into the floor, hearing her cries that only seemed to fuel him on. She asked for it, and it didn’t take long for her to come with how hard he was pounding his pelvic bone onto her clit, but he wasn’t done yet. He pulled out before pushing her onto her side, lifting her leg up over his shoulder again before reentering her, thrusting in as deep as he could go.
  707.     It was only when she came again that he followed, embedding himself deep as he released his load. She cried out hoarsely before lying down limply against the ground, panting for breath. Nathan came down from his high and gently wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his lap. ?’M not going to be able to walk tomorrow,’ she said with a breathy laugh and Nathan chuckled.
  709.     ‘I’m sorry,’ he apologized, kissing her golden shoulder and watching her skin practically glow.
  711.     She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled into his chest. ‘Don’t be,’ she said with a yawn, her strawberry blond locks draping across her face. He smiled and pushed her hair away, leaning down to kiss her again. He didn’t want to lock her back up, and from Jonathan and Richard’s laughter on the other side of the door, they still had time before they were interrupted. He held her close, eyes already shuddering closed though a contented smiled was spread on his face.
  712.     *
  714. ------------------------------
  715.     Anessa’s eyes shuddered closed, feeling Jonathan’s hand slip down her shoulder to massage her breast. It was afternoons like this that she adored. Sam and Toren were both resting and Nathan was busy, leaving her with time to spend with Jonathan. Too bad that Richard was still here, or else she would have him all to herself.
  717.     But even as she sat by his side, listening vaguely to the two chat and laugh, she was content, and feeling Jonathan’s hand on her only seemed to make it better.
  719.     ‘She’s quite well trained, isn’t she?’ Richard asked conversationally as he took a sip of his wine. ‘Unlike that fiery one’ she made quiet a show last night.’
  721.     Jonathan scowled and said, ‘Sam is still new. I still have yet to break her in, but Anessa I’ve had for quite a few years. She was just like Sam when I got her; wild, untamed and no respect for authority,’ he said lightly. ‘But she was a fun one to tame, and now she’s such a loyal pet, aren’t you Anessa?’
  723.     Anessa smiled coyly and nuzzled up against his leg. ‘Yes Master,’ she purred.
  725.     Richard chuckled deeply and said, ‘Come here and let me get a good look at you.’ Anessa looked up at her master and Jonathan nodded, urging her to her feet with a gentle nudge. She stood up, blushing slightly at the smirk on Richard’s face as he looked at her. ‘I honestly don’t know why you bother with names Jon. It’s easier just to call gingers by their original numbers. Makes them realize that they’re lesser then us.’
  727.     Jonathan just shrugged, watching as Richard pulled Anessa onto his lap, one hand delving between her legs. ‘Numbers get confusing. And besides, gingers deserve a name just like any pet,’ he said simply. Anessa bit back a moan as she felt Richard’s coarse finger press into her and leaned back against the man, trying to ignore the reek of cigars and cologne that came from him.
  729.     Richard grinned and pulled his finger away, licking it clean. ‘Would you mind if I played with her for awhile?’ he asked lightly.
  731.     Jonathan chuckled and said, ‘By all means. Nathan and your breeders are using the main room, but I have a storage room with some things you could use.’
  733.     Anessa pouted as she looked at her master, not wanting this coarse man to have his way with her. Yet her silent plea was ignored as Jonathan got up and lead them to the storage room he kept some of their older or less used toys in. Richard chuckled and picked up a leather paddle he found hanging from a hook on the wall.
  735.     ‘Thank you Jon,’ he said with a grin, watching the younger man take a seat to watch. Richard chuckled and came up to Anessa, gripping her under her chin and asked, ‘I’m not going to get any sass from you, am I?’ Anessa hurriedly shook her head no, eyes wide as she looked at him. ‘Good,’ he said before rummaging through the supplies, finding a length of coarse rope and testing its strength with a sharp tug. He smirked and tied Anessa’s hands in front of her before looping it over a rafter on the ceiling and pulling her hands above her head.
  737.     He came up to her and slapped his hand between her legs, testing her clit with his fingers, pinching and pulling until Anessa cried out in pain, jerking her body away form him. Richard tsked and knelt down, wrapping a length of rope around her ankle before tossing that over the rafter as well, hefting her leg up until she was whimpering quietly, and her foot somewhere above her head. She bit her lip, feeling her muscles stretch to try and adjust to the awkward position. ‘Hmm, that’s much better,’ Richard said approvingly, his hand going down to stroke her pussy again, playing with her clit a little more gently this time.
  739.     Jonathan chuckled and took a sip of his wine before idly twirling the glass in his fingers as he watched. Anessa bit her lip and shifted, trying and failing to find a comfortable place. ‘Sir please’ it hurts,’ she mumbled quietly.
  741.     Richard narrowed his eyes and slapped her, gaining a yelp. ‘I thought I wasn’t going to get any sass from you?’ he said, voice dangerous.
  743.     ‘I-I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean it!’ she said hurriedly. God it had been a long time since she’d been handled like this, and to say the least she didn’t miss it.
  745.     Richard snorted and pulled away to circle her, taking her in from every angle. ‘You move quickly Richard,’ Jonathan teased lightly, keeping his eyes pinned on them, just incase his friend decided to take things too far.
  747.     ‘What can I say’ She is rather temping,’ he said as he came up behind her, slipping his arms around her to squeeze her breasts. Anessa bit back a groan, her head falling back slightly to rest against Richard’s shoulder. Richard continued to manipulate the tender flesh between his hands, sending teasing shoots of pleasure through Anessa’s body, making her nearly forget the strain on her muscles. She twitched every time his thumb ran over her hardened nipples, pulling little gasps from her throat. ‘And she makes some lovely noises,’ he chuckled and pushed her hair out of the way before biting down on her neck, sending goosebumps down to her toes.
  749.     Jonathan relaxed again, crossing his legs at the ankles as he sat back to enjoy the show. Richard left her suddenly before going back over to the laid out supplies, taking a pain of golden nipple clamps before latching them onto her breasts. Anessa squealed her protest and tried to shake the hated things off, but Richard only laughed and gave the chain that connected them a light tug. She yelped but bit her lip quickly as Richard picked up a ball gag next, eyes wide and fearful.
  751.     She shook her head fiercely but Richard pried his fingers between her teeth and forced her mouth open before pushing the gag in. ‘Let’s mute those curious little sounds for a bit,’ he said and fastened the gag behind her head, holding her hair out of the way so it didn’t get caught underneath it. She whined and bit down on the red ball, feeling the leather straps stretch her mouth back uncomfortably, one more thing to add to the obvious discomfort she was already in.
  753.     Richard chuckled and grabbed the paddle he’d been eyeing earlier as well as a vibrator that he turned on, grinning as it hummed. Anessa whimpered behind her gag and tried in vain to pull herself away from him, knowing that things were going to get a lot worse for her. Richard tsked and slapped her pert ass hard with the paddle, gaining a cry that echoed around the unfinished room. He continued on, slapping her backside with the paddle until it was a proper shade of red. She didn’t even have time to realize he had stopped before the vibrator was pressed directly against her clit.
  755.     She screamed behind her gag, her hips rocking against the pleasurable device before it was pulled away, right before she could reach her peak. She whimpered pitifully, tears welling to her eyes and screamed as the paddle came down on her again, catching her just under her reddened cheeks to the get the sensitive skin on the back of her legs. Even as he continued to turn her skin cherry red, he pressed the vibrator against her clit again.
  757.     Jonathan winced, sure her scream could have woken Sam on the other side of the apartment and watched the girls hips jerk and writhe, both from the paddle and the vibrator. Anessa wasn’t sure where the pain ended and the pleasure began, all she knew was that she wanted more of it. Her breathing sped up, almost whistling through her nose before she screamed, her juices trickling down between her legs as he came. Hard.
  759.     Her vision swam for a moment and she slumped in her bonds, ignoring how the muscles in her legs screamed their protest. She hadn’t even realized she’d been drooling, until Richard moved in front of her and wiped it off of her chest with a finger. ‘How uncivilized. I thought you trained your gingers to be more than drooling messes Jon,’ Richard teased as he chuckled.
  761.     Jonathan took it in good humor and just shook his head. ‘I don’t think I’ve seen Anessa reduced to a ‘drooling mess’ as you called it, in a very long time. Perhaps I need to renew her training as well as Sam’s,’ he chuckled.
  763.     Richard laughed and released Anessa’s bonds all at once, watching the girl fall to the ground as her trembling legs refused to support her. He looked at his watch and sighed. ‘I hate to leave with an unfinished job, but it’s nearly midnight. I shouldn’t keep you any longer than I already have,’ Richard said with a heavy sigh as he looked regretfully at Anessa.
  765.     Jonathan chuckled and knelt down to untie Anessa, unlatching the gag and seeing her eyes fluttering already. He carried Anessa, leading Richard to the punishment room and pushed the door open. He saw the two very worn out breeder girls and watched as Nathan hurriedly hid something that looked suspiciously like keys behind his back. He decided to ignore it as he carried Anessa into her room, lying her down on the vacant bed next to where Toren slept soundly, while Richard gathered up his two slaves.
  767.     Nathan smiled at Cassandra and Jillian, chancing a brief wave as Richard led them out of the room. Jonathan made to follow them, but not before raising a suspicious eyebrow at Nathan who just shrugged before heading off into his room to get some rest. Jonathan shook his head, a little grin on his face and saw Richard and his two gingers out, bidding them a good evening.
  769. ------------------------------
  770.     Sam woke the next day, grateful to find that Jonathan was at work. She didn’t want to see him. Ever again. She didn’t think she could stand to look at him after he had hurt and sold her out like that. Slowly, she stumbled out of his bed and carefully made her way to the bathroom, stepping gingerly, still feeling battered and sore.
  772.     She stepped into the shower and turned the water on, almost scalding hot as she sat down on the marble tiles, hugging her knees close. The water cascaded down her back and she buried her head against her knees, shoulders shaking as she started to cry. She had never felt so’ used before. Jonathan had given her up to complete strangers, acting as though he didn’t even care what happened to her.
  774.     ‘He doesn’t care,’ she whispered, feeling the steam of the shower fill her lungs. ‘He never cared?’ It was as though it was her first day as a slave all over again. No’ this was worse. She had /trusted/ him! A stupid mistake she realized now.
  776.     She picked up the washcloth she found hanging from the showerhead and grabbed the sweet smelling bar of soap. She started scrubbing at her skin, trying to clean off the feel of Jonathan and the men he’d sold her out to. She worked until her skin was rubbed raw, her pussy colored a bright red from being scrubbed at and blasted with too hot water. She was finally too numb to be able to feel their phantom hands on her and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her bare body.
  778.     It was only then she realized she had used his soap, and smelled exactly like the honey and almonds she’d come to associate him with. She let out a frustrated cry and slid down onto the tile floor, hugging her towel around her closely. She closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks and imagined she was home with her dad and brother, trying to lose herself in her past and forget about her present.
  780.     Jonathan came home from work late due to a few urgent meetings that had to be tended to. He stepped into his apartment and had barely hung up his coat and loosened his tie before he noticed a familiar scent that seemed to be hanging like a mist around the apartment. He followed it to its source; the bathroom that adjoined his room and he heard running water before he realized that his bed was empty.
  782.     He opened the door slowly and felt the hot steam rush out of the room. Sam gasped at the sudden burst of cold and pulled her towel around her as she looked up fearfully as Jonathan stepped into the bathroom. He went over and turned the shower off, a slight scowl on his face. He turned towards her and opened his mouth to say something, but she made a break for it, rushing out of the bathroom as quickly as she could, ignoring how her legs seemed to have turned to liquid.
  784.     ‘Sam!’ he cried in shock, trying to call her back to him, but she was already out of sight.
  786.     She ran down the hallway and through the punishment room before hurrying into Nathan and Toren’s, seeing the two of them talking quietly. She clutched her towel tightly around her as she ran over to Nate, hiding behind him in an attempt to use him as a shield. ‘Please don’t let him get, don’t let him hurt me, please Nate!’ she cried, talking so fast that Nathan caught her terrified tone more than the words she was saying.
  788.     He stayed crouched in front of her, watching Toren go and hug his sister tightly, trying to calm her down as she held back her terrified sobs. Jonathan came into the room and stopped, looking at his three gingers with a tired expression. ‘Nate, stand down,’ he ordered quietly. When the big ginger didn’t budge he narrowed his eyes. ‘I said stand down,’ he said, a bit more forcefully this time. Nathan finally did as he was told and moved away from Sam before Jon turned his attention to Toren. ‘You too,’ he said shortly.
  790.     Toren looked at his sister, scared, but finally let go, going to sit next to Nate, his body tense. Jonathan sighed and walked towards Sam, only to stop dead as she cringed away from him with a cry, sitting back against the wall and holding her hands protectively above her as though trying to ward off a blow. His eyes widened in shock. She was genuinely terrified of him!
  792.     He crouched down, seeing her flinch away and sighed before holding up his hands. ‘Sam, I’m not going to hurt you,’ he said gently, sounding like he was trying to coax a deer out of hiding. He realized that if he went along with his plan of forcefully training her, he would only break her, most likely damage her forever’ She would be nothing after that, and he couldn’t bring himself to do it’ He needed to gain her trust back again. No, not needed’ he wanted to. The look of terror on her face was more than enough to melt the ice around his heart. ‘Sam, talk to me,’ he said, a hint of pleading in his voice.
  794.     ‘Get away from me,’ she whispered and curled herself up tightly, burying her head against her knees as she trembled.
  796.     ‘Sam, please, let me explain,’ Jonathan said.
  798.     ‘I don’t want to hear it,’ she said harshly, turning to glare tearfully at him. She was horrified to find a small part of her wanted to forgive him and to collapse into his arms, but she shoved that part aside.
  800.     ‘Let me make it up to you,’ he prompted, sensing her weakness. Her glare intensified and Jonathan sighed. ‘Name what you want, anything you want.’
  802.     Sam looked at him in something like surprise before she seemed to melt. She buried her head back into her knees and said, ‘I want to feel human again?’
  804.     Jonathan looked at her for a long moment as though trying to weigh the consequences of what he was about to say. ‘Then tonight, you will be,’ he said at last. Sam looked up at him in surprise, but he’d already gotten up and left the room. Somewhere in the apartment, she heard a door snap close.
  806.     Nathan and Toren were both gaping at her and she self consciously pulled a blanket from one of their beds and wrapped it around her naked form. Toren crept over to her and gently wrapped his arms around her shoulders and she gratefully returned the touch. ‘What did he mean by that?’ she asked quietly as she looked over at Nate.
  808.     The bigger ginger just shook his head. ‘I have no idea,’ he mumbled and all three of them jumped horribly when the door opened and a tired looking Anessa came in.
  810.     ‘What are you looking at?’ she snapped before going over to her bed in the corner and lying down. She had fallen asleep in the comfortable guest bed the previous night, after Richard had had his way with her and didn’t appreciate coming back to her room and finding the three of them there.
  812.     Sam sighed and pulled Toren close to her and all but Anessa seemed to sit in a tense silence. About fifteen minutes later, they heard the door of the apartment open again and Sam cringed. The door to the room opened and Jonathan peeked in.
  814.     ‘Sam, come with me,’ he said gently. Sam swallowed and looked at Toren and Nathan as though hoping either of them would help her. Toren just nudged her gently and she slowly got to her feet, dragging the blanket with her. She walked towards him like she was about to step onto the executioners block. He motioned for her to follow him and she did as told, though she kept a ways behind him as he lead her back into his bathroom.
  816.     ‘Sit down,’ he said quietly, motioning to the edge of the bathtub. She slowly did as she was told, though she kept glancing back at him to see what he was doing. ‘Look forward and hold still,’ he said and Sam reluctantly obeyed. She felt his presence at her back and shivered, flinching as she felt something cold and wet touch the top of her head. ‘Hold still,’ he said again, a hint of impatience in his voice.
  818.     ‘What are you doing?’ she asked quietly, feeling his hands slick something over her head.
  820.     ‘You get to see what it’s like to be free for an evening,’ he told her as he continued to slather the dark substance over her hair, getting the roots well and all the way down to the tips. He even brushed a bit of the stuff over her eyebrows for good measure. ‘It’ll fade out by tomorrow, but tonight you’re going to come to a party with me.’ Sam’s eyes widened as she saw a dark, wet lock of hair drape in front of her face that definitely didn’t look red.
  822.     ‘Tonight you’re a family friend, Samantha Duval, visiting from out of town, understand?’ he said as he piled her wet hair on top of her head to let it sit for five minutes.
  824.     ‘Y-yes sir!’ she said quickly, still in disbelief that he was actually doing this’ for her.
  826.     Jonathan sighed and sat down next to her, cupping her face gently. ‘Now listen to me Sam, and listen very carefully,’ he said and Sam could hear the distress in his voice. ‘I could get in so much trouble for doing this’ and for someone who’s made his fortune off of ginger fights, disguising a ginger as a brunette would make me look like a sympathizer, and I can’t have that, alright?’
  828.     Sam nodded in understanding and Jonathan sighed. ‘I trust you to stay quiet, and close to me. Richard shouldn’t be there, and no one else has seen you close enough to be able to recognize you,’ he said and stroked her cheek. ‘Just please, /please/ don’t do anything that will give you away’ If you’re found out, you, your brother, Nate and Anessa will all be taken away from me and sold to the kennels. I don’t want that.’
  830.     ‘I won’t, I promise,’ Sam said quickly, feeling her heart rate speed up noticeably. Suddenly, the idea of being free for an evening almost didn’t seem worth it. Almost. Jonathan leaned in and kissed her gently, and she accepted it, but didn’t return it.
  832.     ‘Run some warm water through your and Anessa will be in to help get you ready,’ he ordered quietly. She nodded and he gave her a comforting smile, his thumb stroking her cheek before he got up. Sam watched him leave before she hurriedly went to the shower and drenched her hair, watching dark brown puddles form at her feet. When the water started to run clear she hopped out of the shower and ran to the mirror.
  834.     With a shaking hand she wiped the beading mist off of it and saw her alien reflection looking back at her. She ran a towel over her head quickly, and watched with something like awe as the new brown locks stuck up at odd angles. The door to the bathroom opened and Anessa came in, her face contorted with rage.
  836.     She gripped Sam’s hair hard and yanked the other girl close. ‘You worthless little whore,’ she hissed and gave her a good shake, causing Sam to grip the other girl’s hands, tears welling to her eyes. ‘You bitch and cry when he puts you in the stocks for four measly hours and then he does /this/ for you.’ She slapped Sam hard, sending the girl ramming against the sink and effectively knocking the wind out of her. ‘You think you have it so tough,’ Anessa sneered and gripped her hair again. ‘You have no idea how hard life can get.’
  838.     Sam looked at her fearfully, wincing as Anessa forced her back up against the sink and started brushing out her wet hair. Sam gripped the edge of the sink, biting back her cries as Anessa roughly combed out the tangles and knots until it laid smoothly down her back. The older woman quickly dried her hair, her scowl only becoming more pronounced at the deep brown color. Anessa flipped her around and brushed the brown locks away from her eyes.
  840.     ‘I suppose I should take advantage of this while I can,’ the woman said with a smirk. ‘I’ve never had control over a brunette before, and I doubt I ever will.’ Without warning, Anessa pressed herself against Sam, catching her lips in a fierce kiss as she bent her over backwards, causing her back to ram right into the faucet. Sam yelped in pain, and Anessa took it to her advantage as she invaded her mouth with her tongue, sweeping it through dominantly.
  842.     Sam shivered at the unwanted sensations and her eyes widened as she felt Anessa’s hand travel down her sides, across her hips and right to her honey pot. She jerked and tried to break free, but Anessa just pressed against her harder as her fingers slipped between her tender folds. ‘I see that Master missed a spot,’ Anessa said with a smirk and tugged on the little covering of red hairs. ‘Let’s hope that no one lifts up your dress tonight, you little tramp.’
  844.     ‘Fuck you,’ Sam hissed, but was cut short as Anessa pulled away from her and forced her to her knees, before joining her on the marble floor.
  846.     Anessa smirked and stroked Sam’s hair before yanking her chin and directing the girl’s mouth towards her pussy. ‘Bite anything and I’ll break your jaw,’ Anessa hissed. Sam’s eyes widened and she struggled against her, but Anessa yanked on her hair hard, using the brown tresses like reigns. Sam whimpered quietly as she was forced up against the older woman’s wet entrance and tentatively lapped at it. Anessa rewarded her by loosening her hold on her hair and just pushed the girl’s head a little bit closer as she leaned back.
  848.     Wanting to avoid any more abuse, Sam lapped out again, ignoring the taste as best as she could. She darted her tongue tentatively over the damp folds before pressing through them, hearing Anessa’s moan. Sam tried to pull away again, but Anessa tightened her hold automatically, keeping her pinned. Sam growled lowly but gently latched onto the woman’s clit and sucked on it, tongue lapping out to tease the engorged nub every so often.
  850.     Anessa bit her lip to stop her moan as she threaded her fingers through Sam’s hair again, more gently this time. Sam seemed to resign herself and gripped Anessa’s hips as she dove her tongue in deep, tasting the woman’s inner walls. Anessa trembled visibly, and was doing an exceptional job of staying quiet. ‘Don’t you dare stop,’ she hissed quietly, her voice fading into a simpering moan as Sam pressed her thumb directly against her clit and rubbed gently.
  852.     Sam continued until Anessa’s sharp, open mouthed gasp signaled that she’d reached her peak. She tried to pull away but Anessa smirked breathlessly. ‘Clean it up bitch,’ she panted and pushed Sam’s head back towards her pussy. Sam grimaced but gently licked the folds and tasting the girls juices before Anessa finally released her.
  854.     She straightened up and stumbled away from her, going to the sink to wash the taste out of her mouth. Anessa chuckled as she gracefully got up off of the floor and pinched Sam’s backside a little harder than was necessary. She turned Sam around and brushed her hair back from her face again before reaching into the cupboard and pulling out a small makeup kit. ‘Master said to cover your freckles and make you look pretty. It’ll be tough, but I think I can manage.’
  856.     ------------------------------
  857.     Jonathan pulled on his coat and straightened his cuffs as he waited for Anessa and Sam to finish. He’d left something for her to wear hanging from the handle of the bathroom door, and hoped it would fit alright. The dress was fitted for Anessa as were the shoes, but the two were similar enough in size. He looked at himself in the full length mirror on the back of his door and sighed as he straightened his tie.
  859.     This was so stupid’ so, so stupid, yet he was doing it anyway. Why’ For a ginger girl’s respect’ He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He should have just put her in solitary with a vibrator locked to her, yet here he was, granting her a night of freedom in hopes that she would forgive him.
  861.     He heard of the bathroom opened and looked over, seeing Anessa’s satisfied grin. She stepped aside and Sam came out of the bathroom, her brown hair pulled back into a messy bun and dressed in the black evening gown Jonathan had laid out for her. Jonathan’s mouth dropped open and Sam grinned, a bright blush on her face.
  863.     He stepped towards her and looked at her closely, not seeing a hint of red hair or a freckle anywhere. He turned to Anessa and gave her a grateful kiss. ‘You did wonderful Anessa, thank you,’ he said.
  865.     ‘My pleasure Master,’ she said with a small bow before leaving the room, shooting Sam one last glare as she did.
  867.     Sam stood awkward in front of him, feeling the shoes he’d given her slip around her feet, about a size too big for her. He gently tilted her face up and kissed her gently, feeling his mood lighten considerably when she returned it. Sam looked away when the kiss finally ended and said quietly, ‘You didn’t have to do this?’
  869.     Jonathan sighed and put his hands gently on her shoulders. ‘I couldn’t very well have you hating me, now could I’ I don’t like it when my ginger’s are afraid of me,’ he said quietly. ‘You and Toren are’ different than any I’ve bought before. All the gingers I’ve owned in the past were born slaves. You are the first two that I’ve bought that were born free. I didn’t realize that it would be such a difference, but I see my mistake now and’ I’m sorry.’
  871.     Sam’s eyes widened and without warning she threw her arms around him. He was caught off guard by the motion but smiled as he returned the embrace. ‘Thank you Master,’ Sam whispered and kissed his cheek gratefully.
  873.     Jonathan smiled and stroked her hair gently. ‘None of that tonight,’ he told her as he grabbed a coat for her. ‘Tonight, call me Jon.’
  875. ------------------------------
  876.     Sam was having difficulties keeping her gaping mouth closed as Jonathan handed the keys to his Mercedes Benz McLaren over to the valet. He came up next to her and hooked his arm with hers, tapping the bottom of her chin lightly.
  878.     ‘Pick it up off the floor sweetheart,’ he said before kissing her cheek lightly.
  880.     She did so sheepishly and looked at him with a nervous smile. ‘I’m scared Jon’ why do we have to come here?’
  882.     He stroked her brown hair, idly running his fingers through the wavy locks. ‘Because I’m required to attend these tedious events,’ he said with a lopsided grin. ‘It’s best just to smile and accept whatever compliments people give you.’ He kissed her gently and said, ‘You’ll do fine... I know you will. Besides, no one other than Richard knows what you look like, and he isn’t supposed to be here tonight. Said something about a visitor from out of town.’
  884.     She sighed and leaned against his shoulder, wishing she felt as confident as he sounded. He tightened his embrace around her shoulders as he led her inside, hearing her uneven steps as she struggled with her high heels. ‘Why do women wear these things?’ she asked when they finally got into the safety of the elevator. She took the black stilettos off and rubbed her sore foot.
  886.     Jonathan chuckled and said, ‘Not sure, but they make you look damn good.’ She scowled at him and pulled the shoe back on before straightening her black dress out. Jonathan watched her, a smile on his face. Dear God, she looked incredible. Her slender legs were only accentuated by the high shoes and the black evening dress she wore framed her hips and waist nicely, the tapered end resting just above her knees. He gently rested his hand on her shoulder before trailing over the bare skin of the open back, raising goosebumps over the area. Sam grinned at the touch, but didn’t say anything as he reached into his pocket.
  888.     ‘I got something for you,’ he said as he pulled a small box out of his pocket. Sam looked at him curiously as he opened it, pulling out a white gold necklace with a black onyx teardrop dangling from the end. Sam gaped at him, a blush spreading across her face as she looked at the gift. ‘You can’t go to a party like this without a little decoration,’ he teased as he draped the chain around her neck. He grinned as he looked at her, seeing the little black teardrop rest right on her collarbone, only bringing more attention to steady rise and fall of her breasts from behind the v-neck of the dress.
  890.     Sam looked down and gently picked up the little stone. Jonathan could have just pressed her up against the wall of the elevator and taken her right there with the shy little smile that spread across her face, but he abstained. Instead he leaned in and claimed her mouth in a domineering kiss, tasting a hint of gloss as he pulled away, leaving her trembling slightly.
  892.     ‘Thank you,’ she said rather breathlessly, giving a start as the elevator dinged when they reached their destination.
  894.     Jonathan grinned as he hooked his arm with hers and lead her out of the elevator. Sam nearly stopped dead as the grandeur of their surroundings crashed down on them. The high ceiling of the ballroom loomed over them, gold and red frescoes and curtains dangling elegantly from the high columns. They stood on marble slabs inlaid with lines of gold and silver that all seemed to lead to a large constellation map that laid in the center of the floor, mapping out the sky that showed through the large glass dome in the center of the room.
  896.     ‘You’re gaping again,’ Jonathan teased quietly and Sam gave her head a light shake, just noticing that there were other people in the room. She blushed lightly and Jonathan chuckled as he led her into the room. She could almost see people’s attention turn towards them and she swallowed thickly as Jonathan started shaking hands.
  898.     ‘This is a friend of my family’s, Samantha Duvall,’ he said to a tall and elderly, yet elegant looking couple. Sam didn’t realize she was supposed to offer her hand until Jonathan nudged her discreetly, but she hurriedly covered her blunder. ‘This is Mayor Justin McBride and his wife, Bridget.’
  900.     Sam’s eyes widened even as she politely inclined her head and said, ‘A pleasure to meet you.’
  902.     The Mayor gave her a benevolent smile before turning back to Jonathan. ‘Jonathan, I thought I heard rumors that you were going to bring your new little ginger girl’ What happened?’ he asked curiously.
  904.     Jonathan gave a rueful smile and lied smoothly, ‘Unfortunately she caught cold just last night. I didn’t want to worsen her condition by bringing her here.’
  906.     ‘A pity! I’ve heard from Richard Ashby that she’s quite a sight,’ the man said with a slight tsk.
  908.     Jonathan chuckled and said, ‘I’m sorry to disappoint. Perhaps next time I’ll bring her to one of these little get togethers.’
  910.     ‘I look forward to it,’ he chuckled before he was hailed by another person in the crowd. The evening progressed much along the same lines; idle chit chat as she was introduced to so many people she knew she would never be able to remember their names. Food and drinks were offered on silver platters by serving gingers, mostly female, wearing translucent satin skirts and nothing else. Sam awkwardly accepted a glass of wine from Jonathan and sipped at it, feeling it tingle all the way down her throat.
  912.     She couldn’t help but watch the ginger girls make their walks around the ballroom, seeing a few men reach out to grab or pinch at them. Sam tore her eyes away from them and scooted a little bit closer to Jon as she downed the rest of her drink, feeling goosebumps rise over her arms. An excited murmur rose from the crowd and Jon stopped his conversation with the woman he’d been chatting with and blanched slightly.
  914.     He carefully leaned down and whispered into her ear, ‘These two are always a treat to see.’
  916.     She looked at him, perplexed, before her own morbid curiosity took over and she glanced towards the unfolding scene. Two ginger girls were lead out into the center of the room. Sam was startled to see that they were identical to one another, twins, and they both clung to each other as they looked coyly around at the crowd. Everyone seemed to be forming a circle around the two, and Sam guessed that this must be a normal form of entertainment for them.
  918.     They had to be two of the most gorgeous things she had ever seen. Their long, light red hair was straightened and fell flat down their backs, framing cherubic, almost fairy-like faces of such a delicate quality. Twin pairs of blue eyes seemed to shine as they looked around at the crowd, every tiny movement, every quirk of an eyebrow or turn of a head they made was in perfect unison. Sam had to admit, it was fascinating to watch.
  920.     Suddenly the two stood, finally letting go of each other to expose their naked and perfectly proportioned bodies. They each had small, yet firm breasts, though their nipples were large and dark and the light sprinklings of pubic hair looked like they had been oiled into perfect little ringlets. They held hands as they stood side by side, like two statues. ‘These two are worth a fortune,’ Jonathan whispered into her ear. ‘Their mistress has trained them just for this purpose and it’s made her one of the richest women in the city.’ Sam leaned against him as a quiet music started playing the background, and the twins started dancing, slow and elegant movements that they did in perfect harmony.
  922.     They danced with each other, even though their bodies never actually touched. They circled and danced around each other in deep and intricate moves that showed off their skills as well as their bodies. Flashes of bare skin and flowing hair only seemed to make the dance more intriguing as the two flowed around each other like water. The music sped up and so did their movements, yet never did the break pace with each other. Bodies bending and twisting so perfectly it was like watching two parts of the same entity working side by side. They started moving closer and closer to one another, showing impressive leaps and tumbles until they met back in the center of the room, so close it looked like they were about to kiss.
  924.     Then their lips met and even Sam’s mouth went dry at the sight. They still moved with the same practiced unison as their hands roved over each other’s bodies, their dance turning into a beautiful sexual display that had everyone staring openly. As Sam watched, she could tell the two knew exactly what affect they were having on their audience and they used it to their advantage as one of the girls licked and nipped her way up her sister’s chest. It wasn’t so much erotic as it was art as the two bodies twined with each other, their hands still moving in unison as they worked each other into a frenzy. Their dance only ended as they both cried out at the same time, their hands skillfully bringing each other to orgasm before they each resting their heads on the other’s shoulder and the audience burst into applause.
  926.     Sam was clapping along with everyone else and Jonathan leaned down and said, ‘See’ Not all our entertainment is cruel.’
  928.     Sam chuckled quietly and said, ‘I’m sure they thought it was when they were being trained to do all this.’
  930.     Jonathan sighed and shook his head, ‘Details, details. But look at how much they enjoy it now.’
  932.     Sam glanced over, and indeed as the two girls elegantly stood up, they beamed around at the crowd and gave a few low bows. Their mistress came out and bowed as well to a new round of applause as she invited the guests to come and talk with her and her gingers. Sam smiled as she watched the two girls blowing kisses to the crowd, genuinely enjoying themselves as they did.
  934.     ‘I guess you’re right?’ she mused as she looked at them, a small grin on her face. The two girls suddenly caught her eye and she felt her heart skip a beat. ‘C-can we go talk to them?’ she asked meekly and Jonathan looked at her surprised.
  936.     ‘Well’ sure, if you want to,’ he said with a quiet chuckle. ‘I’d like to talk with Sara again anyway.’
  938.     ‘Sara?’ she asked curiously.
  940.     ‘Their Mistress,’ he said with a white toothed grin and a light blush.
  942.     Sam made a face as she looked at him. ‘You know everyone don’t you?’
  944.     He shrugged. ‘Occupational hazard.’
  946.     She chuckled and linked her arm with his as they walked over to where a small crowd was gathered around Sara and her two gingers who were reclining together on a lush red cushion. Jonathan made the usual polite introductions and Sam couldn’t help but notice that the two ginger twins kept looking at her before whispering excitedly into each other’s ear.
  948.     Jonathan couldn’t help but notice Sam’s expression and he asked their Mistress politely, ‘Could my friend take a closer look at your two’ She was quite fascinated by them.’
  950.     Sara smiled and said, ‘By all means.’
  952.     Sam grinned and thanked her quietly before going over to the two girls, allowing Jonathan and Sara to talk quietly amongst themselves. She was surprised when the two girls reached out for her and grabbed her arms, gently dragging her onto the cushion with them. Sam was surrounded by the two warm bodies, feeling them press up against her on either side and felt her stomach clench in something like anticipation.
  954.     ‘Something’s odd about you,’ one of the girls said quietly, her voice light and soft.
  956.     ‘You don’t stand like a brunette,’ the other purred on her right, as her finger gently traced circles on Sam’s collarbone.
  958.     ‘You don’t walk like a brunette,’ the first one chided as her hand roved over Sam’s hip.
  960.     ‘Could it be?’
  962.     ‘That you’re not one?’
  964.     Sam felt her heart stop as she looked dazedly between the two of them, trying to figure out what had given her away. ‘We spend a lot of time watching our audience,’ the first girl purred directly against Sam’s neck as she pushed her brown hair out of the way.
  966.     ‘And you act like one of us,’ the second added as she gently nipped at her jaw line.
  968.     ‘Not one of them,’ the other said slyly as she kissed at Sam’s delicate neck.
  970.     Sam couldn’t help but shiver at their touches, feeling the two drape their arms across her waist and Sam began to expect that she was about to become a part of their dance. She felt a warm hand gently trail up her leg, under her dress while another reached carefully behind her, through the slit in the back of her dress. She felt another hand grope and tease her breast and couldn’t’ stop herself from submitting to their touches entirely. She moaned quietly as she felt a soft pair of lips meet hers, and she returned the kiss with vigor, feeling heat rush through her body at the simple touch.
  972.     The hand under her dress crept up further until it reached the soft cotton of her panties and stroked the growing damp spot there. Sam smelled their aroused musk mixed with a hint of sweat and perfume that combined into something intoxicating. She felt like she was drowning as she inhaled deeply before the other girl started the kiss again, covering Sam’s eager mouth. The hand against her panties finally slipped a single finger under to tease and coax her wet slit and Sam was glad her moan was muffled by the kiss. She didn’t want this to end.
  974.     ‘Lin! Rin! What are you two doing?’ their Mistress asked suddenly and Sam felt as though their spell had just been broken. The delicate lips left hers and she felt their hands carefully retreating as she looked around, dazed.
  976.     ‘We were only playing Ma’am,’ one of the twins replied, a slight pout on her face even as they both took their hands off of Sam.
  978.     ‘We didn’t mean any harm,’ the other promised as she kissed Sam’s cheek.
  980.     Jonathan chuckled and offered Sam a hand which she quickly took, but when she looked back at them they both winked and blew her a kiss and Sam couldn’t help but smile, knowing they wouldn’t betray her secret. ‘Have fun?’ Jonathan asked as he put an arm around her waist.
  982.     Sam chuckled breathlessly, her face flushed. ‘Only a little bit.’ Jonathan grinned and kissed her cheek, thanking Sara before grabbing them both another glass of wine. Sam grinned and leaned into his embrace as she sipped at her glass. Her eyes scanned the crowd as Jonathan’s hand gently ran down her back, landing on the bruise Anessa gave her form shoving her against the sink faucet. She bit back her gasp of pain, knowing that the bruise was showing by now.
  984.     ‘What’s this?’ Jonathan asked as his eyes narrowed. He turned her so her back was facing him as he saw the purple spot right in the middle of her back. ‘How on earth did you get this’ This is new!’
  986.     Sam shrugged her shoulder away from him and said, ‘I-it’s nothing.’
  988.     ‘Sam, I’m not going to listen to you lie to me,’ he said quietly as he grabbed her shoulder again, turning her to face him. ‘Even if you are a brunette for the evening.’
  990.     She sighed as she looked at him before a familiar face caught her attention. ‘I thought you said Richard wasn’t going to be here tonight?’ she asked as her eyes widened slightly.
  992.     Jonathan looked at her before risking a glance over his shoulder. ‘Damn it! He’s wasn’t supposed to be!’ he hissed angrily. He grabbed Sam’s arm and said, ‘Come on, we need to get out of here.’
  994.     Sam hurried after him at as fast as a pace as they dared, her heart thumping against her ribcage. They hurried to the elevator, just as they heard someone call Jonathan’s name. Sam’s eyes widened for a moment as she caught Richard’s eye for a split second before the gold doors slid closed. ‘Do you think he saw?’ she asked as he looked at him.
  996.     Jonathan chuckled breathlessly as he leaned up against the elevator wall. ‘Well, even if he did, I doubt he had a chance to recognize you,’ he said as he pulled her closer. Sam grinned as he leaned up against his chest, inhaling his familiar scent as she tried to calm herself down.
  998.     ‘Close call huh?’ she chuckled.
  1000.     ‘Tell me about it,’ Jonathan said with a grin. He tilted her face up and gave her a rather serious look. ‘Don’t think you’re not explaining that bruise,’ he told her sternly. She swallowed and leaned up against him, gently wrapping her arms around his waist, and trying to come up with some excuse that he might buy.
  1002.     He retrieved his car and keys from the valet before opening up the passenger door for her. She sighed as he sat down and started up the car.
  1004.     ‘Well?’ he asked as he loosened his tie, just waiting for her explanation.
  1006.     Sam tried, she really did, but she knew he didn’t buy the whole ‘I’m clumsy’ excuse, and the only thing she could think of telling him was the truth. ‘It was’ Anessa,’ she said quietly as she looked down at her lap.
  1008.     He looked at her in shock. ‘You can’t be serious,’ he said in disbelief.
  1010.     Sam just nodded meekly. ‘And’ Nathan didn’t tie me onto the sybian,’ she said quietly. ‘He’ took the blame because he wanted to keep Toren safe.’
  1012.     Jonathan groaned as he ran a hand over his face. ‘You can’t be serious!’ he cried. ‘She /never/ showed hostility towards any other gingers!’
  1014.     Sam sighed and pulled her knees up to her chest. ‘I think she’s’ jealous of me,’ she mumbled as she ran a hand awkwardly through her hair. ‘She’s the reason for my bruises,’ she said, her voice barely above a whisper. It really was embarrassing to admit this all to him.
  1016.     Jonathan sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. Sam chanced a glance at him and saw a hardness in his eyes she’d only seen once before, and that was when he’d first taken her. ‘I’ll deal with her tomorrow,’ he promised. ‘She can’t keep doing this to you.’ He sighed as they reached a red light and gently stroked her face. ‘I’m just’ disappointed that you didn’t trust me enough to tell me sooner.’
  1018.     Sam looked away and said, ‘She’ threatened me. Said she’d make me regret it if I told you.’ She clenched her fists, not wanting to admit that she was afraid of Anessa’s wrath.
  1020.     Jon sighed and leaned over to kiss her head gently. ‘I won’t let her do that,’ he promised. ‘I’ll set her straight.’
  1022.     Sam leaned over and gave him a small peck on the lips. ‘Thank you,’ she said gratefully, feeling as though a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.
  1024. ------------------------------
  1025.     They made their way back to Jonathan’s apartment in silence and he waited until they were in the elevator before pressing her against the wall as he kissed her deeply. Sam laughed, sounding a little dazed as she looked at him, seeing that all too familiar light in his eyes that said he was in the mood to play. It was as though the conversation in the car never happened as he practically picked her up and carried her to his door.
  1027.     It was late and everyone else was asleep as Jonathan tossed her onto his bed, stripping off his jacket and tie as he did, a few buttons on his shirt popping off. Sam gaped at him before following suit, trying to strip off her dress quickly without damaging it. She giggled as Jon tripped unlacing his shoes and kicked off her own as she laid back on the bed dressed in her panties and nothing else. Jonathan didn’t even bother undressing entirely as he caught her lips in a nearly frantic kiss, practically pressing her into the bed as his hands roved over her body.
  1029.     She gasped at the intensity of it and asked breathlessly, a slight smirk on her face, ‘Is this how the upper class does it?’
  1031.     ‘Exactly,’ he growled with a smirk of his own before catching her in another intense kiss. She moaned into it, her leg wrapping around his waist as she arched up into him, lightly grinding against the growing bulge in his pants. He growled appreciatively and pushed her hair out of the way as he gently sucked and nipped down her neck, leaving a line of purple marks in the process. She could care less as her nails dug into his back, leaving red lines in their wake.
  1033.     He sat up suddenly and quickly undid his trousers, and Sam couldn’t help but notice the almost desperate frenzy in his eyes as he shrugged his shirt and pants off as quickly as he could before positioning himself above her. Sam panted as she looked up at him, more than ready as she practically dragged him down into another kiss.
  1035.     She gave out a gasp of pleasure as he thrust into her quickly, neither caring about foreplay in their eagerness. He began his thrusts, hard and fast and she took it all, her own pleasure outweighing the slight pain of his actions. Her nails practically cut into his back and it only seemed to spur him on as his thrusts sped up.
  1037.     The only sound to be heard was their combined moans, the shuffling of sheets and the sounds of two bodies moving as one. Sam ran her hand up his back and to the back of his neck as she panted into his shoulder, feeling her orgasm rising quickly. She muffled her cry against his neck as she came, but he didn’t stop there. Her mind was nearly wiped blank as he brought her to completion one more time before following himself. He groaned as he came fiercely, a light sheen of sweat covering his trembling body as he looked down at her. He leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss that she nearly melted into in her haze.
  1039.     He laid down next to her and they both lay there panting in their afterglow. Sam gave a quiet chuckle as she curled up against his side, nestling her head on his chest. He carefully put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her head gently.
  1041.     ‘Thank you for the wonderful evening,’ Sam said as she leaned up to kiss the underside of his chin.
  1043.     Jonathan smiled and tilted her face up to give her one last goodnight kiss. ‘You’re welcome Sam.’
  1045. ------------------------------
  1046.     Sam was sad to see the brown dye pool at her feet during her shower the next morning. She stepped out of the shower and glared slightly at her red headed reflection, but knew there was nothing for it. Jonathan had promised her one night of freedom, and that’s exactly what she got. She was thankful, that was for sure, but she couldn’t help but wish that the dye was permanent. For now though, she was content with her night of freedom.
  1048.     It was still early, and the apartment was quiet as she stepped out of the bathroom to see Jonathan still asleep on his bed. She grinned and came over to lie next to him again, sighing contentedly as he draped his arm over her waist. ‘Why are you awake?’ he mumbled tiredly.
  1050.     ‘Just had to be sure that dye was really temporary,’ she said with a lopsided grin.
  1052.     Jonathan peeked an eye open and grinned at her before giving her a chaste kiss. ‘Perhaps we can go out again sometime,’ he said quietly.
  1054.     Sam felt a little bubble swell in her chest and hugged him closer. ‘I would like that,’ she said quietly.
  1056.     Jonathan smiled and stroked her wet hair back from her forehead. ‘Go back to sleep Sam,’ he said quietly.
  1058.     She sighed and nuzzled into him again. ‘Thanks Jon,’ she whispered as she drifted back off into sleep. He watched her and waited until he was sure she was asleep before carefully crawling out from under the covers. He showered and dressed quickly, knowing he had a long day ahead of him. The new revelation about who had really locked Sam on the sybian was bothering him greatly. He knew Sam wasn’t lying, yet he wanted to hear the words right from Anessa’s mouth.
  1060.     His eyes darkened slightly as he headed towards her and the boy’s room. He unceremoniously slammed the door open, startling all three of them out of their sleep. He vaguely noticed that Toren and Nathan had scooted their two beds together and the big ginger had his arms wrapped protectively around the younger boy. Anessa looked at him with wide eyes, her hair slightly disheveled. Jon locked his eyes with hers and she flinched back from him.
  1062.     ‘Get in here,’ he said, his voice deadly quiet. Anessa shrank down further into her bed, eyes wide and fearful. ‘NOW Anessa,’ he growled. She flinched but hurried to her feet and past him into the punishment room, where she stood military straight, though her body trembled slightly.
  1064.     Toren looked at Nate in shock. ‘What’s going on?’ he asked in a whisper.
  1066.     Nathan was glaring at the door, wondering the same thing himself. ‘I have no idea?’ he mumbled before he carefully crept to his feet and peeked through the door to watch. Toren scurried to join him, his own curiosity getting the better of him.
  1068.     Jonathan circled the woman, his anger and disappointment obvious on his face. ‘Anessa, how long ago did I buy you?’ he asked, his voice cold.
  1070.     ‘S-six years ago, Sir,’ she said quietly.
  1072.     ‘And how many other female gingers have I owned since I got you?’ he asked, still keeping his voice cold and distant.
  1074.     Anessa swallowed, and tried to count. ‘Four others, Sir,’ she said quietly.
  1076.     ‘Hmm.’ Jonathan was quiet for a moment as he came to stand right in front of her. He gripped her chin and made her look at him. ‘And what makes Sam so different from the others that you would physically harm, and for lack of a better word, /bully/ her into submission?’ he asked.
  1078.     He watched Anessa’s eyes widen in shock and she reflexively tried to jerk away from him, though his grip on her jaw held her still. ‘S-sir, I swear! It wasn’t me!’ she tried, though when she saw his eyes narrow, she knew that was definitely the wrong answer.
  1080.     ‘And did you or did you not lock Sam on the sybian?’ Jonathan asked and gave her a little shake.
  1082.     Anessa whimpered as she looked at him and tried to shake her head. ‘N-no Sir, please!’ she cried.
  1084.     Jonathan growled as he glared at her. ‘I saw the bruise you left on her back last night,’ he said. ‘She refused to tell me where she got it at first, seemed scared that someone would harm her otherwise. Any idea of /why/ that is?’ he asked as he raised his voice. Anessa didn’t answer him. ‘When I finally got her to talk, she said that it was because of /your threats/ that she kept quiet!’ he bellowed.
  1086.     Anessa seemed to crack right there. ‘Sir please! I-I didn’t mean her any harm! I was only playing with her, I promise! W-we were just having fun, I swear it!’ she cried, speaking so fast that Jon could barely understand her.
  1088.     Jonathan grabbed her wrists and pulled her close. ‘She could have died from dehydration Anessa!’ he shouted, his anger getting the best of him. ‘Not to mention, you’ve been beating and abusing her to assure her silence! You call that fun?’
  1090.     Anessa had tears leaking from her eyes as Jonathan locked her wrists into the shackles that dangled from the ceiling. ‘I will not tolerate this, do you understand me?’ he hissed as he gripped her chin again.
  1092.     Anessa glared at him and bared her teeth in a tearful snarl as her anger seemed to bubble over. ‘Go ahead,’ she growled, ‘abandon the one most loyal to you for that slut.’
  1094.     Jonathan stared at her in shock, caught off guard by her daring. His eyes narrowed as he stepped closer to her. ‘I don’t want to hear a thing against Sam coming from /you/ of all gingers,’ he replied, his voice dangerously low. ‘After where I found you’ Playing bitch to german shepherds in the worst of brothels?’ Anessa looked like she’d been struck, but Jonathan didn’t stop. ‘You should be thanking me on bended knee for even /touching/ you after where you came from, and you are the absolute last person to be calling anyone a slut.’ Nathan’s eyes widened from where he and Toren crouched by the door, listening in on their argument. Toren swallowed and scooted himself a bit closer to Nate, not sure if he wanted to hear any more.
  1096.     Anessa looked at him with wide eyes, her body trembling and she looked on the verge of tears. Jonathan glared at her and she seemed to shrink. He gave a disgusted snort before grabbing a ball gag and forcing it into her mouth. He gripped her chin again and made her look at him. ‘You of all of my gingers know how merciful I can be,’ he said quietly, ‘but you force me to be cruel.’
  1098.     Anessa bit down on her gag, but looked away from him as she hung her head. Jonathan ran a hand through his hair. ‘You will be punished and you will apologize to Sam, Nathan and Toren,’ he informed her. ‘Then you will be locked in solitary until I can stand to look at you again.’ Anessa gave a mute nod, unable to do much else from where she hung limply in her bonds.
  1100.     Jonathan sighed as he grabbed a soft leather cat-o-nine tails from where it hung from his place on the wall. ‘I’m sorry Anessa,’ he said heavily before he brought the whip down on her back, hearing her cry as the sharp little ends snapped across her back, raising red welts easily. He crossed her back thoroughly before moving down to her ass, hearing her whimpers grow a bit more desperate as she knew what was coming next. Almost systematically he moved to her chest before bringing the whip up in between her legs. Anesssa tried in vain to dance out of the way as she cried out behind her gag with every lash of the whip. She felt the welts rise on her skin, swollen and close to bleeding and she stood there trembling when he was finished.
  1102.     Jonathan sighed as he went to the corner of the room and dipped a cup into the waiting bucket of salt water. It was a painful method of sterilizing the wounds, but affective none the less. Besides, the pain only helped reinforce his lesson. Anessa’s eyes widened but he just poured the water over her skin, hearing her squeal behind her gag. ‘This is what Nathan suffered through because of you,’ he said quietly.
  1104.     Anessa whimpered and Jon started circling her again, allowing the water to drip down her body, stinging the welts it met on the way. Jonathan had learned long ago from his father that pleasure could be a more effective punishment than even the worse pain. Pain only caused his gingers to hate and resent him, but pleasure told them that he was something good and wonderful. He’d learned long ago that by combining the two, he could always make his lessons stick.
  1106.     He undid her bonds for a moment before fastening her wrists behind her back and bending her over the same table he’d bent Toren over. He grabbed a large plug and pulled out Anessa’s gag before making her wet it with her own tongue. She did as best as she could and felt how big the toy was as she closed her mouth around it. Jonathan pulled it away when he decided it was lubed up enough before pressing it into her backdoor. She groaned and clenched her hands into fists, but submitted herself to him, knowing it would only be her pain if she didn’t cooperate.
  1108.     Jonathan turned on the vibrations and Anessa bit her lip as she clenched her eyes shut tight. ‘This is what Toren suffered through because of you,’ he growled into her ear. He roughly grabbed her already welted backside and kneaded it between his hands before grabbing her hair and pulling her up. He turned her around and grabbed her breasts harshly, seeing tears welling to her eyes as he ran his thumbs over the welts he’d left. He grabbed her nipples and twisted sharply, hearing her whimper as he toyed with the erect little nubs. He leaned her back over the table and latched onto one of them, soothing the welts with his tongue.
  1110.     Anessa’s whimper turned into a moan as Jon’s tongue flicked over her nipple. She felt the stinging of her welts turn into a sort of throbbing pleasure under his touch. He pressed his knee between her legs and Anessa whimpered as his coarse pants rubbed up against the tender skin but her voice soon melted back into a moan as he sucked and teased her nipples. Jonathan made sure each little nub was standing tall and dark before he pulled away and grabbed a little chain with two clamps on either end.
  1112.     Anessa’s eyes widened and Jonathan pinned her back against the table as he fastened the clamps tightly onto her swollen nipples. He tugged on the chain that connected them and Anessa jolted back to her feet and stood trembling in front of him. ‘Why did you do it Anessa?’ he asked, voice low and quiet.
  1114.     She looked at him, her eyes red and puffy. ‘Because I was jealous,’ she said, voice trembling. ‘I thought you were trying to’ replace me. You showed her so much attention and’ it’s almost as if you’ love her.’
  1116.     Jonathan sneered and slapped her hard, leaving a red mark on her cheek. Her head snapped to one side and Jonathan grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him. ‘I do not love a ginger,’ he hissed, trying to hide the lie. Anessa swallowed thickly but gave a small nod. Jonathan snarled and tossed her away from him where she landed on the floor in a heap.
  1118.     He unceremoniously grabbed another toy, a large dildo that he pressed into her pussy. Anessa bit into her lip harder, drawing a bit of blood as the toy was forced into her. Jonathan turned the vibrations on before grabbing a leather and metal device from where it hung on the wall. He slipped it onto her waist and locked it tightly, trapping the toys inside of her. Anessa curled up on herself when he was finished, her body trembling as she tried her hardest to ignore the vibrations that assaulted her.
  1120.     Jonathan knelt down beside her and held up the small remotes to the devices. ‘I’m giving these to Sam,’ he told her. ‘She will decide how often and how hard to punish you.’ He turned the knobs up all the way and Anessa cried out as the toys vibrated harshly before he turned them off. ‘I suggest you make your apology very, very sincere.’ He undid the ropes around her wrists and Anessa winced as the blood flowed back into her hands. ‘But first, you can start with Nathan and Toren.’
  1122.     She stumbled to her feet and looked towards the door where she saw two pairs of eyes peeking through the crack. Her face paled and Nathan and Toren ducked away from the door, wondering if Jon would be mad that they had watched. Jonathan just pushed open the door and motioned for Anessa to go in.
  1124.     She did as ordered and stumbled into the room before falling onto her knees in front of Nate who stood protectively in front of Toren. ‘I’m sorry,’ she said quietly as she looked at the ground.
  1126.     Nate looked at her for a long moment before he sighed and crouched down in front of her. ‘I forgive you’ if you forgive me for what I did’ when you first came here,’ he said quietly.
  1128.     Anessa looked at him in surprise and tears streaked down her face. She opened her mouth to speak several times, but couldn’t seem to find anything to say. Eventually, all she could do was nod, tears welling to her eyes again. Nathan smiled and gently stroked her cheek before standing up and nodding to Jonathan. Anessa scurried to her feet and Jonathan said, ‘Wait for me outside my room.’ She nodded before quickly heading off.
  1130.     Jonathan sighed as he looked at Nathan, seeing Toren tighten his grip on Nate’s shirt as he hid behind him. ‘I owe both of you an apology as well,’ he said quietly. Nathan looked at him, surprised. He’d never seen Jon look’ apologetic before. ‘I misjudged you,’ he continued, looking at directly at Nathan. ‘I was wrong to think that because of your past history you were the guilty party and’ I hope you can forgive me.’
  1132.     Nathan just stared in disbelief at the hand Jon offered him. He looked at his Master before a smile spread across his face. ‘Apology accepted,’ he said as he took his hand with a firm shake. Jonathan returned the smile before looking down at Toren.
  1134.     ‘And you,’ he said as he crouched down to see Toren eye to eye. ‘I’m sorry for what I did Toren’ I don’t deserve forgiveness from you, but if there is anything I can do to make it up --to either of you-- just tell me.’ Toren looked at him with wide eyes even as he stayed safely behind Toren.
  1136.     Jonathan straightened up with a sigh and Nate grinned. ‘I’m not going to forget about that favor Sir,’ he warned lightly.
  1138.     Jonathan chuckled and said, ‘I’m sure you won’t.’ He waved a hand as he left the room, not noticing Nathan gather Toren up into his arms as he sat down on their bed. He found Anessa waiting outside his bedroom door, right where he told her to. He opened up the door for her and saw Sam still lying on his bed, looking half asleep, but she jolted to attention when Anessa stepped into the room.
  1140.     Sam’s eyes roved over the red welts on her chest and thighs, as well as the belt locked around her waist before she looked at Jon. He gave her a small smile and nudged the woman forward. ‘Anessa has something to say to you, Sam,’ he said.
  1142.     The woman walked forward towards the bed and crawled up to gently nuzzle against Sam’s legs. Sam stared at her in shock but Anessa surprised her further by saying, ‘I’m sorry Sam...’ Three words she never thought she’d hear were coming out of Anessa’s mouth. She looked from the woman who had gently begun to kiss her feet and legs before looking up at Jon, wondering what the hell he must have done to break her down this much. When Sam didn’t say anything Jon called her away and Anessa slunk after him, leaving the dumbstruck girl alone.
  1144.     Jonathan led her to the back of the apartment and opened the door to the small, dark room. She stepped in and sat down before curling up on the floor. Jonathan sighed and said, ‘You brought this on yourself,’ before closing the door and locking it.
  1146.     He sighed and ran a hand through his hair before going back to his bedroom, seeing Sam’s almost incredulous look. ‘I have something for you,’ he said and handed over the two little remotes.
  1148.     Sam looked at them curiously and picked them up, flicking the little knobs. ‘What are they?’ she asked.
  1150.     ‘The controls to the toys I left in Anessa,’ he said and Sam turned them off quickly before glaring at him.
  1152.     ‘Why give them to me?’ she asked.
  1154.     Jonathan gave a small smile and said, ‘You’re the only one who knows how badly she should be punished, therefore I leave that responsibility to you.’
  1156.     Sam shook her head and put the two remotes on the bedside table, determined not to touch them again. ‘I don’t want them,’ she said as she hugged her knees close.
  1158.     Jonathan looked at her and brushed her hair away from her face. ‘I’m proud of you,’ he said and Sam looked up at him, her confusion evident. ‘Anessa has to be taught to show mercy when you do it so naturally.’
  1160.     Sam blushed and looked away as she rested her chin on her knees. ‘What’s going to happen to her?’ she asked quietly.
  1162.     Jonathan sighed and said, ‘Well’ after she lied to me, caused Nathan and Toren and fair amount of suffering, and has been battering and abusing you since I bought you, I feel that what I’ve done to humble her thus far might not be enough’ I might lend her out to Richard for a few days, just so he can squeeze more of that attitude out of her.’
  1164.     Sam nodded and slowly leaned up against him. ‘Thank you’ for doing this for me,’ she said quietly. Jonathan smiled and kissed the top of her head, drawing her a bit closer.
  1166.     He couldn’t bring himself to say it out loud, not yet, but he felt safe confiding in his own mind. ‘I guess people do crazy things when they’re in love.’
  1168. ------------------------------
  1169.     The next few months passed peacefully. Jonathan allowed Anessa out of solitary after four days only to hand her over to Richard for a week. She came back from the experience battered and bruised and very, very quiet. She practically darted away from Sam every time she came into the room, and tended to avoid Jonathan as well when she could help it. Jonathan knew she would be back to her ‘Queen of the house’ mentality soon enough, but fortunately, her time Richard had gone just as he had hoped. He’d definitely put her well in her place.
  1171.     For now, Jonathan was content to leave Anessa at home with Nathan and Toren. Sam, on the other hand, he preferred to keep with him, and as he sat behind his desk, feeling the young gingers lips around his cock, he couldn’t be happier with the decision. He threw his pen down, giving up his paperwork as a futile task as he felt his peak rising under the girl’s talented tongue. Her lips ran up and down the length of his shaft, her tongue lapping the underside and tracing up to the tip. He reached under the desk and forced the girl down on his cock entirely as he came. Sam choked at first but was forced to swallow by his strong grip on her head.
  1173.     He waited until he was sure she’d swallowed it all before letting her go. She coughed and wiped her mouth as he rested her chin on his leg. ‘You’re an ass,’ she stated simply.
  1175.     Jonathan smirked and gripped her chin. ‘And you need to stop picking up swear words from Nathan,’ he retorted before slapping her cheek lightly, not enough to really hurt, but enough to let her know that he could make it. She pouted at him but nuzzled his leg before retreating back under the desk to lie down. She curled up on the blanket he’d put down there for her and took a sip from a water bottle.
  1177.     Jonathan sighed and glared at the paperwork on his desk that had caught his attention again now that he wasn’t so’ distracted. It was something he needed to look through before he handed it over to the board, but dear God, it was just so tedious! After his father had died, he’d left him with his business and his inheritance, expecting him to carry on the family business of ginger trading. It had been his great great grandfather that had originally started the tradition of organized ginger auctions, and the trend had only grown, making his family fortunes that had escalated through the generations. Though for the most part, Jonathan left the business to his trusted board, preferring to make his own fortune with ginger fights. Even so, there were some things that only he had the authority to do, and a large pile of it was still sitting in front of him, only half finished.
  1179.     Both he and Sam jumped when his phone rang, cutting the silence of the office. Fortunately, he didn’t have a mahogany desk above his head, but Sam ended up banging her head. Jonathan answered the phone, trying to stop himself from laughing as he heard Sam swearing quietly. Sam huffed and laid back down as she rubbed the rapidly growing lump on her head. Vaguely, she listened to Jonathan carry out his conversation, her attention wandering as she started to doze.
  1181.     Jonathan woke her about an hour later. ‘Time to go Sam,’ he said, his own relief at the notion sounding in his voice. Sam yawned and crawled out from under the desk, stretching her sore muscles as Jonathan attached a leash to her collar.
  1183.     She sighed as she looked down at the black leather rope. ‘Do I have to-?’
  1185.     ‘Yes, you do, and no, you cannot wear my coat,’ Jonathan said automatically. Sam glared at him as a healthy blush spread over her cheeks. Now that the weather was warmer, he preferred to keep her nude at all times, mostly just to show her off. Jonathan just grinned at her before leading her out of his office, waving a goodbye to his secretary before leading her through the crowded lobby.
  1187.     Sam glared at the pinstripes on the back of his jacket as she walked with her hands clasped behind her back. She could almost feel the heads turning to look at her and she moved closer to Jonathan as he led her through the lobby. He greeted and nodded to the various people he passed and Sam didn’t like the leers some of them gave her. Jonathan finally led her down into the parking garage and opened the passenger side for her before getting in himself.
  1189.     ‘Are you ready for tonight?’ he asked as he started the car.
  1191.     She looked at him blankly and Jonathan chuckled. ‘I told you last night that Richard Ashby invited us over to his house.’
  1193.     ‘Oh,’ Sam said sheepishly. She must have been half asleep and very well fucked when he had told her to make her draw a blank this badly. Jonathan laughed and put the car in drive before peeling out of the garage.
  1194.     *
  1196. ------------------------------
  1197.     Jonathan purposely left Toren and Anessa home that evening, deciding just to bring Nathan and Sam along with him to Richard’s. He had a nagging feeling that Richard still wanted to see the two siblings perform together, so he decided it best for all of them that Toren stay home, and Anessa probably wasn’t quite ready for another night with Richard.
  1199.     He sighed as he saw Richard’s expansive estates come into view. While he preferred life in the city, Richard chose to stay on the outskirts of town, living in a house far too big for himself and a couple of gingers. He pulled into the driveway and allowed Sam and Nathan out, but not before attaching a leash onto each of their collars.
  1201.     Sam glared indignantly, but he ignored her. Richard had been more suspicious of him ever since he’d caught a glimpse of Sam at the party a few months ago. Now more than ever, he had to be careful around his friend and rival, having no doubt that Richard would blackmail him at the very least if he gained any proof that he’d allowed Sam a night of freedom. He wasn’t willing to risk it.
  1203.     With a light tug, he led the two up to the wide oak door and rang the bell. An unfamiliar ginger boy answered the door and Richard’s booming voice followed. ‘Jonathan! Come in, come in!’ he said jovially.
  1205.     Jonathan chuckled and stepped inside, his two gingers in his wake. ‘Good to see you again Richard,’ he said and ordered Nathan and Sam on their hands and knees with a point. Nathan followed suit, but Sam seemed a bit more reluctant. One glare from her master made her change her mind about rebelling and immediately got down on her hands and knees next to Nate.
  1207.     ‘She seems to be obeying you a bit better,’ Richard pointed out as he poured two glasses of wine. He took a seat in one of the comfortable looking chairs and invited Jonathan to do the same.
  1209.     ‘I had to take a different approach in training her, but it seems to be working,’ he replied and sat down with a sigh. He took a grateful sip of wine before asking, ‘What about your two breeder girls’ How did that turn out’ They should be well along by now, shouldn’t they?’
  1211.     Nate perked up slightly at the mention of Cassandra and Jillian and he hoped that maybe he could see them before they left. Richard sighed ruefully and said, ‘Well, both of them took, and fortunately my younger ginger is still holding the child. But my older strawberry blond ‘ she had a miscarriage about two weeks ago. I had her tested, and because of that ordeal, she can’t bear offspring anymore.’ Richard sighed and continued, ‘She’s a pretty one still, but she’s of no use to me anymore. I’m planning on selling her to the kennels once she’s got past her fever.’
  1213.     Nathan looked at him, horrified. They couldn’t sell her to the kennels! It would kill her to go back! He looked up at Jonathan, but his master just said, ‘Well now, that’s a shame. I’m sorry to hear it. But at least there’s still a chance in your other ginger.’
  1215.     Richard sighed and said, ‘Yes, that’s true’ still would have liked the guarantee in both though.’ Their discussion turned towards something else after that and Nate laid down as comfortably as he could, knowing he had to wait before he could talk with Jonathan. Sam nuzzled up against him and rested her head on his chest. He gave a small grin and absently started running his fingers through her hair as he thought.
  1217.     Sam began to doze as the time ticked by and she didn’t hear her name start to come up in the conversation. ‘Well, you’ve let me have some time with your older ginger, would you allow me to take some time with this one?’ Richard asked.
  1219.     Jonathan grinned and said, ‘Feel free. Be careful though, she tends to bite at strangers.’
  1221.     Richard chuckled before grabbing Sam’s arm and startling her awake in the process. She yelped and Nathan gave a low growl of warning, but Richard ignored both of them and pulled Sam up to her feet. ‘The toys you have at your house are nice Jonathan, but let me show you what I’ve got here,’ he said and jerked Sam’s arm behind her back when she tried to pull away from him.
  1223.     Jonathan got to his feet and gave Nathan’s leash a tug. Richard led them down one of the expansive halls before unlocking a large oak door. The room looked like the punishment room that Jonathan prided himself on, except this one contained some devices that looked more like medieval torture devices than toys. In one corner, a form lay huddled up under a pile of rags, only the tangled curl of strawberry blond hair visible from under the pile.
  1225.     Nathan’s eyes widened as he looked at Cassandra, barely able to see her pale face from under the pile of blankets. He understood instantly what type of owner Richard was. As soon as she was no longer useful to him, he didn’t bother to care for her. He was sure Jillian was lying on a comfortable bed, resting because she carried something of value to him. Only John’s strong grip on his leash kept him from going over to her. His master took a seat in one of the few chairs that rested along the wall, and he sat down on the ground next to him, waiting until Richard was distracted before he could talk to him.
  1228.     Richard grinned as he quickly and effectively tied Sam’s arms and legs in one of the most brutal hogties Jonathan had ever seen. He winced and said, ‘Be careful with her Richard, she’s still not quite broken in.’
  1230.     The man just scowled and said, ‘Well, I’ll help you fix that then.’ Sam grit her teeth, tears welling to her eyes as she tried to adjust to her arms being folded so awkwardly behind her. Her legs and wrists were tied so tightly, that she had to arch off of the floor to accommodate, leaving her breasts exposed. Sam could tilt her head back and nearly touch her feet. Richard wasted no time fitting Sam with a large dildo that had a cord dangling from the end that attached to a little remote. Jonathan continued to watch, ready to step in if he saw he was really hurting her.
  1232.     ‘I had this made special. It has three different settings that I had built into it,’ Richard said with no little hint of relish. ‘It does the standard vibrations,’ he said and flipped a switch on the little remote. Sam gasped sharply as the toy began to vibrate inside of her, making her squirm in her bonds. ‘The second twists,’ he said and flipped the second switch, making Sam yelp as the toy began to rotate. She felt like there was a live eel squirming inside of her, and she twitched every time the device brushed up against her sweet spot. Richard seemed to get a rush as he watched the helpless girl struggle against the device, and he altered the speed of the toy. She was moaning and trembling visible by the time he finally turned it off.
  1234.     ‘The third setting in my favorite,’ he said with a grin and made sure the toy was wedged in firmly. He flipped the switch and Sam screamed, her mind wiped completely blank by the mixture of pain and pleasure. ‘Electro-stimulation,’ Richard informed him over her cries. Fireworks burst behind Sam’s closed eyes as she jerked against her bonds, feeling as though every nerve ending was on fire. She slumped when he finally turned the device off and lay there panting and trembling, her wrists and ankles rubbed raw. Richard chuckled and said, ‘You can see why it’s one of my favorites.’
  1236.     Jonathan nodded his approval. ‘Impressive,’ he said, seeing Sam’s flushed face. That toy looked like it packed one helluva punch.
  1238.     Richard smirked as he looked down at her. ‘Care for another taste of it?’ he asked.
  1240.     Sam looked up at him and shook her head vigorously. ‘No sir, please don-AAHH!’ Richard cranked up the third switch again before she could even finish her sentence. Her body went completely rigid again, and her toes curled. A look of pure anguish was on her face as she clenched her teeth, trying in vain to stop her cries. Jonathan could see every muscle in her body tensing before Richard turned the device off again. Sam gave a simpering moan as she came crashing back down to earth, body still tense as though preparing for another round.
  1242.     ‘Come on slave, tell me how much you like it,’ Richard smirked.
  1244.     Sam whimpered as she looked at the remote in his hand. ‘Sir, please, no more,’ she begged quietly. ‘Do anything else to me, but no more!’
  1246.     Richard just shook his head. ‘Wrong answer.’ He flipped the switch again and Sam shrieked as the electrical currents washed over her. She was transformed into nothing more than a hypersensitive bundle of nerves, unable to stop the continuous assault. She couldn’t turn it off or shut it out, only hang on as the sexual torture continued. It was such an overload of pleasure that she couldn’t come up with a single coherent thought except that she wanted it to stop. By the time Richard finally turned the toy off again, Sam looked like she was close to passing out and she had a small puddle of her own juices collecting between her spread legs.
  1248.     ‘Sir, may I speak?’ Nathan asked quietly as Richard continued to have his fun tormenting the girl.
  1250.     ‘I can tell you’ve been itching to, so you may,’ he said quietly, being sure that Richard couldn’t overhear what they were saying.
  1252.     Nathan opened his mouth to speak, but was unsure of where to even start. ‘Sir, there’s a ginger in the corner there’ she’s very sick,’ he said quietly.
  1254.     Jonathan sighed and asked, ‘What do you want me to do about it’ She’s Richard’s property.’
  1256.     ‘Buy her,’ he said without hesitation. ‘She’s only going to be sold back to the kennels otherwise, and in her condition she’ll die!’ he said quickly, his desperation obvious in his voice.
  1258.     Jonathan looked at him in shock before a small laugh escaped him. ‘Nate, what the hell would I do with another ginger?’ he asked.
  1260.     Nathan rolled his eyes. ‘I don’t know’ make her cook! You keep saying that you’re going to get one,’ he pointed out. Jonathan sighed irritably and ran a hand through his hair, looking as though he was about to refuse. ‘You owe me Jon,’ he reminded him quietly.
  1262.     Jonathan glared at him, even though he knew Nathan was right. ‘Richard,’ he said, loud enough for the other to hear over Sam’s shrieks. He looked up from where he’d tied Sam on a wooden horse, the ridge of it splitting her dripping pussy open. ‘What are you going to try to sell that strawberry blonde for?’ he asked.
  1264.     Richard set his whip down for a moment as he thought. ‘Well, I was going to try and sell her for 70,000’ it’s a pittance of what I bought her for, but she’s useless now as a breeder, and her looks are the only thing that would get me any money for her.’
  1266.     Jonathan nodded before he got to his feet. ‘Instead of selling her to the kennels, why don’t you sell her to me?’ he asked. ‘I’ll pay your asking price and give back that 10,000 you paid for Nate to breed with her,’ he said.
  1268.     Richard looked surprise, but who was he to deny an offer like that. ‘I don’t know why you’d want her, but I’ll take it,’ he chuckled.
  1270.     Jonathan gave a rather forced grin before shoving his car keys into Nathan’s hands and unhooking his leash. ‘Go get my checkbook from the car,’ he ordered, a bit sharply.
  1272.     Nathan beamed as he took the keys. ‘Thank you sir,’ he said and hurried off.
  1274.     Jonathan sighed and looked back towards where Richard was finally untying Sam. The girl looked absolutely exhausted and had red welts decorating her back and chest. Her juices were literally running down the sides of the wooden horse, and her clit looked swollen and red from where Richard must have given it a few good smacks. Richard looked like he was going to tie her up again in a different position, but Jonathan stopped him. ‘I think she’s had enough for tonight,’ Jonathan said with an apologetic grin. ‘She looks like she’s close to fainting.’ Indeed, Sam was swaying where she sat, her eyes half lidded.
  1276.     Richard scowled but agreed and led Sam by her leash back over to Jonathan. ‘Well, thank you for letting me play with her,’ he said with a smirk. ‘She’s quite a treat to watch. Perhaps you’d allow me to borrow her for a few days?’
  1278.     Jonathan grinned, even though he was rejecting the idea entirely. ‘Once I have her trained to be more comfortable with strangers, I’ll consider it,’ he said and Richard grinned.
  1280.     Nathan finally returned with his checkbook and Jonathan quickly wrote a check for 80,000 dollars. He stood and handed Richard the check before motioning for Nathan to go grab the shaking pile in the corner while he picked up Sam. Nate hurried over to the girl and pulled the blankets away from her face. She looked pale and a light sheen of sweat covered her face. He put a hand to her forehead and could feel that she had a fever.
  1282.     ‘Come on Cassie,’ he said quietly and carefully picked her up. ‘We’re gonna take you home.’ Her eyes flickered open, bright with fever and she looked up at him. She sighed and leaned against his chest as she closed her eyes again.
  1284.     ‘Thank you for everything Richard,’ Jonathan said as he cradled Sam in his arms. She looked as though she was already asleep.
  1286.     ‘Of course Jon,’ he said as he led them to the door. ‘Take good care of that one.’
  1288.     ‘Don’t worry Richard, I will,’ Jonathan chuckled before carrying Sam out to the car. Nathan cast Richard a filthy glare that actually caused the man to recoil slightly before following his master.
  1290. ------------------------------
  1291.     At first Cassandra didn’t recognize anyone. She was delirious with fever and was terrified to see so many strange faces suddenly surrounding her. She fought every dose of advil and penicillin that was forced into her mouth by either Nathan, Jonathan or the doctor Jon had called in to take a look at her. The doctor assured them that it was a good sign she had enough strength to fight in the condition she was in. Not only had the fever been brewing in her for far too long, she had caught bronchitis during the time Richard had neglected her and every breath she took sounded almost painful.
  1293.     Finally, after about two weeks of care and rest, her fever broke and her cough seemed to die down. Even so, Nathan and Toren kept vigil at her bedside, only leaving to compete in their fights now that the preliminaries were over, and the professional fighting season had officially begun. Jonathan allowed the two to keep watch over the new addition as long as they didn’t slack in their training.
  1295.     ‘I still can’t believe you conned me into buying another ginger,’ Jonathan scowled quietly as he leaned against the doorframe.
  1297.     Nathan smiled as he brushed Cassandra’s hair back from her sleeping face. ‘Sorry sir,’ he said, though he didn’t sound it at all.
  1299.     Jonathan rolled his eyes and said, ‘Make sure she takes her medicine. I have to go out for a few hours, but I’ll be back later tonight.’
  1301.     ‘Of course sir,’ Nathan replied and watched his master nod and leave. He grabbed the two different pill bottles from where they laid next to Cassandra’s pillow. He turned and found Toren holding up a glass of water for him. Nathan smiled and kissed his forehead as he took the glass. ‘Thanks kiddo,’ he said quietly.
  1303.     He gently shook Cassandra’s shoulder and watched her honey eyes flicker open blearily. ?’S going on?’ she asked, her voice slightly croaky from being out of use for so long.
  1305.     Nathan chuckled quietly and held up the pills for her. ‘Time to take these again Cassie,’ he said gently. She made a face but slowly pushed herself off of the soft mattress, her arms shaking slightly. Nathan’s eyes darkened slightly as she reached and took the pills from him before downing them with a long drink of water. Nathan could have killed Richard for allowing her to get in such a horrible condition. Her sickness had drained her off her strength and made her look almost skeletally thin. One could have never guessed that she’d been pregnant four weeks earlier.
  1307.     She lay back down with a sigh and Toren pulled the blankets up to cover her shoulder’s again. She smiled at him and reached up to touch his cheek. ‘I hate to say it,’ she said quietly, ‘but I don’t even know your name.’
  1309.     The boy blushed slightly at the touch and said, ‘My name’s Toren.’
  1311.     Nathan chuckled quietly and she looked at him with a grin. ‘You I know,’ she said, sounding amused.
  1313.     Nate ran a gentle hand over her hair and leaned down to kiss her forehead, causing her eyes to close with a sigh. ‘You should sleep,’ he told her. ‘We’ll have something good for you to eat when you wake up,’ he promised.
  1315.     ‘That sounds nice,’ she said as she rolled onto her side, pulling the blankets close around her. Within minutes she had fallen back asleep, her breath whistling quietly through her teeth.
  1317.     Toren smiled as he leaned up against Nate. ‘I like her,’ he said quietly.
  1319.     Nathan chuckled and ruffled his hair gently before planting a firm kiss on top of his tousled hair. ‘I do too,’ he said fondly. ‘Come on; let’s let her get some rest.’ Toren nodded as they both got to their feet and left the room. Cassandra had been staying in the guest bedroom at Jonathan’s request, simply because he didn’t want his two fighters getting sick, but Nathan could tell that the worst of her sickness was over. She was merely regaining her strength now.
  1321.     Anessa was sitting up against the wall, a book in hand. ‘Is she gonna live?’ she asked.
  1323.     ‘Of course Anessa,’ Nathan said with a slight scowl.
  1325.     ‘Pity,’ the woman said before picking up her book and heading to her room.
  1327.     Toren rolled his eyes and muttered, ‘I liked it better when she was hiding from everyone.’
  1329.     Nathan chuckled and said, ‘She doesn’t mean it. Sure, she’s a bitch, but I know she doesn’t really want anyone dead.’ Toren shrugged, still not liking the woman too much after she she’d done to him and his sister. Nathan ruffled his hair as they headed to the training room. ‘Alright kiddo, moment of truth. Let’s see how much you’ve been practicing your falls.’
  1331.     Toren stuck out his tongue and yelped when Nathan stepped forward and tripped him over his leg. Toren went tumbling backwards, but fell into a roll, slapping the ground to disperse his momentum. Nathan nodded his approval and said lightly, ‘Not too bad kiddo.’
  1333.     Toren rolled forward and back to his feet and said, looking smug, ‘You didn’t think I’d really practice, did you?’
  1335.     ‘Course not,’ Nathan smirked before sweeping his foot out, attempting to knock Toren down again. The boy was expecting it this time and did a dive roll before Nathan could even make contact. He landed in a crouch and Nathan practically beamed at him. Without warning Toren leapt at him, tackling the bigger man to the ground. Nathan landed with an ‘oof!’ of surprise and looked at Toren with wide eyes. Toren looked just as surprised, but without even realizing he was doing it, he kept Nate’s wrists pinned and was straddling his hips.
  1337.     Nathan raised an eyebrow and said, ‘Either you just caught me off guard or you really just pinned me.’ Toren blushed and Nate smirked before flipping them, not giving Toren a chance to react. He pinned him in a similar way, holding his wrists against the ground and pressing down on his hips with his weight. Toren gasped and his blush only grew as he looked up at his teacher.
  1339.     The big ginger couldn’t seem to stop himself as he leaned down and caught Toren’s lips in a slow, teasing kiss. Toren trembled visibly even as he seemed to melt into it, his mouth parting in a small gasp. Nathan took advantage of it without even thinking and pressed his tongue through the other’s lips, tentatively exploring Toren’s soft mouth. A fresh shiver ran through the rapidly heating up body under him, and Nathan seemed to snap back into himself. He let go of Toren and stumbled to his feet, suddenly very, very embarrassed. ‘Um’ I’m gonna go see how your sister is doing with dinner,’ he said quickly and hurried out of the room.
  1341.     Toren watched him go, dumbstruck. He looked down at his shorts and yelped, seeing the tent his dick was making and blushed horribly, not realizing that his teacher could get him so worked up so quickly. He heard a quiet giggle from the door and jumped, heart thudding against his ribcage. Cassandra stood in the doorway, a loose robe tied around her waist. She was holding the door for support, but it looked as though the medicine had kicked in as she had a lively glow to her. ‘Need help with that?’ she asked lightly.
  1343.     ‘I, um-well-I should’ go out there t-to help them-’ he stuttered as Cassandra stepped towards him. His voice died when she knelt down by him and put a gentle hand on his chest, pushing him back against the ground. Toren shivered as he felt her cool hands pull his shorts down and closed his eyes with a slight grimace, too embarrassed to think straight.
  1345.     Cassandra chuckled and Toren felt her lips brush up against his forehead as her hand wrapped around his cock. Toren whimpered as his back arched. Doing this himself was one thing, but having someone else do it for him was a whole new experience. Cassandra grinned innocently as she kissed her way down his chest before wrapping her lips around his cock. Toren bit his finger to stop himself from crying out. Cassandra lapped her tongue up the underside of his cock, pressing on the veins she found. Toren, being as inexperienced except with his own hand, came quickly under her touches and Cassandra licked him clean, honey eyes dancing.
  1347.     She cupped Toren’s face when she was finished before pressing her lips to his. Toren opened his mouth almost instantly and groaned as Cassandra gave him a taste of his own seed, allowing it to transfer onto his tongue. She pulled away with an innocent smile and stroked Toren’s hair back from his forehead. The boy laid his head back against the ground as he panted, trying to figure out exactly what had happened.
  1349.     Cassandra grinned and gave him a kiss on the cheek. ‘You know Nathan wants you, don’t you?’ she asked quietly.
  1351.     Toren’s blush came back at full force as he peeked an eye open to look at her. Of course he did. He was young, but he wasn’t stupid, yet no matter what, his teacher never seemed to act on anything. Yet, truth be told, Toren was starting to wish he would. After walking in on Jon and Sam more times than he wanted to admit, he was starting to get’ curious.
  1353.     ‘I’ll take that as a yes,’ Cassandra giggled when Toren didn’t answer. ‘And what are your thoughts on that?’ she wondered.
  1355.     Toren reached up and rubbed his eyes. ‘I don’t know,’ he mumbled, his voice almost a whine.
  1357.     Cassandra grinned and kissed his forehead. ‘Well Toren, if you’re ever curious, I know a surefire way to get Nathan to do something,’ she said before getting up. Toren watched her walk out of the room and heard the door to the guest bedroom close. He groaned and rubbed his eyes, feeling incredibly confused and ragingly horny. He gave a frustrated sigh and headed to the bathroom, yet instead of thinking about Cassandra, his thoughts wandered to Nate as he finished himself off.
  1358.     *
  1360.     The next few days did nothing to help Toren. He had had a taste of what it would be like to be with another person, and he found himself craving it. His private trips to the bathroom just weren’t doing it for him anymore. And even worse, Nathan had pushed their beds apart again, giving the excuse that it was getting too hot in the apartment. Toren hadn’t slept well because of it.
  1362.     Cassandra, on the other hand, continued to gain her strength back and after the meal Sam had cooked a few nights before, Jonathan was relieved the find that Cassandra was quite a good chef. When she wasn’t working, she came in to watch Toren and Nathan train, taking a silent seat in the corner of the room. Yet her offer hung over Toren’s head like a cloud, and he was getting desperate enough to consider it.
  1364.     Finally, after a week of his silent torment, he found Cassandra and Sam talking quietly in the living room over a game of cards. The two had become fast friends, and Sam found it nice to have another girl to talk to that didn’t scowl at the sight of her. Toren swallowed but stepped forward towards the two.
  1366.     ‘Cassie, can I talk to you?’ Toren asked quietly, his hands clenched over his chest so they couldn’t see him shaking.
  1368.     Cassie looked up before a grin spread across her face. Sam glanced between the two of them before she grinned, ‘I should start cleaning anyway. Jon wants me to clean his bathroom before he gets home,’ she said with a n annoyed sigh.
  1370.     Cassandra grinned and kissed her cheek before she got up. ‘I except a rematch later,’ she told the younger girl.
  1372.     Sam chuckled. ‘You’re on.’
  1374.     Cassandra winked at her before putting a hand on Toren’s shoulder. ‘Where’s Nathan?’ she asked as she stroked his back.
  1376.     ‘He’s taking a nap in our room,’ he said quietly.
  1378.     ‘And have you thought about my offer?’ she asked quietly.
  1380.     Toren swallowed, realizing there was no backing out after this. ‘Yeah?’ he said quietly. ‘I want to do it.’
  1382.     Cassandra grinned and kissed his forehead. ‘Good choice,’ she said quietly. ‘Come with me,’ she said and grabbed his hand, leading him into the punishment room. ‘Now, you have to just go with what I’m going to do, alright?’ she said with a grin.
  1384.     Toren swallowed, suddenly feeling very, very nervous. ‘You aren’t going to do anything that’ll hurt, will you?’ he asked.
  1386.     ‘It won’t hurt, I promise,’ she said and kissed his cheek before finding a cloth blindfold and draping it over his eyes.
  1388. ------------------------------
  1389.     Nathan stretched as he woke from his nap, only to find a piece of paper lying on his chest. ‘Come to the punishment room,’ was all it said. He groaned as he slid out of bed, thinking that this had to be some sort of trap. Even so, he pulled on his shorts and a t-shirt and walked towards the designated room. He cracked open the door warily to find the lights all off, though he heard someone shuffling quietly.
  1391.     He cautiously flicked on the lights and his mouth dropped open, eyes going wide at the sight. He felt his mouth go dry. Toren was lying on his side, bound, gagged and blindfolded. His wrists and elbows were tied in front of him as were his knees and ankles, but that wasn’t the startling part. Someone had gone through the trouble of dressing the boy in what looked to be one of Sam’s blue string tank tops, and a black pleated mini-skirt. He had black fishnets pulled up to his thighs, and just above, Nathan could see the outline of the boy’s fully erect cock through the lace cloth of the black thong he wore.
  1393.     The boy squirmed and writhed against his bonds, his breath coming in short little gasps around the ball gag that had been fastened into his mouth. A wave of lust swept through Nathan as he watched him, realizing that whoever had dressed him up had also fitted him with a vibrator up his back door, leaving the remote on full power lying just behind him. His concern overrode his lust for just a moment, as the boy wailed behind his gag, but it took Nathan only a moment to realize that it was a cry of pleasure, not pain.
  1395.     Goosebumps broke out over his skin. As the boy twisted and writhed in his bonds, the skirt he wore hitched up even more until it was resting around his hips, exposing the dark spot on his panties where precum had soaked through the material. Nathan felt himself hardening, a tent rising in his shorts and he heard a quiet giggle from the other door. He looked up sharply and saw Cassandra peeking through the door at them.
  1397.     ‘Did’ you do this?’ Nathan asked, voice almost a growl. Toren gave a shuddering moan and Nathan had to close his eyes for a moment to stop himself from taking the boy right there.
  1399.     Cassandra grinned and nodded. ‘He asked me to,’ she told him. Nathan’s eyed her suspiciously and she rolled her eyes, ‘Alright not /exactly/ this, but that’s not the point.’ She walked up to him and ran a finger down his chest. ‘The point is that Toren wants you and I can tell from this,’ she gave his cock a light slap through his shorts, ‘that you want him just as badly.’
  1401.     Nathan gasped at her touch even as his eyes were drawn back to the boy squirming on the floor. Slowly, he crept towards him, going down on his hands and knees as he stroked Toren’s face. The boy jumped and looked around blindly, tiny moans and whimpers escaping from behind his gag. Nathan reached around and undid the gag before lifting up the blindfold over his eyes. What he saw surprised him. Toren panted as he looked at him, but there was no fear or rejection in his eyes, only a pure longing that made Nathan’s breath catch.
  1403.     Before he could stop himself, Nathan caught the boy’s lips in a bruising kiss. Toren moaned deeply as he returned it, arching in his bonds for more contact and flooding Nate’s body with heat. Cassandra grinned as she watched them, her voyeuristic streak coming out in full as she grabbed a vibrator from the table and sat down to watch. She wasn’t pleasured much when she lived with Richard and had gotten used to doing it herself while she watched her master with his other slaves. And she knew that this would be a show to remember. She found both Nate and Toren very attractive in their own ways and the thought of them together made her stomach clench.
  1405.     Nathan ran his hands over Toren’s body before kissing his way down his neck, littering the area with little nips and bites, leaving a series of marks in his wake. Toren didn’t seem to mind with how far absorbed into his lust he was. He arched and writhed, wishing his hands were untied so he could wrap his arms around him. Almost roughly, Nate pushed Toren onto his stomach and lifted his hips up so the boy’s knees were folded under him. The boy felt a stab of fear rush through him, but forced himself to relax. This was his teacher’ he wouldn’t hurt him.
  1407.     Nate smirked slightly as he lifted up the black pleated skirt and pulled aside the little black thong. He found the boy’s entrance already slick with lube and slightly red from where Cassandra must have stretched him out already. He cast a glance back towards the woman and only saw her feline grin, two fingers buried deep in her pussy. Toren shivered, goosebumps raising over his skin as he scooted back towards Nate, raising his hips higher. Nate’s eyes were drawn to the little remote that lay by Toren’s leg and picked it up.
  1409.     He pressed a finger into the boy, gaining a yelp of surprise, and made sure the little egg was pressed right up against his prostate. With a rather evil grin he flipped the vibrations on again. Toren gasped so sharply it almost sounded like a scream and his body trembled visibly, cock leaking profusely. ‘N-nate, please!’ he gasped, voice thick with lust.
  1411.     Nathan didn’t say anything and just amused himself by turning the knob on the remote up and down, loving how Toren would lift his hips higher as the vibrations grew stronger. Finally, when the boy was coated with a sheen of sweat, Nathan finally pulled the egg out, gaining a shuddering moan from the boy.
  1413.     The man ran his hands over Toren’s backside, grabbing the little globes of flesh and squeezing. Toren bit his lip, trembling outright under Nathan’s rough and calloused hands though they were surprisingly gently as they caressed his body. Nathan knew he couldn’t hold back much longer, his lust growing as he took in the smooth, nearly hairless skin of the prepubescent boy. His cock was rock hard and straining to just dive in and take him as hard and fast as he could, yet he could feel Toren’s heart pounding as he stroked him and knew the boy was scared, despite his obvious lust.
  1415.     Nathan kissed the small of his back before urging him to spread his legs wider, using little taps that he normally reserved for their training sessions. ‘Time for you to learn a new lesson kiddo,’ he whispered.
  1417.     Toren shivered and arched his hips up further. ‘Y-yes sir,’ he whispered.
  1419.     Nathan smiled and spread him wide and aligned his cock before slowly pushing into the boy’s tight hole. Toren grit his teeth, tears welling to his eyes as he struggled to accommodate him, feeling as though he was being split in half. For just a moment, he wondered why he was doing this.
  1421.     And then Nathan brushed against his sweet spot. Toren gasped in surprise and laid his head against the ground, submitting himself to whatever happened. He wanted this’ he wanted Nate. And Nate was all too happy to have him. He made sure he was embedded fully and gave Toren a few moments to adjust, feeling the boy’s muscles twitch and spasm around his cock. He kissed the small of his back again before he slowly started thrusting, pulling almost all the way out before pushing back in with more and more force every time.
  1423.     He sped up his pace, feeling the boy’s suffocating tight muscles slowly loosen as he continued to ram into him. He was struggling to keep control of himself and Toren could tell. ‘Just fuck me!’ the boy cried, /needing/ him. Nathan’s eyes widened before narrowing as he let loose with a low growl, pounding into the boy’s virgin hole without remorse.
  1425.     Toren cried out in pain and pleasure as Nathan held his hips hard enough to bruise as his teacher pistoned in an out of him without letup. Tears streaked down his face and his hands were clenched into tight fists, but the pain seemed to vanish as he felt Nathan’s rough hand reach around to touch his cock. Toren moaned deeply, a bit of saliva leaking from his open mouth as he rest his forehead against the ground.
  1427.     Nate wrapped his hand around the boy’s cock before he started pumping it in time with his thrusts, knowing that he couldn’t hold on much longer. Toren panted as he felt the warmth in his stomach turn to a nearly burning heat. After only a few moments, he screamed as he came, muscles clamping down on Nathan, milking his cock for all he was worth. Nathan moaned and managed a few more thrusts before he came as well, hearing Toren’s ragged gasp as he filled the boy entirely.
  1429.     For a moment, neither of them moved. Nathan just rested his head against Toren’s back as the trembling boy panted raggedly for breath. Finally, Nathan pulled out, a thin trail of his own seed following him and Toren shivered as he felt the wetness slide down between his legs. Toren shuddered as he laid down carefully on his side, whimpering as his sore entrance throbbed and pulsed needily, as though asking for another round. ‘Love you Nate,’ Toren breathed, voice barely above a whisper.
  1431.     ‘Love you too,T,’ the man said and brushed another kiss across his forehead.
  1433.     Nathan looked back when he heard Cassandra’s moan, having nearly forgot the woman was there. She was licking her own juices off of her fingers, a very satisfied grin on her face. She crawled towards Nathan and caught him in a deep kiss. ‘That was a wonderful show,’ she purred and Nathan couldn’t help but laugh.
  1435.     Cassandra smiled and said, ‘I hope to see more like that in the future.’
  1437.     Toren moaned quietly at that and Nathan smiled as he went over to the boy, brushing his damp hair off of his forehead. Toren opened his eyes and gave a tired, yet very satisfied smile as he looked up at his teacher. Nathan kissed him gently, no longer feeling shy about doing so before untying him and massaging his hands to get the circulation back in them.
  1439.     ‘Two advil and bed for you kiddo,’ Nate told him and kissed his forehead as he picked him up. Toren managed a nod as he curled up into his teacher’s arms, eyes already dropping. Nathan carried him back into their room and laid him down on his bed before pushing their beds together again. The man managed to coax his student and lover to swallow two painkillers before he curled up with him, smiling as Cassandra crawled into the bed with him.
  1441.     Nathan scooted over to give her room before kissing her forehead. ‘Thank you Cassie,’ he said quietly.
  1443.     ‘Mmmhmm,’ she purred and kissed his chest before lying her head down on top of the spot. Nathan smiled as Toren curled up against his side and put his arm around his shoulder before closing his eyes.
  1445. ------------------------------
  1446.     Sam woke as she smelled something nice cooking from the other room. She turned over with a smile but found that Jonathan was gone. It took her a second to remember that he’d woken her up to tell her he had to go into work early, though he’d left her here to sleep in. She sighed and stretched luxuriously, glad she didn’t have to be cramped up under his desk again today, before she crawled out of bed. She pulled on a robe before heading out of Jon’s room to see what that smell was.
  1448.     She stopped herself from giggling as she watched Cassandra sway as she hummed to the music in her head. The wonderful smell was coming from the eggs, bacon and hash browns she was cooking for breakfast. Cassie seemed to sense that someone was watching her and turned to grin at Sam over her shoulder. ‘What’s new pussycat?’ she chirped.
  1450.     Sam chuckled and asked, ‘How the hell do you muster so much energy in the morning.’
  1452.     Cassie just winked one honey colored eye and said, ‘I’ve been awake since 5, when master wanted his breakfast.’
  1454.     Sam winced. ‘Ouch’ did he say when he was gonna be back?’ she wondered, trying to figure out why she felt so anxious when she wasn’t with him.
  1456.     The strawberry blonde shrugged. ‘I’m not sure, but go wake up the boys and the bitch, foods ready,’ she said.
  1458.     Sam grinned at that and gave a mock bow. ‘Yes mistress, of course mistress,’ she said solemnly.
  1460.     Cassandra brandished her spatula at her with a smirk and said, ‘Don’t make me bend you over the counter and beat you with this.’
  1462.     Sam laughed before she went to wrangle up three very bleary-eyed gingers, yet she couldn’t help but notice the strange waddling walk Toren seemed to have adopted overnight. ‘Cassie, why’s Toren walking so funny?’ she wondered as she watched her brother wince as he took a seat.
  1464.     Cassandra had to bite back a laugh before she straightened her features. ‘No idea,’ she said lightly as she set down plates full of food on the table.
  1466.     Other than Sam and Cassie, everyone else seemed too tired to talk during breakfast, and Anessa got up as soon as she was finished to go lie down on the couch. Nathan ate quickly and waited for Toren, though the boy looked like he was about to fall asleep on his fork. Eventually the big ginger thanked Cassie for the meal and gave her a quick kiss before picking up the half asleep boy and taking him to the master bathroom in Jon’s room.
  1468.     Sam chuckled, wondering if her master realized what they got away with when he wasn’t here. Sam helped Cassandra clean up the dishes before they went out into the family room and put on a movie, ignoring Anessa who was still dozing on the couch. Sam grabbed a blanket and the two sat down in front of the couch, curled up happily as they watched 300 on the big screen TV.
  1470.     Anessa groaned loudly as Leonidas gave a particularly loud ‘for Spartaaa’ but both Sam and Cassie were too absorbed watching him kick people into the pit of death to pay her any attention. Finally, the woman just grabbed the remote and switched the TV off. Cassandra looked back and met Anessa’s bleary-eyed glare with a raised eyebrow. ‘You can’t go sleep somewhere else?’ she asked.
  1472.     ‘I was here first,’ Anessa said stubbornly and Sam rolled her eyes. Trust Anessa to act like a three year old.
  1474.     ‘Go away Anessa,’ Sam said flatly before stealing the remote from her. Anessa growled and tried to swipe it back but Cassandra grabbed her wrist.
  1476.     ‘Either you can watch with us, or you can leave,’ the strawberry blond stated flatly as though talking to a toddler. Sam couldn’t help but giggle at the look of shock on Anessa’s face. Apparently Cassandra was one of the few gingers who could actually stand up to her. Anessa growled and lashed out her free hand to strike the other woman but Sam grabbed her arm before she had a chance.
  1478.     For a moment no one moved. Then Cassandra caught Sam’s eye and they both smirked before bodily yanking Anessa off the couch. Anessa screeched her protest, but Sam and Cassie had her pinned. Cassandra chuckled before straddling the woman’s waist so she couldn’t kick either of them and took over pinning her wrists while Sam leaned down to look into Anessa’s face.
  1480.     ‘Let go of me!’ Anessa snarled as she arched up against the two, trying her hardest to throw them off.
  1482.     Cassandra raised an eyebrow as she looked down at Anessa. ‘Are you my master?’ she asked lightly, though her tone held a dangerous undertone. Anessa didn’t answer with anything but a glower. Cassie just repeated the question, ‘Come on, tell me. Are you my master?’
  1484.     Anessa growled. ‘No, but if I were you’d be beaten within an inch of your life!’ she snarled and tried to kick out, but the strawberry-blond sat firmly on her hips.
  1486.     ‘Ah, so you’re /not/ my master,’ she said, tone still light and condescending. ‘So’ why are you trying to order me around if you’re not my master?’ Anessa glared bitterly, but kept her lips pursed, face red with anger. ‘You know something Sam?’ Cassandra said conversationally.
  1488.     ‘What’s that Cass?’ Sam replied, trying her hardest not to laugh.
  1490.     ‘I think we need to teach Anessa here that she /isn’t/ allowed to give us orders,’ she said, a mischievous twinkle in her honey colored eyes.
  1492.     ‘You know’ I think that would be beneficial to her,’ Sam said as she tapped her lips thoughtfully. Even though Jon had settled the score between them, Sam had been hoping to get her own form of revenge. She quickly got up and grabbed a pair of leather cuffs from Jon’s room that he’d used on her the night before.
  1494.     Anessa squealed her protest but Sam locked her wrists into them and used her knee to keep them pinned to the ground above her head. Cassandra smirked before leaning down, her face just centimeters away from Anessa’s. ‘Well Anessa’ Try giving me an order now and see where it gets you,’ she whispered in a sultry tone.
  1496.     The woman couldn’t stop a shiver that ran through her body and Sam grinned as she trailed her fingers down the woman’s chest, raising goosebumps in her wake. Cassandra smirked before she pushed the other woman’s tank top up, leaving her stomach bare. She kissed the tender skin and heard Anessa’s breath catch. Slowly, she kissed her way down, moving past her bellybutton and pulling her pajama bottoms down as she kissed lower and lower. Anessa whimpered as Cassie pulled down her panties as well before tossing the clothes aside.
  1498.     Sam chuckled, thinking that Anessa rather liked the attention she was getting and could see the woman’s nipples stand out prominently through the white tank top she was wearing. Sam couldn’t help herself as she leaned down and caught Anessa’s lips in a teasing kiss. Her hand roved under her tank top to tweak and pull on the woman’s nipples.
  1500.     Anessa gasped and arched her chest towards the attention before Cassandra plunged her tongue into the other woman’s wet pussy. Sam covered Anessa’s mouth in a fierce kiss, pushing her tongue into her mouth in a show of dominance. Anessa trembled, her hips jerking as Cassandra sucked and nipped at her labia, pulling the tender folds into her mouth.
  1502.     All three of them jumped when they heard the door open.
  1504.     Jonathan looked at them with wide eyes, his hand still on the doorknob as though frozen by the sight. He cleared his throat before slowly closing the door. The three girls didn’t budge, all poised like scared rabbits ready to dart. Jonathan nonchalantly took off his coat and loosened his tie before tossing his keys on the counter, all too aware of the three ginger’s eyes glued to him.
  1506.     He glanced over his shoulder at them. ‘I didn’t tell you to stop,’ he said lightly and the tension broke instantly.
  1508.     Cassandra giggled before happily going back to eating the other woman’s pussy. Anessa yelped but Sam muffled her with another kiss and the two continued their actions with renewed vigor now that they were putting on a show. Jonathan sat down in the recliner and watched, feeling his spirits rise considerably after his horrible day at work.
  1510.     Sam kissed and nipped at Anessa’s neck before moving down her chest, pulling her shirt up to expose her breasts. She latched onto one of the sensitive nubs, worrying it between her teeth. Anessa whimpered and draped one of her legs over Cassie’s shoulder as the other woman gripped her hips and pushed her tongue in deeper. Anessa’s breathing sped up and she writhed desperately before crying out as she reached her peak.
  1512.     Cassandra smirked and licked her pussy clean before pulling away innocently. Sam grinned and pulled Anessa’s shirt back down to cover her chest before grinning at Jonathan, seeing the rather obvious tent in his pants. Jonathan stood up, his pants feeling tight on him before saying, ‘You three with me, now.’
  1514.     Sam grinned and Cassandra pulled a weak-kneed Anessa to her feet, leading her by her handcuffs. Jonathan chuckled before leading them into his bedroom, never feeling happier that he had a king sized bed. Sam took initiative first and wrapped her arms around her master’s waist before leaning up to kiss him gently as she pushed him back towards the bed.
  1516.     Cassandra looked at Anessa warily. ‘Will you behave?’ she asked quietly.
  1518.     Anessa nodded meekly and Cassie couldn’t help but kiss her cheek before unlocking her wrists. Sam pushed Jonathan back onto the bed and was slowly unbuttoning his shirt when the other two crawled on to join them. Jonathan kissed Sam hungrily as Cassandra crawled almost shyly towards her new master. She hadn’t really had much contact with him and still wasn’t sure what to think of the quiet man.
  1520.     Anessa bit her lip before tentatively coming towards her master and kissing his chest and neck, hoping to get back in his good graces. To say the least, he’d barely even looked at her after she’d come back from Richard’s house. Sam was the only one confident in her actions as she pushed Jon’s open shirt down his shoulders, just glad that her master was back.
  1522.     Jonathan shivered as he felt another set of lips kiss at his stomach while someone’s cool hand teased him through his pants. He closed his eyes, losing himself in their touches as he felt Sam start to kiss and nip at his neck while someone (maybe Cassandra’) unlatched his belt and gently dove a hand under his boxers to play with his balls. He arched his hips up and allowed his gingers to pull his pants and boxers down, feeling two different pairs of hands caress him.
  1524.     Someone gently wrapped their hand around the base of his cock and he shivered as he felt hot breath against his tip. He opened his eyes and looked up at Sam who grinned down at him before putting his head on her lap. She stroked his hair and massaged his neck and shoulders as he looked down just in time to see Cassandra wrap her lips around the tip of his cock. He groaned as the strawberry blonde looked up to meet his eyes before taking him deeper. Anessa moved in as well and licked the base of his cock, her teeth gently grazing the skin while Cassandra continued to lap at the head.
  1526.     Sam smiled and continued to stroke his chest and shoulders before leaning down to kiss him again, hearing his moan as she covered his lips. Between the two mouths on his cock and the other one against his own, it didn’t take him long to come. Cassandra shivered but lapped up all he gave her before kissing Anessa deeply and transferring his seed to her mouth. Anessa’s eyes widened but she swallowed, a strange wave of lust rushing through her.
  1528.     Jonathan chuckled breathlessly before lying back against the bed, feeling the three warm bodies cuddle up close to him. Dear God, he /loved/ being him!
  1529. ------------------------------
  1531.     The next few days passed without incident until Jonathan's secretary surprised him upon arrival at his office.
  1533.     "Happy birthday Mr. Nellis," Jessica said and presented him with a small package.
  1535.     Sam looked up at her master, seeing the surprised look on his face and couldn't help but snicker quietly. Jonathan picked up the small box and opened it, chuckling at the gift card to his favorite lunch place. "Thank you Jessica, I appreciate it," he said.
  1537.     "You’re welcome Mr. Nellis," she said before excusing herself as the phone rang on her desk.
  1539.     Jonathan grinned down at the gift card before heading into his office. "You forgot your own birthday," Sam accused as soon as the door shut, her amusement obvious.
  1541.     Her master scowled. "I did not," he insisted. "I just’ wasn't expecting Jessica to get me anything."
  1543.     Sam chuckled and nuzzled his leg as he sat down at his desk. "Liar," she teased.
  1545.     Jonathan flicked her nose before noticing a letter lying on his desk, addressed to him. "Oh God, what is this’" he asked as he picked it up. He grabbed his letter opener and slit the envelope open, pulling out a crème colored piece of paper. Sam watched his eyes flit across the page before he chuckled.
  1547.     "Master’" she asked curiously, sitting up to try and catch a glimpse of the paper.
  1549.     "It's an invitation," he said, still grinning. "To my own birthday party. I'll bet you anything Richard is behind this. And knowing him, half of the damn city's going to be there."
  1551.     Sam ducked back down against the ground. "Do I have to come’" she asked warily.
  1553.     Jonathan scowled and stroked her hair. "What, you don't want to come and celebrate my birthday with me’" he asked, sounding hurt.
  1555.     Sam glared lightly at him. "You're going to make me go naked," she accused.
  1557.     Jonathan gave a small frown and stroked her cheek. "Sam, you know I wouldn't make you do something you didn't want to do," he said, and Sam felt a little bubble of hope well in her stomach. "But of /course/ you’re going naked."
  1558.     *
  1559.     "I hate you," Sam squeaked as they pulled up to see the crowd gathered in front of the elegant building. For God's sake there were paparazzi there! "You're not seriously going to make me go out there!"
  1561.     Jonathan sighed and straightened his tie before latching a leash onto her collar. "Yes, I am," he said seriously and raised an eyebrow as though daring her to keep protesting. Sam shut her mouth and folded her hands in her lap. Jonathan snorted and said, "That's better." He looked around at Nathan and Toren who he'd brought as well and said, "This is a very important evening. Rarely do I get as much publicity as I do tonight, and I expect you three to act accordingly. Do. As. I. Say. Do not dispute me or I will not hesitate to make an example of you." His eyes trained on Sam as he said this. "Do you all understand me’"
  1563.     Nathan sighed and nodded. He master always brought him along to big events like this so he could show off his 'star fighting ginger.' He had a feeling he'd brought Toren for the same reason. But hell, at least he and Toren were allowed to wear clothes, even if they weren't too modest.
  1565.     Sam swallowed but nodded as well, her body trembling slightly. Jonathan sighed and tipped her chin up so she was looking at him. "Calm down, Sam," he said quietly. "Just stick with me and you'll be fine," he promised. She bit her lip but nodded. Jon smiled and kissed her forehead before their chauffer opened the door to the limo.
  1567.     There was a collective cheer that came from the crowd as Jonathan stepped out of the car. He grinned and waved before taking the end of his gingers leashes and leading them out behind him. Sam stayed close to her master, overwhelmed by the shouts of the crowd and the flashing lights of the cameras. It took her a few moments to realize that not all the people in the crowd looked happy, though Sam couldn't read the signs they were holding.
  1569.     Jonathan's smile became a little less sincere as he noticed the small group of protesters as well. He caught glimpses of signs sporting slogans like "Stop slavery" and "Gingers are people too," but he just kept walking. The boos and hisses grew louder as they walked past the majority of the group, but fortunately the police held them back. Sam eyed the crowd warily as the paparazzi's cameras continued to flash. Her eyes scanned over the crowd, making her do a double take when she thought she saw someone she recognized, but Jonathan hurried her along with a tug on her leash. Nathan and Toren followed quietly behind her, though the big ginger put a hand on her shoulder to keep her moving.
  1571.     "Jon’" Sam whispered tentatively, so quite he could barely hear her above the crowd.
  1573.     "Tell you about it later," he said quietly. He was never happier to get inside the building. Cheers erupted from the large ballroom and Sam had to agree that half the damn city was there. The place was absolutely packed with members of the elite, all dressed to impress, and Sam found a small comfort in the fact that she wasn't the only ginger walking around without clothes.
  1575.     Richard Ashby laughed as he came forward from the crowd and clapped Jonathan on the shoulder. "Happy birthday Jon!" he laughed and Sam could already smell the alcohol on his breath.
  1577.     Jonathan laughed as he was presented with a glass of champagne before holding his glass up in a toast to everyone there. Richard started another cheer before breaking out into a very boisterous version of 'happy birthday' that everyone else joined in on. Jonathan chuckled and sipped at his champagne, knowing he was probably going to need the alcohol to survive another one of Richard's parties’ even if it was meant for him.
  1579.     Sam stayed close to her master, and she was happy that everyone left her alone, for the most part. The mayor's son seemed to have an interest in her with the way he kept trying to get close enough to touch her, but she'd shy away from him every time he did. Jonathan was busy talking to people she vaguely remembered from the party she’d attended as a brunette, but fortunately, no one seemed to recognize her. No on even addressed her as she stayed kneeling at her master's side, trying not to get her hands stepped on by some woman's stilettos.
  1581.     Members of the bourgeoisie kept approaching Toren and Nathan with questions, and Sam could only guess that they were other ginger fighters. One rather drunk man came close to hitting Nathan as he yelled about putting his best ginger out of commission. Jonathan managed to separate them, seeing that Nathan was slowly tensing under the verbal abuse. "Come on," he said, giving the big ginger’s leash a tug. "You don't talk to people anymore, alright’"
  1583.     Nathan scowled but gave a terse nod as Jonathan led them over to where his friend Sara was laughing with a group of other people. Sam's face brightened when she saw the two ginger twins, Lin and Rin, kneeling by Sara's feet. Jonathan looked down at her and grinned before leading them over to the group. "Well hello again Sara," Jonathan said with a smile.
  1585.     "If it isn’t the man of the hour," the blond said as she flashed a dazzling smile. "Happy birthday Jon."
  1587.     Sam lost interest in their conversation and crept over to the twins, wondering if they even recognized her. "Well, well, well," one purred as she came closer to Sam. "If it isn't our little brunette."
  1589.     "Now she looks like she's supposed to," the other replied as she ran a hand through Sam's hair.
  1591.     Nathan looked over with interest as he stroked Toren's hair, though he decided not to interrupt the three. Toren on the other hand, was blushing horribly and tried to look anywhere else but at them, though their incessant giggles kept trying to draw his attention back to them.
  1593.     Sam squeaked as one of the twins caught her in a sloppy kiss before nibbling on her lip, her blue eyes looking directly and almost unnervingly into Sam's. The other came up behind the girl and draped her arms around her shoulders, massaging the soft skin. Sam shivered and allowed her eyes to shudder closed as she lost herself in the touches. What was it about these two that wiped her mind blank’ She just couldn't resist the promise of their soft bodies pressed up against hers.
  1595.     Jonathan glanced down when he noticed their movements and chuckled quietly, gaining Sara’s attention with a gentle tap on her shoulder. Sara gave an exasperated sigh, though a small smile was tugging at her lips. "I swear, they see an attractive ginger girl and they latch onto her like leeches," she mused.
  1597.     Jonathan chuckled as he watched one of the twins push her fingers into Sam's slick pussy. "I can't say I mind," he said and accepted another glass of wine as the group stood around to enjoy the show.
  1599.     Sam writhed between the two twins, feeling their hands exploring her entirely, pushing into her sopping folds and even poking teasingly at her back door. She pulled the one in front of her and dragged her into a desperate kiss, feeling the twin's fingers piston in and out of her. She felt one of the girls bite down on her shoulder and her back arched, pushing her breasts out further. One of the twins took that to her advantage and started to slap her bobbing breasts before squeezing the reddened flesh. Sam's mind was completely clouded by the delicious mixture of pain and pleasure and it wasn't long before she came fiercely. She gave a cry that had to have carried all the way across the ballroom before slumping against the two twins, panting raggedly.
  1601.     She was jolted back into reality when a round of applause sounded around them. She looked around dazedly and realized that she'd just become a temporary addition to the twin's erotic show. She blushed horribly, but Lin and Rin gave her a chaste kiss on each cheek before sending her back to Jonathan with a sharp pinch to the backside.
  1603.     She yelped and scurried to hide behind Jonathan's legs, gaining a collective chuckle from the surrounding people as she glared lightly at the twins. They just blew her a kiss before going to sit by their Mistress, nuzzling the woman's legs affectionately. Jonathan reached down and stroked her hair, gaining a shiver from the girl. "Good job lovely," he chuckled and Sam huffed.
  1605.     Jonathan looked up in surprise as Richard came forward, his face about fives shades redder than it usually was, showing how much he'd had to drink. Jonathan blanched when he realized he had a microphone in his hand. Richard chuckled as he flipped the thing on, the squeal of the feedback gaining everyone's attention.
  1607.     "Ladies and Gentleman, tonight is a very special night," Richard said as he put his arm around Jonathan’s shoulders. "And in honor of Jonathan Nellis, the heir to the ginger trade fortune, and the owner of the champion fighting ginger for the past two years, I and proud to wish him a very happy 25th birthday and may he be blessed with many more!"
  1609.     A round of applause sounded and Jonathan gave the most sincere smile he could. It wasn't the worst speech he'd heard Richard make. "And also!" Richard said, raising his voice above the crowd once more. "I am proud to present him with this gift." Jonathan's eyebrows shot up in surprise at that and he looked up as Richard motioned to someone in the crowd.
  1611.     Two men came forward, dragging a very reluctant and very vocal ginger girl, though a gag was tied tightly around her mouth and her wrists were bound strictly behind her back. She had dark mahogany colored hair that shone wine red under the lights of the room. Her pale skin looked like crème and her grey eyes flashed around the room, darting from face to face until they rested on Jonathan's. Her muted protests became even louder, but they were drowned out by the applause of the crowd. Sam had to admit, she was gorgeous, though something about her looked familiar. She looked up at her master and saw the odd look on his face, as though he was making a very quick decision.
  1613.     A moment later the look was gone, replaced once again by his usual polite smile. Richard handed him the microphone and Jonathan took it with a quite chuckle. "Well, this is quite a treat," he said as he stepped towards the ginger girl, grabbing her chin in his strong fingers. "Thank you Richard for this absolutely stunning gift. Make no mistake, she'll be made very useful when I take her home tonight," he said cheekily, gaining a chuckle from the crowd and as though to prove his point, he took the girl’s gag off and caught her lips in a domineering kiss. The crowd burst into a loud cheer and Sam couldn't help but see the odd look he gave the girl before releasing her chin.
  1615.     "Take her to my car, I'll be out shortly," he told the two men holding her. They nodded before the ginger girl was swept off again.
  1617.     "Master’" Sam asked quietly as she tugged on his pant leg. He didn't even look at her and gave a barely perceptible shake of his head. She looked at Nate who was cradling a sleeping Toren but he just gave a shrug, obviously having no idea who the ginger girl was either’ though the way Jonathan had acted made it seem like he knew her’
  1619.     Jonathan was swept off to talk to a few more people, trusting his gingers to follow him. He was getting anxious to leave, and finally after another tedious hour of small talk with his guests, he finally was able to lead his gingers to the door. To improve his mood even more, the protesters were still outside, waving their banners, despite the hours that had passed since the beginning of the party. His limo pulled up and the driver quickly opened the door for them. Jonathan herded his three ginger's in and couldn't help but smile at the sight of Toren curled up, dead asleep in Nate's arms.
  1621.     He hurried in after them, only to come face to face with his new ginger. She opened her mouth to speak, but Jonathan held up a hand to stop her. She glared but kept her silence. Sam started to fidget, the tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Fortunately it didn't last too long as they finally pulled up to Jon’s building.
  1623.     "Nate, take Toren and Sam upstairs," he ordered, not getting up when the limo stopped. Sam opened her mouth to speak but Jonathan cut her off. "I'll be up soon."
  1625.     Nathan nodded and stepped out of the limo, being sure Sam followed him. They stepped into the elevator and as soon as the door closed Sam asked, "What the /hell/ was that about’"
  1627.     Nathan gave a weak laugh. "Which part, the protestors or the ginger girl’" he asked, sounding as though he’d had too much excitement for one evening.
  1629.     "Both-either," Sam said as she ran a hand through her hair, crossing her arms over her bare chest.
  1631.     "Well, the protestors are nothing new," Nathan said heavily as he shifted the sleeping boy into a more comfortable position in his arms. "They show up at a lot of events Jon attends. Ginger freedom and all that. Trying to liberate us," he said with a lopsided grin as though knowing it was a futile task. "I think that's why work has been stressing him out so much lately’ he's getting a lot of legal pressure from groups like that."
  1633.     Sam nodded and sighed as the elevator doors opened onto the 57th floor. "And the girl’" she asked, trying to remember what the code was for the apartment.
  1635.     "21679," Nathan told her when she paused at the keypad. "And I have no idea who the hell she is, but Jon has to know her from somewhere’ I've never seen him act like that before."
  1637.     Sam punched in the code and opened the door so Nate could carry Toren to their room. He laid the boy down before looking back up at Sam with a tired smile. "Tell me what happens tomorrow’" he asked hopefully, keeping his voice low so he didn’t wake either Toren or Anessa asleep on her bed in the corner.
  1639.     Sam chuckled and stole Nate's robe from where it hung on the door and wrapped it around her shoulders. "Of course," she said. Nate waved and she closed the door quietly before going to sit on the couch.
  1641.     Her eyes were drooping with fatigue before she finally heard the door click open and Jonathan entered the apartment. Alone.
  1643.     "Where did she-" Sam began.
  1645.     "I don’t want to talk about it," Jonathan said sharply.
  1647.     Sam swallowed and sank back down into the couch slightly at his tone. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Come on Sam, let's go to sleep," he said as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
  1649.     She swallowed but got up and followed him into the bedroom. She helped him take off his tuxedo and hung it up as he crawled into bed with a tired sigh, burying his head into the pillows as he laid on his stomach. Sam crawled in with him before rubbing his shoulders, wincing at the tense muscles.
  1651.     Jonathan groaned appreciatively, but didn't say anything else. Sam swallowed and after a few moments of silence she asked quietly, "Will you tell me about it sometime’"
  1653.     Jonathan gave a small laugh and turned his head to look up at her. "Maybe someday when I don't feel like ripping my hair out," he said. He leaned up to give her a chaste kiss before turning off the lights. "Go to sleep Sam."
  1655.     The girl sighed but laid down next to him, closing her eyes obediently. Even as tired as he looked, Jonathan tossed and turned restlessly deep into the night.
  1657.     When she’d first been bought by Jonathan, Sam never would have believed she’d learn to miss her master’s touches’ yet after three days of him being unusually distant, she was doing just that. She followed him around, obedient as always, but she may as well have been his shadow for how much attention he paid her. And she wasn’t the only one who noticed.
  1659.     ‘What’s crawled up Jon’s butt and died’’ Cassie murmured quietly as she pulled some milk out of the fridge.
  1661.     Sam sighed as she watched Jonathan walk into his office and close the door, not so much as glancing at them. ‘I don’t know’ ever since his birthday, he’s been acting like this,’ she huffed and ran a hand through her hair.
  1663.     ‘Well, go snap him out of it,’ Cassie said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. Sam raised and eyebrow and Cassandra rolled her eyes. ‘Have you ever heard the saying that the man is the head of the house, but the woman is the neck’ Go turn him in the direction you want him to go,’ she said as she started chopping up celery for whatever she had planned for dinner.
  1665.     Sam looked at her in surprise before a slow smirk spread across her face. ‘That’ could work,’ she said at last and Cassie just chuckled.
  1667.     Anessa perked up from where she’d been lounging on the couch. ‘I’m in,’ she said flatly.
  1669.     Sam scowled and asked, ‘In on what’’
  1671.     The woman rolled her eyes. ‘In on whatever you’re planning,’ she scowled. ‘Just because you’re Master’s prized ginger doesn’t mean I haven’t been worrying about him too.’
  1673.     ‘The bitch does have a soul!’ Cassie cried from the kitchen and Anessa shot her a death glare.
  1675.     Sam barely managed to stop her laugh before giving Anessa a doubting look. ‘If I agree to let you help, you aren’t going to pull any shit with me are you’ Cause if you do, I might sick Cassie on you,’ she warned and the strawberry blond winked charmingly.
  1677.     Anessa’s face reddened but she said, ‘I’m not going to do anything.’
  1679.     Sam glared at her, as though trying to detect a lie. She went over to Anessa and leaned in close. ‘Alright, here’s the plan.’
  1680.     *
  1681. ------------------------------
  1682.     Jonathan looked up when the door to his office opened, admitting Sam and Anessa. Even in as bad of a mood he was in, he couldn’t help but to stop and stare. Both were completely naked except for their black collars latched around their necks.
  1684.     Sam walked towards his desk purposefully before pushing his papers aside as she sat down directly in front of him, spreading her legs to give him a view. ‘We’ve decided that you’ve been working too hard,’ she purred in a tone Jonathan had never heard her use before.
  1686.     Anessa came up behind him and stroked his shoulders before dipping a hand under his shirt to stroke his chest. ‘We’re here to relieve some of that pent us stress, Master,’ she whispered seductively into his ear before gently taking the lobe between her teeth.
  1688.     ‘It /is/ what you bought us for master,’ Sam added. ‘And frankly, we’ve been feeling neglected,’ she said in the most innocent voice she could muster.
  1690.     Jonathan finally seemed to gather himself enough to speak. ‘I can’t right now you two, I’m very busy,’ he said, his voice cracking as Sam scooted a little bit closer, putting her hands on her wide spread knees.
  1692.     Sam picked up some of the papers he’d been poring over, but couldn’t make out a word of them. Anessa grabbed them from her and read them over quickly before raising an eyebrow. ‘Enhancing security master’’ she asked and waved the ordering paper for one of the best home security systems.
  1694.     Jon’s eyes narrowed and he snatched the paper back. ‘That’s none of your concern,’ he said, more sharply then he meant to.
  1696.     Sam leaned forward and stroked his cheek. ‘What are you trying to protect us from’’ she asked quietly and saw her master’s surprised look. She gave an inward smirk; bullseye. Jon tried to look away, but Sam kept her hand on his cheek, making him look at her.
  1698.     Jon looked at her and Sam could see the pent up turmoil in his grey eyes. He shook his head before pulling her into a gentle kiss, cutting off whatever other questions she had on the tip of her tongue. Sam squeaked, but melted into the kiss after only a moment, shivering as Jon pushed his tongue past her teeth, exploring her mouth thoroughly.
  1700.     ‘You two say you’re feeling neglected’’ he asked breathlessly, voice almost a hiss as he changed the subject in a most abrupt manner.
  1702.     Sam’s eyes widened at his tone and she saw Anessa do the same. Jonathan’s eyes were boring into her, waiting for an answer. She nodded quickly and Jon smirked. He wove a hand through her hair before gripping it tightly and yanking back hard, exposing her neck and making her look straight up at the ceiling. He bit and nipped at her neck sharply, hearing her gasps and yelps of something that wasn’t quite pain.
  1704.     ‘I think some ‘stress relief’ would do me good right now,’ he purred before sucking on her neck harshly, leaving a purple blossom in her skin. Sam bit her lip, a knot of pleasure and anticipation growing in her stomach as she looked at the ceiling with wide eyes.
  1706.     ‘You two, in the punishment room, now,’ he hissed before releasing Sam’s hair. Sam scurried off of his desk, her heart pounding against her chest. Anessa followed after her quickly and they both ran into the punishment room, before kneeling on the floor.
  1708.     ‘What the hell was that’’ Sam asked, eyes wide as she panted.
  1710.     Anessa gave a little smirk. ‘He’s in the mood to play, and I think you just singled yourself out as his toy for the evening,’ she said.
  1712.     Sam’s eyes widened but before she could retort, the door slammed open, causing them both to flinch. Jonathan stepped into the room and tossed his coat to the side before loosening his tie, a hungry look in his eyes. Sam trembled, feeling the heat of his gaze wash over her like water. ‘Come here ginger-snap,’ he said with a smirk.
  1714.     Sam swallowed but got to her feet, moving towards him obediently. He gripped her chin and pulled her the rest of the way towards him, as though she was moving too slow for his tastes. He tilted her head from side to side, eyes roving over every little detail of her face. She fidgeted uncomfortably, reminded too much of when he had first bought her.
  1716.     ‘Still as flawless as ever,’ he purred before kissing her cheek. He pushed her away form him suddenly. ‘Hands behind your neck,’ he ordered. Sam jumped to obey and could swear her heart was pounding audibly. ‘Back straight, legs apart and don’t move,’ he said sternly.
  1718.     Sam did as ordered, not about to disobey him with the tone he’d adopted and watched him circle her as he tapped his chin thoughtfully. Jonathan smirked as he took in her lithe form, seeing her tremble in the dim light. It had been awhile since he’d indulged in his slaves like this, and he felt the familiar heat coursing through his veins. His gingers were there for his pleasure, and nothing pleased him more than having someone else at his mercy. The power was intoxicating, and Sam was only making it better with the mixture of fear and anticipation on her face.
  1721.     Jonathan grabbed her hands before leaning on the back of her knees, forcing her to the ground. Sam yelped as he pulled her arms behind her back. He expertly looped a length of rope around her wrists and pulled it taught, hearing Sam’s quiet whimper before tying her elbows together. He moved quickly, slipping the remainder of the rope around her chest, making her breasts bulge out from between the tight cleave bond. Sam was gasping now, the ropes constricting her breathing a bit and she was trembling visibly.
  1723.     Jon relished in it.
  1725.     He knelt behind her and reached around to knead and massage the tender flesh, squeezing her breasts harshly. Sam gasped and arched back into him, straining in her bonds. ‘J-Jon’’ she whimpered.
  1727.     He tugged her nipples sharply. ‘Address me properly,’ he hissed into her ear, pushing her red hair aside to bite down on her shoulder.
  1729.     She yelped and arched further back into him. ‘M-master!’ she cried, voice a mixture of pleasure and pain.
  1731.     ‘There’s a good girl,’ he purred and soothed the sensitive nubs with small, gentle strokes. Sam gave a shuddering moan and sank back against him again, relaxing slightly only to be rewarded with a sharp slap to her chest a moment later. She barely managed to choke back a cry, but Jon pulled her to her feet, gripping her hair again. He started to systematically slap her breasts, alternating evenly between the two until the flesh was a stinging red and Sam was begging for him to stop.
  1733.     Jon smirked and slapped a hand between her legs, gaining a breathy gasp as he pushed his fingers into her wet folds. ‘You’re liking this more than you let on,’ he smirked before slapping her backside sharply, sending her scuttling away from him, cheeks blazing red with her blush. His eyes turned to Anessa, who looked like she was enjoying the show immensely. He snapped at her and motioned for her to get to feet, smirking as she scurried to obey.
  1735.     ‘I know you have a sadistic streak, Anessa,’ he purred as he circled her. ‘Yet you don’t like to be on the receiving end.’ Anessa shivered as he ran a cool hand down her spine. His warmth disappeared for a moment, but Anessa didn’t dare look to see where he’d gone.
  1737.     Jonathan grinned and just grabbed a simple pair of handcuffs for her, latching her wrists behind her back. She shivered as he kissed at her neck, hands brushing her bare shoulders. He grabbed the ring on her collar and led her over to Sam who stood trembling in the corner. He grabbed a short length of rope and tied each end onto the rings of their collars, bringing their faces inches away from each other. He slowly pushed down on the rope, making the two of them move to the ground. He jerked on Anessa’s legs, gaining a yelp of surprise and forced her to wrap her legs around Sam’s waist before making Sam do the same, entwining the two together. He then tied their ankles together so they couldn’t pull away from each other.
  1739.     Sam whimpered and looked into Anessa’s wide eyes, feeling the woman’s nipples rub up against her own. She shivered and closed her eyes, feeling the wetness between her legs trickle down her thigh. Jonathan chuckled as he looked at the two of them, panting and writhing in their bonds. Oh it had been awhile since he’d played like this, and he missed it more than he had realized. He walked over to the chest full of toys and pulled out a double sided dildo, grinning mischievously.
  1741.     Anessa’s eyes widened when she saw what he was holding and shook her head, only gaining a chuckle from her master. He knelt down beside them before reaching through their tangle of limbs to push the toy into them. Sam shivered and leaned her forehead against Anessa’s, biting her lip to stop a moan. Jonathan chuckled and said, ‘You haven’t even felt the best part yet.’ He flipped a little switch and the toy started to writhe and twist, gaining twin cries from the two girls.
  1743.     Jonathan grinned and went to sit in the single chair in the room, crossing his feet at the ankles to enjoy the show. Anessa jerked her hips desperately as though trying to dislodge the device, but only succeeded in forcing it deeper into Sam so the tip laid directly against her sweet spot. Sam cried out but Anessa covered her mouth in a forceful kiss, stealing her breath from her.
  1745.     The door peeked open and Jonathan grinned as he saw Cassandra’s honey colored eye peeking through the crack. He chuckled and motioned for her to come in. She knelt down next to him, eyes widening as she caught sight of Sam and Anessa bound to each other.
  1747.     ‘Enjoying the show’’ Jon asked as he stroked her wavy hair.
  1749.     ‘Yes master,’ Cassie said as she licked her lips.
  1751.     Jonathan chuckled as he got to his feet. ‘Watch and learn Cassie, and maybe someday I’ll let you help me,’ he said.
  1753.     The strawberry blonde’s eyes brightened. She’d always been more of a voyeur, but the opportunity to participate like this was too good to resist. Jonathan got to his feet, ignoring his obvious arousal tenting his pants for the time being. He came up to the two gingers and cut the ropes around their ankles and the length tied to their collars. They fell away from each other instantly and Jon pulled the toy from them, chuckling at the sizable puddle they’d made. He knew from experience that Anessa could squirt when her g-spot was stimulated for too long.
  1755.     Sam trembled and curled up onto her side, chest heaving. Anessa peeked a bleary eye open only to try and scoot away when she caught sight of Cassandra looming over her. Cassie couldn’t help but grin as she leered down at the other ginger. Jon chuckled as he pulled Sam to her feet, feeling her slender body tremble against him.
  1757.     ‘Just watch and learn Cassandra,’ Jon said conversationally as he stroked Sam’s swollen breasts between their cleave bond. Sam shivered and arched towards him slightly, even though her chest was still sore. He soothed her with soft touches, stroking her sore shoulders and wrists as he kissed her neck, lulling her into a false sense of security. Cassie sat down on the ground, pulling Anessa close to her, petting her like a cat. Anessa growled halfheartedly, but didn’t try to pull away.
  1759.     Cassandra purred and pushed Anessa’s hair to the side and pressed her lips against her hot, neck, tasting the salt of her sweat. She was surprised to find that the other woman was trembling in her grip, her nerves still shot and oversensitive. Cassie cooed comfortingly and ran her fingers gently through her hair, grinning broadly when Anessa leaned back against her shoulder.
  1761.     Jon chuckled as he watched them while Sam was purring against him like a kitten. He tilted her face up and kissed her gently. ‘For future reference, no one should answer the door anymore while I’m not home,’ he said quietly.
  1763.     Sam looked at him, confused through her haze before she remembered what they had been talking about before he’d gone lust-crazy on them. ‘O-oh!’ she said in realization and Jon chuckled quietly.
  1765.     She opened her mouth to ask why, but Jon covered it with his hand. ‘No more questions,’ he ordered. ‘It’s nothing you need to worry about.’
  1767.     Sam swallowed. ‘Does it have to do with that ginger girl from your birth-’ Jon put his hand over her mouth again, accentuating it with a glare.
  1769.     ‘What did I say about no more questions’’ he asked, voice hardening. Sam swallowed nervously, though her curiosity was bubbling in her stomach. She had to find out what was going on! But with her hands still bound behind her back and her master’s hand clasped over her mouth, now was not the time. Jonathan glared at her for a moment longer before taking his hand away. ‘That’s better. It’s nothing you need to worry about,’ he said again as his hand wove through her hair.
  1771.     Sam nodded obediently, though she was already trying to think up a plan. Jonathan rolled his eyes as though guessing what she was doing, and decided she needed a distraction. He grabbed a vibrator and pressed it up against her clit. Sam yelped and tried to squirm away from him, though Jon held her tightly, pulling on her hair to keep her where he wanted her. He kept the vibrator pressed against her clit until she was on the edge of orgasm before pulling it away with a wicked smirk.
  1773.     Sam cried out in desperation, her legs trembling horribly. Jon only had to take one look at her face to see that she wasn’t capable of thinking about anything but the pleasure. He grinned maliciously, knowing he could make her so much more desperate. He lead her by her hair, pulling her towards the back of the room, past Cassie and Anessa who were still watching with rapt attention. He made a quick change, cutting the ropes around her chest and allowing the blood to flow back into her reddened breasts. Before Sam had time to gasp, he attached her wrists to a chain dangling from the ceiling and pulled, forcing Sam to bend over to accommodate the angle her arms were being wrenched at behind her back.
  1775.     She whimpered quietly as he pushed her legs apart, attaching a spreader bar to her ankles to make her stay like that. As a final touch, he tied a rope to her collar before wrapping the other end around the spreader bar so she couldn’t straighten up and only added to the strain on her shoulders. Sam stood trembling when he was done, her shoulders aching fiercely and her pussy throbbing from the exposed position.
  1777.     Jon grinned and stood back to admire his handiwork, glad to see that he hadn’t forgotten how to dress up his slaves. He ran a finger down Sam’s arched back, causing the girl to tremble. He came up behind her and leaned against her, reaching around to knead and grab her oversensitive breasts, tugging on the erect little nipples and pressing the bulge in his pants against her. Sam wailed as the strain on her arms increased and tried to grind back against him, praying for her release.
  1779.     ‘Tell me what you want, pet,’ he purred into her ear and tugged on her nipples sharply.
  1781.     Sam cried out and tried to dislodge him, put he just chuckled and pushed down on her, wrenching her arms up more. ‘I wanna cum, please let me cum!’ she cried at last, her face blushing bright red.
  1783.     Jonathan laughed outright at that, finding such dirty talk infinitely amusing coming from her mouth. Sam glared at him, eyes watering from pain and humiliation though her entrance still pulsed, longing to be filled. ‘Oh my poor ginger-snap,’ he cooed and stroked her cheek. ‘You really want it, don’t you’’
  1785.     Sam swallowed but nodded as best as she could, goosebumps breaking over her skin at his touch. Wetness was dripping from her pussy and onto the floor and sweat trickled down her back, despite the room’s cold temperature. Jon grinned and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside. He came up behind her and undid his pants, teasing her with the tip of his cock. Sam whimpered and tried to press back on him, but he held her hips tight enough to bruise, assuring that they moved at his pace.
  1787.     Painfully slow, Jonathan pushed into her relishing in her heat and warmth. Sam moaned in sheer relief, even forgetting her pain as she relished in the feel of him. He gave a few experimental thrusts before pulling out again, hearing Sam’s needy whimper. ‘You said you’re here for my pleasure, pet,’ he said as he positioned himself at her back door, making her eyes widen. ‘So I’m going to use you for my pleasure.’ Before Sam had a chance to protest, he pushed in with one strong thrust, burying himself in deep. Sam choked on her breath, going slack in her bonds as tears dripped from her eyes. Jon groaned and took her fiercely, pounding into her backside so hard that the chains holding her creaked.
  1789.     Sam never seemed able to catch her breath, though a few tiny mewls and whimpers escaped her gaping mouth. Cassie swallowed, trying to wet her dry mouth as she stroked Anessa’s clit. She smirked as an idea came to her and grabbed Anessa’s hair, dragging the girl over to Sam and her master. She positioned the other slaves mouth at Sam’s clit and gave the simple order, ‘Suck.’
  1791.     Anessa did as she was told, gaining a weak cry of pleasure from Sam as Jonathan continued to ram into her. Jon smirked and nodded his approval at Cassie whose face was flushed with excitement. She pushed two fingers back into Anessa’s dripping pussy, and only seemed to spur the woman on as she dove her tongue into Sam’s wet folds.
  1793.     Sam gave a weak cry as she was brought to completion, her face flushed bright red as her body stiffened in her bonds. Jon groaned and only managed a few more thrusts before he followed soon after, filling her entirely with his seed. Jon relished in his afterglow for a moment before slowly pulling out, kissing Sam’s back as he did.
  1795.     Jon grinned breathlessly at Cassie as she pulled Anessa away, finishing the girl off quickly. He patted Sam’s head, seeing that the girl was struggling to stay conscious. He kissed her cheek and said, ‘Thank you for the distraction Sam, but I need to go back to work.’ Sam glared blearily at him, but he just chuckled and left her hanging where she was, closing the door behind him.
  1797.     Sam hung her head, eyes fluttering. Cassie just chuckled as she unlocked Anessa’s wrists before coming up to Sam. She fumbled with her restraints for a few moments until her ropes fell to the ground and Cassie caught her before Sam did the same. Cassie just shook her head as she lowered Sam to the ground, stroking her sweaty hair back from her forehead.
  1799.     ‘Oh Sammy, Sammy,’ Cassie sighed, a grin on her face. ‘Remember when I said that you should turn him in the direction you wanted him to go’ That probably wasn’t the best way to go about it.’
  1801.     Sam glared blearily at her before burying her head against her lap, falling asleep almost instantly.
  1803. ------------------------------
  1805.    The next day found Sam completely passed out on Jonathan’s bed with Anessa curled up around her. Neither of them had woken up when Jon got out of bed the next morning to get ready for work. Yet by the time he got out of the shower, he smelled pancakes cooking and couldn’t help but grin.
  1807.     ‘Cassie, you’re a goddess,’ he said as he walked into the kitchen, seeing a plate of blueberry pancakes sitting out for him with a serving of strawberries and cream.
  1809.     Cassandra couldn’t help but laugh at that. ‘Calling a ginger a goddess’ That’s got to be sacrilegious, sir,’ she said lightly as she poured him a mug of coffee and a glass of orange juice for herself.
  1811.     Jonathan chuckled and shook his head, taking the mug from her gratefully. He motioned for her to sit with him as he started into his breakfast. Cassie smiled shyly before taking the seat across from him with her own bowl of strawberries and cream. After a few moments of silence, Jon finally spoke up. ‘I wasn’t joking when I said I’d like you to help me.’ Cassie’s face lit up at that and Jon couldn’t help but chuckle at her enthusiasm. ‘With things at work getting more’ complicated than I’d like, I want you to be mistress when I’m gone.’
  1813.     Cassie gaped at him. ‘R-really’’ she asked, surprised by such an offer.
  1815.     Jon nodded and took another sip of his mug. ‘For the most part, just be sure that Anessa and Sam don’t get at each other’s throats, make sure that Nathan and Toren are doing what their supposed to be doing.’ Cassie nodded, hanging onto his every word with the eagerness of a new student. ‘And I’ve noticed that little voyeuristic streak you have,’ he said with a smirk and Cassie seemed to shrink slightly. Jon just chuckled and said, ‘Don’t be afraid to use what I’m giving you. Anessa in particular gets a little’ obstinate when she isn’t disciplined properly.’
  1817.     Cassandra giggled at that, a slight blush creeping across her face. Jon smiled at her as he finished his breakfast. ‘I’ll be home late tonight,’ he said as he got up, leaning over to give her a kiss on the top of the head. He winked and said, ‘I’m trusting you with this, but don’t be scared to have fun with it.’
  1819.     Cassandra smiled brightly and nodded. ‘Yes sir! Thank you sir!’ she said happily. Jonathan smiled and grabbed his coat from the rack before waving as he headed out the door. Cassie watched him go, that same smile still on her face. She chuckled quietly to herself and shook her head as she got up to clean away the dishes.
  1821.     Anessa emerged from Jon’s bedroom just as Cassie was loading up the dishwasher. ‘What do you look so smug about’’ the woman scowled as she limped into the kitchen, still stiff from yesterday.
  1823.     Cassie smirked and pushed Anessa back against the counter, catching her in a smothering kiss. She just couldn’t help using her new power over the other woman. ‘Guess who just got promoted’’ she purred. Anessa’s eyes widened and Cassandra just giggled before catching her lips again, allowing it to linger before she pulled away, leaving the other woman stunned and slightly breathless against the kitchen counter.
  1825.     Anessa could only gape at Cassie’s retreating back before she managed to gather herself. She shook her head and pulled her robe closer around her, trying to suppress the wave of lust that rushed through her body like an electrical current. She forced herself to look away from Cassandra and turned her attention towards pouring herself a bowl of cereal though she couldn’t ignore how her hands shook.
  1827.     Cassandra chuckled to herself and nearly ran into Nathan as he emerged from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist. ‘What’s got you in such a good mood’’ he asked curiously as he ruffled a towel through his wet hair.
  1829.     ‘Jon basically just put me in charge while he’s away,’ she said excitedly.
  1831.     Nathan looked at her in surprise. ‘Really now’’ he said lightly. ‘And what are you planning on doing with your newfound power’’ he teased.
  1833.     Cassie laughed and said, ‘Tease the crap out of Anessa.’
  1835.     Nathan’s laugh sounded almost like a bark. ‘How did I know’’ he chuckled. ‘What is it with you two anyway’ She never really did anything to you when you came here.’
  1837.     Cassie just grinned and said, ‘She’s just too fun to bring down from her high and mighty pedestal.’ Nathan chuckled and shook his head. ‘Is it a bad thing I get warm fuzzies every time I see her look embarrassed’’ she asked innocently.
  1839.     Nathan patted her shoulder. ‘No darling, that just means you enjoy watching other people suffer,’ he teased.
  1841.     Cassie pinched his backside through his towel, gaining a surprised yelp from the fighter. ‘I’m the boss of you too now, so watch it,’ she teased.
  1843.     Nate winked at her and said, ‘I’ll be sure to watch my back.’
  1845.     The strawberry blonde grinned and was about to head into the bathroom he’d just vacated but stopped. ‘Oh hey, Jon said I should come in a make sure you and Toren are doing what you’re supposed to be doing,’ she said with a mischievous grin.
  1847.     Nate chuckled deeply and said, ‘Sorry, not that type of training going on today. We both have a fight coming up, and I want to be sure he’s ready. But you’re welcome to come in and watch anyway,’ he offered.
  1849.     ‘I might just take you up on that,’ she said with a wink. She kissed the big ginger’s cheek before heading into the bathroom, shutting the door with a click.
  1851.     She stripped off her shorts and tank top before stepped into the shower. She yelped at the initial burst of cold water before sighing as she relaxed under the warm stream. As she dipped her head under the water, she didn’t even hear the door quietly open. Before she knew it, Anessa was standing in the shower with her, a strange look in her hazel eyes. Cassie squeaked in surprise and automatically covered her bare breasts, though Anessa was just as naked as she was.
  1854.     Cassandra just started at her, trying to pinpoint the odd look on the other woman’s face before she finally found it. Anessa was asking for a contest. A slow smirk spread across Cassie’s face and she stepped towards the other woman, pressing her against the shower wall. She felt Anessa’s breath catch before she leaned in and covered her soft mouth and gentle, but teasing kiss. Anessa was trembling outright by the time Cassie finally pulled away.
  1856.     ‘Have you finally realized that you’re no longer queen bee around here’’ Cassie asked, leaning in close so her breath brushed Anessa’s ear.
  1858.     Anessa bit her lip, her eyes closing as she struggled with herself. ‘You’re not in charge of me,’ she gasped at last and opened her eyes to glare at the strawberry blonde.
  1860.     Cassie’s smirk only grew wider. ‘We’ll see about that,’ she whispered, causing a fresh tremor to run through the other woman. She gave her a heated kiss, pushing her tongue into her mouth, exploring every inch she could find. Anessa growled and bit down lightly before returning the kiss, trying to push Cassie away even as she twined her legs with hers.
  1862.     They both slid down to the floor of the marble shower, the hot water pounding down on their entwined forms as they each fought for dominance over the other. Anessa growled and bit down on Cassie’s neck even as the strawberry blonde groped her breasts, sharply kneading the tender flesh, her nails leaving little crescents in her skin.
  1864.     Though Anessa had a bit more muscle, Cassie was bigger and finally managed to pin the other woman against the heated tiles, straddling her waist with a smirk. Anessa arched and writhed against the slippery floor, trying to dislodge the woman, but Cassandra kept her pinned, grabbing her wrists and forcing them against the ground.
  1866.     Cassie panted as she smirked triumphantly down at Anessa, feeling the water pound steadily against her back. ‘Who’s in charge now’’ she asked. Anessa growled and threw her weight up against her to no avail. Cassie smirked and released one of her hands only to reach down and stroke between Anessa’s legs. Anessa gasped sharply tried to push her away, but Cassie could see her fight waning. The strawberry blonde pushed two fingers into her and held on like a hook. ‘Who’s in charge Anessa’’ she asked again, voice light, almost conversational.
  1868.     Anessa bit her lip, the water pooling on her neck as she strained to resist. Cassie smirked and pumped her fingers in and out, pressing her thumb against her clit as she did. Anessa whined quietly, though she tried to hardest to stay quiet as she continued to push against the other woman’s shoulder. Cassie grinned and leaned down, sucking the water from the dip in her neck before latching onto the spot, caressing the tender skin with her tongue. She started pistoning her fingers faster, feeling Anessa squirms growing stronger, yet she just pressed her weight down and continued.
  1870.     When she was sure Anessa couldn’t last much longer, she pulled her fingers away and pinned her wrist back against the tiles, gaining a desperate cry from the other woman. ‘Come on Anessa, tell me who’s in charge,’ she purred.
  1872.     Anessa whimpered and arched up against her, biting her lip hard enough to leave indents of her teeth. Cassie was beginning to think that she wouldn’t give, but finally, she whispered, ‘You are.’
  1874.     Cassie beamed at her before leaning down closer to her ear. ‘Hmm, what was that’’ she purred.
  1876.     ‘You are!’ Anessa cried and arched up against her so their hips were touching.
  1878.     Cassandra finally let go of her wrists and slapped her between her legs. ‘Damn straight,’ she said before standing up and getting out of the shower, leaving Anessa panting on the floor. Anessa stared up at the ceiling, blinking dazedly as the water droplets hit her face. She heard the door shut as Cassie left and growled, slapping the puddle that had pooled next to her before shakily sitting up to finish what Cassie had started.
  1880.     Cassie grinned as she headed to her bedroom, swapping her towel for jeans and a comfortable t-shirt, feeling pretty accomplished for only half a days work. She headed into Jon’s gym where she found Nathan and Toren going through their usual routine. She winked as she caught Toren’s eye before going to sit against the wall to watch them.
  1882.     ‘Focus T,’ Nate admonished when he saw the boy’s attention wandering. Toren jumped back to attention and blushed slightly as he mumbled his apology. Nathan grinned and ruffled his hair. ‘Come on, I know you want to show off to Cassie, so show her the new take downs you learned,’ he teased.
  1884.     Toren glared at him before rushing forward, weaving his leg behind Nate’s, tripping him backwards. Nate rolled into a break fall and got back to his feet so Toren could try a different trip or throw. Cassie grinned and watched the boy go. He was still as small as ever, but God he was fast! She could tell that Nathan was having a time keeping up with him. She hugged her knees and watched them, grinning at Nate’s rather breathless encouragements and corrections.
  1886.     Nathan finally countered and brought Toren to the ground with him, gaining a surprised laugh from the boy as they grappled. Cassie’s smile slowly dwindled as she watched the two of them acting like father and son. She swallowed, her throat feeling unexpectedly clogged as Toren laughed and tried to roll away from the big ginger. She stood suddenly and walked out of the room, leaving two very confused fighters behind.
  1888.     Nathan got up and ruffled Toren’s hair. ‘Wait here,’ he said quietly before heading out of the room, glancing down the hallway to figure out where Cassie had gone to. Her door was cracked open and the light was on, peeking out into the dark hallway. Nate quietly knocked on the door but didn’t get a reply. He pushed the door open and found Cassandra sitting on her bed, knees drawn close to her chest and her face buried against her jeans.
  1890.     He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, putting an arm on her shoulder. It was only then he could feel her trembling and realized she was crying. ‘Cass, what’s wrong’’ he asked quietly.
  1892.     Cassie turned to him and buried her head against his chest, wrapping her arms around him tightly. ‘Do you remember when you first met me’’ she asked quietly, struggling to keep her voice steady.
  1894.     Nathan was taken aback, but he nodded. ‘Of course I do’ Richard brought you over the day after Toren’s first fight,’ he said, sounding perplexed even as he stroked her back.
  1896.     Cassie tightened her grip on Nate, her tears staining his shirt. ‘I wish you could have seen her Nate’ she was beautiful,’ she whispered.
  1898.     Nathan looked at her, confused until he realized what she was saying. ‘Oh my’ you gave birth to a girl,’ he breathed.
  1900.     Cassie nodded, her hands fisting in his shirt. ‘Richard lied,’ she whispered, ‘It wasn’t a miscarriage.’ Nathan’s eyes widened and he tightened his embrace, waiting for her to continue. ‘As soon as he found out she was a girl’ he took her away,’ she cried. ‘He didn’t want to waste the money raising a girl’ I don’t know if he sold her o-or’’ her voice trailed off and Nathan felt his blood run cold.
  1902.     ‘Oh God, Cassie,’ he whispered and pressed his lips against her forehead, too shocked to say anything else. Cassie just nuzzled into him, curling her legs up close as she cried quietly.
  1904.     ‘I guess’ in some sick way I should thank Richard though,’ she said quietly and Nate looked down at her, seeing her honey eyes rimmed in red. ‘If he hadn’t lied’ I wouldn’t be here now.’
  1906.     ‘Wait’ does that me that’ you can still have children’’ he asked.
  1908.     Cassie buried her head back against his chest and nodded. ‘Richard was so angry at me after I gave birth to her’ he was going to sell me back to the kennels,’ she said quietly. ‘He kept me in his dungeon and I got sick down there. Then you and Jonathan came,’ she said with a tiny smile. ‘Richard dug his own grave on that one’ he could have gotten so much more for me in the kennels, but he wasn’t expecting Jon to try and buy me.’
  1910.     Nathan hugged her protectively. ‘Why didn’t you tell me before’’ he asked quietly.
  1912.     Cassandra swallowed and shrugged as she gave a shuddering sigh. ‘I guess I thought Jon would want to sell me’ if he found out,’ she said quietly.
  1914.     ‘Jon wouldn’t do that’ you’re too good of a cook,’ Nate said with a weak laugh.
  1916.     Cassie smiled gently and nuzzled him. ‘I know that now,’ she said quietly. ‘Even so’ please don’t tell him. I-I’d rather do it myself.’
  1918.     Nathan tilted her face up and gave her a gentle kiss as he brushed the tears away form her face. ‘I understand,’ he said quietly.
  1920.     Cassandra felt a rush of gratitude towards the big ginger and buried her head against his neck. Nathan ran his fingers comfortingly through her hair as he laid back on her bed. Cassie’s eyes started to tear again and she curled up close to him, twining around him like a child seeking comfort.
  1922.     ‘You would have been a great dad, Nate,’ she whispered against his chest.
  1924.     Nathan swallowed thickly and rubbed his eyes. ‘Thank you Cassie.’
  1926. ------------------------------
  1928.     Sam sighed as she curled up under Jon’s desk, hearing the scrape of his pen as he wrote. He hadn’t brought her to work with him since his birthday, nearly a month ago, for reasons he wouldn’t tell her. And if there was one thing Sam hated, it was when people kept secrets from her. She listened to him sigh and heard the creak of his chair as he leaned back.
  1930.     She peeked her head up between his legs and rested her chin on his knee. He absently reached down and stroked her hair, heaving a tired sigh. ‘Can we go home yet’’ Sam asked quietly, seeing that he looked ready to fall asleep.
  1932.     Jonathan opened an eye and looked down at her. ‘I wish’ I still have so much I need to do,’ he said ruefully.
  1934.     Sam scowled and nuzzled his leg gently. ‘Let’s go get something to eat first,’ she said, knowing he was going to make himself sick if he kept going at this rate. ‘Give you a break for a little bit. Cassie will understand, seeing as it’s already too late for dinner anyway,’ she said with a grin.
  1936.     Jon sighed and looked like he was about to refuse, but Sam gave him that damned puppy dog look and he felt his fight go out of him. ‘Alright,’ he said through a sigh and Sam grinned broadly. Oh, she so had him whipped. Jon raised an eyebrow at her look, as though guessing what she was thinking and said, ‘But you still aren’t wearing clothes there.’
  1938.     ‘Aw, come on!’ Sam cried. Jon smirked and pushed his chair out. He grabbed his coat from the rack and made a show of pulling it on and straightening it out. ‘I hate you,’ Sam huffed as she stretched.
  1940.     ‘I know you do,’ Jon smirked as he watched her lithe body unfold and stretch out. He couldn’t understand why she wanted to cover up with a body like that. ‘There’s a nice place around the corner I usually eat lunch at, but I’m sure they serve dinner as well. I have to use the gift card my secretary gave me eventually.’
  1942.     Sam rolled her eyes and said, ‘I don’t even want to think of how much you make each year, and you’re worried about using a gift card.’
  1944.     Jon chuckled and reached into his pocket to pull out her leash. He kissed her deeply as he latched it to her collar. ‘Every bit counts,’ he chuckled and Sam rolled her eyes. ‘And I think we’ll walk there. It’s just around the corner after all, and it’s a warm night,’ he smirked.
  1946.     Sam blushed and glared bitterly at him, but was forced to follow as he tugged on her leash. Jon chuckled as he lead her to the elevator and pressed her up against the wall. He kissed her deeply, gaining a squeak from the girl. He smirked and pressed his leg between hers, feeling her tremble slightly.
  1948.     ‘D-don’t they have cameras in these things’’ Sam gasped as she broke the kiss.
  1950.     Jonathan chuckled darkly and said, ‘We’ll give the security guards something to look at.’ He grabbed her hair and yanked, making her look up at him before kissing her heatedly, ravaging her mouth in a soul sucking kiss. Sam felt her knees go weak and gripped his jacket for support, a muffled ‘uumfh!’ escaping her. Jonathan smirked and pulled away right as the elevator dinged, leaving Sam panting.
  1952.     ‘How the hell can you do that’’ she gasped and clutched the wall for support.
  1954.     Jonathan gave a wicked grin. ‘Do what’’ he asked before tugging on her leash and prompting her to follow him. She stumbled along behind him and glared at his back, though as soon as the cool evening air hit her she scooted closer to him, hating the feeling of being so exposed. The streets were still busy, even at this time of night, but Sam was glad to see that people ignored her for the most part. Couples walked by, holding hands and a man led two ginger girls, recently rented out from the brothels.
  1956.     As they continued down the street, Sam drew herself closer to Jonathan, the hairs on the nape of her neck prickling. She felt like someone was watching, and she didn’t like it. She was relieved when they finally made it to the restaurant, but Jonathan stopped her at the door.
  1958.     ‘Oh your hands and knees now pet,’ he said, his look harboring no argument.
  1960.     Sam sighed petulantly, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly, but she got down on the floor and followed him in. Sam scowled as she looked around the restaurants rich interior, deciding that her master had to be the smuggest rich bastard she’d ever seen. /This/ was his usual lunch joint’
  1962.     The man at the entrance greeted him warmly. ‘It’s not often we see you at this time of night, Mr. Nellis,’ he said.
  1964.     Jonathan chuckled and said, ‘Yes, well, it’s not often I’m forced to work this late.’
  1966.     The man grinned and said, ‘Understandable sir. The least I can do is offer you a table above the wait for our most dedicated patron.’
  1968.     Jonathan’s grin only widened. ‘That would be very much appreciated,’ he said.
  1970.     ‘If you’ll just follow me,’ the man said before leading him to an empty table in the back of the restaurant. There were two chairs, but Jonathan motioned for Sam to sit at his feet. Sam sighed, but knelt down on the floor by his chair. He smiled at her and stroked her hair before offering her a sip from his glass of water. She tried to take the glass from him, but he pushed her hand away and shook his head. Sam blushed but took a sip of water from him, wondering if he was going to feed her scraps from her plate like a dog.
  1972.     He reached down and absently stroked her hair as he ordered. ‘They must really like you here,’ she told him quietly as she nuzzled against his hand. ‘They gave you complimentary wine.’
  1974.     Jonathan chuckled and leaned down to kiss her head. ‘With how good I tip them, they should,’ he muttered. ‘But quiet, no talking while we’re here.’
  1976.     Sam opened her mouth to ask why, but the waiter returned with his order and set it down on the table in front of him. ‘Ah, this looks wonderful Jonah, thank you,’ Jonathan said with a grin at the young waiter.
  1978.     Jonah gave a polite incline of his head before asking, ‘Sir, if you’d prefer, we have a room to keep gingers while you eat.’
  1980.     Jonathan hid a grimace, knowing this was coming. In an upscale restaurant like this, eating with a ginger at your side was always frowned upon. Some of the elite were uncomfortable with them, while others thought it wasn’t proper to eat with a ginger near. Most ginger owners kept their gingers in a different room while they ate, just like they would a dog. Jonathan had never been a fan of the practice, but because of appearances, he had to pretend he did.
  1982.     Sam looked up at her master sharply, eyes widening. He glanced down at her, eyes apologetic before he looked at the waiter. ‘Yes, please. I’ll fetch her when I’ve finished,’ he said.
  1985.     The waiter smiled before taking Sam’s leash from him and tugging her along. She whimpered, and tried to get back to her master, but Jonah tugged the leash sharply, forcing her to follow. Jonathan gave her a small, comforting smile, watching her until she turned the corner before turning back to his dinner, wanting to finish quickly.
  1987.     Sam followed the waiter back into the kitchen on her hands and knees, hearing the loud clatter of plates and the calls of the cooks. Jonah led her to a small room in the back of the kitchen and attached her leash to a ring on the wall before closing the door again, leaving her in the dim light. She jumped when she heard something rustle and realized she wasn’t the only ginger in the room.
  1989.     A strong looking male grinned at her from the corner of the room, his deep red hair brushing just past his shoulders. He had the telltale scars of a fighter and Sam wondered if she’d seen him before at the fights. There was another male there, younger, around Sam’s same age. His orange hair was longer than the fighters, though it had been tied back and even in the dim light, Sam could see his freckles. He offered her a small, wavering smile even as he pulled his knees closer to himself, his body shaking.
  1991.     Sam’s eyes widened as the fighter advanced on her as soon as the door closed. She backed away from him quickly, only to gag when her leash reached the end of its length. ‘Leave her alone Hex!’ the younger man said, though his voice was shaking as badly as the rest of him.
  1993.     ‘But how can I when she’s already trussed up like that’’ he asked, his voice deep and gravelly. Sam growled low in her throat, every muscle in her body tense. Like hell she’d let this asshole take advantage of her when she had her arms free to fight. The big ginger laughed as he crept closer to her, eyes glowing in the dim light. Sam swallowed at the look in his eyes remembering seeing that look in Nathan’s eyes right before he went into a fight.
  1995.     ‘Hex, stop it! You know master will only beat you if he finds out!’ the young ginger protested, even though he stayed against the wall, eyes wide.
  1997.     ‘Let him do his worst,’ the fighter growled. ‘I haven’t had a good bitch since I was in the kennels. God knows you’re worthless as one,’ he said with a smirk even as he moved closer to Sam, effectively pinning her in the corner. He put a strong hand on her shoulder and pushed her back against the wall even as Sam dug her nails into his arm, kicking his stomach as hard as she could. The man barely flinched and Sam felt like her heel had hit stone. He smirked and smashed his lips against her, biting her lip hard and banging her head against the wall behind her.
  1999.     Sam snarled into the kiss as her nails drew blood. ‘Hex, leave her alone! You don’t even know who she belongs to!’ the younger man yelled, a bit more urgently.
  2001.     Hex chuckled and Sam felt his breath against her face. ‘Alright Peg, I’ll humor you,’ he told the other man. ‘Who do you belong to sweet cheeks’ Anyone we mighta heard of’’
  2003.     Sam growled and glared at him. ‘Jonathan Nellis,’ she hissed and kicked him again, catching him right in the crotch.
  2005.     Hex gasped in pain and fell back against the ground, holding a hand between his legs as he curled up in a fetal position. She thought she heard the younger man snicker, but as soon as she looked at him, he was curled up tightly again. He looked at Hex warily, but eventually realized the fighter was out for the count and relaxed a bit, moving to sit cross-legged.
  2007.     ‘Nice shot,’ he said with a weak smile.
  2009.     Sam couldn’t help but grin at that and said, ‘Thanks’ My name’s Sam.’
  2011.     He brushed his long hair out of his face. ‘I don’t really have a name but he calls me Peg,’ he said, a blush creeping across his face as he shot a glare at Hex.
  2013.     Hex groaned and curled up tighter. ‘I’ll have your ass later, you little bitch,’ he gasped, and Sam realized that he wasn’t talking to her. Peg pulled his knees back to his chest and Sam’s heart sank for him. He couldn’t have been any older than she was, yet he was a pet for this asshole.
  2015.     Sam glared at Hex before kicking him again without remorse. Usually she wasn’t a very violent person, but in her eyes, this guy deserved it. Hex groaned and curled up tighter, much to Sam’s satisfaction. She looked at Peg and asked quietly, ‘Are you alright’’
  2017.     Peg’s head shot up like a rabbit and he rubbed his neck nervously. ‘I’m fine,’ he said with a small smile. Sam looked at him before reaching up and fumbling with the latch on her collar. She freed herself from it before going over to sit next to him, giving Hex a wide berth, though the fighter didn’t seem motivated to move just yet.
  2019.     ‘You sure’’ Sam asked quietly as she looked at him.
  2021.     Peg looked at her, eyes narrowed suspiciously. ‘Why are you being so nice to me’’ he asked, almost like an accusation.
  2023.     ‘It’s a crime to be nice’’ Sam deadpanned.
  2025.     He looked at her before giving a small smile. ‘Sorry,’ he apologized. ‘I guess I’m just not used it being a trick when people are nice to me.’
  2027.     ‘Well with dicks like him for company, I would guess so,’ Sam said, gaining a quiet laugh from Peg.
  2029.     ‘So’ you’re Nellis’s ginger’’ he asked quietly.
  2031.     Sam looked at him in surprise. ‘I guess other gingers even know about him then huh’’ she asked.
  2033.     Peg gave a small grin. ‘It’s kinda a household name,’ he said. ‘Though at my house, the name usually goes along with my master throwing things after he loses a fight.’
  2035.     Sam couldn’t help but grin at that before glaring down at Hex as he moved. ‘You better hope you aren’t going up against Nathan anytime soon,’ she told him. Hex snarled at her but slowly retreated to the corner of the room, much to Peg’s amusement.
  2037.     ‘You’ll get yours girlie, just you wait,’ the fighter hissed even as he sat back in the corner, going to lie on his side again.
  2039.     Sam snorted and as though to show she wasn’t scared of him, she closed her eyes.
  2041.     It was a few long moments before Peg spoke again. ‘You’re the ginger that was born free, right’’ he asked quietly.
  2043.     Sam looked at him in surprise. ‘Um’ yeah, I am,’ she said, beginning to wonder how often people talked about her.
  2045.     ‘What was it like to be free’’ he asked, his eyes lighting up at the prospect.
  2047.     Sam gave a small smile and rested her head on her knees. ‘It was alright’’ she said quietly. ‘Things were a lot more confusing, but it was worth it’ I had my dad and mom and brother with me. I always felt safe with them, no matter where we went. We had to move a lot... I never had a home when I was younger, but my dad always made everything alright, even if times were tough. He got us used to moving from house to house.’ Sam gave a small laugh. ‘He even made a game out of it, asking us where we thought we’d end up next.’
  2049.     Peg listened to her with wide eyes. ‘It must have been nice’ You didn’t belong to anyone.’
  2051.     Sam gave a small smile and rested her chin on her knees. ‘It was nice’ I mean, it’s nice to have a constant home but’ I miss my dad.’
  2053.     Peg sighed wistfully and said, ‘I’ve always dreamed of being free’ even if it means living on your toes, it’s got to be better than what I have now.’
  2055.     Sam swallowed but couldn’t help but nod. Before she had a chance to answer, the door to the room opened, flooding them with light. Sam winced and held a hand up to shield her eyes, but someone tugged sharply on her collar and reattached her leash. She caught sight of Peg holding up a hand in goodbye as she was tugged from the room, before the door snapped closed behind her. She heard a muffled cry come from behind the door and swallowed thickly, realizing Hex must be getting his revenge.
  2057.     She was returned to Jonathan’s table just as he finished paying the bill. He looked down at her with a small smile and took her leash from the waiter with a word of thanks. ‘Are you alright’’ he asked her quietly as they headed towards the door. He nodded to the host who’d seated them before opening the door and allowing her back out into the cool night air.
  2059.     Sam stood up and smiled as he finally offered her his coat. ‘I’m fine,’ she said as she wrapped it around her shoulders.
  2061.     ‘I’m sorry about that,’ he muttered. ‘A lot of restaurants require that gingers either be left outside or put in a separate room. Idiotic practice, but one I have to adhere to when in public.’
  2063.     ‘Yeah, you’re just as much a slave as I am,’ Sam said flatly. Jonathan looked at her in surprise, but couldn’t think of anything to say to that. Sam sighed and eventually leaned up against him as they walked, pulling his coat around her tightly.
  2065.     The crowds had thinned out a bit during their time in the restaurant, though a few still milled about. She looked blankly in front of her, eyes passing vaguely over the faces that crossed her vision. It could have been she was just thinking about him, but for an odd moment, she thought she saw his familiar green eyes cross her sight. She fought back the sorrow she felt on his behalf and forced herself to think of something else.
  2067.     Jonathan faltered in his walk for just a moment and Sam followed his line of sight. Her eyes widened when she saw a young woman with grey eyes glaring at them from under the rim of a hat. Jonathan grabbed her hand and forced her to walk faster.
  2069.     ‘You know’ I’m tired, I think we should just head home for tonight,’ Jonathan said, voice a forced calm.
  2071.     ‘Holy shit, that was that same girl!’ Sam cried, recognizing the ginger from his birthday, even as Jonathan broke into a run. Sam yelped, but was forced to follow him as they made it back around the corner and into the safety of his work.
  2073.     ‘That was her, I know it was!’ Sam cried, only slightly breathless.
  2075.     Jonathan gripped her chin and gave her a hard look. ‘Not. Another. Word,’ he said quietly, voice barely above a whisper. Sam swallowed, eyes widening slightly, but gave a small nod. ‘We’re going home. End of discussion,’ he said quietly before tugging on her leash and leading her to the parking garage.
  2077.     Sam swallowed as she sat down in the passenger seat, preparing herself for a very quiet ride home. She sighed and sat back in the leather seat, glancing her master’s pale and strained expression as he started up the car. Apparently he’d been just as surprised to see the woman as Sam... no scared was the wrong word. He looked terrified.
  2079. ------------------------------
  2081. (blargh, fucked up chapter :D)
  2084.     Sam watched Jonathan as closely as she could over the next few days, though he seemed determined to make that difficult because he started leaving her at home again when he went to work. Even so, when he was gone, she’d go into his office and carefully rummage around, trying to figure out some clue as to what the hell was going on! Too bad she couldn’t read.
  2086.     ‘Anessa!’
  2088.     The older woman looked up from her book, her scowl prominent. ‘What’’ she snapped impatiently. She was getting to the good part!
  2090.     ‘What do these say’’ Sam asked and shoved a handful of papers under Anessa’s nose.
  2092.     Anessa rolled her eyes. ‘He’s gonna beat the shit out of you if he finds out what you’re doing,’ Anessa scowled, but took the papers from her anyway. Sam watched eagerly as Anessa ruffled through the sheets. ‘Work letter, tax statement, bank statement,’ Anessa sighed exasperatedly. ‘Why do you bring me this crap’’
  2094.     Sam glared at her. ‘I’m just picking up stuff that looks promising,’ she huffed.
  2096.     Anessa rolled her eyes again, but rummaged through the rest of the documents before stopping at a regular piece of lined paper with a short, handwritten message on it. ‘Hm’ now that’s interesting,’ she mused.
  2098.     Sam shot back to attention. ‘What’s it say’’ she asked and sat down on the couch next to her to get a good look at the paper.
  2100.     ‘It’s just a note’ it says:
  2102.     Mr. Nellis,
  2103.     Thank you for responding to our last letter. Your recent contribution to our cause was very welcome, though it was not what we asked for. Do not think you can pay us off. We will get what we asked for whether you give them willingly, or we take them from you.
  2104.     Best regards.’’
  2106.     Anessa looked at Sam, eyes wide. ‘Where did you find this’’ she asked.
  2108.     Sam swallowed and whispered, ‘It was locked in his desk’ I know where he hides the key.’
  2110.     Anessa stared at her as though she had opened Pandora’s box. She shoved the papers back into Sam’s hand and said. ‘Put those back /exactly/ where you found them. Do not talk about this again,’ Anessa said, voice deadly serious.
  2112.     Sam swallowed and nodded as she took the papers. ‘Do you have any idea what’s going on’’ she asked quietly.
  2114.     Anessa ran a hand through her hair. ‘I don’t know, and I don’t want to know,’ she said before turning back to her book. ‘If Jonathan doesn’t want us to know about whatever this is, I’m not going to dig any deeper.’
  2116.     Sam took that as her dismissal and hurried back into his office, her mind reeling. She hurried to put the papers back where she’d found them, praying she remembered where each one went. Her heart nearly stopped when she heard the door open behind her. She still had the letter in her hand, the key to the drawer she’d gotten it from in the other as she turned to look at her master. Jonathan’s face turned from surprise to anger in an instant when he realized what she was holding.
  2118.     He stalked towards her, the look on his face darkening with every step. He grabbed her wrist and snatched the paper from her, crumpling it up. ‘Did you read this’’ he hissed.
  2120.     ‘N-no!’ Sam gasped, having only seen him this angry once before, though at that time it’d been directed at Anessa. ‘Sir, I can’t read, I swear!’
  2122.     Jonathan let go of her wrist before backhanding her hard. ‘Don’t you DARE lie to me!’ he yelled. Sam’s head jerked to the side and she held her cheek, looking at him fearfully. His usually level grey eyes were furious and Sam knew she’d crossed a line. Suddenly, Anessa’s logic made a lot more sense. ‘Get out!’ he snarled and Sam hurried to obey. She ran from the room, knowing that she was in for the punishment of a lifetime.
  2124.     Through the door, she heard him talking in hushed and angry tones to someone. It took her a moment to realize he was talking on the phone. She stayed crouched low to the ground, shivering slightly as she tried to pick out his muted words. She ducked away as the door swung open and Jonathan emerged, his face a mask of anger.
  2126.     He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet before grabbing her wrists and forcing them behind her back. ‘Cassie, grab be a length or rope and a gag for /this/,’ he spat. The strawberry blonde peeked her head around the corner and her eyes widened slightly. She’d never heard Jonathan talk about Sam like that. Even so, she hurried to do as she was told and went into the punishment room to grab some rope and a ball gag, gaining curious looks from Nathan and Toren who were practicing with the door open.
  2128.     She hurried and handed the items to Jonathan who quickly bound Sam’s hands behind her back and forced the gag into her mouth. Without another word, he shoved her towards the door with a strong push between the shoulder blades. ‘Sir, can I ask where you are going’’ Cassie asked quietly.
  2130.     ‘I will be back. She will be staying with Richard,’ he said and gave Sam a shake. Sam’s eyes widened and she tugged against his hold, muffled protests coming from behind her gag. Cassie paled, remembering too well what her old master was capable of, and from the couch, Anessa flinched.
  2132.     ‘No!’ Toren cried from where he and Nathan had been peeking around the corner. Jonathan glared at him and Nathan held onto the boy to stop him from rushing forward. Toren struggled against the bigger gingers grip. ‘You can’t! That bastard’s insane!’ Toren said what they were all thinking. None of them wanted Sam coming back in the condition Cassie had been in.
  2134.     Jonathan’s eyes blazed. ‘I will do what I please with my property,’ he hissed before tearing the door open and forcing Sam out. He set the lock so none of the others could try and follow. Quickly, he ushered the girl down to the parking garage and into his Mercedes, ignoring the tears that started running down her face. He peeled out of the garage, his anger consuming everything.
  2136.     ‘You need to learn your place as a ginger,’ he hissed as he sped down the road and out of the city. ‘I have been far too lenient on you. You are not a friend. You are not a l-lover. You are a /ginger/ and nothing more,’ he spat. Sam was too terrified to notice his slight hesitation on the word ‘lover.’
  2138.     They drove in silence until they reached Richard’s estates, hidden in the woods outside of the city. Jonathan grabbed her out of the seat when they approached, and saw that Richard had actually come out to meet them, his round face excited.
  2140.     ‘Welcome, welcome!’ he boomed and clapped his hands together, eyes roving over the treat Jonathan had brought for him.
  2142.     ‘Hello Richard,’ Jonathan said, voice still seething slightly. ‘Feel free to take this. I’ll be back for her when I feel she’s learned her place.’
  2144.     Richard grinned and grabbed onto Sam’s collar, pulling her towards him. ‘Oh don’t you worry about her. She’ll be just fine in my care,’ he said with a smirk and ran his thumb down Sam’s cheek. Sam closed her eyes and stood as still as she could, though her body was trembling.
  2146.     Jonathan glared at her only to feel a pang of doubt when Sam opened her eyes to give him one last pleading look. He forced it aside, allowing his anger to convince him this was the right course of action. He couldn’t have such an untrained and prying ginger. He hadn’t wanted to do this but she left him no choice. She needed to be broken. Jonathan sighed and said, ‘I’ll be back later then,’ before getting into his car, trying to force away that nagging regret.
  2148.     Richard smirked and kissed Sam’s cheek before running his tongue up her face. Sam cringed and closed her eyes again, biting down onto her gag. ‘Oh, we are going to have so much fun,’ he smirked before dragging her up to his house.
  2150.     It took Richard only a few minutes to usher Sam into his dungeon. He smirked and forced her to her hands and knees, untying her hands for just a moment before securing her wrists to the floor with the use of a half shackle and some screws driven into the wooden floor. He did the same to her legs, securing them wide apart. Sam felt nearly claustrophobic in the strict bonds, realizing there was no way out unless he unscrewed the metal shackles that secured her to the floor.
  2152.     ‘Comfortable’’ Richard asked with a smirk as he replaced her ball gag with a ring gag that held her mouth open in an undignified gape. Sam shivered and tested her bonds before trying to sink against the ground. Richard just grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head up so she was forced to look at him. ‘You know’ I didn’t actually think Jonathan would give up his prized little slut,’ he said as he ran a finger down her cheek. ‘What did you do to make him so angry, hmm’’
  2154.     Sam growled, about the only thing she could do in her current position. Richard just laughed. ‘After I caught sight of you dressed up like a brunette, I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly what his relationship with you was,’ Richard mused and Sam’s eyes widened in shock. Richard smirked and said, ‘What’ Didn’t think I could guess who his mysterious little friend was’’ He brought out a knife from his pocket before slowly, methodically starting to cut her clothes away. ‘Oh no, little ginger. I’m much more perceptive than people give me credit for,’ he said with a smirk as he cut through the shorts she was wearing.
  2156.     Sam trembled as she felt the cold steel of his knife cut through her panties at the hip, allowing the fabric to fall down between her legs. Richard tossed the shreds of her clothes away, letting the cold air of the dungeon breath over her bare skin. He trailed the blade up the small of her back, and Sam stood very still, afraid any slipup on either of their parts would cut her. ‘Such a body,’ he praised as he put the knife aside before reaching around to grope and squeeze her breasts.
  2158.     Sam closed her eyes tightly, feeling a bit of saliva drip from her forced open mouth as she laid down, trying to keep whatever part of her protected as she could. Richard tsked and slapped her backside hard, gaining a yelp from the girl, though she stubbornly stayed against the ground. ‘You’re only going to make this harder on yourself,’ Richard smirked, as though enjoying the challenge. Sam’s surly silence was the only response he needed.
  2160.     Richard grabbed a blunted hook with a short length or rope tied to the end. Without any preparation, he pushed tip of the hook into her backside and tugged upwards. Sam cried out behind her gag and was forced back onto her hands and knees by the unwanted intrusion. Richard chuckled, genuinely amused as he gripped her hair. He tied the rope around her hair and pulled tightly until her head was pulled back and her hips raised up to try and lessen the strain the hook was causing. If she tried to lower her head or lay back down, the hook would only tug harder, and it hurt fiercely as it was.
  2162.     Richard chuckled and knelt behind her, stroking her exposed pussy gently. Sam whimpered and strained against her bonds, body trembling. Richard ignored her and just pushed a finger into her, testing how wet she was. ‘Such a slut,’ he smirked and pumped his finger in and out slowly. Sam sighed in relief when he finally pulled away and closed her eyes, trying her best to relax. Richard just chuckled and when Sam opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of his erect cock bobbing in front of her face. She snarled and tried to jerk away from him, but he just grabbed her head before forcing his length into her wide open mouth.
  2164.     Sam choked and clenched her eyes shut as he set a brutal pace, thrusting into her mouth without abandon. Richard groaned and gripped her head tightly, forcing her to take him all in, ignoring the gagging noises she made. He smirked and pinched her nose closed and embedded himself deep in her throat. He moaned as he felt the muscles of her throat caress and massage his length as she struggled to draw a breath. He gave a few tentative thrusts before pulling out and allowing her to take a breath.
  2166.     Sam gasped and coughed behind her gag, her vision swimming slightly. Richard chuckled and slapped her cheek. ‘You will learn to obey me, slut,’ he told her quietly. ‘I was told to show you your place, and I plan on it.’ He slapped her again while his free hand finished himself off, shooting his hot seed onto her face. Sam whimpered and tried to duck her head to wipe it off, only to have the hook keep her posture stiff. She growled behind her gag and Richard just tsked. ‘Still not learning your lesson.’
  2168.     Sam watched him get up and dared to feel a bit of relief when he left the room. She caught her breath and slowly tried to relax. She jumped horribly when the door opened again. She yelped when something wet and warm started licking at her face, cleaning off Richard’s seed. Sam heard Richard chuckle and said, ‘Slave, this is Rex, my german sheppard. I think your little friend Anessa already met him when she was here last.’
  2170.     Sam’s eyes widened in horror when the dog eagerly went around to sniff between her wide open legs before he started lapping at her slick entrance. Sam felt nearly sick to her stomach as she closed her eyes. ‘Eeze’’ she whimpered behind her gag, begging as best as she could.
  2172.     ‘Now so willing to apologize,’ Richard sneered. ‘Too bad I already promised Rex a treat.’
  2174.     Sam sobbed behind her gag and vainly tugged against her bonds until the top of her wrists were rubbed raw and bleeding. Richard just tugged on the rope that attached the hook to her hair to hold her still. She felt the warm, hairy body eagerly jump onto her back, claws raking her shoulders. She just closed her eyes, praying that this wasn’t real.
  2175.     *
  2177.     Jonathan sighed as he sat down in his chair, pulling out a book to try and calm his frazzled nerves. How /dare/ she defy him like that. Those papers had been locked up, and yet she had gone through the trouble of finding his damned key to rifle through them! He turned a page in his book without even reading it, his mind still wandering.
  2179.     He glanced up as the door cracked open and saw Cassie’s honey colored eye peeking in. He jerked his head in an offer for her to enter, which she quickly did. Cassandra walked in before kneeling down beside his chair, leaning her head against the arm rest. Jonathan sighed and absently reached down to stroke her hair as he tried to flipped back a page in his book to reread it.
  2181.     Cassie was silent for a long moment before she whispered, ‘She was only worried about you sir’’ Jonathan’s hand stilled for a moment before he went back to stroking her hair, and Cassie took that as her cue to continue. ‘We’re all worried’ she was trying to figure out what was bothering you so much. She never meant to make you angry.’
  2183.     Jonathan sighed and closed his eyes. ‘She has no right to be looking through my private things,’ he said sternly.
  2185.     Cassie lowered her head slightly but couldn’t help but nod. ‘I know that sir’ but what else could she do’ You refuse to tell her anything,’ she said quietly.
  2187.     Jonathan kept her eyes closed, that same guilt and worry rising in his chest again. What could Richard be doing to her right now’ He knew what the man was capable of, and he began to think of the state Sam would be in when she was returned to him.
  2189.     Cassie nuzzled up against his hand and said quietly, ‘You remember what Richard did to me’ and to Anessa. I know you don’t want that for Sam.’
  2191.     Jonathan stood up suddenly and hurled his glass of gin across the room, causing it to shatter on the far wall. Cassie backed away from him, eyes widening in shock. Jonathan pinched the bridge of his nose, absolutely furious, though more at himself than anything. His anger had gotten the best of him, and he’d sold Sam out to something he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy, let alone the one person he loved’ even if she was a ginger.
  2193.     He swallowed before turning his eyes towards Cassie, who could see the inner torment behind them. ‘Let’s go,’ he said quietly, and Cassie jumped to obey.
  2196.     Sam’s bit down on the gag in her mouth, eyes shut tight as the animal continued to thrust repeatedly into her, low growls sounding right in her ear. Her tears had finally run out and she just slumped in her bonds, body shaking. Richard had finally untied the rope from her hair, allowing her to lower her head, which she did immediately, distantly thankful for the small relief. She lowered her forehead to the ground and whimpered as the intrusion inside of her seemed to grow bigger, a strange ball pressing right against her sweet spot.
  2198.     ‘Feel that little ginger?’ Richard smirked. ‘That’s his knot that he’s slipping into you.’
  2200.     Sam didn’t know what he was talking about, but now that she had a little bit more movement, she tried to pull away from the beast, only to feel him follow her, as though attached. She heard Richard chuckle and Sam tried to dislodge the beast from her back, wiggling and shifting her hips. The german sheppard snarled and wrapped its paws tighter over her shoulder, claws digging into her skin, though it still seemed attached to her from behind.
  2202.     Richard started laughing outright as he watched Sam’s struggles until the dog finally bit down on her shoulder to keep her still and released its load. Sam clenched her eyes shut as the dog filled her before it started it’s short, staccato thrusts again, more of its seed slowly spilling into her. Sam whimpered as she felt it start to drip out of her and down her leg, the sound of Richard’s laugh ringing in her ears.
  2204.     ‘He’s going to be stuck to you like that for at least another twenty minutes, little ginger,’ he informed her, a growing relish in his voice. ‘That’s how dogs mate with bitches like you.’
  2206.     Even through the horror of the situation, Sam’s body reacted to what was happening. She tried to hold it off for as long as she could, but eventually, the continued stimulation ripped an orgasm from her trembling body. She wailed behind her gag and lowered her forehead to the ground, feeling the dog finally go still, though he was embedded deep, his seed still pumping into her prone form. Richard was right, it took about half an hour for the dog to go soft enough to pull out of her. She was shuddering by the time it was all over, listening to the wet sounds of the beast’s seed dripping from her as he panted in her ear.
  2208.     Richard chuckled and patted Rex’s head approvingly before doing the same to her. ‘Such a good little bitch,’ he said and Sam shivered, as though feeling a part of her die.
  2210.     Richard’s grin only grew as he watched the teen nuzzle up into his hand slightly, as though silently begging him to stop. ‘You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve given Bard a treat. Maybe I should bring my black lab in next,’ he said wickedly as he unlatched the gag from her mouth.
  2212.     Sam’s eyes shot open wide and she shook her head fiercely before ducking down against the ground, her body shaking horribly. Richard burst out laughing at that before taking Rex and walking out of the room once again. Sam rested her head against the ground, her breath hitching and breaking as though sobbing, though she didn’t make a sound. Even suffering through the indignities of imprisonment, even being locked in the stockades at the stadium, she never felt as demoralized and worthless as she did now.
  2214.     She barely jerked when Richard opened the door again, but couldn’t help but notice that he’d come alone. She dared to breath a sigh of relief and closed her eyes again, beginning to hope that he was finished with her. Unfortunately, she didn’t have that kind of luck.
  2216.     Her eyes fluttered open at the sound of running water, and before she had time to react, the icy torrent poured over her body. She drew a breath to scream, but the water washed over her head and into her mouth. She coughed and sputtered, her teeth already starting to chatter. Richard smirked before gripping her wet hips tightly before pushing the nozzle of the hose into her abused entrance. Sam cried hoarsely as the water pounded into her.
  2218.     Richard chuckled before pulling the hose away from her and patting her backside like a prized animal. ‘Got to clean you out, now don’t we?’ he cooed before turning the water down a bit. Sam shivered and clenched her teeth together to stop them from chattering, feeling like her whole head was rattling when they did. Through the numbness, she felt the cold water wash gently against her backdoor, causing her to gasp in surprise.
  2220.     She bit down on her lip as Richard pushed the pointed nozzle into her and held onto her hips. ‘Hold it, slave,’ he told her sharply. Sam whimpered, her body trembling and felt her bowels slowly being stretched as the water continued to fill her up. The pressure continued to build until she was sure she was going to burst, a strangled cry escaping her before Richard finally pulled the nozzle out.
  2222.     Sam’s muscles clamped down tightly, but a little of the water escaped, trickling down the back of her thigh. ‘I said hold it!’ Richard snapped and Sam grit her teeth, tears mingling with the water on her face. Richard scoffed before grabbing a plug from the supplies laid out and slowly pushed it into her tight pucker, only allowing out a little bit of water until it was firmly lodged inside her, blocking the liquid inside.
  2224.     Sam sobbed quietly and Richard just stroked her back, the bulge in his pants already growing again. ‘Poor little ginger snap,’ he cooed, and for once, Sam didn’t protest the use of the hated name. He smirked and slowly unclasped his pants, pushing Sam’s hips up as he prepared to take her again. He jumped when the door slammed open and a very angry looking Jonathan glared down at him.
  2226.     Richard cleared his throat as he stood, and with as much dignity as he could, zipped up his pants, his hard-on already wearing quickly. ‘I wasn’t expecting you back so soon,’ Richard said coolly.
  2228.     ‘I changed my mind,’ Jonathan said, more sharply than he meant to. He knelt down by Sam and tugged on the metal restraints. He bit back a cry of frustration when he realized Richard had actually bolted her down. ‘Let her up,’ he ordered and Richard raised an eyebrow, but grabbed his screwdriver he used to fasten her down. It took him a few minutes, but he finally managed to free the girl, setting the loose screws and metal shackles aside.
  2230.     Sam whimpered and curled up on her side, feeling the water sloshing around inside of her still. She felt a warm presence at her side and blearily registered Cassie’s worried face hovering above hers. Cassandra slowly pulled the girl to her feet, and felt her anger bubble up when she saw the tell tale bulge of her stomach. ‘Sam, just lean on me, okay?’ she whispered and ran her hand gently down the girls back.
  2232.     Sam buried her face against Cassie’s shoulder, her trembling hands wrapping around her tightly. Cassie kissed the top of her head before reaching down to pull the plug from her. Sam gripped the woman’s shirt in her hands and a low wail was ripped from her throat. The water splashed to the floor and Sam’s legs went weak as she clung to Cassie, the mortification washing every other thought from her mind. She clutched her weakly as she cried, the edges of her vision darkening.
  2234.     Jonathan kept his eyes on Richard, not wanting to see the pain he had inflicted on her. ‘Cassie, get her out of here,’ he ordered quietly. Cassie nodded and lightly tapped Sam’s cheek to get her back to full consciousness.
  2236.     ‘Come on Sam, let’s go,’ she whispered and stroked the girl’s wet hair back. Cassie turned her honey gaze towards her old master, her glare so full of hatred for the man that his eyes widened slightly at the sight of his old slave. Cassie had to make a physical effort not to attack the man right there, but Sam’s trembling body against her reminded her of what she needed to do. She slowly ushered the girl up the stairs, supporting most of her weight until they finally made it out to Jonathan’s waiting car.
  2238.     Jonathan watched them go before turning to glare at Richard, raising an eyebrow expectantly.
  2240.     ‘You look like you’re waiting for an explanation from me, Jon,’ Richard said flatly. ‘But remember, you’re the one who gave her over.’
  2242.     Jonathan had to suppress a wince at that before he was forced to put on his usual façade. ‘I’m sorry Richard, I’m being foolish. But really, did you have to use the dogs on her so soon’ I would have liked to broken her in first,’ he said, forcing his tone to be steady. Richard raised an eyebrow at that and Jonathan had to look away. ‘I should go. I’m sorry for interrupting your session. Maybe next time.’
  2244.     He slowly made his way towards the stairs, his self loathing settling in deep. ‘Jon,’ Richard said quietly from behind him. Jonathan reluctantly turned to look at him. ‘Please think very carefully about what you’re getting yourself into.’
  2246.     Jonathan swallowed as Richard gave him a very significant look. It only took a moment to dawn on him exactly how much his old friend knew or had guessed about him. And the fact that Richard wasn’t planning on exploiting it turned it into something like relief. They had always had an amiable animosity towards each other, and Jonathan realized how wrongly he’d judged Richard by thinking he would blackmail him. Jonathan offered a small smile and nodded. ‘Thank you Richard.’
  2248.     Richard just waved him off, a sour look on his face.
  2250.     Jonathan hurried up the stairs and found Sam and Cassie already in the back seat. Cassie was stroking Sam’s cheek, trying to nurse away the dead look in her eyes and Jon made himself look away as he sat down behind the wheel. He didn’t even see the drive home, just allowing his instinct to take over as he lost himself in his thoughts.
  2251.     *
  2252.     Sam tossed and turned in her sleep, a nightmare tugging at the edges of her consciousness. Jonathan watched her and put his hand to her forehead, glad he didn’t find any signs of a fever. He was relieved; he wasn’t sure how long she’d been soaked, and the last thing he wanted was for her to get sick on top of what she’d already endured. Cassie had gone to bed hours ago, sleeping out on the couch in case she was needed, but no matter how hard Jonathan tried, he couldn’t fall asleep.
  2254.     Maybe it was his conscience or Sam’s constant thrashing around that kept him awake, but he had given up trying to sleep and just kept vigil by her side. He was terrified for her to wake up, but even more terrified that she wouldn’t. ‘What a mess?’ he muttered and ran a hand tiredly through his hair.
  2256.     Sam whimpered in her sleep, curling up under the blankets as though searching for protection before she jolted awake. Jonathan wasn’t expecting her eyes to open so soon, yet for an instant the two were staring directly at each other, Sam’s eyes wide and dazed, Jonathan’s surprised. Jonathan opened his mouth to speak, to apologize, anything, but Sam beat him to it. Her hand splayed across the side of his face, leaving him speechless.
  2258.     Before he could even react, Sam had darted out of the room, and in the distance, he could hear a door slam. Slowly, he reached up and put his hand over his stinging cheek, feeling heat radiating off of where she’d hit him. He sighed and closed his eyes before lowering himself down on the bed, putting a hand over his face. It felt like the strike across his face had reached deeper somehow, like she’d raked her nails over his heart. Yet that nagging voice in the back of his head reminded him that it was all his fault.
  2259.     *
  2260.     Nathan woke to an odd thudding sound coming from the room over. He rubbed his eyes and the first thing he noticed was the clock claimed it was nearly three in the morning. The second thing he noticed was that Toren wasn’t asleep next to him. He groaned and slowly sat up, hearing several things pop in the process. He groggily stood and headed for the door, wondering what on earth Toren was doing this early in the morning.
  2262.     Toren was in the middle of the room, wailing on a large punching bag that hung from the ceiling. He kicked it hard enough to cause dust to fly from the bag before adding a flurry of quick rabbit punches. Nathan just stood back and watched him, seeing sweat drip down the boy’s brow. Toren was so lost to the rest of the world, he didn’t even notice Nathan standing in the doorway.
  2264.     Toren grunted with every hard punch or kick he delivered, his body starting to shake with tell tale signs of exhaustion. Nathan was there to catch him when his legs finally gave out, and only the close contact showed him that the boy was crying. ‘Toren?’ he sighed exasperatedly and pulled the boy close, feeling his muscles twitching under his skin as the boy panted, breath hitching. Ever since Sam had been taken away earlier that night, Toren had been a mess, but even that didn’t compare to how he’d acted when she’d been brought back.
  2266.     ‘I’m gonna kill him,’ he hissed, even as he buried his head against Nathan’s shoulder.
  2268.     Nathan sighed and wrapped his arms around the too warm body in his lap. ‘T, stop it. You’re just over-reacting,’ he said gruffly, too tired to beat around the bush.
  2270.     Toren pushed himself away from his teacher and stood up on trembling legs. ‘Fuck you!’ he yelled, his voice cracking. ‘Ever since he bought us, he’s been hurting her! She’s my fucking /sister/ and I’m supposed to just watch him do it!’ he cried. ‘I’m not stupid, I know where those scratches on her back came f-from?’ he said, his voice losing its volume as his throat closed up. He sank back to the ground and pressed his palms against his eyes, hard enough to see spots.
  2272.     Nathan’s eyes were wide as he looked at the boy. Usually so quiet and reserved, he’d never actually seen him angry before. Even when he went into a fight, he was full of nothing but excitement, never anger. Slowly, he scooted towards him and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, relieved when the boy didn’t try to pull away.
  2274.     ‘Killing Jonathan isn’t going to help anything, T,’ he said quietly and kissed the top of his head. ‘Yeah, he fucked up, and you know he regrets it. We just have to help Sam as much as we can’ she’ll bounce back, I promise.’
  2276.     Toren gave a shuddering sigh and wrapped his arms around Nate again, as though needing the comfort. They stayed like that for a few silent moments before Toren finally loosened his grip. ‘I’m gonna go,’ he said quietly as he got up, wincing slightly. Nate looked at him warily, raising an eyebrow. ‘I’ want to go see Sam.’
  2278.     Nathan sighed as he got to his feet, and planted a kiss on the top of his head. ‘Try and get some sleep,’ he said. ‘You’re going to feel your little workout tomorrow.’
  2280.     Toren gave a small, wavering smile before giving his teacher a quick hug and limping from the room, his sore muscles already protesting. He slowed as he approached the room Sam had holed up in earlier in the evening. The door was closed, and he was afraid of waking her by knocking. Instead, he carefully opened the door and crept inside.
  2282.     Sam jolted upright in the bed as soon as the door creaked open and Toren could tell from her puffy red eyes that she hadn’t been asleep. She slowly started to relax when she saw who was at the door. ‘You scared the shit out of me,’ she said hoarsely.
  2284.     ‘Sorry,’ Toren smiled apologetically. He crept over to her bed and crawled in under the covers, smiling slightly as Sam scooted over to give him room. She turned against him and wrapped her arms around his waist, curling up against him like a child seeking comfort. Toren swallowed and returned the embrace, pressing his lips against her hair.
  2286.     ‘Love you sis,’ Toren said quietly.
  2288.     Sam tightened her embrace and Toren could feel a small tremor run through her body. She didn’t seem capable of responding, and just nodded, curling herself up even closer.
  2292.     Jonathan rubbed his hands together as he paced in front of Sam’s door. She hadn’t so much as made a sound all morning, and he couldn’t even be sure if she was awake yet. But he couldn’t just stay out here wearing a rut in the carpet. He sighed and ran a hand through his already disheveled hair. He didn’t know what he was going to say, what he /could/ say that would make it up to her, but he had to try.
  2294.     Slowly, he reached for the doorknob and cracked the door open. Toren snapped up as soon as he heard the door open, every muscle in his body tense. He glared as the door slowly opened and nearly snarled when he saw who it was. Sam stirred in her sleep, but didn’t wake up until Toren ran towards the door and threw his weight against it, nearly breaking Jon’s fingers as the door slammed closed.
  2296.     Jon yelped and stared at the door in shock. ‘You will not come in here,’ Toren hissed through the door before he wedged a book under the door to hinder him if he tried to get in again. Sam looked around in obvious confusion, trying to figure out exactly what had woken her. Toren gave her a comforting smile and said, ‘Go back to sleep Sam.’
  2298.     On the other side of the door, Jonathan groaned and thudded his forehead against the wood out of sheer frustration. He was being kept out of a room in his own house by one very pissed off little fighter. Perfect.
  2300.     ‘No luck?’
  2302.     Jonathan looked behind him and saw Cassie’s concerned face. He shook his head. ‘What can I do?’ he asked, hearing the hopelessness in his own voice.
  2304.     Cassandra sighed and rubbed the back of her neck. ‘Let me make you some coffee and we’ll try and figure out something,’ she said. Jonathan offered her a weak smile before following her gratefully to the kitchen. He sat down heavily at the table and leaned back, closing his eyes tiredly. He hadn’t slept well the night before, for obvious reasons. It only took a few minutes before a cup of hot coffee was set in front of him, prepared just the way he liked it.
  2306.     ‘Thank you Cassie,’ he said gratefully and took a long sip, feeling the strawberry blonde’s eyes on him. He sighed and finally set the mug down, looking blankly into the steaming liquid.
  2308.     Cassandra looked at him sympathetically. ‘Why did you do it?’ she asked quietly, almost hesitantly.
  2310.     Jonathan sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. ‘I was angry. She was going through things she shouldn’t have been.’
  2312.     A small frown tugged at Cassie’s lips. ‘But that wasn’t the whole reason.’ It wasn’t a question.
  2314.     Jonathan winced, forgetting how perceptive Cassie could be sometimes. After a few long moments of silence, Cassie was starting to think he wouldn’t answer before finally, ‘I’ was afraid of admitting that I-I am in love with a ginger.’ Cassie’s eyes winded in surprise, but she didn’t say anything, waiting for him to continue. Jonathan sighed and took another sip from his cup. ‘I thought that by sending her to Richard I could prove to myself that I could handle being without her’ that I wasn’t in love with her, but, well, you saw how well that turned out,’ he said with a bitter, lopsided grin. He sighed and shook his head. ‘Now she hates me, Toren won’t let me near her, and I wouldn’t know what to say even if he did.’
  2316.     Cassie sat back and closed her eyes, deep in thought as she crossed her arms over her chest. Jonathan sighed and turned back to his coffee, shoulders slumped. It was a long while before Cassie broke the silence. ‘You haven’t washed your hair yet today, have you?’ she asked.
  2318.     Jonathan raised an eyebrow, slightly dumbstruck. ‘Uh’ no, why?’ he asked.
  2320.     Cassie smirked and said, ‘I have an idea.’
  2321.     *
  2323.     Sam had fallen back asleep again and Toren watched her carefully, ready to nudge her awake if he saw any signs of a nightmare. He sighed and laid down next to her, wishing there was a TV in the room so he had something to do, but he wasn’t about to leave. Not when Sam needed him. Even as she slept, she turned and wrapped her hand around his arm, pulling him close. He gave a sad smile and reached out to stroke her hair, brushed the red locks away from her forehead.
  2325.     A quiet knock sounded on the door and Toren tensed almost instantly. Sam’s eyes fluttered open and she sat up. ‘What is it?’ she asked, her voice still hoarse from the night before.
  2327.     Toren shrugged before slowly getting out of bed. ‘Who’s there?’ he asked, eyes narrowing.
  2329.     ‘It’s me,’ Cassie called. ‘I have a present for Sam. Something to make her feel better.’
  2331.     Toren sighed before reaching down and yanking the book from under the door so he could get it open. Cassie grinned as she peeked her head around the door, eyes bright with excitement. Sam pulled the blankets around her shoulders tightly and said, ‘Sorry Cassie, but I don’t?’ Her voice trailed off and her mouth slowly dropped open.
  2333.     Jonathan followed Cassie into the room, or more accurately was lead into the room by a rope tied around his wrists. A bit gag was forced into his mouth, pulling his lips back into something almost like a pout, but that wasn’t the most shocking part. His hair was no longer it’s glossy black, but a deep red, nearly maroon that left Sam speechless.
  2335.     ‘Y-you’re a /ginger/’!’ she choked out at last. Jonathan shook his head before lowering his gaze to the floor.
  2337.     Cassie giggled and was delighted to see the shocked looks on the two siblings’ faces. ‘For now he is,’ Cassie said with a relish. She yanked Jonathan forward before pushing him solidly between the shoulders, gaining an indignant yelp as he hit the floor, just barely catching himself with his bound hands. ‘More accurately he’s /your/ ginger.’
  2339.     Sam glared down at the prone form in front of her, surprised to see a tremor run across his shoulders. For the first time in her life, she felt no sympathy for someone who was so obviously suffering. The scratches across her back still stung under her shirt and it only seemed to fuel her anger at the man that had put her through it. ‘Is this supposed to be an apology?’ she said quietly and crossed her hands over her chest, fingers gripping her arms tight enough to bruise.
  2341.     Jonathan slowly raised his eyes and looked up at her pleadingly. Cassie moved forward and unlatched the gag from his mouth, tossing it aside before giving him a not-so-gentle nudge with her foot. He yelped and scuttled away from her as best as he could with a glare. ‘Go on, slave,’ Cassie said sharply, her eyes dancing playfully.
  2343.     Jonathan’s face reddened before he slowly looked up at Sam, swallowing at the anger he saw burning in her green eyes. ‘I-I?’ he swallowed, ‘I love you, Sam. I-I tried to deny it, I thought if I gave you away, I could prove to myself that I didn’t but’ fuck, I can’t deny it anymore.’ He swallowed again and rested his forehead against the ground, as though he was praying.
  2345.     Sam glared at him, the slight dilating of her pupils the only thing that betrayed her surprise. ‘And you think,’ she said quietly, voice barely above a whisper, ‘that by telling me this /now/ I’m going to forgive you.’
  2347.     Jonathan swallowed and shook his head. ‘I know you’re angry’ take whatever revenge you want on me. I-I?’ He stopped and grit his teeth before forcing out the words. ‘I’m your ginger.’
  2349.     Sam gripped his hair and forced him to look at her before slapping him hard. He gasped and grit his teeth again, determined to take whatever she threw at him without complaint. ‘My /ginger/ huh?’ she spat, her anger resonating in the emphasis. She grabbed his hair again and yanked hard so he was looking up at her again. She wanted this’ she wanted to show him the suffering his actions could inflict. She wanted him to see first hand what it was like.
  2351.     She looked at Cassie, whose playful excitement had turned almost apprehensive. ‘We have a belt for the likes of him, don’t we?’ Sam asked, her voice hard.
  2353.     Cassie nodded. ‘Go get it, and a plug too,’ she said and Cassie swallowed, but thought it best to obey. After she’d told Jonathan about her idea, he’d expected she would act like this, and his specific order was to do as she said. Sam was in control for now, and Jon was ready to accept whatever that entailed. Cassie hurried from the room to go gather what she had asked.
  2355.     Sam glared back down at Jon and said, ‘Too bad you don’t own any /dogs/ or I’d let you see what that was like too.’ Jon winced but kept his head down, his whole body tense. Toren watched silently, though a slight smirk was on his face. In his mind, Jonathan deserved what he was getting and more.
  2357.     Cassie returned a few moments later with the devices in hand. Sam pushed Jon down before yanking his boxers off and taking the plastic device from Cassie. It took a few moments for her to figure out the complicated looking device before she slipped the plastic cover over Jon’s cock and locking it on, tight enough for his balls to bulge out from the small slit. Jon winced and looked down at the device, wondering why on earth he’d decided to buy the damn thing. It was a perfect tool for orgasm denial and Jon realized he was being put in for the long haul.
  2359.     Sam ushered him with a few sharp pinches and prods until he was on his hands and knees. Sam took the plug from Cassie and wordlessly made him suck on the device, seeing his blush creep up his neck. Mechanically, she pulled the plug away before pressing it against him. Jonathan grit his teeth and clenched his eyes shut, feeling every inch of the device as it was pushed into him to the hilt. He swallowed, his body shaking slightly, though he tried to hide it. A slight smirk tugged at Sam’s lips as she pressed the button at the base of the plug, turning the vibrations on.
  2361.     Jonathan bit his lip hard, his entire body going tense as a wave of sickening pleasure raced straight to his prostate, though his trapped cock could barely even twitch in its tight restraints. He groaned and choked as Sam forced the gag between his teeth again and tightened it around his head. She grabbed his hair and yanked him up to his feet, hearing his muffled grunt of pain. ‘Take /this/ to solitary,’ she said and shoved Jonathan towards Cassie.
  2363.     Cassie nodded before leading him from the room. Jonathan trembled as he walked, as though he was heading to the gallows. Cassie sighed and kissed his cheek. ‘I didn’t set you up to get killed by her,’ she mumbled. ‘I’ll keep an eye out for you’ I know she’s angry, but Sam’s too kindhearted to actually hurt you. She’ll cool down, just wait. Besides, you’re only her ginger until she allows you to take a shower and wash that dye out.’
  2365.     Jonathan huffed behind his gag and shook his head, obviously not believing her. Cassie gave him a comforting smile before kissing his cheek again. She opened the door to the dark closet in the back of the apartment before pushing him in. She winked before closing the door, and Jon winced as he heard the lock click. He legs finally collapsed and he slowly curled up on the ground, trying to ignore the dull stimulation from the plug. He gave a shuddering sigh and closed his eyes, preparing for a very long night.
  2366.     *
  2368.     Sam growled in frustration and tossed her blankets aside, gaining an indignant grunt from Toren, who was trying to sleep next to her. She got out of bed and ran a hand through her tangled hair as she tried to sort through the nagging thoughts that were keeping her awake. Was she actually feeling /remorse/ for that bastard’ After all he had put her through, he deserved this!
  2370.     She rubbed her eyes furiously, trying to keep back the tears that were prickling just behind her lids. But he said he loved her’ did he really mean it’ She shook her head. No, if he loved her, he’d trust her enough to tell her what was going on. The girl from his birthday, the letter in his desk’ there was something going on, and he was keeping it a secret. If he loved her, why didn’t he just tell her’
  2372.     She growled before storming from the room. She quickly made her way to the back of the apartment, nearly plowing into Nate on his trip to the bathroom. He watched her go, blearily before grinning when he realized that Toren was still occupying the bed she’d just come from. He watched Sam head towards the back of the apartment and disappear around the corner before heading in the direction she’d just come from.
  2374.     Sam unlocked the door to solitary before throwing it open, seeing Jonathan jump out of his haze. She looked him over quickly, eyes taking in everything from his mottled hands to his leaking arousal before her tears started flowing freely. She fell to her knees beside him before throwing her arms around his shoulders and burying her face into the crook of his neck.
  2376.     Jonathan gave a shuddering sigh and closed his eyes, trying to shake the gag out so he could talk. Sam realized what he was doing and reached up to unlatch it, her shoulders hitching as she cried. Jonathan kissed her neck almost frantically and whispered, ‘Sam, I’m so sorry. I-I don’t know what else I can say.’
  2378.     Sam tightened her embrace as she cried. ‘Tell me you love me,’ she whispered, her voice trembling.
  2380.     Jonathan pulled away until he could look her in the face before catching her lips in a desperate kiss. Sam cupped the back of his neck and returned the kiss equally, until both of them were panting as though the air had suddenly been stolen from the small room. ‘Sam, I love you. You mean everything to me, and I’m sorry it took me this long to realize it,’ he whispered.
  2382.     She trembled and moved herself closer to him, pressing her chest against his. ‘Then why won’t you tell me what’s going on?’ she asked.
  2384.     She could feel Jonathan swallow before he draped his bound arms around her and kissed the top of her hair. ‘To keep you safe,’ he whispered.
  2386.     Sam wiped her eyes and looked up at him. ‘From who?’ she asked quietly.
  2388.     Jonathan shook his head before resting his forehead against hers. ‘From the people who want to take you away from me,’ he whispered. ‘There’s been so much’ upheaval lately that I’m starting to get threats. Sam, I’m terrified I’m going to lose you.’
  2390.     Sam cupped his face with shaking hands and looked at him, eyes searching. ‘You won’t lose me,’ she said quietly. ‘You can only send me away.’
  2392.     Jonathan winced. ‘Never again,’ he promised, breath tickling her neck.
  2394.     They stayed like that for a few long moments until Jonathan started to tremble, his straining need returning to the front of his mind. Sam looked down and realized she’d left the ball belt on him and winced. ‘The key’s on the counter,’ she told him and Jonathan gave a strained smile.
  2396.     Both of them stopped dead when they heard a quiet giggle behind them. Sam looked over and saw just a glimpse of strawberry blonde hair before the door to the small room slammed shut, trapping the both of them in there.
  2398.     ‘Son of a bitch,’ Jon muttered and buried his head against Sam’s shoulder. Sam couldn’t help but grin and reached down to trace the hard plastic device, gaining a full bodied shudder from Jonathan. ‘O-oh God,’ he gasped. ‘Can you at least take the plug out?’
  2400.     A small smirk tugged at Sam’s lips, invisible in the darkness. She tapped Jon’s cheek lightly and whispered, ‘Not a chance.’
  2402. Cassandra decided that six hours was long enough, and at eight in the morning, she finally opened up the door to solitary. Sam was smiling brightly and looking well rested while Jonathan was in an obvious state of need and probably hadn't slept a wink that night. Cassie couldn't help but giggle as he had to crawl out of the small room, unable to get his shaking legs to support him.
  2404. "Rough night?" Cassie asked innocently.
  2406. Jonathan shot her a glare that could melt ice before biting his lip to stop a groan, his entire body trembling. Sam grinned and ran her hand through Jon's hair. "He's been behaving like a good little ginger," she said with a bit of a sadistic smirk. She'd teased the crap out of him last night, deciding he really needed a taste of his own medicine.
  2408. Cassie bit back a laugh before kneeling down and cupping Jon's face. "Is that right? Have you been staying in your place?" she asked.
  2410. Jonathan bared his teeth and said, "I order you to take these damned things off, /now/!"
  2412. Cassie just tsked, knowing she was going to pay for this later. "I don't think you've been training him very well, Sam," she said, a smirk tugging at her lips.
  2414. Sam couldn?t help but grin. "No, I guess I haven't," she said lightly and Jonathan looked up at her in disbelief. Without missing a beat, she grabbed the bit gag that had been abandoned the night before and fastened it into Jonathan's protesting mouth.
  2416. Cassie looked like she had died and gone to heaven. "You said I should keep the gingers in line, sir," she crowed as she pulled his hands behind his back and retied the ropes around them. Jonathan groaned behind his gag, a low desperate sound that betrayed just how needy he really was. Cassie smirked and nudged his trapped cock with her foot, her eyes gleaming.
  2418. "Well Sam, what should we do with him?" she asked and Sam put a hand over her blushing cheek.
  2420. "Hell if I know," she said with a laugh as she looked down at Jon's desperate face. Who knew tormenting him could be so fun? Maybe she was still feeling a little vindictive after all and besides, making him the bitch for once could prove to be a wholesome educational experience for him. Not to mention Cassie would be glowing for weeks.
  2422. Cassie tapped her chin thoughtfully as she continued to nudge his trapped cock with her toes. Jonathan's hands clenched into fists behind his back and he bit down on his gag, face screwed up in torment. Cassie smirked and asked, "Ooh poor baby, you do want this off, don't you?"
  2424. Jonathan looked up at the two of them and nodded desperately. Cassie smirked and before placing her foot on his chest and pushed him back against the ground, forcing the air out of Jon's lungs with a huff. "Then you'll just have to beg for it, won't you?" she purred and Jonathan's eyes widened as Cassie switched into full dominatrix mode.
  2426. Sam giggled and could almost see the 'holy shit' though flitting behind his eyes. Cassie looked at her, lips pulled up in a smirk. "Sam, you'd know best. What drives him crazy?" she asked, honey eyes shining.
  2428. Jonathan's desperate eyes shot to her and he shook his head, knowing he was going to go crazy if they kept this up. Sam bit her lip to stop her laugh and said, "Well? he likes biting almost anywhere, likes having his hair pulled and he /loves/ it when you make noise, oh, and when you're sucking him off, it drives him nuts if you use your teeth, juuust a little bit."
  2430. Jonathan groaned and Cassie nodded approvingly as she moved her foot from Jon's chest to nudge the plug deeper into him. Jonathan's gasp was choked as he arched up, feeling the damned thing rub right against his sweet spot. His trapped cock started leaking and he clenched his eyes shut, body trembling as though he was about to explode. He sure as hell felt like he was going to.
  2432. Sam smirked and got down with him before kissing his cheek and trailing her lips just over the light stubble on his face. She gently bit down on his ear lobe and felt him tremble as her breath brought goosebumps over his arms. "You okay?" she asked, a bit of concern leaking into her voice.
  2434. Jonathan looked at her, his pupils dilated and gave one short nod before his eyes shuddered closed. Sure, there was going to be hell to pay for this later, but there wasn't much he could do until they untied him. And he was positive Cassie was no where near that point yet.
  2436. "Sam, don't coddle him," Cassie admonished. "He needs to be taught a long, hard lesson." She grabbed a tuft of dark red hair and yanked Jonathan to his feet, gaining an undignified yelp of pain from him. She slapped him across the face, hard enough to get his attention but not to leave a mark. "None of that," she ordered.
  2438. Jon looked at her with wide eyes, momentarily stunned. Holy /shit/. Cassie smirked at his look, guessing what was going through his head. She pushed him towards his own punishment room, with a few sharp jabs and prods to the back. Sam hurried after them, not wanting to miss this show.
  2440. Cassie grinned and grabbed Jonathan's bound hands before yanking them up behind his back and attaching them to a hook hanging from the ceiling. Jonathan was forced to bend over to relieve the strain on his shoulders and Cassie tsked before kicking his legs apart and locking his ankles into a spreader bar to keep them there. Jonathan grunted as the strain on his shoulders increased again and he glared lightly at Cassie.
  2442. Cassie arched an eyebrow before gripping his chin and forcing his face up. "Pathetic," she smirked before slapping him again. "Mr. Big bad ginger owner getting double teamed by his own gingers." Jonathan growled behind his gag even as his face reddened at that.
  2444. "Did I give you permission to speak?" she asked and slapped him again. Jonathan snarled behind his gag and Cassie slapped him again, a little harder this time. He finally fell silent and satisfied himself with glowering at her.
  2446. "So he can be taught," she smirked and rubbed his reddened cheek with a gentle hand. "Good boy." Sam smiled and sat down in the corner to watch, seeing Jonathan's eyes flicker over to her. Cassie smirked and gripped his chin and turned his head towards Sam. "Oh, you want her don't you?" she asked. She lowered her lips just above his ear and whispered, "If you're very, very good, I might just let you have her."
  2448. Jonathan shivered and Cassie smiled. "Wiggle your fingers if I'm too rough," she breathed and Jonathan nearly chuckled. He vaguely realized that he'd never really bothered with safety signs before? at least Cassie was giving him a chance, yet this was turning into a competition of wills very quickly. He wasn't about to lose and start begging.
  2450. Cassie smirked and ran a hand over his shoulders as she circled him before landing a hard, open handed smack on his backside. Jonathan jumped and only succeeded in yanking his shoulders more. "But don't you dare think that you're getting off easy, slave," she warned. "And move again and you're getting something bigger in here," she added and wiggled the plug.
  2452. Jonathan bit down on the gag in his mouth but stayed as still as he could, though he couldn't stop his slight tremble. Cassie smirked and reached into her pocket before pulling out a small silver key and unlocking the trap around his cock, letting it fall to the ground. Jonathan gave something that was half a groan, half a scream as the blood rushed to his cock, making it grow and swell in a matter of moments.
  2454. Cassie laughed and slapped the hard organ. "Pathetic," she smirked and roughly grabbed his cock, tugging at his balls and making him squirm. She slapped his ass again and said, "I told you not to move!"
  2456. Jonathan wailed behind his gag. She was not playing fair! Sam bit her lip as she watched, shifting until she was sitting with her legs together to try and ignore the obvious wetness that was growing. She was starting to understand where Cassie's voyeuristic streak came from.
  2458. Cassie's face was absolutely glowing as she walked around him. "I should take pictures of this," she smirked. "Send them to all your little elitist friends." Jonathan's eyes widened and he shook his head vigorously, praying that she wasn't serious.
  2460. Cassie slapped his backside again, leaving another red handprint to compliment the others. "They'd absolutely love to see the man they look up to reduced to this," she smirked and pulled the plug from his backside. Jonathan cried out and bit down on the gag hard enough to make the plastic creak. His legs turned to jelly and he had to struggle to keep his balance.
  2462. Cassie grinned and moved to stand in front of him, wiping his damp hair from his sweaty brow. "Poor Jonathan," she cooed and reached down to gently grab his cock, pumping it slowly. She pressed her thumb against his licking slit and Jonathan nearly lost it right there. Cassie seemed to realize he was getting to the end of his rope and pulled the gag from his mouth. She continued the gentle caressed before slapping his fully erect member.
  2464. "FUCK! PLEASE!" Jonathan cried at last as though unable to stop himself.
  2466. Cassie's smirk only grew. "Please what?" she asked, her voice deadly quiet compared to him.
  2468. Jonathan drew a few ragged breaths as Cassie began playing with his sac. "P-please let me cum," he choked out, sounding like it pained him to beg.
  2470. Cassie smirked and unlocked the bar from his ankles and released his wrists. He fell to the ground, his entire body shaking with a barely contained lust. Cassie stroked his damp hair and turned her eyes to Sam, seeing the girl's heavy blush. "Come here Sam," she ordered gently.
  2472. Sam cleared her throat before slowly walking towards them. Cassie pointed to the ground and Sam sat down until she was eye level with Jon, seeing the odd mixture of emotions on his face. Cassie looked at Jonathan, knowing he was about to pounce. It was like watching a dog with a treat on his nose. "Go for it," she smirked.
  2474. Jonathan grabbed Sam's wrists and pinned them to the ground with one of his own hands before practically ripping her shirt and pants off. Sam barely had time to gasp before he'd thrust his length into her, screwing foreplay in his absolute desperation. Sam's hands clenched into fists as she cried out, not noticing Cassie going to sit against the wall, her hand trailing down between her legs.
  2476. She'd heard the term 'fucked into the floor' but this was the first time she'd ever really experienced it. Jonathan rammed into her without abandon, finally turning her onto her side and lifting her leg up over his shoulder so he could reach deeper. Sam's breath came in short, labored breaths as her hands searched for purchase on the hard, wooden floor. Before she knew it she reached her peak with a vengeance. A hoarse scream was ripped from her throat as pleasure rocketed through her body. Jonathan cried her name as he followed soon after, shooting load after load into the prone form beneath him. He drew a few shuddering breaths when he finally finished, feeling lightheaded in the aftermath.
  2478. He laid his head down on Sam's chest and closed his eyes, his exhaustion finally catching up to him. Sam trailed her hand up his back until her fingers twined in his hair as she closed her eyes as well. Cassie pulled her fingers from her honey pot with a shiver and licked them clean, her eyes still twinkling. In her eyes, this was a job very well done. She got up and grabbed a blanket from the other room and draped it over the two of them, realizing they were both already asleep. She smiled and gave them each a rather matronly kiss on the forehead before heading towards Nate and Toren's room.
  2480. She was sleeping with the two fighters until Jonathan's wrath blew over.
  2482. Sam shivered when she woke up the next morning and grumbled, dragging the blanket back to cover her. She heard a groan and blearily glanced over, seeing Jonathan sit up with a wince. To say the least, he looked worse for wear. She couldn't help but grin, stifling her snicker. Jonathan looked over and glared at her.
  2484. "Oh, you think this is funny do you?" he asked. He ran a hand through his hair and said, "I feel like I've been hit by a train."
  2486. Sam chuckled and said, "Nope. Just Cassie."
  2488. Jonathan gave her a dry look before his stern demeanor broke and he started chuckling as well. He slowly, painstakingly got to his feet and ran a hand over the rather dark stubble on his face. How long had it been since he'd shaved? Sam grinned and wrapped the blanket snugly around her before standing up as well, feeling very well rested if a little bit sore from sleeping on the floor. Jonathan wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. "I want a shower? wash this fucking hair dye out," he said, his voice rough with sleep.
  2490. Sam looked at him curiously as she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Who on earth /buys/ red hair dye?" she asked with a grin.
  2492. Jonathan gave a lopsided grin and said, "Some? adult interest shops sell it. To some people it's like a form of pet play almost. Ginger fetishes, for people who can't actually afford a ginger."
  2494. Sam made a face. "You people are messed up," she said.
  2496. Jonathan chuckled quietly and kissed her forehead again. "Care to find out where the dominatrix is hiding?"
  2498. Sam grinned. "Have a plan for her?" she asked.
  2500. Jonathan smirked, a glint in his eyes. "Always." He gave her a chaste kiss on the lips before heading off for a very long shower.
  2501. *
  2503. Cassie smiled as she woke up, cozily snuggled between the two sleeping fighters. Her pussy was still tingling from the dream she'd been having, putting her in an even better mood. Oh dear God, what a night! A stray shiver ran through her at the very thought of it and she wrapped her arms around Toren, who groaned quietly. She felt Nathan against her back and realized that the big ginger was awake as well when his lips touched her neck.
  2505. "Jonathan was in here earlier," he told her, a smirk residing in his voice. Cassie's stomach did a weird flip flop. "You were sleeping like the dead."
  2507. Suddenly, she felt a deep sense of foreboding wash over her. It was only then she felt the incessant tingling between her legs and glanced down to see the metal chastity belt locked around her waist. She bit her lip, Nathan's breath on her neck suddenly feeling like fire. "W-what the hell did he do?" she gasped her hand straying down towards her throbbing entrance, only to be blocked by the unyielding metal.
  2509. Nathan chuckled, his breath gaining another shiver from the woman. "I think he put a high strength stimulating gel on you before he locked the belt on," he said innocently.
  2511. Cassie groaned, her hips twitching as she searched for stimulation. "You were supposed to protect me!" she whined and turned to face him, seeing his big, white toothed grin.
  2513. "Hey, don't look at me! I didn't wake up until he locked the belt on. Toren on the other hand?" Nathan said innocently and reached over to poke the boy.
  2515. Toren giggled. "Call it payback for dressing me up like a girl," he said smugly though he still keept his eyes closed.
  2517. Cassie slapped his back. "You little bastard!" she gasped and Toren laughed, pulling the blankets tightly around himself.
  2519. Nathan grinned wolfishly. "You were having a really good dream after he left though? I've never heard you moan like that except when you were under me," he said with a smirk, obviously getting a kick out of this.
  2521. Cassie bit her lip, a blush rushing to her face. She pulled vainly at the belt, feeling as if she could just brush up against her clit, she'd be able to cum. Toren rolled over and grinned innocently up at her, and couldn't help but notice her nipples standing up prominently through the material of her tank top. He grinned and wrapped his arms around her in a gentle hug, being sure to brush his chest up against hers as much as he could.
  2523. Cassie gasped and arched back only to have Nate wrap his arms around her, gently pinning her arms to her sides. "You have to be fucking kidding me!" she panted. She couldn't believe how ragingly horny the simple touches were getting her, and for some reason, the thought of her orgasm being denied to her only made it worse.
  2525. Nate smirked before biting down gently on her neck, hearing her whimper. Toren grinned and leaned up to kiss her gently, nibbling on her bottom lip as he watched her struggle to gain control of herself. And fail.
  2527. She wailed and arched against him, grinding her hips desperately against the boy. Toren just grinned and kissed her collarbone before pulling her tank top down and latching onto one of her fully erect nipples, worrying the hard little nub between his teeth. Nate shivered at the delicious little noises she was making, half a whimper, half a gasp as she threaded her fingers through Toren's hair.
  2529. "O-oh God, please!" she wailed, feeling as though she couldn't take anymore.
  2531. Nathan smirked and kissed her back before pulling away. "Sorry Cass," he said and tugged at the chastity belt. "But no can do." Toren giggled before crawling around so he was in the middle and pressed snugly against Nathan. Cassie whimpered at the loss and turned to look at the two of them.
  2533. "You two? are such? assholes," she panted, finally able to get some small hold over herself now that they weren't touching her.
  2535. Nathan grinned and wrapped his arms around Toren's waist, pulling the boy against his chest. "We'd love to include you Cassie, but?" he said, a wicked grin on his face as he started biting Toren's neck. The boy put on a good show, moaning and whimpering as Nate's hands roved over his sides and chest. Cassie felt her mouth go dry and her eyes widened comically as the tingling between her legs grew into a nearly burning throb.
  2537. "You two suck," she gasped before stumbling to her feet, her legs feeling like jelly. Nathan chuckled quietly and did something that made Toren yelp in earnest, but Cassie was already stumbling for the door, needing to take a cold shower or-or? something.
  2539. She bolted out the door and ran smack into Jonathan's bare chest. She yelped and stumbled back from him, holding herself up on trembling legs. Jonathan looked at her in surprise before a charming smile spread across his face.
  2541. "Morning Cassie," he said cheerfully before brushing past her. Cassie bit her lip to stop a whimper as she watched her master walk away? in nothing but his boxers. She shook her head fiercely before stumbling to the bathroom. Jonathan snickered before bursting into laughter as soon as he turned the corner. Sam looked up curiously from her glass of milk and pulled her robe around her shoulders.
  2543. "I don't think I've ever actually heard you laugh before," she said as she looked at him.
  2545. Jonathan turned to look at her, a smile still on his face. He came up and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her against him. "I guess you could say it's liberating not to have to hide myself anymore," he said honestly before covering her lips in a gentle kiss.
  2547. Sam sighed into the kiss as she returned it and tried to follow when he finally pulled away. He chuckled quietly and ran a hand through his still wet hair, pushing it off of his forehead. Sam grinned and reached up to ruffle the black locks. "So, did you enjoy being a ginger?" she asked.
  2549. He made a face. "Not something I'm tempted to do again any time soon," he said and gave her a light pinch before letting her go. He ran a hand over his freshly shaved face and muttered, "I need coffee."
  2551. Sam snickered and took another sip of her milk. "Too bad you've incapacitated the cook, huh?"
  2553. Jonathan snorted. "I can make my own coffee," he muttered defensively. Sam grinned at him before sitting down and watching him go at it. The careless way he put together a bowl of cereal showed testament to his years of being a bachelor. Within minutes he had a pot of coffee bubbling peacefully in the corner. The smell permeated the apartment and just as Jonathan poured himself a cup, Anessa emerged from wherever she'd been hiding to grab a cup. She gave him a small, bleary smile before retreating back to the depths of the apartment she'd come from.
  2555. "Where does she /go/?" Sam wondered, keeping her voice low.
  2557. Jonathan shrugged and took a long sip of his drink before sighing in relief. He went to the door and grabbed the mail from the drop, eyes drawn to the front page of the newspaper. Sam watched him as he absently gathered his bowl of cereal, eyes darting over the page. She rolled her eyes before going to grab a bowl for herself, knowing that there wouldn't be any buffet style breakfast today with Cassie out of commission.
  2559. They were quiet other than the occasional rustling of newspaper and clinking of spoons and Sam couldn't help but relish in it. Things had been so? crazy lately. At least now things seemed to be returning to some sort of normalcy.
  2561. "NATHAN!"
  2563. Alright, so much for normalcy. Sam looked at Jonathan in shock, seeing his face lighting up with excitement. Thudding sounded from somewhere in the back of the apartment and Nathan stumbled from the hallway, running a hand through his disheveled hair. Jonathan met him half way and practically shoved the second page of the newspaper in his face. "Do you see this?!" he asked, sounding like a kid at Christmas.
  2565. Nathan looked blearily at the paper before turning the look on his master, still deep in a haze. "What am I looking at?" he asked before finally managing to grab the paper. His eyes skimmed over the headline before they widened to the size of dinner plates. "You've got to be fucking kidding me," he breathed. "He's coming /out/ of retirement?"
  2567. Jonathan nodded eagerly. "We have to wait till next season for him to work his way back into the finals, but he's back in the ring!" he crowed.
  2569. Sam looked at them blankly. "What are you two talking about?" she asked warily.
  2571. Nathan looked at Sam as though just noticing she was there and Sam was surprised to see an odd glint in his eye, like the look he got just before a fight. "Kraken's coming out of retirement," he said, as though that was supposed to make some sense to her.
  2573. Sam just continued to stare.
  2575. Jonathan chuckled and clapped Nathan on the shoulder. "Kraken is a legend in the fighting ring. He's won more straight competitions that any other ginger in history! His master pulled him from the rings a few years back, but he's coming back out of retirement for one more go!"
  2577. Sam couldn't help but grin at their enthusiasm. "Have you fought him before?" she asked Nate.
  2579. The big ginger shook his head. "I was still in the junior league back then, I made it into the masters the season after he retired," he said with a grin.
  2581. "They mention you in the article," Jonathan said proudly. "Listen to this," he straightened out the paper before reading:
  2582. "Fighting enthusiasts have always speculated what a fight between Kraken, and Jonathan Nellis's fighter Q2334, better known as Nathan, would be like. 'We've been barking up that tree for years,' Harry Quillion, head chairman of the Ginger Fighting Association (GFA) said, 'Until now, we never thought we'd get to see the new king of the ring to go up against the old master. It's almost too much to wait until next season for Nathan and Kraken to be in the same ring together.' Nellis's fighter has been gaining popularity after four consecutive master titles in a row, and some say his skills are equal, if not surpassing Kraken's during his prime. 'We can only hope Kraken hasn't lost any of his skill during his eight years of retirement,' Quillion said. 'He's going to need all he's got to go up against Nathan.'
  2584. Sam gave a small, nervous laugh when Jonathan finished reading. "Sounds pretty intense? think you can handle it?" she asked.
  2586. Nathan smirked, that glint in his eye only growing more prominent as a sort of fierce excitement radiated off of him. "Oh, I can handle it."
  2588. Jonathan was spending a lot of time in his office, which in itself shouldn't have been strange except now he kept Sam locked out and often emerged looking extremely. . . happy. Sam didn't know what he was doing, but had learned to just let him be when it came to his work. Fortunately his good mood seemed to seep throughout the apartment and left everyone, well everyone except Cassie, in high spirits.
  2590. Unfortunately for the strawberry blonde, Jonathan had left the belt locked around her waist for the best part of a week, and though the stimulating gel had worn off, she couldn't remember ever going so long a time without being able to touch herself. Finally, on the eighth day of her abstinence, Jonathan came up to her, dangling a pair of keys from his finger.
  2592. Cassie's eyes widened and she made a grab for them, only to have Jonathan pull them away. "Ah, ah, ah, what did we learn?" he asked, his voice light and condescending.
  2594. Cassie glared at him. "Don't take advantage of master," she said, sounding bored.
  2596. Jonathan chuckled and kissed her forehead as he handed over the keys. "Good girl," he praised and patted her head like a dog.
  2598. She made a snap for his fingers, though her playful grin was already returning. Jonathan could have kept the belt on longer, but mopey Cassie was no fun to be around. Immediately the strawberry blond scurried to Nathan and Toren's room, shedding the belt along the way and deciding to break her week long chastity streak with some good, old fashioned fun. She found the two fighters sparring and knew better than to interfere until their little match was over, so she got as comfortable as she could and sat down to watch.
  2600. Toren had learned the art of talking smack, and was using it to the best of his abilities. "Come on Nate! How can you fuck little boys if you can't catch them?" Toren quipped, a smirk spread across his face
  2602. Nathan's face turned rather red at that before he lunged and grabbed the boy in a headlock. "You little piece of shit!" he said, half a laugh, half a growl and started rubbing his knuckles against the boys scalp. Toren yelped and dug his fingers into a pressure point on Nate's wrist and struggled to wrap his legs behind the other mans. Finally, he got a footing and brought Nate to the ground and the two started grappling anew.
  2604. Cassie rolled her eyes. "Is this what you guys call training?" she said with a snort. "No wonder you never win any fights."
  2606. They both stopped at that and looked up at her, just realizing that she was there. "And who's the top ranked ginger in the masters right now?" Nathan asked, flashing a white toothed grin. "Yeah, that's right, me." Cassie chuckled and rolled her eyes again. "Toren didn't do too bad either, seeing as it's his first year," he continued as he ruffled Toren's hair and allowed him off of the ground. "Ranked fourth overall in the juniors, and that's against opponents who have age and experience on their sides."
  2608. Toren blushed slightly at that and pushed his hand away before Nate grabbed him again and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips. Cassie laughed outright and shook her head. "When's your next fight?" she asked Nate as he finally let the boy go. Toren immediately came over to her and grinned broadly when he realized she wasn't wearing the belt anymore.
  2610. Nathan got heavily to his feet and stretched his back with a loud pop. "Monday," he said with a grin. "I'm supposed to go up against a guy named Hex. Shouldn't be a problem. The guy's batshit insane and berserks more than he fights."
  2612. "You've fought him before then?" she asked.
  2614. Nathan shrugged. "Once or twice. He's been in the ranks about as long as I have," he said with a wink.
  2616. "Oh wise and powerful fighter," Cassie said and rolled her eyes. She had to resort to kissing Toren's cheek now and vaguely realized just how much the boy had grown. Awhile ago she could have kissed the top of his head without a problem, but after he hit 14, he'd shot up like a tree. Slowly, she stood up and sauntered over to the big fighter, a seductive smirk quirking the edges of her lips.
  2618. He looked at her in surprise. "You got the belt off," he said when she pressed up against him and he didn't feel the uncomfortable hardness of metal.
  2620. "Mmmhmm," she purred and ran her hands over his damp chest. She cast a smirk back at Toren. "You two care to help a girl out with some ridiculous amounts of sexual repression?"
  2622. Nathan smirked and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her so she was flush up against his chest. Without warning Cassie found herself slung over his shoulder before deposited on his and Toren's bed. She yelped and glared up at the two of them as they grinned down at her. "I'll take that as a yes?" she asked breathlessly, pushing her disheveled hair out of her face.
  2624. Toren grinned and crawled towards her before giving her a chaste kiss. "What do you think?" he teased before pushing her back against the bed. Cassie yelped and looked up at him in surprise. She never really thought of Toren as the dominant type, but then again, every fighter she'd come across was the dominant type? maybe it was in their genes or something. Right now, she could care less who was in control as long as she got what she asked for.
  2626. Nathan smirked and knelt down to join them, gently pulling Cassie into his lap before biting and nipping at her neck. Cassie felt her stomach clench pleasurably at even the simplest touch and closed her eyes as she bit her lip. Nathan looked over her shoulder at Toren and winked, seeing the boy's face light up eagerly.
  2628. Immediately Toren moved forward, all shyness forgotten, and covered Cassie's lips in a fiery kiss. Cassie squeaked in surprise and her eyes shot open for a moment before she slowly returned it, bringing a hand up to cup the back of his head. Toren moved forward to deepen the kiss and push her against Nathan's chest. The big ginger smirked and bit down on her neck hard enough to draw a gasp from her, making her break the kiss. Toren grinned and gently started kissing down her throat and chest, pushing her tank top out of the way as his hands roved over her stomach.
  2630. Nathan growled quietly against her neck as he sucked hard, leaving a bright purple mark in his wake. Cassie gasped and wound a hand up behind Nate's neck to grip his hair as Toren kissed her stomach before pulling her underwear down and out of the way. The strawberry blonde squirmed as his breath tickled her thigh before he plunged his tongue into her. Her breath caught in her chest, and though she knew the boy was inexperienced, her need was so intense that /everything/ felt good.
  2632. As though to contradict the gentle touches of the boy, Nathan moved to different parts of her neck and shoulders, biting and nipping as he saw fit as his hands wrapped around her to grope and tease her breasts. Cassie vaguely felt a bulge rise in his pants and press against her back, but she was too lost in the sensations, she didn't even notice.
  2634. Toren dove his tongue in deeper as he sucked on her clit, drawing little shuddering moans from the woman as she tugged on Nathan's hair even harder. The big ginger groaned and tugged at her erect nipples while Toren pushed two fingers into her and gently worried her clit between his teeth. Cassie cried out as she came hard, coating Toren's fingers with her juices.
  2636. Nathan grabbed her ear lobe with his teeth and said, "I know you want more."
  2638. Cassie shivered at his tone and nodded listlessly. He smirked and adjusted himself quickly, freeing his fully erect cock. He held onto her hips tightly and thrust into her with a quick jerk before pulling out again. Cassie whimpered at the lost and barely had time to wonder what he was planning before he pushed himself against her back door, using her own juices as lube. Nathan pushed her down on his length, causing the strawberry blond to cry out as she enveloped him completely.
  2640. Toren kissed her cheek and wiped a tear away before Nathan laid back and spread Cassie's legs invitingly. The boy grinned and positioned himself at her pussy before pushing in as well. Cassie groaned as they filled her up entirely and just stayed there, letting her soak in the feeling of it. And then, as though through some silent communication, they both started moving.
  2642. Cassie wailed and wrapped one hand behind Toren's neck while her other stayed twined in Nathan's hair. The big ginger grunted as he gave sharp, jerky thrusts while Toren slid smoothly in and out, both of them alternating their pace so she never felt empty. Cassie panted raggedly, completely losing herself between the two of them as their pace sped up. She came again, her muscles clamping down on both of them, yet neither was ready to give in that easily.
  2644. Toren growled, a primal look on his face as he started ramming into her in earnest, savoring the feeling of being on top. Nathan bit down on her neck again to muffle his own groans as he continued to thrust up into her, her muscles twitching deliciously around him. Every thrust built up the tension again until Cassie felt like she was about to explode. Toren's hips worked against her, rubbing up against her clit each time until she threw her head back and shrieked as she was brought to completion again.
  2646. Nathan following her over the edge this time and groaned as he embedded himself deep and released his load with a shuddering moan. Toren panted fiercely as he gave a few more hard thrusts into her tight hole before he came as well, burying himself in to the hilt. The two fighters stayed embedded for a few long moments as they gathered themselves before Toren finally pulled out. Nathan gently lifted Cassie off of him and laid her down on the bed between the two of them.
  2648. Cassie gave a quiet mewl as she felt something wet drip down between her legs and curled into Toren as he flopped down next to her. Nathan wrapped his arms around Cassie's waist and kissed the large purple bruise on her neck before closing his eyes. All three were asleep within minutes.
  2650. And that's exactly how Anessa found them.
  2652. She rolled her eyes and just shut the door. "Fucking jackrabbits."
  2654. *
  2655. Toren fidgeted as he watched Nathan stretch, trying not to show how nervous he was. They were in the locker room below the stadium, waiting for Nathan's fight against Hex to begin. Some of the other fighters were milling around and watching the current fight on the big screen TV, cheering or groaning depending on which side they were rooting for. "You ready for this?" he asked. He always got scared before Nathan went into a fight. Even during his short time in the rings, he'd seen too many gingers carried off of the ring beat to hell to feel completely confident.
  2657. Nathan looked up and flashed a grin. "Course I am, kid," he teased but he could tell Toren was scared, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. He smiled and pulled him into a tight hug, planting a kiss on his head. "Don't worry T, I'll be fine."
  2659. Toren sighed and returned the embrace, burying his face into Nathan's neck and not caring who saw. Nathan smiled and kissed his cheek again before standing up and hearing something pop loudly. "I'm getting too old for this," he said and stretched out his back, gaining a few more pops from his back.
  2661. Toren winced and said, "That doesn't really make me feel better."
  2663. Nathan laughed and ruffled his hair playfully. "Jesus T, you'd think I was walking onto the executioners block! Calm down kiddo, it'll be fine, I swear," he said. "And if I'm wrong, you have permission to give me crap for it for as long as you want."
  2665. Toren grinned. "You know I will," he warned.
  2667. "Exactly why I take that offer very seriously," Nate chuckled.
  2669. Toren opened his mouth to respond, but a loud voice cut them off. "Damn, Nate, you fucking little boys now?" a ginger with deep red hair, and a littering of scars sneered.
  2671. Nathan turned to face the man, a glare darkening his face before he smirked. "I'd like to hear you repeat that when I'm raping you in the ring tonight, Hex," he said.
  2673. Hex snarled and took a step forward and Toren stood up, bristling at the fighter's obvious intent. Nathan put a hand on the boy's shoulder and made him step behind him. Hex smirked. "Aw, that's cute. The big bad ginger has a soft spot for his little bitch."
  2675. "You're just digging yourself a bigger hole, Hex," Nathan said, his voice turning deadly. "You're my only fight tonight, and I'll make sure you can't walk out of it." Hex sneered at him. "Besides, I owe a friend a favor. She said you cornered her in a restaurant awhile back and asked me personally to return the favor."
  2677. Hex narrowed his eyes before widening the all too painful memory of the bitch he was talking about. "I'm sure she fights better than you do," Hex snapped before he stalked off to warm up.
  2679. Nathan smirked and watched him go. Toren wore a sour look on his face, his eyes flashing. "Please kick his ass tonight," he said.
  2681. Nathan chuckled and patted his back. "Oh, I plan on it. I owe your sister that much at least," he said, deciding not to tell Toren that Jonathan and Hex's owner had deciding on a knife fight. He reached into the pocket of his shorts to check the switchblade he had stored away.
  2683. "Nate?" Toren asked, seeing the distant look on his face.
  2685. The big ginger smiled down at him before tilting his face up and giving him a quick kiss. "Head on up to the box, T, I think the fight's about to start," he said.
  2687. Toren gave him a wavering smile. "Good luck," he said before hurrying away and out of the locker rooms. Nathan watched him go before he heard his number called. He rubbed his face before heading out of the lockers, through the hallway and checkpoint and into the ring.
  2688. *
  2689. Sam held her hands against the glass as Nathan walked out onto the ring, his stance tense. Her eyes narrowed when she saw Hex emerge from the other side to meet in the middle. "Sam, come back here, you're smudging up the glass," Jonathan said before putting a hand on her shoulder and making her sit back against his shins.
  2691. Toren rushed through the door and slid down next to Sam. "I didn't miss anything did I?" he asked, slightly breathless.
  2693. Jonathan chuckled. "Just in time," he said and watched Cassie wrap her arms around the boy's shoulders. He'd decided to leave Anessa home tonight, mostly due to the fact that he couldn't find the elusive ginger. Toren sighed and leaned back into Cassie's embrace, knowing she was just as nervous as he was. Sure, they both liked watching the fights, but seeing Nathan go at it got scary sometimes.
  2695. And when Toren saw a glint of metal appear in each of the gingers hands, his head shot around to look up at Jonathan in disbelief. "You authorized a /knife fight/?!" he exclaimed, drawing a few looks from others in the box.
  2697. Jonathan scowled at him and said, "Yes, I did. I know Nathan's capable of handling himself."
  2699. Toren opened his mouth to retort, but a loud cheer rose from the ring as the announcer gave his introductions, giving both gingers names and numbers to the cheering crowd. Knife fights were becoming less and less common now a days, and it was starting to be a real treat to see one. Too many ginger owners were afraid of losing their prized fighters in knife fights, due to the record mortality rate. The decision to allow weapons was not taken lightly by owners.
  2701. The referee stepped out into the ring and gave the signal to start the fight. Immediately, the two gingers started circling each other, deadly intent on their faces. Nathan managed to get the first hit, landing a long cut across Hex's shoulder. The ginger looked absolutely livid and the crowd only cheered, louder, goading them both on.
  2703. Nathan stayed light on his feet, watching him closely and choosing every move wisely. Hex lunged forward and slashed with his knife, only to have Nathan dodge and deliver a hard roundhouse kick to his exposed back, making the other ginger stumble forward. He just barely avoided tripping, which would have meant the edge of the match. Nathan would have been on his back like a dog as soon as he'd touched the ground.
  2705. Hex got his stance back quickly and the two started circling each other again. Nathan lunged first this time and drove Hex back with a few sharp jabs to his middle that the other man managed to dodge. They continued the exchange, each gathering a few cuts when the other landed a lucky strike. After a few minutes, they both looked the worse for wear, though Nathan could tell Hex was starting to slow down. Blood leaked from both of their cuts, but Hex's face was starting to lose some of it's puce color. Some of his cuts weren't shallow.
  2707. In the stands, Cassie was gripping Toren's arm hard enough to cut off circulation as she watched, her face pale. If Nathan didn't die here, she was going to kill him for not trying to talk Jonathan out of a knife fight. It was torture just to watch! Toren was faring no better. His lips were drawn into a thin line and his fists were balled where they rested on his knees. Sam had actually buried her head against Jonathan's leg as her master watched on tensely, cheering when Nathan landed a particularly good hit.
  2709. Hex stumbled back and put a hand over the deep cut on his side before he snarled and lashed forward, breaking through Nate's guard and bringing his knife down into the big ginger's shoulder. Nathan bit back a cry, and knew it must be bad if he could feel it through the adrenaline rush. He ignored it as best as he could and realized that Hex had left himself wide open, thinking that the hit would have been enough to bring Nathan down. He was dead wrong.
  2711. Nathan snarled and kicked his leg out, making contact directly with Hex's knee. There was a satisfying pop as the joint dislocated and Hex crumpled with a cry of agony. Nathan was on him in an instant, pinning him quickly and pressing his knife right against his throat. A low growl formed deep in his throat as instinct took over. He should kill him. The crowd was telling him to kill. The knife shook in his hands as he fought the urge to dig the knife into Hex's soft skin and rip across. He closed his eyes tight and grit his teeth before he finally managed to drop the knife and get unsteadily to his feet.
  2713. The cheers were deafening as the whistle sounded, declaring Nathan the winner. Incapacitate or kill. Those were the rules. Nathan panted raggedly as a few paramedics ran out into the ring with a stretcher. They loaded Hex up and Nathan couldn't stop the cruel sneer that spread across his face. He'd made good on his word.
  2714. *
  2715. "Of all the dumb ass ideas!" Cassie yelled when Nathan returned from the hospital the next morning. He'd needed stitches on a few of his cuts, and his shoulder had been sewn back together, but overall, not too bad considering. Nathan grinned sheepishly and backed away from her as she continued her rant. "I swear go God, I could kill Jonathan for letting you do that! It's one thing when you beat the shit out of each other, but when you come home looking like fucking piece of cut sirloin that makes me wonder about your sanity!"
  2717. Nathan couldn't help but chuckle quietly only to give a pitiful, "owwww?" as Cassie poked a sore spot on his chest. "Don't you laugh at me you steroid pumping meat head!"
  2719. Nathan finally just grabbed her wrists and pulled her against his chest. "Cassie," he said seriously, though his amusement was obvious. "Calm. The fuck. Down. And I don't take steroids," he muttered defensively.
  2721. Cassie's fight went out of her with a huff, and she seemed to visibly deflate before sinking against him. Nathan smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "If it makes you feel any better Cass, I'm as pissed off as you are," Toren said and glared at Nathan.
  2723. Nathan winced. He should have told him what type of fight had been set up. "Look T-"
  2725. "Don't bother," Toren snapped before stalking out of the room. Nathan sighed and rested his chin on top of Cassie's head.
  2727. "I should go talk to him," he said quietly as he let the woman go.
  2729. Cassie leaned up and pecked his cheek. "He was only scared for you," she said quietly.
  2731. Nathan sighed and nodded. "Yeah? I know," he said quietly before heading out of the room to figure out where Toren went. He had to search the apartment before he found him hidden back in the spare bedroom, curled up on his side on the bed.
  2733. "Toren," Nathan said quietly as he approached the bed.
  2735. "Go away," he said thickly and Nathan could hear that he was holding back tears. Nathan closed the space between them and sat down on the edge of the bed, putting a gentle hand on the boy's hair. Toren sniffed quietly before turning and burying his face against his side. "Don't ever do that again," he said, his voice muffled as he wiped his face. Nathan gave a small smile and knew that no matter how old Toren tended to act, he was still just a kid.
  2737. The big ginger gave a small smile and ran his fingers through his hair. "I can't stop Jonathan from changing the terms of the fights, T," he reminded him quietly.
  2739. Toren glared up at him, his eyes red. "Well at least /tell/ me next time!" he said angrily. "I've never been so fucking scared in my life."
  2741. Nathan leaned down, ignoring the strain on some of his stitches and kissed his forehead. "Sorry Toren," he said sincerely and gently pulled the boy against his chest. "I'll be sure to tell you what's going on next time. But don't worry about me so much, okay? I've been doing this a long time. I know how to take care of myself," he said and kissed the top of his head.
  2743. Toren sighed and turned to wrap his arms around him, careful of his bandages. "I'll try," he said quietly.
  2745. Nathan smiled and scratched his back gently. "Thanks, T."
  2747. Jonathan's face pulled down into a frown as he sorted through that morning's mail. A few days had passed since Nathan's fight, and the big ginger had been assigned to plenty of rest and careful movement of his injured shoulder to help speed the healing process up. Things seemed awfully quiet without the muffled sounds of his and Toren's training leaking through the apartment.
  2749. He sighed and flipped through the small pile of envelopes, seeing a few handwritten ones. He'd learned long ago never to open a hand addressed envelope, thanks to someone's successful attempt to send him a letter full of anthrax a few years back. He'd gone to the hospital thinking it was the flu, only to discover someone had intentionally tried to kill him. Now, he was too lazy to actually microwave his mail, so the letters just ended up in the trash can. And, oh did these ones look promising too. 'Ginger hater' and 'slave master' were even written in bold red letters on one of the envelopes.
  2751. Sam looked up from where she was trying to copy down the alphabet onto a piece of paper and eyed him curiously. He gave a lopsided grin. "From my adoring fans," he said sarcastically before dumping the lot of them in the trash can. "Don't try and open those."
  2753. Sam scowled and said, "God, what is with these protestors? They should be targeting someone like Richard if they're aiming for a cruel ginger owner."
  2755. Jonathan shrugged. "I'm the one they blame for the continuation of the ginger trade? after all, it is my fault," he said with a crooked grin.
  2757. Sam gave a small grin and shook her head. "If only they knew what you were really like. Teaching a ginger to read and write, not to mention falling in love with her."
  2759. Jonathan chuckled quietly and walked over to plant a kiss on top of her head. "And then I'd probably be fired from my job and have to live a life to destitute," he said sagely.
  2761. "Yeah, but at least you'd be with me," Sam said with a wink.
  2763. Jonathan grinned and tilted her face up so he could press a gentle kiss against her lips. She smiled into the kiss, yet both of them jumped when Cassie slapped her wooden spoon against the counter to announce her presence.
  2765. "Sorry to interrupt lovebirds, but you need to tell me what you want to eat before I can make it," she said flatly, though her amusement twinkled in her eyes.
  2766. *
  2767. Cassie gently tapped on the door to the guest bedroom, having sacrificed it to given Nathan a more comfortable bed to rest on. He'd managed to catch a fever from his numerous cuts and injuries thanks to a mild infection in the deepest wound in his shoulder. Toren quickly got up from where he was resting beside Nathan and opened the door, smiling at Cassie and the bowls of soup she carried for all of them.
  2769. Nathan glanced over through slitted eyes and chuckled quietly. "You'd think I was on my death bed or something," he murmured and rolled onto his side, turning away from them.
  2771. "I'm not leaving until you eat," she warned him as she sat down on the edge of the bed.
  2773. Nathan scowled and rolled onto his stomach, burying his face in a pillow. "Then bring me a cold smoothie or something, it's so damn /hot!/" he groaned.
  2775. Cassie laughed and pinched his backside through the blankets. "Suck it up you pussy. The only way to break a fever is by drugging you with more advil and my miracle soup," she said.
  2777. Nathan huffed, but turned over and painfully pulled himself into a sitting position, hiding a grimace. "Yeah, abuse the injured man, that'll help me on my road to recovery," he said gruffly.
  2779. Cassie grinned and kissed his damp forehead before handing him his bowl of soup. "I promise it'll make you feel better," she said and handed Toren a bowl as well.
  2781. The fighter sighed but slowly started eating. "We should probably change your bandages too," Cassie said and Nathan nearly dropped his spoon.
  2783. "Who died and made you doctor?" he asked with a light glare.
  2785. Toren chuckled quietly and Cassie gently kissed Nathan's cheek again, pushing his hair back from his forehead. "You're lucky you don't have a fight for a few weeks," she said, her tone turning serious as she gently rubbed his neck.
  2787. Nathan closed his eyes and relaxed into her touch, letting his head hang as he groaned appreciatively. "I know," he said with a sigh. "Even with the time I have, my shoulder probably won't be in the best condition."
  2789. "Well, at least it's not a knife fight, right?" Toren asked, eyes narrowing suspiciously.
  2791. Nathan chuckled quietly and pulled Toren towards him and ruffling his hair. "Right," he said brightly.
  2794. Cassie scowled and said, "I missed my chance cause Jon already left for work, but when he gets back I'm going to make sure he's never tempted to put you into a knife fight again."
  2796. Nathan grinned and set his half empty bowl of soup aside before lying back down. "Good luck with that," he said lightly.
  2798. Cassie grinned and kissed his forehead. "Go back to sleep sicky," she said quietly and smoothed his hair back. Nathan nodded and closed his eyes obediently, his medicine kicking in just enough to make it hard for his eyes to stay open.
  2800. Toren grinned and kissed Nathan's cheek. "I'm gonna go find Sam," he said quietly. "I'll be back to check up on him."
  2802. The strawberry blonde winked at him and ruffled his hair before heading back into the kitchen to clean up the mess from breakfast. No matter how much she loved cooking, she /hated/ cleaning. Usually, she made Anessa do it, but the ginger had holed herself up somewhere in the apartment and no one really had to urge to look for her. Ah well, cleaning up was a good exchange if it meant she didn't have to listen to her bitch.
  2804. She perked up when she heard a familiar voice talking just outside the front door. "This place is like a fucking fortress Victor, there's no way you could get inside even in a disguise without the front security stopping you," Anessa said in hushed tones. Cassie pressed her ear up against the door to try and hear what she was saying. "Look, I'll call you when and /if/ the opportunity arises alright? Yeah, fine. Bye."
  2806. Cassie immediately backed away from the door and hid behind the kitchen counter as Anessa slowly opened up the door. The ginger peeked around as though making sure the coast was clear before hurrying towards the hallway and out of sight, slipping what looked like a cell phone into her pocket. She ran a hand through her wavy hair, trying to figure out first, what the fuck Anessa had been doing outside of the apartment and second, who the hell she'd been talking to. Leaving the apartment for any reason without Jonathan's permission was absolutely forbidden, and Cassie couldn't even begin to fathom who Anessa could be talking to, or where she'd gotten the cell phone for that matter.
  2808. The strawberry blonde sighed before getting to her feet and following Anessa's trail back into the apartment. She had to look through a few rooms before she found her crouched in the back of Jonathan's mini library, reading a book. "Hey Anessa," she said lightly.
  2810. Anessa looked up from her book with a glare. "What do you want?" she snapped.
  2812. Cassie grinned benevolently as she walked closer to the woman, practically straddling her in the chair she sat in. "So... who's Victor?"
  2814. Anessa's eyes widened and she tried to shove the woman off, but Cassie held her pinned. "Get off of me," she hissed.
  2816. Cassie smirked. "What's the big secret, huh Anessa? Because I will rat you out to Jonathan in a heartbeat if you don't tell me what the fuck you're up to. Right now I'm giving you a chance to explain instead of just tossing you to the wolves."
  2818. Anessa glared before turning her head away. "Victor is a ginger I met when Jonathan sent me out to get groceries, alright?" she snapped. "He gave me his cell phone so he could call me from his master's house... He just wanted to see me again."
  2820. Cassie looked at her in surprise before she burst out laughing. "Are you fricken serious?!" she asked, seeing Anessa's blush.
  2822. The other woman nodded before turning her glare back to her. "Don't tell Jonathan alright? He'll just take the phone away from me and punish me for leaving the apartment to talk to him."
  2824. Cassie smirked and tapped Anessa's cheek. "Don't worry, Anessa's secret crush is safe with me," she said before getting up. "Just don't leave the fucking apartment again."
  2826. Anessa sighed. "Fine," she snapped. She watched as Cassie walked out of the room and a smirk spread across her face. What was the term for that? Ah yes, hook, line and sinker.
  2830.     Sam sighed and curled into the warmth next to her, feeling Jonathan's arms snake around her to pull her closer. Blearily, she opened her eyes and leaned up to kiss the underside of his chin before closing them again, too comfortable to consider getting up yet. Unfortunately, the decision was made for her when Jonathan's alarm started blaring. She groaned and tried to block out the noise by burying her head against his chest. Jonathan didn't react to it other than a slight twitch and a groan.
  2832.     Sam poked his shoulder. "Jon, turn your alarm off," she mumbled tiredly. Jonathan just tightened his arms around her, by some miracle still sleeping. Sam huffed and managed to pry herself from his grip before carefully leaning across him, reaching for the alarm on his bedside table. As soon as the noise stopped, Jonathan's eyes flickered open to get an eyeful of bare breasts right in his face. "Well good morning to you too," he said, his smirk showing in his voice.
  2834.     The redhead squeaked and jumped back from him, pulling the sheets up to cover her. "You were awake the whole time," she accused.
  2836.     Jonathan grinned. "What? Of course not," he said innocently. Sam just scowled. "Oh, like I haven't seen you naked before," he said and rolled his eyes.
  2838.     Sam grinned before leaning down to peck his cheek. "And yet you still get that same wide eyed look every time you do," she teased and was rewarded by his scowl. She promptly ignored him. "Care to join me in the shower, scruffy?" she asked and rubbed his rough face. He couldn't help but grin as he watched her saunter into the bathroom, swinging her hips seductively. Rubbing his eyes, he managed to get up and followed her into the bathroom. He grinned as he watched her step into the steaming stream of water, still keeping her back turned teasingly towards him.
  2840.     He came up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, feeling the hot water pour down on them both. He ran his hand down her side as he kissed her neck. She shivered appreciatively and wove a hand up behind his head to run her fingers through his wet hair. Jonathan chuckled and asked, "When did you turn into such a flirt?"
  2842.     Sam grinned and leaned back into him, rubbing back against his crotch. "Who me?" she asked innocently.
  2844.     Jonathan grinned and licked the water off her neck before biting down gently. Goosebumps rose over her body as she shivered, her neck a naturally sensitive spot. "And I know all your soft spots," he said and trailed his fingertips down her side, making her squirm.
  2846.     She finally turned around and draped her arms around him before kissing him deeply, taking initiative and plunging her tongue in, exploring his mouth thoroughly. His eyes widened in surprise, she'd never really tried to take control unless Cassie was the looming dominatrix over her shoulder. He had to admit that he liked the change and he returned the equally, his hand trailing up her neck and weaving through her red locks. She grinned as she pulled away and bit her lip coyly.
  2848.     Jonathan groaned at the deceptively innocent look. "God, you are /such/ a flirt," he said before kissing her fiercely, pushing her up against the wall of the shower, watching the water run down her face.
  2850.     "Shut up," she said before dragging him back into another hard kiss. Gentle caresses became desperate strokes as they continued, their actions less deliberate and more instinctive. Jonathan attacked her neck with sharp nips and sucks while Sam twined her leg around his waist, feeling his hard passion poke her thigh.
  2852.     Jonathan stalled and pulled away to look at her flushed face, her green eyes wide and dilated with anticipation. "I love you," he whispered before thrusting into her sharply. Sam gasped, as though he'd stolen her breath away and clutched him tightly, her nails raking across his back as she pulled her other leg up to hug his hips. He grunted as he thrust into her, the wall behind her and his body the only things keeping her up. Sam buried her head against his shoulder, gasping desperately as he jerked his hips up, pounding into her honey pot, his movements strong and confident, as though he knew exactly what to do to drive her crazy.
  2854.     And the sounds Sam made only showed testament to that. "O-oh God, J-jon!" she mewled, voice shuddering with every one of his thrusts. He pressed his lips against her neck, tasting the slight tang of sweat mixing with the water that poured down on them. He moved at a slow but strong pace, savoring the heat of her tight pussy and feeling her muscles pulse and throb around him. Her nails drew thin lines down her back as she leaned her head back against the shower wall, giving him free access of her neck.
  2856.     He kisses the underside of her chin. "I love you," he whispered again, murmuring it like a personal mantra. Sam shivered and cupped the back of his head, moving to bury her face against his neck. So many things had held her back, so many bad memories engrained into her mind that she'd never been able to say it out loud. But finally, she knew how she felt, and was finally able to return the feeling.
  2858.     "I love you too."
  2860.     Jonathan's slate eyes brightened before he kissed her deeply, channeling his love and passion into the simple contact. That more than anything sent Sam over the edge as her pleasure consumed her, rocking her body to the core. It was as though a new connection had been established between them, a permanent bond forming at the mutual feeling of love. Jonathan finished soon after, descending into a blissful haze. They both were still, just holding each other and listening to the sound of water hitting the tiles and the steady flow of their breath.
  2862.     Sam nearly slipped as she got back onto her own feet, but Jonathan held her up, chuckling quietly. "Nice way to start the morning," he panted, his eyes bright. Sam gave a short laugh before leaning against his chest, closing her eyes as she tried to catch her breath. Jonathan gave her one last kiss and Sam smiled as she felt him pour some shampoo onto her head before working into a nice lather. She returned the favor and grabbed some soap before she started washing his chest. She wrapped her arms around him to get his back but stopped at his hiss.
  2864.     He tried to peer over his shoulder to see what had caused the unexpected pain. "What the hell did you do?" he asked.
  2866.     Sam turned him around before giggling at the scratch marks over his back and shoulders. "Sorry," she said and kissed between his shoulder blades before gently cleaning the area, being sure not to rub too hard. Jonathan squirmed at first but the sting eventually wore off and he relaxed under her touches.
  2868.     After a few moments of nothing but the sound of water hitting marble, Jonathan spoke. "I have a? thing to go to tonight," he said, not sounding too excited.
  2870.     Sam didn't pause in her washing as she lathered up his arms. "What thing?"
  2872.     "I don't know if you realize this but? it's been a year exactly since I bought you," he said quietly. "The event I'm going to tonight is the Ginger Inc. auction? the same one I bought you at last year." Sam stopped her washing and Jonathan turned to look at her. "I want to ask you to come with me," he said quietly.
  2874.     Sam bit her lip uncertainly. The place still gave her nightmares. She shivered as she remembered the feeling of standing up on the podium as strangers raised their numbers to bid. "Why?" she asked quietly.
  2876.     Jonathan gave a small smiled and tilted her face up, kissing her gently. "Because God knows I could use some civilized company while I'm there," he said, a hint of pleading in his voice.
  2878.     Sam frowned at him but sighed in resignation. "I'll go," she said quietly.
  2880.     "Thank you," he said sincerely before kissing her forehead and holding her tight as the shower washed off the soap. He was required at the event, but in all honesty, he didn't want to be without her tonight. Something about leaving her here on the closest thing they had to an anniversary just didn't sit well with him. "If it makes you feel any better, I have something for you to wear," he said after a moment. Sam looked up at him suspiciously. Usually events like these were something she went naked too.
  2882.     Jonathan grinned and kissed her nose. "You'll see," he said with a wink.
  2883.     *
  2885. >>      Only Some of the Time 09/01/02(Fri)01:41 No. 12989
  2887.     Sam couldn't help but grin as she looked at the little black dress he'd picked out for her. It still showed enough skin to be acceptable of a ginger, but it was comfortable and it was /cute/! The black silky material hung down to her mid thigh and a long slit cut up the side, all the way to the shoulder. It hung more like a toga than a dress, but had little pieces of black material across the gap that kept the dress from falling off. "I love it," she said as Jonathan opened the door to their waiting car.
  2889.     "I thought you would," he chuckled and kissed her cheek before sitting down next to her in the back of the limo. "I also brought this," he said and brought out the delicate silver necklace with the black onyx teardrop dangling from the end that he had given her the night he'd taken her out in disguise. She lifted her hair for him as he draped it around her neck. "You look beautiful," he said quietly. "Thank you for coming with me."
  2891.     Sam gave him a small smile. "Of course," she said quietly.
  2893.     The car drive seemed to take no time at all, and soon, they were looking at the elegant building, lit up with spotlights. Jonathan sighed before taking her hand. "Time to face the crowds again," he said heavily as the car door opened. She allowed herself to be drawn out and shivered as the cold air caressed her skin. Jonathan came up beside her and put his arm around her shoulders to help keep her warm as they walked down the parted group of people towards inviting front doors.
  2895.     Jonathan ignored the flash of camera lights and the shouts of the crowd, trying not to read the signs some of the protestors held. Of course they'd show up at an event like this. He couldn't help but notice from the sheer? volume of the crowd that many more had showed up. Was it because this was such a big event, or were they actually gaining some popularity?
  2897.     Sam moved closer to him before a light smirk spread across her face. She leaned up and kissed her master's cheek before shooting a cheeky grin at a woman holding a sign, nearly laughing at her dumbstruck look. The paparazzi flashed pictures furiously and the crowd seemed to only grow louder. God, these people must think her life was nothing but misery and woe, and all this talk of Jonathan being some sort of medieval slave driver was starting to irk her. She heard Jonathan's quiet chuckle and he ran his fingers through her hair as they finally made it to the front of the building, leaving the lights and crowds behind like a bad memory.
  2899.     Even after a year, the interior of the auction hall amazed her. High crystal chandeliers hung down above the marble floor, sending rainbows skittering across the smooth surface. Red and gold curtains hung from the walls and gave the room an ethereal glow. They were separated from the large raised podium by a sea of people, their talk an incomprehensible murmur that failed to drown out the string quartet playing in the corner. She hadn't noticed the little details the last time she'd been here. The room really was stunning, but the people that milled around were even better. She recognized some faced from previous events, like the mayor and his wife, as well as the slave owner Sara and her two redheaded twins. The two saw Sam from across the room and waved a hand in greeting before turning to whisper in hushed voices.
  2901.     Jonathan chuckled as he led her into the room, noticing Lin and Rin's looks. "They look happy to see you," he teased.
  2903.     Sam blushed even as she returned the wave. "They would be, after molesting me the last time I saw them," she said quietly.
  2905.     Jonathan grinned and accepted a glass of champagne from a passing ginger. "Just stay close to me," he said as he headed into the crowd.
  2907.     The ginger sighed, but followed after him, preparing herself for another evening of listening to him talk. He soon found Richard and a few other well dressed men milling around and Sam knelt down by his feet as the group greeted him loudly. She huffed and leaned against his leg, vaguely registering that she didn't hear a certain boisterous voice. She glanced up and realized why when she saw Richard's eyes trained right on her, as though he wasn't even paying attention to what the others were saying. She swallowed and ducked down slightly, as though trying to make herself seem even smaller.
  2909.     A slight scowl tinted the older man's face before he discreetly motioned for Sam to follow him. Her immediate response was to look away from him and pretend she hadn't seen, yet she caught him out of the corner of her eye, standing alone in the throng of people and sipping at a glass of champagne. She bit her lip, knowing he wouldn't dare try anything with her in such a public setting, and finally, curiosity won out and she started to scoot away from her master. He was too absorbed in his conversation to notice the slight weight against his leg disappear as Sam ducked back towards Richard. She stayed kneeling and looking up at him warily.
  2911.     Richard finished off his glass before glancing down at her. Sam glared at him openly, not caring that it wasn't an acceptable behavior from a ginger. Richard sighed before he shifted his weight awkwardly. "I need you to do me a favor, ginger," he said quietly, his voice barely audible over the constant murmur of the crowd around him. "He won't listen to me when I say he needs to hire a bodyguard, and I doubt /you/ can do much, but just try and keep him safe. Try and stay with him. The Anti-Ginger groups you had to walk through outside are getting more bold. I'm afraid they're going to do something drastic, but God no, of course Jonathan won't listen to me," he huffed, going off into a tangent.
  2913.     Sam looked at him warily for a long moment before she nodded. "I'll try," she said quietly.
  2915.     Richard snorted and straightened his tie, letting the awkward silence hang between them. "I'm not stupid, you know," he said and Sam had to stop herself from saying what was on her mind. "I know how he looks at you. I know what you mean to him. If anyone can convince him to see reason, it's you."
  2917.     Sam's eyes narrowed, but no matter how much she disliked the man, she realized Richard only had her master's wellbeing in mind. "How did you meet him?" she asked quietly.
  2919.     Richard looked at her sharply, and she could tell he didn't think it was proper for a ginger girl to be asking questions. He looked as though he was about to refuse before he sighed, like he was deflating. "I was a friend of his fathers before he passed away," he said simply. Sam didn't expect him to continue. "He's a good boy? take care of him," he said quietly.
  2921.     Sam looked at him in surprise before nodding again. Richard looked at her without really seeing her, as though he was seeing someone else sitting in her place, like he was remembering. He sighed and shook his head before waving his hand dismissively. Sam lingered for a moment longer until Richard turned and disappeared back into the crowd before she scooted back to her master's side, nuzzling his leg gently. Jon smiled down at her before running his fingers through her hair.
  2923.     "You seem to have tamed her out quite nicely Jon," someone in the congregated group said. Jonathan chuckled quietly and shook his head but was spared from answering when the lights flickered twice, signaling the start of the auction.
  2925.     Jonathan made his way to his seat, and though he knew he wasn't planning on buying anything tonight, his status earned him a seat in the front row. Sam stayed by his feet and rested her head against his knee, letting her hair shield her eyes from the podium. There was an applause as the auctioneer came out onto the stage and Sam sighed.
  2927.     "You aren't up there anymore," Jonathan said quietly. "This shouldn't upset you."
  2929.     Sam sighed and glanced up as the first ginger was forced onto the podium, a young girl, no more than ten. "Look at her face Jon," she said quietly as the little girl stood naked and crying in front of the crowd. "Look at her and realize what these people are going to do to her once they buy her." Jonathan was silent and Sam just shook her head as the bids started. She didn't see the tense look on her master's face.
  2931.     The auction continued and Jonathan never raised his number while Sam hid her face against his leg. She saw herself in too many of the slaves on stage and knew that very few would get as lucky as she did. A shivered ran through her as she thought of what would have happened if the other man bidding on her had won.
  2933.     It was a long hour before the auction finally ended and Jonathan got heavily to his feet. "Nothing catch your eye this year?" someone called and was rewarded with a few chuckles.
  2935.     It was only then that Sam saw the strained look on his face, as though he was battling with himself. "Come on Sam, we're going home," he said quietly and to her surprise, he helped her too her feet. Sam blushed and looked around at the dumbstruck looks on a few peoples face. Jonathan kissed her cheek before taking his coat off and draping it over her shoulders.
  2937.     Sam looked at him with wide eyes and she was sure she heard someone gasp. "What are you doing?" she asked, mouth barely moving. "Think of what they'll say!"
  2939.     Jonathan gave a small, strained smile before planting a soft kiss on her lips. "Let them talk." Without another word they walked out of the room, side by side, leaving the masses to gape.
  2941.     After that night at the auction, Jonathan seemed to avoid as many social situations as he could. He would take calls from home and have his paperwork delivered instead of going into the office. Sam was sure it was only stirring more questions, but she had to admit she was glad to have him home rather than out and about where she couldn't keep an eye on him. She'd taken her conversation with Richard to heart. She was just as worried about her master as his friend was, and now that he seemed to have gained the animosity of not just anti-ginger groups, but his own people as well, Sam was all too eager to have him at home more often.
  2943.     Rumors of him being a sympathizer were spreading, but Jon pretended not to care. Sam knew him better than that and could see right through his disguise. No matter how much he hated being in the spotlight at times, he had become accustomed to the attention. Now, with all this bad publicity from both sides of the spectrum, he was feeling the pressure.
  2945.     "You're more important," he'd told her one night. It was then that Sam realized he'd really chosen her over his own public image. It was as though he'd given up his social disguise, and even now Sam was surprised at how sincere her master could really be.
  2947.     One thing he wasn't willing to give up in his seclusion was the ginger fights, and Nathan's next one was coming up quick. Two weeks had passed and the big ginger had finally made it back on his feet and was training harder than ever to make up for time lost. And Sam was really getting a kick out of watching Jonathan help. The guy must really want him to win this next fight if he was willing to take a beating that bad.
  2949.     "Come on sir, I know it's been awhile since you trained with me, but you can't be that out of practice," Nathan taunted, his chest heaving as he circled his master.
  2951.     "Shut up," Jonathan snapped before charging the ginger. Nathan laughed and easily twisted to the side, grabbing his master's arm before flipping him over onto the padded mat. Jonathan went into a clumsy roll before stumbling back to his feet, knowing that Nathan could have easily incapacitated him while he fumbled around. "Shit, I'm not helping at all am I?" he panted.
  2953.     Nathan chuckled. "The entertainment is helping more than you'd think sir," he said respectfully and gained a laugh from Sam and Toren. Even Anessa had to smirk as she watched.
  2955.     "Ha ha ha," Jonathan said sarcastically before throwing a hard right hook. Nathan blocked with his forearm before twisting Jonathan's wrist into a full arm lock up to the shoulder. He let go only when his master tapped out.
  2957.     "No offense sir, but I've been in bed with the fever for the past week. This shouldn't be this hard for you," Nathan said, knowing from experience that his master fought better when he was pissed off.
  2959.     Jonathan roared before rushing the ginger, landing a hard punch on his stomach, breaking through his guard. Nathan grunted before backing up and aiming a roundhouse kick at his side. Jonathan blocked it as best as he could, wincing slightly at the impact to his forearm before rushing in again, getting close enough so Nate couldn't kick him again and delivering as many punches to his could to his exposed skin. Nathan blocked and retaliated as best as he could before finally managing to grab one of Jon's punches and tossed him to the ground again.
  2961.     "Better," Nathan panted as he looked down at his floored master. Jonathan gave a breathless laugh before taking Nathan's offered hand.
  2963.     The big ginger clapped him on the back as they both tried to catch their breath. Toren and Sam started applauding, laughing too much to be serious. Nathan chuckled and looked at his forearm where a large bruise was already growing. "Well, at least I got a nice battle scar," he said. "You're no worse than the last time we sparred, Jon," he added and tossed his master a water bottle
  2965.     "Says a book load about my sparring skills," Jonathan chuckled and failed utterly at catching the bottle. Sam beat him to it and handed it to him, giving him a kiss on his cheek. Jonathan smiled and took the water gratefully before downing a few long sips. "So, you feeling ready for tomorrow?" he asked Nathan at last.
  2967.     The big ginger wiped his mouth before grinning. "We'll find out," he said.
  2969.     Jonathan snorted. "I hope you feel a little more confident than that," he said. "I have a lot riding on this match." For some reason, the sly grin that Jon gave him made Nate think he was hiding something.
  2971.     Nathan grinned. "I won't let you down sir," he said.
  2973.     Jonathan clapped him on the shoulder. "Good man."
  2974.     *
  2975.     Nathan was calmer than Toren had ever seen him the next night as they walked up to the stadium. "You okay?" the boy asked uncertainly as he stuck close to Nathan's elbow.
  2977.     "Fine," the big ginger said, that familiar gleam in his eyes at the prospect of this next fight. Jonathan had refused to tell him who he was fighting, which made him all the more anxious, yet he wasn't about to let it show. The face you put on before the match was just as important as on the ring, and he wasn't going to betray how nervous he really was.
  2979.     Toren sighed, his stomach flipping uncomfortably as he followed him down to the locker rooms, hearing the roar of the fighters as they watched the current match on the big screen. Nathan offered the boy a small smile before kissing the top of his head before saying, "Go back up to Jon. I'll be fine kiddo, I promise."
  2981.     Toren swallowed before wrapping his arms around him in a tight hug. "Good luck," he said with a grin.
  2983.     Nathan smiled before pressing his lips against his in a chaste kiss. "Thanks T." He waited until Toren rounded the corner before entering the locker rooms and into the din. A group of fighters looked up as he entered and let out a cheer while those who had been rooting for Hex in the last match shot him a venomous glare. He just smirked before he started his stretches, working out every kink and muscle he could, focusing on his shoulder. It was still a bit stiff, but after he warmed up, it shouldn't hinder him.
  2985.     His eyes scanned the room and he couldn't help but smirk as he saw his old adversary, still sitting here to watch, even though he had a cast wrapped around the length of his leg. His mistress must have brought him along to watch the fights even though her ginger couldn't compete. "On come on!" Hex yelled, looking apoplectic in his anger. "Kick that faggot's ass!" he yelled at the screen before tossing his towel against the ground. Someone snickered and Hex turned his eyes to the ginger. Nathan followed his gaze and saw a man that looked oddly? familiar, yet he couldn't place a name to him.
  2987.     "You think somethin's funny, ass wipe?" Hex snarled, though half of his menace was stolen by the way he limped with his cast. Nathan even had to bite back a laugh at the thought of Hex picking a fight with anyone like that.
  2989.     "On no, of course not," the other ginger said, though he was grinning brightly, as though trying not to laugh himself.
  2991.     Hex limped towards the ginger, his face turning an ugly puce. "You mocking me faggot?" he hissed.
  2993.     Nathan rolled his eyes before stepping between Hex and the ginger. "I don't think your master would appreciate you getting you ass kicked again before you've even got that cast off, Hex," Nathan said amiably, though his eyes read a warning. Hex seemed to deflate at the look, obviously remembering the beating he'd taken from the big ginger the last time they'd met.
  2995.     He limped back over to his seat, but not before yelling at the new ginger, "Next time I see you, this foot's going up your ass, fresh meat!"
  2997.     Nathan snorted but ended up taking a seat next to the other ginger. "He's all talk. Fucking asshole," Nate muttered as he watched Hex grab his towel awkwardly from where he'd thrown it.
  2999.     The other fighter scoffed. "He's asking for a beating," he said.
  3001.     "Yeah, but I think you're automatically condemned to hell if you punch out a handicap person," Nathan said with a smirk.
  3003.     The fighter looked at him in surprise before he started laughing and Nathan felt his mood lighten considerably.
  3005.     "The name's Nathan," the fighter said before offering a hand.
  3007.     "Kraken," the other replied as he took the hand.
  3009.     Nathan's eyes widened. "Kraken as in /the/ Kraken? Like recently instated into the fighting circuit Kraken?" Nathan asked.
  3011.     Kraken couldn't help but grin. "Yup, that's me," he said as he looked the other over, seeing Nathan do the same. So here was the fighting legend that people claimed he couldn't beat. He looked exactly like he remembered from watching his fights on television years before.
  3013.     "I keep hearing all those sports casters talking about a fight between us," Nathan chuckled.
  3015.     Kraken grinned. "It'll still be awhile for that. I've still got a full season of playing catch up to make it back into the master's bracket again."
  3017.     Nathan tsked. "You're slackin! Gotta catch back up," he teased and clapped him on the shoulder. "I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to the day."
  3019.     Kraken grinned at his enthusiasm, remembering when he used to have that same attitude about the fights. "We'll have the press pissing themselves," he chuckled.
  3021.     The two of them continued to talk, ignoring the fights that played out on the screen except to poke fun at the gingers that were standing around the television screens cheering. For the first time ever, Nathan was able to just sit back and relax a bit before a fight. He hadn't made many friends in the ring, to say to least, so it was good to have someone to talk to.
  3023.     Nathan was interrupted in mid sentence by the old overhead speaker. " Attention! The following fighters are to engage in hand-to-hand combat in the next event! M1969, AKA Kraken! Q2334 AKA Nathan! I repeat! The following fighters are to?" Nathan looked at Kraken, dumbfounded before a grin spread across his face. No wonder Jonathan wouldn't tell him who he was fighting! Shit, he must have a ton riding on this to have a match set aside for the two of them.
  3025.     He cracked his knuckles as he stood up. "Looks like we get our chance to make the media wet themselves afterall," he laughed.
  3027.     Kraken didn't look nearly as excited, but he managed to force a grin as they made their way to the arena exit. They were stopped by the security guard who held out his hand expectantly. "Identification please," he said and Nathan presented his wrist with the bar code like tattoo etched into his skin. The man scanned it with a small device and heard it beep excitedly. "You, blue entrance." He scanned Kraken's wrist as well, gaining a similar noise from the device. "Red entrance," he said and pointed the opposite way.
  3029.     Nathan grinned brightly. "I would say good luck but," he said with a laugh before waving.
  3031.     Kraken looked at him and swallowed. "Nate, if anything happens..."
  3033.     Nathan chuckled. "I won't hold it against you. And you do the same for me," he said before waving as he turned off towards his exit.
  3035.     The walk seemed to stretch on forever as the dark corridor snaked around under the arena. Kraken fought to keep his sanity as a familiar primal force competed with him for control of his body. Dread pulsed through his body like a living being at the thought of fighting Nathan. How could he go up against his only friend in the arena?
  3037.     "No," he whispered, "I will not fight him. I will not fight him. I will not fight him?" Kraken continued to make his way through the stone hallway, stopping only once to calm his nerves. A small light poked through the darkness, teasing Kraken with the promise of escape. Slowly, the opening grew wider with every step, the roar of the crowd growing in Kraken's ears. "I will not fight him. I will not fight him. I will not fight him?"
  3039.     A slow chuckle broke his concentration. Kraken looked up to see the silhouette of a bald man in the light holding what looked like a leash. Mendez's voice echoed in the hallway as he spoke.
  3041.     "I hope you like what I did for you," he mocked. Kraken clenched his fists and continued to make his way towards the Chairman.
  3043.     "You rigged the match," he growled.
  3045.     "Please!" the Chairman laughed, "Anyone could have done that the way this place is run. You give me too little credit." Mendez shifted his posture revealing what was on the other end of the leash. Kraken squinted to make out the figure. It was a little girl. Could it be?
  3047.     "I put a lot of work into what I did for you, Kraken," The Chairman continued. "I persuaded the judges to enter you into the circuit under the top bracket, I managed to convince the arena manager to break from the schedule, and to top it all off, I even got Nellis to wager something more? interesting? than money.
  3049.     "It's quite simple really, Kraken. Everybody has their secrets even-"
  3051.     "Rebecca!" Kraken sprinted for the little ginger sitting Indian style on the floor, swallowing her unresponsive body with a massive hug. Mendez smiled as he finished his sentence.
  3053.     "Even you."
  3055.     "Rebecca!" Kraken cried, hugging her tighter. "Are you alright? Did he hurt you? What happened? ? Rebecca?" Kraken looked down at the girl in his arms. Her once eager, baby blue eyes had faded to a dull gray and fought to look somewhere other than at him. Her hair was disheveled and unkempt, and her delicate frame shivered in his grasp. Kraken rose to face the Chairman, rage slowly consuming his body like an invading army.
  3057.     "What did you do to her?" he snarled. He had hurt his Rebecca. His Rebecca. Kraken suddenly didn't care that the match had been rigged, or that his friend's master had been blackmailed. He had hurt his Rebecca. He would pay.
  3059.     "Well," Mendez stated nonchalantly, "When she left the kennel she thought she ruled the world." Mendez took a small silver knife out of his pocket and flipped it open, revealing its serrated smile. "She needed to be broken," he sighed, staring at Rebecca, drawing a quiet yelp from her body.
  3061.     The last thread of Kraken's sanity snapped. With a mighty cry, he swung at the Chairman as hard as he could.
  3063.     "Josiah! NO!"
  3065.     Kraken froze, his fist inches away from The Chairman's face.
  3067.     "Josiah," Rebecca whimpered, "Please, don't do it." Kraken lowered his fist, confused. Mendez laughed.
  3069.     "Now do you see the power of secrets?" He asked. "I could have come down here and talked to you until I was blue in the face, and nothing would have happened, but," he pulled the girl by the leash towards him and held the knife against her throat. "I pull one little string," Mendez licked the side of her face, drawing out a stifled sob from her body, "and I already have you rutting like the animal you are." Kraken took a step towards the Chairman.
  3071.     "Ah ah ah?" he mocked, pressing the knife tighter against her neck, drawing out another sob. Kraken froze again. "If you want to hold your precious Rebecca again, you're going to have to win the fight, understand?" Kraken was silent. Mendez pressed the knife even harder into the little ginger's neck, drawing blood. Rebecca yelped.
  3073.     "Yes! I understand!" Kraken cried. Mendez smiled.
  3075.     "Good, I’m glad we understand each other." Mendez folded the knife before placing it in Kraken's hand with a meaningful look. Kraken looked down at the weapon with wide eyes before closing his hand around it, feeling like it was cutting into his hand. "Come, darling," Mendez cooed, tugging on Rebecca's leash, "We mustn't distract your little Josiah any further." Kraken stared helplessly as Rebecca and the Chairman slowly faded into the dark hallway.
  3077.     "Wait!" he finally shouted. Only silence answered his plea, and his heart sank. What could he have known that would push Nathan's master to make an "Interesting" bet? More importantly, what did he bet? Kraken stared through the Plexiglas door at the arena. Nathan had already been waiting on him with a wide grin, rallying the crowds. He doesn't know, he thought. He doesn't know. Taking a deep breath, Kraken opened the door and stepped into the arena. He felt his body slowly succumb to the primal beast in his stomach. His muscles tightened, his pupils narrowed, his hands steadied. Nathan turned and saw that he had entered the ring. With a grin, he pointed at Kraken and started charging.
  3079.     Kraken's vision blurred; the beast was almost free. "Forgive me, Nathan," He whispered. Kraken closed his eyes and felt himself slowly float off into unconsciousness.
  3080.     "Ha ha! Look at them go!" Jonathan cried. God, he hadn't been this excited for a fight in years! And this was living up to his every expectation. Nathan, the more tactical fighter against a true berserker like Kraken.
  3082.     Toren looked dumbstruck. "I can't believe you arranged this," he breathed as Nathan and Kraken attacked furiously, exchanging blows so fast it was hard to tell who had the upper hand. To tell the truth, the two looked evenly matched.
  3084.     "I gave Mendez an offer he couldn't refuse," Jonathan said, his eyes riveted to the scene below. He didn't notice Anessa tense slightly where she sat.
  3086.     "I can't watch," Cassie muttered and buried her head against Toren's shoulder as the boy pressed his hands against the glass separating them from the ring below, eyes wide with a sort of fascinated horror.
  3088.     Sam gaped at the two gingers. She'd seen fights before, but nothing like this. It was like watching two gladiators battling to the death. Neither backed down, neither showed mercy, yet both seemed capable of taking every blow that hit their exposed skin. She watched as bruises formed, blood started to appear, yet neither of them showed any signs of fatigue.
  3090.     Nathan roared as he grabbed Kraken's punch before flipping him over onto the ground, quickly trying to pin him. His blood pounded in his ears, drowning out everything from the roar of the crowd to the thoughts in his own head, allowing him only to focus on the moment. This was what he lived for. The adrenaline coursed through his system like wildfire as he bore down on the man below him, twisting his arm to the breaking point. Self preservation blocked the conversations they'd had in the locker room, blocked the fact that he'd considered Kraken a friend. All that was left was his sheer fighting instinct that had been bred and raised into him for years.
  3092.     Kraken grabbed Nathan's hands and lunged to the side, flipping them and breaking Nate's grip in the process. Nathan vaguely noticed how the ginger stayed quiet almost to the point where it was disconcerting. Nathan pushed the distracting thought aside, but it was a second to late as Kraken's foot made contact with his chest and the older ginger kicked him away.
  3094.     They were both back on their feet in seconds, circling each other once more as they panted for breath, looking for an opportunity, any opportunity to charge. Kraken charged first and tackled the ginger, fists hammering relentlessly into whatever part of Nathan he could find. Nathan felt the air whoosh out of him with a particularly good hit before he managed to kick him away. Nathan didn't bother to catch his breath and he charged, though he felt like he had make contact with a brick wall as he ploughed into the other man. This needed to end. Kraken planted his feet and pushed back with all his might, one hand reaching around Nathan in a way that almost looked like a hug while his other reached into his pocket, fingers folding around the pocketknife. This needed to end.
  3096.     His eyes made contact with Nathan's as he flicked the knife open in his pocket, all sense of humanity lost. Nathan's eyes widened, realizing that the man he had talked to just minutes before was no longer there. /This/ was Kraken, and for the first time in his life, Nathan felt afraid. Kraken roared, a feral noise that sent chills right down Nate's spine, as he pulled the knife out and plunged the blade directly into Nathan's stomach. It was more than satisfying to feel the hard body give to its sharp edge and Kraken bared his teeth in a animalistic grin. And so it ended. Nathan barely saw the glint of metal before the knife found its sheath in his body.
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