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  1. #Welcome message
  2. print "-It is the distant future, a year after pigs took over the world.-"
  3. print "They have taken over the surface of Earth after they rebelled against the human race. We were powerless against the hog leaders."
  4. print "The disenfranchise masses had to escape. Some found shelter on tropical island, away from the main invasions."
  5. print "We found shelter on a new technological advancement, free floating sky islands that kept us away from the pink menace."
  6. print "But a troubeling message came in during my shifft at the Onlook tower."
  8. #Help
  9. print "Type 'n' for North,'e' for East, 's' for South and 'w' for West."
  10. print "Type 'i' for inventory"
  11. print "Type 'q' to quit  at any time"
  13. #Onlook Tower Start
  14. print ".--. .. --. ... / -.-. .- -. / ..-. .-.. -.-- .-.-.-"
  15. print "'The day is today. Pigs can fly. USAF planes piloted by pigs attacked us and you are next.'\n"
  16. print "The morse code coming in shakes you out of your chair"
  17. print "It comes from the island 30 miles from yours giving you sometime to notify the Comander, Citadel and people of the message."
  18. print "...Unless this is just a cruel joke from the other island"
  19. print "Let's head over East towards the Barracks, Citadel and Suburbs to notify the others of the message""
  20. #Onlook Tower Without Radar
  21. print "Trying to get in contact with the other island is fruitless"
  22. print "Your messages aren't responded"
  23. #Onlook Tower With Radar
  24. print "Bill install the radar to the tower's system and you see 4 Unknown Flying Objects coming from the West"
  25. print "The UFO's should be enough proof for the Comander."
  26. #Onlook Tower with proof
  27. print "Let's alert everyone that pigs are flying!"
  28. #Onlook Tower Locations Choices
  29. print "you can only go 'e'-East towards the Barracks"
  32. #Barracks First Time
  33. print "You approach the Commander and give him the news..."
  34. print "He looks at you with disbelief, afterall you are telling him that pigs can fly."
  35. print "He mentions he needs proof before he allows you to get the defenses loaded. You should look for a means to locate were they are coming from."
  36. #Barracks without proof
  37. print "The Comander is waiting impatiently for any means to prove the message"
  38. #Barracks with proof
  39. print "With an image of the UFO pigs coming this way, the Comander shouts at everybody to get in the artillery to protect the  island"
  40. print "
  41. #Barracks Location Choices
  42. print "-Go 'w' to the Onlook tower"
  43. print "-Go 's' to the Lab"
  44. print "-Go 'e' to the Citadel"
  45. print "-Go 'n' to the Artillery"
  47. #Artillery First Time
  48. print "The mighty Cannons that protect your island stand here. But nobody is manning them. You can't defend the island alone."
  49. #Artillery with Proof
  50. print "Your borthers in arms stand in wait to attack the flying pigs once they get in range!"
  51. #Artillery Location Choices
  52. print "-Go 's' to the Barracks"
  53. print "-Go 'e' to the Suburbs"
  55. #Laboratory First Time & No Scientist in party
  56. print "The Laboratory is where all the new technology is created. If we bring a scientist with us we could look for an upgrade for our Tower"
  57. #Laboratory with Scientist
  58. print "Bill works at the Laboratory and unlocks the gate."
  59. print "He grabs the new Radar prototype he was working on for your Tower, this should give you enough proof if pigs are really coming!"
  60. #Laboratory with Radar
  61. print "Let's hurry before it is too late!"
  62. #Laboratory Location Choices
  63. print "-Go 'n' to the Barracks"
  65. #Citadel First Time
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