Drunk Moirean vs. Sober Moirean

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  1. Drunk Moirean:
  2. Before we begin, let me get my throat wet
  3. -Hic!- Alright, now we're all set
  4. In the year one hundred and seventy five
  5. On the twentieth of Ios was the day I came alive
  6. I'm a troublemaker, baby, I enrage the world
  7. More PKs in 3 days than that Borscin girl
  8. I'm an imp, I'm a queen, at the top of the pile
  9. Level 100 before you left the Isle
  10. I shout all day 'cause I like the sound
  11. Joined every city, so I get around
  12. I lay down traps across the Prelatorian
  13. Catapult your ass from NoT to Enorian
  14. I pregame this game, it's the only way to play
  15. 10 shots before 'Enter Character Name'
  16. After 12 attempts to type my password
  17. Aet welcomes back its drunken master
  18. But I guess it's time to pass the mic
  19. Here you go, girl
  21. Sober Moirean:
  22. I just want to say that--
  24. Drunk Moirean:
  25. Psych!
  26. I'm takin' it back, now don't get pissed
  27. 'Cause how you gonna rap when you don't exist?
  28. I can see how it might be a bit unkind
  29. But sober? Ha! Are you out of your mind?
  30. I'll put the bottle down when I'm good and dead
  31. But first let me hijack this Rage thread
  32. I hire hitmen to have my own allies killed
  33. Set more snakes on Eno than the whole Syssin guild
  34. I'm a criminal, son, but you'll never arrest me
  35. I'll outguild you if you try to contest me
  36. I'm not a diva but everything's about me
  37. Bloodloch couldn't even win a war without me
  38. I win fights before I begin
  39. I get nerfed every class I'm in
  40. That bitch Alecto almost had me
  41. Who the hell is Ariadne?!
  42. It's not a bug just because I abuse it
  43. I start wars for personal amusement
  45. My behavior is a tad bizarre and
  46. I take things just a bit too far and
  47. I rage when I lose a spar and
  48. I'd sellout for Tralendar and
  49. I blow up like a neutron star and
  50. My cache has a whole wet bar and
  51. I may have photoshopped Kadvar--
  53. Galleus:
  54. Banned.
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