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  1. lobotjr: "555 viewers, that's like ffff Satan Jr" -LobosJr
  2. lobotjr: " alright gaping dragon your ass is my ass" LobosJr 2014
  3. lobotjr: "Are we broken? Can we never play with each other ever again?" LobosJR talking to Noobest
  4. lobotjr: "Are you guys fucking up my quotes?" - LobosJr
  5. lobotjr: "Are you shitting in my poop and feeding it to me?" -LobosJr
  6. lobotjr: "arrrgggh... SMOUGH TITS!" - LobosJr
  7. lobotjr: "Attunement slots are happy for me but they don't work if I don't have attunement slots!" - LobosJr singing
  8. lobotjr: "Back to mirror fucking." - LobosJr
  9. lobotjr: "Better stop doing BJs and start doing VJs!" - LobosJr
  10. lobotjr: "Bless my nipples! Look at that butt!" -LobosJr
  11. lobotjr: "BOIIIIIIIIING! That's the sound that it makes when I get a boner"
  12. lobotjr: "Cadance is a man slut." LobosJr
  13. lobotjr: "Can I punch the fire?" - LobosJr
  14. lobotjr: "Can I put it in my kootch? Nah, she put it in her boobs instead." - LobosJr
  15. lobotjr: "Cause I'm a scrub. Scrub-a-dub. Like a tub." - LobosJr
  16. lobotjr: "Ceaseless hates your face. Ceaseless kicks your balls into outer space." -LobosJr
  17. lobotjr: "CHEESE THAT WHICH CHEESE'TH YOU, YAH, Yee, yuh.. you.. I don't know.." - LobosJr
  18. lobotjr: "Christ in a chicken basket!" - LobosJr
  19. lobotjr: "Come here you slutty trees. Give me your buttholes." -LobosJr 2014
  20. lobotjr: "Cut that butt!" -Lobosjr
  21. lobotjr: "Damn it invisible podium scrotum!" -LobosJr
  22. lobotjr: "Dick in my butt. GRIGGS GO AWAY!" - LobosJr
  23. lobotjr: "Dickles!!" - LobosJr
  24. lobotjr: "Dog, you are a slutbag!" - LobosJr
  25. lobotjr: "Don't beard me into the hole." -LobosJr 2013
  26. lobotjr: dont close your little dick - lobosJr 2013
  27. lobotjr: "Dont close your little dick" - LobosJr 2013
  28. lobotjr: "Don't dance in your lava!" - LobosJr
  29. lobotjr: "Don't shoot your projectile all over my face!" - LobosJR 2014
  30. lobotjr: "Do the button do the button do the thing where you go invisible please OH FUCK!!" - LobosJr
  31. lobotjr: "Do you know what a penis looks like?" - Lobosjr
  32. lobotjr: "DP'd in da booty." -LobosJr
  33. lobotjr: "Dragon Dragon Butt Butt! Driggy Driggy Dragon Butt!" - LobosJr
  34. lobotjr: "Eat my Broken Straight Sword dick" - LobosJR
  35. lobotjr: "Eat my divine whip bitch!" - Lobosjr
  36. lobotjr: "Eat my shotgun in bed!" - LobosJr
  37. lobotjr: "Eat my Skull Lantern testicle dick" - LobosJr
  38. lobotjr: "EW GOD OH GOD JIZZ EW OH GOD IT'S STICKYYY" -LobosJr 2013
  39. lobotjr: "Eww Newdleee!" - Fieldy
  40. lobotjr: "Females are weird, I can do it with males no problem." LobosJR
  41. lobotjr: Fieldy: "God you're hideous" LobosJr: "Yeah"
  42. lobotjr: Fieldy: "I like her buttcheek." "Yeah, it's CUTE!" - LobosJr
  43. lobotjr: "Florida? I was in Florida recently for- OHHH GOD!" - LobosJr
  44. lobotjr: "Fuck a duckle-duck cock my suck!" - LoboSenpai 2013
  45. lobotjr: "Fuck" - Fieldy 2013
  46. lobotjr: "fuck...Fuck...FUUCK!!!" - LobosJR
  47. lobotjr: "Fucking get the shit away.. dickles!" - LobosJr
  48. lobotjr: Fucking lower your head bitch" - LobosJR
  49. lobotjr: "Fuck my ass in three pieces." -LobosJr
  50. lobotjr: "Fuck my life in half." - LobosJr
  51. lobotjr: "Fuck you, my life!" - LobosJr
  52. lobotjr: "Fuck your Poptarts!" - LobosJr
  53. lobotjr: "Funny thing, the big skeletons don't even see you... MAYBE THEY DO?! MAYBE THEY DO!" - LobosJr
  54. lobotjr: "Get backstabbed, cocker-spaniel-dick!" - LobosJR
  55. lobotjr: "Get me wood!" - LobosJr
  56. lobotjr: "Get pooped on like an orangutan" -LobosJr
  57. lobotjr: "Get your dick away from my dick!" - LobosJr
  58. lobotjr: "Give me your crescent moon dick!" - LobosJr
  59. lobotjr: "Goblin cock, that's the only cock that I like" -Lobosjr
  60. lobotjr: "God dammit, worst RNG ever in my dick." -LobosJr
  61. lobotjr: "God damnit wall... god.. damit.. wall.. I'ma poop on you wall." - LobosJr
  62. lobotjr: "God, his dick is just too large."
  63. lobotjr: "Goodbye Hellkite drake. It was nice knowing your asshole." - LobosJr
  64. lobotjr: "GRAB YOU MOTHERSHIT!" - LobosJr
  65. lobotjr: "GRIGGS, YOU TITFUCK!" - LobosJr
  66. lobotjr: "Guys donate left testicles to the stream, I need a left testicle" LobosJr
  67. lobotjr: "HAVE YOU SMOUGH HONOR?!" LobosJR 2014
  68. lobotjr: "He almost punched me, but I punched him first... with my diiick" -LobosJr
  69. lobotjr: "Hey! Go away... fart butts."
  70. lobotjr: "Hey, that's a seven-tiered dong thing." - LobosJr
  71. lobotjr: "Hey you're a bitch. Can you bleed?" - LobosJr on the subject of bitches.
  72. lobotjr: "Hit the boss with your diiiick" - LobosJr
  73. lobotjr: "Hold my butt, pls." - LobosJr
  74. lobotjr: "Holy Butts!" - LobosJr
  75. lobotjr: "Holy Cockmast... er... no, No I like Cockmast better. Like a ship." - LobosJr
  76. lobotjr: "Holy cowbutts! That's a cowboy butt; a cowbutt"
  77. lobotjr: "HOLY FUCKLES!" - LobosJr
  78. lobotjr: "Holy shit, that's a lotta dicks!" - LobosJr 2013
  79. lobotjr: "How did that hit my asshole?" - LobosJr
  80. lobotjr: "Huge dick? That's not me!" - LobosJr
  81. lobotjr: "I am a Mexican stealing everybody's jobs." - LobosJr
  82. lobotjr: "I am shit in a basket" -Lobosjr
  83. lobotjr: "I could have grasped that like... anybodys dick" - LobosJr
  84. lobotjr: "I couldn't hold crispy boobs in both hands, that would get hot." -LobosJR 2014
  85. lobotjr: "I crafted this character's ass with my own hands... and brain." -LobosJr
  86. lobotjr: "I didn't have a mom, I was just created out of nothingness." -LobosJr
  87. lobotjr: "I don't have a sack"
  88. lobotjr: "I don't speak Europe" - Lobosjr
  89. lobotjr: "If he had poked me there and killed me, I would have pooped in a bucket." - LobosJr
  90. lobotjr: "If I can get him to stomp on me once. On my dick." - LobosJr
  91. lobotjr: "If I die, I'm calling From Software and pooping on the telephone while I talk to them." - LobosJr
  92. lobotjr: "If I had one super power I would have gay bonahh" LobosJR 2013
  93. lobotjr: "If that angle was a number, it would be dicks" - LobosJr
  94. lobotjr: "If you join you grow huge boobs?!" - LobosJr
  95. lobotjr: "I get huge boobs? Oh yeah!" - LobosJr
  96. lobotjr: "I haven't read a book since Highschool!" - LobosJr
  97. lobotjr: "I have to many slaves!" - LobosJr
  98. lobotjr: "I just got dildoed... can't say i didn't like it" -LobosJR 2013
  99. lobotjr: "I just wanna get on him" - LobosJR
  100. lobotjr: "I know I do you all the time, oh shit I'm stuck inside of her" -Lobosjr
  101. lobotjr: "I know Mr. Brazzer himself, i'll just ring him on my ding, dong, phone, thing." - LobosJR
  102. lobotjr: "I like farting, that's it." - LobosJr
  103. lobotjr: "I like the penis it is it's tasteful" - LobosJR 2013
  104. lobotjr: "I literally had dicks in, and all around, my mouth" - LobosJr
  105. lobotjr: "I love you earthquake! Eat my dick, yes!"
  106. lobotjr: "I'm going to pee on a dog" -LobosJr
  107. lobotjr: "I'm gonna spray tranquilizing smoke all over you guys" - LobosJR
  108. lobotjr: "I'm homeward boning my sister" - LobosJr
  109. lobotjr: "I'm jerking off next to the tree" - LobosJr
  110. lobotjr: "I'm just going to wear your sister's clothes. It's ok" LobosJr
  111. lobotjr: "Imma grab dat ass boy. Mm. MMM mmm mmMMMMMM yeah!" - LobosJr
  112. lobotjr: "I'm not a man slut, stop calling me a man slut." -Cadance
  113. lobotjr: "I'm such a cute purple hollow" - LobosJr
  114. lobotjr: "I'm surrounded by drake dicks." - LobosJr
  115. lobotjr: "Incoming Dark Orb to my dick." - LobosJR 2014
  116. lobotjr: "I quite like the ass-ramen" - LobosJr on his favorite Ramen
  117. lobotjr: "I say a lot of non-Lobosy Things when I type" - LobosJr
  118. lobotjr: "Is this a giant transparent testicle we're talking to?" - LobosJr
  119. lobotjr: "It burns when I peeee" - LobosJr
  120. lobotjr: "It burns when I PvPee" - LobosJr
  121. lobotjr: "It can be homo, I don't care." - LobosJr
  122. lobotjr: "Itchy nose too stronk." - LobosJr
  123. lobotjr: "I thought that was a hollow coming from some random-ass place" - LobosJr
  124. lobotjr: "It's 4:30 in the morning for me so I should probably... play the Skryim theme" -Lobosjr 2013
  125. lobotjr: "It's a leech party!" - LobosJr
  126. lobotjr: "It's always bed of dicks. Cock of dicks. Bed of cocks." -LobosJr
  127. lobotjr: "It's your ballsack's birthday? Wouldn't that mean it's your birthday too?" - LobosJr
  128. lobotjr: "I use my vibrator when I go AFK" -LobosJr
  129. lobotjr: "I use my Vibrator when I go AFK" - LobosJr
  130. lobotjr: "I've basically made Dark Souls my bitch." - LobosJr
  131. lobotjr: "I've reached sexual orgasm." -LobosJr
  132. lobotjr: "I wanted to floppy penis her" -Lobosjr
  133. lobotjr: "I want that. COCK, BRING IT TO ME!"
  134. lobotjr: "I was gonna R2 his butt, but then he countered me..." -Lobosjr
  135. lobotjr: "I was too busy thinking about not eating Quelaag's soul out." -LobosJr
  136. lobotjr: "I will bleed you until you.. until I die" -LobosJr
  137. lobotjr: "I will just thrust my catalyst into his gaping dragon...repeatedly" - Lobosjr
  138. lobotjr: "I wish my boyfriend would take me to Disney on Ice" - LobosJR
  139. lobotjr: "Jump-fuck yo mamma." - LobosJr
  140. lobotjr: "Jump, you son of a cock!" - LobosJr
  141. lobotjr: "Just bring your ballsack over here and I'll fart in it." - LobosJr
  142. lobotjr: ""Just turn blue and your suffering will end!" LobosJR 2013
  143. lobotjr: *kisses Fieldy* "Goodnight sis!"
  144. lobotjr: "Lemme touch... your weiner." - LobosJr
  145. lobotjr: "Let just keep trading blows like this.. Lets just keep blowing eachother!" - LobosJr
  146. lobotjr: "Let me play your woofy thing!" - LobosJr
  147. lobotjr: "Let's see if I can do THIS fight.... Nope, I can't." - LobosJr
  148. lobotjr: "Let's see what a one-hander for level 25 goes for... cheap as dicks! Oh well." -LobosJR
  149. lobotjr: "Look at that face. Isn't it wonderful- OH I DIED, I DIED!" - LobosJr
  150. lobotjr: "Maximum warp towards those penises!" - FatWizard
  151. lobotjr: "MMMMMm! Sizzles da lips!"
  152. lobotjr: "MOVE OUT OF THE DOOR, NERD!" - LobosJr
  153. lobotjr: "My butt is here!" - LobosJr
  154. lobotjr: "My dog eats dead people" - TheFatWizard
  155. lobotjr: "My legs are seven times as long as the rest of my body. Did you know that?" -LobosJr
  156. lobotjr: Newdle107 is dumb. Kappa
  157. lobotjr: "No! Cock on your dick!" -LobosJr
  158. lobotjr: "NO! Don't... poop in me!" - LobosJr
  159. lobotjr: "Noooo! Cock on your dick!" - LobosJr, 2013
  160. lobotjr: Noooo - you fuck duck. -LobosJr 2013
  161. lobotjr: "Not dying is good." - LobosJr
  162. lobotjr: "Nothing touched my butthole" - LobosJr, whispering - 2013
  163. lobotjr: "Not the scoops!" - LobosJr
  164. lobotjr: "Now she needs to bend over so I can climb on her." - LobosJr
  165. lobotjr: "Now this guy has got some JUNK in his TRUUUNK! Are you kidding? This guy is fly!" -LobosJr
  166. lobotjr: "Of all of the places to poop in your butt..." - LobosJr
  167. lobotjr: "Oh ballsa..balls...balsamic vinaigrette!" - LobosJr
  168. lobotjr: "Ohh rocket dick....IN MY BUTT!" - Lobosjr
  169. lobotjr: "Oh my, I get royally denied! Like a prince." - LobosJr
  170. lobotjr: "Oh no I'm a fat again no!!!" - LobosJr
  171. lobotjr: "OH NOOO, SHEET HYPE!" - LobosJr
  172. lobotjr: "OH SHIT POWER RANGERS?!?!" *jams out - LobosJR
  173. lobotjr: "Oh, shittletits." - LobosJr
  174. lobotjr: "Oh what the shit is that dick?" -LobosJr
  175. lobotjr: "Oh you shitbutt." Fieldy
  176. lobotjr: "Oh you son of a sluttlebutt!" - LobosJr
  177. lobotjr: "Okay I'll just shoot that at the wall then. That's what he said." - LobosJr
  178. lobotjr: "One man, one jar...seven hookers" - LobosJr
  179. lobotjr: "OWWWW, HOLY SHIT! You've got a long dick, buddy." - LobosJr
  180. lobotjr: "Please slam your hand on my dick." -LobosJR
  181. lobotjr: "Poop in my butt." - LobosJr
  182. lobotjr: "Prepare yourself for the ANUS! Mananus. It's Man Anus. Just FYI" - LobosJr
  183. lobotjr: "Push into the vagina!" - LobosJr
  184. lobotjr: "Queequeg. Kellogg. Quelargh." - Lobosjr
  185. lobotjr: "Quit being a cockdick!" -LobosJr
  186. lobotjrr: "After this run I´m going to *** kids" - LobosJr
  187. lobotjrr: "Hey" - LobosJr
  188. lobotjr: "Rift it with a biscuit!!" - LobosJR
  189. lobotjr: "Rocks need to breathe right?" - LobosJR
  190. lobotjr: "Ruff hah woof hah dog hahahaha" - Lobos 2014
  191. lobotjr: "Sanic the Fudgehog!" - Lobosjr 2013
  192. lobotjr: "See that's his spinny dick" LobosJr
  193. lobotjr: "She anal probed him in his mouth" -Lobos
  194. lobotjr: "She mah brudda, yo!" - LobosJr
  195. lobotjr: Singing: "GAAY BONNAAHHH" - Lobosjr 2013
  196. lobotjr: (singing) "Hit the boss with your dick, gonna beat it in the dick with your own dick" - LobosJr
  197. lobotjr: *Singing "MY BOYFRIEND IS A SLUT!!!" - LobosJR
  198. lobotjr: "sit on me, AHHHH!!! " - LobosJr 2013
  199. lobotjr: "Slam your dick at me." - Lobosjr, 2014
  200. lobotjr: "So.. Logan got destroyed by a man serpent." - LobosJr
  201. lobotjr: "Squeeze your delicious juices. Do it." -LobosJr
  202. lobotjr: "Stats is code for penis!" - LobosJr
  203. lobotjr: "Stick your peeny in between my butt cheeks and give me a buner." - Fieldy
  204. lobotjr: "Stomp on my dick!" - LobosJr
  205. lobotjr: "Stop, Kappa time" - LobosJr 2013
  206. lobotjr: "Suck my Gwynevere" - LobosJr
  207. lobotjr: "Swoop at my face~" - LobosJR
  208. lobotjr: "Thanks for rubbing my titdonger." -Lobos 2014
  209. lobotjr: "Thank you for cumming all over my butt" - LobosJr
  210. lobotjr: "Thank you Satan" - LobosJR
  211. lobotjr: "That guy's upper lip is as big as my buttcheek." - LobosJr
  212. lobotjr: "That little penis dragon OP. Little penis dragon. Little penis." - LobosJr
  213. lobotjr: "That's a deep BJ" - LobosJr
  214. lobotjr: "THAT'S A...fuckduck" - Lobosjr
  215. lobotjr: "that's a shit on my butt. That is going to shit on my butt. Incoming Butt shitting" - LobosJr
  216. lobotjr: "That's fire in my asshole!" - LobosJr
  217. lobotjr: "That's not manly. Real men chase the butts." LobosJR 2014
  218. lobotjr: "That sprayed all over my face" - LobosJr 2013
  219. lobotjr: "They are already gathering to, uh...have fun with my butt." -LobosJr
  220. lobotjr: "Think long and hard like my mom's..... towel." -LobosJR
  221. lobotjr: "This boss is so massive, like my D!" LobosJR 2013
  222. lobotjr: "This is the room with the candles when I was the girl with the cute butt." - LobosJr
  223. lobotjr: "This is worse than when I stuck scissors in my dick." -LobosJR
  224. lobotjr: "This skip sucks penis in the butt" - LobosJr
  225. lobotjr: "Tickle my pickle with your dickle" - LobosJr singing
  226. lobotjr: "Uh-oh don't tail slam me bro!" - LobosJr
  227. lobotjr: "We got dog pee hype!" - LobosJr
  228. lobotjr: "We have to kill all of them! Every. Single. All of them." - LobosJr
  229. lobotjr: well it is a circular disk its just a dickhead instead -LobosJR 2013
  230. lobotjr: "Well, that's a dick in my eye." - LobosJr
  231. lobotjr: "Well that's a lot of dick spears in my chest...eroony. Chesteroony." - LobosJr
  232. lobotjr: "We were fapping, not anymore though." - LobosJr
  233. lobotjr: "What a little cockmaster" - LobosJr
  234. lobotjr: "What do you call a multicolored sea cow? A HUE.. HUE, Hue-manatee. Humanity" - LobosJr
  235. lobotjr: "What is your dick?" -Lobosjr
  236. lobotjr: "What're you doin' there?! What am I doing HERE?!" - LobosJr
  237. lobotjr: "What's that thing you have 10 of? It looks like a Dick" - Fieldy about Metroid Missles
  238. lobotjr: "What the tits, Mega Man!?" - LobosJr
  239. lobotjr: "What whiskey do I like? Yes." - LobosJr
  240. lobotjr: "when am i gonna make out with vaati on stream? ...tomorrow."
  241. lobotjr: "When am I not asking for a pounding BJ?" - LobosJr
  242. lobotjr: "When he's almost dead, it's dicks in your butt!" - LobosJr
  243. lobotjr: "Whoa you went up on that didn't you? Yes you did." -LobosJr
  244. lobotjr: "Who wants it? Who wants the D? You on the right? You want it?!?"
  245. lobotjr: "Why would this not be live? This is twitch.tv, home of all the best - FUCK!" - LobosJr
  246. lobotjr: "Yea, bequeath your Lordvessal all over my face." - LobosJr
  247. lobotjr: "Yeah, fizzy boobs gives me a boner too." - LobosJr
  248. lobotjr: "Yeah I'm gonna firebomb Bed of Dicks cuz screw Bed of Dicks." -LobosJr
  249. lobotjr: "Yer a wizard, Monkey." -LobosJr
  250. lobotjr: "YES! Taste the delicious awesomeness of ballsack!" -LobosJR
  251. lobotjr: "YOU BEAR FUCKER" - Lobos
  252. lobotjr: "You fucking Ornstein cocker!"
  253. lobotjr: "You have to have a good time before you choke" -LobosJr
  254. lobotjr: "You might even say I suck swords" - Lobos
  255. lobotjr: "You only need a huge dick if you're kicking with your dick." - LobosJr
  256. lobotjr: "You're a big nutbuddy buttmuncher... buttmom." - LobosJr
  257. lobotjr: "You're going to make me rip my dick off"
  259. lobotjr: "You son of a cock!" -LobosJR
  260. lobotjr: "You son of a ding dong master butt!"- Lobosjr
  261. lobotjr: "You son of a FrankerZ" - LobosJr
  262. lobotjr: "You son of a slut dog" - LobosJR 2013
  263. lobotjr: "You son of dick." - LobosJr
  264. lobotjr: "You've got to be very large to twerk."
  265. lobotjr: "You, you want my butthole. Bring it to me!" - LobosJr
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