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Beachtime with Yuri!

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  1. Chapter 1: "Beach?"
  2. It was somewhat of a quiet day in the Literature Club, for a few very obvious reasons.
  3. Firstly it was the hottest day of June, 33 degrees Celsius/91 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Second, Monika wasn't here. No notes, no trace, nothing.
  5. "Sooo.... Can we go now?" Natsuki asked the rest of the club members.
  6. Sayori responded quickly "That's just mean! Monika has showed up every single day since the club started!"
  7. Yuri did not want to chime in, she was either too entrenched in her book or maybe she just didn't want to argue.
  8. You decide to compromise.
  9. "How about if she doesn't arrive in 5 minutes, then we can leave, how does that sound?"
  10. Sayori and Natsuki both agreed, "Sure." Sayori in a slightly sad tone, Natsuki in a much more cheerful tone.
  11. The sun was beating down on the school, and the heat was nearly unbearable, but luckily you brought a bottle full of cold water.
  12. You decide to remove your over-shirt and roll up your undershirt, and the other club members follow along with you.
  13. Sayori was lying on the floor next a few tables, rubbing her legs against the metal parts of the chairs, and softly voicing cute little moans, with her eyes nearly closed.
  14. Natsuki moved two desks together to create a larger chair, and pushed it near the window. She raised up the back of all of her shirts and pressed her almost naked back to the glass, with only the bra strap remaining.
  15. Yuri didn't especially care. She just kept reading her book as usual.
  16. Natsuki stands up, and starts barking demands.
  17. "3 minutes! Take it or leave it!"
  18. "I no longer care." You said, nearly defeated by the heat, and only half your bottle.
  19. A minute later Monika busts through the door like a wildebeest.
  20. Her entire body was covered with sweat, and her bangs were nearly matted to her forehead like leather.
  21. "I'm so so so sorry guys!" She said through gasps of air.
  22. "What took you so long?" Natsuki asked, somewhat disappointed that she couldn't leave early.
  23. "I talked... to the principal for a while..., cause I was trying... to convince him..." She was gasping for nearly every word.
  24. "Here." You said handing her half bottle of water.
  25. I drank half, but if-"
  26. "Thank you!" She stammered, before chugging the bottle with one hand and removing her overshirt with the other.
  27. Yuri looked up from her book. "Oh hello there Monika! How are you doing?"
  28. Monika threw her over-shirt on the back of a nearby desk and scored the empty bottle into the trash can like a basketball.
  29. "Just fine Yuri, just fine..." Monika said with a sly grin.
  30. "3 points!" Sayori cheered. Waving her arms around like a cheerleader, while still on the ground.
  31. Natsuki looked at Monika somewhat confused. "So what did you try to convince to principal for?"
  32. "Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me Natsuki."
  33. Monika walked to the front of the class.
  34. "Ladies and uhh... gentle-man? Get your swimsuits because we are going to the beach!"
  35. "The beach?" Everyone else said in unison.
  36. Sayori cheered with pure enthusiasm. "Yes! I haven't gone there in such a long time! It was with you right Anon?" Sayori gestured to me.
  37. "Unless you sneaked out to the beach while I wasn't noticing, I think so!"
  38. Natsuki was still pretty excited. "Maybe it's because of the heat, but that sounds fun!"
  39. "Do we have to wear, uh, swimsuits?" Yuri murmured, looking anxious.
  40. "Why would you go to the beach if you didn't wear a swimsuit? I want all of you living and looking the textbook definition of a "beach-goer" since we are gonna write one collaborative poem at the end!"
  41. Yuri got more and more anxious. "I mean w-why are we going to the beach anyway?"
  42. Monika answered more honestly than anyone I ever met.
  43. "Because I'm boiling hot and the only place where wearing such little clothing is acceptable is at the beach, so we're going to the beach!"
  44. Everyone was stunned for a moment.
  45. Sayori started giggling and rolled over on her front to cover them up like a murder.
  46. It seems like Monika's role as "responsible club leader" kind of broke for a moment.
  47. "Well at least you're honest." Natsuki said through muffled laughter.
  48. Monika was a little embarrassed.
  49. "Yuri... I'm sorry..."
  50. Yuri stayed quiet, but she popped open her book and kept on reading.
  51. Monika's voice got a lot more depressed.
  52. "Please Yuri, this heat is just really making me lose it. I'm not surprised if you hate me..."
  53. The giggles and laughter were cut after she Monika said that.
  54. Yuri put down her book, and stared at Monika.
  55. "I'm sorry... I should be the one that's apologizing..."
  56. I collective "whew" swept over the room.
  57. "So Yuri..." Sayori asked. "Why are you so worried about going to the beach? Oh! Are you worried that your body isn't 'good' enough? Trust me Yuri, your body is like a goddesses! In fact, I would purposefully drown myself if you were the lifeguard! All the men will be ogling your-"
  58. Natsuki cut her off. "Sayori! First of all, I'm not sure that's helping very much, second of all, I don't think that's her issue."
  59. Yuri lowered her face into her desk.
  60. "So Monika, when are we going to the beach?" You ask to break the tension.
  61. "3 days!"
  62. "3 days? Aw jeez, I'm pretty sure I outgrown my old swimsuit!" Sayori cried.
  63. Natsuki chimed in. "I've going through kinda a growth spurt, so I'm not sure I would fit in my swimsuit either."
  64. You had to prevent yourself from saying the obvious punchlines.
  65. A little light bulb popped in Monika's head.
  66. "How about we all go shopping for swimsuits tomorrow after school?"
  67. Sayori and Natsuki were all for it, before they remembered I was in the room.
  68. "Oh yeah... I'm not sure if Natsuki would be comfortable with you, 'watching her'?" Monika said, looking at the floor while scratching the back of her neck.
  69. Sayori stood up to Monika.
  70. "Come on Monika! We've been best friends ever since the second grade! You really think swimsuit shopping is gonna be the thing that turns him into some lust crazed sociopath?"
  71. "He can come, but only if we get to see him in a swimsuit too." Monika offered.
  72. Natsuki's expectations were crushed. "Wait, I thought the deal was he didn't get to see us in the swimsuit!"
  73. Monika responded with a slightly smug tone. "Well he's going to see us in them anyway, might as well let him 'get it out of his system' right?"
  74. Sayori and Natsuki had the same response.
  75. "Wait, what!"
  76. You could not let this assault on your person last any longer! "Then why did you want to see me in a swimsuit? Is it for you 'to get it out of your system'?
  77. Sayori quickly became the world's cutest hypeman for a second.
  78. "Oh snap! You got slammed Monika!" Sayori put her hands in different poses, possibly trying to figure out the one that looked the most "gangsta".
  79. Monika's face blushed a cute shade of red.
  80. "Of course not! I am a young woman of a high standard, and I will not allow this any longer!"
  81. Monika storms out of the room.
  82. Sayori whispers to you. "Just come to the mall tomorrow OK? Hope you have a good night's sleep! Ehehe~."
  83. Natsuki follows behind, slightly bewildered on what just happened.
  84. It's just you and Yuri.
  85. The sun was behind
  86. Her head is still on the table with her arms covering it.
  87. "Yuri? It's just me. I thought you might've felt too awkward with more people around."
  88. She stays silent.
  89. "Look, I don't know why your scared, or worried, or anxious about going to beach, but just know I'm here to help.
  90. She raises her head up, and tears start to well up in her eyes.
  91. You think it's best for her to say what she thinks is right, you have nothing scheduled today.
  92. Yuri's mouth opens. "C-can you keep a se-secret?"
  93. "Of course."
  94. Yuri always tries to pick out the best words for any conversation.
  95. But you know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.
  96. Yuri rolls down her right sleeve, and shows me the underside of it.
  97. Scars. Everywhere on her forearm. It looks like she cut it to ribbons.
  98. She looks away, the tears are starting to get more noticeable.
  99. This isn't recent, this started a long time ago.
  100. You try your best not to react negatively at all. No gasps. No spasms. Nothing.
  101. You just try and pick the best words you could muster.
  102. "You are so brave."
  103. She looks back to you surprisingly. Did she think you would hate her for showing you this?
  104. That's all you could think to say. What else was there to say?
  105. For some reason, you felt relieved. She just revealed such a sad truth about herself, and yet you feel glad.
  106. Looked like she did too. Her lips slowly shape into a smile, wet from the tears streaming down her face.
  107. It felt like you were gonna cry.
  108. Almost instinctively, you start to embrace her.
  109. She's surprised, but she doesn't push you away.
  110. You feel the heat of her body emanating off her. Despite the temperature, it felt so nice.
  111. She locked her arms around you, and pulls you closer.
  112. You both start crying. Really hard.
  113. It wasn't a bad cry.
  114. It was a good cry. A cleanse of the past.
  115. This hug was a celebration. A "You did it."
  116. This was the first hurdle to jump, and she nearly did it all by herself.
  117. You tried to think of a speech, but you could only utter one thing.
  118. "You are so brave, you're amazing."
  119. She didn't say another word. Is it because she can't? Is it because she won't? Who knows.
  120. Yuri buries her head into your arm, and gently weeps into them to dull the noise.
  121. "Yuri? Where do you live?"
  122. "T-Ten minutes up the road..."
  123. "Want me to walk you there?"
  124. "Yes. Please... I'm sorry..."
  125. The walk home was dead quiet for a few minutes, mostly consisting of Yuri walking slightly ahead of you.
  126. You start to get worried.
  127. "I won't tell anyone."
  128. "Thank you, you are quite good at hugging." Yuri had a positive kind of charm radiating from her.
  129. "I get why you don't want to go to the beach, well, I guess it's more accurate to say you don't want to wear a swimsuit."
  130. "My arm is the main reason."
  131. "Is there a second reason?"
  132. "Yeah... Hahaha. Sayori was partially correct. My body is a little... flabby in places..."
  133. "I'm not sure if me being a guy is better or worse, but you shouldn't worry about your body."
  134. Might as well go all-out.
  135. "Yuri, you are gorgeous."
  136. Her cheeks revealed a warm shade of pink and her eyes widened for a second before going back to normal.
  137. "Thank you Anon. That means a lot to me." Her smile was contagious.
  138. "Hey, how about you and I go get a swimsuit that covers the arms?"
  139. "That's a great idea."
  140. "How bout we ride on the bus with everyone else to the mall after school?"
  141. "Sure, I bet it will be fun!"
  142. We were at her stop. It was a one story house coated in a nice shade of light beige, one of the windows was covered in a dark purple curtain with white stars on it. There was a small garden out front.
  143. "Hey Anon?"
  144. "Yeah?"
  145. She approaches you confidently, and doesn't stop until her face is only a few inches away from yours.
  146. Yuri's grin widened. you begin to really take in her lovely maternal warmth that seems to radiate from her like a fireplace on a winter's day. Her angelic magenta eyes felt like it was looking deep into your soul.
  147. You both get lost in each other's presence for what seems like hours. Listening to each other's breaths and heartbeats like rain.
  148. She placed a hand of your chest, and gave you a warm grin.
  149. "I want you to pick my swimsuit for me. I trust your judgement better than mine."
  150. You were still in shock for a second, but then you regained composure.
  151. "I-I guess I'll see you tomorrow."
  152. "Hahaha. Anon, you better not forget!"
  153. "Trust me I won't!"
  154. The warmth that Yuri emanated heated you all the way as you walked home, and stayed until you went to bed.
  155. You decide to set an alarm really early to make yourself look as nice as possible for the trip to the mall.
  156. Not like this was a date or anything.
  157. But you kinda hope it was.
  159. Chapter 2: Dress-Up!
  160. The school board was pretty lenient about the uniform dress code.
  161. As long as you get the red lace ribbon on, you're fine.
  162. Most students just wear the whole uniform because the whole set looks great!
  163. Picking out an outfit was pretty difficult.
  164. Going into the stores in them always made you suspicious.
  165. Zip-up hoodie? A little too ghetto.
  166. Suit? A little too professional.
  167. Don't want to arrive to the mall like you were selling stuff.
  168. Whenever you want to look nice, you always whip out the ol' standby.
  169. White T-shirt.
  170. Jeans.
  171. Plaid over shirt.
  172. Truly the costume that has your back in any situation.
  173. Parties? Perfect.
  174. Lunches? Dashing. Well the costume is, not you.
  175. Funerals? Well, the funeral is sad, but you look good! So it probably evens out or something.
  176. You place the plaid over shirt in your backpack to switch it up on the bus ride to the mall, for right now, you are wearing the school overshirt.
  177. On the way to school, Sayori runs up to you!
  178. "Hey Anon! Do I look nice?"
  179. Sayori wore a cute navy blue dress, a black over shirt with bright red buttons, and black tights. She had a bright crimson belt, a ring necklace, and beaded bracelet, with her almost signature bow on top. She wore her school over shirt like a belt and her ribbon around her other hand.
  180. Yeah, the school code is that lenient!
  181. "You look great! Where did you find that belt?"
  182. "It's my mom's! I just took it from her for today!"
  183. The walk to school was filled with questions about what swimsuits everyone was gonna get.
  184. You and Sayori were at the front of the school.
  185. "See ya later Anon!"
  186. "See you soon Sayori!"
  187. The day went on like normal, with some glances and questions thrown your way during classes about your outfit.
  188. None of them were negative.
  189. The Ol' Standby strikes again!
  190. It was time for the club.
  191. You and Sayori showed up first, weirdly enough.
  192. "Anon! Help me with this OK?"
  193. "With what?"
  194. "You'll see! Ehehe~"
  195. After a few minutes hoping no one showed up you formed a path straight from the door frame several feet into the room like a walkway; the desks were the borders.
  196. We were seated in desks at the front of the class to make us look like judges on a TV show.
  197. Monika arrived first.
  198. Sayori put on her best announcer voice.
  199. "Lady and gentleman! Here comes Monika!"
  200. Monika was confused at first.
  201. "Monika is wearing a white t-shirt, a cute denim overshirt, a fluffy purple skirt that looks like an aurora, and adorable cute pink booties~!"
  202. While Sayori was describing Monika's clothing, she went from unsure steps to a somewhat sexy dominant strut.
  203. Her hair ribbon was green and fairly tame instead of her usual white and free ribbon.
  204. "Anon! How do you feel about Monika's outfit?" Asked an inquisitive Sayori.
  205. You suck at improv.
  206. "Uhhh... Being one of the most well respected girls in school means that her fashion sense must be on point, and this costume certainly shows that!"
  207. After strolling the walkway, Monika strolled up to us giggling.
  208. "Ahaha! You guys really made me feel special!"
  209. Sayori was laughing alongside her. "Ehehe! Come on Monika sit next to us!"
  210. Now you wait...
  211. Luckily it's not as warm as yesterday, but the weather report says that in two days it's gonna go back to sweltering, perfect timing for the beach.
  212. Natsuki strolls in next.
  213. Monika excitedly introduced Natsuki.
  214. "Here comes our precious tsundere cupcake Natsuki?~"
  215. Natsuki looked taken aback by the walkway in front of her.
  216. "Umm? What are you guys doing?"
  217. She looked a bit embarrassed.
  218. Sayori kept going on unphased.
  219. "Looks like she's wearing some denim light blue hotpants, a pink t-shirt, and some absolutely adorable cyan boots!"
  220. Monika giggles. "Ahaha! She really likes cotton candy colors huh?"
  221. Obviously peeved by the remark, Natsuki crawls under the nearest desk and angrily stomps over the judges booth.
  222. Monika was a little scared.
  223. "Hey! I didn't mean it as a bad thing. Ahaha..."
  224. Still a little peeved, Natsuki grumbles out a "I tried really hard to look nice..."
  225. Sayori happily responds. "Don't worry Natz! Job well done!"
  226. After a few minutes of discussing plans for the mall trip, Yuri strolls in slowly.
  227. Sayori excitedly gets ready to do her job. "And here comes Yuri with... Uhhh...."
  228. Yuri was just wearing her school uniform.
  229. "Oh... Was I supposed to get dressed up? I'm sorry..."
  230. You start to feel bad. Might as well embarrass yourself.
  231. "Yuri showing off her school pride with her absolutely perfect outfit!"
  232. Sayori, Monika, and Natsuki look at you with confusion, embarrassment, and a hint of "That's kinda cute!"
  233. Yuri was flustered, but grew a large sweet grin across her face.
  234. "Anon... Thank you."
  235. Monika looked at her phone and gasped. "We're about to be late for the bus! We can't miss it!"
  236. You all leave your backpacks at school, since Monika was an official club president, she could enter the school at nearly any time!
  237. Monika did bring a rather large bag with her to carry everyone's swimsuits in.
  238. Everyone rushed outside to catch the bus.
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