Xenos Hunters Session 45/46 minisession

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  1. #XenosHunters
  2.         -->|    YOU (antoine) have joined #XenosHunters
  3.         -->|    Mir (chatzilla@B7E4E688.74D01AB7.69A6B287.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  4.         =-=     Mir is now known as Sinbad
  5.         =-=     Staffen is now known as Anselm
  6.         antoine As Anselm soars ahead Sinbad's jump pack begins to struggle with Omniel's weight, the techmarine does a quick calculation before releasing the grapnel and dropping to the ground with a rolling thud. Balmung's missile suffers another issue, its aerodynamics are poor with a terminator riding it and it soon veers back to the ground where the space wolf bails before it explodes. This leaves...
  7.         antoine ...Sinbad slightly behind Anselm as they power on towards the looming shape above.
  8.         Anselm  ++Head for the cockpit, Brother-Chaplain!++ Anselm calls, pushing his thrusters as hard as he can. Already he can hear the pulse of his turbofan's overheat-warning beginning to rise in tempo.
  9.         Sinbad  ++I wish I had the foresight to get the Als-Johnson relic!++
  10.         antoine As you close to the point where the super heavy bomber blocks out your view of the star Thanato orbits the black shape lights up with the roar of autocannons from its port and starboard. A Hell Talon rushes past you with a flash before it suddenly turns and performs a heavy G turn to swing around towards you.
  11.         Sinbad  maneuvers towards the pilot's area, his jump pack sparking from too many previous abuses
  12.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Anselm, Sinbad, Hall Talon, Harbinger”
  13.         Anselm  ++Hurry on, Brother! I'll catch up!++
  14.         Sinbad  ++I shall reach the heretic flyer and provide fire support!++
  15.         Anselm  brings his relic blade to bear and flies off towards the Hell Talon, the heavy blade ready behind him.
  16.         Sinbad  strives forward to the superheavy plane, his jump pack's machine spirit warning him of its imminent failure
  17.         Anselm  jams the blade into the craft's left stabilizer.
  18.         antoine The flyer shakes heavily as the blade cuts, the Iron Warrior pilot inside snarls as he throws the aircraft around in the air to try and throw Anselm off before lining up his pair of lascannons to fire at Sinbad.
  19.         antoine The Knight desperately holds on while Sinbad rolls away from the twin spears of light emitted by the lascannons
  20.         Anselm  grips the edge of one of the craft's intakes, steadying himself against the craft before he pulls on the relic blade lodged in the side of the flyer. The blade pulls through the base of the prong it is caught in, wedging it apart until it clears the engine block, igniting the craft fully.
  21.         Anselm  leaps clear of the resulting detonation, twirling away into the air, kicking his turbofans into power again and returning to his course for the Harbinger.
  22.         Sinbad  flies hairbreadths away over the top of the craft to land on all fours on the traitor craft's top, then engaging his mag-boots in a crouch
  23.         antoine The exploding, disintegrating aircraft, falls apart to leave the pilot falling like dead weight to the ground below. As Sinbad lands the Harbinger bomber rolls 45 degrees to its right, throwing its left wing high into the air as it begins a ponderous bank to the right.
  24.         Anselm  pushes his turbofans, fighting against the blast of the Harbinger's thrusters as he comes upon its cockpit. He grabs hold of its upper fin and clamps his magboots down atop the cockpit.
  25.         antoine Inside you both see several Iron Warriors inside the cockpit, manning the controls and instruments of this massive tool of war..
  26.         antoine Through the windows you both see*
  27.         Anselm  ++I think this is our way into the mountain, Sinbad.++
  28.         Sinbad  ++KILL THE INFIDELS!++
  29.         Sinbad  begins beating his way into the cleft on the plane's "spine" with his crozius and blade
  30.         Anselm  ++Brother! Avoid damaging anything vital!++ Anselm calls,
  31.         Anselm  Cursing to himself under the vox.
  32.         Sinbad  ++KILL BY THE VITALS! FOR HIS HONOR!++
  33.         Anselm  ++Sinbad, no!++
  34.         antoine While Sinbad attacks the super structure of the craft, amazingly causing a shuddering in the craft a hatch atop the cockpit opens up while the fire suppression systems also unfold. The Iron Warrior looks up in shock at Anselm before the water dripping nozzles turn to spray Anselm. The Iron Warrior holds the sparking end of a power cable of some kind.
  35.         antoine Sinbad begins to burrow his way into the super structure as he hacks at it.
  36.         antoine The Iron Warrior pushes the power cable onto the upper hull.
  37.         antoine As the electricity surgers through the hull the engines cut out with a bark and the bomber begins a slow decent.
  38.         antoine surges*
  39.         Anselm  grits his teeth, fighting through muscle-spasms and slashes into the Iron Warrior's side, cutting through his arm and burying his blade halfway through his torso.
  40.         antoine The Iron Warriors falls from the hatch opening, the power cable falling onto him and causing his body to jerk around on the flight deck's floor.
  41.         Anselm  pushes the Traitor Marine aside, letting him slide away off towards the back of the craft before hopping into the interior of the Harbinger through the port he had used.
  42.         antoine A marine desperately adjusts the instruments to try to regain control while three others turn and draw blade, one with a chainsword, one a trench knife and the last with a powerblade.
  43.         antoine blades*
  44.         Sinbad  digs deeper, and more greedily to get at the Iron inside
  45.         Anselm  ++Sinbad,++ Anselm hisses, eyeing his new opponents.
  46.         antoine The three marines stab and jab with their blades but find no purchase on the Knights armour.
  47.         Anselm  deflects the knife-bearing Traitor-Marine effortlessly, and stabs into him.
  48.         Sinbad  digs deep enough that he simply begins rolling around in the wound he's carved with his power weapons activated, like a holy arrowrazor worm-turned-jihadi
  50.         -->|    Ryker ( has joined #XenosHunters
  51.         Anselm  ++Sinbad!++ Anselm shouts, beginning to anger, before hacking into the two remaining Iron Warriors.
  52.         Anselm  swipes the enormous blade through the power sword-wielding Traitor Marine's head, cleaving through bone and brain and also taking off a good half of his pauldron before kicking him over.
  53.         Anselm  ++Answer me, damn you!++
  54.         Sinbad  ++W...what? I am busy. ...Where am I? I was enjoying what I was doing which I do not remember.++
  55.         antoine As Sinbad flails inside the hull he eventually finds himself in the cramped bomb bay, each explosive device the size of a space marine.
  56.         Anselm  ++Get up here, now!++ the Knight roars, readying himself for the final Traitor Marine. ++You're going to kill the both of us with your madness!++
  57.         Anselm  brings up his relic blade against an attack from the remaining Iron Warrior. The ancient sword tears through the metal teeth and housing of the lesser weapon, leaving nothing but a stump of twisted metal in the Traitor-Marine's hands.
  58.         Anselm  cuts the Iron Warrior apart, then quickly rushes to the instrumentation stations.
  59.         antoine As Anselm rushes over to the control and start pressing buttons at random a slow whirring noise it heard.
  60.         Sinbad  ++The bomb bay doors are opening!++
  61.         Anselm  begins cursing loudly in High Gothic.
  62.         Anselm  ++Yes, thank you, Brother!++
  63.         antoine The port engine suddenly re-ignites
  65.         Anselm  ++SHUT UP!++ Anselm shouts, madly searching the panels the proper mechanisms.
  67.         Anselm  grits his teeth.
  68.         antoine The Star board engine reignite with a roar
  69.         antoine The engine merely increase the rate that the ground rushes up towards the pair of marines however
  70.         Anselm  grips the controls, pulling as hard as he can, roaring with pressed effort.
  71.         antoine The Knight barely levels out the bomber a mere 400m above the ground, lined up along the imperial battle line. Friendly forces below you fire upwards at your craft.
  72.         Sinbad  falls to the floor and engages his mag-locks, as G-forces seem to desire him to float upwards
  73.         antoine The last of the Furies Balmung called in are wiped out but the Hell Talon's themselves are brought down. The weapon emplacements along the spire topped back of the Imperator Titan smashing them to pieces.
  74.         antoine The Titan turns and raises a massive weapon at you.
  75.         Anselm  ++Sinbad,++ Anselm calls, looking out to starboard.
  76.         Sinbad  ++Yes?++
  77.         Sinbad  notices that he's now at at an odd angle with respect to his heels
  78.         Anselm  pulls the control as hard as he can, banking left.
  79.         antoine The ponderous turn continues, breaking off the run above Imperial forces.
  80.         Anselm  *east
  81.         Anselm  ++Do me a favor,++ he snarls, pulling hard on the controls. ++And please, please get ahold of our allies!++
  82.         Anselm  ++SINBAD!++
  83.         Sinbad  ++Alright. Seems easy enough.++
  84.         antoine A massive ball of plasma goes just wide of the craft as it banks away. The interior of the bomb bay and cockpit are bathed blue by its luminescence.
  85.         Anselm  ++NOW, SINBAD!++
  86.         Sinbad  ++Hmmmmm....++
  87.         Sinbad  cocks his head in thought
  88.         Sinbad  ++I have a vox...++
  89.         antoine The Bomber completes its turn and accelerates towards the mountain in front of it
  90.         Anselm  ++SINBAD!++
  91.         antoine Another ball of plasma accelerates towards you
  92.         Anselm  ++What the hell is-++
  93.         antoine The bomber barely escapes, the edges of one wing are singed by the near hit.
  94.         antoine The Titan turns its weapons away from you
  95.         Anselm  is visibly sweating by the time the ordeal is done with. ++Sinbad. Sinbad, answer me, now.++
  96.         Sinbad  ++Yes? What did the crew of the god-machine say? They seem to have stopped shooting.++
  97.         Anselm  ++If you ever... ever lose yourself like that again, I swear I will take your head off.++
  98.         Sinbad  ++I am on a mission from the Emperor, Brother-Champion. I shall not dishonor it.++
  99.         Sinbad  trails off
  100.         Anselm  puts a gauntlet to his face as he ventilates, and ponders his Brother's integrity.
  101.         Anselm  looks over the control panels.
  102.         Anselm  ++Get away from the bombs, Sinbad.++
  103.         Anselm  begins mashing command runes along the panels that had originally primed the bombs.
  104.         antoine The fire suppression system begins spraying the cockpit window with water.
  105.         Anselm  loudly sighs.
  106.         antoine The wipers on the windows begin swiping them clean
  107.         Anselm  "What sort of idiot constructed such an incompetent layout..."
  108.         Sinbad  ++The air conditioning seems to have turned on.++
  109.         Sinbad  arrives in the cockpit
  110.         Anselm  looks over his shoulder and grunts.
  111.         Sinbad  ++I encountered not another soul within the innards of the ship. Oh! Sons of Purtabo.++
  112.         Anselm  ++Perturabo.++ Anselm looks back to the controls. ++Make sure that one by me is dead.++
  113.         antoine The bomber suddenly shakes before becoming more maneuverable in your hands.
  114.         Sinbad  begins rolling over the bodies away from the door and seats
  115.         Anselm  ++Well, that worked.++
  116.         antoine Massive booms are heard below you as you climb up towards the opening 1km up the side of the mountain
  117.         Anselm  ++That should help the others.++ The Champion sits back, staring at the fortress, narrowing his eyes and frowning. ++This is it. I've waited months for this...++
  118.         Sinbad  ++Shall I contact the heretic forces, and attempt to have them not shoot us?++
  119.         Anselm  ++I'm sure they have their own tongue. They've probably never heard Low Gothic in their lives. You'll just draw their attention faster.++
  120.         Sinbad  ++What? We spoke Low Gothic ten millennia ago. And even they must wonder why "their" craft has turned about. Even they must know something is afoot, even if not from where...++
  121.         Sinbad  takes up a fallen headpiece, and puts one side to his helmet
  122.         Anselm  ++The heretics hate the Imperium, Brother. You know this. They revile all things which we hold sacred, and that includes our language.++
  123.         Anselm  ++There's no point to contacting them. Let us just go ahead and be done with this mess.++
  124.         Sinbad  ++Shall this damned vehicle finally crash?++
  125.         Anselm  ++Right back into its hangar,++ Anselm says. ++We're going to go straight into the eye of the storm.++
  126.         Sinbad  ++Technical difficulties. The explosives fell from the assault damage. We are returning for re-fuel and repair. I shall face the Warsmith myself.++
  127.         Sinbad  says calmly into the headpiece
  128.         Anselm  slowly turns his head.
  129.         Sinbad  grunts and crashes the headpiece into dashboard to have the sound reverberate into the line
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