It Really Isn't

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  1. You know what makes me really upset? The fact that I am the only one who likes this pairing and the only one producing content for it.
  3. I wish more people made Sonzor art and fanfictions. I think this ship is very cute but not enough people ship it because it is apparently "bland and boring" but they have no problem shipping stuff like Sonamy, Sonally or even shipping Tails with a boring brainless [dumb blonde] who looks like she could be his sister.
  5. We have enough Sonamy art, start making some Sonzor art people!!
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Sorry for that mini rant. It is late and I need sleep
  10. Sonic and Zor belong to SEGA
  12. -- Dorito-Queen-Celeste on DeviantArt
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