Folder 01, Det. Pierre (Broadway & Cortland) VIDEO: M2U00009

Sep 30th, 2012
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  1. Folder 01, Det. Pierre (Broadway & Cortland) VIDEO: M2U00009
  3. #N15 12:55 am Liberty Street (“TS” = Time Stamp)
  6. Screenshots of whom TARU zoomed in on:
  8. No arrests; one escorted off property. Comment: If you were zoomed in and/or focused on in the tape, you may have been targeted for arrest. See screenshots.
  10. Dispersal order in the background at the beginning of the tape. This TARU camera appears to be following Red Jacket, who’s with the Captain that’s using the megaphone. I can never make out his name. Dispersal order says not allowed to have tents, structures or personal belongings in the park. All persons must temporarily leave the park or be arrested.
  12. TS 01:38: Camera begins following 3 people with backbacks. Not sure if cameraman’s interest was caught by the guy with blue hair (you know, “weird” to them), but looked to me as if his interest was really in the 3rd guy of that group – the one carrying papers and a notebook, wearing a french cap.
  14. Films photographer at TS 01:46, then pans to follow that camera and see what he’s taking pictures of.
  16. TS 2:30 NYPD TARU officers pushes someone away from the police group, saying “This guy over here” in disgust. Guy he pushed is wearing a gas mask, hoodie, anon mask on his elbow, carrying a black flag. Camera does not follow.
  18. TS 04:27 A woman comes to the front of the tent line and calls out “Bullshit”, then begins to Mic Check the police. Camera stays on her and her group until the Captain megaphone moves on at 05:24.
  20. TS 06:54 You can see an Emergency Service Unit officer’s jacket. ESU is Special Operations Division, who also runs canine units for FEMA and includes SWAT. Reports say they have offices in Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel. And that they have been on ops in London, Lyons, Hamburg, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, and Guantanamo Bay.
  22. TS 07:43 Captain Megaphone is repeating his message along the barricades and a man at the center of a group of three puts his face into the megaphone to shout back at it. TARU camera immediately pans in on the group. At 8:04 he zooms in again. No doubt it’s all 3 of them being tagged, not just the one who shouted.
  24. TS 08:44 I think I see Red Jacket again, following Captain Megaphone. Most of the TARU jackets I’ve seen are filming. At 9:11 you can see he’s just an escort for the Captain. Or a handler?
  26. TS 09:35 Am not sure why, but the cameraman seems particularly taken with this group. They like Justin? Stops and films here for close to a whole minute with close ups.
  28. TS 10:32 to 11:57 Anyone connected with the medic tents appears to be a POI as well. Again, lots of filming then moves on with Captain and Red Jacket (who I think I just saw filming for the first time). The camera moves away from the Captain, following Red Jacket who’s going ahead to the next megaphone stop.
  30. TS 13:33 A man in a green jacket and black cap is being escorted out of the park (no zipties or anything) and told, “Get across the street”.
  32. Tape ends at 15:17 For the most part camera just appears to be documenting whatever it sees as it follows Red Jacket around the park.
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