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  1. "Honestly, my boy wanted to match, and I found the idea intriguing. Of course, his horns are distinctly pathetic, but... still. The wolf... it always felt like the most right animal form," she replied, stepping closer.
  3. "Big dick," he murmured, head tilting, little raccoon ears flicking. He still had one eye squinted, he forgot to unsquint it. That was always a problem for him, forgetting things.
  5. That was why he had the drone...
  7. It beeped, detecting cycling thoughts through all of his implants and their shared soul bond and embedded fresh-blood ampule.
  9. "Train of thought," it chided, in a warm female voice. He glanced to it, mumbling a thank you, and then turned his attention back to her big 'ole dick.
  11. "Yes, it is. Same size as it was when I first started my changes. Would you like to stare at my vagina too?" she asked.
  13. "Could I?"
  15. Rolling her eyes, the Mistress sat down in the other chair, spreading her legs wide, lifting her sack after getting her shaft out of the way. He got down on his knees, peering at her distinctly non-human, non-faery vagina.
  17. "I do love my weird holes," she purred. He frowned, reaching out to poke at it - and the confusing array of lines shifted, revealing to him exactly what it was. It was a human styled vagina, sure, but the labia minora were altered into thick tendrils that seemed to lace themselves together and then bury their extra length inside - after passing through a second, puffier, more intact set of labia minora (labia minora minora?) to get there.
  19. In place of a clitoris, there was something akin to a tongue, that tucked itself beneath the laced tendrils, forcing them to go around it before passing through the inner lips. He prodded at it, noting that it twisted quite dexterously.
  21. "Hmmm, what the fuck?" he murmured, head tilting to the other side. The tongue flicked at his fingers quite deftly, leaving a thin film of slick black fluid on them. "Mmm... yes, yes. I see. A malikora. Rare creatures. Bizarre. The penis matches?"
  23. "Of course," she replied, shifting it back into place and carefully tugging back her foreskin. The head was rather odd - somewhat flat, a bit blunt, flaring out once free a bit like an equine... yet, tendrils lined the crown, squirming wildly in the air.
  25. "Mmm, weird, ew, yes, good," he murmured, contradicting himself repeatedly. "Strange.... all strange. Very you."
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