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  1. John was very sad.
  2. His situation was very bad.
  3. He got beat up by the kids at school.
  4. They were very cruel.
  5. He loved a girl, he didn’t know.
  6. He was too nervous to give it a go.
  7. This went on for many years.
  8. Every night would end with tears.
  9. Until one bright morn’.
  10. He was leaving his dorm’.
  11. He saw his love get hit by a car, it looked pretty bad.
  12. John was once again, very sad.
  13. He ran to the hospital to tell her how he feels,
  14. However she would now always be on wheels.
  15. He didn’t care, he loved her anyway.
  17. Luckily she felt the same way.
  18. They lived a long life,
  19. Until they were grey.
  20. And had two kids named Johnny and May.
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