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  1. PAGE 4:
  3. Thank you so much for taking a look at IINCYOKO!
  4. Man, it feels like it's been a while since I've made a proper doujin.
  5. It's kind of embarrassing, but it makes me feel like I'm finally back!
  7. This book is about Manaka-san, but I hope that anyone who likes that class rep style character will find it to their liking...
  8. Despite that, I really love drawing manga with Manaka-san in more unfortunate scenarios <3
  9. After all, it'd be a bit boring if all the manga was just lovey-dovey stuff, right?
  11. I think a more cruel side of me will be showing up here, what do you guys think?
  12. I'm sure you'll agree!
  13. Well, just as a warning, make sure you prepare yourselves.
  15. Now, I hope you'll enjoy this Manaka-san-filled book~
  17. -Shido
  19. PAGE 5:
  21. 1: Manaka, do you have a minute?
  22. 2: Oh, yes.
  23. 3: Mm... <3
  24. 4: squeeze
  25. 5: Hah... Ah <3
  26. 6: Ah... Oh gosh...
  27. 7: I'm... getting all excited now...
  29. PAGE 6:
  31. 1: You mean like... right here?
  32. 2: Hyau!
  33. 3: Fwah...
  34. 4: Hah
  35. 5: Hahh
  36. 6: Stop that... Ah! You shouldn't be doing that...
  37. 7: You're such a prankster, Takaaki-kun... // Kyau!
  38. 8: Yah...! Mm... Don't... pinch them so hard... <3
  39. 9: Hahh...
  41. PAGE 7:
  43. 1: Ah... No... If you keep going...
  44. 2: Hahh
  45. 3: Hahh
  46. 4: Hah...
  47. 5: s-someone might see us...
  48. 6: rub
  49. 7: slide
  50. 8: ...It'll be fine. Besides, you're already...
  51. 9: Hyah! // Y-You shouldn't be touching me there...!
  53. PAGE 8:
  55. 1: Ahahh... <3 Ta...kaaiki-kun... Don't... play with it like that...
  56. 2: Hauu...
  57. 3: squish
  58. 4: squish
  59. 5: Ah... <3 Mmm... <3
  60. 6: No... I-I...
  61. 7: I-I can't believe I'm about to... in a place like this...! Ahh...! Nooo...!
  62. 8: squish
  63. 9: squish
  64. 10: (last panel sfx) ding dong (school bell)
  65. 11: Ah...?
  67. PAGE 9:
  69. 1: T-That's enough for today!
  70. 2: Huh? Can't we keep going for a little bit?
  71. 3: What would you do if someone showed up?! (smaller text) I'd be so embarrassed I could die!
  72. 4: So let's just...
  73. 5: call it a day with this <3
  74. 6: Give me more of some of that, Class Rep~ <3
  75. 7: Nope <3
  76. 8: Smirk
  77. 9: click
  79. PAGE 10:
  81. 1: Now then...
  82. 2: Do you understand why we're here today?
  83. 3: I-It's already been planned for this room's activities to be limited... (smaller text) Or are you here because of something else?
  84. 4: ...It's true that the activities have been limited because you found a rare book, but...
  85. 5: that doesn't mean...
  86. 6: you can be using it to preform indecent sexual acts...
  88. PAGE 11:
  90. 1: N-No... // We were just...
  91. 2: You can lie all you want, but we have the proof right here.
  92. 3: Show it to her...
  93. 4: Yes, Senpai...!
  94. 5: Flip
  95. 6: ...What do you think? Kind of troublesome, right? If other people were to find out about this...
  96. 7: That's... horrible...
  97. 8: Of course, it wouldn't just be you, Manaka-kun. // Your boyfriend here would get in trouble, too...
  98. 9: Don't worry... If you just do a little something for us, we won't do anything to hurt you...
  100. PAGE 12:
  102. 1: U-Um...
  103. 2: Here's... my... p-private spot...
  104. 3: Hahh hahh
  105. 4: shake shake
  106. 5: (below 4) thump
  107. 6: (below 5) Haha... So you really can do what I'm asking of you.
  108. 7: (top left) blush
  109. 8: (below 7) shake shake
  110. 9: P-Please... look...
  111. 10: (below 9) thump
  112. 11: (below 10) thump
  113. 12: Wow... It's the class rep's actual panties...
  114. 13: Shit, it's super hot.
  115. 14: twitch
  116. 15: twitch
  117. 16: shake shake
  118. 17: Um... Has this been enough yet...?
  119. 18: I feel so embarrassed that I could die from being watched like this...
  121. PAGE 13:
  123. 1: Not yet... We have to see what's over here, too... // There!
  124. 2: Kyahh!
  125. 3: Ah... No... Don't lick them...
  126. 4: Ahh... The class rep's breasts are so delicious~
  127. 5: Ah...! Hiu... I-I can't...
  128. 6: Hau...
  129. 7: Auu...!
  130. 8: I can't let you... go any further than this...
  132. PAGE 14:
  134. 1: P-People other than Takaaki-kun are... doing things like this to me... I'm starting to feel weird...
  135. 2: Auu...
  136. 3: Hahh hahh
  137. 4: Mmm...
  138. 5: I shouldn't be feeling anything from this, but...
  139. 6: Taka...aki-kun... I'm sorry...
  140. 7: Hyau... Mm...
  141. 8: Here... Having just your breasts handled wouldn't be enough for you, right?
  142. 9: So I'll play with you here as well...
  143. 10: Ah...! No! Stop...!
  144. 11: Hyah...!
  145. 12: Hiuuu!
  147. PAGE 15:
  149. 1: Ah... Please... Please stop...
  150. 2: Then open this part down here for us all to see.
  151. 3: You can do it, right?
  152. 4: I don't want to... but... if I don't do what they say... Takaaki-kun will...
  153. 5: ......
  154. 6: U-Um...
  155. 7: Hahh...
  156. 8: Hahh...
  157. 9: thump
  158. 10: Pop
  159. 11: Blush
  160. 12: I-Is this... good enough...
  161. 13: thump
  162. 14: ...Huh?
  164. PAGE 16:
  166. 1: Did you... just...
  167. 2: No...! Noo...! // Stop!
  168. 3: Please don't take any pictures!
  169. 4: Yes! I got a photo of the class rep too!
  170. 5: (bubbleless) Yay!
  171. 6: (bubbleless) Same here!
  172. 7: Ah... Please, delete those!
  173. 8: Hehe... I'll delete them on one condition.
  174. 9: Hyahh!
  175. 10: No way... This is a boy's...
  177. PAGE 17:
  179. 1: C'mon, hurry up~ // Aren't you going to lick it? I won't delete them otherwise, you know?
  180. 2: It... smells weird... But I need to do this for Takaaki-kun...
  181. 3: This is the only thing I have to do, right...?
  182. 4: Hehe... Of course...
  183. 5: I haven't even done this with Takaaki-kun yet...
  184. 6: Mm...
  185. 7: Whoa... She's actually licking it.
  186. 8: Npuh...
  187. 9: Class Rep... It feels really good~
  188. 10: Oh shit... I'm about to...
  189. 11: Mmm...? W-What?
  190. 12: Class Rep! I'm cumming...!
  191. 13: Pwah!
  193. PAGE 18:
  195. 1: Ah...?!
  196. 2: Kyah...! Nooo!!
  198. PAGE 19:
  200. 1: We might as well go ahead and treat you down here, too...
  201. 2: No...! Don't put it in... I want my first time to be with Takaaki-kun...
  202. 3: P-Please... I-I'm still a...
  203. 4: ...Hmm? But it should still be fine, look at how wet you are down here.
  204. 5: Ahh...! Nooo!! Don't put it in...!
  205. 6: Takaaki-kun...! I'm...
  206. 7: Auu...! Nkuh... I-It hurts...!
  207. 8: Augh!
  208. 9: Augh!
  209. 10: Nngh! Hahh!
  210. 11: Yah... Mm... Fwahh...!
  212. PAGE 20:
  214. 1: Ah...! Kwah...!
  215. 2: Hyau...! N-Noo...!
  216. 3: Ah... No... I'm... I'm about to...!
  217. 4: Whoa... You actually peed? Did it really feel that good?
  218. 5: ...I guess that did save me time on getting you more wet down there, but you got me all wet too now...
  219. 6: ......
  220. 7: I better give you the proper punishment for that...
  222. PAGE 21:
  224. 1: All right Manaka-kun, Lift your butt so that my dick doesn't slip out...
  225. 2: slide
  226. 3: Huh...? N-No! What more are you going to...?!
  227. 4: We're going to put one more cock into this hole you still have open.
  228. 5: spread
  229. 6: N-No way...! S-Stop...!
  230. 7: Noo...! It won't fit!
  231. 8: Whoa, it's so tight...
  232. 9: Oh, but it goes in if I put in enough force.
  233. 10: Aukh...! It hurts...! My butt is going to break...!
  235. PAGE 22:
  237. 1: Ahh...! Urgh... This...!
  238. 2: Fwah...! Yahh...! Ahhhh...!
  239. 3: (below 2) Ahh... This is starting to... ahh... make my head feel weird...
  240. 4: I-I should be hating this... but both my butt and my pussy feel like they want more... I'm... already...
  241. 5: Ah... Hauu...
  242. 6: ...Oh! It's getting super wet in there all of a sudden~ <3 You're so lewd, Class Rep~ <3
  244. PAGE 23:
  246. 1: I... can't believe I'm feeling good from this...
  247. 2: Ahh <3
  248. 3: Nnah... Kuhh <3 Yahh...! Ahh <3
  249. 4: Hahh!
  250. 5: Hahn <3
  251. 6: Ah! <3
  252. 7: (top left) Hahh... <3 A-Amazing...
  253. 8: Hey Class Rep, I see your mouth is free~
  254. 9: Hafuh
  255. 10: Npuh...! Fuhk... <3
  257. PAGE 24:
  259. 1: Hehe... You sure are greedy, taking in 3 cocks at once even though it's your first time~
  260. 2: Pwahh
  261. 3: Pwah... Don't... say that...
  262. 4: As a reward, we'll make you cum a lot.
  263. 5: Ah... Hahh... There's... so much...
  264. 6: Hau... <3
  265. 7: Ah... <3 Kyau... <3
  266. 8: Hehe... Make sure you tell us when you're about to cum...
  267. 9: Ahh... <3 I'm... a-about to...!
  269. PAGE 25:
  271. 1: Kuh...! I'm going to cum, too!
  272. 2: Fwahh...! I-I'm cumming...!
  273. 3: I'm cumming...!
  274. 4: I'm sorry, Takaaki-kun... But...
  275. 5: Drip
  277. PAGE 26:
  279. 1: Man, just look at you. You're all sticky and wet~ (smaller text) Maybe we went too far~
  280. 2: Hey hey... You're the one that came the most.
  281. 3: ...I protected our secret place...
  282. 4: ...All right, Manaka-kun. We'll keep this a secret.
  283. 5: ...I hope to be seeing you again... Kukuku...
  284. 6: ...but... we won't be able to have our tea parties together anymore...
  285. 7: But... If you would forgive me for this...
  286. 8: I'd... like to see you again...
  288. PAGE 27:
  290. Yo! Shido here~.
  291. What did you think of my overflowing love for Manaka in this manga?
  292. You know, I've only ever seen manga that's been super lovey-dovey when it comes to Manaka, so I thought I'd do something like this instead. I don't regret it one bit!
  293. Sorry if I messed up on properly portraying any of the characters, though.
  294. Personally, I always feel like I have to include at least some kind of orgy play whenever the manga reaches its climax~
  296. I'd like to do a continuation of this manga sometime...
  297. "But what about Ikuno?" "Are you going to do something about her" "It'll be an orgy play, right?"
  298. Those are pretty much the questions that go on in my head when it comes to stuff like this.
  299. Well, Yuma-san's not bad either, but for some reason I don't really think of her as a typical glasses character...
  300. Ugigi... TH2 doesn't have enough glasses characters.
  301. In that case, you guys all better give Charu-san the respective she deserves!
  303. -Yatogami Shido
  305. PAGE 28:
  307. 1: Charismatic Disgusting Otaku Younger Brother - Yuuji
  308. 2: I'll line up all the gashapon figures I bought with my allowance...
  309. 3: They're all modified to have Manaka's head.
  310. 4: The one with Ruuko's body
  311. 5: is especially sexy, I recommend it. (I'll remove the skirt, and...)
  313. Bonza: Hey, Manaka isn't that kind of girl, you know? She'd die from shock after experiencing something like that!
  314. Shido: Uhehe. It's really sudden, huh? lol
  315. Bonza: Hello everyone, this time we had Yatogami-sensei's manga drawn. I had to give up on the manga I wanted to drawn, so I just made an illustration story!
  316. It's honestly really unfortunate, though...
  318. Shido: Hello, hello! I actually haven't seen Bonza's story yet, but that should be fine, right? That kind of thing seems to have been trending lately lol
  319. Bonza: I thought that having two mangas in one doujin might have been a little too much... Speaking of trends, Tororinko-san seems to be pretty popular, huh?
  320. Shido: Well, yeah, in an overall kind of sense. (Is it just me that thinks that?)
  321. Bonza: If you encounter any problems, you could try doing an illustration story too. You can just go "pussy pussy pussy" and it'd be fine!
  322. Shido: I feel like I'd just end up using the same illustration over and over again~
  323. Bonza: Oh yeah! How about you try it out with the manuscript I'm still working on? You could add erotic text with dialogue and explanations of the scenario and stuff.
  324. Shido: No way no way lol. I already felt enough pressure just putting the word "dick" in this manga. Plus I don't think I'd fit in your world, lol.
  325. Bonza: What are you talking about, you did way worse things than that! And you aren't even a Manaka fan!
  326. Shido: What do you mean?! I showed lots of love in my manga~
  327. Bonza: What?!
  328. Shido: You know how sometimes you want to do cruel things to the girl you love?
  329. Bonza: Well, who cares about that childish stuff anyway. More importantly, I was wondering if we could increase the deadline by another 24 hours.
  330. Shido: (with the tone of saying "I saw Kamikaze Girls! Goth lolis really are nice, huh") No way!
  331. Bonza: It's really annoying doing dialogue and text, huh? I just want to think of sexy stuff. Do you think I could get away with just drawings?
  332. Shido: What are you saying! Aren't you the one who suggested that we make a double feature doujin? Why are you the one giving up now?!
  333. Bonza: Our readers like sexy stuff even more! That's why I was just okay with leaving it with your story. It's written with stuff that would make people think an idiot wrote it!
  334. Bonza: Yes, it's like I'm playing with the image of an adult in luxury!!
  335. Shido: You know, we're getting really close to the deadline.
  336. Bonza: D-Dont look at me like that! Uwahh!!!
  337. Shido: Staaaare
  338. Bonza: Let's talk about something more interesting! Like about the printing or about your debt.
  339. Shido: Stoooop!
  340. Bonza: Enyousha is really amazing!
  341. Shido: This is something completely unrelated, but if we're talking about interesting things, you know how there's that Cyril guy who's a magician?
  342. Bonza: Nope.
  343. Shido: Yes you do!
  344. Shido: He'd walk along streets with like a picture of a Mos burger or something, and then he'd take the real thing out of it. With that kind of magic, he could probably take out Manaka from the game, right?
  345. Bonza: Have you calmed down? Are you all right? Okay, I'll be moving onto my print shop story now.
  346. Shido: This is my dream story right here, can't you hear at least hear me out?!
  348. PAGE 29:
  350. 1: Charismatic Doujin Title Adder Specialist
  351. 2: (chocolate bar) chocolate
  352. 3: I-If an iincho(japanese for class-rep) is eating chocolate, would they be an iinchoko...? (choko is chocolate in japanese)
  353. 4: I-I lost...
  354. 5: (left of 4) Want some?
  355. 6: (bottom of panel) Special Thanks: Amanogamidai
  357. Bonza: What are you going to do with Manaka once she's taken out? Fuck her?
  358. Shido: Why, yes!
  359. Bonza: Oh, I should probably get on that manuscript... Help me out, would you!!
  360. Shido: You're right. This book was made with kindness, so I should act in kindness as well.
  361. Shido: Uhehehe...
  362. Bonza: But man, this book was seriously all about Manaka. You could have at least included Ikuno a little bit. Should you really focus on Manaka that much?
  363. Bonza: Sisters gotta be drawn together, you know?
  364. Shido: I thought you'd draw her for me? lol
  365. Bonza: I'm disappointed in you. Apologize to the readers by telling them you'll draw a manga where Ikuno will get raped by some perverted glasses guy right as she enrolls in school!
  366. Shido: I'm sorry!
  367. Bonza: (._.)0 ( >_<) (idk how to do the star)
  368. Shido: Well, this is how things turned out this time, but maybe I'll play around with Ikuno too next time <3
  369. Bonza: I feel like the library chairman and Ikuno would make a good couple. At first it was just planned for Manaka to get tricked into becoming a sex slave and getting raped in an orgy, but all of a sudden it turned into the library chairman insulting Manaka...
  370. Shido: That's something I'd dream of doing lol. I got a boner now...
  371. Bonza: Me too, I'm going to go rub one off now. See you later.
  372. Shido: Whoa... Should we really end our conversation like this?
  373. Bonza: There's nothing we can do about it...
  375. Ah! It's Ruuko-san!!
  377. PAGE 30:
  379. 1: Under Takaaki-kun's guidance, Manaka has now become an experienced sex slave.
  380. Although outside of this room, she was still the same class rep that was bad with boys.
  381. Sex, anal sex, rape, fellatio, irrumatio, group rape.
  382. The number of friends to take care of the library has made a huge increase.
  383. Today's event was apparently asshole gang rape.
  384. 2: All right, tell everyone that you want it in your pussy. // Everyone's waiting.
  385. 3: ...... // I want... I want it... in my pussy...
  387. PAGE 31:
  389. 1: "You can't suck on it just yet, you know~?"
  390. C'mon, You want this, right? You want to lick and shove this into your throat and swallow my milk while you cum as well, right?
  391. You're so perverted, Manaka.
  392. "Are you horny from wanting Takaaki-kun's dick?"
  393. "Then masturbate on your own. I'll let you suck on this once you're done."
  394. 2: W-Why... has my body become so perverted?
  395. 3: Auu
  396. Why does it feel so good?
  397. Manaka was confused as to why she was getting off from masturbating while men she didn't even like were staring at her with lecherous eyes.
  398. But her hand wouldn't stop masturbating.
  400. PAGE 32:
  402. 1: T-Takaaki-kun...
  403. 2: Manaka came to stay over at Takaaki's place for the first time, but in the end, she was forced to practice SM sex all night just like in the library room.
  404. Just thinking about how she was forced to drink milk for 3 hours while being trained on fellatio and having her ass and pussy cummed in would make her waist start twisting.
  405. 3: "This is no good. She's looking at Takaaki's dick with such an entranced look. She's beyond help now." One of the boys muttered with a hopeless tone.
  407. PAGE 33:
  409. 1: The only treats allowed during tea time was sausage and large amounts of milk...
  410. 2: "You want everyone to praise you, right Manaka?"
  411. Manaka's pussy was overflowing with love juice like she was peeing just from Takaaki playing with it with his finger.
  412. It was then that Manaka knew that she loved Takaaki-kun.
  414. PAGE 34:
  416. 1: "It doesn't matter at all how much you like something if you're presented with something that differs in even the slighest."
  417. 2: Laying right before her eyes was a herd of bare male dicks.
  418. Not only was her pussy dripping with fluid, her own mouth was drooling like if it was the natural thing to do.
  419. She felt despair in realizing how lewd she was when she began growing excited at seeing the slight differences between all the dicks.
  420. 3: "If you want to suck on dick, then you better shove it in as far as you can."
  421. squish squish squish
  422. Takaaki-kun was usually really kind, but this was another side of him that would show up when it came to things like this. Getting gang raped made Manaka feel like she was getting touched by the real Takaaki-kun.
  424. PAGE 35:
  426. 1: The first penis of her classmates here proceeded to press against her pussy.
  427. "I can't watch anymore! I'll plug up this pussy she's been masturbating!"
  428. 2: "Ah! No, today is...!!"
  429. 3: I told them that they had to do anal sex today!
  430. Before she had a chance to finish, he began sliding in and out of her tight pussy hole.
  431. 4: Oh no... I'm going to get pregnant...
  432. 5: I didn't expect the training to go this far, but there's no turning back now...
  434. PAGE 36:
  436. 1: I-I've liked you since a long time ago, Class Rep. So... please let me fuck your asshole!
  437. 2: Huh? Really? You felt that way about me, Yuuki-kun...?
  438. 3: Idiot, Kouno already broke in her asshole a long time ago.
  439. 4: "I've always been watching you! You were always trying so hard as class rep, and I wanted to help you... That's why...!"
  440. 5: I see... So it was me that was building a wall against other people...
  441. 6: "All right. You can fuck my asshole with your dick..."
  442. 7: H-Hahh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!
  444. PAGE 37:
  446. 1: I-I've always wanted to protect you, too!
  447. 2: Huh? Huh? T-Takahashi-kun? O-Okay, I understand, I'm really happy, so please stop moving so much... A-Amazing~
  448. 3: "I'll protect the class rep!" "Me too!" "Me too!"
  449. Ooshima-kun, Katagiri-kin... Everyone!! Really?!
  450. 4: It's truly Class Rep magic!
  452. PAGE 38:
  454. 1: Manaka was filled with semen in her throat, pussy, and asshole again and again.
  455. The library room was filled with male hormones.
  456. 2: I'll protect the class rep.
  457. Me too. Me too.
  458. I'll help out with all kinds of things!
  459. I'll whisper sweet things to her while I fill up her hole with my dick.
  460. "Let's start things off with murdering the library chariman! Yeah!"
  461. 3: Huh? Huhhh?
  463. PAGE 39:
  465. 1: Y-You can't do that!
  466. 2: "Whoa... That's so moe! You're so nice, Monaka-tan!"
  467. 3: "What are we going to do with this crazy rage we have?!"
  468. Isn't there anything we can do for the class rep?! Aurgh!
  469. 4: H-How about I calm you guys down first...
  470. She began shoving everyone's dicks into her mouth and making them cum...
  471. As she gulped down their sperm, Manaka began to feel a change in how she felt about boys.
  472. Boys were...
  473. 5: "Then let's make Manaka-tan the student council president so that even the library chariman can't complain!!!"
  474. (smaller text) W-What?! I don't think I'd be able to do that...
  476. PAGE 40:
  478. 1: Manaka got to suck on Takaaki's dick as a reward.
  479. As she sucked on it, her thin waist shook sensually, her cute cheeks blushed with a lewd color, her eyes filled with sweet tears, and she wiggled her butt to the boys. Of course, this was all by Takaachi's instruction!!
  480. 2: "It feels like the class rep's pussy's shape has changed a lot since from the beginning..."
  481. 3: (bubble) Uuu... You're so cruel, Takaaki-kun...
  482. 4: Mm, that's fine, right? Manaka doesn't want to be looked down on her little sister who'll be enrolling in school next year, so she's trying to get as much experience as she can. Practical experience beats theory any day.
  483. 5: "Then I guess I'll stop now."
  484. Uuu... N-No!
  485. "All right, then beg for me. Like this."
  486. whisper whisper...
  487. M-My pussy is maturing because of all the cock juice you've been filling me up with... so please, I want you to keep cumming both inside and onto my body...
  489. PAGE 41:
  491. 1: Manaka began letting out love juice as if she was peeing as her asshole was suddenly forced open.
  492. She wondered how many times she's came in such a disgraceful manner since she lost her anal virginity as her consciousness began to thin...
  493. 2: "Hey, which cock do you think is better? Kiyokawa's up top or Murayama's on the bottom?"
  494. "I-I wouldn't be able to say... (smaller text) What I really want is Takaaki-kun's though... This is so cruel..."
  495. "Then which do you prefer, pussy or anal?"
  496. "Huhh?"
  497. 3: Akechi - "Well, just go with anal for now!"
  498. Manaka - "Huh?"
  500. PAGE 42:
  502. 1: Hahh
  503. 2: Hahh
  504. 3: A-Anal... I guess?
  505. 4: "Whoa, so cute!"
  506. One after another, they fucked her with their giant rods, opening up her asshole even wider.
  507. "No, you're going to break it! Take it out, take it out~"
  508. 5: The after-school assfucking of misery continued until the school building lost interest.
  509. Manaka felt as if she wished that this mad after-school party would continue on for eternity.
  511. PAGE 43:
  513. 1: There's so much coming out~
  514. 2: (left of dick) Yuuji's ass
  515. 3: Yuuji - "I have to say though, Takaaki. I can't believe you made such a boy-shy girl become so crazed over dick. I have a lot of respect for you! I'll stick with you forever!"
  516. 4: No, I didn't do anything. I've just been doing whatever pleased Manaka. What do you think, Manaka? Dick juice from other people every once in a while isn't bad, right?
  517. 5: "Yeah, I understand everyone's feelings now... All of this probably started because of your plans huh, Takaaki-kun?"
  518. 6: Yuuji recorded everything with his cellphone in hand as he played with Manaka.
  519. The young girl had no way of knowing what kind of lewd held awaited her from here on out.
  520. 7: "Plans, huh... Maybe you could use them to do something about the my poor perverted sister back at my place..."
  521. 8: No... that's not going to happen.
  523. PAGE 44:
  525. 1: I told you to stop so many times yet you keep going... You're horrible, Tama-nee....
  526. 2: (bottom right) It's like this every night...
  527. 3: (bottom left) Oh, but take care of Ikuno who'll be coming next year!"
  528. 4: ...Please give your constructive criticism!!
  530. PAGE 45:
  532. Bukkake! (That's a greeting)
  533. I'm Shido, continuing on from the comments I made in the foreword.
  534. I gave up on writing this a while ago, but it was really tough to do so, you know?
  535. Ahaha, it's been a while but I'm not feeling guilty over it at all.
  536. No, I really do feel bad! But I'm not going to do anything about it~ (T.T) ...I"m the worst.
  538. But anyway, TH2 has gotten both an anime and a PC version, so there's been a lot more requests for it~.
  539. I really want to beat the PC version~!
  540. Huh? You're saying I just want to go for Manaka? Fine, then. All characters that wear glasses get their parameters boosted by 25%, you know...
  541. I hope the Maid Robos that didn't show up last time will make an apperance~
  542. I'll be increasing that one thing by 3 cm because of that as well.
  544. Ahh... I'm having trouble writing the stuff I want to say, lol.
  545. It's really fun~ I had no idea I'd feel this with with TH2...
  546. But I haven't cleared Tama-nee yet.
  547. I mean, she's kinda scary...
  548. I'm not good with girls having the higher ground over me... orz
  550. I advocate male domination over women, you know?
  552. Hahh, I was just writing as I went along, but what the heck am I writing right now... lol
  554. Anyway, thanks for reading this!
  556. I'll be doing more stuff focused on TH2, so I hope you'll read my stuff again~.
  558. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the joint work between Bottomless Pit and Gekka Bijin~!
  560. See you all~.
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