7 Product Description Tips

Feb 24th, 2020
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7 Product Description Tips

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Product descriptions can easily take up half of your product page. Therefore, a bad product description can counterbalance the hard work you put into the rest of the site. To avoid the risk of screwing up your site follow these 7 simple steps to making a great product description.

1. Readability

Adding a long product description without any breaks or paragraph is the quickest way to have your visitors mentally checkout. Just look at the top blog. Their top content is usually done in a listicle format which is easily digestible. Speaking of easily digestible make sure you are using elementary school words. The hemingway app allows you to make sure you are always writing at a 5th grade level or below.

2. Unique content

Nothing is worse than copying and pasting a suppliers description. Studies show that duplicate content does not benefit store owners. The good news is you can't be punished by copying content. You just won't be rewarded. It's better to create a unique piece of content than to copy a long product snippet off the web.

3. Lists

The human brain likes lists. Accentuating your products benefits by listing the things that make it unique and why they should buy. Avoid listing features. A feature would be "Bluetooth Ready" whilst a benefit would be "Connect all of your favorite devices".

4. Incentive

Remind people why they need to buy now. Use your description as another way to remind the visitor why they should order today. Whether that be with the use of a discount, extra item, or access to a community. Using things like countdown timers can also help with scarcity. However this has been overdone. You will need to be more creative in today's day and age.

5. Risk Reversal

Ordering things online can be a scary yet exhilarating thing for people.People want to trust your brand however most people er on the side of skepticism. On top of having a legit site you also need a way to calm peoples nerves in your product description. Adding things like "30 day money back guarantee" & "free returns" will help them make that decision to buy from you. People value losses more than they do wins. Eliminate their losses and they will be more likely to buy now.

6. Collection Silo (Internal Linking)

A collection silo is a way to send link juice back to your main collection page. Say you are selling shoes. You can have your red shoe link back to the main shoe collection. If the red shoe is already getting a ton of organic traffic you can elevate your main collection page by linking to it.

Example:Like this red shoe? Shop our entire shoe collection

7. Call To Action

It may sound obvious to add a call to action in your description however many business owners overlook this step due to not understanding cognitive biases like the serial position effect. Despite there being a huge buy now button at the top of the page lurking visitors still manage to forget what they came to the site for. To capitalize on the serial position effect add an additional call to action link at the end of your description as well as a secondary buy now button at the bottom of your product page.

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