Celestia/Luna Greentexts: Video Games (Part 2)

Mar 21st, 2015
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  1. >The past couple days, Celestia and Luna had enjoyed watching you play your newly introduced video games.
  2. >They loved the fast-paced F-Zero and Twisted Metal, the tactical nature of Final Fantasy (which they played with you, making some of your battle decisions), and the stealth play and story in Metal Gear Solid.
  3. >But today, you had a different kind of game in mind.
  4. >One from more modern times.
  5. >After the sisters got their political activities done for the day, they came to you, ready for a new game.
  6. >"What are we going to play today, Anonymous?" asked Celestia.
  7. "Well," you begin as the three of you head to the lounge, "today I've got a game that's not retro."
  8. >"Retro?" Luna quizzically asks.
  9. "Old fashioned, Luna. See, the games I've showed you girls so far have been old titles back where I come from. The graphics are ancient and the gameplay mechanics are outdated."
  10. >Walking through the door to the lounge, Celestia and Luna take their usual spots on the couches and watch as you unplug the recently used Playstation.
  11. >"So what did you have in mind?" Celestia asks with a curious look.
  12. "A modern game. One that's spooky."
  13. >"S-spooky?" Celestia's voice was suddenly meek.
  14. >"Hm, this sounds interesting," Luna posits, "What is the game called?"
  15. >You finish hooking up your old Xbox 360 and pull out a case from the box.
  16. "Dead Space."
  17. >Booting up the console, you insert the disc and wait for it to load.
  18. >Once the icon for the game shows up, you start it, and wait for the black screen to transition to the title screen.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W19O7lA2rY [Embed]
  20. >"U-uh..."
  21. >"Press start, Anonymous. I'm excited already."
  22. >Luna certainly wasn't scared.
  23. >You open up the menus and start up a new game.
  24. >As the loading screen pops up, Celestia taps your shoulder.
  25. >Turning to look at her, she appears nervous.
  26. >"Y-you're not going to play this for too long, are you?"
  27. "...maybe," you say, giving her a toothy grin.
  28. >The intro to the game plays out, and once the princesses get their first view of the actual game, they "ooo".
  29. >"It certainly looks more advanced."
  30. >The princesses are silent as Nicole's transmission finishes, watching Hammond and Kendra discuss the state of things.
  31. >Once the ship boarded by Isaac's crew hits something, Celestia immediately jumps and covers her eyes with her wings.
  32. >She was already making this fun.
  33. >Luna looks bored, waiting for the spookiness to set in.
  34. >Patience, Moonbutt.
  35. >The rest of the intro plays out, and you're given control of Isaac.
  36. >Making your way to the next room, you can already hear Celestia tense up for the next big scare.
  37. >It comes in the form of the automatic quarantine setting off, making her gasp before realizing that nothing was happening.
  38. >Oh how that was going to change.
  39. >Suddenly, a necromorph broke into the room and crept up on one of the crew.
  40. >"Wh-what is that!?" came Celestia.
  41. >"That thing is revolting."
  42. >It proceeds to kill one of the men as more begin to break through.
  45. >"Go, Anonymous, go!"
  46. >Celestia's panic tempted you to go as slow as possible, but that may have been too much for the poor girl.
  47. >Running through the halls, you can just feel Celestia clenching the couch with her hooves.
  48. >You reach the elevator at the end, pressing the button and reveling in the silence.
  49. >Celestia sighs in relief.
  50. >And then a necromorph breaks through the elevator doors, the sun princess letting out a scream as it looks like Isaac is done for.
  51. >The elevator doors close on the creature, killing it, and Celestia tries to calm down, taking deep breaths.
  52. >Luna laughs. "My heart was left racing from that experience! More, I say!"
  53. "It's about to get real good," you promise, reaching the next room and grabbing the plasma cutter.
  54. >As you grab the tool, the moon princess reads the blood on the wall in front of it. "Cut off their limbs." She frowns in disgust. "Quite a gory way to put a beast down."
  55. >"It's not real, it's not real," Celestia repeats to herself.
  56. >You break the power cords to the next door and open it, Sunbutt wincing as a necromorph finishes off a victim.
  57. >And then it foes for you.
  59. >You make quick work of the monster, cutting off its limbs and making a getaway.
  60. >Getting to the next room is easy, and no enemies bother you.
  61. >Though as you approach some money in front of a slightly opened door, a necromorph runs by, making Celestia gasp.
  62. >"This game knows how to throw its punches!" quips Luna.
  63. >This continued as you moved through the game, the sun princess reacting strongly to each scare while the moon princess praised them.
  64. >When you reached a room and heard the distant roar of a brute, Celestia shivered.
  65. >When you got to a hallway and watched the power go out, the white pony mumbled, "No, no, no, no, no," quietly.
  66. >When you opened a door and saw a corpse drop from the ceiling in front of you, she yelped.
  67. >"Go back, Anonymous. Please, go back."
  68. "No can do."
  69. >You charged forward to face the necromorph menace.
  70. >All the while, Luna had the most entertained look on her face.
  71. >When a necromorph corpse suddenly rose to its feet, both sisters gave a shout of surprise, though Luna laughed after hers.
  72. >"That got me!"
  73. >Celestia was quaking as you cut up the possum-playing necromorph.
  74. >"S-s-smart of them, a-at least."
  75. >In the next room, a necromorph broke through a vent and scared the princesses with its sudden appearance.
  76. >"You have this, Anonymous!" Luna cheered on.
  77. >Any moment of silence that you encountered was permeated with a very tense air, Celestia expecting something to jump out at you.
  78. >A wave of relief washed over her as you made it to the next chapter, giving her a few moments to calm down.
  79. >"Anonymous," she starts, "after this, you're going to play the happiest, cutest, most optimistic game in your library."
  80. >"But I like this," Luna butts in. "Do you have more scary games, Anonymous?"
  81. "Maybe a couple. I'd have to take another look."
  82. >As the next chapter starts, the moon princess makes note of the woman stroking a corpse.
  83. >"What is she doing?"
  84. "Being crazy."
  85. >"C-crazy?"
  86. >Celestia probably expected her to jump on you.
  87. >The woman handed you the kinesis module, and you demonstrated the new equipment's abilities.
  88. >"Telekinesis? Quite drab. That is a common day occurrence."
  89. "Not for humans."
  90. >The chapter goes on as you try to reach the captain's dead body, as per your objective.
  91. >When you reach a certain room, a man behind a window bangs on the glass.
  92. >"Let me out! Let me out!"
  93. >His cries for help become a scream of pain as a small creature fires something into his hand.
  94. >"Wh-what is that thing!? It's uglier than those other monsters!"
  95. "It's a baby human turned into a necromorph."
  96. >"That's horrible!"
  97. >"A-and terrifying."
  98. >Walking into the room, you're assaulted by the demon baby, the creature stabbing into you with its appendages.
  99. >"Get it off, Anonymous!"
  100. "I'm trying!"
  101. >You grin as Isaac throws the baby to the ground and kicks it away.
  102. >The entire room goes silent as you go up a lift, and you can already hear Celestia readying herself for another jump scare.
  103. >"D-Don't trust the silence."
  104. >As soon as she had said that, another baby breaks through some glass to fight you.
  105. >"I KNEW IT!"
  106. >You kill the monster and go through some more rooms.
  107. >Killing necromorphs doesn't relieve Celestia's tension, who stays on edge throughout the journey.
  108. >ESPECIALLY in silent moments.
  109. >Luna remains fairly engrossed in the action, complimenting the game's scare factor and action on occasion.
  110. >"Tell me, Anonymous, how many lives do you have in this game?"
  111. >Pretty late for that question but better late than never.
  112. "I have an unlimited amount. Any time I die, I go back to a checkpoint. The ways to die in this game are pretty gruesome, though, so I think to keep your sister's sanity intact, I won't get into that."
  113. >Fighting your way to the captain's body, the three of you watch as an infector comes in and makes the captain's corpse transform into a necromorph.
  114. >"So that's how they reproduce," Luna muses.
  115. >You kill this one as easily as all the other necromorphs, then leave for the tram.
  116. >When the game asks you to save, you overwrite an old save file and switch off the game.
  117. >The sun pony breathes a relieved sigh.
  118. >"I think that was a little much for me."
  119. >Moon pony groaned.
  120. >"I was ready to see more."
  121. >You put away the disc and dig through your games, grabbing another case.
  122. "It's not over just yet," you say, bringing out Doom 3 with a devilish grin.
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