Crocodile Comfort

Dec 15th, 2019
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  1. You clutched at your phone, working up the nerve. Riza said you could talk to her about anything. She said it wasn’t a bother. Still, why did it feel like a bother? Why did you feel like you’d be wasting her time? You took a deep breath. She also told you that if she found out you were suffering and didn’t tell her, she’d be angry. How long were you planning on hiding this, anyways?
  2. You took another deep breath and opened your texts. Your chat with her ended last night with a happy goodbye, something that felt so far away.
  3. “Are you there?”
  4. You nervously hit send, thinking of a myriad of different topics you could bring up instead of your angsty, nervous bullshit that nobody wanted to hear. Still, you already started the conversation. You had to go through with this. Even if she couldn’t help you, you know she’d forgive you for wasting her time with something like this.
  5. “Yeah, I’m here. What’s up?”
  6. “I need to talk to you.”
  7. God. ‘I need to talk to you’? What were you thinking? She might think you were mad at her or something. You quickly interjected with something less accusatory.
  8. “About, uh, this thing I have.”
  9. You nervously clutched your phone, waiting for a response. You started pacing around the room restlessly.
  10. “’Thing’? You have a ‘thing’ now? :P”
  11. You gulped. You needed to be clear with your intentions here.
  12. “Last night, you said I could talk to you about anything. Would it be a bother if I talked to you about my ‘thing’? It’s okay if you don’t. You don’t have to say yes, it’s just dumb feelings.”
  13. You had to leave her a way out. In a way, you kind of hoped for a ‘Sorry, I’m kind of busy.’ It would have let you know that your feelings were in fact stupid and not worth anyone’s time. You would have been fine with that. Knowing that you were being stupid and cringy would have liberated you. However, that’s not how she responded.
  14. “Depends on what kinds of feelings! Gonna ask me to be your girlfriend? :D”
  15. You took another deep breath, having to look away for a moment. You really hope she didn’t think you were flirting. Or maybe she was teasing you about your shyness?
  16. “Er, bad feelings. I feel really bad. I’m sorry.”
  17. Her reply was instant.
  18. “Don’t be sorry. I’m coming over, see you in five minutes.”
  20. Five minutes later, on the dot, you heard a knock at your apartment door. You steeled yourself and let her in, waving nervously. Riza was a crocodile girl, easily seven feet tall. She had to hunch a little to fit through your doorframes, but she assured you she didn’t mind. Her green scales shined a little with the natural light flitting in through the window, and her amber eyes bore an expression of great worry. She wore an unzipped hoodie with a black band shirt underneath- some synthwave band. Her jeans were clean and untorn, while her clawed, digitigrade feet had trouble fitting into any kind of shoes. She remained barefoot.
  21. At your curt little greeting, she wasted no time and saying hello in her own way: engulfing you in a great big hug. You made a shocked sound at her forwardness as she easily lifted you off the ground, shutting the door behind her with her heavy tail as she carried you to your couch. Her grip was iron, but so soft against her chest. She sat down and slid you next to her, looking you over. “What’s wrong, Anon?” she asked.
  22. From being carried and dropped so suddenly, you had your legs curled under you, leaning against her side. Your arms still wrapped around her torso, and you dared not change the status quo. You looked at her with your own tired eyes before resting your head on her shoulder. “I’m sorry for making you come all the way here Riza, I-“
  23. She interrupted you. “You didn’t make me do anything. Stop apologizing, you have nothing to be sorry for. If it wasn’t bad, you wouldn’t have messaged me. Now please, continue.”
  24. You swallowed as she rested her arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer. Her beautiful amber eyes continued to search your soul for meaning. She looked so ready to forgive you for anything.
  25. You sighed, ashamed at yourself for even being in this situation. “I… I have a confession to make. You know I’m not confident, you know I… have trouble saying things, sometimes.” She nodded, giving you an affectionate squeeze for good measure. You continued your confession. “I didn’t want you to ever find out, but… I have this…”
  26. You kept tripping over your own words. Somehow, you didn’t feel pathetic this time. She made you feel like you could do anything. “I have really, really bad, uh, anxiety? But I-“ She quickly shushed you, putting a finger to your mouth and gently touching your lips with her scaled hand. You had prepared a whole speech to give her about why you feel the way you do, and why it hurts so much and why you’re sorry for bothering her, but she didn’t let you finish.
  27. “It’s okay,” she said, “It’s okay. You don’t have to share anything else, unless you feel like it. I had my suspicions; I saw how you walk, talk, and act. It’s okay. You’re not a bother, you’re not a burden.”
  28. You nodded along, hanging on to her every word, searching for any sign of her not being comfortable or wanting to talk about this. However, she seemed genuine. Indeed, she turned a little and wrapped her other arm around your shoulder, looking down at you with nothing but warm love.
  29. “You must have been so nervous when you messaged me, am I right?”
  30. You nodded. “So fucking scared. I thought you’d… think I’m pathetic.”
  31. Riza sighed. “Well, I don’t think you’re pathetic. I think you’re quite brave, actually.” She smiled, then, melting your poor heart. Still, a part of you rejected this. A part of you felt like you didn’t deserve this. You had to be sure.
  32. “Brave? But I… I’m so nervous, just all the time. It’s so exhausting, and I… I feel like I can’t take it! It builds up until I have a panic attack and do something stupid, it’s not okay!”
  33. You tried to pull away, but she held firm. She pulled you into her lap, making you straddle her thighs. She was still a little taller, placing a hand on the back of your head and guiding it to her collarbone where you’d rest it. Her other arm kept your body propped up against her in a tight hug.
  34. “Hush, it’s okay, I promise,” she whispered, running a hand through your hair. “No more words. Just relax.”
  35. Her touch did things to you. She was so big, so strong. As she spoke softly, and pet you gently, you started to feel… safe. Your shoulders untensed, and your breathing came back. You felt light-headed from the internal battle and shifted into tiredness, letting go of your fear. She held you like that for a while, letting you listen to her breathing and heartbeat. It was so relaxing.
  36. Then, she spoke. “Let me… tell you a secret, okay?”
  37. You nodded, far too tired for words.
  38. “About a year ago, I had an ex-boyfriend,” she started, “And he was a lot like you. Funny, quiet, shy, cute. I think I loved him.”
  39. You blushed at the comparison and compliments, hoping she couldn’t see your face.
  40. “However… He didn’t feel like he could talk about his problems. He bottled it up, and never told me. When I’d ask him what’s wrong, he’d tell me he didn’t want to talk about it. When I asked him why, he told me he didn’t want to be a bother. The dummy I was, I didn’t pry.”
  41. Hearing the tone in her voice shift, you looked up at her with worry of your own. You gave her a squeeze to let her know that you cared too. “What was he hiding?” you asked.
  42. She shrugged. “I never found out. But you know what he did, Anon?”
  43. “What did he do?”
  44. She leaned in, next to your ear. “He killed himself.”
  45. You froze, remorse for being so nonchalant coming over you. She didn’t let you feel bad for long, though. She tilted your head up to look her straight in the eyes. “That’s why I’m so worried about you, Anon. When you hide away, tell me everything’s okay… Do you see why I’m worried now?”
  46. You were at a loss of what to say. Now you felt selfish for not telling her sooner. Still… You told her. She was here now. She said that you were going to be okay.
  47. Her clutch tightened. “I don’t want to lose you too.”
  48. You felt something wet land on your neck. Looking up, you saw something horrible.
  49. Crocodile tears.
  50. It was her turn to lean into your shoulder as she sobbed. You hugged her back nervously, then confidently. “It… It’s going to be okay,” you offered, patting her shoulder. You weren’t nearly as big as her, so the amount of cuddly stuff you could do was limited, but you did your best. Based on her reaction, though, you felt like it was enough.
  51. “Sh-shut up,” she said, “I’m supposed to be helping you, not the other way around.”
  52. “Maybe we both need help?” you asked, before starting to smile a little. “Someone once told me that you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about things.”
  53. She sniffed and wiped her tears away, smiling a little herself as her mood lifted. “You don’t get to turn this around on me!” she asserted. Then, she fell over on the couch, pulling you along. When you were dazed on your sides looking up at her, she performed a death roll, pulling you onto her chest before turning to her other side, pinning you between her and the back of the couch. “I’m here to talk to you about YOUR feelings!”
  54. You both giggled warmly in each other’s hold, before she continued. “That’s what I like about you, Anon. Middle of a panic attack and you’re worried about me instead. You’re such a goof. When are you gonna learn how to take care of yourself?”
  55. You blushed a little, remembering that you were, in fact, in the middle of a panic attack. You started to apologize, but she covered your mouth as soon as she heard the S sound. “No apologizing,” she said, “How do you feel?”
  56. She removed her hand and resumed her petting while you fiddled restlessly with her hoodie’s hood string. “I feel… scared,” you admitted. “It’s like… anything could go wrong at any minute. I feel like I’m waiting for something bad to happen all the time.”
  57. She nodded sagely. “I don’t think I can convince you it won’t, but if something bad happens, I’m gonna beat its ass.”
  58. You smiled widely now, the thought of an unsuspecting baddie getting a face full of gator beatdown amusing you. You placed your hands on her shoulders and pulled yourself closer. She reciprocated by encasing you in her body and holding you steady, running a hand over your bare skin.
  59. “I’ll take care of you,” she assured, “I promise. Everything is going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. I’ll protect you, I swear.” Her leg lifted a little to rest on your body, completing the full-body hold. You felt yourself relax further. With her here… you were starting to feel safe.
  60. Those bad feelings were slipping away. Is this what you lacked your entire life? The feeling of safety? A close connection? Someone to hold you? You felt the back of your eyes start to burn and… oh no. You buried your face into her shoulder once again, hoping she wouldn’t see.
  61. But she did. “Hey, hey, Anon, it’s okay, I promise. You can cry. Crying makes you feel better.” She kept up her petting on your head and side, wiggling her body a little as she snuggled closer, as close as she feasibly could. You were absolutely surrounded by cushion and crocodile now. “Don’t be ashamed,” she said, “I cried too. You can cry all you want when I’m around.”
  62. “Y-You’re so supportive Riza,” you stammered around fleeting sobs, “Why are you so nice to me? Thank you. Thank you so much.”
  63. Riza shifted again, trying to get comfortable in this weird sofa corner cuddle she had you in. She decided to swap positions, rising and pulling you with her against her side, once again. “It’s because you’re sweet and cute, Anon. Always asking if I’m okay, even when you’re not.” She started taking off her hoodie here as you watched with curiosity. “And if I can make you feel safe, or loved, I’m gonna do it because that’s just what you deserve.” You wanted to feel that way so badly.
  64. Her hoodie slid off and then she tossed it over your shoulders, pulling the fabric in front of you. You smiled weakly as she helped your arms in the sleeves, and then she hugged you. It was massive on you. You felt so warm and surrounded, now. The hoodie smelled just like her. Her now-bare arms were wrapped around your back and midsection. Her scales were a little rough, but gave way as she pressed them against you, conforming against your body and becoming very soft. Then, she pushed you away and spun you around, letting you lay down on the couch and resting your head in her lap, looking up at her.
  65. You blushed, staring up at her breasts and amber eyes. You wanted to talk, but you didn’t want her to hear your voice crack. But that’s okay, you felt: she was genuine, and you were starting to feel like you could rely on her. Safe and warm in her hoodie and lap. Still, there was something you needed to say. Something she’d been pushing for a while.
  66. “Riza, I…” you sniffed, doing your best to steady your voice. “I think… I think I l-love you?”
  67. She looked down at you, and you searched her face for any semblance of rejection. She appeared shocked, but then she smiled. She smiled wider than you’ve ever seen her smile. Her teeth were kind of scary, but that was part of the charm to you. “So, Anon,” she said, “You gonna ask me to be your girlfriend now?”
  68. You blushed and nervously stammered, but she quickly cut you off with an apology. “Fuck, sorry. I didn’t mean to tease you; I know that makes you nervous.” You nodded as she patted your chest, taking a deep breath. “So how about this,” she said, “You be my boyfriend? It doesn’t have to be a big deal. If anyone asks, we can tell ‘em we’ve been dating for months. That sound fair?”
  69. “That sounds nice,” you said. “Thank you for… having me.”
  70. “No,” she rejected, “Thank you for having ME.”
  71. You chuckled, feeling like a huge weight had left your shoulders. Being here, wearing her hoodie, staring up at her… it felt so cathartic. She looked at you with nothing but admiration, respect, and love. You relaxed to the best of your ability, just breathing. Goodness, she smelled wonderful.
  72. “So,” she said, “Now that we’re officially together…”
  73. You opened your eyes and saw the devilish, almost sadistic grin on her face. You sat up, scooting against her again as she finished her sentence.
  74. “You wanna make out?”
  75. “Ah! I-“ you reacted, trying to figure out a modest way to say yes. You looked away, stumbling over your words.
  76. “Okay okay, how about this, if you’re too nervous to say yes? Unless you give me a firm no, I’m gonna kiss you.”
  77. You swallowed, thanking the heavens above you managed to brush your teeth this morning. “If… that’s what you want,” you replied. Her smile slowly faded into a serious stare. She slowly started leaning forwards, and you instinctively retreated from her looming. You forced yourself steady. For her.
  78. Those internet articles you read about crocodiles being aggressive lovers preached nothing but truth. Her mouth met yours and she immediately set to fucking your face with her tongue. It slipped past your lips, entering your mouth and exploring it like a cartographer with a death wish. Being unprepared for such mappery, you tried to pull away, but her hand was on the back of your head, keeping you still for her. Her tongue was wide and round, and every few seconds she’d push a little more in. How much tongue did she have?
  79. She didn’t seem to appreciate the angle, so she pulled you onto her lap. Sitting on her thighs, being held while she kissed you. You were forced to breathe through your nose as your mouth was utterly rolled with her larger, stronger tongue. You did your best to kiss back, but you couldn’t exactly do much with how she slid around and pinned your own. Then, the next step of her master plan came to fruition as she went a little too far and triggered your gag reflex.
  80. You instinctively tried to pull away, but again you were held. However, you didn’t really push, for fear that she’d actually stop. You wanted her to keep going, to assert her oral dominance, so you pushed back against your mouth’s desires. This seemed to be an all-clear to her on your end, so she pushed. Her slimy member pushed and forced open your throat, sliding into your neck. Your eyes started to tear up from the intrusion, but you clutched at her shoulders, letting her have her way with you. You know she’d never, ever hurt you. You wanted to be violated like this.
  81. Her squeeze was almost bone crushing. You gasped as her strong arms pinned you against her chest, and you were now mindful of how close your hands were to her breasts. She didn’t seem to care, so you took it upon yourself to grope her. She jumped and doubled down on her facefucking, causing you to gag on her tongue a little as she slid it out, and then back in.
  82. You felt so secure in arms, so needy for her touch. She was giving you everything you wanted, and more. You felt your neck with your hand, and sure enough it was bulging with the deep kiss, and you felt her tongue invade you with crocodile strength. You found it difficult to breathe, and begrudgingly pulled away. Her tongue slid out lewdly, and as you pulled free and took several deep breathes, she chuckled, letting her tongue hang from her mouth, dripping with your saliva.
  83. You savored the sight, likely how she savored your exhausted, blushing expression. She pulled her tongue back in and chuckled. “Sorry if I was a little too into it, I couldn’t help myself.”
  84. “No,” you said, “That was fucking hot.”
  85. She smiled, hugging you. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been thinking about doing that? Besides, I know you liked it.”
  86. You looked at her quizzically, following her gaze down. Oh god. Your erection was pressing into her belly.
  87. She laughed in earnest at your flustered stuttering. “Don’t be ashamed!” she assured, “It’s not shameful. In fact, it makes me feel really happy that I have that effect on you.” Her grin returned, and she trailed both hands down your shoulders to your sides, holding you in her lap as her amber eyes traced your body with lust. “So… How do you wanna do it?”
  88. Before you had a chance to embarrass yourself, she interjected. “Er, what I mean is. I have my suspicions…” She ran her claws to lift up your shirt and touch your bare skin. You shivered involuntarily. “But, I need to know. Are you a sub?”
  89. You blushed heavily, covering your face to her amusement. “Yes,” you confessed.
  90. “Good. Good! Gods, you’re so perfect.” Her assurance and touch helped you relax once again, and you worked up the nerve to look her in the eye. “I’m something of a dom myself,” she continued, “I love pushing buttons. Having control.” Her hands left your hips to grab your arms and pin them at your sides. You felt pretty vulnerable, considering that her thighs were between your legs her tone of voice was pitching downwards into a coarse whisper. “Anon, do you like to feel helpless against someone who promises to take care of you? Would you let me… on top of you?”
  91. Your breathing caught in your throat and you felt so light. This was really happening.
  92. “Actually, how about we do what we did earlier? Unless you give me a firm ‘no’, I’m just gonna do whatever I want with you. Does that sound fair?”
  93. You nodded silently, but a part of you felt… needy. “W-what if… I tell you no, but not firm? I think I want to feel like, maybe… you’re forcing yourself on me?”
  94. The smile she wore made her look predatory. “Just so we’re clear, and I have confidence going into this…” She leaned in. “You want me to take the lead, Anon? You want me to be a little forceful?”
  95. You nodded.
  96. “Then in that case…”
  97. She snatched you up, carrying you to your bedroom. She dropped you on it and then climbed up, making it creak loudly under her weight. She straddles your hips this time, looking down at you like an animal would look at a piece of meat, ripe for the taking. “I’m gonna fucking take you, Anon.”
  98. She pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her bra-less C-cups. They were featureless, having no nipples. Such was the way of the reptilian race. You made to remove your own shirt and hoodie, but she stopped you by grabbing your hands. “Keep it on, you look fucking adorable in that thing.”
  99. She guided your hands above your head, letting them go. She leaned back to savor the sight of you, laying down under her like this. She licked her lips aggressively before getting her pants off. She rolled over and kicked them off before returning to her spot above you, totally naked. She was blushing a little, herself. Her breasts and underbelly were a cream color leading down to her drooling ovi-hole, already wet with lewd desire. Down her midriff and thighs, you could make out the tone underneath her scales. God, she looked so strong. She had to be, with how easily she picked you up earlier.
  100. “Bet you didn’t think I was this hot underneath,” she snickered with ironic confidence. You submissively looked away to hide your flushed reaction, but she reached over and turned your head with a clawed hand, forcing you to look at her. “Gods, how the fuck are you so cute? You’re goddamn perfect, Anon. I love you. Now…”
  101. She scooted back, unfastening your pants and pulling them down, allowing your half-erection to taste the air. She looked at it with ready, half-lidded eyes. Truthfully, you were worried that you wouldn’t be good enough for her, but your anxieties were dashed when she gave it a tentative lick, making you quiver and gasp. She left your pants mostly on, just enough to let your groin free. In a way, it bound your legs together. The thought of not being able to use your legs properly tickled the submissive part of your brain.
  102. “Barely touched you and you’re moaning,” she teased. “Is my boy a little sensitive?” She licked again, getting a similar reaction out of you. “And delicious. Now what if I…” She chomped down on it, taking the whole thing in her wet maw. Your eyes rolled back and you shook- it was so much better than masturbation. She rolled her tongue over it with the same finesse with which she fucked your throat. You squirmed and moaned as she pleasured you, coating you in her slimy spit. She sucked and licked and you could barely restrain yourself. With how she was looking at you, you could tell that you were giving her quite a show.
  103. She pulled off with a wet pop, sending one last shock up your spine. You were full-mast, now. She licked her lips as she climbed back over to you, and you braced your hands on her shoulders, but once again she grabbed your wrists and held them over your head. “Feel vulnerable?” she asked, “I bet you feel so helpless. You know how strong I am, Anon. Why don’t you try to wiggle free?”
  104. At her suggestion, you did as she asked. Struggling as much as you’d like, you had no leverage. She had you completely and totally pinned against your bed, wrists above your head, legs unable to separate. Her breathing peaked at your struggles, evidently pleased with how easy you were to subdue. “Maybe I’ll pay you visits in the future. Walk into your house while you’re all alone. Maybe I’ll just fucking take you, then. Would you like that, Anon? Would you like me to fucking rape you whenever I felt the need?”
  105. “Y-Yes,” you stammered. Your cock twitched, lightly tapping against her heat.
  106. She drooled a little from her position above you. All you could see were teeth. “You like it when a girl takes advantage of you, right? You love it when I show you how strong I am, don’t you?”
  107. “Yes!” you shouted.
  108. “I’m gonna cherish, love, and protect the shit out of you, Anon.” She leaned in closer, and your heart skipped a beat. “But right now, I’m gonna fuck you into your own bed.”
  109. With that, she lined herself up, and took you inside of her in one go. You both gasped, and she tightened her grip on your quivering arms. She wasted no time in beginning her ride, rising up and falling again and again. Her insides gripped and tugged on your shaft, coaxing out your leaking pre-cum deeper into her body. It made you glad that you couldn’t actually get her pregnant. No protection needed.
  110. She rose and fell with your breath, staring at you intently, savoring the faces and sounds you made, trying and failing to move out of her vice-grip. Her amber eyes never left yours, full of dominant, controlling love. It felt so good to let go, to give up control to someone else. You didn’t have to make decisions; you could just let her take care of you in the many ways she knew how. There was no worry or fear inside of you at all as her hips slammed into yours over and over. Only the pure white bliss of being bred by a stronger woman who loved you.
  111. That’s what it was: breeding. Her toothy maw and rough motions could not be considered lovemaking. She claimed you with her body, eased out your inner fears and desires. You felt like you belonged at last, with nothing but the pure pleasure of outright submission holding you aloft. You let go as she rode you, staring at her beautiful green scales and bouncing breasts. Her groin slapped against yours repeatedly, you couldn’t fight back or assist in the fucking. She was just too strong.
  112. As you closed to your peak, she started to growl: a ferocious rumble. You remembered how dogs asserted dominance by holding another down and growling at them. Was this what she was doing? Asserting dominance in the most animalistic way possible? You loved how she seemed to be losing her mind, drooling on you. Her muscles rippled under her flesh with energy and power: two things she’d always have over you. You squirmed and moaned to her pleasure as she milked you.
  113. “G-Getting close,” she managed. “How about you?”
  114. You nodded, too far gone for words.
  115. She smiled, lowering her head to give you another kiss. Once again, she possessively fucked your mouth with her tongue as she took your dick inside of her. You groaned and moaned as your orgasm arrived. You saw white as you sucked on her tongue, bucking your hips into your dominant partner. She, too, clenched around you as her insides open. You shot your load straight inside of her, filling her crocodile womb with your swimmers. She practically forced you to seed her- your cock never gave its consent to being roughly milked and claimed by a fertile hole. Still, you both twitched and moaned into each other at the simultaneous orgasm. At your peak, you felt so useless and you loved it.
  116. She did everything for you. She took care of you. She made you feel good. She took the greatest of pleasures from your submission to her. It was all you had to do to please her: let yourself go and allow her to do what she wanted. In a way, that meant that she did truly want what’s best for you. She wanted you to smile, and you were glad to do it for her.
  117. She pulled away, releasing your hands and sitting up on top of you. With a soft smile and heavy breathing, she patted her naval in a satisfied way. “My boyfriend fires like a cannon,” she teased, “I think I felt it hit the back wall.”
  118. You laughed softly, exhausted. You’d never cum so hard in your life. “Th-thanks,” you said, “For everything.”
  119. Her expression was one of pride and joy. “I had to do it. You were driving me wild with how hurt you looked. Just wanted to… pin you down and ride you like a dildo. Thanks for letting me do that. I’m not a fan of normal gender roles, or whatever.”
  120. “You spoil me,” you accused. She laughed heartily, pulling herself off at last. Your spent cock flopped out, covered in a mixture of juices. She leaked a little from her dripping ovi-hole. She laid down next to you, sighing contently.
  121. “We spoil each other. Wanna just lay here for a while before we clean up?”
  122. “Yeah,” you said, “That sounds nice.”
  123. You really hope she lets you keep her hoodie.
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