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  1. Evelyn was always gentle, no matter how desperate Helen was to feel wanted and loved. Helen rested her head against the curve of Evelyn's throat, marveling at the depths of her lover's personality; when she had first met Evelyn, she had no idea how angry and cruel Evelyn could be. And when she had asked to stay with Evelyn after losing her powers, she had had no idea how tender and loving Evelyn could be.
  3. “You okay, cara?” Evelyn murmured against Helen's hair, her hands sliding beneath her lover's shirt to trace the curves of her spine.
  5. Helen leaned back to pull her shirt off; Evelyn let out a short sigh at the sight. “I'm okay.”
  7. Evelyn pulled Helen close, nuzzling and kissing her bare shoulders. Helen hugged Evelyn tightly, trying to focus on the soft kisses and not the fact that she could no longer stretch her arms to wrap multiple times around Evelyn. She bit back a tiny whimper.
  9. “You're beautiful,” Evelyn breathed. “It's okay. It's okay, Helen.”
  11. “I can't stretch to hold you,” Helen whispered. A sob started in her throat.
  13. Evelyn kissed Helen just below her ear, following that with a stream of kisses down her neck. “And it still feels good to have you holding me,” said Evelyn in a voice that was kind but firm. She gave Helen a quick squeeze. “Can I take your bra off?”
  15. Helen's eyelids fluttered. “Yes. Please.”
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