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  1. ---Chapter 3; Potentially Uncontrolable---
  2. "Now... I'll switch it up."  Nephthys' earthen shell shatters as it erupted into flames.
  3. (Nephthys Masry)
  5. The man tilted his head to the side for a moment before chuckling. He prepared his staff in his left hand, since his right wrist was broken as he prepared for another fight.
  6. (Aeton Hawk)
  7. ------------------------------
  8. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 6
  10. Nephthys lands having shifted auras on instinct, the magi using the four elements in unison... However the spark from the battle set something up from the Sarradian… for a moment with the final blow.... All the same thing happened from that day... The elements coming out as a final blaze of glory, all of them surrounding the magi as the last attack blasted through with all four flying towards Aeton… Though it was too much force for a spar.
  12.  "Holy shit, too much force...!"
  14. The sarradian shifted the winds for the explosive attack to be let loose above, which caused it to rain down hot water... As if the jungle wasn't muggy enough. Though the power came randomly and suddenly..., in a way Desert's Fury was entirely possible but could it even be controlled?
  16.  "...Ever since I began training this technique... It's been doing stuff like this, sending waves of energy at people... or... occasionally exploding in my face. How did people control Desert's Fury at all..? It seems like more of a hindrance now that my mana circuits are used to doing this."
  18. The mainlander sighed, wondering how to go about any of this. The tanned magi didn't exactly want to accidently barbeque allies.
  19. (Nephthys Masry)
  20. --------------------------------
  21. The male chuckled for a moment, having lost the spar as he picked himself back up from the ground. He'd tilt his head towards Nephthys before chuckling once more. The battle between them he honestly felt like he did better the first time however with his injuries he always figured he was going to lose this fight against the other Magi.
  23. He'd nod taking a drag off his cigarette and giving Nephthys a shrug. "I haven't the slightest clue Nephthys. All I know is you need to keep training, and when you are finally done don't forget about your ol' pal here I could be some help if you need it." He'd quickly state before moving away back towards the group that was gathering around the sparing grounds. It was rather strange, but regardless of what was going on there was always a group of people that would eventually come to check out a fight. He noted this for the near future as it may be problematic.
  24. (Aeton Hawk)
  25. --------------------------------
  26. Aeton Hawk says, "Oi, Nephthys you should see how Jim here moves in battle."
  27. Nephthys Masry says, "He sounds like an aeromancer, and of course I wouldn't forget about you. Though I should learn how to control these abilities soon, if I don't this wild magic... will make it very hard to be a magi. Heh."
  28. -------------------------------
  29. Roland would move his hands in a sincere apologizing way. Even the Coyotl might not remember.
  30. (Roland)
  31. ------------------------------
  32. Coyotl would merely squint. What in the hell was this guy doing? The semi feral would reach out to the man's collar and attempt to drag them in Neph's direction, not really reading into the air.
  34. Neph!! O dnauf ne udroiw. ih sikem ignerts stnimivum!"
  36. The ookami would point at Roland as he held his collar.
  37. (Coyotl)
  38. -----------------------------
  39. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 5
  41. Nephthys was sitting juggling the four basic elements but only in his palm, looking down at it with a bit of disdain. While they seemed fully stable for the moment in the palm, the powers of the four seemed uncontrollable in combat. They came together randomly with lethal force, the Sarradian even almost roasted a friend in practice combat... Thankfully the seemed stable while using magic similar to a child.
  43.  "What do I do to make this not accidently hurt myself or others..."  He mumbled to himself with a sigh.
  45. He continued to juggle the elements in his palm as Coyotl ended up needing an explanation of the movements Roland had made with a little effort consciously.
  47.  "Ullih, Coyotl. O knoht s'ih gnoyrt ut izogulupe, ruf tehw O t'nud wunk."  The rolling of the tongue pointed to the language being Sarradian, and it seemed very excessive. Almost to a fault, but shifting back to explain to the person Coyotl just hauled over.
  49.  "He has no idea what you're doing, I apologize in advance as he's... very hands on and only speaks in Sarradian and barks."  Chuckling a bit, as this was fairly normal in town.
  50. (Nephthys Masry)
  51. ------------------------------------
  52. Dan Dogslayer says, "Neph."
  53. Dan Dogslayer says, "Wake up."
  54. Nephthys Masry asks, "Hmm?"
  55. Dan Dogslayer says, "Take me to Levengard. I have an important letter."
  56. Dan Dogslayer says, "And step on it."
  57. Dan Dogslayer is now following you.
  58. Nephthys Masry says, "Okay."
  59. Dan Dogslayer exclaims, "Rapido! Andele!"
  60. Dan Dogslayer says, "Wait here for me."
  61. Dan Dogslayer says, "Time to go."
  62. Nephthys Masry says, "Okay, sounds like it was a success."
  63. Dan Dogslayer says, "Hardly."
  64. Dan Dogslayer says, "Once again, I encountered the same gang of racist little guttersnipes."
  65. Dan Dogslayer is now following you.
  66. Dan Dogslayer says, "Completely lacking in any moral qualities and empathy, of course."
  67. Nephthys Masry says, "...Lovely... I hate em already."
  68. -----------------------------------
  69. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 1
  71. Of course earlier before Dan arrived, with Dan having been gone a while, so long the sun began to rise the Sarradian would sit down and make tea using magic, thankfully having leftover tea leaves in his bag... Making some water through mana.. putting it into a pot and boiling it wasn't too hard. It was finished in a short time, making it easy to pour into a cup to wait.
  73. -In a way... Tea uses all four elements in harmony, made with water, earth and fire... then the steam dances into the air. A lot more things seem to do this, yet my magic seems to fight being used in harmony with either itself... Or being controlled by me. It's such a wild technique, it's possible... but did anyone control it?
  75. Did the power... control them instead?-  The thoughts rattled his brain, it was such a pain to think about, on top of all that he hoped Dan was okay. He sat by the library sitting tea, eventually he decided it was time for more practice since the Sarradian had nothing else to do in Levengard on this so called mission.
  77. He melded the elements... one by one.
  79. Heat of the sun,
  80. Howling winds,
  81. Raging sands,
  82. Mercy of the Oasis...
  84. However... the elements started to merge. They began to separate but it was forced... The elements tugged more as the tanned magi did... The force of both tugging at full force as the elements fought the owner until they separated... explosively.
  86. In a blast that knocked everything away, also landing onto his back... A shattered cup... He went to getting the glass cleaned up, as well as putting the pot away... Sitting in silence now, so much for a relaxing practice.
  88.  -I... I'll just wait and try not to show Dan that I exploded...-
  89. (Nephthys Masry)
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