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  1. monday: do you struggle with the ‘boring’ parts of writing?
  2. I mean I struggle iwth the 'writing' part of writing hahaha at least if we're talking the stories I'm uh ... not writing. I think for me it's not that it's boring though, it's about getting started and about committing. I think I'll be kind of bored when I finally have my draft and I start working on edits, because that's not interactive and it will probably get tiring mentally, but for now it's not that I find anything boring but more that I don't have the discipline to start?
  4. may: a fic you have regretted posting?
  5. nah. haha not really. I believe in things being out there for better or worse. there are plenty of fics I don't LIKE anymore, like ones that are really boring, uninspired, mediocre, poorly written, etc, but I don't think there's a fic that I regret either writing or sharing. that's all part of growth after all
  7. july: what’s the hottest fic you have written and/or posted if you write smut at all?
  8. I wrote fanfic for my own pokémon fanfic where I tried my hand at writing smut for the first time in a descriptive sense and I think that still holds up actually. it was a handjob and then a grinding against a tree, very messy and hurried. I like clothed sex ok. it turned out nice
  10. ancient: the first fic you ever posted online?
  11. a goddamn pokémon palletshipping fanfic that was like 800 words, totally uninspired, and poorly written in english, and I was like fourteen, and SOMETIMES I STILL GET NTOIFS FOR PEOPLE FAVOURITING IT AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND?
  13. minutes: how long does it normally take you to complete a fic?
  14. it depends a lot on what the fic is. oneshots and like singular scene fics, like I wrote those two missing scene fics for heroes and short stories for ferus, they don't take long. I usually kind of blaze through them writing wise, let them sit for a day or two, reread, edit, post. so they don't take long. but then I had this whole thing in mind that I was going to write about ferus' entire life and I wrote like 8k of that but then didn't write any more because I got bored of writing even though what I had was good. so I guess the speed is either 'fast' or 'crawls to a halt'
  16. today: have you made any progress in any wips today?
  17. nope! I plan to though. my latest idea is a kfam daemon au fic and so I'm doing research for it and I know what I want to look for today.
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