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  1. Behind the Mask 2: F2 Jury Speeches
  3. Hello to those in jury, this has been a long and hard ride for all of us involved and I want to start off my speech with a thank you to everyone involved with this sim. I gave it my all and you guys made this one of my favorite sims of all time, so with the bottom of my heart, Thank You. I came into this game with one goal in mind, win at all costs while still having fun, and I have succeeded in the second half of the goal and is 5 votes away from completing the goal. To start this game off I was a socially adapted guy talking to everyone without being a focal point in anyone’s mind. I was close to everyone throughout the entirety of the game even when we weren’t on the same side. I stay relatively quiet while building my connections unlike others with the same goal, ala Nicholas and Robin. Unlike other sims, I did not make one on one with someone until they fully had my trust. When I made my one on ones with someone I just said I forgot to ask for it as to why it took so long. On the first day I was already in 2 alliance. Olden Folks with Hope and Nic and Mcwater with Hailee, Aaron, Nic, Yvonne Tommy and I. Mcwater, while being the worst alliance name ever, did it’s part, allow me to create bonds with strong players without being a threat. When Tommy told me about the envelope twist, this caused me to keep a close on Nic who claimed I was his number one ally but never told me about the twist. But when Tommy flipped the game on the envelope people, no one expected me as being a supporter of it. Everyone one of them still trusted me barring one. The only person I did not connect to all that well to was Robin who broke his word to me early on when he told me he’ll look out for me before putting me up without consulting me. Elise trusted me with her game even when I had snapped at her for blocking her vote, but by doing so I saved her from being the sheep of Robin. I lead the destruction of Robin by having his number 1 puppet flip on him by pulling the wool off her eyes. I sacrificed my own game to get Robin out because I knew I would have stayed without a vote against me due to my social connection with everyone. Day 12 is when Sorry formed and took over the game. We took out every single threat in our way and all the blood landed on my closest allies Tommy’s hands. Before F7, I had only played well in one comp, which was the veto when I was on the block, and that was all intentional. I did not want to be seen as a threat physically early on. At Final 7 I put up Elise and Yvonne as they were not members of sorry, this was to allow myself to be seen as the loyal guy I had played the role of to this point. However I had a plan in motion to backdoor Tommy, I was not going to push any members of Sorry to use the veto so I threw the veto in hopes one of Yvonne and Elise won. Unfortunately, Hope won and I was not risking pushing her to use it as it could have backfired but I was able to get my number two target out in Yvonne who I had the smallest bit of social game with.  F6 Tommy won and it showed he trusted me and no one got in his ear as he put up Olivia and Elise. Both of whom I saw as easy F2 brings as I am the only reason Elise started to play out from the puppet master strings and Olivia hasn’t won anything to this point. This point I let Hope and Aiko decide who went to make it seem to both I support them 100%, while in reality I could not care who went. However them cutting Olivia removed Aiko’s sheep and I didn’t take any blame for it. Elise believed I had her back and I showed her that when I nominated Hope and Tommy. I caused for Tommy to be evicted, I gave Elise and Aiko Tommy on a silver platter. Everyone in Jury wanted Tommy out and he only got out when I dedicated it was his time. I saved him as my shield every other time until then. Final 4, the amount of trust Elise had in me was visible even after I put her up and snapped on her was huge as I was left off. I secured myself in F3 with my third win of the season and evicted the highly praised Hope. Now at F2 I sit next to Aiko, who has said to me already that she loses to me in F2. Her lone HOH reign, she took out Tessa. In my two reigns, I have taken out Tommy and Yvonne and is the reason Hope and Robin were evicted. Only reason Aiko is still here is because I saved her F4, she lost control of her fate while I control mine the entire time. I have outplayed Aiko, socially, physically and mentally to this point. I am excited to hear your guys’ question, and I am excited to see all of you for the first time in an while.
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