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  1. hey!!;;;smorgen mordereater........ when i tryin bust clappin american hand;;; encore
  2. encore fo' cacturnor
  3. i need encare fo' cacturne;;;;;;;;;;
  4. it set up
  5. but when i chizzle sadn vil.... it say not allow
  6. smorgen;;; how tha fuck do i put encore on cacun
  7. when i pikc bulet seed;; cajunre;;;
  8. it say not alloow...
  11. mr smorfon modertoatr why beratic politedo not alow;;ed ?????
  12. i want useou;; bread t oad swiftswi m err$$ord
  13. halp m ethaxn !!!!!
  15. smogon moderater i be try ta bust politode n' beratci up in mah crew;;;; bu it say i canot bust tha snow clock so i chizzle snow lcock;;; but now it say icannot bust tha shift swim;;;; why!!!!?? biatch? is it i cannot bust tha politoad n' bear;; i wanna bust bear;; frog
  17. [01:36] <@Yilx> yo' crew is weak ta support lead mixape
  19. [01:37] <@Yilx> yo' crew is weak ta sd mixed support weavile
  20. [01:37] <@Yilx> wit sd/night slash/fake out/thief
  22. [01:37] <@Yilx> yo' crew is weak ta subddsupport gyara
  23. [01:37] <@Yilx> wit sub/dd/thunderwave/bounce
  25. [01:37] <@Yilx> you have no switch-ins n' wit 3 layerz of sr it'll 6-0 yoiu
  27. [01:29] <@Yilx> cb rotom needz 3 layerz of spikes sr tspikes voltturns def sdef atk ev calcium carbos ta do that
  29. [01:53] <@Yilx> voltturn support from stunfiks n' ninjaks
  31. [07:16] <@Yilx> LOL
  32. [07:16] <@Yilx> dat syrim post
  33. [07:16] <@Yilx> has alot of buzzlyrics i could use
  34. [07:17] <@Yilx> up in addizzle ta "under tha muthafuckin right conditions" "it'll wreck crews" n' "with proper support"
  37. [07:19] <@alkinesthetase> spinplot celebi
  38. [07:19] <@Yilx> under tha muthafuckin right conditions, yo big-ass booty is ghon have 3 layers wit boostin moves
  39. [07:19] <@jonathanrp> rofl
  40. [07:19] <@alkinesthetase> NP boosted rapid spins
  41. [07:19] <@Yilx> SPINPLOT LOL
  42. [07:19] <@alkinesthetase> maximum hazard clearizzle
  43. [07:19] <enguarde> freshly smoked up event confirmed
  44. [07:19] <@Yilx> gdi LOL
  45. [07:19] <enguarde> rapid spin celebi
  46. [07:19] <@jonathanrp> shit
  47. [07:19] <@Yilx> spin celebi would
  48. [07:19] <enguarde> calm nature locked
  49. [07:19] <@Yilx> be phat though fo'sho
  51. [07:19] <@Yilx> wit proper support n' 3 layers he'll invent rapid spin n' thunder wave celebi
  53. [07:36] <@Yilx> wit 3 layers n' para support
  54. [07:37] <@Yilx> it'll identify wit rapid spin double dizzle
  56. [07:37] <%zfs> wit sr, 3 layers, toxic spikes, para n' chill support, furret is straight-up a metagame breaker
  58. [07:38] <@Yilx> imo wit 3 layerz of wreck crews it can straight-up spikes support voltturn
  60. [07:40] <%zfs> Guys if our crazy asses synergize 3 layerz of spikes our crazy asses can diversify double dizzle rockin 6 sigma steez ta git full implementation of sand stall while utilizin our core concepts
  62. [07:42] <@Yilx> so ta say, 3 layerz of tyranitar aint enough ta cover tha weather support dat stealth rock needz ta under tha muthafuckin right conditions wreck crews
  65. [07:45] <@alkinesthetase> i be thinkin "imo wit 3 layerz of wreck crews it can straight-up spikes support voltturn" was tha dopest one so far
  66. [07:45] <@alkinesthetase> tha grammar was so
  67. [07:45] <%zfs> "if our crazy asses rapidiously reintermediate cross-platform core competencies, garchomp can break scald n' wreck three layerz of spikes"
  68. [07:45] <@alkinesthetase> utterly devastatin
  70. [07:48] <%zfs> ihop, deo-d is broken cuz 3 layerz of sr can wreck scald n' voltturn breaks sand stall cuz of synergy
  72. [07:52] <%zfs> "guys I cant bust cubchoo wit 3 layerz of snow cloak synergy"
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