2am ramblings lyrics

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  2. I wanna take a minute now to thank you
  3. For staying and making me feel like all of
  4. My ramblings at 2 o'clock in the morning
  5. Mattered, like it all meant something after all
  7. These other versions that I've heard of
  8. This you is somehow better, it's a blur, but
  9. I swear we’ve been here once or twice in the past
  10. How can you promise me this is the last
  12. Night, everything seemed so normal
  13. It's crazy what a couple of drinks can do
  14. And i don’t mean to be a bother
  15. I'll be better if you stay a little longer
  17. The healing and the aftermath that follows
  18. The evening when all the bells were ringing hollow
  19. Sometimes i struggle, I say the wrong words but it's
  20. Worth if it means that i could spend more
  22. Time comes and goes like a radio hit
  23. The type of song that no one really likes
  24. But we all pretend that we enjoy it
  25. We listen, dance, we wait for the chorus then we
  27. Sing, sing for better days yet to come
  28. For a healthy and undying love
  29. We know thats always been the answer
  30. It's just that I can’t seem the find the question
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