Mar 26th, 2014 (edited)
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  1. dane dehaan: No, you already said that you have, twice. Point taken. I don't know how telling me you're sad about something that was a bit out of line to askin the first place doesn't translate to guilting. Especially when I explained why.
  2. elizabeth henstridge: I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry. For everything. I fucked up, it's my fault, I shouldn't have said anything about it at all.
  3. dane dehaan: Do you at least see my side of things? I'm sorry for hurting your feelings. I don't really think you're bossy, and that was really mean of me.
  4. elizabeth henstridge: I feel like I should say yes just to end this conversation, but no, not really, I don't. And I'm upset and I just don't want to talk about it anymore. My make up is all ruined now so I can't even leave because I look like a maniac.
  5. dane dehaan: We don't have to talk about it.
  6. elizabeth henstridge: We can't just leave it unresolved. You'll be in a bad mood all night and I'll keep crying until I make myself sick.
  7. dane dehaan: I don't want to force you to talk about something you'd rather not.
  8. elizabeth henstridge: But we can't leave it unresolved, I already know that.
  9. elizabeth henstridge: I want to go house hunting, I'm sorry I said that.
  10. elizabeth henstridge: I'm afraid if we don't talk about it, you'll leave me, and I can't really breathe right now but we can try anyway.
  11. dane dehaan: I just...I thought it was unreasonable because you expected me to befriend her, and we're not on that level. Not saying she isn't nice, but all the times I've talked to her, conversation always falls pretty flat. It'd be one thing if you'd said like, to leave her a comment and cheer her up or whatever, but you expect us to be more than acquaintances, and we're not. And I didn't feel the need to say I thought the request was a bit strange, but then you said you were saddened by my reaction and it felt like a bigger thing. And I felt like my thoughts on it weren't being respected even after I'd explained myself.
  12. dane dehaan: I didn't mean to snap at you like I did, but it just made me angry.
  13. elizabeth henstridge: All I asked is if you would ask her for a custom and talk to her. I wasn't expecting there to be some big, blossoming friendship. I just.. thought it might make her feel cared about, to know people wanted to talk to her. And conversation in private customs is always different than in public. She doesn't even comment my updates, and when she does, she hardly ever keeps the conversation going. It's fine that you said no, and I even told you I wouldn't ask you to do anything that made you uncomfortable, but I guess I just felt that you were brushing aside something that I found important. If you asked me to reach out to one of your friends to make them feel like someone cared about them, I would do it without hesitating.
  14. elizabeth henstridge: It just.. I don't know, I guess I don't see how it's so strange for me to ask that. I know the two of you are only acquaintances, but you'll never not be acquaintances if someone doesn't try first, and Emily has a tendency towards the shy and is afraid to reach out first until she realises that people want to befriend her. It took her months to ask me for a custom, and I never even realised she was interested in talking to me. Not that I'm trying to defend it, because I get it, you're uncomfortable with it and you think it's weird, and I'm sorry. I won't ever ask something like that again.
  15. elizabeth henstridge: But.. you know, you can say that you don't really think I'm bossy and you just said it out of anger, but that really, really hurt and it came from a place of truth.
  16. elizabeth henstridge: Especially for you to ask if I'd like to instruct you on what to say. I mean, really. I'll roll over and apologise for everything else, but not that.
  17. dane dehaan: That's just it, I only ask people for customs if I feel like we can hold a conversation because otherwise, what's the point? It's clear you and I see that differently, and that's fine. And well, I wouldn't ask you to try and befriend someone you haven't really talked much to, so that's not really a fair point. And I'm not asking you to apologize for that, I'll admit it was an awful thing of me to say, and I'm sorry. But I wasn't going to apologize for how I felt about things, either. I'm entitled to how I feel.
  18. elizabeth henstridge: You are entitled to how you feel and I wouldn't change that, which is why I told you it wasn't a thing and didn't need to be a thing.
  19. dane dehaan: I always want to make you happy, so of course hearing you were sad over something made me react. But I didn't think it was fair to ask, either, and I didn't want to have to apologize for something I found unfair in the first place.
  20. elizabeth henstridge: We're very different people when it comes to friendship, that much has been made abundantly clear, so from now on, I'll just stay far away from the subject.
  21. elizabeth henstridge: God, I hate this word 'fair'. I hate it.
  22. elizabeth henstridge: I'm SO sorry that I asked you to reach out to someone I care about on the basis that you're a wonderful person, I really am. I won't ever, ever, ever, EVER do it again.
  23. elizabeth henstridge: From now on, you + my friends, very separate.
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