Monthly Voice Session 1 Recap - Jan 5, 2020

Jan 12th, 2020
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  1. Idea 1: Cribbing
  2. Description: plaintext and ciphertext used to try and find a code
  3. Ways to solve: checking all possibilities of sentences a page could be based on the runes and words cicada has given us
  5. Idea 2: Greyscale
  6. Description: trying to use the greyscale as a way to decrypt the pages
  7. Ways to solve: manipulating color profiles
  9. Idea 3: Hill cipher
  10. Description: decrypting with matrices
  11. Ways to solve: using magic squares in LP in hill cipher
  13. Smaller ideas:
  14. list of all possible ways to solve LP (message Puck to give ideas)
  16. Ways to get people involved:
  17. -sit in discord voice channels when solving
  18. -youtube series
  19. -podcast?
  21. Other things discussed:
  22. 1. Community behavior (suggestions, not rules)
  23. -when people say an idea, don't reject it, support it
  24. -if somebody is annoying you, don't start an argument in the channel, only in DMs
  25. 2. Random off topic things
  27. -----
  29. Thanks to all those who participated!
  30. Puck (organizer)
  31. Bit10 (recorder)
  32. Nox Populi (mod)
  33. Taiiwo (mod)
  34. mortlach (mod)
  35. Omni
  36. foldxy
  37. Kerokerowakeru
  38. mrhundredand11
  39. 1094A9
  40. privrax
  41. Chassis
  42. Am!r642
  43. Valkyrie
  44. Folium
  45. JavaMindPsych
  46. Wuzy
  47. eggo
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