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  2. Found new resource banking in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/banking
  3. Found new resource vrp in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp
  4. Found new resource vrp_armorshop in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_armorshop
  5. Found new resource vrp_arrestanims in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_arrestanims
  6. Found new resource vrp_attitudes in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_attitudes
  7. Found new resource vrp_bank in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_bank
  8. Found new resource vrp_barrier in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_barrier
  9. Found new resource vrp_bilskrot in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_bilskrot
  10. Found new resource vrp_carwash in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_carwash
  11. Found new resource vrp_custom_jobs in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_custom_jobs
  12. Found new resource vrp_datetime in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_datetime
  13. Found new resource vrp_delivery in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_delivery
  14. Found new resource vrp_deliverypizza in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_deliverypizza
  15. Found new resource vrp_detector in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_detector
  16. Found new resource vrp_dmvschool in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_dmvschool
  17. Found new resource vrp_extended in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_extended
  18. Found new resource vrp_farms in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_farms
  19. Found new resource vrp_foto in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_foto
  20. Found new resource vrp_fuel in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_fuel
  21. Found new resource vrp_garages in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_garages
  22. Found new resource vrp_gtfo in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_gtfo
  23. Found new resource vrp_holdup in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_holdup
  24. Found new resource vrp_hospital in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_hospital
  25. Found new resource vrp_jail in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_jail
  26. Found new resource vrp_job_display in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_job_display
  27. Found new resource vrp_kikkert in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_kikkert
  28. Found new resource vrp_kister in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_kister
  29. Found new resource vrp_loadfreeze in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_loadfreeze
  30. Found new resource vrp_lovligjobs in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_lovligjobs
  31. Found new resource vrp_lscustoms in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_lscustoms
  32. Found new resource vrp_lyd in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_lyd
  33. Found new resource vrp_medicaldelivery in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_medicaldelivery
  34. Found new resource vrp_mysql in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_mysql
  35. Found new resource vrp_robbery in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_robbery
  36. Found new resource vrp_scrapyard in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_scrapyard
  37. Found new resource vrp_showroom in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_showroom
  38. Found new resource vrp_takeoff in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_takeoff
  39. Found new resource vrp_tattoos in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_tattoos
  40. Found new resource vrp_taxi in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_taxi
  41. Found new resource vrp_trucker in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_trucker
  42. Found new resource vrp_truckerfuel in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_truckerfuel
  43. Found new resource vrp_tvnews in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_tvnews
  44. Found new resource vrp_ui in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_ui
  45. Found new resource vrp_ulovligejobs in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_ulovligejobs
  46. Found new resource vrp_wanted in H:/Host\Users\klaustj70\[vrp]/vrp_wanted
  47. Creating script environments for sessionmanager
  48. Started resource sessionmanager
  49. Creating script environments for mapmanager
  50. Started resource mapmanager
  51. Started resource spawnmanager
  52. Couldn't find resource fivem.
  53. Creating script environments for vrp_mysql
  54. Loaded, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null into ScriptDomain_759165558
  55. [vRP/C#] Load MySQL app.
  56. Instantiated instance of script vRP.MySQL.
  57. Started resource vrp_mysql
  58. Creating script environments for vrp
  59. [vRP] launch version 1498403827
  60. [vRP] init base tables
  61. Started resource vrp
  62. Creating script environments for chat
  63. Started resource chat
  64. Creating script environments for rconlog
  65. Started resource rconlog
  66. Started resource cn-loadingscreen
  67. Couldn't find resource CN-Queue.
  68. Creating script environments for vrp_fuel
  69. Started resource vrp_fuel
  70. Creating script environments for vrp_extended
  71. Started resource vrp_extended
  72. Creating script environments for vrp_attitudes
  73. Started resource vrp_attitudes
  74. Couldn't find resource vrp_barbershop.
  75. Couldn't find resource vrp_basic_menu.
  76. Couldn't find resource vrp_basic_mission.
  77. Creating script environments for vrp_carwash
  78. Started resource vrp_carwash
  79. Creating script environments for vrp_tattoos
  80. Started resource vrp_tattoos
  81. Couldn't find resource vrp_doors.
  82. Creating script environments for vrp_garages
  83. Started resource vrp_garages
  84. Creating script environments for vrp_holdup
  85. Started resource vrp_holdup
  86. Started resource vrp_ui
  87. Creating script environments for vrp_showroom
  88. Started resource vrp_showroom
  89. Creating script environments for vrp_dmvschool
  90. Started resource vrp_dmvschool
  91. Started resource vrp_loadfreeze
  92. Creating script environments for vrp_robbery
  93. Started resource vrp_robbery
  94. Creating script environments for vrp_bilskrot
  95. Started resource vrp_bilskrot
  96. Creating script environments for vrp_taxi
  97. Started resource vrp_taxi
  98. Couldn't find resource vrp_fotovogn.
  99. Started resource vrp_takeoff
  100. Creating script environments for vrp_custom_jobs
  101. Started resource vrp_custom_jobs
  102. Couldn't find resource vrp_revive.
  103. Creating script environments for vrp_trucker
  104. Started resource vrp_trucker
  105. Creating script environments for vrp_hospital
  106. Started resource vrp_hospital
  107. Creating script environments for vrp_detector
  108. Started resource vrp_detector
  109. Creating script environments for vrp_deliverypizza
  110. Started resource vrp_deliverypizza
  111. Creating script environments for vrp_medicaldelivery
  112. Started resource vrp_medicaldelivery
  113. Creating script environments for vrp_tvnews
  114. Started resource vrp_tvnews
  115. Creating script environments for vrp_kikkert
  116. Started resource vrp_kikkert
  117. Creating script environments for vrp_lovligjobs
  118. Started resource vrp_lovligjobs
  119. Creating script environments for vrp_ulovligejobs
  120. Started resource vrp_ulovligejobs
  121. Creating script environments for vrp_farms
  122. Started resource vrp_farms
  123. Couldn't find resource AntiCheat.
  124. Started resource cn-info
  125. Started resource cn-ymap
  126. Started resource cn-kidnap
  127. Creating script environments for cn-emotes
  128. Started resource cn-emotes
  129. Couldn't find resource cn-bilplac.
  130. Creating script environments for cn-fotovogn
  131. Started resource cn-fotovogn
  132. Creating script environments for cn-slashtires
  133. Started resource cn-slashtires
  134. Couldn't find resource cn-toilet.
  135. Creating script environments for cn-vejrsync
  136. Started resource cn-vejrsync
  137. Creating script environments for cn-alarmcentral
  138. Started resource cn-alarmcentral
  139. Creating script environments for cn-itemdrop
  140. Started resource cn-itemdrop
  141. Couldn't find resource 3dme.
  142. Started resource pNotify
  143. Creating script environments for InteractSound
  144. Started resource InteractSound
  145. Creating script environments for cn-clothing
  146. Started resource cn-clothing
  147. Started resource cn-scoreboard
  148. Creating script environments for cn-revive
  149. Started resource cn-revive
  150. Started resource cn-koretoj
  151. Couldn't find resource cn-els.
  152. Started resource cn-ped
  153. Started resource cn-seat
  154. Started resource cn-ui
  155. Started resource VK_interiors
  156. Creating script environments for banking
  157. Started resource banking
  158. Couldn't find resource npc_control.
  159. Couldn't find resource cn-sikkerhedssele.
  160. Couldn't find resource cn-carhud.
  161. Couldn't find resource cn-chat.
  162. Couldn't find resource cn-kors.
  163. Started resource wraith_alpr
  164. Creating script environments for cn-heli
  165. Started resource cn-heli
  166. Couldn't find resource cn-damage.
  167. Couldn't find resource cn-npcs.
  168. Started resource cn-tow
  169. Started resource cn-carstats
  170. Started resource cn-vaben
  171. Started resource cn-disclaimer
  172. Creating script environments for cn-watermark
  173. Started resource cn-watermark
  174. Started resource cn-ai
  175. Creating script environments for cn-afk
  176. Started resource cn-afk
  177. Started resource cn-text
  178. Started resource cn-discord
  179. Creating script environments for cn-logging
  180. Started resource cn-logging
  181. Creating script environments for cn-notify
  182. Started resource cn-notify
  183. Started resource cn-mapbuilder
  184. Started resource cn-mapbuilder2
  185. Started resource cn_skubVeh
  186. Couldn't find resource cn-biler.
  187. Started resource cn-hospital
  188. Creating script environments for cn-mech
  189. Started resource cn-mech
  190. Couldn't find resource patty.
  191. Couldn't find resource ninjah2.
  192. Couldn't find resource bob74_ipl.
  193. Couldn't find resource uniformer-ped.
  194. Couldn't find resource eup.
  195. Couldn't find resource addonped.
  196. Started resource cn-pinkcage
  197. Started resource cn-sandymotel
  198. Couldn't find resource Vehciles_1.
  199. Couldn't find resource Vehicles-Jobs.
  200. Creating script environments for VoiceGPS
  201. Loaded, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null into ScriptDomain_2472531
  202. Instantiated instance of script VoiceGPS_FiveM.Server.ServerScript.
  203. Started resource VoiceGPS
  204. Couldn't find resource gcphone.
  205. Couldn't find resource cn-custom.
  206. Stopping resource sessionmanager
  207. Creating script environments for sessionmanager
  208. Started resource sessionmanager
  209. Stopping resource pNotify
  210. Started resource pNotify
  211. Stopping resource sessionmanager
  212. Creating script environments for sessionmanager
  213. Started resource sessionmanager
  214. No such command Logo.
  215. Authenticating server license key...
  216. Server license key authentication succeeded. Welcome!
  217. cfx> Sending heartbeat to
  218. server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 326 milliseconds
  219. steam:11000010ee44bfc
  220. [vRP] Mikkel () joined (user_id = 1869)
  221. Sending heartbeat to
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