Gustav x Aryll S

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  1. [15:18:11] <Aryll> So you get one of the Es to help you with your batshit plan to warp to the top of a tower where a woman is sitting and talking to a flying horse.
  2. [15:18:33] <Aryll> yeah ed would suck actually, eily has GOD DAMNIT EVERY STAFF USER'S NAME STARTS WITH E
  3. [15:18:35] * Aryll flips a table
  4. [15:19:01] <Ellamae> a bunch of magical people that start with the letter E, huh
  5. [15:19:04] <Ellamae> classic
  6. [15:19:11] <Gustav> Yup here he comes
  7. [15:19:14] <Gustav> And there he goes
  8. [15:20:05] <Aryll> With a VWOOP it goes off, and instead of the ground, you're standing at the top of a tall building - better hope you're not afraid of heights - where Aryll is sitting near the edge of the roof, head hanging low.  Her pegasus is next to her as well, lying down and not seeming to give a shit about anything.  If you stay silent you can probably hear her mumbling to it, because the VWOOP sound only went off when you warped in the first place, not when you arrived.
  9. [15:20:20] <Gustav> Anyways BAM being suddenly warped up on top of a building is disorienting
  10. [15:20:42] <Ellamae> She probably warned you about that, so at least you've got that going for you.
  11. [15:21:12] <Gustav> And augh I still have no idea what I'm doing this is gonna be fumbled so badly auuuuuuu
  12. [15:21:21] <Aryll> GOOD
  13. [15:21:25] * Gustav takes a deep breath and tries to get it together
  14. [15:22:06] <Gustav> Maybe I should sneak up and do the hands-over-the-eyes 'guess who' thing?  That always works well right?
  15. [15:22:19] <Gustav> No you idiot shut up that's a terrible idea and she'll hate you forever
  16. [15:22:29] <Raitaki> (or fall down)
  17. [15:22:36] <Aryll> The horse cracks open an eye.
  18. [15:22:48] <Gustav> But who cares she'll hate you forever anyways so it doesn't matter
  19. [15:22:56] <Aryll> It clearly sees you, but it immediately closes it again, as though saying 'do what you want.'  Aryll's mumbling slows down.
  20. [15:22:59] <Gustav> AUGH SHUT UP ALREADY
  21. [15:24:08] <Gustav> Great, I'm doing what I'd do in real life in this situation, total anxiety lockup shutdown
  22. [15:24:23] <Aryll> shhhhhhhhhhhh just take a deep breath, it'll all be okay
  23. [15:24:46] <Aryll> 1,1we can do it over audio and i can do full voice acting if that'll make it easier : ^ )
  24. [15:24:51] <Gustav> Shush you, you don't even know I'm there yet
  25. [15:25:00] <Gustav> h e h
  26. [15:25:18] <Aryll> Okay take your time, I'm just gonna keep describing the surroundings
  27. [15:26:33] <Aryll> Unlike last time she was out on the town, Aryll's actually on potential patrol mode so she has her spear(s) with her in addition to her sidearm sword.  But they're lying to the side instead of on her person or anything, because it's sort of tough to look sad and lonely staring out into the sunset when you're covered in heavy lances.
  28. [15:27:49] <Aryll> Except for the sword, slim swords are essentially fencing swords and even during the Renaissanace complete randoms would carry those around with them everywhere just in case somebody challenged them to a duel on the street, and you'd think members of a mercenary organization acting as agents for a country would be prepared for street-duels because fighting is kinda their job.
  29. [15:27:57] <Aryll> OH AND MOST IMPORTANT THING
  30. [15:28:01] <Aryll> She has her hair down.
  31. [15:28:44] <Aryll> Why?  Because everyone else has done it so it's the cool thing to do.  Not like she knows about the meta of that, but I guess it's easier to feel the breeze that way or something?  Hell if you know, you're still stammering and haven't actually said anything to her yet.
  32. [15:29:15] <Gustav> Yes plz thnx
  33. [15:33:44] * Gustav is pretty nervous (obvs) and has a few false starts, the horse is probably watching and laughing a riot internally.  Eventually he silently makes his way over, then suddenly steps over and takes a seat next to her, managing out a single 'Hey'
  34. [15:35:21] <Aryll> The pegasus rider looks over and expresses only a small shock, not enough to knock herself off the ledge or anything.  "I-It's you."  The surprise only lasts a moment, as she turns her face in the opposite direction from you.  "I knew somebody was here... I guess I should've expected it.  D-Didn't you hear what I told you last time?"
  35. [15:39:39] <Gustav> He stares over the city, trying to look cool and hide his nervousness  "Yeah, yeah I did.  Course I did."
  36. [15:40:38] <Aryll> "So?"  She's even more nervous if you look closely, and tries even harder to hide it?  "Wh-Why did you come here?  It's not like we wouldn't still be fighting together."
  37. [15:46:27] <Gustav> "Guess I just wanted to chat.  Had some time to think about what you said.  We both have I hope."  His pauses aren't as long as the real-time ones, but they're noticeable.
  38. [15:47:09] <Aryll> She responds with a small bout of silence, but then sighs.  "... Yeah."
  39. [15:48:10] <Aryll> "You know, I'm not happy about what I have to do for-" She starts an outburst but stifles it mid-sentence and stops, her fierce face gazing straight at yours.  "No... nevermind, you have the floor.  Go on, I'm listening."
  40. [15:57:55] <Gustav> "And, well, I think yer being pretty stupid about all this really.  Lettin' silly 'what-ifs' ruin your life and make ya miserable.  Your sister said you've been doin' that for ages, an' I think it's probably about time you cut it out"
  41. [16:01:08] <Aryll> "Oh, you talked to them, did you?"  Her nervousness seems to dissipate, supplanted by an upset tone of voice.  "What do they know?  They're both goofoffs who've never seriously thought about their futures.  A-And who said I was miserable?  My sisters are just going to say whatever they want, it's not like they ever really understood what it's like to bear responsibility."
  42. [16:02:05] <Aryll> Her face jerks to the opposite side, flinding a single teardrop into the cityscape below.  "... Maybe I don't really mean that. B-But I..."
  43. [16:02:13] <Aryll> She doesn't seem to know how to continue.
  44. [16:05:17] <Aryll> ... flinding
  45. [16:05:19] <Aryll> Flinging.
  46. [16:10:59] <Gustav> "Please, it's obvious on your face, not just now but for days.  Sure, they told me a few things, but nuthin' important I didn't already know.  They may be goofs, but they know how 'ta work when it counts - I ain't never seen anyone hold guard more diligently than Ariel these past two weeks.  They're both worried about ya, and they both said only what I already knew - that your taking too...
  47. [16:11:00] <Gustav> ...much on yourself"
  48. [16:13:02] <Aryll> "..."  Aryll looks silently into the distance, keeping much of her stern self on her expression.  After the moment ends, the veil lifts and she darts her head back toward you, eyes seemingly staring deep into your soul as she bears the visage of a haughty young girl.  "So?  So what do you propose I do?!"
  49. [16:20:58] <Gustav> "Now don't get me wrong, yer sense of responsibility is mighty impressive and quite admirable.  But I think ya need to stop treatin' your sisters lives as your own burden.  They may not be perfect, but they're more capable than ya give 'em credit for."  
  50. [16:21:02] <Gustav> "You need to live your life for you, and let them be responsible for theirs.  You wanna have a whole sports team of strong kids?  That's great, but do it for you, not your family's sakes."  
  51. [16:21:04] <Gustav> He fidgits a bit more, scratching his cheek nervously  "An' honestly, I'd be right happy to help ya in that goal, if you wanted"
  52. [16:23:07] <Aryll> "Y-You..."  Aryll's freckles ignite, sending her face into bright-red territory.  "I-It's not like I wanted... I mean... Y-You don't need to... erm..."
  53. [16:23:31] * Gustav is blushing pretty hard too
  54. [16:23:45] <Aryll> This is the point where her eyes are telling you to push her down and violently pound her on the rooftop, but slightly less expectedly, this is when her pegasus stands up and trots over toward where you two are sitting.
  55. [16:25:15] <Aryll> "!"  The rider looks up as if she'd realized something.  And then looks sorrowfully down at her own feet.  "I see... that's right... I almost let my feelings get the better of me and forgot about it."  Sternly, she looks at you again. "I... Mister... no.  Thank you, Gustav.  That sort of conviction means a lot to me."
  56. [16:27:01] <Aryll> "But... as... as much as I want to accept it," she exhales.  "My sisters weren't the only reason I can't go through with... you know... finding a husband.  There's a condition."
  57. [16:27:58] <Aryll> Instead of continuing she gives you a chance to get a word in edgewise, apparently waffling on the idea of even saying more.
  58. [16:30:50] <Gustav> "But what?  You gonna run away again?  Like I said last time, you really do mean a lot to me.  My life feel's like it's gotten meaning again since that day we met in that little village, and I'd love nothin' more than to stay with you from here on out"
  59. [16:30:52] <Gustav> Oh gosh I actually said it auuuuuuuu
  60. [16:31:41] <Aryll> "... Do you really mean that?"
  61. [16:32:25] <Aryll> Your visions lock, and she leans closer... but then pulls back, raising her legs and standing up.
  62. [16:32:35] <Aryll> "..."
  63. [16:32:50] <Gustav> No you fool give me a chance to respond auuuuuuuuu
  64. [16:33:07] <Aryll> it's ok she speaks and does the action at the same time
  65. [16:33:27] <Aryll> ... but okay go for it
  66. [16:33:43] <Gustav> You're just tormenting me and trying to get me to pounce aren't you
  67. [16:34:08] <Aryll> Nah, she actually uses her pegasus knight dodginess to escape the pounce even if it were to happen.
  68. [16:34:21] <Aryll> In fact, she continues talking instead.
  69. [16:34:23] <Gustav> heh, not surprised
  70. [16:35:34] <Aryll> "... Most pegasi are jealous creatures.  We riders aren't allowed to... um... lay with a man, or they'll refuse us from then on our.  We bond together through our training, and breaking that part of the contract is seen as the greatest betrayal by them."
  71. [16:35:40] <Aryll> "But.... there is one exception."
  72. [16:35:58] <Aryll> Her lips move and she mutters the words following under her breath, but you can't quite hear them.
  73. [16:36:18] <Aryll> also -our +out
  74. [16:39:36] <Gustav> He stands to join her  "Hm?  What's that?"
  75. [16:40:19] <Aryll> She almost looks disappointed that you didn't hear, but you can tell she's more disappointed in herself by not being clearer.  She clears her throat and tries one more time.  "I-I said... true love."
  76. [16:41:38] <Aryll> "I-If... you really, truly, mean that with all your heart, and I feel the same way... he would accept it."  She strokes her pegasus' mane.  "But if either side falters, even the slightest bit..."
  77. [16:41:49] <Aryll> She stops purposefully, knowing she doesn't need to finish that sentence.
  78. [16:41:55] <Gustav> He takes a deep breath, and thinks a moment  " . . . Ah, I see.  They must care deeply about their partners."
  79. [16:42:01] <Gustav> "And?  What do you think?"
  80. [16:42:56] <Aryll> "..."  Like a little girl instead of the responsible woman she pretends to be, Aryll shakily extends her hand, like requesting a dance.  Blushing, her shy eyes meet yours once again.  "I'm... willing to try."
  81. [16:43:21] <Aryll> oh and she's still wearing opera gloves damn that's hot
  82. [16:43:27] <Gustav> Nice
  83. [16:43:35] <Gustav> This might take me a minute to type, bear with me
  84. [16:43:55] <Aryll> Don't worry, for clarification she's trying to take you somewhere, not asking to make out.
  85. [16:43:59] <Aryll> ... though you COULD try that if you want
  86. [16:53:52] <Aryll> making a skeleton for you now
  87. [16:54:19] <Gustav> "Mmm"  He takes her hand with his  "My pa said love's a funny thing.  Sure, in legends and tales you get stories of 'love at first sight', and I'm sure that happens sometimes, but it ain't like that for most.  He said that for most, love ain't something you just find, it's something you haveta work at, something you have to build together.  He said it'll take time and effort, but the fruits...
  88. [16:54:20] <Gustav> ...o' that labor are extraordinary."  
  89. [16:54:22] <Gustav> "Right now, truth be told I'm not sure how much I can say I truly love you; but I can say that I care about you deeply, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make that feeling blossom into tha strongest love this land's seen the age of legends"
  90. [16:57:11] <Aryll> "You're right..." She looks up longingly into your eyes. "I think... that feeling itself, is what love truly is.  I-I've spent all this time waiting for somebody who would come after me and tell me the things that you have.  So," With unexpected strength, she pulls you with her while hopping on her pegasus' back.  Well, I guess she can't lift a whole man's body ENTIRELY by herself, but she pulls a lot and makes it clear what she wants you to do.  Which is, you know, get on with her.
  91. [16:57:39] <Aryll> "This is our ritual, to discern whether a bond is true or not.  Will you try it with me?"
  92. [16:57:40] <Gustav> But of course, I'll hop on right after her
  93. [16:58:17] <Gustav> With just a nod for a response, he hops on up
  94. [17:00:03] <Aryll> The pegasus stretches its wings, and she gives you a wordless nod as well.  As if responding to your wishes, the horse backs up and takes off into the skies.
  95. [17:00:28] <Gustav> *cue Aladdin soundtrack*
  96. [17:00:48] <Aryll> Finally getting to REALLY experience this for the first time isn't something words can do justice- just the perspective from being able to view the city from the skies is something you'd hardly been able to even imagine, and the sensation of the wind against your hair is-
  97. [17:00:59] <Aryll> You both sense it at the same time.
  98. [17:01:01] <Aryll> Something's wrong.
  99. [17:01:43] <Aryll> Aryll continues leading, trying to make the ride go smoothly, but the pegasus suddenly starts violently reacting to something once you've been flying for a minute or so.  The look of shock on her face tells you that this has never happened before.
  100. [17:03:58] <Gustav> "Whoa, my armor's not to heavy, is it?"  He jokes nervously, trying to lighten the mood a bit?
  101. [17:04:24] <Aryll> She tries to replicate the mood, but the horse bucks wildly!  It's like it's trying to throw you off and, before you can manage to do anything in response, Aryll glares with a fierce determination.  She takes the reigns multiple times and tries to stop it, but at the worst time, she looks back, and sees you bucked with such might that you'd be sent tumbling into the city hundreds of feet below.
  102. [17:05:12] <Aryll> ... And leaps from her position, throwing you onto the saddle before it's too late, and falling off the pegasus.  As she begins falling, you see a resigned look on her face.
  103. [17:05:36] <Aryll> The pegasus, however, stops bucking and reacting.  It seems to be waiting for some sort of command.
  104. [17:05:37] <Gustav> "Whoa, what?  Wait?!"
  105. [17:05:38] <Aryll> W
  106. [17:05:38] <Aryll> H
  107. [17:05:38] <Aryll> A
  108. [17:05:39] <Aryll> T
  109. [17:05:39] <Aryll> D
  110. [17:05:40] <Aryll> O
  111. [17:08:43] <Gustav> Well a flying horse ain't much different than a regular one, is it?  I'mma try and grab the reigns if I can.  "Whoa now, lookit whatcha did!  Go catch her, hurry!"  And try to, uh, steer him down to her?
  112. [17:10:11] <Aryll> You swear you see the horse nodding in response.  If you were even crazier or pumped with more adrenaline you might've been able to hear it talking too, but you're not quite THAT far gone.  The winged horse zips across the skyscape!  Is that even a word?  Skyscape?
  113. [17:10:26] <Gustav> Sounds like a word to me
  114. [17:12:26] <Aryll> You descend rapidly and see Aryll, eyes closed, just falling as she waits for sweet death to come, resigned to her fate.  And as soon as you're a meter away, her eyes zip open.  The winged horse DARTS forward, and you can't see the result until you look back.
  115. [17:14:07] <Gustav> Which he does, of course "Oi, responsible as you are, I can't imagine you accepting death THAT quickly.  You alright?"
  116. [17:14:38] <Gustav> (Turns out we missed probably)
  117. [17:14:39] <Aryll> "Ah..." You see her behind you, having landed safely.  The pegasus stops waiting for commands and finds a safe place to land on its own.
  118. [17:16:04] <Aryll> "I... was ready for the ritual to fail... b-but I didn't want someone else to be hurt if it was my fault."  She breathes ragged breaths.
  119. [17:17:40] <Aryll> Eventually you're able to land and dismount.  As you do so, Aryll locks eyes with the pegasus and, after a moment following, gasps.  "No way..."
  120. [17:18:07] <Gustav> "Oi now, calm down, we're all fine now"  He hops down as he's speaking, then tries to help her down, likely ending in a princess carry for a moment or something.
  121. [17:18:28] <Aryll> She absolutely accepts it.
  122. [17:19:43] <Gustav> "So?  I take it that was the verdict?"
  123. [17:20:08] <Aryll> She looks you in the eyes.  For like the millionth time.  "... It was a test."
  124. [17:20:37] <Aryll> "I had no idea until just now, but... there never was such thing as a 'ritual.'  He... only wanted to see what I'd do if your life was in danger."  She looks really embarrassed.
  125. [17:21:46] <Aryll> "And... you did the same for me..."
  126. [17:22:01] <Gustav> He starts leaning in a bit closer "And did you pass?"
  127. [17:22:55] <Aryll> "We both did."
  128. [17:24:02] <Gustav> "Sounds . . . great"  Ah enough stalling around, he leans in and kisses her already.
  129. [17:24:13] <Aryll> tongue
  130. [17:24:53] <Aryll> More detailed, she leans up and returns the kiss in full force, probably still fueled by adrenaline from the whole almost-dying thing.
  131. [17:24:57] <Gustav> I-if she insists
  132. [17:25:13] <Aryll> ... Actually there's not THAT much tongue, she's still pretty reserved by way of being Aryll.  But a little bit.
  133. [17:27:36] <Gustav> He breaks off after a moment - a looooong moment.  "Well, shall we head back home?"
  134. [17:27:47] <Aryll> Eventually she's done.  After smiling a warm smile, she turns her face away, almost grumbling.  "W-Wait a second," she realizes far too late, "Did you just propose to me?  Without a ring or anything?"
  135. [17:29:03] <Gustav> "Oh, you want a ring?  Is that what they do down south?  We can head to the market tomorrow morning, get any ring you want.  If you'd like."
  136. [17:30:23] <Aryll> "Heh."  Freckles brightening like blooming flowers, Aryll grins.  "I think I like that simplicity of yours.  Don't worry... for now, let's just be together."
  137. [17:31:29] <Gustav> "Sounds fine to me~"  He gives her another quick peck.
  138. [17:31:35] <Aryll> And she lets you princess carry her into a love hotel to make sweet babies.
  139. [17:31:35] <Gustav> この後滅茶苦茶セックスした
  140. [17:32:01] <Gustav> We've already got an inn, why worry about the love hotel?
  141. [17:32:56] <Aryll> Hey man, don't let me tell you how to fill your new wife with your seed
  142. [17:33:03] <Aryll> But more importantly,
  143. [17:33:17] <Aryll> I want to use this as an excuse to unfuck her stats because it's getting @ my jimmies that she's a shitty jeigan
  144. [17:33:28] <Aryll> let's pretend she's 15/8 instead of 10
  145. [17:34:03] <Gustav> Alright then?  Sounds great to me.
  146. [17:37:58] <Aryll> oh flammie
  147. [17:37:59] <Aryll> hit it
  148. (he never did)
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