Shortstack Tanuki

Jul 12th, 2016
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  1. >Be in a seedy MGC bar, the smoke and the smell of perfume is cloying, nearly suffocating you
  2. "Hey, handsome. How would you like a job?"
  3. >Turn, can't find the source of the voice, nothing
  4. "Down here."
  5. >Look down from your stool, it's a Tanuki about the same size as a Hobbit, give or take a couple of inches taller
  6. >Her skins a caramel color, with heaving breasts stuffed into a red robe of some kind. Like the kind you see Middle Easterners wearing.
  7. "Help me up?"
  8. >Bring her up to the stool next to you, taking your old perch and sipping on your whiskey some more
  9. "So, care to hear me out?"
  10. >Care to fuck off? Don't you know what kind of person I am?
  11. "I know perfectly well who you are, Mister Y. Mous. Selling your body for hugs and headpats and oh... what was it? Purloining a woman's chastity."
  12. >She's smiling now, with slender lips, a mole near the bottom right corner marring her face
  13. "But don't worry, I don't want to bed you. In fact, I want to pay you to move in with me. Ten gold crowns a day, just to spend some time with widdle ol' me. The only recompense I want is your pleasant company and for you to tell me your life's story."
  14. >No sex or intimacy?
  15. "Not unless you want it. But I warn you, I'm quite the tiger in bed."
  16. >She gives you a suggestive glance at her cleavage, a bead of sweat seeking refuge in the canyon of her massive mammaries
  17. >Those can't be real
  18. "They're as real as the conversation we're having. But of course, if the job doesn't interest you..."
  19. >Tell me, why the hell did you pick me?
  20. "You're an interesting guy."
  21. >And you're full of shit
  22. "That I am, mayhap when the time comes I'll tell you in full, but now I just need to know a simple 'yes' or 'no'. Don't worry about the drink, it's on me~"
  23. >Down the rest of your whiskey, giving the Ignis barkeep a look as you ponder the irony, if not the utility of her nature for thrillseekers
  24. >Sure, why the fuck not.
  25. "Then it's a deal. Here's my address and the time I'll be expecting you, be sure to pack light, love."
  26. >She dismounts the barstool and sashays towards the front door, her massive raccoon tail swishing behind her
  27. >Jesus Christ it's nearly as big as her body
  28. >What the hell did you just get yourself into
  30. >Arrive at the address the next day, with your suitcase and backpack filled with fresh outfits and your pretentious fucking Macbook
  31. >A man's gotta fap when a man's gotta fap
  32. >When you knock on the door, you're greeted by a rather plain looking Elf completely in the nude, barring her maid's headdress
  33. "Oh! You must be Mister Mous. Please follow me."
  34. >The entire house is full of Persian decor, plush pillows and rugs fucking EVERYWHERE, the Elf leading you into a rather expansive bathroom
  35. "Please wait here, your attendants should be here shortly."
  36. >She snags your suitcase and backpack on the way out, God DAMNIT. Stand there looking like a jackass, when you get zonked in the back of the head by something.
  37. >Next thing you know you're waking up in the complete nude (how surprising), and in a rather open airy boudoir
  38. >The Tanuki's watching and smiling at you, her tail swishing behind her while you can see the hard milk duds of her bare nipples
  39. "I'm sorry about the way they treated you, they're just a wee bit shy, you know."
  40. >Where are my clothes, I need my clothes.
  41. "Nonsense. We're born in the nude, we die in the nude. Our skin is the only clothing we really need."
  42. >So... you're a nudist?
  43. "Of a sorts. There's no greater intimacy than skinship between good fellows. After all, there's not much you can hide from me at this point."
  44. >Her eyes trace across your scarred chest until she looks at your cock, standing as erect as a flagpole before you cover it with your hands
  45. "Party pooper."
  46. >She sighs, adjusting her legs, letting you catch a small glimpse at the folds of her petite sex and the fact she's shaved her pubic hair into the shape of a heart
  47. "I know what you're thinking, 'She's tempting me, she only wants me for the sex', and all that jazz that you young-bloods seem to think all monsters want from you."
  48. >Well then, what do you want then?
  49. "To give you the world. Just for the price of your life's story. King Solomon will look like a pauper compared to you, your children will never go hungry or uncared for."
  50. >So you want me to... knock you up?
  51. "I like that. You're quite a goal setter."
  52. >Pads over to her small desk, holding up a manila folder, you got a good look at her wide hips in the process too
  53. >The more primal part of your brain telling you to throw her to the floor and pump her full of children, but you digress, nothing's more dangerous than a cornered animal
  54. >And oh did she have those corners
  55. "XXX Y. Mous, born in Nebraska in 19XX, Son of XXXX and XXXX Y. Mous, grandson of... Oh, it doesn't say! That's a -perfect- place to start!"
  56. >Moving towards you, she sits on a pillow near yours
  57. "So tell me, what was your grandfather like?"
  59. >Sit there, telling her the man you remembered as your father's father
  60. >A tough-as-nails vet from the second war with hands as callused and tough as aged leather
  61. >He'd often times have crying jags in German, mentioning some kind of 'black wolf', your father would tell you
  62. "He never told you about anybody he may have saved in the war?"
  63. >Shake your head, it was a long time ago when ol' Gramps was still around. He died when you were what, six?
  64. "I didn't know, I'm sorry."
  65. >Just who are you, to my family, then?
  66. "Let's just say an old friend."
  67. >Quirk an eyebrow, you didn't... with... ?
  68. >Make a rude gesture with your thumb between your middle and index fingers, the Tanuki pauses for a moment before laughing, her breasts jiggling juicily
  69. "Heaven's no! I'm not a homewrecker! He was already claimed by the time I met him!"
  70. >Let out a sigh of relief, thinking that you were getting aroused to a fucking granny. Jesus Christ how horrifying.
  71. "So, about your childhood, shall we continue?"
  72. >Tell her what you can remember, end up spending hours and hours reminiscing with her until the moon is hung high, and the wind's a little nippy
  73. "We can continue tomorrow if you want. In the gardens. Oh! and one more thing."
  74. >She's jerking her hand away and towards her pelvis, smiling at you.
  75. "No anky-spay the onkey-may while you're here. It... excites the girls."
  76. >Give her a thumbs up before you're led to your bed chambers, you dreams haunted by a faceless woman fucking you ragged, whispering your name in a sweet, sensuous voice
  77. >You end up meeting her in the gardens the next day, and the day after that, and after that, time seems to lose all meaning as you just spend your time talking to her and learning things from her as well
  78. >Her name is Lamya, formerly Hana after she was forced to move from her homeland into the deserts. She's confided with you multiple times she prefers the arid clime, better for business.
  79. >Most of her money comes from precious jewels and oil, spice trades. On more than one occasion she's hinted at how long she's been doing it, referring to a certain "Polo" kid
  80. >Then comes a day you finally pop the question, as to how she knows your family
  81. "It's a long story, a boring story. One that involves a foolish raccoon and a cavalier man in a time of war."
  82. >Tell her you'll listen. So you do, sitting there with refreshments like dates and tea being served as she tells you of the trenches, the hurried runs through the heart of Europe, before the 'Cleansing' of all non-Wolves or other 'Superior races'
  83. >She spits when she remembers the black wolves and their stern faces, judging them like the saucy Germanic bints they were before Rome
  84. "Sorry to have depressed you. Finding and helping you with all this was basically a really, really roundabout way to repay an old debt."
  85. >She smiles softly
  86. "I'll understand if you want to leave after hearing my story. After all, I'm just an old raccoon and you're still quite the young stud from what I can see, at least."
  87. >Before she can turn and leave, you grasp her wrist, looking her dead-on in the face
  88. "Oh? Finally mustered enough courage, eh?"
  90. >Knock Lamya onto her hands and knees, her tail expectantly waving, the best thing about being naked is that with no clothes you don't have to fiddle with them to get ready for some intimacy, or fun
  91. "Come on now, boy. I may be a lady but I can only be made to wait for so long."
  92. >Press at the base of her tail, she lets out a small, pleased purr, panting and whimpering as you finger her quickly moistening slit
  93. >She's gyrating her hips and ass at you
  94. "I'm ready when you are~"
  95. >Slap her ass curtly, eliciting a yelp of surprise from her
  96. "Oh, so that's how we're doing this? I'm ready now, M-a-s-t-e-r <3~"
  97. >Stick your helmet against her slit and press in, there's some resistance before everything caves in, she lets out a wince as you feel something warm against your cock
  98. >There's a small plip-plip-plip as blood comes out
  99. "S-See? I told you I wasn't a homewrecker. Now, what are you going to do now that I'm yours?"
  100. >You're sitting there, cock buried in the woman who hired you, no... the woman who stole your heart
  101. >After a minute you start thrusting, matching the cadence of her hips to yours so you start giving her maximum penetration
  102. >You can feel the plumpness of her cheeks, and the faint smell of a desert flower, in your mind, she's absolutely perfect, shortness and all
  103. >It's not long before you feel your cock twitching inside of her, and it becomes pretty apparent how hard you're holding her against your pelvis
  104. >Sit down, try to relax, but Lamya's not having any of that. Pulling you in for a kiss, you feel a small ball go into your throat, bringing you back up to full mast.
  105. "We can't have you losing steam so soon, I may be yours now. But I intend to keep the promise about your children."
  106. >Straddling you, she lowers herself onto you, bracing both of your shoulders with her hands
  107. "Just sit back and enjoy it, my love <3~"
  108. >Hug her against you, feeling the warmth of her now lactating breasts against your chest as she bounces up and down in quick thrusts
  109. >You're still trying to collect your addled nerves when you finally snap out of it, standing up, Lamya still situated on your cock
  110. "Woah there!"
  111. >Grab both of her ass cheeks in your hands, her legs wrapped around your waist, pussy still enveloping your cock
  112. "Now where, pray tell are we going?"
  113. >The bedroom, you tell her, you at least want to see her face when you finish this time
  114. "My my, what a romantic~"
  115. >With each step, you can feel yourself going deeper and deeper into her, and each time her lower bits give you a small spasm
  116. >By the time you lay her onto her back in the middle of the bedroom, her juices and the semen from before are intermingled together
  117. >You pounce on top of her, silencing her with a kiss as you jackhammer her pelvis, putting her into a mating press before you thrust as deep as you can go and let loose a torrent of seed
  118. >The Tanuki screams into your mouth while you pump her full of your children, and finally speaks up while the sweat cools on your bodies later on
  119. "I'm sorry for lying to you about being a virgin."
  120. >I kind of figured
  121. "Oho? and how's that?"
  122. >Nobody in their right mind uses 'tiger in bed', it's 'fucks like a tiger'
  123. "Ass."
  124. >Wife
  125. "Hmhm... maybe I am."
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