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bastetmilo Jun 20th, 2016 7 Never
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  1. <div id="popup_login" class="popup_wrap popup_login bg_tint_light">
  2.     <a href="#" class="popup_close"></a>
  3.     <div class="form_wrap">
  4.         <div class="form_left">
  5. <?php echo do_shortcode('[ms-membership-login]'); ?>
  6.         </div>
  7.         <div class="form_right">
  8.             <div class="login_socials_title"><?php esc_html_e('You can login using your social profile', 'organics'); ?></div>
  9.             <div class="login_socials_list">
  10.                 <?php echo trim(organics_sc_socials(array('size'=>"tiny", 'shape'=>"round", 'socials'=>"facebook=#|twitter=#|gplus=#"))); ?>
  11.             </div>
  12.             <div class="login_socials_problem"><a href="#"><?php esc_html_e('Problem with login?', 'organics'); ?></a></div>
  13.             <div class="result message_block"></div>
  14.         </div>
  15.     </div>  <!-- /.login_wrap -->
  16. </div>      <!-- /.popup_login -->
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