Chocolate Elves In Space

Oct 2nd, 2012
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  1. [23:37:02] <~Giantree> Gamma- It's very hot. Extremely, painfully so. The burning sensation reaches to your skin and seems an unending nightmare- unending until it ends, anyway, with a loud CRASH. For a few moments it still feels like it was burning for an eternity until the realization comes back, how you fled a transport leading directly into a system's mother star. The escape pod hatch begins to open.
  2. [23:39:56] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ...and continues opening with the aid of a hob-nailed space boot! A hulking figure in bone-white, futuristic-looking armor stumbles out. On the left side of the breastplate is a green shield with the numbers 7-7 in bronze. His left hand is covered by a clawed, mean-looking gauntlet with what look like some sort of pistons in the fingers, and on his right arm is a rectangular, slightly...
  3. [23:39:57] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ...curved, shield made of some clear future-stuff.
  4. [23:40:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He shudders a little, leaning on the pod, " still be working."
  5. [23:40:59] <~Giantree> It SLAMS open! And as it does, it does so to a scene that's almost pleasant... actually it's very pleasant comparatively. Green grass, healthy trees, small animals going every direction. Some unusual-looking birds were even pecking at the pod until a few seconds ago.
  6. [23:41:22] <~Giantree> But despite all those noises, it's quiet. The sounds of life abound, but it's different than usual.
  7. [23:43:30] <~Giantree> Probably because that's ALL there is. The sky is a bright blue, and most of the pod's functions are offline already. All that remains is a large, grassy plain with a large cliff nearby. Or rather, the edge of one.
  8. [23:43:55] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Immediately, instincts hardwired in BEFORE HE WAS EVEN PLUCKED FROM HIS VAT kick into effect! Unit Septem-Septem crouches behind his shield, cocking his hand forward to reveal a crystalline red eye in the vambrace of his armor, and aims it around. An unfortunate chipmunk nearly gets toasted for startling him.
  9. [23:45:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...I disobeyed an order." The shock is still fresh, but somehow, it's comforting just to react as if everything was as it should be. He advances, the BRUTAL's laser charging up, and peers over the edge of the cliff.
  10. [23:45:26] <~Giantree> Obtained x1 CHIPMUNK MEAT!
  11. [23:46:30] <~Giantree> ... But for real. Over the edge of the cliff is a large river; the view spans toward the horizon filled with healthy-looking plains and wildlife. Except what appear to be some buildings from this distance- you kinda have to squint to make out what they are.
  12. [23:46:34] <~Giantree> They seem to be right next to the river.
  13. [23:49:13] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Reflexively, he kicks his radio on, then realizes that he's...alone. There are no other clones here to relay information to. He's all by himself. For a few minutes, he just stands at battle-ready, trying to get a good glance at the buildings, and figuring out a way down...but then, again, he realizes that he doesn't have orders to. In fact, he has no orders to do anything. The last...
  14. [23:49:14] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ...order he was given, he didn't follow, and that doesn't make sense because he doesn't disobey orders no clones disobey ordersthatiswhysocietyneedsclonesinthefirstplacetocarryoutthecommandsofthegloriousEmpress
  15. [23:51:11] <~Giantree> For reference, the radio doesn't respond at all. Neither does the wildlife. The once whirring-to-life systems of the escape pod seem to have run out of power already, too. All weapons seem in order, however.
  16. [23:54:32] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Shelter. Water. Food. Gamma is confident that he can use the pod as temporary shelter, but...where to find water up here? He turns directly left of his current position, and begins marching.
  17. [23:57:10] <~Giantree> That direction, upon a little more movement, seems to lead to a trail that heads down the cliff. As far as food, there's plenty of wildlife though no data on whether any of them are familiar species. All of them seem a bit... off. The chipmunk had rabbit-length ears (and a shake tail).
  18. [23:57:15] <~Giantree> ... Snake.
  19. [23:57:17] <~Giantree> A snake tail.
  20. [23:57:23] <~Giantree> A shake tail would be a bit too weird.
  21. [23:58:10] <~Giantree> As for water, it seems like going this direction should eventually lead to the river. And as for shelter... the 'buildings' were vague shapes, with no indication of whether they were hostile or not.
  22. [23:58:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> The trail is promising, so he follows it. His stomach is currently full of grey protein brick, so he isn't immediately worried about hunting, but water...after the heat of reentry, water would be nice.
  23. [23:59:07] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Incidentally, still marching the entire time.
  24. Session Time: Tue Oct 02 00:00:04 2012
  25. [00:03:04] <~Giantree> There's nobody to look strangely at you for doing it! At least, none that make themselves immediately obvious. It's a boring hour's march away from the broken pod to the first source of water. There are creatures, fish too, inside of it, despite no indication of whether it's safe to drink or not. That is, if it's purified or if it even NEEDS such a thing done to it.
  26. [00:04:43] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem unstraps a small survival canteen from the utility belt on his armor. If there are fish in it, generally it's safe to drink. He dunks the canteen deep, and removes his helmet to take a sip. Underneath the armor, he has sweaty, golden-white hair plastered to his forehead, cocoa-brown skin, long and pointed ears, and red eyes.
  27. [00:05:30] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> this what happens when a clone disobeys orders? Do they just...end up here? It doesn't sound possible, but neither is anything else that has happened recently.
  28. [00:06:49] <~Giantree> The water tastes fresh... nothing unclean about it. It might as well be a completely-new feeling altogether, to be drinking something like this. Though it only lasts for a little while- something rustles in the distance.
  29. [00:11:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He smacks his lips. It tastes weird. Weirdly good, sort of crisp...he wonders how anyone even recycles water out here. Weird. The rustle happens, and his arm immediately snaps up to point towards it, quietly circling around towards that direction.
  30. [00:12:07] <~Giantree> It looks like it was a tree- as soon as this happens it all goes deathly silent in the area, critters scurrying off. And whatever was there, especially.
  31. [00:18:09] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem levels the BRUTAL, and fires a warning shot of barely-visible coherent light directly into the center of the tree. After all, whatever this is, it knows he's there, and he doesn't know where it is, so making some commotion ought to drive it out or drive it off.
  32. [00:18:22] <~Giantree> "ACK!"
  33. [00:19:34] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "IDENTIFY YOURSELF!" It's amazing how strong and authoritative can sound when you've said it like a thousand times and had the proper tone drilled into you from pre-birth.
  34. [00:19:50] <~Giantree> At the shot, the leaves rustle and a humanoid drops onto a branch, hanging off by one arm. It's a young boy who looks... a bit different in that his ears are short, and off his posterior hangs a large, bushy, raccoon-esque tail.
  35. [00:20:06] <~Giantree> "I-I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to do anything, I was just-!"
  36. [00:20:12] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Halt, citizen!"
  37. [00:20:22] <~Giantree> He's trembling at the fact of being shot at.
  38. [00:20:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Identify yourself."
  39. [00:20:53] <~Giantree> "Um... o... o.. okay, I'll try." The child gulps.
  40. [00:21:57] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma frowns behind his ominous visor with the horizontal viewband that is designed with the tasteful oppressor in mind, clearly.
  41. [00:22:02] <~Giantree> "My... My name's..." He's eyeing the weapon that fired the warning shot, with terror- and still holding onto a branch with only one arm, that looks like it'll snap anytime soon. It's fairly high up. "My name's Whil, and I thought I'd come see what that... what that noise was, because all my friends thought I was scared..."
  42. [00:23:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Remain calm, you will be brought down." Gamma tosses his shield aside, flexes his gauntlet, and...
  43. [00:23:37] <~Giantree> The kid closes his eyes and gulps again. The branch starts to snap...
  44. [00:24:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 2d6+6
  45. [00:24:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem, 2d6+6: 18 [2d6=6,6]
  46. [00:25:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma fucking runs up the side of the tree, kicking off a branch and doing a backflip into open space, grabbing the kid in midair, and doing a masterfully executed roll that deposits the juvenile in a pile of leaves and leaves the clone standing with his arms crossed over his chest.
  47. [00:25:21] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (SWEET RUNS BRO)
  48. [00:25:29] <~Giantree> (SWEETEST RUN)
  49. [00:25:41] <~Giantree> "... Whoa!"
  50. [00:25:51] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (All females within a 3 mile radius immediately swoon)
  51. [00:26:06] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Are you unharmed, citizen? Regretfully, the location of your medical facilities are unknown at this time."
  52. [00:26:08] <~Giantree> The branch SNAPS and lands painfully on the ground with a loud noise that sends birds flying away in terror.
  53. [00:26:20] <~Giantree> It's too bad there was only a little boy and no women to swoon!
  54. [00:26:59] <~Giantree> "I, er... guess I shouldn't have been so scared. Sorry for startling you, Mr."
  55. [00:27:17] <~Giantree> "What does... 'me-duck-al fuh-sill-it-ee' mean anyway?"
  56. [00:27:25] <~Giantree> The boy's tail thumps the ground. It's a fucking huge tail.
  57. [00:30:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Communications error. Who is Myster, and where is he hiding?"
  58. [00:30:08] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Is he with you, or an enemy?"
  59. [00:30:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> oh god the BRUTAL is back up and he's pointing it around at the woods.
  60. [00:30:36] <~Giantree> It's a big enough thump to propel him to his feet. "I mean you!" He doesn't get it. "Do you not have a name, Mister? Or... Were you the one who fell with the star?"
  61. [00:30:43] <~Giantree> Whil ducks as soon as the weapon comes back up.
  62. [00:33:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "If a star fell on your world, we would not be here. We would be cosmic ash...and nothing would have changed. Unit designation is GAMMA type. VERT unit. PERSONAL NUMBER SEPTEM-SEPTEM." Gamma throws out the numbers of his identification like bullets, "Citizen Whil, where is your dwelling? You seem to be unharmed, but recommended procedure is to report to a clinic immediately and ensure...
  63. [00:33:18] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> are undamaged." :|
  64. [00:34:51] <~Giantree> "Ahm..." For reference he doesn't look like he's older than ten, which explains tree-climbing of all hobbies. His tail pounds the ground again, which it apparently does when he's nervous. "I don't get it...." As he shakes his head, he points toward the now-much-closer buildings. "My village is right over there. I guess my grandpa'll be glad I didn't get hurt, but... what does any of that have to do with your name, anyway?"
  65. [00:34:58] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Landing was accomplished by means of an evacuation pod. It seems to have performed its function, and now holds no use for anyone besides temporary shelter. You may have it if you wish."
  66. [00:35:25] <~Giantree> "Whoa! But it fell just like a shooting star! That's what my friends call it!"
  67. [00:36:14] <~Giantree> "So if it wasn't really a shooting star.... and you don't have a name..."
  68. [00:36:14] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It is an evacuation pod, and you should be thankful for that. Stars are hot. Clarification required, what information are you seeking? Designation number was already provided."
  69. [00:36:28] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Correct."
  70. [00:36:38] <~Giantree> Pound pound pound. "I don't get it! Over here our names are easy to say, and everyone has one!"
  71. [00:37:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "In the absence of other Gamma units, personal designation may be shortened simply to 'Gamma' "
  72. [00:38:32] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "If said designation is insufficient, Septem-Septem will suffice."
  73. [00:39:07] <~Giantree> "Oh, I get it, when you say that you mean it's your... ohhh!" The boy looks like he fancies himself a genius for figuring it out, even though it was just explained. "Well, I'll just call you Gams when we meet grandpa then! Come on, it's this way!"
  74. [00:39:20] <~Giantree> Recklessly he hops off, tail pounting the ground with each step.
  75. [00:39:22] <~Giantree> Whomp whomp.
  76. [00:42:00] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Stomp stomp, go Gamma's boots on the dirt, "Gams is unacceptable."
  77. [00:42:12] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "The sound of it is somehow unpleasant."
  78. [00:43:00] <~Giantree> "Ooh... sorry. I just thought it'd be fun to say. And I can't really forget it! 'Gams,' just like it's easy to call grandpa 'gramps'... but he doesn't like that either."
  79. [00:43:05] <~Giantree> Whomp whomp whomp.
  80. [00:43:40] <~Giantree> The two of you cheerfully - or at least one is cheerful - cross a bridge laid across the river and enter a village full of shoddily-constructed buildings. They might as well be straw huts.
  81. [00:45:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Who rules your district?"
  82. [00:46:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I will..." He pauses, "Ee am uncertain of what the next course of action is." He thinks he pronounced it right. Ee? Aye?
  83. [00:48:32] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *Ee will
  84. [00:48:36] <~Giantree> "Ee? You mean Gams!" He laughs heartily like it's the most hilarious thing in the universe. "Er... sorry, Mr. Gamma. Sorry that everybody's looking at you funny too." As it's mentioned, it's almost painfully apparent that there are adults behind the huts glaring; all of them seem to have the same kinds of tails, too, a few of them even have animal-esque ears sticking out the sides of their heads.
  85. [00:49:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It is nothing new. It is a sign that the citizens of your province recognize ORDER."
  86. [00:49:12] <~Giantree> "But even if you're an alien you're a good alien, right?"
  87. [00:49:16] <~Giantree> "Grandpa'll get it!"
  88. [00:49:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Definition?"
  89. [00:49:24] <~Giantree> He leads you ahead on a cobblestone path.
  90. [00:49:42] <~Giantree> "Of... alien? You mean you're an alien but you don't know what an alien is?"
  91. [00:50:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "No, clarification required on 'good'. It is a dangerously subjective term."
  92. [00:50:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "A Gamma unit is a servant of the greater good. He burns the field free of chaff so that new, strong wheat may be planted. He prunes unwanted growth so that society may progress harmoniously."
  93. [00:50:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He's quoting. He's definitely quoting.
  94. [00:52:10] <~Giantree> Telling this to a child means he doesn't get ANY of it, but he nods along and pretends to understand. "Well... you're good because you DIDN'T hurt me. You only tried to because I was being sneaky like grandpa told me not to, sooo..." His hand sweeps over a cloth hanging over one of the 'huts.'
  95. [00:52:20] <~Giantree> "Grandpa! Look who I found!"
  96. [00:53:55] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Ah. A rural elder." Gamma assumes the attention stance, shield rooted on the ground, heels clicking smartly together.
  97. [00:54:48] <~Giantree> Riddled with age is an ancient-looking humanoid, sitting behind a fire. His graying eyebrows almost completely cover his hair, and his gray beard probably gives away his identity just as easily. Though Whil wears light cloths and a large hat, this man sits cross-legged in a large robe. "Eh? A... stranger? Who is this, young Whil?"
  98. [00:55:09] <~Giantree> Whil: "He helped me! He says his name's Gamma Bird Something Something!"
  99. [00:57:59] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Designation Gamma Vert Septem-Septem. It is alright, you are still a juvenile. The young should be treated leniently."
  100. [00:57:59] <~Giantree> Grandpa: "I see. And how exactly did he help you?" It's hard to tell he's scrunching his face with gigantic eyebrows.
  101. [00:58:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "This juvenile was engaging in unsafe climbing practices. Always test branch stength before attempted brachiation."
  102. [00:58:41] <~Giantree> Whil: "Well uh..." He pouts a little. "I-It's not like I was doing anything I wasn't supposed to! Let him tell you, I'll go get some bread."
  103. [00:58:49] <~Giantree> He WHOOSHes off in the nick of time.
  104. [00:59:27] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Eye provided aid in returning him safely to the ground. It was simply my duty."
  105. [00:59:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ...Although normally Gammas have more important things to do.
  106. [00:59:41] <~Giantree> Grandpa: "Ohoh. So he was doing something he was advised against... you speak truths indeed, Sir. Though only through discipline do youths learn true strength."
  107. [01:00:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Indeed. You seem a sensible individual, elder. Are you the governor of this district?"
  108. [01:00:48] <~Giantree> "Though... I appreciate what you've done. I'll have to thank you for that, though I'm not sure what I'm able to provide. However... I must then ask, as even in my old age I recognize when somebody doesn't belong: Who are you?"
  109. [01:00:57] <~Giantree> He nods at the question.
  110. [01:01:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Personal designation Gamma Vert Septem-Septem." His tone is very patient.
  111. [01:01:22] <~Giantree> "From where do you come? We've never had visitors, here."
  112. [01:02:56] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "An evacuation pod. The juvenile said it was thought to be a falling star. Fear not, your world is not in such imminent danger. Furthermore, recollection adds that the juvenile Whil suggested shortening one's personal designation to Gamma. He suggested it further be shortened, but such was unbefitting. Gams, indeed..." He shakes his still-helmed head.
  113. [01:04:30] <~Giantree> The old man cracks out a laugh. "Ha! That certainly sounds like the boy. Then I apologize for the trouble he's caused... though, even though you say what you do, I worry. You wear strange clothing, and bring strange customs. And you don't have a tail... or are you hiding it? We've never seen anybody like this."
  114. [01:05:04] <~Giantree> "Especially not I, in my venerable 40 years of life. Do understand, I can't help but worry."
  115. [01:07:05] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Eye lack a tail."
  116. [01:07:41] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Pardon, but is that pronounced correctly, eye? It sounds right in my head, but..."
  117. [01:08:25] <~Giantree> One of his massive, gray eyebrows raises quiiiiite a bit. "Then it is so.... hrumph." And his head shakes. "If you mean 'I'... there are different ways many choose to address themselves. Do you not understand who you are, young man?"
  118. [01:08:58] <~Giantree> "The only reason one would have difficulty would be if they truly do not comprehend themselves... which, in itself, is also unheard of."
  119. [01:09:06] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Aye. Eey. Ey. Eye. I. Excellent." He sounds satisfied.
  120. [01:09:20] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It has been a day for unprecedented things."
  121. [01:11:15] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma is still standing at attention, incidentally.
  122. [01:12:40] <~Giantree> "Ho ho... then perhaps I was wrong. Still, though I have many a question to ask of you and where you truly come from, I am at least thankful for how you helped my grandson. And to answer your question, I am indeed the chief elder of this village, so only I would be able to raise an objection to my decisions... and that's why I would like to invite you to stay the night in my village as part of that thanks."
  123. [01:13:12] <~Giantree> "Though, what may come after might not be as pleasant. Still... the boy would be overjoyed, wouldn't you agree?"
  124. [01:13:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Your gift is accepted with gratitude. We will bivouac here and then...and then..." His voice trails off, "We have no further orders, I suppose."
  125. [01:13:58] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "For the sake of the children, we uphold society's laws."
  126. [01:14:06] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Quoting again
  127. [01:14:56] <~Giantree> "Hmph. Then I'll begin making arrangements... perhaps we can even have a feast to the occasion."
  128. [01:17:12] <~Giantree> The old man clambors to his feet and begins to slowly step out of the hut, brushing the cloth at the entrance aside with a cane.
  129. [01:17:45] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...What is a feast?"
  130. [01:19:17] <~Giantree> "A feast..." He turns back to smile. "It's when we present our best meals and stories to celebrate something. Never in this village's history has it been done for a guest before. Indeed, the concept of guests stretches back beyond my lifespan, in my own grandfather's stories."
  131. [01:21:16] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Best? Ah, quantity. I do not require so much nourishment. I am unharmed, mostly, and not..." His stomach rumbles, "I would not wish to offend your customs, however. I will accept." This word I is really useful, surprisingly.
  132. [01:22:05] <~Giantree> "Though some of the villagers are likely troubled, I expect they'll be excited! Please make yourself at home... and don't mind young Whil if he acts up again." The man steps out.
  133. [01:22:51] <~Giantree> TIMESKIP (i-if that's okay)
  134. [01:23:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Yes it is)
  135. [01:24:30] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Make myself at home?" Gamma blinks, not quite sure what he means. (just adding that in)
  136. [01:24:44] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ...he tries nonetheless, by admiring the furnishings.
  137. [01:24:51] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> While standing at attention in full armor
  138. [01:24:53] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (there~)
  139. [01:26:42] <~Giantree> "I'm certain you'll understand," he says upon leaving. VWOOP TIMESKIP. The village, as it turns out, was populated entirely of people with strange tails, and a good many of them liked to thump them against the ground when they were nervous or excited. Some of the young even had competitions for how much they could thump. The food, itself, was mostly animal meat, but most notably was its texture and taste that were incredibly different from the norm back home- it was well-cooked and seasoned. Everybody had their own stories to tell, though most were about boring lives in a peaceful village, or about their children. It also seems that 40 is the oldest anybody in the village had ever lived to be. But any reactions to actual food aside, it was a party that lasted deep into the night, and there was nary a single serious discussion. In fact, everybody seemed receptive to the alien newcomer.
  140. [01:28:33] <~Giantree> ... But now, the villagers - What did they call themselves again? Menodix? - are all sound asleep, some even snoring loudly. You're already getting to experience what it's like being alone again, in a strange sense. But it doesn't last long until a strange, eerie light glows from outside.
  141. [01:29:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma spent several minutes trying to eat the food...and several moments just staring at it after he tasted it. It didn't come in a foil packet, so it should clearly have been spoiled, but...he takes one bite, and suddenly is overwhelmed with sensation. What a strange feeling, he barely knows how to react, delicately wiping away ocular lubricant from the corners of his eyes.
  142. [01:29:59] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> er, figuring out how to eat the food
  143. [01:30:25] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> They also got to see him and his strange features out of his helmet.
  144. [01:31:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ...until the light comes. Gamma is still outside when it arrives, and quickly reacts, throwing himself back behind cover and clapping his helmet on, the BRUTAL charging up.
  145. [01:31:18] <~Giantree> During that time they DID all discuss how it was strange. Maybe he even got teased a bit? Either way!
  146. [01:31:40] <~Giantree> The light is circular and in the middle of the village... slowly moving outside.
  147. [01:31:49] <~Giantree> It's almost taunting with the way it moves.
  148. [01:33:34] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma sneaks around behind a building, throwing himself out into a roll in front of it, leveling his weapon, "Halt and identify yourself! You are NOT recognized as a citizen of this district!"
  149. [01:35:05] <~Giantree> The light vhirrs.... and stops. There's a crackling noise, much like your radio, before a voice transmits. In fact it might just BE the radio. "Is this the one? ... I think we've got 'im."
  150. [01:36:13] <~Giantree> It's a man's voice. "Woo... that was pretty close. I think he was about to be stormed by guys with guns that have 'UP3' banners strapped to 'em any second now. ... Or worse, considering the specs on that pod."
  151. [01:37:12] <~Giantree> "Okay, lemme start-" A higher-pitched voices takes over, though it seems like it's trying to sound gruff. "Hey, stop it already you ASSmunch! You're friggin' scarin' him! See that? He's trying to talk!"
  152. [01:37:20] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "CLARIFY YOUR INTENTIONS!"
  153. [01:38:02] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You are violating the curfew of this...village, judging by observance of local customs. State your name, rank, and designation."
  154. [01:38:06] <~Giantree> "AHEM!" Voice #2 speaks up. "HEY IDIOT! You're messing things up for everyone!"
  155. [01:38:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Clarify further." :|
  156. [01:38:40] <~Giantree> "You're not even SUPPOSED to be in that village! Do you have any frickin' idea what's gonna happen if you STAY there? You're gonna get all those people KILLED or ENSLAVED or WORSE!"
  157. [01:38:47] <~Giantree> "Step into that goddamn light already!"
  158. [01:38:59] <~Giantree> "... That's how you do it, Jas." The voice says triumphantly.
  159. [01:39:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...This unit's presence is a threat? If this village is under threat, it is important to secure it at once."
  160. [01:39:33] <~Giantree> Voice #1: "Uhh, is that really true? Shouldn't we just tell him our names? I mean my title sounds pretty... oh hell it worked."
  161. [01:39:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Provide location of hostiles. As the only one present, I will engage them."
  162. [01:41:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> It may just by the light, but that visor sure has an ominous looking glint to it right now.
  163. [01:42:25] <~Giantree> "Well it's kind of like..." There's a loud noise of something KNOCKING into something else, Voice #2 interrupts again. "You're the hostile, you dumbass! You'll be followed from outer space! Ughhhh, the villagers already KNOW you're not one of them now and that messed everything upppp."
  164. [01:42:52] <~Giantree> #1: "Well, at least we don't NEED to adhere to Federation law."
  165. [01:43:31] <~Giantree> #2: "Yeah, but we're supposed to be careful! Look, you, guy down there: We'll save you from all the bad guys if you just step into that light, okay? And all your friends down there'll be safe too."
  166. [01:43:33] <~Giantree> "FOREVER."
  167. [01:44:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...If you are attempting deception, I will initiate retribution in such a manner that your districts will remain peaceful for decades to come." Gamma steps into the light.
  168. [01:44:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Partially because if those voices are going to attack the village, he'd rather be where they are. If the light was harmful, they could have just shot him somehow.
  169. [01:45:07] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He regrets not saying goodbye, but perhaps that is for the best.
  170. [01:45:12] <~Giantree> And immediately upon stepping in... VWOOP
  171. [01:45:59] <~Giantree> The village is completely gone; in its place is a spacious room. In fact, it's clearly a spaceship, but a new, fancy model. You stand in a room with a scraggly-looking man and a... tiny humanoid who can't be taller than a foot behind a desk, high-fiving each other.
  172. [01:47:18] <~Giantree> The man coughs and speaks up. "Okay, good. I'm glad you came peacefully... sorry if we startled you."
  173. [01:48:43] <~Giantree> The other one, now evident as having freaky blue hair pulled underneath a bandana, grind and stands on the desk, arms folded. She(?) has butterfly-esque wings too. "You frickin' bet it's good, we would've had the law crawling up our asses for letting this guy go! But yeah, we were probably kinda rough back there."
  174. [01:49:24] <~Giantree> "Name's Din! Just Din, not short for anything, nope." Her(?) elbow rams into the humanoid-sized man. What is WITH that gruff-sounding voice?
  175. [01:49:50] <~Giantree> Jasper: "Jasper. We've been having a bunch of strange incidents lately, so we're on our toes."
  176. [01:50:09] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma slowly crosses his arms, staring down at them from what is, in armor, about seven feet of height, "Apology accepted, now clarify situation?" He tries to make his voice sound very gentle and not-irritated.
  177. [01:50:51] <~Giantree> Jasper wears a very spacey-looking black outfit, and has scraggly black hair. He takes a swig of some kind of liquor before looking you in the eye better. "Alright. Let me give it a try first, Din."
  178. [01:50:53] <~Giantree> HMPH.
  179. [01:51:48] <~Giantree> Jasper: "We detected your escape pod's coordinates originating at... well, a ship that collided with a star minutes after you departed. Not sure if you were aware of that or not- if you were, sorry."
  180. [01:53:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I was."
  181. [01:53:13] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...They followed their orders to the last."
  182. [01:53:30] <~Giantree> "But... only thing is, the planet that ship departed from in turn is protected by a very strict information lock, so we don't actually know anything about it no matter how much we try to look."
  183. [01:53:45] <~Giantree> Din cuts in with a "Orders?" but gets hushed by Jasper's finger.
  184. [01:53:50] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I was not aware of that."
  185. [01:54:58] <~Giantree> Jasper: "So.. we were just operating on the idea that any sort of planet that would send ships toward a sun is probably bad news. It was a coincidence I tracked you, but I'm glad I did before they tried to pursue. Or hell, before the Feds realized you crashed an escape pod onto an underdeveloped planet."
  186. [01:55:18] <~Giantree> "Tell me- you know anything about Federation law? Space travel?"
  187. [01:55:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is the Federation? Do they bow before the eternal Empress?"
  188. [01:56:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...If so, then I have committed a crime by violating the law. Kindly direct me to the nearest execution station for vital termination, please."
  189. [01:56:34] <~Giantree> Din: "EMPRESS? See, Jas, I TOLD you that was some freakyass backwater planet! But noooo you NEVER listen."
  190. [01:56:34] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *the apparent law
  191. [01:57:28] <~Giantree> Jasper: "Hold it, hold it now, what's all this about? I get that 'Empress' refers to the head of some government, but there aren't any places we know of around here that actually use that stuff. The Federation's a governing body that controls most of space, and, well, they're totally separate from us."
  192. [01:57:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Our people possess the capacity to traverse all that is, obviously. We simply seldom have need to venture to the dead stars."
  193. [01:57:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "After all, there should be nothing of interest out here."
  194. [01:58:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "They are not, after all, part of our society."
  195. [01:59:28] <~Giantree> Din's arms cross in contemplation. "Dead Stars? Man that's weird-sounding... maybe that's why they had that information-lock? 'Cause they're some 'mightier-than-thou' planet who thinks they're better than all the others? OHHH it's like those vampires all OVER again!"
  196. [02:00:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is a vampire?"
  197. [02:00:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "And...these Federation men, they are your enemies?"
  198. [02:00:41] <~Giantree> Jasper: "See, Din, this is why I told you I'd explain it. The help's nice sometimes, but..." He shakes his head.
  199. [02:01:16] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Indeed. Your wife also seems to possess certain physical incongruities with you, I am surprised. Such pairings among people are rare."
  200. [02:01:40] <~Giantree> "First off, that's just a slang term. It's an old legend from way beyond our time about people who'd such the life energy out of living beings, and it just so happens there's a race of organisms capable of something similar. It's just an insult." Jasper takes another swig.... and then spittakes it.
  201. [02:03:00] <~Giantree> Din just gasps in shock, meanwhile.
  202. [02:03:04] <~Giantree> "You mean I..."
  203. [02:03:22] <~Giantree> "Are you fucking KIDDING? I'm going back to R&D, Jas, this wackjob's yours."
  204. [02:03:41] <~Giantree> The fairy's butterfly wings flutter out the room; the door slides open and closes on its own.
  205. [02:03:50] <~Giantree> Jasper: "... Well I guess that wasn't entirely your fault."
  206. [02:04:07] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Nonetheless, apologies."
  207. [02:04:48] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I should not have been judging your doubtless long and fruitful relationship."
  208. [02:05:57] <~Giantree> "Ahahah... well, it's more like... she's an odd duck. I don't really know what to say about a life-goal of becoming 'manly,' especially for a Flau. But there's nobody better at weapons development around the Excel, so... Oh!"
  209. [02:06:19] <~Giantree> Jasper stands up and narrowly avoids hitting his head. Against the wall, since he isn't tall enough to reach the ceiling.
  210. [02:07:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...What is a life-goal? Do your people not have meaning in their lives?" He sounds genuinely curious, "It is, after all, the purpose of every living thing to serve the Empress."
  211. [02:08:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Although I have...somehow failed to do so."
  212. [02:08:47] <~Giantree> "I forgot! This ship's called the Exceliaire, completely neutral as far as space goes." By the way I'm imagining Steven Blum voicing Jasper right now and I don't even know why. "But... here, lemme tell you something. This is gonna sound pretty weird."
  213. [02:09:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It has been a day for it."
  214. [02:09:36] <~Giantree> "There is no Empress. Or at least, there never was where we came from. So, you sound like a total wackjob telling us all that out of nowhere... at the same time, if there really is a society like that, it's a problem. And if there's anyone who'd stop it it'd probably be the Seeker's Guild."
  215. [02:09:47] <~Giantree> "They're... how do I put it." He leans against a wall and takes another swig.
  216. [02:10:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I have had the honor of seeing her glorious person. She exists. What is a wackjob? You speak of it like a Dissident." He leans closer, peering down at him.
  217. [02:11:44] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "The Empress is the pillar of Order itself. Without her, there is no Civilization, merely Barbarians at war with one another. Without the Empress, without Order, the world burns." He's quoting again D:
  218. [02:12:17] <~Giantree> He IS indeed a foot or so shorter. But he looks down at his glass instead of being intimidated. "Sorry, shouldn't've put it like that. We're used to dealing with... er, outsiders. But, point is, we're not under the government of this 'Empress' here, so you're safe from whatever there was back there."
  219. [02:13:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...If this is true, then I suppose you would not be bound by the Law. Thus, you are Barbarians..." He pauses, then his shoulders, surprisingly, slump a little, "I suppose I am now a Barbarian as well, for disobeying orders."
  220. [02:13:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Such should not even be possible."
  221. [02:15:42] <~Giantree> "Really, in the history I've read, that's just called 'tyranny.' I don't really wanna be the one to tell you this, but everything you were probably raised on is more-than-likely fake. Sorry."
  222. [02:15:53] <~Giantree> Jasper walks over to the desk and sets his drink down.
  223. [02:16:24] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Clarify."
  224. [02:16:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is tranny?"
  225. [02:16:49] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *tyranny
  226. [02:17:01] <~Giantree> (you're going to need to give me a second to stop laughing my ass off)
  227. [02:17:17] <~Giantree> (holy dear god)
  228. [02:17:45] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Me too, and I shouldn't even be laughing because it's my fault)
  229. [02:18:39] <~Giantree> "Well, first off... a tyrant is someone who rules... ah, how do I put it? They're really harsh. They do horrible stuff to their own people just to make themselves more powerful. That's what tyranny is, it's ruling by force. And that sure sounds like your Empress to me."
  230. [02:19:08] <~Giantree> "That kind of society is something the Seekers here work to keep from happening. They want to... you know, establish justice in the universe and all that fun stuff."
  231. [02:19:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...This will require multiple explanations."
  232. [02:20:07] <~Giantree> "I'm really not the best guy to have explaining all this, you know."
  233. [02:20:25] <~Giantree> He sighs and slumps back into a chair behind his desk. "Ever drink where you're from?"
  234. [02:21:45] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I will prioritize. Our Order is not harsh. Citizens are fed, watered, provided with shelter, and given exercise. They are kept safe from themselves and from others by myself...who prioritize their well-being above their own. Is this not orderly and for the greater good? As for horrors...all horrors of barbarity are abolished by the Empress' word." He sounds puzzled.
  235. [02:21:58] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Yes. I require hydration the same as any real person."
  236. [02:22:33] <~Giantree> "Not THAT kinda drink. I mean... oh man, they don't even have liquor where you're from? You kiddin' me?"
  237. [02:22:35] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He avoids asking about that other word, he figures that they're trying to establish a presence or something. Justice does sound rather like judicial, after all.
  238. [02:23:14] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Alcohol is a barbaric evil. It is punishable by execution to endanger a community with toxic beverages that induce lawlessness."
  239. [02:24:26] <~Giantree> "Oh really," he takes another swig of what's clearly been alcohol this whole time, grinning. "Well, you can relax now, there's no such thing as barbarism or evil here. Everyone just gets along and does their own thing. Everyone gets fed and provided with shelter and all that stuff here, too, WITHOUT having to abide by a biased set o' laws. Why not try it?"
  240. [02:25:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I have no other option, truly do not follow laws?" He sounds puzzled, "If your tiny wife wanted another husband, could she not unrighteously terminate and replace you, then?"
  241. [02:27:53] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> " you still have rules?"
  242. [02:30:08] <~Giantree> "HAHAHA!" He has to take a minute to stop cracking up. "Man, you really are a piece of work, huh? Din back there's just a co-worker, I'm really not plannin' on getting married anytime soon. Neither is... well... someone like THAT. You might get it if you hand around here longer. But just because we're not under a government doesn't mean we don't have any laws- it's just.... they're really loose. We're used to 'em."
  243. [02:30:44] <~Giantree> "'Don't beat up other people on board,' 'don't throw people out on the airlock,' 'don't make fun of the Captain's wings'... it's all simple stuff."
  244. [02:31:27] <~Giantree> "By the way you didn't hear it from me but the Captain DOES let her wings get pretty unruly sometimes, even if she'll never admit it. Wouldn't dare ever let her know though."
  245. [02:31:44] <~Giantree> "And heck, that one's not even a real rule, it's just.... some people don't wanna suffer wrath. Anyway, though."
  246. [02:32:08] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Well, it does not sound too unpleasant. I suppose I am forced into it, and will have to at least make the best of it." He sounds a bit more cheerful.
  247. [02:32:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Is your captain like Co-Worker Din?"
  248. [02:32:38] <~Giantree> "Haha. That's the spirit! So, what'd you say you went by again?"
  249. [02:32:54] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Personal Designation: Gamma Vert Septem-Septem."
  250. [02:33:22] <~Giantree> He shakes his head, with another grin. "Hahaha... well... okay, maybe in a few ways. But not as over-the-top. Din's here to oversee numbers, and- oh. Ohh! I get it! I didn't take you for one of THOSE types."
  251. [02:33:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Apparently this causes confusion, so I will explain. Names are the informal designations apparently used by real people. So, I do not have one."
  252. [02:33:56] <~Giantree> "Ha, no wonder. Last android we had was cheery enough to pass for a human too."
  253. [02:33:59] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...What type?"
  254. [02:34:12] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is an android?"
  255. [02:34:13] <~Giantree> "Then again I don't see any data-rings in your eyes..."
  256. [02:34:55] <~Giantree> He leans forward and then slumps back, totally puzzled. "... Well now you lost me. You're an odd one, but... I'll send a note with that designation and maybe some of the others on board'll know that to call you."
  257. [02:35:43] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem leans forward, his non-data-ringed eyes narrowed in confusion, "Are androids born in vats, and is their flesh recycled into the amniote when they cease?"
  258. [02:36:37] <~Giantree> "Well... no. Most of them don't even have flesh; when they do it's synthetic, but normally it just mimics the color."
  259. [02:37:24] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "We clones are produced from flesh to keep Order."
  260. [02:37:24] <~Giantree> "Androids are... machines. Humanoid-shaped machines with communications functions, sure, but mostly machines."
  261. [02:38:00] <~Giantree> "Clones... alright, sorry about that. That's a weird-sounding procedure if you ask me, but I'm no expert. I just get people places. That's what I do."
  262. [02:38:07] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> " a vending machine shaped like a being, that can verbally ask how many protein bricks one needs for sustenance?"
  263. [02:39:48] <~Giantree> "... They do make androids like that. But... hmmm." He rests a hand under his chin. "Alright, I have an idea- you seem like a pretty all-around knowledgeable guy, how about you go meet one now?"
  264. [02:41:33] <~Giantree> "She can probably explain all the stuff I neglected about what we do here too... she's new though so you might wanna give her a break."
  265. [02:43:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Clarification required, I suspect you are mocking my ignorance." He frowns, "My apologies, I am overburdening you with questions, I think. I would be enthused."
  266. [02:43:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I have never before met a talking vending machine."
  267. [02:44:04] <~Giantree> He just laughs again. "I'm not, I'm not! You're just a little... well, different from what we're used to around here." He taps a few buttons and a circle in the middle of the room lights up. "Sure that looks familiar- step over there and good luck."
  268. [02:45:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "My thanks, comrade. Fight hard and well." He doesn't even stop to think that that sort of farewell might not be the right one, as he steps into the circle of light.
  269. [02:45:31] <~Giantree> There IS a small sound of him laughing before the room disappears... vwoop.
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