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  1. With that many people have been waiting for from the beginning of July to introduce it? (I)
  2. Monday, September 10, the Glasgow band, Crusades has released the EP "Golden Throats" from Overlook Records finally! Speaking of Overlook, label big up-and-coming local expectations have released the EP of So Many Animal Calls E-JIT favorite record. What band or what? First of all one song! Crusades - Pseudo Andro I would have liked? I'm on this song free DL! DL of Pseudo Andro is from here in, I would not wait to hear EP? Okay, you start streaming! Samples of EP "Golden Throats" is from here How do I order? From the site Yes, of Overlook Records here "already" is available for purchase. Best if you have a account and I Paypal, including shipping to Japan five pounds (I know because I ordered)! Order from here , do we have any band springing interest? ; (¯ー¯ ! ~ i see this article 2012-07-05 ! storm hit the end of August Shout shout shout: Crusades latest information) goal (full! composite record of E. Facebook page also play Please come in!
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