Milf can learn new tricks (sneak peek)

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  1. It was night time at loud house Lincoln laying down on he bedroom reading comics.
  3. Lincoln: it Friday is best no school,relaxing and dad took sister's to he parents/grandparent house for the weekend's it just me and my mom o pet's too but they sleeping.
  5. Someone knock on Lincoln
  7. Lincoln: come in
  9. Open door it Rita loud holding 8 boxes of tissue in her Right arm and putting down boxes of tissue on bed.
  11. Rita:Lincoln sweetish you have timing I need talk to it serious.
  12. Lincoln:what is it mom and why you have some must tissue ?
  13. Rita:for your habit first how you and Ronnie you know your relationship  with her ?
  14. Lincoln:well it normal/natural we not like goggle couple.
  15. Rita:that good well today afternoon I finding your sock's in dirty clothes.
  17. Rita take Lincoln sock and push on it make crunchy sound.
  19. Lincoln:uhhhh mom well I explain I was....
  20. Rita: don't lie Lincoln I known you was Masturbation reason why I bough tissue don't using you're sock I not wanted your dry sperm mixing with my good clothes it nature your body changed it puberty
  21. Lincoln:o right mom I stop touch my self no more.
  22. Rita:I don't mean you stop I just saying use tissue not sock for your little Lincoln time.
  23. Lincoln:Mom ?
  24. Rita:hahaha Lincoln what you masturbation tool.
  25. Lincoln:uhhhh to porn like video,photo's and once in bathroom.
  26. Rita:you ever masturbation to your one of older sister's.
  27. Lincoln:what no ?
  28. Rita:come on it incest but never fine Lori,leni,Luna,luan or lynn attractive
  29. Lincoln:,no?
  31. Rita push her arm on Lincoln back and hand on he leg.
  33. Rita:or me.
  34. Lincoln: what?
  35. Rita:come on Lincoln I see you looking at me time to time plus you known about sex right.
  36. Lincoln:right I watching every time I was alone.
  37. Rita:well
  39. Rita stand up unbuttoned her shirt taking off her shoe's well and put down her pants down and Lincoln blushing
  41. Lincoln:mom what are you doing ?
  42. Rita:look soon I don't want Ronnie or girl take my baby virginity your father and I don't make love or have sex for 2 years now I sick using my toys keep under my bed and now take you clothes off Lincoln and leave your underwear on.
  43. Lincoln: OK mom
  45. Lincoln take he clothes off but not he underwear rita kissing Lincoln and lay top of he on bed.
  47. Rita:I going teaching you about fucking you mean known it about bird's and bees but you never experience dear now look see how you feel I rubbing my pussy on you're little penis
  49. (To be continue)
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