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  1. 11:39 PM] muna: munaToday at 23:14
  2. I dont know why you're being so against Fortnite without even giving it a chance lmfao
  3. It's not the same game whatso-ever.
  4. I hated the original fortnite, it was boring as shit
  6. BlathToday at 23:18
  7. its a gay game lmfao
  9. munaToday at 23:18
  10. Why?
  12. BlathToday at 23:18
  13. an how do u know iv never given it a chance
  14. fuckin accusin shit lmao
  16. munaToday at 23:19
  17. You havent this season
  18. This chapter*
  19. not season lol
  20. Because it just came out
  22. BlathToday at 23:19
  23. fuck man i dont like the game
  24. y r u so defensive about literally everything
  25. its annoying
  27. munaToday at 23:19
  28. Then don't be friends with me, simple. Bye.
  30. BlathToday at 23:20
  31. ahahah this just proves my point
  32. ur too defensive
  34. munaToday at 23:20
  35. Okay? I'm too defensive for you. Why's that my problem?
  36. Have a nice day?
  38. BlathToday at 23:20
  39. lmfao
  41. munaToday at 23:20
  42. Why are you being an asshole?
  44. BlathToday at 23:20
  45. if u cant take constructive critisicm from ur friends that is not my problem
  47. munaToday at 23:21
  48. I can, and do.
  50. BlathToday at 23:21
  51. cos am j tryna make u a better person
  53. munaToday at 23:21
  54. You're being an asshole.
  56. BlathToday at 23:21
  57. sorry u wont succeed then lmao
  59. munaToday at 23:21
  60. There's constructive criticism and then there's being an asshole.
  62. BlathToday at 23:21
  63. ya guess which 1 u r being
  65. munaToday at 23:21
  66. I asked you why you didn't like a game, you said it's gay, I asked why it's gay because I was interested in your view, you then call me annoying and defensive.
  68. BlathToday at 23:22
  69. yes because u cant respect my views?
  70. just because it might offend u
  71. u feel the right to question me
  73. munaToday at 23:22
  74. I'm defensive when you call me names for seemingly no reason, I'm defensive when you're being an asshole, if you said I was being defensive, and you didn't like that I'd have dropped it, that's that.
  75. You were my friend, I had the right to ask you questions because that's what friends can do.
  76. I can respect your views, I was INTERESTED in your view.
  77. -------------
  78. [11:39 PM] muna: When you wake up can you give me some insight into what the fuck happened here.
  79. [11:45 PM] muna: Hes just told me hes drunk.
  80. [11:45 PM] muna: Fucking asshole.
  81. [11:45 PM] muna: This is why I don't like alcohol.
  82. [11:46 PM] muna: If it was anyone less forgiving than me, they'd have slewed him the fuck out.
  83. [11:46 PM] muna: And that would've ruined a friendship.
  84. [11:46 PM] muna: Alcohol turns people into assholes.
  85. [11:47 PM] muna: They stop seeing things with any sense of logic and just act on their feelings.
  86. [11:47 PM] muna: Blegh, sorry, not your problem, I know.
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