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  1. MediaMarkt have made two massive mistakes with my order, PayPal Buyer Protection Policy covers me in this situation. I can get a full refund if I return all of these items; these were items I needed for a household, and it's a shame to see that some of them have issues.
  3. I ordered quite a few items, but some of them weren't working as they should. I ordered one DOMO Air conditionne mobile A (D0263A), it cost me 499 euros which is quite a large sum of money for me. Bear in mind that it took me a while to save up 2000 euros for this purchase, these were essential home items I need. The issue is when I try to turn it on, it just won't work. I've tried turning it on and off, and there's still no results from the air conditioner. There are no lights when I turn the power on, even when I press the buttons, nothing happens. I pretty much have no idea how this could happen, especially with an air conditioner. These are one of the items I'd like to return, and I'll explain my second issue.
  5. I purchased an MSI Moniteur Optix MAG322CQRV 31.5" WQHD LED Curved 144 Hz for again, 499 euros, which is quite a lot of money for just a monitor. The same issue that's occurred with the air conditioner has happened with the monitor; it just won't turn on. I've plugged in all the necessary cables needed for the monitor to function, but then again, it just won't turn on. I even went on YouTube to check if there were any solutions to both issues, I tried a few, and I gave up because none of them worked. I'm not going to force myself.
  7. The issues I'm facing are because of MediaMarkt's mistake, they've sent me two products which don't even work, so I'd say they're both damaged. I'll be escalating this case to PayPal for them to handle; this has caused me a lot of harm. I needed these items for my household. Please respond to me as soon as possible. I want a refund in full. Thank you.
  9. Kind Regards.
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