MadPack 1.5.1

Kehaan Jun 19th, 2014 275 Never
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  1. Updated magical_crops_1.6.4_3.2.0_BETA_18a
  2. - Fix for the infinity enchant on the essence bow
  3. Updated DartCraft Beta 0.2.20v2
  4. - Bugfix: Fixed a generation bug that would cause serious problems if certain DartCraft blockIDs were not the default settings.
  5. - Bugfix: Fixed a bug where normal Bombs would not drop ore if both Bombs and Super Bombs were set to drop ore.
  6. - Bugfix: Fixed Snow Wafers turning into Bombs when right-clicked.
  7. - The Magic Meter's empty background has been decreased in opacity, making it easier to see your magical defecit..
  8. - Added the Force Hud Toggle hotkey.  When pressed it will move the location of the Force Hud to the next of the 6 preset spots.  When or.
  9. - Added the /setmaxhealth command.  Pass in a player and the amount of hearts you want them to have and they will be given that maximum amount of health.  This number will generally reset upon death.
  10. - Red and Blue Potion heal values have been allotted to go up to 100 hearts in the config.  The default of 20 hearts has not been changed.
  11. - Chateau Notch's duration is now alloted to go from 1-20 minutes.  The default has been changed to 5 minutes.
  12. - Added recipes for Claws and the four colors of Chu Jelly from UU-Matter.
  13. Updated OpenBlocks-1.2.9
  14. - Tweak: Mini Me now uses skin of player that placed egg
  15. - Tweak: luggage GUI now show entity name
  16. - Tweak: sponges can be now harvested with axe faster
  17. - Tweak: Limit rate of block updates and syncs on tanks
  18. - Fix: crash when activating trophy sound
  19. - Fix: enchantments won't show in info book if disabled
  20. - Fix: golden egg leaving floating blocks when broken
  21. - Fix: random crash when placing golden egg
  22. - Fix: random crash in pedometer
  23. - Fix: block breaker sometimes ignored restrictions
  24. Updated OpenModsLib-0.5.1
  25. - Fix: inventory methods ignoring 'intoSlot' parameter
  26. - Fix: synced TEs now properly mark chunk for save
  27. - Tweak: sync maps now use tiny packets
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