Homeopathy and Yeo Valley

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  1. Hi ---
  3. Thank you for your recent email, we always appreciate hearing from our consumers.
  5. I will endeavour to help with your queries regarding organic farming as fully as I can; our own Somerset based herd of Pedigree Lakemead British Friesians are excellent dual purpose cows who in line with organic standards are fed a grass based diet, which we think produces the healthiest tastiest milk, which is proven to be richer in omega 3! We do not use any drugs to boost productivity (hormones) and use homeopathic treatments on the cows, although we do use antibiotics when needed for welfare reasons. Under Soil Association organic rulings milk is kept out of the system for three times as long as conventional milk, as an example milk under conventional rules may be out for 6 days and under Soil Association rules would be out for 18 days.  
  7. I would like to reassure you that we operate the highest level of animal welfare standards on all of our farms.  Not only are we strong supporters of the welfare system developed by The Soil Association for cattle producing organic milk, we also take care of the environment in which we operate and act responsibly and ethically in how we do business. Organics standards strictly admonish zero grazing techniques; cows cannot be permanently housed, but must spend the majority of their lives outdoors. The cows must have appropriate bedding and adequate space when they are brought indoors during bad weather during the winter months.
  9. Being an independent, family owned British business, we value our reputation and the loyalty of every one of our customers who buy our products.  We have built our reputation on a combination of quality and word of mouth and would never knowingly do anything to jeopardise this.
  11. All of our delicious organic milk comes from a cooperative of South West dairy farmers (OMSCo), whose cows are all able to graze on the lush pastures of South West corner of England. All their animals are raised in accordance with organic standards.  Each farm will work to the organic standards, but implement things slightly differently to our own farm but at no detriment to the animal.  We are working with OMSCo and The Soil Association to provide further education to improve welfare on these farms also.  The benefit of OMSCo is that all farmers are paid a fair price for their milk so then can develop sustainability within farming.  A fair price means a farmer can plan and invest and it is our aim to see farmers succeed in the UK as too many farmers historically have given up farming because this has been un-economical for them.
  13. Thank you once again for contacting us and I hope you continue to enjoy Yeo Valley.
  15. Kind regards
  17. Sally Laurie
  18. Customer Service & Charity Co-ordinator
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