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  1. [quote=Definitive Dubs;3185654583877691975][quote=Pr.Jitterskull - best bug fixer;3185654583877543482]
  2. You didn't prove anything lol. You just gave a video of you jumping while crouching. It doesn't give you enough height like if you did the crouch-jumping the proper way. But obviously in your imaginary world everything is different. [/quote]
  4. Holy shit, if you're a troll you're one of the most persistent and good ones I've ever seen,because you are making me genuinely fucking angry.[/quote]
  6. Generic anyone_who_prove_me_wrong_is_a_troll argument.
  8. You should learn to deal with your cognitive dissonance especially when you have anger issues, otherwise the reality will be a really dark place for you and you will live a homeless person.
  10. [quote=Definitive Dubs;3185654583877691975]It's one thing to say I'm wrong when I'm obviously right[/quote]
  12. Another "I cannot possible be wrong" issue? It just futher proves you that you can't deal with cognitive dissonance and should seek for help.
  14. [quote=Definitive Dubs;3185654583877691975]but it's another to continually insult me and say things like I'm mentally challenged, and then when you get called out on it, claim you didn't do that at all.[/quote]
  16. In [b][u]none[/u][/b] of my previous messages to you, or for that matter, in this entire topic, never did I even used the "mentally challenged" words or it's synonyms. To prove otherwise, I demand a proof and screenshots of where did I used any words like that against you and page number.
  18. However, what you're saying is perfectly describing yourself. Literally the first reply you made is you using inappropriate word for personal insult, there wasn't even any other word besides that one. In the second message, you used several personal insults words toward me, and even used word "idiot", which is literally the medical term to describe the degree of mental retardation, so that is proper synonym of mental challenged. No, saying that you have cognitive dissonance or anger issues is not even remotely anything similar or synonymous to be mentally challenged, or call person an idiot; not to mention I didn't even used either of these phrases before this one.
  20. So I was right when I rightfully suggested that your wording were meant to describe your own persona? I'm never get tired of proving how you're wrong and being projecting hypocrite with anything you say, however.
  22. [quote=Definitive Dubs;3185654583877691975]And then say they're the ones breaking the rules.[/quote]
  24. You should study the rules first before posting, and you obviously had violated a few already, if not more than half, and you've done it three times in a row. Basically:
  25. 1) name calling users with insults.
  26. 2) false accusations.
  27. 3) flamewar inducing posts.
  28. 4) inappropriate wording.
  30. [quote=Definitive Dubs;3185654583877691975]That video is of the Hazard Course segment in HL1. You cannot get into that pipe without crouch-jumping. That's the entire fucking point.[/quote]
  32. I believe you can get there by jumping while completely crouching though, so crouch-jumping there is not necessary.
  34. [quote=Definitive Dubs;3185654583877691975]AND YET, when I jump mid-crouch, it fucking works. There is not one point, in HL1, BM or otherwise, where that does not give you enough height as the other button combination, because it's exactly the same. You don't magically get more height when doing it the other way.[/quote]
  36. Actually you do higher height gap when do crouch jumping the proper way, and I even give you websites to prove you otherwise, because you asked for them yourself when you told me to ask their community. Obviously you didn't even read them if you keep saying that, or cognitive dissonance doesn't allow you to accept it.
  38. [quote=Definitive Dubs;3185654583877691975]But ok. You claim that place in On A Rail is impossible to reach via that method. Ok. Let's test that.[/quote]
  40. Never did I said the word "impossible". In the reality, what I said is to try that.
  42. Do not put words in to my mouth.
  44. [quote=Definitive Dubs;3185654583877691975]
  46. Oh look, I got up there. Multiple times.[/quote]
  48. That only proves it the gap wasn't high enough and my speculations of the box being tall enough weren't exactly right.
  50. But hey, unlike you, I'm not the one who suffer from cognitive disonance to believe that I'm always 100% right in everything.
  52. That doesn't disprove the fact that you being wrong about doing the crouch-jumping the incorrect way. You're also wrong by the fact.
  54. [quote=Definitive Dubs;3185654583877691975]But you'll probably find a way to call this wrong still.[/quote]
  56. Because you're just that much of a fucking idiot.
  58. I dare you, I DOUBLE DARE YOU, find one spot in the entirety of Valve's library where this doesn't work. Find a mod, find a multiplayer map where you can't do this. You won't. Period. But you'll probably claim at least one, just to see if I'll waste even more time making more Webms for your stupid ass.
  60. I was trained to do it this way because I used to play CS:S zombie mod a lot, and there were places on those maps where a jump+crouch didn't seem to work, particularly if you were in a panic. I was then instructed to attempt the method I showed you, and it worked 100% of the time. I consider it an easier and superior way to accomplish a crouch-jump for that reason. And I know for a fact that I am not the only one. You can call it wrong, you can call it inferior, but the fact is that a player may realize that's a genuine way to crouch-jump, and then get thrown off when it's replaced by the longjump, and have to retrain their muscle memory to do it the other way around. That's why it was changed.
  62. If you STILL insist on arguing your objectively wrong points any further, then you deserve to get banned. I hope somewhere inside, you realize how much of everyone's time you have wasted here and stop before you embarrass yourself any further.
  64. Is this what it's like to argue with a Flat Earther? [/quote]
  66. No, arguing with you is far worse, at least their community full of memers rather than angry infants.
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