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  1. Young boy, like a cruel angel's thesis,
  2. Live up to be a legend...
  4. Even though clear blue winds
  5. Beat on the door of my heart,
  6. You just smile, looking straight at me
  7. Too involved in yearning for
  8. Something to hold on
  9. The innocent eyes still know nothing of fate yet.
  11. But someday you will notice
  12. On those shoulders of your
  13. There are strong wings
  14. To guide you to the far future.
  16. A cruel angel's thesis
  17. Will someday fly high from the window
  18. If memories are betrayed by
  19. The overflowing, burning pathos (emotions).
  20. Young boy, shine like a legend,
  21. Holding the sky in your arms.
  23. The cradle of love that sleeps within me
  24. There will be a morning that
  25. A servant of dreams will come for you.
  26. The moonlight shines on your thin neckline.
  27. I'd stop time in this world
  28. And lock it away for myself, but...
  30. If there is any meaning
  31. In the fate that pulled us together,
  32. Then I am, yes, the Bible
  33. That teaches you of freedom.
  35. A cruel angel's thesis
  36. And then sorrow comes forth
  37. When the shapes of the dreams you hold in your arms
  38. Come to life within you.
  39. Young boy, who shines brighter than anyone else,
  40. Rise to become a legend.
  42. People weave together love to create history
  43. And so I live on,
  44. Unable to become a goddess...
  46. A cruel angel's thesis
  47. Will someday fly high from the window
  48. If memories are betrayed by
  49. The overflowing, burning pathos (feelings).
  50. Young boy, shine like a legend,
  51. Holding the sky in your arms.
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