Listen as I Suck My Toes

Aug 24th, 2016
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  1. [F4M] Listen As I Suck My Toes [JOI] [Foot Fetish] [Toe Sucking] [Skype Sex] [Long Distance]
  3. Hey, babe, it’s been a while.
  5. We haven't had much time to talk, I know...
  7. I’m so sorry, it’s been busy and just chaotic settling into this new job.
  9. I know. You’ve put in your two weeks’ notice and once you finish you can finally come up here with me.
  11. Yes, that’ll be good.
  13. I know, I’m sorry. I can’t seem to fix the camera on here so you’ll just have to listen to my voice. [laugh] I can see you through so you’ll just have to be patient until you get here to see my pretty face.
  15. It’ll be like the old days when talking on a phone was a thing. [giggle] But now I can see you and you know what I want to see?
  17. It’s been so long since we fucked, I’ve been craving the D all week long. [giggle] That’s right. The sex is going to be amazing once you get here, oh my god. I imagine us both finishing pretty quick, a few thrusts and we’ll both be done [giggle]
  19. [sigh] I know you can’t see me, but is there anything you want me to do, some kind of aural stimulation that will arouse and get you off? I could get nice and wet and hold the mic real close to my pussy as I jill off.
  21. No? Then you tell me what you want.
  23. Ah, I should have known. Even without the visual stimuli you still want to hear that?
  25. Well okay, but do me a favour. Move your camera down to your crotch, I need to see you get hard and slowly jerk off to my voice.
  27. [giggle] Okay. You can’t hear but I’m removing my socks. There goes sock one, and there goes sock number two. Ah, feels good to be out in the open, unconfined by the tyranny of cotton. [giggle] Mmm, feels great to wiggle and scrunch my toes. I feel so free.
  29. Mmm, I wish you could see them. Its early morning here and the sun is creeping through the curtains and falling upon my soft feet. It’s so warm and delicate, bathing them in almost divine light. I must say, I look like a goddess.
  31. Yes, take those pants off and show me- [gasp] wow, so hard already [giggle] It never surprises me just how hard my sexy feet can make you.
  33. Why don’t you wrap your big hands around your cock while I wrap my lips around my delicious big toe?
  35. [sucking audio laced with moans]
  37. Mmm, I wish you were here to suck on my toes. I just love to watch your eyes light up as you suck and rub your way to orgasm.
  39. [more sucking with moans and giggles]
  41. You know what I love doing? I love lying down next to you with my feet in your face while I stroke and suck your cock. [moan] Nothing feels quite like your cock in my mouth, throbbing, as you suck on my toes, eyes rolling and groaning. Mmmm. I can tell when you’re about to cum when you start stuffing as many of my toes as possible into your mouth [giggle] You become so ravenous.
  43. [toe sucking intensity increases]
  45. I love the way your cock throbs whenever my feet are involved. Not even my tight pussy or mouth can make it do such a thing.
  47. [sucking]
  49. Mmm, I love the way my tongue feels, running along my smooth and wrinkled soles. [giggle] but it tickles a little on my toes.
  51. [more sucking]
  53. I bet you can’t guess what colour I’ve painted my toes. [giggle] nope, you’re wrong. I’ve kept them natural since I left.
  55. [suck]
  57. Why? Well, because I don’t want to attract too much attention at my new job [giggle] You know how good my feet look in heels, it would drive all the men mad.
  59. [lots of sucking and moaning]
  61. Oh, ready to cum already? Yeah, I can tell by the way you squirm, the way your breath becomes laboured, the way your balls rise, ready to squeeze out everything they hold. Oh fuck, I wish I could feel your hot cum all over my toes and soles [moan]
  63. I’ll count you down, from ten to one, and then you can explode. Don’t cum early, I’ll be able to tell. [laugh] I’ll suck after each number.
  65. So, Ten
  66. [suck]
  67. Nine
  68. [suck]
  69. Eight, mmm I taste so good.
  70. [suck]
  71. Seven
  72. [suck]
  73. Six
  74. [suck]
  75. Five, almost there...
  76. [suck]
  77. Four
  78. [suck]
  79. Three, oh fuck.
  80. [suck]
  81. Two, yes, throb.
  82. [suck]
  83. And one
  84. [long suck with moans as you watch him cum]
  86. Fuck, even not being there you still came so much. You really are a slut for my feet, wow.
  88. [sigh] I can’t wait to feel all that seed on my soft feet.
  90. Until then, why don’t you lie back and listen as I finger my soaking pussy? [giggle] You can whisper sweet nothings down the mic until I cum.
  92. [moan, could possibly just keep going here with moaning and talking about feet until you orgasm]
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