Nov 22nd, 2019
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  1. Welcome to stealthily's server!
  2. Some idiots play here.
  4. Rules:
  5. 1) Teaming isn't allowed, unless the Chaos Insurgency [D-Class included] with SCPs, or the blue boys teaming up.
  6. 2) Camping is not allowed. Please don't do it.
  7. 3) Harassment and toxic behavior will not be tolerated. It is a bannable offense.
  8. 3a) That means you, SCP-079. No killing your teammates or getting them killed.
  9. 4) Staff is allowed to spawn in Chaos/MTF if the game is being stalled by any of the teams.
  10. 5) Cheating/Hacking is a IP bannable offense. Please do not do it, as official SCP:SL can ban you for that.
  11. 5a) Do not hold shift if you are being disarmed. That is a temporary bannable offense.
  12. 6) Mic spam is allowed unless used excessively. Once somebody plays mic spam, they may not play another tune or sound for five minutes.
  13. 7) Ghosting is not allowed. Don't do it, it is a kickable offense.
  14. 8) Ban evasion will be dealt with an immediate ban, and possibly a worse outcome.
  15. 9) Please, report those who break these rules.
  16. 10) Have fun!
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