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G41 Costume Story

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  1. [……]
  4. [The sapphire seas, the azure skies, and not a cloud in sight - this beautiful scenery should have filled me with joy.]
  5. [But the sun overhead stung my eyes, and even with sunglasses I could hardly bear to look directly at it.]
  6. [That was probably because I had spent most of the past six months living a shady lifestyle, and thus had not seen the sun for too long.]
  7. [Besides… I had thought this was just an ordinary company trip, but after seeing AK12 and AN94, I realized that the story behind this was definitely not something simple and happy.]
  8. [Countless questions floated through my mind and refused to leave, and so I could not relax and enjoy this holiday.]
  10. ???: Master! Master! Come look! It’s amazing! We just dug a hole and the tide came in and it filled it up right away!
  12. [...But there was someone here who could not read people or their words. Just by listening to her, I could feel my rationality melting away like the sundae in my hand under the sun’s rays.]
  13. [The doll with the pale golden animal ears who wore a white, figure-hugging swimsuit with her designation plainly written on the front, loudly proclaimed her new discovery at the boundary where the land met the sea]
  15. G41:Would it be the same if I dug a waaaaay bigger hole? What do you think, Master?
  17. [That said…]
  19. Commander: So what’s with that swimsuit of yours? Did you request it from G36 as well? But if I remember correctly, the ones she prepared for everyone were of a different style...
  21. G41:*shakes head* Nope.
  23. Commander: Then what happened?
  25. G41:When I was buying snacks from Kalina-san, I told her about going to the beach for a vacation...
  26. ...And then she said she had a swimsuit in the previous century’s style, and it would grab your attention and never let go once I wore it, Commander.
  28. Commander: So it was her… I was just thinking that you wouldn’t make a joke like that, G41.
  29. Still, did I commit any prior offenses which left such an unsightly impression on her… I didn’t, right?
  31. G41:Oh yes, Master! Want to come dig a hole with me? Let’s dig a bigger one and see if the sea can wash it away!
  33. Commander: Ah… G41, I’m thinking about some things right now…
  34. Could you give me a while? I need a short time to think, just a little bit.
  37. G41:Yes, Master!
  40. [That scene just now… Was AN94 the only one AK12 brought here? Or did she have others with her? Does HQ know of their existence?]
  41. [And why did she suddenly bring up a beach volleyball match? Was it a simple wager? Was it to cover something up?]
  42. [Come to think about it, why is the company even organizing a seaside vacation on the company dollar at a busy time like this?]
  43. [Sha, sha, sha… a strange, repeating sound reached my ears. It was clearly different from that of the tide washing in.]
  44. [I turned back, and saw G41 hopping from foot to foot on the patch of sand beside me.]
  46. Commander: …What are you doing? Is there a malfunction somewhere?
  48. G41:Huh? No, Master! It’s just that the sand’s very hot!
  50. Commander: Well, temperatures hot enough to cause a doll discomfort are a little...
  51. If it’s hot, then go look for G36. I asked her to prepare beachwear for everyone, that ought to include sandals for you.
  54. G41:Don’t worry about me, Master! I believe you because you said you’d be a while! There’s no need to trouble G36 because of this.
  56. [I froze for a moment, and then laughed awkwardly to cover up the careless promise I had made earlier.]
  58. Commander: You must have been tired of waiting there for so long, right? I’m sorry, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have made you stand by here under the sun.
  60. G41:It’s nothing like that at all! I’ll faithfully carry out any orders that you give, Master!
  61. ...Though what I’d most like to do is to have fun by your side, Master.
  63. Commander: *inspired* Ah, that’s it. As it happens, I have a mission for you...
  65. G41:A mission? What kind of mission? I’m listening!
  67. Commander: It’s like this. Actually, those two dolls just now...
  69. G41:Mm, mm!
  72. [After hearing me explain the source of my frustrations, G41 took a deep breath and pounded the nametag of her swimsuit, which had the three letters of her name written on it.]
  74. G41:Don’t worry, Master. Leave it to me!
  75. I’ll take care of anyone who dares to take on Griffin or you, Master!
  76. The contest or beach volleyball or whatever, none of that is a problem!
  78. Commander: Do your best, then~
  79. If you win I’ll make sure you’re well rewarded~
  81. G41:A reward from the Commander!? Then there’s no way I’ll lose!
  83. [……]
  85. Commander: My head hurts...
  87. G41:Master… I’m sorry...
  88. I didn’t expect that weird doll to spike the ball at your face right away...
  90. Commander: Don’t worry, it’s not like we’re limited on how many people we can send ib...
  91. Just think of the first match as me going up to probe their strength before you guys. I’ll be counting on you all for the rest!
  93. G41:Got it! Leave the next match to me! I won’t let your sacrifice be in vain, Master!
  95. [That said, it was only when I watched G41 step up to begin the match that I realised something.]
  97. Commander: (G41’s the kind of doll who doesn’t even have any idea of what to wear… does she know what beach volleyball is?)
  99. G41:This is G41! I’m ready to go! Please watch me, Master!
  101. AN94:…Ah.
  104. [The judge’s whistle blew.]
  106. AK12:G41 moved while hugging the ball. Foul for Griffin.
  108. G41:Huh? Why is that a foul?
  109. Isn’t volleyball about taking the ball and hitting the other person with it?
  111. Commander: (As I thought-)
  114. [It was not even a match. The three minutes of the first round seemed to be interrupted by the sound of a whistle every 5 seconds.
  115. [And while our opponent AN94 had no expression on her face, she clearly knew how to play volleyball.]
  117. AN94:Serving.
  119. G41:That’s strange… I’m standing here… so why are you hitting the ball to that corner where nobody is?
  121. AK12:Griffin fumbles, one point to Team Defy.
  123. G41:What’s a fumble? I didn’t get hit by the ball, did I?
  125. Commander: (We’re doomed… how should I explain this…)
  128. [And so the second round with Team Defy came to an end.]
  129. [The match ended with the opposition completely overwhelming us in score. After being told that she had lost, G41 turned around with a puzzled face and walked back towards me.]
  130. [As I saw G41 walk back to me with a blank look on my face, I scrambled to think of something nice to say in order to comfort her.]
  132. Commander: Ah - it’s alright, you did your best...
  134. G41:While I’m not quite sure what’s going on… I feel like I’ve never been that active before!
  135. It’s even more thrilling than being on the battlefield!
  137. Commander: Huh?
  139. G41:It feels like, it feels like, why didn’t I discover this before? It’s strange!
  140. I didn’t know beach volleyball was so fun! Master, can we make a beach volleyball practice room in the base after we go back?
  143. Commander: (She doesn’t look demoralized at all… in fact, she looks really happy.]
  145. Commander: Do you think you won?
  147. G41:…
  149. G41:Ah…!
  150. I totally forgot.
  151. I’m sorry, Master… I disappointed you… I couldn’t live up to your expectations...
  153. Commander: It’s fine, it’s fine.
  156. [I rubbed G41’s head.]
  158. Commander: Winning and losing is common in war, and competitions are the same as work.
  159. Since you put in the effort, you ought to be rewarded even if you didn’t gain the results you were hoping for.
  161. G41:What do you mean, Master?
  163. Commander: Let’s go play in the sand. Don’t you have a lot to tell me?
  164. Consider it a reward for finishing the entire match with such sportsmanlike spirit.
  166. G41:Master! That’s wonderful!
  168. [Rather than worrying about what the inscrutable Team Defy was up to, the most important thing for me was to take care of my people.]
  169. [Also, relaxing and enjoying my vacation was just as important.]
  170. [As long as I stayed by G41’s side, I could empty my mind of all unnecessary thoughts and focus solely on the childlike pleasure of playing around.]
  171. [Perhaps that was the greatest discovery of this short-lived vacation.]
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