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  1. <li class="wp-has-submenu wp-has-current-submenu wp-menu-open menu-top menu-icon-plugins" id="menu-plugins">
  2.     <div class='wp-menu-image'>
  3.         <a href='plugins.php' aria-label='Plugins 0'><br /></a>
  4.     </div>
  5.     <div class="wp-menu-arrow">
  6.         <div>
  7.         </div>
  8.     </div>
  9.     <a href='plugins.php' class="wp-has-submenu wp-has-current-submenu wp-menu-open menu-top menu-icon-plugins" tabindex="1">Plugins <span class='update-plugins count-0'><span class='plugin-count'>0</span></span></a>
  10.     <div class='wp-submenu'>
  11.         <div class='wp-submenu-wrap'>
  12.             <div class='wp-submenu-head'>Plugins <span class='update-plugins count-0'><span class='plugin-count'>0</span></span>
  13.             </div>
  14.             <ul>
  15.                 <li class="wp-first-item current"><a href='plugins.php' class="wp-first-item current" tabindex="1">Installed Plugins</a></li>
  16.                 <li><a href='plugins.php?page=plugin-install.php' tabindex="1">Add New</a></li>
  17.                 <li><a href='plugin-editor.php' tabindex="1">Editor</a></li>
  18.             </ul>
  19.         </div>
  20.     </div>
  21. </li>
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