Pirates IRC NOV'18 Changelog

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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. November 2018 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Added 'squall' weather event
  6. Water based weather events will no longer spawn at inaccessible locations
  7. Bot ships now have a chance to 'hide'
  8. Bot ships will no longer 'hunt' each other
  9. Added !P Newest
  10. When only 0 or 1 player has been active for the past 60 mins, only 1 player is required for !P Crew Sail
  11. Player kept maps now reward 200% more doubloons and have a chance to contain a magical coffer or other items
  12. Zonbi outbreaks, when only 1 pirate is active, during digs and fishes no longer occur
  13. Added 5 additional cheat codes: 031-035
  14. Added a chance for a pirate to defend (!P Defend) again during a Zonbi attack
  15. Hurricanes and Rogue waves now require more pirates to help
  16. Pirates who have overloaded chest (150% or more) items now can have their items lockpicked and can be lockpicked more times per day than usual
  17. All weather events are now functional. If a storm, hurricane, rogue wave moves onto the location your ship is on, an event will start. If the storm remains at the same location, the event will only occur every 30mins
  18. Whirlpools, Water spouts, and vortexes are now live. Each will teleport the ship to a random location
  19. Added magical coffers that can only be unlocked after the pirate has possession for 24 hours. Inside the coffers are unique and powerful items that can affect the game world
  20. Pirates who get brigged and then brigged again will have time added to their sentence
  21. Announcement will be made if mooring at a cell that has treasure on it (!P Scour)
  22. Added method to keep the ship from sailing by players using !P Market over and over
  23. Increased bomb game reward for winning by 20%
  24. Decreased bomb game penalty for losing by 400%
  25. Added achievements: Duel.Zonbi, Duel.Vampire, Sail.into.Storm
  26. The following weather events are now working on the live map: hurricanes, storms, water spouts, rogue waves
  27. Live Map weather events should be avoided. If you sail into them or they into you, a storm event will start. Vortexes/Whirlpools will teleport you randomly if you are not moored
  28. Bokor and Nightmother poisoned sword statuses will be shown only to yourself with !P Weapons
  29. Added Bokor poison at independent and pirate ports. Will turn dueling opponent into a zonbi
  30. Added Nightmother poison at pirate ports. Will turn dueling opponent into a vampire
  31. Freenoders be renamed 'The Golden Hind'
  32. !P Defend Shore n' Patch now have a chance to increase the times Epic Monsters attack giving players more chances to beat the monster
  34. Fixes:
  36. Missing port raid messages
  37. Bot ship robbing other ship's pirates at a port
  38. Solo player crew sailing
  39. When a chest trap makes a lockpick fail, this will be recorded as a fail in !P Stats
  40. Ports not being claimed instantly after the Captain wins a duel against the other ship's captain
  41. !P Sabotage
  42. "max" wagers in games
  43. Overloaded chest message sent to the lockpicker; not the lockpicked chest's owner
  44. Nightmother poison not working after a duel
  45. Ships still being hidden after all ships moor at same port
  46. Incorrect total amount of vouchers in !P Vouchers
  47. Removed ship tasks when anchored
  48. Ships remain hidden (rumors) after mooring beside another ship
  49. Planked Achievement
  50. !P Scour not working in some instances
  51. !P Scour being able to be performed while battling treasure guardian
  52. Bot bounties from other ships
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