My first happy poem

calebahill7 Apr 19th, 2019 136 Never
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  1. Written 4/18/19
  2. My friends have long since gone
  3. Leaving me here to learn
  4. I can't say I'm alone
  5. But for my friends I yearn
  7. I am well taken care of,
  8. Friends at school are fun, but,
  9. The old doors to those I love
  10. Have tragically been shut
  12. My parents say, "you're fine!
  13. "You can text all day long"
  14. They can't quite seem to find
  15. The plea inside my song
  17. I cry for help, I chant,
  18. "Better, I've never been"
  19. I say these things but can't
  20. Find strength to really grin
  22. That is, I mean to smile
  23. But smile wouldn't rhyme
  24. Screw this meter, it's all a meme
  25. I think I'll stop a while
  26. It's better to write when I don't have to smuther
  27. My writing in rules, judgements of others
  28. What I'm trying to say here is that I've found a person
  29. Who broke my silence, my sadness, my burden
  30. It feels so good to act as I may
  31. With her, whatever I do is okay
  32. She judges not, and neither do I
  33. Last night when we talked, I nearly cried
  34. Because it felt so different to be near a girl
  35. Who's amazing personality became my whole world
  36. The way she looks at me, not for of my complexion,
  37. Her gaze is full of peace and affection
  38. I've never found someone that is so like me
  39. In emotion, mindset, and morality
  40. Our hobbies don't match, we live far apart
  41. But when I'm with her I feel like art
  42. Beautiful, though I'm not, nor am I suave
  43. Though with her by side, I've never felt so brave.
  45. I hope I'm not just drunk on 'love',
  46. I hardly want to call it that
  47. I've got work to do, I've got places to go
  48. I hope she helps me, and not hold me back
  50. How could I say that? She is an angel
  51. But even angels can cause you to stare
  52. I need to learn to balance my life
  53. Before I get caught in a snare
  55. I fear it has already happened.
  56. And if it has, I will fight my way out
  57. I'm too strong to be stuck, though it's happened before
  58. God help me remember what my time here's about.
  60. To learn, to love to be loved
  61. But most importantly to serve God
  62. I can't be with her all the time
  63. So I'll hold to her with one hand, the other on the iron rod.
  65. This is stupid. I need to go home.
  66. I'm no poet
  67. Just a crush-crazed boy that has work to do.
  68. There's time for friends, and there's time for work. I promise that I can do both.
  70. Added 4/19/19
  72. Im adding these stanzas because I want
  73. To share this with her, but not to flaunt
  74. I can't say it's not for attention, because
  75. My deepest primal nature thrives on applause
  77. But I hope its mostly for her to see
  78. How I feel, what I really want to be.
  79. She is so caring, I don't want her to worry
  80. The time is short, but it'd be bad to hurry
  82. Go slow, share fun, and have no regrets
  83. This is an experience I'll never forget
  84. I've never had a girlfriend. I've had crushes before
  85. But no one who asks to be with me more!
  87. This is likely redundant, I'll cut it off here
  88. I've strayed from my point, I fear
  89. But know that just because we can't be together
  90. Doesn't mean we cant hold each other dear
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