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  1. MLP X LWA
  4. "Become the change you want to see." - random Anon that inspired me to do this
  8. "So how much are you paying me for this again?"
  9. >The ogre averts it's gaze from the little potion sitting in its hands
  10. >He speaks up with that almost comical Irish accent of his
  11. >"Ah told 'ya, a pot of golden bits all for 'ya if you can pull this off!"
  12. "And what am i exactly doing again?"
  13. >"Yer gonna take this potion with 'ya, and yer gonna blow us an entrance to Luna Nova!"
  14. "What does that potion you got there have anything to do with this?"
  15. >"It's a bomb, 'ya mongol!"
  16. >He tosses it your way, like it's a fucking toy
  17. >you barely catch the bomb in your hands
  18. "What the fuck! are you nuts!?"
  19. >"Oops, sorreh. Force of habit, hehe!"
  20. "Fucking ogres..." you mutter under your breath
  21. >You take a closer look at the potion. It glows a strong red, with traces of green on it
  22. "So, this is a bomb? i've never seen anything like it..."
  23. >"It's an ancient ogre recipe, be careful with it! it has the strength to blow half of this village away"
  24. "Oh really? so that's why you just fucking tossed it to me like it was nothing."
  25. >"Told 'ya i was sorreh. Yer humans are so sensible"
  26. "With bombs? yeah we're pretty sensible with those"
  27. >The ogre rolls his eyes
  28. >"Listen, let's just get this over with. Yer know the plan?"
  29. "You want me to infiltrate Luna Nova and blow a hole from the inside, since there's a magic force shield protecting it from the outside, so that you and your people can loot all the gold and ancient relics and possibly, probably also end up kidnapping some of the students to make them your sex slaves?"
  30. >"Err, oh... how'd the hell did 'cha figure that out?"
  31. "You ogres are predictable, very predictable"
  32. >"Well yer couldn't predict that toss from before!"
  33. >He erupts into a maniatic laughter
  34. "I said you were predictable, not that you had a fucking deathwish. Tossing bombs around 'n shit..."
  35. >"Oh man, i like 'ya human! yer alright!"
  36. "Well, thank you i guess. But this whole thing you're tryna pull out? forget it, it ain't gonna work."
  37. >"Watcha mean?"
  38. "You got any idea how many times bandits and knights have tried to raid Luna Nova? don't underestimate those witches."
  39. >"Ah do have an idea though! this plans is fool-proof!"
  40. "So why do you need me of all people to do it?"
  41. >"I know who yer are, Anonymous. The reason i sent my guys to find 'cha in the first place was because i know you've helped the knights raid Luna Nova before, and somehow every single time you manage to be one of the only ones to get away from them witches..."
  42. "Yes, and that's why i also know just how dumb it is to try and raid the academy in the first place."
  43. >"But listen to meh! all those previous raids where flawed! bandits and knights always go for the loud approach, but what they should be doing is attacking from the INSIDE, not the OUTSIDE!"
  44. "I know what you're trying to do. It. Will. Not. Work. Am i clear? i mean how am i supposed to even "attack from the inside" if i can't even enter?"
  45. >"This is how..."
  46. >He places a large poster on top of the wooden table
  47. "Luna Nova's annual talent show... what about it?"
  48. >"This year's talent show is gonna be special, this time they'll allow non-students participate. And whoever wins will be given a spot at the academy for free..."
  49. "I see... although an interesting plan, don't forget it's a WITCH academy, as in, females only."
  50. >He waves a hand dismissively
  51. >"Female, male, all the same. As long as yer got magic they'll let 'cha enter! and yer a mage, aren'tcha? and a good one at that..."
  52. "My father was a mage. Me? i'm not even close to his level."
  53. >"Well listen, human, yer better practice... because yer doing this whether 'ya like it or not."
  54. >The two ogres that escorted you here before move from your sides to block the exits
  55. >"So do we have a deal?"
  56. >He stretches his hand slowly your way
  57. >Not much of an option, it's either yes or getting butt-fucked by Vraazig and his two body guards
  58. "Sure, we have a deal."
  59. >You shake his hand
  60. >He begins vigorously shake yours up and down
  61. >"Good! i knew yer had it in 'ya!"
  62. "O-okay you can stop now..."
  63. >"Right! no time for hand shaking, yer got an academy to infiltrate! Ha ha!"
  64. >You dust your attire off
  65. "I'll be leaving now, if you don't mind."
  66. >"Sure!"
  67. >He signals over to the bodyguards
  68. >"Do me a favor and escort our friend Anon so he doesn't get eaten while leaving the village!"
  69. >You step out Vraazig's chamber, and out the village
  70. >All the ogres of the village glared at you with hatred as you were leaving
  71. >Let's just say they're not very keen on humans
  72. >Making it out of the swamp, one of the bodyguards speaks up
  73. >"Remember human, we'll be watching 'ya real close. Do not fail Vraazig."
  74. "No worries, mate."
  75. >They disappear back into the swamp
  76. >And then you make a fucking run for it
  77. >Why would you agree to that!?
  78. >Fucking Luna Nova! why does everybody want to raid that fucking place!?
  79. >You're gonna have to think of way to make it into that contest
  80. >It's that or death by snu-snu
  81. >You're Anon, and you just got yourself in a pretty fucked up situation
  86. >"And now watch and be amazed by the power of the great and powerful Trixie!"
  87. >The witch waves her wand around, and with the flick of a wrist the manticore that was sitting on stage disappears in a cloud of purple smoke
  88. >The crowd roars in excitement, some whistle and others clap at the display
  89. >Sure, that was kinda cool, but if a mere illusion is all it takes to stir the judges, then this was gonna be easy
  90. >The witch walks away, and one of the judges walks up the stage
  91. >"Give it up for Trixie Lulamoon! truly an amazing performance, and now for our next and last participant of the night... Anonymous!"
  92. >That's your que
  93. >You climb the stairs and move onto the center of the stage
  94. >Some members of the crowd look hesitantly at the fact that, well, you're not a girl
  95. >The rest though look just as excited to see what you have to offer
  96. >It was kinda hard to get a spot at the contest as you're not a witch, but apparently the Headmistress was able to arrange a position for you
  97. >No idea why she would even bother letting a boy even try to step into the stage, let alone try to qualify for the Academy
  98. >But you're not complaining
  99. >The judge joins the rest of the elder witches who were in charge of selecting a winner
  100. >Here goes nothing...
  101. >Without introduction, without saying a word you take out your wand and with a circular motion you cast the spell
  102. >The ground trembles, the crowd looks agaze
  103. >The judges squint their eyes, some glare at you
  104. >And then, a wall of black smoke emerges
  105. >And as it dissipates, a dragon roars
  106. >The crowd goes fucking nuts, and a couple of the judges nod in approval
  107. >Meanwhile, you're shitting your pants
  110. >you fucked up, somehow you fucked up the spell
  111. >You freeze in place
  112. >The crowd quickly settles down, awaiting for your next move
  113. >ha ha jokes on them you have absolutely no idea what the fuck to do now
  114. >The dragon leans forward, and it begins sniffing
  115. >It's eyes widen, and the creature grins revealing its enormous fangs
  116. >The crowd "Wows!" in response, although they're about to get eaten
  117. >You need to come up with something, you don't have any idea on how to cast a spell that would be strong enough to vanish a creature the size of a dragon
  118. >You... you're gonna have to kill it
  119. >A familiar jingle begins playing in your head
  120. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVNcmGjNW6c
  121. >The monster looks down at you
  122. >You take deep breath
  123. >You point your wand towards it, and prepare to cast a thunder to strike it
  124. >Before striking, you conjure a couple of branches from underneath the stage to keep it in place
  125. >The branches quickly confine his limbs immobilizing it, they won't last long though
  126. >You point towards the beast and don't hesitate at throwing whatever you have at it
  127. >Thunder, boulders, anything you can manage
  128. >It roars in anger
  129. >At least it's changed it focus towards you and not the crowd
  130. >It launches towards you
  131. >The branches that were containing it's body break quite easily
  132. >You cast a pillar of stone below you, elevating you. Though it doesn't last long as the Dragon crashes against it, sending you flying
  133. >You fall on top of the beast, right on the back of its head
  134. >It waggles and tumbles around trying to get you off of it, soon it begins spitting flames
  135. >You hold on for dear life, and you get a quick glimpse at the public
  136. >They're amazed, mouths agape
  137. >That's a good sign, if you make it out of this one you'll have a good chance at that spot in the academy
  138. >IF you make it out
  139. >You begin casting lightnings from above to strike the creature
  140. >They seem to do nothing but make it even more furious
  141. >You cast the same pillar of stone, the spell is only supposed to spawn the pillar below you
  142. >The pillar rises from the stage, striking the dragon on it's stomach
  143. >The beast begins to shake furiously, you can barely even hold on to it
  144. >You're damaging him, but that's about it
  145. >You cast pillars non-stop, which strike him in different places
  146. >His chest, throat and face. But the dragon show no sign of stopping
  147. >This is going nowhere
  148. >Why did you have to agree to any of this...
  149. >You wish you could be in your sheets right now
  150. >You could definitely go for a nap...
  151. >A nap...
  152. >...
  153. >A NAP
  154. >THAT'S IT
  155. >You reach for your pocket, and take out a small dagger
  156. >It falls from your hands, the dragon is moving too much!
  157. >You grab it with the tips of your fingers before it can fall down to the stage, and firmly grasp it
  158. >With the dagger in hand and your wand in the other, you cast a sleeping spell on the blade
  159. >An old trick of yours, if you ever needed to fall asleep quickly you'd simply cast the spell on the dagger and poke yourself with it. It always worked, and you know for a fact that this spell has the strength to send an elephant to sleep, but a dragon?
  160. >Might as well try it
  161. >You stab the beast in the back of the neck with all the force you can muster
  162. >It whimpers and grunts, before it begins tumbling around the stage
  163. >Finally it falls to the ground, with a "THUMP" so loud you could hear it a mile away
  164. >It's over...
  165. >Well not really you still have to get the thing out of here somehow
  166. >You wave your wand around, and with all your strength left cast a teleportation spell
  167. >The beast slowly begins to fade
  168. >Very slowly...
  169. >You step down from the dragon's back
  170. >All the eyes are on you
  171. >You'd swear even some of the judges have no idea how to react
  172. "T-ta-daaaa...?"
  173. >You do the jazz hands
  174. >You almost went deaf when the crowd erupted in cheering
  175. >Fucking hell, those ogres are gonna owe you more than a pot of gold after this is over...
  176. >The same witch that introduced you walks up the stage
  177. >"Uh, w-well... Ladies and Gentlemen i believe we have a winner! congratulations Anonymous, the first ever male Luna Nova student!"
  178. >"Anon! Anon! Anon!"
  179. >The shout your name
  180. >Fuck, you feel kinda good...
  181. >Too bad you're sure you shitted your pants a little
  182. "S-so that's it? i won...?"
  183. >"Yes! Headmistress Celestia would like to have a word with you now!"
  184. "Now? as in right now? couldn't i get some rest before...?"
  185. >"Oh, of course! i can schedule your meeting with her for tomorrow morning, if that's OK with you."
  186. "Yeah, yeah... tomorrow morning i'll be here..."
  187. >You lazily walk backstage
  188. >You dust your attire off, as usual
  189. >Right now you just wanna make it back to your shitty shed and get some sleep
  190. >You'll worry about this tomorrow
  191. >You're Anon, and you just killed a dragon. And also shat your pants
  196. >What a beautiful day, the trees are blooming, the children are playing, and the birds are chirping
  197. >You're Anonymous, and you're making your way back into Luna Nova to have that talk with Headmistress Celestia
  198. >You walk along the dirt trail that leads to the Academy
  199. >Some of the villagers wave and congratulate you
  200. >It's a good day
  201. >Though you can't help but notice the rustling behind you, almost sounds as if someone were walking with armor...
  202. >You don't pay too much attention to it
  203. >But as it gets louder and louder, you realize something
  204. >Whoever that is, it's following you
  205. >It... it couldn't be?
  206. >"Anonymous! over here!"
  207. >Oh no
  208. >Why now...
  209. >You put on a fake smile and turn around
  210. >It's her
  211. "Ah! General Luna! what might you be doing here?"
  212. >General of the Knight army, Luna
  213. >This is the last thing you needed
  214. >She approaches you with a smile
  215. >"I was looking for you! i wanted to congratulate you!"
  216. "Oh really? you walked all the way from the castle to here just to congratulate me?"
  217. >"Well, of course not."
  218. >You wipe the fake smile right off your face
  219. "Yeah, i knew it. What is it?"
  220. >"It's about Luna Nova, as you can imagine the word has been passed around that a certain boy has made it into the very prestigious witch academy, and the Queen has already been informed"
  221. "Okay... so what?"
  222. >"You know very well why i was sent here"
  223. "Oh i really don't, why don't you fill me in?"
  224. >"Anon, the Queen wants you to work as a spy for us"
  225. "Really? well that's an honor, but i'll have to turn the offer down."
  226. >"You can't do that Anon, she has already made up her mind"
  227. "Well tell her i don't care, i'm done helping you guys. I've already made myself very clear before"
  228. >"I know but... Anonymous, all our previous raids have been a failure. As a general i have to take full responsibility for it, if i go back into the castle and tell the Queen i wasn't able to get convince you to help... they WILL cut my head."
  229. "Well i'm sorry, but learn to take no for an answer."
  230. >The two of you stand in silence
  231. >You take a deep breath
  232. "Listen i'm sorry, i really am... but i just can't help you."
  233. >"Is this because of what happened to Jonathan?"
  234. "This has nothing to do with him."
  235. >"What happened to him was unfortunate, but i promise you it won't happen again." she says putting a hand to her chest
  236. "I told you this has nothing to do with Jonathan"
  237. >"Then what is it?"
  238. >...
  239. >Should you tell her?
  240. >You ponder what to say
  241. >There's no point in not telling her, really
  242. "I... i'm... i'm working for the ogres..."
  243. >She seems taken back by that
  244. >Luna tilts her head and with a frown she says
  245. >"What?"
  246. "I'm working for the ogres, they were the ones that sent me to infiltrate the academy."
  247. >"...the ogres want to raid Luna Nova?"
  248. "Yes"
  249. >"Did you... talk with Vraazig?"
  250. "Personally. He sent a band of ogres to my shed. They practically dragged me out"
  251. >"But... why would they want to raid the Academy?"
  252. "Beats me, they just want to raid it for the gold and other treasures as far as i'm concerned"
  253. >"And how much are they paying you?"
  254. "A pot gold."
  255. >"Anon, the queen can offer much more than that. If you help us, once this is all over you'll become Sir Anonymous, don't you want that?"
  256. "I don't care about any of that..."
  257. >"Then... if what you want is gold then she--"
  258. "It's not about gold either! i.. i just don't want anything to do with this, alright? i've been thinking that maybe this could be good for me. They're gonna give a dorm of my own, i'll finally be able to move out of that shed, i'll be able to practice with the best witches in the world... i could even become a better wizard than my father... a better wizard than Jonathan..."
  259. >No one speak a word, you feel the cool breeze against your face
  260. >"Anon... you could practice with me back at the castle, just like the old days. I could refine my techniques and you could practice all you want with me..."
  261. "I... i don't want to go back there"
  262. >"You don't need to attend a puny academy to become a better wizard, i know better than anybody else just how much potential you have..."
  263. >She places a hand on your shoulder
  264. >"If you don't want to do this for the queen, do it for me."
  265. >Luna stares deep into your eyes
  266. >Those fucking turquoise eyes, man...
  267. >You look away into the horizon
  268. >You already promised the ogres you would be working for them, but the Knights could take care of that
  269. >You just don't want to help... her, the Queen.
  270. "What am i supposed to tell Vraazig?"
  271. >"I'll take care of that, i'll send my men over to the swamp to... negotiate with him."
  272. "I see..."
  273. >"Anon, with a spy on our side, with YOU back on our side, the Witches will stand no chance. My men have been training without rest since the last raid."
  274. >You clinch your fist
  275. >The idea of working for the Knights again makes you cringe
  276. >You promised them, you promised yourself that you were done for good
  277. >But thinking back... you have no one
  278. >The last raid... when Jonathan...
  279. >You lost it all
  280. >And if you really think about it
  281. >If you really put your mind into it
  282. >Luna is all you have left
  283. >What happened to him wasn't your fault, hell, it wasn't even Luna's fault
  284. >But if you turn this down...
  285. >They'll kill her, and this time it will be your fault and your fault only
  286. >And you'll be damned to hell and back if you're gonna allow it
  287. >If you're gonna allow HER to take anyone else away from you
  288. "I... i'll do it."
  289. >"Really?"
  290. >You give her a weak nod
  291. >"Thank you so much Anon! you have no idea how much this means to me!"
  292. >Luna launches forward and traps you in a hug
  293. "O-ow... y-your armor is poking me..."
  294. >"Oh! sorry!"
  295. >She quickly breaks the hug
  296. >You dust your attire off, as per usual and look up back to her
  297. "So what am i supposed to do now?"
  298. >"It's simple, you were heading to Luna Nova, right?"
  299. "Yes, the Headmistress wanted to talk with me. Probably to relocate me at the academy"
  300. >"Good, go on with your day, and take notes of anything you can. A layout of the insides of the castle, the schedules, anything and all if possible. But don't act suspicious, as their first male student they probably are gonna keep and eye on you."
  301. "Okay... and what then?"
  302. >"The students are allowed to leave the facilities for some time after classes, that's when we'll meet. Here at the Village."
  303. "And when?"
  304. >"A week after you start classes, considering that day will most likely be today, that means i'll meet you here this Friday."
  305. "Got it... so that's it?"
  306. >"Yes, i'll notify the queen. Once we have enough information, i'll let you know when the raid will start"
  307. "When's that gonna be? i mean for how much time do you want me to spy on them?"
  308. >"I..uh... wouldn't know, but i'd say..."
  309. >She places a hand on her chin
  310. >"I'd say a month or two, give or take."
  311. "Give or take? really? well whatever you say, i should be on my way now."
  312. >"Right... um, it was nice seeing you, Anon."
  313. >You turn to resume your walk to Luna Nova
  314. >Looking over your shoulder you reply
  315. "Uh, yeah... it was nice seeing you too."
  316. >She waves and walks the opposite direction, back into the castle presumably
  317. >You don't know how to feel about this
  318. >But it was either this or... well, having Luna die
  319. >And as much as you two have had your differences lately, you care for her
  320. >And she cares for you
  321. >You guess? maybe, probably not
  322. >Into Luna Nova you go
  323. >You're Anonymous, and you're getting deeper and deeper into this bullshit
  329. >"How can the headmistress even allow a boy like you to enroll here? you can't even ride a broom."
  330. "Come again?"
  331. >"You heard me."
  332. >You're Anonymous, and after a long walk to Luna Nova, you've finally made it
  333. >You were heading to the Headmistress' Chamber to have that talk, before being stopped by this lovely figure that stands before you
  334. "Can i help you with something?"
  335. >The bacon-haired girl looks back to the small crowd of young witches standing behind her
  336. >She snorts
  337. >"Yeah, if you could, like, leave? that would be very helpful."
  338. >She gives you a smug look, and the witches behind her giggle
  339. >Oi bruv are they looking for trouble?
  340. >Shit
  341. "Ha ha, very funny. But i won't be leaving anytime soon."
  342. >You try to walk around her but she stops you in your tracks
  343. >"Seriously, how did you even manage to enroll here? first the Academy allows student from non-prestigious families, and now boys? this school is really not what it used to be."
  344. "Yeah okay, whatever"
  345. >Pay her no attention
  346. >You give her a slight push to get her out of your way
  347. >As soon as you place a hand on her, she quickly grabs your forearm
  348. >"What do you think you're doing?!"
  349. "Getting you out of my way, that's what i'm doing. Now move."
  350. >"Assaulting a student?! oh, i'm sure the headmistress will love to hear about this!"
  351. "What are you talking about "assault"? i didn't do anything!"
  352. >You pull your forearm away from her grasp
  353. >"Quickly girls! get the elder witches before he harms anyone else!"
  354. "Before i harm anyone else?!"
  355. >It's been no more than 5 minutes since you got to this place, and you're already getting in trouble, fucking record time
  356. >You have to think of something, if the elder witches act the same way as the students, then they will with no doubt side with them!
  357. >You're not about to get expelled
  358. >And then it hits you...
  359. >It's time to play the victim card!
  360. >"I knew they were making a mistake with letti--"
  361. "I'm gay."
  362. >You cut her mid-sentence
  363. >After some silence, she begins opening her mouth to speak, but she doesn't seem to know what to say
  364. >"W-what?"
  365. "I'm gay, and right now the way you're acting is really offensive!"
  366. >"Wait, w-w-what?!"
  367. >Oh how the tables have turned
  368. >She's stuttering like a retard
  369. >That means you must've gotten her
  370. "I enrolled because i thought that i would we welcome in here. All my life i have been judged and bullied by everyone because of my sexuality! i thought that it would be different here, but i guess i was wrong..."
  371. >You rub your eyes and sniff, as if you were crying
  372. "Perhaps i should be one calling for the elder witches! i am sure they would like to hear about how insensitive their students are!"
  373. >"Wait n-no, don't! i'm sorry, i didn't know you w-were gay!"
  374. "I thought this Academy was supposed to be open-minded! the elder witches aren't gonna like it when they hear one of their students is a homophobic bigot!"
  375. >The group of girls at her back is frozen in place, eyes wide open
  376. >The bacon girl holds her hands up defensibly
  377. >"I swear i had no idea! please don't tell the elder witches!"
  378. >Not so hard now, ai cunt?
  379. "I won't tell them... if you promise me something..."
  380. >"W-what...?"
  381. >You recompose yourself
  382. "You'll do all of my homework for the next month, no exceptions."
  383. >"What?! i'm not doing that!"
  384. "Oh really? then perhaps i should talk to Headmistress Celestia about our little argument."
  385. >As soon as you mention the words "Headmistress" she goes as pale as a ghost
  386. >"No! not her, okay?! i'll do it!"
  387. >This time you glare at her with a smug look of your own
  388. "That's more like it, i'll be leaving now. Headmistress Celestia awaits me."
  389. >If looks could kill, you'd be dead on the spot with the way bacon girl is staring at you
  390. >The girl frowns, and walks off frustrated, muttering something under her breath
  391. >The group of witches that seemed to be accompanying her follow her lead
  392. >"Wait for us, Sunset!" they shout
  393. >Sooner than later, they all run off into the distance
  394. >Oh boy, they weren't kidding when they said being a homosexual had it's pros
  395. >Too bad in a weeks time everybody in here is gonna think you're gay
  396. >But it's worth it, if those cunts won't try to start shit with you again
  397. >Time to head for the tower, apparently that's where Celestia is
  398. >The trail to the tower passes directly by the plaza of the Academy, which is gigantic
  399. >Witches all around are flying in brooms, or seem to be practicing spells of all sorts
  400. >Some glare at you, and as you stare back at them they avert their gazes
  401. >Two months until the raid starts, and all of these "prestigious witches" will be no more
  402. >You follow the trail of rocks that leads to the tower, where Celestia resides
  403. >You walk with a slow pace, enjoying that wonderful breeze, you take a deep breath
  404. >Suddenly, you feel tapping on your shoulder
  405. >Oh god no more witches please
  406. >"H-hello?"
  407. >A feminine voice speaks
  408. >At least it's not an elder witch by the sounds of it
  409. >You look over your shoulder
  410. >A purple haired girl with some glasses stands behind you
  411. >You turn to face her
  412. "Uh, hello?"
  413. >She fixes her glasses and stretches a hand your way
  414. >"I'm Twilight Sparkle, and you're Anonymous, aren't you?"
  415. >You give it a firm shake
  416. "That would be me, yes."
  417. >"I just wanted to say that i think that performance in the talent show was amazing!"
  418. >She doesn't seem to be looking for trouble...
  419. >Might as well play along, for now
  420. "Oh thank you! that's really nice of you!"
  421. >"Don't mention it! the way you conjured that dragon? and then you did that spell and that pillar lifted you up, and then the dragon crashed into it!"
  422. "Yeah yeah, it was all--"
  423. >The words die in your throat as Twilight continues talking
  424. >"And then you went flying and you landed on top of it and then it started spitting flames!"
  425. >She gasps
  426. >"And how could i forget when you took that blade and you stabbed it in the back of the head and... and then it... it started fading away! it was amazing!"
  427. "Uhhhhh... thank you, i guess? you, uh, really enjoyed the show huh?"
  428. >You're guessing she probably realized that she got a little too excited as she starts blushing
  429. >"Heh... heh... sorry..."
  430. "No need to apologize, it's not everyday you get to talk with a legend like me!"
  431. >You flex your non-existent muscles
  432. >Twilight giggles at the display
  433. >"I guess... oh! and before i forget, i wanted to congratulate you as the first ever male Luna Nova student! how are you enjoying it so far?"
  434. "It's... it's not what i was expecting."
  435. >"Is that... good or bad?"
  436. "Well the moment i got here, a bacon-haired girl and a group of witches approached me, and let's just say they weren't exactly friendly."
  437. >"Oh no... sorry you had to meet her."
  438. "You know who that is?"
  439. >"That was probably Sunset Shimmer... but don't worry! don't let her and her little group of minions give you a bad impression of the school!"
  440. "I won't, but what's wrong with her? is she always like that?"
  441. >"Yes, unfortunately... but she comes from a very important family, and is also one of the most powerful students in here..."
  442. "So? that doesn't justify her being able to act like such an ass. And also aren't all of you witches from prestigious families or something like that?"
  443. >"N-not really..."
  444. >She averts her gaze from you to the her feet
  445. "Oh, now that you mention it. She did say something about the school letting students from "non-prestigious" families in, and i'm guessing you're... one of those?"
  446. >She nods
  447. >"Yeah... and i'm one of the only ones too, ever since i got here, Sunset won't let me be..."
  448. >You give her a playful punch in the arm
  449. "Awww, c'mon, buckle up! i mean look at me! i'm from a non-prestigious family AND a boy too? that's two strikes right there!"
  450. >She smiles a bit
  451. >"Yeah... but you're also a dragon slayer..."
  452. "Hey, cooking one meal doesn't make you a chef, killing one dragon doesn't make you a slayer... plus it wasn't really even that hard!"
  453. >You're bullshitting
  454. "Those things are all show no go, you know?"
  455. >Another lie
  456. "I could teach you how to do it if you wanted."
  457. >No you couldn't?
  458. >She looks up
  459. >"R-really?!"
  460. >No
  461. "Yeah, even though i doubt they'll let us do it in here. But hey, once i have my talk with the Headmistress, i could teach you how i "killed" that thing"
  462. >"That would be amazing! thank you!"
  463. "Ay, don't mention it, but i really should be heading now. I'll talk with you later?"
  464. >"Of course! see you later, Anonymous!"
  465. >As you begin walking back the rocky trail, Twilight waves energetically at you
  466. >You return the wave, a not so excited one
  467. >Let's see if you can finally meet this "Headmistress" once and for all
  468. >The trail ends as you approach a tall tower, two elder witches stand protecting the entrance
  469. >"Halt! who shall thou be!?"
  470. "Anonymous, Celestia wishes to talk to me."
  471. >They look at each other, eyes squinted, before nodding in unison
  472. >"Anonymous the dragon slayer, thy Headmistress is awaiting for you in thy chambers."
  473. >The dragon slayer? really?
  474. >You literally just told one of the students that killing one single dragon does--
  475. >Ugh, forget it...
  476. >They stand aside, and the door opens by itself
  477. >You step inside and jump as the doors suddenly close behind you. Torches begin lighting up, one by one, revealing a spiral staircase
  478. >A veeeeery long spiral staircase...
  479. >Goddamn it
  480. >This talk better be important
  481. >As you begin your climb up the stairs, you wonder, how many other students that come from normal families is there here?
  482. >And are you really not from a prestigious family yourself? i mean, dad and the queen...
  483. >You know what? forget you said anything, just keep climbing
  484. >You're Anonymous, and... you didn't really do anything remarkable today
  485. >Oh wait, yeah you did!
  486. >*You're Anonymous, and now everyone thinks you're gay
  487. >That's more like it
  491. "No! Derpy, not that spell! you're gonna set the school on fire!"
  492. >"N-no Derpy don't waggle it around! hold on, let me help!"
  493. >You're Anonymous, and after having that talk with Celestia, as you promised, you went out with Twilight to teach her the spell you used in the talent show
  494. >Though she brought some company, not that you mind, since she only brought another student from a "non-prestigious" family
  495. >Her name is Derpy, Derpy Hooves
  496. >And she's...
  497. >"WoOoOoOoW!, h-how do i turn it off!?"
  498. >"Stay put! if you keep moving the wand like that you're gonna set the forest on fire!"
  499. >She's definitely something, alright
  500. >"And... there we go!"
  501. >Derpy's wand, or what remains of it, finally isn't on fire anymore
  502. >"S-sorry guys! i must've messed up the spell!"
  503. "Yeah, i think "messed up" is putting it lightly"
  504. >"Don't worry Derpy, you'll get it soon enough!"
  505. >As classes haven't started yet, you and your peers are allowed to exit the Academy's facilities at all times
  506. >You decided that the little forest that's besides the Academy would be a good practice camp
  507. >You were wrong.
  508. "Okay... so let's review; were came her so that i could teach you two the sleeping spell, and somehow we managed to almost cause a forest fire. I guess it's better than nothing."
  509. >"It's a start! right?" says Derpy, errr... looking at you? you're not sure
  510. >At least ONE of her eyes is looking at you, that's for sure
  511. "Ha...ha... yeah, a start."
  512. >"A start to getting expelled that is."
  513. "Hey, practice makes the master."
  514. >"You're just full of metaphors, aren't you?"
  515. >"What's a "metafour"?"
  516. "It's a... don't worry about it..."
  517. >Today's gonna be a long day, you can already tell
  518. "Twilly, come over here, it's probably better if i teach you the spell myself first... so that you can, you know, teach it to Derpy after. Since you're so much better at explaining that i am?"
  519. >Wink wink
  520. >"What are you talking about? and why are you winki--... OH, Right!"
  521. >She approaches you
  522. >"Can i watch too?"
  523. "Sure, Derpy... just don't try to imitate it, okay?"
  524. >"Okay!"
  525. >You pull out your Dagger from the inner-pockets of your hood
  526. "Okay, so you want to be really relaxed for this one. Keep your breathing steady... concentrate... and..."
  527. >With a circular motion of your wand, you tap the blade of the dagger
  528. >It glows a bright blue
  529. >"Wow... so that's really all you have to do?"
  530. "Yep, it's not really that hard. Once you get used to it, you can pull it off even in the more dire situations, without having to relax or keeping a steady breathing!"
  531. >"Dire situations? so, like, while you're riding a dragon that's trying to eat you alive?"
  532. >Twilight smirks
  533. "Heh... yeah, i guess that fits the definition of "Dire" pretty well"
  534. >You move the enchanted dagger around, a trail of blue follows it's movements
  535. >"Oh, that doesn't seem hard at all!"
  536. >Derpy smiles widely and picks a small branch from the ground
  537. >"No Derpy don--!"
  538. "Hold on, just let her try..."
  539. >Derpy takes a deep breath
  540. >She imitates the same circular motion with her burned wand
  541. >She closes her eye(s?) and taps the end of the branch
  542. >It begins glowing multiple colors, like a rave show
  543. >The branch cycles through all the colors of the spectrum, before stopping in a blue bright as the sky
  544. >Twilight's jaw drops at the display, so does yours
  545. >"I-is this how you do it...?"
  546. "Derpy... i have no idea."
  547. >"How did you do that...?"
  548. >"I just relaxed... like Anon said?"
  549. "Well then you must be some sort of Tibetan monk because holy shit i've never seen anything like that before..."
  550. >"What's a "tibeaten monk"?"
  551. "It's a... ugh, forget it..."
  557. >Knock Knock Knock
  558. >"Just a moment!"
  559. >The familiar voice speaks up
  560. >You can't help but smile at the sound of her voice
  561. >You wait patiently at the door of the small house, tapping your foot
  562. >The door opens, revealing your mother standing on the other side of the wooden door
  563. >"Hi, how can i..... Twilight?"
  564. "Hi mom!"
  565. >You're Twilight Sparkle, and you have decided that is about time you pay a visit to your family
  566. >"Honey! what are you doing here?"
  567. "I thought it would be a good idea to pay all of you a visit before classes start!"
  568. >"That's so considerate of you, come on in!"
  569. >You step into the living room of what used to be your old house
  570. >That smell... you could recognize it from a planet away
  571. >"You're just in time darling, i was preparing Lemon Pie for your brother!"
  572. "Yeah, i could tell..."
  573. >Your mouth waters, it's been long since you've had mom's famous Lemon Pie
  574. >"Haha! that face of yours tells me the smell have you some appetite, hasn't it?"
  575. "You know me too well..."
  576. >"Well, i'm sure your brother wouldn't mind sharing a bit of it with his favorite sister"
  577. "Now that you mention it, where is he?"
  578. >"He's still at the corn fields, though he should be back any time soon, meanwhile, make yourself comfortable! i'll bring you plate."
  579. "Please do, i'm dying to have your Lemon Pie after so long"
  580. >Velvet walks into the kitchen and retrieves the pie that was sitting on the window
  581. >You plof in the couch, not the most comfortable of all. Specially compared to the ones they have over at the Academy
  582. >Mom sets a plate with a slice of pie on front of you in the table
  583. >You dig right into it
  584. >"Woah, not so fast baby!"
  585. "Hm, sorry... it's just as good as i remembered it..."
  586. >"Why thank you darling!"
  587. >She takes a place on the opposite side of the table
  588. >"Sooooo?"
  589. "Yes?"
  590. >"How's everything over at the Academy?"
  591. "O-oh... it's, uh..."
  592. >Velvet frowns
  593. >"Don't tell me the Witches are--"
  594. "No! nononono that's not it! hahaha! you're so silly mom!"
  595. >"They're picking on you, aren't they?"
  596. "Um... a little bit..."
  597. >"Aha? a little bit?"
  598. "Yeah, just a wee bit..."
  599. >"C'mon Twilight, don't let them get to you."
  600. "I'm not, i mean, like a friend of mine says; "They hate us 'cause they ain't us""
  601. >Mom chuckles
  602. >"Who did you get that from?"
  603. "A boy from the Academy"
  604. >"A... boy? so a teacher?"
  605. "Nope, a student."
  606. >"Twilight i don't think we're on the same page here..."
  607. "Oh i know, he's a boy that got a spot at the Academy after he killed a dragon at the talent show they were holding up a couple nights back."
  608. >"Oh, wow... that's impressive!"
  609. "You have no idea, you should've been there! i mean i could ramble for hours about how cool it was!"
  610. >"Sorry we couldn't make it honey, you know how it is..."
  611. "Yeah, don't worry, all of you have to keep the family afloat somehow."
  612. >Mom shifts around uncomfortably on her sit
  613. >"So... from which family is he? the Lulamoons? Glimmers? maybe he's from the Apples? or..."
  614. >Velvet's eyes widen as she gasp
  615. >"To be able to kill a dragon... don't tell me he's a Shimmer?"
  616. "Oh he's not from a royal family."
  617. >"...what? seriously?"
  618. "I know, right?"
  619. >"That's... wow, just wow. And he possesses magic?"
  620. "I mean, i posses some magic myself, so it's that hard to believe"
  621. >"I guess..."
  622. >Her eyes wonder around the room
  623. >"And you're talking with this boy? are you two friends?"
  624. "Yep, he's a pretty... good guy, i guess?"
  625. >"How so?"
  626. "Well, when he first came into the Academy i built up the courage to talk to him, and believe when i say i was so nervous he would act like those pretentious Witches, but he actually seemed like a normal person, you know?"
  627. >"Well that's nice of him, you should introduce him to us sometime! having a dragon slayer step into this house would be a honor!"
  628. "Actually, he doesn't consider himself a "dragon slayer""
  629. >"Ah, the humble type isn't he?"
  630. "Not really, he said something about how cooking one meal doesn't make you a chef, so killing one dragon doesn't make him a slayer."
  631. >"Haha! isn't he just full of colorful metaphors!"
  632. "That's exactly what i said!"
  633. >You share a laugh with mum, you miss having these kinda talks with her...
  634. >"Oh, i'm so glad you came to visit..." says Velvet, settling down
  635. "I am too!"
  636. >"So what's his name?"
  637. "Anonymous, but we call him Anon"
  638. >"We? he hangs around Derpy too?"
  639. "Yep, he was actually teaching us some tricks this last couple of days"
  640. >"Anonymous... he seems like a really nice boy..."
  641. >She stares at you
  642. >Why is she doing that?
  643. "Why are you looking at me like that...?"
  644. >"Tell something, is he good-looking?"
  645. "Mom, please..."
  646. >"Hahahahaha! i'm just teasing you! but seriously, is he good-looking?"
  647. >Why does every single time you mention the word "boy" mom moves into the boyfriend topic?
  648. >"Twilight... answer me, or no more pie for you..."
  649. "Ugh... well, he's definitely not bad-looking, but--"
  650. >"So he is?"
  651. "C'mon mom, do we HAVE to talk about this?"
  652. >"Hehe, sorry baby. It's just that... you know, i think such a pretty young lady like yourself deserves only the best. And a mage that's skilled enough to kill a dragon, who's on top of that cute, AND also doesn't mind keeping Derpy around sounds very good to me."
  653. "Well he may be a good friend. But that's all he is, and nothing more than that."
  654. >"Hm, whatever you say, Honey. Still, you should consid--"
  655. >Knock knock knock
  656. "Oops, seems like someone's at the door! sorry mom, but we'll have to leave this talk for later!"
  657. >"Hm, saved by the bell..."
  658. >She stands and walks over the door
  659. >"Mom, it's me!"
  660. >There he is, took him long enough
  661. >"I know honey, i'm going!"
  662. >She opens the door and moves aside allowing him to enter
  663. >"Hard day at the fields today?"
  664. >"As hard as they always are..."
  665. >"In that case, i may have something to cheer you up..."
  666. >"Oh i know, you could smell the Lemon Pie all the way from the field"
  667. >"It's not just that..."
  668. >"What is it then?"
  669. >Velvet points behind him
  670. >Shining turns around to face you
  671. >"No way... Twilly!?"
  672. "Hey there!"
  673. >He reaches for a hug
  674. >"I can't believe you're here!"
  675. "Classes haven't started, so i'm allowed to leave the Academy at anytime, and i thought; why not check how you're holding up?"
  676. >"Well you just made my day, sis! that and the Pie"
  677. >"Hm, you and that bottom-less pit you call a stomach... i'll bring you a slice, honey."
  678. >Shining takes a sit besides you as mom sets down another plate
  679. >In no less than three bites, the slice is gone
  680. >"Finally, i've been dying for some food... So! what have you two been talking about?"
  681. "Nothing special, just about the Academy and---"
  682. >"Twilight met a boy at the Academy!"
  683. >No mom why
  684. >"Oooooooh! lil' good Twilly has a boyfriend now? you oughta introduce him to me!"
  685. "No! he's not my boyfrie--!"
  686. >"His name is Anon! Twilight told me so much about him, did you know despite him being a boy he possesses magic, killed a dragon, AND isn't even from a royal family?!"
  687. >"Wow! that's actually kinda interesting! well, i'm glad to know you're in good hands!"
  688. "UGH!"
  689. >"Oh honey! you should look at your face!"
  690. >"You're as red as a tomato, sis!"
  691. >They laugh hysterically
  692. "He's not my boyfriend..." you reply with crossed arms
  693. >"Awwww, we know! we're just teasing 'ya!"
  694. "Do we have to talk about me all the time? why don't you tell me how you guys are doing instead?"
  695. >"Twilight, we're not the ones attending a Witch Academy, plus you already know how we're doing."
  696. >"Yeah, sis, "same old same old" as they say"
  697. >"Oh, did you know that Anon is really into sayings just like you, apparently?"
  698. >"Really now? i'm liking this Anon kid more and more as we talk!"
  699. >"Yep! why don't you tell him some sayings of his, Twilight?"
  700. "Ugh, i guess it's better than what we were talking about before... Okay, so were hanging at the Academy Plaza with Derpy when..."
  701. >The rest of the evening goes by in a breeze
  702. >Despite the teasing, you had a good time
  703. >If it were up to you, you'd drop off that Academy without thinking about it
  704. >But the whole town has put a lot of effort and money to get you and Derpy in there...
  705. >You can't let them down...
  706. >You won't let them down!
  707. >You're Twilight Sparkle, and you're on your way to becoming the world's most powerful witch!
  713. >You step into her chambers, localized at the very top of the castle
  714. >As you walk the dark room, in the distance, looking out her balcony, she stands
  715. >Your footsteps echo through out the room
  716. >She lifts the glass containing, what you assume, is the finest wine on the kingdom, to her lips
  717. >Setting the delicate glass on the balcony's handrail, she speaks up
  718. >"I see you've finally made it."
  719. >Her voice pierces through the silence, enough to give you goosebumps
  720. "Yes, your majesty. As you requested."
  721. >She doesn't look away from the beautiful sight of the kingdom
  722. "May i ask why you summoned me at such a time, your highness?"
  723. >"You may, i called you for a matter regarding the operation."
  724. "The upcoming raid on the Witch Academy?"
  725. >"Indeed, as you heard, General Luna has managed to convince our old friend Anonymous to help."
  726. "Yes i have, but what's seems to be the matter?"
  727. >"I want you to spy on them."
  728. "On Anonymous?"
  729. >"Not only him, but Luna as well."
  730. "Uh..."
  731. >"Is there a problem?"
  732. "Oh! not at all your majesty! i was just... may i ask why?"
  733. >"I simply do not trust Luna."
  734. "Is that so? that explains why you choose her as a general for the army."
  735. >"Watch the sass, Maximus."
  736. >Her sudden change of tone makes you shiver
  737. >She doesn't even look at you, but eye contact isn't necessary to intimidate you
  738. "Please forgive me, my empress"
  739. >You bow
  740. >"You are forgiven."
  741. >She takes another sip of wine
  742. "I-if... you don't mind me bombarding you with all these questions, why do you not trust Luna? i believe you thought her more than capable of managing the army?"
  743. >"That was then, now is now. And right now i am having second thoughts of her trustworthiness."
  744. "What has made you think this way, Your majesty?"
  745. >"It's about her relationship with Anonymous."
  746. "Relationship? you believe Luna is capable of betraying us?"
  747. >"I do, as a matter of fact. It is painfully obvious she has feelings of Anon, and i believe the feeling might be mutual."
  748. "I don't see how that could affect our mission."
  749. >She slowly turns to face you
  750. "N-n-not that i am in ANY way questioning you, my highness!"
  751. >"Are you?"
  752. "No! i'd rather die before questioning your ingenious ways!"
  753. >"Really? you would rather die?"
  754. >She smiles, but it's not a "that's very sweet of you" kinda smile
  755. >It looks almost depredatory, similar to that of a wild animal looking upon it's prey
  756. >Gulp
  757. >She laughs softly
  758. >"You were always so loyal, Maximus. You know, you were always my other candidate for the position of general."
  759. "I... am... honored to hear that, my queen."
  760. >"I'm sure you're you'll be even more honored to hear that; if you do as i say, and keep a close eye on those two, i'll be more than glad to promote you to the position of general, which was rightfully yours to begin with."
  761. >She turns back to the balcony, as she leans on the handrail, she takes another sip of wine
  762. "That's... thank you, your majesty. I will follow your request to work as a spy, but as honored as i am to hear that, i will have to decline your previous offer."
  763. >"You're declining it? for what reason?"
  764. "I believe Luna has worked much more harder than me, or any one from the squadron, to get to where she is now."
  765. >"Huh... how humble of you, i'm afraid i'll have to look for another candidate then. Once i'm done with Luna, somebody will have to take her position, wouldn't you agree?"
  766. "Once you're... "done" with her?"
  767. >"You know, i find it interesting how, despite Anonymous saying very clearly how he wasn't looking foward to helping the kingdom, Luna was able to convince him."
  768. "Well, those two have been friends for as long as i can remember..."
  769. >"I know that very well, that's why i believe that Anonymous agreed to help us merely out of pity for her. You know what that means?"
  770. "That he's... not actually willing to help us...?"
  771. >"Correct."
  772. "So why would you get rid of Luna, if she's the reason Anon is helping us?"
  773. >"Because, i plan to keep her around for until the raid starts, and after we're done, i'll kill her."
  774. "That... does not answer my question."
  775. >"Anonymous thought that leaving this kingdom would we wise, he abandoned us. Now he will pay."
  776. "Your majesty, don't you think Anon has... lost enou--"
  777. >"Be quiet, i have already made my mind. And if you do not wish to join his father, stop questioning me."
  778. "O-o-of course, your highness. Forgive me for my disrespect."
  779. >Silence
  780. >Nothing but silence
  781. >You stand patiently, without moving an inch, awaiting for a response
  782. >All you can hear is your heartbeat
  783. >"Tomorrow night."
  784. >Her voice makes you jump
  785. >You recollect yourself and stutter out a reply
  786. "E-e-excuse me?"
  787. >"Tomorrow night, Luna will meet with Anonymous for the reports on the witches. They will meet at the town plaza, when she leaves you'll follow her, and you will then report to me any sort of suspicious activity they might have. And though i believe there's no need to clarify this, i'll do it anyways; Do. Not. Let. Them. See you. Am i clear?"
  788. "Clear as crystal, your majesty."
  789. >"Good... now go, you're dismissed."
  790. >You let out a breath you didn't even know you were holding, and head towards the doors of her chambers
  791. >You lay a hand on the doorknob and pull
  792. >You stop at the door frame
  793. "Have a good night..."
  794. >As she leans on her balcony, the breeze swaying her silky blue hair, she looks over her shoulder to you
  795. "...Queen Chrysalis."
  796. >You softly shut the door
  797. >You're Maximus Sentry, and as loyal as you are to Queen Chrysalis, you are not doing this to Anonymous
  798. >You walk a considerable amount away from her room, and lean on one of the hallways wall
  799. >Letting out a deep sigh, you whisper to yourself
  800. "Give me strength, Jonathan..."
  805. "Okay, now set that one on top of the others"
  806. >"....like this?"
  807. "Good... yeah just like that."
  808. >"Ha! i can't believe i'm actually doing it!"
  809. "You've gotten better, Derpy"
  810. >"Thanks to you Anon!"
  811. "Nah, i partly helped. You always had in 'ya..."
  812. >Depry continues to set boulder on top of boulder with ease
  813. >"This isn't so hard now!"
  814. "I can see that, it's been easier to handle your wand, huh?"
  815. >"Yep!"
  816. "I'm glad..."
  817. >As you lean on the tree, you look down to your feet
  818. >"...are you... feeling okay, Anon?"
  819. "Me? yeah, never been better."
  820. >"Are you sure? you seem a little down"
  821. "I'm just tired is all... have you seen Twilight by the way?"
  822. >"I haven't seen her since i left my dorm this morning..."
  823. >Depry smiles dorkly
  824. >"Are you worried for her, Anon?"
  825. "Not really, she can take care of herself. Plus we can't always have her back every time that Shimmer chick and her little mob tries to fuck with her"
  826. >"Sunset Shimmer? now that you mention it, i haven't seen her in a while too..."
  827. "She's probably off bullying some other kids... hey, do you have any idea why she's like that?"
  828. >"I've no idea, when i first got here with Twilight she was already acting like that. I'm guessing she was always... you know, a meanie."
  829. "Hm, i guess. I just wonder why..."
  830. >"Well, she doesn't really seem to like people like us"
  831. "People like you?"
  832. >"People that don't come from rich, or important families"
  833. "Say, where do you come from, Derpy?"
  834. >"I was born and raised here by the village along with Twilight!"
  835. "Really? how'd you two end up here then?"
  836. >"When the Academy started letting in students from non-prestigious families in, the whole village gathered around to get Twilight and i in"
  837. "But you two posses magic, how's that?"
  838. >"I... don't actually know? we were just... kinda borned with it, like you?"
  839. "Oh, yeah, right, like me..."
  840. >"Hey i just remembered! i think Twilight's been hanging at the library lately!"
  841. "I see, makes sense i guess."
  842. >"Yep, though i don't really know why. She could be here with us instead of reading those boring books!"
  843. "The pen is mightier than the sword, Derpy"
  844. >"...what? that doesn't make sense..."
  845. "It's a metaphor."
  846. >"Oooooooh...."
  847. >Derpy scratches the back of her head
  848. "... you still have no idea what a metaphor is, do you?"
  849. >"Nope!"
  850. >She smiles as she continues stacking boulders one on top of the other
  851. "Actually i think reading some books wouldn't come bad for you, i only know so much, i'm sure that library has some interesting stuff you can read."
  852. >"It's not really my type of stuff, i think it's better to practice than to read some useless books!"
  853. "They're not "useless", Derpy.... actually, let's go to the library!"
  854. >"Awwww, do we have to?"
  855. "C'mon, not only could you learn some cool stuff, we could also check on Twilight on the meantime!"
  856. >"Hmmmm, but that means we'd have to go through the Academy..."
  857. "Yeah, is that a problem?"
  858. >"What if we come across... her?"
  859. "Shimmer isn't going to be a problem, we'll deal with her"
  860. >"In that case... lead the way!"
  861. >The walk from the forest to the Academy was relatively short, considering it's right besides it
  862. >As you step into Luna Nova, most students don't really pay you any attention, they seemed to have gotten used to you, though they don't interact with you in any shape way or form"
  863. >Since you made it here you've only talked with Twilight, Derpy, and that Shimmer girl
  864. >Not that you mind
  865. >Derpy walks besides you down the hallway that leads to the Academy library
  866. >Suddenly you hear footsteps behind you
  867. >"footsteps" as in multiple of them, like there's a group of people approaching you
  868. >Here we go...
  869. >Ms. Shimmer accompanied by her ga---
  870. >Tap tap tap
  871. >Whoever it was that was following you and Derpy taps your shoulder
  872. >"Hey kid, you're Anon?"
  873. >Turning around, you see three witches standing before you
  874. >The one with the puffy hair speaks again
  875. >"You deaf? i'm talking to you."
  876. "Yeah, i'm Anon. Who wants to know?"
  877. >"That's not important, we wanted to ask you something."
  878. "Uh, sure? ask away."
  879. >"So, we've been watching you and we saw how you've been helping this chick right here and that other nerdy-looking one with their magic."
  880. "They've got names, you know?"
  881. >"Aha i don't care, so here's the deal. We want you to drop these kids and help us practice as well."
  882. "...that's... not a question."
  883. >"Oops, guess you're right, it's more of an order."
  884. "Yeah, an order that i'm not following."
  885. >"I don't think you really have a choice here."
  886. "Oh really? tell me why."
  887. >The puffy haired girl look over to the other two standing beside her, and leans forward
  888. >"I know who you are, Anon."
  889. "Who doesn't?"
  890. >"I mean i know who you REALLY are."
  891. "And who's that, huh?"
  892. >In a voice slightly louder than a whisper, she says to your ear
  893. >"I know you come from Canterlot, that you've helped the Knights? that you know the queen personally?"
  894. >Oh no...
  895. >This is not good
  896. "Hey, Derpy?"
  897. >"Y-yeah?"
  898. "Do me a favor, will 'ya? go to the library and look for Twilight, and stay with her."
  899. >"You're not coming with?"
  900. "Nah, i'll catch up later, okay?"
  901. >She nods and walks off down the hallway, peaking over her shoulder to you as she goes
  902. >Once Derpy is far enough, you turn back to the trio of witches
  903. "Tell me how do you know that."
  904. >The one wearing a ponytail leans forward
  905. >"Don't worry, we won't tell anybody..."
  906. >The girl with pigtails then jumps forward
  907. >"As long as you promise to help us..."
  908. >The puffy haired one places her hands on her hips
  909. >"And as far as you help us with whatever we want, no matter what."
  910. >You look around
  911. >How in the fuck do they know...?
  912. >How is not important right now, you can't allow them to tell this to anybody, if this makes it to the elder witches, or worse, Celestia...
  913. >You're gonna get expelled, or worse
  914. >There's no choice
  915. "Who the hell are you three..."
  916. >The trio smiles
  917. >"You may call us the Dazzlings." they say in unison
  922. >"So what did y'all exactly need help with?"
  923. >You're Anonymous, and you're standing at the academy plaza with the "Dazzlings"
  924. >"We told you already, we just want help with our magic"
  925. "Can't you just practice on your own? or ask someone else for help?"
  926. >"Uh... we, um, thought to ask you because, well, since you kille--"
  927. >"Because nobody else wants to hang around with us."
  928. >Adagio glares at her sister
  929. >"What?! it's true!"
  930. >"Damn it Sonata! i told you to let ME do the talking!"
  931. "Nobody wants to hang around you? why's that?"
  932. >"Ugh, that doesn't matter jus--"
  933. >"I don't know, i guess the witches here just don't like us..."
  934. >"SONATA"
  935. >"What?! he asked!"
  936. >"How can you be so dense?!"
  937. "Wow hold on a second, you girls only want to practice? you're not gonna... ask me to, like, help you take over the school or some shit like that?"
  938. >"... why would we ask you th--"
  939. >"Oh, we already tried that once so don't worry."
  940. >"... Sonata why are you like this..."
  941. >"Geez, i'm just answering his questions..."
  942. "Oh, nice. Alright i can do that..."
  943. >"Really?"
  944. "Yeah, but you gotta promise me that you won't tell anybody that i know the queen of Canterlot, okay?"
  945. >"Sure, we promis--"
  946. >"Ptfff, it's not like we have anybody to tell that to."
  947. >"Sonata, interrupt me once more, i dare you."
  948. >"N-no thanks, i'm good..."
  949. "Well, i'd love to start now, but i kinda told my friend back there that i was gonna... oh shit..."
  950. >"What is it?"
  951. >You point behind Adagio
  952. >"What?"
  953. >She turns her head to see the one and only Sunset Shimmer, walking towards the four of you with another group of witches
  954. >this oughta be fun
  955. >"If it isn't the Dazzles!"
  956. >"It's the Dazzlings..."
  957. >"Yeah yeah whatever, you're looking good Dagi! i love your hair! i see you're rocking the cheeto look!"
  958. >"Why you..."
  959. "And i see you're rocking the bacon strip look, Sunset"
  960. >She glares over at you, without saying a word
  961. >"Ptffff bacon strip!"
  962. >The youngest sister, Sonata, brakes the silence
  963. >Her two sister begin chuckling along with her
  964. >"I'm not talking to you, Anon"
  965. >"What's the matter Sunset? is he intimidating you?"
  966. >Says Aria, leaning forward
  967. >"W-what?"
  968. >"Poor little Sunset is scared of a boy!" shouts Sonata
  969. >"Well at least i'm not hanging around with him! you three are already annoying enough as it is, and now you're with him?!"
  970. >"Hey, Anon?"
  971. >Adagio looks over to you with a very smug grin
  972. >"I think Sunset is jealous..."
  973. "Ooooh, you think so?"
  974. >"W-WHAT?! I'm not jealous of nothing!"
  975. >"Don't tell me you have feelings for Anon, Sunset?"
  976. >"What are you even talking about?!"
  977. "Hey don't worry Shimmer, there's enough of me for everyone..."
  978. >"Ugh! you guys are such a pain in the ass!"
  979. >Sonata jumps into action, and with a clinched fist she says
  980. >"Y-you're a pain in the... b-butt! you big meanie!"
  981. >Boom, roasted
  982. >Goddamn it Sonata.
  983. >We had something good...
  984. >Sunset tries to maintain a serious face, but alas, she can't contain her laughter
  986. >Quickly, the rest of the witches join her
  987. >"W-what are you laughing about?!"
  988. >"Oh my goodness, i can't believe just how childish of all you are!"
  989. >Sunset rubs her tears of laughter off, and takes a deep breath
  990. >"Oh well, i guess Anon fits in your group pretty well in that case."
  991. "Excuse me?"
  992. >"Oh nothing! well, i'll be seeing you!"
  993. >She walks off, waving and chuckling as her little mob follows her
  994. >Once she makes it out of sight, Aria shouts
  995. >"What the hell is wrong with you, Sonata!"
  996. >"I'm sorry! i just couldn't let her keep insulting us!"
  997. >"We had her! and you ruined it you moron!"
  998. >"ARIA! Don't talk to her like that!"
  999. "Girls...?"
  1000. >"Shut up Adagio! i don't need you to defend me!"
  1001. >"Why you! i'm trying to help and all you do is scream at me?!"
  1002. >"It's not my fault! you're always trying to be in charge!"
  1003. "Girls!"
  1004. >"She's right! you act like you're our leader or something!"
  1005. >"Don't agree with me, Aria!"
  1006. >"I'll agree with whatever i want!"
  1007. >"Not if i do--"
  1008. "GIRLS!"
  1009. >The trio of sisters settles down at your raised voice
  1010. "For the love of... what the hell is wrong with you three? do you argue all the time?"
  1011. >"She started it..."
  1012. >Says Sonata looking down and pointing a finger at Adagio
  1013. >"No i didn--"
  1014. "Shut up, if you really want me to help all of you, then y'all gotta get along."
  1015. >"But i-- but...!"
  1016. "No buts, you're all arguing because of something so dumb... don't you realize this is what Sunset wants?"
  1017. >They exchange looks, and some of them actually look like they regret all the shouting
  1018. >"He's right, you know... we shouldn't give Sunset the satisfaction of making us fight."
  1019. "Exactly, thank you Aria!"
  1020. >"But what are we supposed to do then? we've tried ignoring her, talking back to her, or telling the teachers and nothing has worked!"
  1021. >Says a Sonata on the verge of tears
  1022. "Telling the teachers hasn't worked?"
  1023. >"No, the moment the teachers confront her she pulls this goodie two-shoes act, and they always believe her."
  1024. "Damn...."
  1025. >The Dazzlings look defeated, like they've dealt with this enough
  1026. >Well, they've been here for much longer than you, so it's not hard to believe they used to be, and still are, Sunset's victims
  1027. >It hasn't been a week, and you're already fed up with her shit, imagine how they must be...
  1028. "Say, i've had my problems with her before... what if i told you girls... that there's a way to get back at her?"
  1029. >They Dazzlings look at each other, intrigued
  1030. >Adagio is the one to speak up
  1031. >"And how's that...?"
  1037. >You're Anonymous, and currently it's midnight
  1038. >Making out of your dorm wasn't a problem since you don't have any roommates, unlike the others students
  1039. >For obvious reasons
  1040. >You told the Dazzlings to meet you up at the east square of the Academy, where Sunset's room is
  1041. >And you know that because you've been planning this for a while now, and although you can do this yourself, the idea of having some company to witness this doesn't sound half-bad
  1042. >You made sure none of the elder witches saw you on your way here
  1043. >Let's just say you gotta your fair share of experience on navigating a castle at nighttime, especially with guards
  1044. >Heh, there was this one time at the royal castle with Jonathan that you....
  1045. >Um, as you we're saying, hopefully none of the Dazzlings get spotted. That could ruin this whole "operation"
  1046. >You wait crouched at the entrance to the east block, that's when you see a dark figure approach you
  1047. >A single one
  1048. >You can tell it's not an elder witch since, whomever that is, it's not wearing those fucking ridiculous hats
  1049. >As it gets closer, you spot the puffy hair immediately
  1050. >Adagio squints her eyes
  1051. >"Anon?" she whispers, loudly enough for you to hear
  1052. >You wave her to get closer, she tip-toes to your location and takes a sit besides you
  1053. "Where's Aria and Sonata?"
  1054. >"I told them to not come, i thought that doing this with a group of four could be... you know."
  1055. "Yeah, i guess it's gonna be easier with only you around"
  1056. >"So what's the plan? and why the east block?"
  1057. "Sunset's room is in this block... by the way, do you by any chance know who her roommates are?"
  1058. >"Actually, i do. Some "dash" girl... i forgot her name, and i know for a fact a member of the Apple family shares the dorm with her too..."
  1059. "Okay... well. let's go."
  1060. >"W-wait, what's the plan?"
  1061. "Oh, you'll see..."
  1062. >You slightly push one of the entrance doors to the east building open, and peek over in between the two doors
  1063. >No witches in sight...
  1064. >Pushing the door further, you slip in between the gap, and Adagio follows
  1065. "Okay... her room's number 043 i think. So that means it's in the second floor, don't make a peep, okay?"
  1066. >"Got it."
  1067. >You hear footsteps coming from the staircase, soon you see a light, from a lantern presumably
  1068. >One of the elder witches is coming down, so she's done checking the rooms on top, and is back at ground floor meaning that you'll have more than enough time for this
  1069. >As far as you know, there's only one witch per block, so you're good
  1070. >As the witch comes down, she takes a left down the dark hallway
  1071. >You tap Adagio with your elbow
  1072. >"Yeah?"
  1073. "Let me do something..."
  1074. >You take out your wand, and then you tap both of Adagio's shoes
  1075. >She tilts her head
  1076. >"Uhhh, what was that for?"
  1077. "It's a spell, it's gonna stop our shoes from making any noise when we step, perfect for stealth"
  1078. >"Woah, that's cool!"
  1079. "Yep, i'll teach it to you later if you want, but now we gotta move"
  1080. >"Sure, lead the way."
  1081. >No need for tip-toeing with the spell, which allows you to make it to, and to climb the staircase easily
  1082. >The second floor contains the rooms 40 to 60, that means that Sunset's room should the second to the left...
  1083. >You peek over the corner, and there it is...
  1084. >You crouch in front of the door, Adagio does the same
  1085. >Reaching for the doorknob, you carefully turn it and feel that there's no lock
  1086. >Fucking lottery
  1087. >You peek through, Adagio leans forward to peek right above you
  1088. >On the middle of the room, right on front of the door, you see her
  1089. >None other than sleeping beauty herself
  1090. >Her other two roommates seem to be long asleep as well
  1091. >Too damn easy...
  1092. "It's showtime..."
  1093. >You reach for your wand and tap the floor exactly three times
  1094. >Adagio looks puzzled
  1095. >"So what's that supposed to do?"
  1096. "Just watch..."
  1097. >Small green bubbles emerge from in between the floor tiles, and as more bubbles come out, they begin to take shape
  1098. >In less than 10 seconds or so, a small green slime forms
  1099. >"That's... it?"
  1100. >Adagio pokes it with a finger, making wobble like a flan
  1101. "Ptfff, you have no idea."
  1102. >The ball of slime begins moving forward
  1103. >It rolls into the dorm, and as it rolls it grows in size
  1104. >"Woah... okay i want you to teach how to THAT first..."
  1105. >The ball sticks to the bed frame, where it begins climbing, eventually making it to Sunset
  1106. >As the slime sits, now of a much more considerable size, on Sunset's chest...
  1107. >"What's it doing...? oh... no way..."
  1108. "Yes way!"
  1109. >Wait for it...
  1110. >BOOM!
  1111. The ball of slime explodes on top of Sunset, sending all it's bits and goo flying
  1112. >"AHHHH! WHAT THE HELL!?!"
  1113. >The slime begins regenerating form thin air, all the bits from the explosion stay where they were
  1114. >Sunset is sweating, and breathing heavily, all while being covered fully in the green goo
  1115. >Believe when i tell you that shit does NOT smell good...
  1116. >The slime grows twice it's size after it's done regenerating, And Sunset is frozen in place
  1117. >You see the girl on the bed to the far-left of the dorm shifting around in her bed
  1118. >"Hmmmmm.... what the hay are 'ya screaming fo--- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!"
  1119. >You opted to not peek any further, in case Sunset sees you, but hearing the commotion is enough satisfaction for you
  1120. >And for Adagio too, it seems
  1121. >She can barely hold in her laughter
  1122. >"Get it off of me!!"
  1123. >"How am ah supposed to do that?!"
  1124. >You hear rustling downstairs as the witch that was guarding rushes up
  1125. "We gotta scatter!"
  1126. >You take Adagio by the hand and rush deeper into the hallways
  1127. >"Wrong way!"
  1128. "Believe me, this is exactly where we wanna go!"
  1129. >"What?"
  1130. >Adagio looks down to her hand, and notices it's dissipating
  1131. >"Oh no way! you know teleportation spells?!"
  1132. "To an extent, yeah!"
  1133. >Shadows of you and Adagio form as a the witch finishes running up the stairs, moving her lantern towards you
  1134. >"Hey! you two ruffians! get back here!"
  1135. >"Suck it!"
  1136. >Shouts Adagio back
  1137. "Hahah--!"
  1138. >PUFF
  1139. >You disappear in a cloud of smoke, and reappear right on the academy plaza
  1140. >But not in the middle of the goddamn plaza, witches are gonna be coming from left and right into the east block now, so instead you choose a spot right in between some tall bushes
  1141. >"Hahahaha! that was fucking amazing!"
  1142. "You're welcome for the show! but now we gotta lay low for a moment..."
  1143. >"Yeah, sure! i don't mind!"
  1144. >Sooner than later, you hear footsteps coming from everywhere, along with some murmurs as well. All of them heading east
  1145. >Just like planned, they're gonna be too little too occupied looking for whomever did it
  1146. >Still, you're gonna be here for some time until things settle down, might as well use this time to talk
  1147. "Hey, Dagi-- wait, can i call you Dagi?"
  1148. >"Sure, usually only my sisters call me that though, but you can go right ahead."
  1149. "Okay... Dagi, i've been meaning to ask; how'd you know i was from Canterlot?"
  1150. >"Oh... well, it's kinda of a boring story..."
  1151. "Well..."
  1152. >Pushing your hands into the bushes, you move them aside making a hole big enough to see through
  1153. >Witches in brooms and with lanterns, some by foot, all roaming the academy
  1154. >They shouldn't be able to see you from above though, since there's a pretty big tree obstructing the view
  1155. "We've got time."
  1156. >"Right... well..."
  1157. >She pushes her puffy hear to one side
  1158. >"One night, it was like our first week in the academy for me and my sisters, and we had a big fight... like, a BIG fight."
  1159. "I see..."
  1160. >"Lots of things got said that night... lost of insults too... it was just too much for me, we all went to sleep than night without saying a word. I mean the atmosphere was so dense you could cut it with a knife..."
  1161. >Adagio takes a deep breath and sighs
  1162. >"So, well, i ran away."
  1163. "From the academy?"
  1164. >"Yeah, the same night, i just couldn't sleep, and i wasn't feeling very good... so yeah, i made it through all the witches without them catching me, made it up to the watch tower and i conjured a little rope to climb down, since back then i didn't really have a broom..."
  1165. "Okay, i follow... but what's this got anything to do with--"
  1166. >"You'll see, once i made it down, i just... started walking... and walking, i was just so zoned out that night... before i noticed, i had made it through the the village, and i was at the capital"
  1167. "Fuuuuck, that's not a short walk, you know?"
  1168. >"Don't even mention it, but... that same night... it was the day after the Knights of Canterlot last raided Luna Nova..."
  1169. >Ooooooh, now you understand
  1170. >Huh, you can already tell where this is going...
  1171. >"And well, i was walking down the main path to royal castle when i saw a hooded figure that looked oddly similar to you... i mean, it WAS you, duh, but you were talking to a chick in armor with blue hair, and to a knight with spiky blue hair too... and also the queen was there..."
  1172. >Damn, Adagio was there?
  1173. >The night after the last raid... that's when you officially left the Kingdom, for good
  1174. >Luna and Max were there, and of course, Queen Chrysalis herself
  1175. >She went through the trouble of talking to you personally, just to convince you
  1176. >Needless to say, it didn't work
  1177. >You said your farewells to Luna and Maximus, and bowed one last time to the queen
  1178. >The night after Jonathan...
  1179. >Ugh, mentioning his name makes you cringe
  1180. >"H-hey... you alright?"
  1181. "Huh? yeah... i'm good..."
  1182. >"You kinda zoned out for minute there... a little more and you would've started drooling!"
  1183. "Heh, yeah, thanks i guess."
  1184. >"... so you wanna talk about what that was all about...?"
  1185. "I mean, i haven't told anyone..."
  1186. >You look over to her, the moon shining on her face through the branches of the tree above
  1187. "You promise you won't tell anybody?"
  1188. >"Cross my heart and hope to die."
  1189. "Nice, well... i was... part of the kingdom, not really the army, but i was pretty close to the Queen there..."
  1190. >"You helped with the raids...."
  1191. "Sadly... and i regret it... but after that last one, i just couldn't take it."
  1192. >"Why? you raided Luna Nova before, didn't you? what made you change your mind?"
  1193. "It's... it was someone... VERY close to me... they..."
  1194. >You wave you hand around
  1195. "You know..."
  1196. >"OH... i-i'm sorry i... i didn--"
  1197. "Nah, it's okay, not your fault..."
  1198. >"And... then after that you moved into the village or...?"
  1199. "Yep, got a small little shed at the far south of the village, got some work at the corn fields... you know, i just wanted a normal life."
  1200. >"Yeah, i can understand..."
  1201. "Well, enough about me, go on with your story"
  1202. >"Right... well, i was just... thinking... and thinking... and i don't know what got to me... but it was like i snapped back into reality. It was just so strange..."
  1203. "And then?"
  1204. >"I got my shit together... and i walked back... all the way back. and with the same rope, i climbed up the watch tower, and dropped down at the west block, where my room is..."
  1205. "That's one hell of a task..."
  1206. >"You have no idea, i was practically a zombie once i was done... anyway, when i made it back to my dorm, i saw Aria and Sonata, sitting in my bed, crying in each others shoulder... so i shut the door, and joined them"
  1207. "D'awwww, that's so pure..."
  1208. >"We cried and hugged all night, but once all the tears were shed, we forgave each other, and went to sleep in good terms. That was the best sleep i've ever had in my life"
  1209. >You smile at her little story
  1210. "That's actually really nice, you know..."
  1211. >"Thank you."
  1212. >Peeking over the bushes, you see that most witches seemed to have gone back to their respective blocks, not all of them though
  1213. >Well, better safe than sorry! guess you're gonna have to stay here with Dagi some more!
  1214. "We still got some time... hey, back there i think i heard Sonata say something about how you "already tried taking over the Academy" or something like that..."
  1215. >Adagio blushes as she lets out an awkward laugh
  1216. >"Heh heh... about that..."
  1217. "Wanna talk about it?"
  1218. >"Yeaaaaaah, i'd rather not..."
  1219. "Guess it's a story for next time, huh?"
  1220. >Dagi smiles
  1221. >"Yeah... for the next time..."
  1222. "You're pretty chill, you know? it's kinda strange to me how you aren't, like, popular or something..."
  1223. >Adagio's eyes widen
  1224. "Uhhh, you oka---"
  1225. >You're cut mid-sentence, as her smooth lips connect with yours
  1226. >She grabs you by the shoulders, pulling you closer
  1227. >This is... unexpected... to say the least?
  1228. >But, shit, man you ain't complaining
  1229. >You place a palm on her cheek, and you slip your tongue in
  1230. >She doesn't refuse
  1231. >You feel some of her puffy hair caress your forehead
  1232. >You're not exactly experienced in this, but...
  1233. >Adagio let's out some small grunts and moans as you kiss
  1234. >The embrace is cut short though, as she quickly pulls away
  1235. "W-wow... that wa---"
  1236. >"Miss Cheerilee! what are you doing here?!"
  1237. >...what?
  1238. >...what the fuck is she...
  1239. >You look over your shoulder, and see one of your teachers, Cheerilee, peeking right through the bushes
  1240. >Her face is one of a witch that has dealt with too much shit in her years of teaching
  1241. >"W-we can explain!"
  1242. >"No, don't bother. i know what's going on... i guess it was inevitable with a single male in the facilities..."
  1243. >"We're so sorry!"
  1244. >"It's okay... just do not do this again, remember students are allowed to leave the academy for some time after classes are done, so there's no need to leave your dorms at night for this."
  1245. >"Yes ma'am!"
  1246. >"We are looking for a group of students, by the way, that were caught in the east block. Have you seen them?"
  1247. >"Oh, no... sorry, we thought we were the only ones that left their dorm..."
  1248. >"Alright then... i won't tell anybody about this, but you two have to get back to your respective dorms, now."
  1249. >"Yes ma'am!"
  1250. >She pokes her head out, and you hear the crunching of branches as Cheerilee walks away
  1251. >"Oof... that was way too close... uh, sorry for that... i panicked"
  1252. "O-oh... it's... it's alright..."
  1253. >"Nice acting back there too, she ate it right up."
  1254. "Ha ha ha... yeah, acting..."
  1255. >"Well, we should be off now..."
  1256. "Right... see you tomorrow?"
  1257. >"Yep! but this time i'll bring the chivalry!"
  1258. "Ha! please do!"
  1259. >Dagi stands up and walks in between the conjunction of bushes, you lose sight of her as she sneaks into the night
  1260. >You remain on the little tree chunk you were sitting on before
  1261. >You rub your temples and sigh
  1262. >Goddamn...
  1263. >Settle down, Anon... she was just acting... to get you out of trouble...
  1264. >Yep, just that...
  1265. >Just acting...
  1266. >...
  1267. >Fuck, man
  1268. >Why do you gotta fall in love with every girl you spend not more than a day with...
  1269. >The cold breeze hits your face, making you shiver
  1270. >Time to head back...
  1271. >As you wander through the night, back to your dorm...
  1272. >...another familiar tune begins playing in your head.
  1273. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zrSoHgAAWo
  1276. End of Chapter 1, i guess
  1281. >...
  1282. >"Anon! over here!"
  1283. "Wait up, Luna!"
  1284. >"C'mon, you're so slooooow!"
  1285. "We'll see who's slow!"
  1286. >"Hahahaha!"
  1287. >You run back and forth trying to tag Luna
  1288. >You can barely even catch up, she knows her way around this forest way too well
  1289. >Eventually you manage to corner her, but she takes cover behind a tree
  1290. >"You haven't caught me yet!"
  1291. "Give up, there's no way out!"
  1292. >"That's what you think!"
  1293. >As you rush to her, right before you can grab her, she leaps over to some bushes
  1294. "What?! that's cheating!"
  1295. >You wait for her usual "No-uh!" response, but instead there's silence
  1296. "Luna?"
  1297. >"..."
  1298. >She doesn't respond
  1299. "You there?"
  1300. >You're starting to get worried now...
  1301. "...Luna? are you okay?"
  1302. >"Anon... check this out!"
  1303. >Oof, that's a relief...
  1304. "W-what is it?"
  1305. >"Just come! behind the bush!"
  1306. "Okay...?"
  1307. >You crouch and cover your face as you sneak by the small bushes
  1308. >Making it through, you see a small opening between the tress
  1309. >A gigantic bed of flowers, surrounded by more trees
  1310. >Whatever this is, it's very well hidden
  1311. "Woah... what is this place?"
  1312. >"I don't know.... but it's cool, right!?"
  1313. "Yeah! it's like the perfect spot for a fort!"
  1314. >"Yeah, MY fort!"
  1315. "What?! why yours?!"
  1316. >"Because i found it! "finders keepers", like your dad says!"
  1317. "We found it together, so you gotta share!"
  1318. >"No-uh!"
  1319. "Don't be greedy!"
  1320. >"I'm not!"
  1321. "Yeah you ar--- woah... look at that..."
  1322. >A butterfly passes by you
  1323. >"Woah... it's a bird!"
  1324. "It's a butterfly, you dumb dumb..."
  1325. >It flies around you for a while, before setting down and landing on one of the many colorful flowers laying on the ground
  1326. >"A butterfly... it's so pretty..."
  1327. >Luna kneels on the flower bed, and places a finger up to the bug
  1328. >It hovers around, before landing on her index finger, making her chuckle
  1329. >You take a sit besides her, and take a closer look at it
  1330. >"I've never seen one of these so close before..."
  1331. "Me neither... i think it likes you!"
  1332. >"Well i like it too! OH, i know! i'm gonna make it my pet!"
  1333. "You can't do that you dummie, it's supposed to live in the outside"
  1334. >"But i like it!"
  1335. "Yeah, but this is it's home, it wouldn't be nice to take him away..."
  1336. >"Hmph... i guess you're right..."
  1337. >Luna waggles her finger around, making the butterfly take off
  1338. >"Goodbye little buddy.... i guess we still have this cool spot, right?"
  1339. "Yep!"
  1340. >You lay down, the flowers working as a cushion
  1341. >With the sun hitting you face, and the smell of the roses and posies filling your nostrils, you sigh
  1342. "You know... maybe this place would work better as a spa or something..."
  1343. >"But we can still do the fort, right?"
  1344. "...hmmmm... yeah, sure!"
  1345. >The sound of the birds chirping and the wildlife is like music to your ears
  1346. >You take deep breaths
  1347. >"What are you doing?"
  1348. "Relaxing... you should try it"
  1349. >Luna tilts her head before laying down besides you
  1350. "It's nice, right?"
  1351. >"Yeah, it's alright"
  1352. "Ptffff, just alright?"
  1353. >"...hey Anon, what are you gonna be when you grow up?"
  1354. "That's a weird question..."
  1355. >"I know, but i'm just curious"
  1356. "Well, i guess i wanna be like my dad... a royal mage, working for the Queen, protecting the kingdom with my magic! what about you?"
  1357. >"I wanna be a royal guard, but not just another knight... i wanna be like a captain... or a general!"
  1358. "Oh, we could be like a team! you'll be the knight in shining armor and i'll be powerful wizard!"
  1359. >"Sounds like a pla--!"
  1360. >"Anon! Luna! time to head back!"
  1361. >You hear your dad calling from a far
  1362. "Oh..."
  1363. >"Awwww, but i like this place..."
  1364. "Hey, this spot isn't going anywhere, so we can come back tomorrow!"
  1365. >"Yeah, we should bring Max here next time!"
  1366. >"C'mon kids!"
  1367. "Sure, but we should head back now..."
  1368. >...
  1372. >Where the hell is he...
  1373. >You reach for your drink, and take a couple chugs
  1374. >Did he forget?
  1375. >No... he couldn't have...
  1376. >Out of the corner of your eye, you see a figure take a sit in the stall besides you
  1377. >Ugh
  1378. >"You know what's gonna happen if he doesn't show up, right Luna?"
  1379. "Go back to your stall, Max. Before Anon sees you."
  1380. >"What if he doesn't come?"
  1381. "He will."
  1382. >"I know he will, but what if he doesn't?"
  1383. "... i guess i'll die."
  1384. >You chug down what remains of your beer, and slam the wooden mug on the counter
  1385. "Bartender! bring me another one!"
  1386. >"You sure you wanna be this drunk when he shows up?"
  1387. "You're still there? go back to your stall, that's an order."
  1388. >"Hmph..."
  1389. >Max stands, and returns to the stall on the front of the bar
  1390. "Fucking asshole... i swear if he..."
  1391. >As if on cue, you hear the door to the bar open
  1392. >You look over your shoulder
  1393. >There he is
  1394. >Anon stands in the entrance, looking around
  1395. >His eyes land on you, he smiles and approaches you before sitting in the stall to your right
  1396. >"Hey... sorry i'm late."
  1397. "..."
  1398. >"...soooo... i like your dress!"
  1399. "..."
  1400. >"Um... no compliments, then?"
  1401. "..."
  1402. >"H-hey i already said i'm sorry for being late, something came up, alright?"
  1403. "...papers."
  1404. >"What? oh, right..."
  1405. >Anon places his bag on the counter, poking his tongue out, he reaches around in it
  1406. >"Let's see... here they are!"
  1407. >He places a stack of papers of the counter top
  1408. >"So, how you been?"
  1409. >You reach for the documents, and turn to the exit
  1410. >"W-woah, where are you going?"
  1411. "I'm leaving."
  1412. >"So soon? h-hey, it's everything okay?"
  1413. >You stop on your tracks, and turn to face him
  1414. "No, Anon. Everything is not okay."
  1415. >"But what's up? what's wrong?"
  1416. >You point with a thumb over your shoulder to the stall Max is spying you from
  1417. >"...what is he doing here?"
  1418. "Spying on us."
  1419. >"Why?"
  1420. "Because Queen Chrysalis apparently doesn't trust us."
  1421. >Anon shrugs
  1422. >"What does it matter? you shouldn't worry about that now, why don't we just pass the night?"
  1423. "What does it matter? what the fuck does it matter?! Anonymous, she's gonna fucking kill me! i'm a dead woman!"
  1424. >"C-calm down! no she's not! i agreed to help!"
  1425. "And yet he sent a spy on us! don't you understand what that means?!"
  1426. >"Nothing is gonna happ--!"
  1427. "Of course you don't! you're to busy doing absolutely nothing in that fucking academy, while i have to deal with the queen's bullshit, and you still don't even bother to show up on time?!"
  1428. >You can feel the stares from the others customers
  1429. >You breathe heavily
  1430. >You shiver as you feel the tears welling up in your eyes
  1431. >This isn't his fault, but you just can't take it anymore, the anxiety is killing you
  1432. >This week has been hell for you, meanwhile he gets to relax in a dorm of his own, without any sort of duties?!
  1433. >He slowly walks to you
  1434. "G-g-get a-away from me..."
  1435. >You try to push him away
  1436. >Anon pulls you in closer
  1437. >As he covers you in him embrace, he whispers
  1438. >"I'm sorry." to your ear
  1439. >You can't help but sob, and eventually cry into his shoulder
  1444. >...
  1445. >"I'm telling you, i broke the sound barrier once!"
  1446. "Pshh, sure Dash. We haven't even made it to the bar yet and you're already blubbering nonsense"
  1447. >You're Applejack, proud member of the honest and hardworking Apple family
  1448. >You stroll down the night to the local bar with Rainbow Dash
  1449. >Typical friday routine, too bad the rest of the gals couldn't make it
  1450. >"Dude, you say that like i'm one to get drunk easily!"
  1451. "And you're implying you don't?"
  1452. >"Are you challenging me to a drinking competition?"
  1453. "I ain't saying i ain't!"
  1454. >"Your sorry ass couldn't even make it past three beers!"
  1455. "Puh-lease! you got any idea how much apple cider i've drank in my lifetime? i have a liver made out of iron!"
  1456. >"Apple cider?! HA! that stuff is wea.... hey?"
  1457. "What's up?"
  1458. >"Look over there..."
  1459. >Dash points over to one of the bar's front windows
  1460. "Huh, we already made it to the bar"
  1461. >"Not that dude! THAT"
  1462. "What is it?"
  1463. >"Isn't that... what's his name again... Anon?"
  1464. >You squint your eyes, trying to get a better view of the inside of the bar
  1465. >Yep, that looks like that Anon fella
  1466. "Pretty sure that's him."
  1467. >"What's he doing?"
  1468. "Drinking? what else?"
  1469. >"But who's that chick?"
  1470. "I dunno, his girlfriend?"
  1471. >"And what's she holding there?"
  1472. >Getting a better look, the blue-haired woman hugging Anon seems to be holding some sort of papers in her hands
  1473. "I don't know Dash, what's it matter anyway?"
  1474. >"I'm just asking..."
  1475. >Just asking?
  1476. >Wait a minute
  1477. >Oh... you know what's going on...
  1478. "... could it be..."
  1479. >"What?"
  1480. "No... there's no way..."
  1481. >"What is it? tell me!"
  1482. "Could it be that... you're tryna stall 'cause you're too scared to lose against me!"
  1484. >Dash storms into the bar
  1485. >Heh, this girl has no idea what she just signed up for...
  1486. >Oh and Anon
  1487. >Meh, no reason to pay too much attention to it
  1488. >Though, you gotta admit, it's kinda weird to see him of all people in a place like this
  1489. >Or is it? you don't really know the guy
  1490. >Maybe you'll ask him later
  1491. >Right now, you have a rainbow-haired chick to put to shame!
  1497. >"This is not up to debate, Anon. We're doing it whether you like it or not, orders from the Queen."
  1498. "No, it's not up to debate because this isn't a fucking debate, i'm not going."
  1499. >"Why have you been acting like this lately? i thought this is what you wanted."
  1500. "Well you thought wrong, i don't wanna do it anymore... and you don't want to either, do you?"
  1501. >"I don't know what you're talking about."
  1502. "C'mon dude! a month ago you were saying how you wanted to leave and all that! what happened to that?"
  1503. >"I changed my mind, okay? i was going through... i don't know... a crisis, i guess."
  1504. "No you weren't! you were so determined to leave the kingdom before, what happened? what did the Queen tell you?"
  1505. >"None of your business."
  1506. "We're family, why don't you wanna tell me?! you've been acting so distant recently, ever since you went to talk with Chrysalis you've done nothing but ignore me!"
  1507. >"It's none of your business what i talked with the Queen, stop worrying about it."
  1508. "...did she... threat--"
  1509. >"Stop, Anonymous. This conversation is over, i'm not leaving, and you're going to the raid."
  1510. "But why? why are we even raiding that stupid academy in the first place?!"
  1511. >"Because it's orders, and we're supposed to follow them. We're loyal to the Queen and to the Kingdom of Canterlot."
  1512. "So what? now i'm not allowed to question the Queen's actions? even if it puts us all in danger?"
  1513. >"It's not putting anyone in danger, we haven't had any casualties this last couple of months. And when we did have some, it had nothing to do with our raids."
  1514. "What about... what about Luna?! she's in fucking critical condition dude! and the Chrysalis still wants her to attend tomorrows raid?! how is that NOT putting anyone in danger!?"
  1515. >"Listen if i could make a change i would! alright?! but i can't, wanna know why? because i'm not the one in charge of this fucking place!"
  1516. "But you could be! dad was practically in charge of every decision when he was alive! when the Queen wanted to raid or go into a war, dad was always the one to put the foot down!"
  1517. >"..."
  1518. "B-but now he's not here... and the Queen has done nothing but to cause mischief and chaos... a-and dad wouldn't... he wouldn't have allowed it..."
  1519. >"Great, you figured it out. Congratulations."
  1520. "W-wait... you're not telling me... did Chrysalis...?"
  1521. >"What? kill dad? oh i don't know, there really isn't any reason as to why she would want to do that, of course other than with dad on the scene she couldn't do all the stupid shit she's dong now. Oh wait, that's pretty valid reason to kill someone, right?"
  1522. "That... wicked... twisted bitch..."
  1523. >"I told you Anon, whatever Chrysalis wants, she will get. One way or another, that's why i'm telling to follow orders."
  1524. "Is this why you wanted to leave? so she did threaten you!"
  1525. >"No, she didn't threaten me specifically."
  1526. "Oh... i see..."
  1527. >"I know this is hard, Anon. But you gotta keep looking forward no matter what, okay? if she tells you to do something, you do it. No matter what, promise me that."
  1528. "Why do i gotta promise it?"
  1529. >"Go to the raid tomorrow, but not for the Queen, do it for Luna, you're right she's not in the best shape, so protect her. Protect Luna and Max, you can trust them."
  1530. "And what about you? or Flash Sentry? are you guys going?"
  1531. >"We have to, Anon."
  1532. >You open your mouth to speak, but you're interrupted by the sound of knocking on your door
  1533. >Soon, a voice you recognize speaks from behind it
  1534. >"Jonathan, are you there?"
  1535. >"What is it?"
  1536. >"I wanted to speak to you, in private."
  1537. >"I'll be right there, Flash."
  1538. >As your brother makes his way to the door, you try and stop him
  1539. "Where are you going?"
  1540. >"I gotta go. On the meantime, you should rest. Tomorrow will be an eventful day."
  1541. "But i promised Luna that i was gonna go back down to check on her..."
  1542. >"Then do it, but don't stay up all night. I need you well retested."
  1543. "S-so i'll see you tomorrow?"
  1544. >Jonathan reaches for your doorknob, but before exiting he sighs
  1545. >Without looking at you, he speaks
  1546. >"Anon... i'm sorry you gotta found out this way. But Neither me or Flash are coming back from the raid that's coming."
  1547. "W-w-what...? what the hell is that supposed to mean?!"
  1548. >And just like that, he leaves your room
  1549. >You can hear him and Flash chit-chat about something as they walk down the hallway
  1550. >That was the last day you saw him, your brother
  1551. >He asked you to promise that you would follow the Queen's orders, no matter what
  1552. >I guess you're not technically breaking said promise, if you never agreed to it
  1553. >And so here you are
  1554. >Working as a spy for the Queen, but you got some different plans for her...
  1555. >You slowly open your eyes, and you're back at class, and Cheerilee doesn't seem to have noticed your little nap as she continues on with the lecture
  1556. >You rise your head from the desk, a bit of drool sitting on it
  1557. >"Anon... you awake?" whispers Twilight, on the stall next to you
  1558. "Yeah, i'm here..."
  1559. >"Did you get any sleep last night?"
  1560. "... no, i didn't." you reply, nonchalantly
  1565. >"Did you get any sleep last night?"
  1566. "... no, i didn't." you reply, nonchalantly
  1567. >"Oh, don't tell me you... went to her party?" says Twilight
  1568. >Sunset Shimmer's birthday was yesterday, and she hosted a gigantic fucking party for it on the capital, Canterlot
  1569. >And who would've known, you were invited
  1570. >It was a trap, obviously. She probably already figured out that you were the one that payed her a visit last thursday, along with Adagio
  1571. >Of course you weren't gonna attend, at first. But something... just kinda picked your curiosity. What were her plans? was she gonna try to embarrass you in front of all her guests? was she going to make a laughing stock out of you?
  1572. >Heh, well one thing's for certain though. She tried.
  1573. >And oh boy did she try.
  1574. >It's Sunday, exactly 10:00 PM
  1575. >The ceremony starts at 10:30 PM, so you got here early
  1576. >You never thought you'd come back to the capital, let alone for this
  1577. >Why'd you decide to come? well, doesn't the idea of shaming the one and only Sunset, member of the prestigious and respected Shimmer family, on her own birthday sound amazing?
  1578. >You can't help but smile at the thought
  1579. >So there you are standing at the entrance of the Saloon the size of a couple mansions, literally, as you see other guests pull into the building in very, very expensive looking carriages
  1580. >You even recognize some of them, they're witches from the academy. Some of them notice you and wave, and you wave back at them as they enter the soon to begin party
  1581. >More guests turn up, these you don't recognize at all
  1582. >But oh boy, who said this was an all-girls party?
  1583. >Young gentlemen, all dressed neatly, enter the building. Some of them fuckers glance at you and laugh before entering, but only some
  1584. >Well, enough stalling. Time to go in
  1585. >You approach the main doors, and they opens themselves for you. Well not really, in reality two maids (in very provocative attire) stand behind them
  1586. >Right on cue, as you enter and elder looking men in a coat stops you, and asks for your invitation.
  1587. >You hand the piece of paper, and wordlessly he points to a table. A table at the far back on a corner
  1588. >Well fuck you too, Sunset
  1589. >Though the table isn't exactly empty, there's two other people already sitting in them
  1590. >One is fine girl your age wearing a short purple dress, accompanied by a boy no older than you in fancy clothing
  1591. >You look around as you walk to your table, Sunset is nowhere to be seen
  1592. >She's probably gonna do some sort of spectacular entrance or some shit like that
  1593. >You pull one of the chairs of the table back, both the previous mentioned girl and boy looking up to you
  1594. >The purple haired girl speaks up first
  1595. >"Uh... hello there?"
  1596. "Hello."
  1597. >The boy, who's wearing a beanie for some reason, talks
  1598. >"Hey there... uh, who are you?"
  1599. "Name's Anonymous."
  1600. >The girl with the dress gaps
  1601. >"Hey, you're the guy that made it into the witch academy!"
  1602. >"Oh! yeah that's you!"
  1603. "Yep, i'm the one."
  1604. >"What're you doing here?" asks the girl
  1605. "Well, i wanted to attend the party, obviously!"
  1606. >"Yeah i know that, but i mean..."
  1607. >She looks around, before turning back to you
  1608. >"What are you doing sitting here?"
  1609. "Uhhhh, they told me at the entrance that this was my table...?"
  1610. >"Well they made a mistake, if you couldn't tell this is the table for the... not so popular, you know?" speaks the boy
  1611. "What do you mean not so popular?"
  1612. >"Well, let's just say we aren't exactly Sunset's.... how can i say this... Sunset's favorite guests?"
  1613. "Ptfff, trust me i'm not one either."
  1614. >The boy tilts his head
  1615. >"Really now? oh, name's Norman by the way!"
  1616. >"And i'm Starlight!"
  1617. "Well, nice to meet you guys..."
  1618. >You look over the front of the saloon
  1619. >The majority of the guests, which are all kids around your age, are standing in big groups chatting and laughing awaiting for the host, Sunset
  1620. "...we got time 'till the party stars, so why don't y'all tell me why exactly you aren't "Sunset's favorite guests"?"
  1621. >"Oh well... i'm Sunset's ex-bestfriend. We kinda had a little fight, which she started by the way, and stopped talking. We haven't talked in weeks but she invited me anyways..."
  1622. "What about you?"
  1623. >"I'm her ex-boyfriend... so yeah..."
  1624. "Ho ho! her ex, aye? i'd like to know how that ended up!"
  1625. >"And i'd tell you, but first you gotta tell us why you're here!"
  1626. "Let's just say; me and Sunset have had our fair share of disagreements."
  1627. >"I've heard she's a bully at the academy, is that true?" asks Starlight
  1628. "Yep, no other way to put it. A straight bully, kinda the reason we don't get along"
  1629. >"So why did she invite you?"
  1630. "Probably to try and fuck me over with, i don't know, a prank or something?"
  1631. >"Wow, is she really that bad?"
  1632. "Well, i guess it's justified since i pulled a pretty mean prank on her not so long ago. But i gotta some different plans for her..."
  1633. >"What's... that supposed to mean?"
  1634. >"You wouldn't do anything to her in her birthday, would you?"
  1635. "You bet your ass i would."
  1636. >"C'mon man, that's not cool. I mean she's definitely not the nicest person, but she doesn't deserve that..."
  1637. "Why did you two break up for again?"
  1638. >"She... uh... cheated on me... with my bestfriend..."
  1639. "And you? why did you two stop talking?"
  1640. >"I found out she was hitting on the boyfriend of my current bestfriend, and i... confronted her on it."
  1641. "And what happened?"
  1642. >"Oh nothing... she just spread rumors about me all around the capital..."
  1643. "Ptffff, you two are gonna tell me she doesn't deserve this? it's just gonna be a little prank, something to teach her a lesson. Nobody else is gonna do it otherwise"
  1644. >Starlight and Norman exchange looks
  1645. >"Well.... a little joke wouldn't do no harm..."
  1646. >"And maaaaayyybe a little lesson for her would come in handy..."
  1647. "So, are you guys in?"
  1648. >They ponder for a minute
  1649. >They look at each other one last time, and nod
  1650. >With grins, they say
  1651. >"Sure!"
  1652. >"Hell yeah, man!"
  1656. >The lights begin to dim, signaling that the party is about to start
  1657. >Everyone turns their attention to the staircase in the very front of the saloon
  1658. >lights begin shining towards it
  1659. >And so you see her
  1660. >Dressed in a long, beautiful white dress, Sunset stands with one hand on the handrail
  1661. >"Welcome everyone! i'm *so* glad you could make it! today's a very special day... my birthday!"
  1662. >All the guests shout in unison
  1663. >"Happy birthday Sunset!"
  1664. >You remain with you new peers at the table, that's when Sunset looks directly at you, sitting in the far back
  1665. >She grins, before shouting
  1666. >"Well, don't just stand there! it's time to fucking party!"
  1667. >Lights of all colors begin shining on the dance floor, and some very loud music you've never heard before starts playing from some speakers you can't see
  1668. >Whatever it is you're not into it
  1669. >Sunset looks down from the staircase to her guests dancing and partying
  1670. >You can tell she planned something, the way she looked at you back there was a little... menacing to say the least
  1671. >Though you have no idea what she might try, you haven't really thought what you would do to her yet
  1672. >You were gonna roll with it and see what would happen
  1673. >Starlight averts her gaze from the dance floor back to you
  1674. >"So.... what are you gonna do?"
  1675. "I don't know yet, buuuut..... hmmmmm, i think i'll wait for her to make her move first"
  1676. >"Okay then... in the meantime, what's it like at the academy?"
  1677. >"Yeah, tell us! Sunset didn't really bother to tell me sooo."
  1678. "Oh it's nothing special..."
  1679. >You spend the next couple of minutes talking to them, telling them about the talent show, the first encounter with Sunset, and the prank you played on her
  1680. "So next thing you know, she's covered in slime and screaming for her roommate to get it off her!"
  1681. >"No fucking way!"
  1682. >"Shit man, if i had magic i would've done that a looong time ago!"
  1683. "I know! but then i'm there, sitting, holding in my laughter when i hear one of the elder withc.... uh oh"
  1684. >"What's up?"
  1685. "Seems like Sunset is making her move..." you say pointing a finger towards the dance floor
  1686. >Sunset is whispering something to a boy, all while taking some glimpses at you
  1687. "Got any idea who that guy is?"
  1688. >"I.... i think i recognize him"
  1689. >Whoever Sunset is talking too, looks towards you
  1690. >He looks back at Sunset and nods
  1691. >Oh boy, he's walking your way
  1692. >Doesn't take long for him to get you, as you're sitting down, the guy approaches you
  1693. >"Hey what's up fam! say, my friend Sunset over there.... wait hold on a minute... are you Anon?"
  1694. "Yep, that's me. Did you need something?"
  1695. >"O-oh n-not at all dude! i, uh, just uhhhh wanted so say hi! haha! yep that's all! see ya later now!"
  1696. >He turns away, and jogs off back to Sunset
  1697. >What the fuck was that about? and how'd he recognize you?
  1698. >"Oh wow, that guy almost pissed himself there!"
  1699. "What?"
  1700. >"Dude, he must've recognized you!"
  1701. "Yea i saw that, but how?"
  1702. >"You do realize everybody knows about you, right?" says Starlight with a frown
  1703. "They do?"
  1704. >"You killed a dragon and managed to enter Luna Nova, of course they do. You're, like, practically a celebrity"
  1705. "No i'm not..."
  1706. >Looking over to Sunset, she glares at the boy disappointingly
  1707. "I think she intended for that guy to beat me up or something..."
  1708. >"Yeah, probably"
  1709. >Norman shrugs
  1710. >"I don't blame him, i wouldn't try to fight a mage either"
  1711. "Huh, is that really all she had planned?"
  1712. >"So what now?"
  1713. "Well... i expected more from her, but... i think it's time to make my move..."
  1714. >"So let's hear the plan then!"
  1715. "Alright... Norman, Starlight, you two are gonna distract her. I'll do the rest."
  1716. >"You got it."
  1717. >...
  1718. >....
  1719. >.....
  1720. >A little bit more to the left.... just a tiny bit more to the rigth...
  1721. >Okay... three... two... one...
  1722. >Now!
  1723. >You drop the wooden pail that was levitating above Sunset
  1724. >The one you filled with cold water, and of course, some slime
  1725. >It's a perfect hit, and all the guests gasp
  1726. >Norman and Starlight step backwards from the mess
  1727. >Sunset stands in the middle of the dance floor, her dress wet and hair covered in the slime
  1728. >She looks like she's about to pop a vein
  1730. >Yeah, get fucked
  1731. >Some of the guests can barely hold in their laughter, Norman and Starlight included
  1733. >"Yo calm down Sunset! it's just a prank!" shouts a female voice you don't recognize from the crowd
  1735. >The crowd goes silent
  1737. >Damn, she looks like she's about to cry... sure you wanted to anger her, but...
  1738. >"OUT! ALL OF YOU OUT OF MY FUCKING HOUSE!" she screams pointing a finger to the exit
  1739. >Wait, *this* is her house? holy shit
  1740. >Sunset runs off, up the stairs and onto the second floor
  1741. >There's silence, nobody really knows how to react, and you don't either
  1742. >Starlight walks to you
  1743. >"Hey, dude... i think we... went a little too far?"
  1744. "All we did was just drop a little bucket of water on her... it wasn't that bad..."
  1745. >"But it's still her birthday... maybe you should..."
  1746. "Apologize?"
  1747. >Starlight nods, weakly
  1748. "... i should..."
  1749. >You walk slowly up the stairs, you're pretty sure she ran off the hallway to the right
  1750. >As you walk down it, you begin to hear sobbing
  1751. >You peek around a corner to see Sunset, laying on the floor with her back to the wall, crying
  1752. >Maybe... you did go a little far
  1753. >You walk towards her
  1754. >"G-go away, i don't wanna talk..."
  1755. >It takes some effort for her to speak in between sobs
  1756. "Sunset... um, i'm sorry. I think i went too far..."
  1757. >"F-f-fuck you..."
  1758. "Yeah i deserve the insults... but i... i shouldn't have done that, i didn't think you'll get so worked up..."
  1759. >"C-can you go away?!"
  1760. "Not until you're better, it's, uh, my fault so... i don't wanna leave you here... you know?"
  1761. >"..."
  1762. "Listen i wouldn't forgive me either but--"
  1763. >"Why does everyone hate me..." she says sobbing
  1764. "... what? Sunset nobody hates you... you saw how many people came to your party?"
  1765. >"Those aren't my friends... they just... they just hang around me because i'm a Shimmer..."
  1766. "... but if you knew that, why let them hang with you?"
  1767. >"Because it's better than being alone..."
  1768. >Now you see what's happening
  1769. >Kinda
  1770. >You take a sit beside Sunset
  1771. "So why don't you try to make real friends? it's not like you can't..."
  1772. >"But i really just can't... i'm so used to people approaching me, i just... have no idea how to... approach other myself... start a conversation or such. All the time i always end up making it awkward..."
  1773. "Wow... i didn't know you felt this way..."
  1774. >"I don't like talking about it."
  1775. "Have you tried to make friends at the academy? sure, here in the capital everybody respects you because of your name, but, in the academy everyone is from a prestigious family just like you, right?"
  1776. >"I've tried... and i made some... but i did something stupid and now they don't want anything to do with me... i even invited them today, but they didn't show up..."
  1777. "What about... the Dazzlings? or Twilight and Derpy?"
  1778. >"I... believe it or not, i never meant to bully them... it's just that... being mean to people is so much easier for me than to actually try to make friends"
  1779. "Well that doesn't make any sense. Sunset, just because you might not be the best at friendly chit-chat doesn't mean you get the right to bully others..."
  1780. >"I know... and i'm sorry."
  1781. "You're... sorry...?"
  1782. >"I want to apologize. To you, to the Dazzlings, to Twilight and Derpy, and to everybody i caused harm to..."
  1783. "Hmmmm, is that so? well then i know right where to begin, wait for me here!"
  1784. >"W-wait, where are you going?"
  1785. "Just wait, you'll see!"
  1786. >You run down the hallway back into main hall
  1787. >You lean on the second floor handrail and you see most of the guests are leaving
  1788. >Hopefully they haven't left yet.... yep, there they are!
  1789. "Norman! Starlight! over here!"
  1790. >They turn around to face you
  1791. >Norman squints his eyes and shouts
  1792. >"Anon? what it is?"
  1793. "Come here you two! it's urgent!"
  1794. >They exchange looks before shrugging and coming up the stairs
  1795. >You lead them down the hallway back to where Sunset is
  1796. "Hey, Sunset!"
  1797. >"Where did you g-- oh... hi guys..."
  1798. >"Hey... Sunset..."
  1799. >"Hello, Sunset."
  1800. "I know this seems awkward, but guys, Sunset had something to tell to you."
  1801. >"She does, huh?"
  1802. >"I-i do... i wanted to say sorry... to the two of you. I'm sorry Norman, what i did was stupid and i... i was just trying to make you jealous..."
  1803. >"But why?"
  1804. >"I don't know... i don't know why i did it, but i regret it, a lot. And i hope you can forgive me for being so stupid... and Starlight, i'm sorry as well. I had no idea Norman's friend was dating Blueberry Cake... you were just trying to help her and i... i spread those awful rumors about you..."
  1805. >There's silence, Sunset keeps her gaze down to the ground
  1806. >"I forgive you." says Norman
  1807. >"Y-you do...?"
  1808. >"And i forgive you too, Sunset. You seem genuine about this... and i can appreciate the fact that you acknowledge that what you did was wrong, but you should apologize to Blueberry Cake too."
  1809. >"And i will! thank you guys so much! i'll try to make everything better now! i promise!"
  1810. >"I'll hold you to that promise then!" says Starlight, giving Sunset a big 'ol bear hug
  1811. >Such a cute sight!
  1812. >Sunset rubs the tears off her eyes
  1813. >"*sniff* where's everybody else?"
  1814. "I'm afraid they left already, sorry..."
  1815. >"Oh... right... i kinda told them to do so, didn't i? he he..."
  1816. >She turns her look back to her feet again
  1817. "Hey... this was my fault... so i'll make it up to you!"
  1818. >"...how?"
  1819. "I mean... not *everybody* left, right?"
  1820. >"Yeah! you still have us three!"
  1821. >"And the night is still young!"
  1822. >She seems to ponder for a minute
  1823. >But eventually Sunset looks up, and with a smile she says
  1824. >"Yeah... i guess i still have you guys..."
  1827. >A couple hours go by, you've been chilling on Sunset's room along with Norman and Starlight
  1828. >Sipping the beer that was left, talking about whatever
  1829. >It was nice, to say the least. Although this is not how you expected things to go
  1830. >You're not complaining
  1831. >"So we saw a couple guards coming our way, and i shit you not, Bulk just fucking throws a desk their way and we run for our lives!"
  1832. >"Jesus!"
  1833. "And you got away?"
  1834. >"Yeah! all of us!"
  1835. "Shit man, you gotta invite me next time you do that!"
  1836. >"Nah, i wouldn't go back there even if you paid me!"
  1837. >You share a chuckle, before Starlight interrupts
  1838. >"I hate being a buzzkill, but... it's getting kinda late, ain't it?"
  1839. >"Oh, yeah i guess..."
  1840. "Oh shit, we gotta head back to the Academy, Sunset!"
  1841. >"Hmmmmm... can't we just stay here?"
  1842. >"I don't know about you, but i think i'm gonna call it a night..."
  1843. >"Yeah... me too... hey Norman, you wouldn't mind... walking me back home?" says Starlight, letting out a yawn
  1844. >"Sure, no problem! see y'all another day!"
  1845. "Yep, take care!"
  1846. >Norman takes his coat, and along with Starlight, they walk out the room and off the house
  1847. "Well... it was fun, right?"
  1848. >"Hmmmm... thank you..."
  1849. "...you're welcome."
  1850. >Sunset chugs down the rest of her beer, and tosses the can away
  1851. "Sheesh, didn't know you were such heavy drinker..."
  1852. >"I used too... hang around the town's bar with some friends before..."
  1853. "I see, well, we should get moving now."
  1854. >"Can't we just... sleep here...? i'm too tired to walk..."
  1855. "Walk? we can just order a taxi"
  1856. >"No we can't... the taxis don't go around this late"
  1857. "Really? shit..."
  1858. >You contemplate the idea of sleeping over, but you don't really want to risk getting in trouble
  1859. "Nah Sunset, as much as i want to, we should head back..."
  1860. >"Hmph... okay..."
  1861. >She tries to stand from the little puff besides you, but she wobbles as she tries to walk to the door
  1862. "Woah, watch out!"
  1863. >You grab her by the hips before she falls
  1864. >"Ugh... i can't... i'm toooo tiiireeeed..."
  1865. "You're not tired, Sunny. You're drunk."
  1866. >"Noooou i'm nooot, shut up..."
  1867. >Great, if the elder witches see her like this, you're gonna get fucked
  1868. >What are you gonna do...
  1869. >...
  1870. >Fuck it. You're gonna give her a piggy ride back to the academy
  1871. >You set her back to a wall and kneel in front of her
  1872. >"W-what're ya doing? proposing to meeeh~?"
  1873. "No, fuckface. Hop on in, i'm gonna give you a piggy ride."
  1874. >"Whaaat? fuck off Anon, let's just share my bed..."
  1875. "Nah, now c'mon. The more you stand around, the angrier those witches are gonna get."
  1876. >"hmmph! you're no fun..."
  1877. >She struggles to balance on your back, but eventually she gets it, and you lock her legs in place with your arms
  1878. "Well, time to go."
  1879. >The walk out the house is... awkward, to say the least
  1880. >But you get used to it, though you got a loooong way to go
  1881. >You'll manage, the cold breeze hitting your face, the sound of the wind against the leaves of the trees, and the sound of the crickets is very relaxing
  1882. >This would be more comfortable though, if Sunset wouldn't be drooling on your shoulder...
  1883. >"are we thereeee yeeet?"
  1884. "Nah, we still got like... 20 minutes, give or take."
  1885. >"uuuuuughhh..."
  1886. "Hey, don't complain, remember i'm the one carrying your fat ass there."
  1887. >"I don't have a fat assss..."
  1888. "Sure you don't.... you fucking owe me"
  1889. >"Sureeeeee, i owe you a favor~"
  1890. "Also, can you stop pressing your tits against my back? this is uncomfortable enough as it is."
  1891. >You don't get a response, as Sunset begins snoring
  1892. "Guess not, then."
  1893. >Oh boy, a virgin and a hot drunk chick. This can only end well
  1894. >A long walk later, and you can see Luna Nova off in the distance
  1895. >Finally, dear god this was a bad idea
  1896. "Hey Sunset, wake up. We're he--"
  1897. >You stop mid-sentence as you feel something... wet? nibble on your ear
  1898. "...what are you doing?"
  1899. >"Keep walking..."
  1900. >You'd beg to differ, but there's no point in arguing
  1901. >There's seems to be a familiar figure standing on the main entrance. A single elder witch that you recognize
  1902. >Cheerlie notices you from a far and waves, before you know it you're already at the doors
  1903. >"I see you two have finally decided to show up."
  1904. "Yeah, sorry. We kinda lost track of time back there..."
  1905. >"I see, and how drunk is she?"
  1906. "W-what? drunk? ha! you're sooo funny, miss Cheerilee! responsible kids like us? drinking? never!"
  1907. >"Yeah, aha. You carried her all the way over here?"
  1908. "Yep."
  1909. >"Quite the gentleman, aren't you? come in now, i'll escort you to her room"
  1910. "Oh it's not necessary, i already know where it is."
  1911. >"Perhaps, but i should keep an eye on you. This wouldn't the first time i caught you messing with a student after school hours."
  1912. "w-what are you implying?"
  1913. >She glares with a dangerously smug grin
  1914. >"You know."
  1915. "...let's just go..."
  1916. >You make your way to the east block, Sunset on your back and Cheerilee besides you
  1917. >You enter the bulding, up the stairs, and to the left to Sunset's room
  1918. >The door was left unlocked, again. You would think they would be more careful after... last time
  1919. >Standing next to Sunset's bed, you set her down carefully, and tug her in while Cheerilee watches from the door
  1920. >As you're about to leave, though, you feel something tug on your arm
  1921. "Ugh, what now?"
  1922. >"hmmmmmmmph, good night kiss..." she says, tapping her cheek with a finger
  1923. "What? fuck off Sunset."
  1924. >"hmmmmmmmmmmp!" she hums, tugging harder on your sleeve
  1925. "Okay okay... jeez..."
  1926. >You lean forward and give her a peek on the cheek
  1927. >She hums happily and lets go of your sleeve, curls up in a ball and falls asleep almost immediately
  1928. >"Are we good to go?"
  1929. "Yeah... we're good."
  1930. >"Well let's move then, i'll accompany you to your room."
  1931. >A short walk later, you begin your journey to your own dorm
  1932. >"Say, i didn't know you were such a Casanova"
  1933. "Believe me, i'm not..."
  1934. >"Oh please, no need to be so modest. First Adagio Dazzle, and now Sunset Shimmer? who's next?"
  1935. "No one, plus me and Dagi are just friends."
  1936. >"But of course, friends that make out late at night, hidden in a bunch of bushes where no one can see them!"
  1937. "...i guess?"
  1938. >"You're and odd one, Anonymous. But i can trust that if i let you off, you won't run off with another girl?"
  1939. "Oh, sure. I'm too tired anyways"
  1940. >"Good, have a good night then."
  1941. "You too."
  1942. >Cheerilee walks the opposite direction, letting you continue your walk back to the dorm by yourself
  1943. >...
  1944. >....
  1945. >.....
  1946. >"Oh, don't tell me you... went to her party?" says Twilight
  1947. "I did..."
  1948. >"...and... how was it?"
  1949. "Pretty nice, actually. I settled my differences with Sunset."
  1950. >"Woah, for real?"
  1951. "Crazy, right? i'll tell you about it later."
  1956. "I'm sorry it had to be this way."
  1957. >"..."
  1958. "It's okay if you don't want to forgive me..."
  1959. >"..."
  1960. "...but you have to understand, this isn't what i wanted."
  1961. >"..."
  1962. "And that if i could do something about it, i would."
  1963. >"...then do something..."
  1964. "You know very well that i can't."
  1965. >"...why?"
  1966. "Because is not up to me."
  1967. >"Then end my misery and kill me now."
  1968. "No can do, orders from Chrysalis herself to keep you alive until the raid."
  1969. >"What's the difference... i'm not making it out anyways..."
  1970. "...i know, that's why i'm sorry. I really wished there could be another way."
  1971. >"...do you really?"
  1972. "Of course i do."
  1973. >Eyes squinted, she glares at you in disbelief
  1974. "What is it?"
  1975. >"Are you sure you aren't doing this to replace me?"
  1976. "I'm more than sure, this isn't because of me, it's because of the queen. Do you think i have any idea why she's doing this?"
  1977. >"I do, somebody is going to have to take my position once i'm "retired", right?"
  1978. "I guess so, but it's not going to be me. I promise."
  1979. >"Your promises mean nothing to me."
  1980. "... blame Anonymous for this."
  1981. >"Don't you dare say his name..."
  1982. "It's the truth."
  1983. >"He raised you, he helped get through when Flash died. If it weren't for him, you wouldn't even be a Knight."
  1984. "You speak nonsense, and i recommend you shut your mouth."
  1985. >"Speaking down on me, huh? while i'm beat up, bloodied and tied in a dungeon?"
  1986. "Stop it."
  1987. >"You wouldn't have the balls to speak to me that way if i weren't here."
  1988. "Stop it."
  1989. >"Let ME promise you something; if i make it out of this, i'll bury my boot so far up your arse that whoever pulls it out is going to be coronated as king Arthur!"
  1990. "Stop it! just shut up for a minute! i didn't want any of this! and it breaks my fucking heart to see you like this, so please stop!"
  1991. >"..."
  1992. "I-if i... if i could... do something i-i would... but i can't... i'm powerless... and i'm sorry..."
  1993. >It's quiet for a minute
  1994. >She opens her mouth as if to speak, but says nothing
  1995. >She looks down to the floor
  1996. >"... when is the raid going to begin?"
  1997. "two months from now..."
  1998. >"You have to tell Anonymous, you have to! we may not be able to stop this, but he can! he will!"
  1999. "b-but if the queen finds out... she'll just throw me in the dungeon like she did to you!"
  2000. >"And don't you think that's worth it? isn't it a cheap price to pay to bring the queen down?!"
  2001. "... i... i have to go..."
  2002. >"Don't do this to me, Maximus..."
  2003. >You begin to shake, you feel the tears in the corner of your eyes, and a pain in your chest
  2004. >Opening the cell and walking out of it, you don't have the courage to look at her face when you speak up again
  2005. "I'm sorry, Luna..." you whisper, while locking the cell
  2006. >...
  2007. >....
  2008. >.....
  2009. >you're dreaming aren't you
  2010. >this is all a dream, that's why you feel so lightheaded
  2011. >in reality you don't feel anything
  2012. >but your neck hurts
  2013. >everything is white, too
  2014. >you're laying down, but you don't know where you are. you do actually, you recognize the place, but that's it
  2015. >you feel as though there's a smell that should accompany this weird place too, but it's not there
  2016. >oh you feel so nostalgic right now, and yet you don't what this place is. you can't tell if it's cold, but your ears feel warm
  2017. >through the light, a shadow forms
  2018. >the silhouette you recognize, it's unmistakably your father
  2019. >but he looks younger
  2020. >there's someone besides him
  2021. >"How're you doing, champ?"
  2022. >what?
  2023. >"Can you say da-da for me?"
  2024. >yes, you could
  2025. >"I guess it's too early for that..."
  2026. >no it's not, is it?
  2027. >"Be more patient, darling."
  2028. >A female voice speaks
  2029. >it's so, so sweet that if you weren't asleep already you would fall asleep again
  2030. >hey, it's smell kinda like honey
  2031. >"I know, i'm just anxious is all."
  2032. >"Anxious about what?"
  2033. >"That's just it, i can't put my finger on it..."
  2034. >"Well, you needn't worry. Everything will be okay."
  2035. >"I know it will..."
  2036. >"Isn't he precious?"
  2037. >who?
  2038. >"He *is* your son after all."
  2039. >"No, darling, he is *our* son."
  2040. >dad chuckles
  2041. >"Still, i find it weird how he doesn't have your birthmark..."
  2042. >your what?
  2043. >"I do too... all my relatives, living and dead, have or had it..."
  2044. >"Should we be worried?"
  2045. >"Not at all, i consulted the oracle, and she said it was nothing serious."
  2046. >"I suppose."
  2047. >"Don't worry about it, i guess there's always a first time for everything, isn't there?"
  2048. >the woman stretches her arm towards you, and with a thumb she caresses your forehead
  2049. >you cannot tell if her hand is too cold, or your forehead too hot
  2050. >and you also don't how you see it, but you do
  2051. >a marking on the top of her hand, resembling a single perfect circle with strays emerging from it
  2052. >although is not easy to notice, you'd have to be very close to witness it
  2053. >were your eyes closed this entire time?
  2054. >you open them
  2055. >the light blinds you, and as your eyes adjust to the lighting, you can make out your father
  2056. >but the woman, it's like the rays of the sun cover her face
  2057. >that doesn't make sense, you're inside
  2058. >are you?
  2059. >you might be
  2060. >you don't remember it, that's why
  2061. >you don't remember what, exactly?
  2062. >her or this place?
  2063. >do you even remember remembering the latter one?
  2064. >apparently you do, otherwise how could you be dreaming about it?
  2065. >this room, that is
  2066. >or the woman too
  2067. >you don't?
  2068. >"Anon!"
  2069. >you do...
  2070. >"Anonymous!"
  2071. >who was she again?
  2072. >"Wake the fuck up, dude!"
  2073. >wait a minute, you know her
  2074. >no, not HER, although you'd be thankful to your brain if it could remember
  2075. >you mean HER
  2076. >"Dude!"
  2077. >yes, her
  2078. >the one shouting, not the other one
  2079. >you feel a punch on your arm, and not a playful one
  2080. >your eyes snap open
  2081. >Hey, there we go
  2082. >You're back at Luna Nova?
  2083. >What the fuck just happened?
  2084. >God you feel... weird...
  2085. "Ughhhh... calm down Dash, i'm here..." you say, rising from you bed
  2086. >"We're gonna be late for the exam, dude! let's go!"
  2087. "Wha... oh, oh shit! what time is it?!"
  2088. >"i don't know, but we over slept!"
  2089. "Pass me my coat!"
  2090. >You get dressed in record time, no time for breakfast too, you gotta fly
  2091. >Well, not literally, you can't really fly a broom...
  2092. "Hey Dash! can you give me a ride to the campus auditorium?"
  2093. >"No!"
  2094. "We go to the same class, dude! c'mon!"
  2095. >"Ugh!"
  2096. >Rainbow scratches the back of her head
  2097. >"Alright! just this once, okay?! hop in!"
  2098. >It's been two months since you entered Luna Nova
  2099. >Time flies when you're enjoying yourself
  2100. >Though it's been strange, since you stopped meeting up with Luna. Maximus Sentry started to take the reports for her
  2101. >You were looking forward to meeting with her, but it's cool to catch up to what Max has been doing too
  2102. >You fly over the halls of the academy with your roommate, no witches or students in sight, class have started already, so...
  2103. >Please don't be too late!
  2104. >The classroom is in the other side of the academy, it's a pretty long walk
  2105. >Good thing Dash is here, you got lucky she got moved to your dorm
  2106. >"Dude, we gotta stop staying up so late fucking around!"
  2107. "Noted!" you shout while holding tightly to the broom
  2108. >You'd be more worried, but there's something else that's bothering you
  2109. >What were you dreaming about again?
  2110. >Hmmmm, let's see...
  2111. >Maybe you're forgetting something...
  2112. >The broom slows down to a halt, right in front of the doors to class
  2113. >Before entering, you tap Dash on the shoulder
  2114. >"What?"
  2115. "Was there something we needed to do? like homework or a birthday?"
  2116. >"What're you asking for?"
  2117. "I dunno..." you shrug
  2118. >"Hmmmm... i was gonna meet up with Rarity after classes..." says Dash, rubbing her chin
  2119. >"and... dude, you have that date with Sunset!"
  2120. "Oh! oh right!"
  2121. >"How the fuck did you forget?"
  2122. "I don't know, but it was nagging me!"
  2123. >"Well write it down somewhere next time! we gotta go!"
  2124. >The date with Sunny, duh!
  2125. >That was it...
  2126. >...
  2127. >uhhhhhh, was it?
  2131. >Friday night, in the town plaza
  2132. >Yep, kinda forgot that fridays you gotta meet up with Max for the reports
  2133. >And so you had to cancel the date with Sunset
  2134. >She wasn't happy to say the least, especially since you couldn't really tell her why you had to cancel it
  2135. >For how long are you going to be doing this?
  2136. >Two months, almost three now
  2137. >I mean, if it were up to you, you'd be more than glad to keep handing them these reports if it means it's gonna take longer for the raid to start
  2138. >You look around the dark village at the sound of rustling
  2139. >Must be him, should be him
  2140. >Off in the distance you see Max approaching you... but something isn't right...
  2141. >It's his attire... or, well, his armor
  2142. >"Anonymous."
  2143. "Hey there... buddy... what's with the new armor?"
  2144. >"Nothing. Papers, please."
  2145. "I recognize that pin too... since when... you're a general now?"
  2146. >"Papers, please."
  2147. "Hey, what's up with that? since when did you... did you replace Luna?"
  2148. >"Give me the papers, Anonymous."
  2149. >Something isn't right
  2150. >His monotone isn't helping either
  2151. >Unless now there's a new law dictating there can be more than one general on the army of Knights, which is unlikely given how Chrysalis manages the kingdom, then...
  2152. "Where's Luna?"
  2153. >"Papers, plea--"
  2154. "Tell me where she is, this instant."
  2155. >"No. Give me the report."
  2156. >What is going on? first she stops showing on, gets replaced by Max, and now her replacement just happened to be promoted?
  2157. >It's not like her to give up her duty, especially when she fought so hard to get where she is
  2158. >So what... is the meaning of this...?
  2159. >...
  2160. >And then it clicks
  2161. >Through your foggy memory, you remember something she told you months back
  2162. >"Because Queen Chrysalis apparently doesn't trust us."
  2163. >Trust us...
  2164. >She doesn't trust you, okay, makes sense
  2165. >But... she doesn't trust Luna?
  2166. >She got...
  2167. >Chrysalis got...
  2168. >Rid of her?
  2169. >"Anonymous, i suggest you stop wasting my time and give me the papers."
  2170. "No! i refuse!
  2171. >"You cannot refuse."
  2172. "I just did! i will only hand my reports from now on to Luna, and only Luna personally!"
  2173. >"From now on? you say that as if we needed any more of those reports anymore."
  2174. "...w-what? you do!"
  2175. >"Negative, could you tell me what are the contents of this week's report?"
  2176. >You clinch the paper in you fist
  2177. "It's the last part of the layout of the academy that i was missing."
  2178. >"That means this will be the last report, we shall be beginning the raid. So please, give me the papers."
  2179. "What? so soon?! i-it doesn't matter! i will only give this report to Luna!"
  2180. >"Luna is no more."
  2181. "... excuse you?"
  2182. >"Give me the pape--"
  2183. >You don't allow him to finish, as your fist connects with his face
  2184. >He tumbles backwards, he tries to balance but the weight of the armor brings him down to the ground
  2185. >He rubs his cheeks
  2186. >"... you just assaulted a member of the Knights of Canterlot... this crime is punishable by--"
  2187. "What happened to you?! what did Chrysalis do to you?! what did she do to Luna?!"
  2188. >"..."
  2189. >Max doesn't speak, he slowly rises and stretches his hand towards you
  2190. >"I shall forgive this crime, this once, if you hand me the papers."
  2191. "You'll have to bring the whole fucking army then, and kill me for it."
  2192. >"..."
  2193. "Now go, and don't come back. I will no further be of any assistance to your queen, and you better believe i'll be fighting along side the witches when the raid happens."
  2194. >His expression doesn't change, he doesn't even blink
  2195. >Though he has an almost... melancholic stare
  2196. >"... monday."
  2197. "What?"
  2198. >"... i'm sorry."
  2199. >Max turns his back, and walks off back the dirt trail into the capital
  2200. >You stand there, watching him until he's too far away to see
  2201. >... monday?
  2202. >This monday?
  2203. >Should you tell them? how should you?
  2204. >Or maybe you could... not tell them at all? they can surely manage, even if it's a surpise attack... right?
  2205. >But now the Knights know the insides and the outs of the academy... it's not going to be as easy
  2206. >If you were to say something, you'd be expelled...
  2207. >Twilight, Derpy, Dash... Sunset...
  2208. >They'd never speak to you again if they found out you were a traitor all along
  2209. >But you swear all of those interactions, all those laughs, all those talks, they were genuine
  2210. >What if you said nothing, though, and somehow the witches get overwhelmed?
  2211. >They could die, or worse
  2212. >God only knows what they did to Luna...
  2213. >Getting expelled is a price you're willing to pay
  2214. >And even if they kick you out, even if they look down upon you and never speak to you again, even if you lose all the friends you made, you'll be there for the raid
  2215. >And you're gonna fight with tooth and nail
  2216. >Even if it means dying.
  2217. >oh boy, that got dramatic...
  2218. >No time to lose, onto the chambers of Headmistress Celestia you go!
  2222. >*bump*
  2223. >*CRASH*
  2224. "W-what?!"
  2225. >You turn around, to see one of the royal family's vase completely shattered on the ground
  2226. "Oh on! oh no no no no no no!"
  2227. >"What the hell was that?!"
  2228. "Oh god no!"
  2229. >It was an accident! you swear!
  2230. >You weren't looking and you just bumped into it!
  2231. >You kneel and start brushing the mess of glass, if you get rid of it quickly enough she won't realize!
  2232. >Okay, this isn't working!
  2233. >you opt to pick the pieces one by one with your bare hands
  2234. "Ouch!"
  2235. >Oh great... you just cut yourself
  2236. "Owwww..."
  2237. >You rub your finger, but it's bleeding pretty bad
  2238. >There's no use...
  2239. >"Young lady! what the hell did you just do?!"
  2240. "M-mom it was an accident! i swear i didn't mean it!"
  2241. >She walk towards you, once mother is close enough she sees the bits and pieces of the ceramic vase on the ground
  2242. >"Do you have any idea how old that vase was?"
  2243. "But it was an accident! i'll clean it up!"
  2244. >"Clean this up? you're gonna have to pay for it!"
  2245. "W-what?! but i don't have any go--"
  2246. >"SHUT UP. I know you don't, stupid brat! c'mere!"
  2247. "No! please!"
  2248. >She drags you off by the ear out the living room into the kitchen, where she proceeds to beat you relentless
  2249. >This time it was different than usual, you'd have never taken such a beating
  2250. >And you couldn't even cry during it, or otherwise she'd just beat you harder
  2251. >"How useless can you be?! all you had to do was clean up the living room! that's all i asked and you repay me this way?!"
  2252. "I-i'm s-sorry, mother..."
  2253. >You speak in between sobs, holding in your tears
  2254. >"You better not cry! do you have any idea who's the one that's going to have to inform the royal family of your mistake?!"
  2255. "Let me go, please..."
  2256. >"Wait outside! you're going to be cleaning the horse's shit after this, if you're lucky!"
  2257. >Mother let's go of your hair, but as soon as you're about to run off, she strikes the back of your head with an open palm
  2258. >You fall, face first to the ground
  2259. >"Stupid wench..." she mutters under her breath, walking out the kitchen
  2260. >Your nose... o-ow... it hurts...
  2261. >You get on your knees and rub the tip of it
  2262. >Of course it's bleeding...
  2263. >Damn it! damn it all!
  2264. >Getting on your feet, you sprint to the exit
  2265. >Some of the other maids turn their looks your way as you run along the hallways, but quickly look away with a disappointment
  2266. >You hate this! you hate her! and you hate the stupid royal family!
  2267. >Damn them all to hell!
  2268. >You rush outside, but you bump onto someone on your way out
  2269. >The impact throws you back, making you land on your bottoms
  2270. >"W-woah! are you alright, little girl?"
  2271. >You look up, a well dressed, tall man stands before you
  2272. >His eyes widen, at your injuries probably
  2273. >"Oh my god! did i do that? i'm so sorry, let me help you up!"
  2274. >A woman with very peculiar hair stands behind him, you see some maids as well carrying her luggage
  2275. >On the castle's entryway, you also see a very expensive and fancy carriage
  2276. >Ugh! more royals?!
  2277. >The man stretches his hand towards you
  2278. >In response you slap it away, stumble up to your feet and run off into the gardens
  2279. >You run along the flowers and posies, the noon sun shining down on them
  2280. >You turn a corner, and lean on the garden's wall
  2281. >You catch your breath...
  2282. >Just calm down
  2283. >Breath in, breath out
  2284. >You look down to your dress
  2285. >It's stained with droplets of blood
  2286. >You can even taste some of the blood in your mouth
  2287. "Ew!" you spit in response
  2288. >...
  2289. >Oh... why does it have to be this way?
  2290. >Every single day, you're forced into cleaning the castle along with the other maids
  2291. >Sometimes you'd stare off a window, and see this group of three kids, a little younger than you, just run around and play
  2292. >Why can't you join them? why can't you play with them? why don't they help cleaning too?
  2293. >Why does mother hate you so much? why does she always feel like beating you to a pulp?
  2294. >Why, god, do you have to suffer? why, god, do you have to bleed?
  2295. >Why are you even alive?
  2296. >You wish you could just die. Not like mother would miss you
  2297. >You're going to live a miserable life, and you'll have to watch as others around you live theirs to the fullest
  2298. >Surrounded by money and luxury
  2299. >They can have anything of their desires with a snap of their fingers
  2300. >Meanwhile, you're lucky if you even get a meal at the end of the day
  2301. >You hear footsteps approaching you
  2302. >Must be mother...
  2303. >You'll just endure it, just let it happen...
  2304. >A head pokes over the corner
  2305. >It's the same man from before
  2306. >"Here you are!"
  2307. >He walks to you, and kneels besides you
  2308. >"Hello there, i was looking for you!"
  2309. "..."
  2310. >"I just saw you how bloodied your face was, and i got really worried!"
  2311. "..."
  2312. >"The maids back there told me you work here at the castle too?"
  2313. "I do..."
  2314. >"Well that's just nonsense! a girl your age should be playing outside, don't you think?"
  2315. "I do..."
  2316. >"Well then, why don't you do it then?"
  2317. "My mother doesn't let me..."
  2318. >"I see... did your mother do this to you? or was it someone else?"
  2319. "It was my mom..."
  2320. >"Hmph... here, let me help."
  2321. >He takes a handkerchief from his suit's front pocket, and runs it along your face
  2322. >The cloth feels very nice to the touch
  2323. >"This is horrible. How could someone, let alone a mother, do this to a child?"
  2324. "Because she hates me..."
  2325. >"I'd beg to differ, but... i've never seen anything so cruel before."
  2326. "Why are you helping me?"
  2327. >"I was worried as i said. If i were a kid your age, and someone did this to me, i'd be very upset."
  2328. "..."
  2329. >"Say, how about we two go have a talk with your mother?"
  2330. "...what?"
  2331. >"Yes, i'm sure we could settle this with a talk, wouldn't you agree?"
  2332. "It's not going to help..."
  2333. >The man chuckles
  2334. >"Well, perhaps i can change her mind?"
  2335. "...you could?"
  2336. >"But of course! would you mind to join me?"
  2337. >He stands and stretches his hand towards you again
  2338. >You reach for it this time
  2339. >"Oh, your dress is absolutely ruined too. Do you by any chance have clothes to change?"
  2340. "No, this is everything i have."
  2341. >"Unbelievable. Worry not, i'm sure my wife would be more than glad to spare you some of hers!"
  2342. "Oh i couldn't, they don't belong to me..."
  2343. >"Please, i insist! not to mention, with the pregnancy, most of her clothes don't fit her anymore! Oops! don't tell her i said that!"
  2344. >He places a hand over his mouth, making you chuckle
  2345. >You're walking back into the castle, along the same wall of flowers from before, holding the man's hand
  2346. >"By the way, little one, what's your name?"
  2347. "It's Chrysalis!"
  2348. >"That's a very pretty name!"
  2349. "Thank you!"
  2350. >"I'm Anonymous II, pleasure to meet you!"
  2351. >He seems like a nice man!
  2352. >You've just met, but you really like him!
  2353. >Funny how a complete stranger has already treated you better in five minutes than your mother in 12 years...
  2354. >But with the help of Anonymous, you're sure her attitude is going to change
  2359. >"You're a disappointment, Anonymous."
  2360. "I already said i was sorry! please forgive me!"
  2361. >"What you have done is unforgivable. We gave you a chance, we made you a celebrity! we treated you as one of our own! is this how you repay us?!?"
  2362. "Celestia, please!"
  2363. >"Is this what you wanted?!"
  2364. >Celestia steps forward, and slowly rips strips her skin, revealing muscle tissue which quickly falls to the ground with a gruesome sound
  2365. >The room turns pitch black, Celestia's face melts to a point of beyond recognition, she opens her jaw letting her teeth fall out of her deformed mouth
  2366. "Jesus christ!"
  2367. >"Is this what you wanted?!?"
  2368. "Please stop! what are you doing?!"
  2369. >"Is this what you wanted?!?"
  2370. "G-get away from me! BACK OFF!"
  2371. >You reach in your inner pocket for you wand, but it's not there!
  2372. >W-w-where the fuck is the dagger?!
  2373. >"This is what you wanted!"
  2374. "God! please i'm begging you, stop!"
  2375. >You close your eyes, or at least you try to
  2376. >But you can't stop watching as Celestia approaches you
  2377. >You deserve this, don't you?
  2378. >Just let it happen...
  2379. >It's all your fault
  2380. >"Is thi---?!"
  2381. >And then it stops
  2382. >You can't see her, or hear her
  2383. "... w-wha... h-hello?"
  2384. >Celestia... disappeared?
  2385. >What's going on?
  2386. >"Anon."
  2387. "W-what? Luna?! where are you?!"
  2388. >"I'm here, turn around."
  2389. "W-wha... what are... you're here?"
  2390. >"It's okay Anon, you can calm down now."
  2391. "I-i don't understand... what the hell is going on?! i'm... i'm dreaming aren't i?!
  2392. >"You are."
  2393. "Goddamn it... i'm losing my mind..."
  2394. >"Can you stop worrying for a minute and listen to me?"
  2395. "This... nothing of this is real... you're not real!"
  2396. >"Maybe i am, maybe i'm not. It's up to you to decide."
  2397. "You're just a fragment of my imagination!"
  2398. >"That is up to you, Anon."
  2399. "Why are you even here..."
  2400. >"I'm here because i wanted to talk."
  2401. "Talk about what? there's nothing to be said."
  2402. >"Oh you have no idea, we have plenty to discuss. Though it seems to me, you have something to say as well?"
  2403. "...i do."
  2404. >"Then speak. What do you want to talk about?"
  2405. "i'm just so, so sorry..."
  2406. >"About what?"
  2407. "About everything... i fucked everything up! everything!"
  2408. >"No you didn't."
  2409. "Don't pity me! i could've done something! w-we could've... done something"
  2410. >"And what exactly could have we done?"
  2411. "We could've ran away! you're the only reason i did this! it was always you! YOU!"
  2412. >"Go on."
  2413. "You're were always around the corner... why didn't we just... run off? just escape, and leave everything behind! we had nothing to lose other than each other!"
  2414. >"You think so?"
  2415. "I don't think so, i know so! i... i... i loved you..."
  2416. >"I love you too, Anonymous. But be realistic, there was nowhere to go."
  2417. "Yes there was! we could've escaped into the Crystal Empire, start a new life! start a family..."
  2418. >"So then why didn't you do it? why didn't you suggest to me the idea?"
  2419. "Because i was afraid you'd say no... i was afraid you wouldn't feel the same way..."
  2420. >"But now you do know. I love you as well."
  2421. "No i don't! i'm dreaming goddamn it! it's like i'm talking to myself here!"
  2422. >"Are you sure about that?"
  2423. "Of course i am..."
  2424. >"Oh Anon, there's no reason for you to think i'm not real. But we could stand here in total darkness and argue about my existence. But i know i wouldn't be able to change your mind. As i said, once you wake up in the morning, it will be up to you to decide if we had this conversation or not."
  2425. "..."
  2426. >"But i'm not here for that."
  2427. "Then why..."
  2428. >"Because i want you to stop beating yourself about this. I know you want to blame someone because of how everything ended up, but you're too much of a goody two-shoes to blame anyone else, and so you blame yourself."
  2429. "But it's true... who's to blame? who was the one that entered that contest? who's the one that didn't suggest we ran off earlier? who's the on--"
  2430. >"Stop. I don't know who's to blame, and i don't care who's fault it was. I just want you to understand you're not responsable for everything."
  2431. "Ptfff... this is ridiculous..."
  2432. >"Anonymous, who was the one that helped Maximus when Flash died? despite having lost a brother of their own?"
  2433. "..."
  2434. >"Who was the one that helped Sunset Shimmer reform? the one that turned her life for the best?"
  2435. "..."
  2436. >"Who was the one that stayed with me every single night after the last raid, when i was on the verge of dying?"
  2437. "..."
  2438. >"And who was the one that helped me get to where i was before? as a general of the army?"
  2439. "... it's... it's not fair."
  2440. >"What isn't?"
  2441. "I'm not a hero! for the love of god, i never was! i don't deserve to be considered as one!"
  2442. >"Anon, you keep putting this obstacles for yourself where they aren't any. It's like you're doing it un purpose, do you not want to get better?"
  2443. "But what part of "i am not a hero" do you not understand? i don't deserve anything good coming my way..."
  2444. >"I don't get it. Just what makes you believe that?"
  2445. "You're dead! alright?! you died because of me! is that what you wanted to hear?!"
  2446. >"You didn't kill me Anonymous, i got overwhelmed. I pushed my luck too far, and i payed the consequences. You had nothing to do with this."
  2447. "...and i could've helped..."
  2448. >"No you couldn't, and that's just fine. You had no business trying to help."
  2449. "What happened back there in the castle? when Max replaced you..."
  2450. >"I was tortured, until Chrysalis got bored of torturing me."
  2451. "See? you try to convince me that... that this isn't my fault... and that... there was nothing i could do, but..."
  2452. >"What do you mean "but"? you know i'm right. Why must you blame yourself?"
  2453. "Because i, and i cannot stretch this enough, am not a hero!"
  2454. >"It seems to me, those people i mentioned before sure do see you as one."
  2455. "Well what does it matter?! *i* don't feel like one!"
  2456. >"Is that it? you can't accept the fact that you did the right thing in the past?"
  2457. "Because i didn't."
  2458. >"How dense can you be, Anon? Stop blaming yourself. You can make a change, you made a change before. And i know you can do it again."
  2459. "I... but i'm not... it's not fair..."
  2460. >"Life isn't fair, it's not supposed to be. Sometimes, things don't go right. But the charm of life is that you can always get up, and move on no matter what."
  2461. "Oh wow, that's really fucking original. Exactly what a fragment of my dumb mind would say..."
  2462. >"You've heard it before, haven't you? well that's because it's true."
  2463. "I don't get where you're going with this..."
  2464. >"Listen to me Anon, and listen well. There's two types of people, those who get fucked over by life, and they watch with arms crossed as everything crumbles down around them. Maybe they lost their friends, or a family member. And i'm not saying they died or anything, maybe they just lost contact, maybe they just distanced themselves from the rest. And so that persons spends all day in their room, all alone. At first, they try to convince themselves that everything is fine, that being disconnected from reality is no big issue, that eventually everything will solve itself. Weeks go by, and things aren't getting any better. They fall into a crisis, they stay in their rooms all day and all night. They never leave it, or their house even. Sure, they'd like to go outside, they'd like to make new friends, but they won't, and they don't understand why."
  2465. "..."
  2466. >"That same person sits in their room, in total darkness. They go restless nights thinking and thinking about what went wrong, they fall into a depression, and there's no one to help them. They cry onto the void, "why did this happen? what did i do to deserve this? why is life so unfair?" and boo-hoo-hoo, they're too stupid to realize it's their own fault. They don't want to make it any better. Someone may approach them, they may try to help. But this person is so cynical, they believe it's impossible for someone else to care about them, they thing they're pitying him, that they don't actually mean to be of any assistance. But guess what? there's people out there that worry about him, they can't handle to see their friend ruin his life. But alas, they can't do anything. They see that; sometimes what they want for others, others don't want for themselves."
  2467. "I... i don't know---"
  2468. >"But then, there's the ones that get fucked over by life, everything goes wrong, they don't know why. They try to make things better, but they end up ruining it even further. That person stays in their room as well, thinking.... and thinking... and thinking, about nothing at all. And then, they snap back into reality, they see that they need to take control. There's no point in living? they have nothing to look forward to the next day? well they go out there and find something to look forward to. They find a new hobby, they make new friends, and it may not be easy. But what matters is that they try. And eventually, when you try hard enough, things go right. They find new friends, they find a new hobby, they find a new life. Of course they know everything will eventually go wrong again, it's inevitable. But they don't go paranoid. No, they wait patiently until it happens. They go about their new life, and they're happy. Because they know when *it* happens, they'll be more than ready to stand up again, and make everything right."
  2469. >"But this time, surrounded by people that care about them."
  2470. "...i don't..."
  2471. >You stand in complete darkness, and in complete silence
  2472. >You try to voice a response, but you can't think of anything to say
  2473. >"Right now Anonymous, you're being the first type, and it saddens me. Because i know you're capable of being the last type. I need you to get up, and i need you to do what's right, and i don't what the right thing is. But i know you do."
  2474. "...Thank you..."
  2475. >"You're welcome. And by the way, could you promise me something?"
  2476. "I'm not good with promises..."
  2477. >"Just listen. I need you to remember we had this talk one you wake up, you have to."
  2478. "I'm sorry, but i'm not good at remembering my dreams once i wake up... i'd have to write it down or..."
  2479. >You shrug
  2480. "...or something, i don't know... sorry."
  2481. >"Hm, i imagined you were going to say something like that. Allow to do something i'm sure will keep your memory fresh."
  2482. "Wha---?"
  2483. >You're silenced by Luna's lips
  2484. >They're so soft... and they feel so... real...
  2485. >This is a feeling you've never felt before
  2486. >It's... magical.
  2487. >She slowly pulls away, a trail of saliva still connecting your lips
  2488. >Luna looks deep into your eyes
  2489. >Those fucking turquoise eyes, man...
  2490. >"I don't want you to do this for revenge because of what Chrysalis did to me. I want you to do what you perceive as the right thing. I'm not asking you to defeat her, or to be a hero. That never mattered to me, because i already knew you were one."
  2491. "Luna... i--"
  2492. >Your eyes snap open
  2493. >You're back at the academy dorm
  2494. >What... just happened?
  2495. >"Every single student retreat to their respective dorms! this is not a drill! stay in your rooms until further notice!"
  2496. >That's the voice of an elder witch
  2497. >What's going on out there?
  2498. >You rise from your bed, peeking over your room's door, you see hundreds of students running along the halls in panic
  2499. >What the...
  2500. >Stepping into the hall, you pick a random witch from the crowd
  2501. >"Ah! w-what do you want?!?"
  2502. "Bon Bon! what the hell is going on?!"
  2503. >"I-it's the knights! we're being raided!"
  2504. "What?! w-where are you going?!"
  2505. >"I'm heading to my dorm! we have to take shelter until the raid is over, and i suggest you do the same!"
  2506. "Waaaaait... and she's gone..."
  2507. >Damn it... guess it only makes sense for them to raid before monday
  2508. >A sort of surprise attack?
  2509. >Hm, seems like everybody has already retreated to their rooms...
  2510. >You'd do the same, but...
  2511. >You feel weird
  2512. >In a good way...
  2513. >There's no way you'd be of any help, you would just stand in the way of the elder witches
  2514. >Ugh... but what's going on?
  2515. >You just feel the urge to help
  2516. >It's strange, you can't really voice the words...
  2517. >But it feels...
  2518. >It feels magical
  2519. >You walk along the empty hallways
  2520. >The words resonating inside your head
  2521. >You're going to help
  2522. >You're going to make a change
  2523. >And you're going to make everything right
  2524. >You feel so confident, like you've never felt before
  2525. >And so you cannot help but smile, because for some reason you know everything will go the way it's supposed to
  2526. >You dust your attire off
  2527. >You're Anonymous, and you're going to be a hero
  2528. >...
  2529. >Thank you, Luna.
  2534. >So here you are standing at the main gates of Luna Nova
  2535. >You try to push them open, but they won't budge
  2536. >Seems like the witches don't want anybody to leave
  2537. >Or to enter
  2538. >Well too bad you've got magic!
  2539. >You pull your wand out, with a circular motion and a flick of the wrist, in a cloud of smoke you dissappear and reappear at the other side of the gates
  2540. >Fucking magic
  2541. >Looking off into the distance, you see a wall of witches, and before them stand the troops of the Canterlot Kingdom
  2542. >Right on the middle you see Headmistress Celestia accompanied by Cheerilee, she looks to be speaking with the Queen herself
  2543. >Standing besides Chrysalis you see... *him*
  2544. >Maximus Sentry, little brother of the now deceased Flash Sentry, former General of the Knights of Canterlot.
  2545. >You'll be honest, Max was made for that position
  2546. >But as far as you know, he could've helped with the murder of Luna
  2547. >Who would've thought he capable of such a thing?
  2548. >Perhaps you two could have a little chat.
  2549. >You keep your eyes glued on Chrysalis in case she tries anything
  2550. >As you approach all four of them, the Queen loses interest in Celestia and turns her attention towards you
  2551. >This is a day you hoped would never happen
  2552. >When was the last time you two talked?
  2553. >"Well, well, well... look what the cat dragged in..."
  2554. >Celestia, confused, looks over her shoulder to see who Chrysalis might be referring to. Her eyes widen
  2555. >"A-anonymous?! what in Tartarus are you doing here?!"
  2556. "Isn't it obvious? i came to help."
  2557. >You glare at Maximus, he wears the same armor from last friday
  2558. >How dare he...
  2559. >He notices you but quickly looks away
  2560. >"Good thing you decided to show up. I was getting tremendously bored of this poor attempt at peace."
  2561. >"Anonymous... what do you think you're doing?" Celestia's tone is serious
  2562. >You lean forward, cover one side of your mouth with a hand and whisper into her ear
  2563. "I want to help, and i *will* help whether you like it or not."
  2564. >"Don't you realize this is serious? go back into your dormitory this instant!" she replies, in a voice slightly above a whisper
  2565. "Don't you realize this is personal? i have my own reasons to come fight by your side."
  2566. >"There will be no battle to be fought! i will bring Chrysalis to reason!"
  2567. "Like that has worked before! i'm sorry to disappoint, but this place is getting raided. One way or the other."
  2568. >"Stop making assumptions, don't you see a fight would be useless? what's the joke in spilling blood needlessly?"
  2569. "You don't seem to understand, but, Chrysalis could care less about what happens to her troops. How do you even plan on convincing her?"
  2570. >Chrysalis fakes a yawn
  2571. >"Can we get a move on?"
  2572. "..."
  2573. >"Anon."
  2574. >Celestia places a hand on your shoulder
  2575. >"Listen to me, i don't know what business you and Chrysalis may have, but this is not the time to solve them!"
  2576. "I'll ask you again; how do you plan on convincing her?"
  2577. >"i... i don't know!"
  2578. "See? you're putting too much trust into this whole "talking a crazy bitch out of being a crazy bitch" thing. Oh, excuse my language."
  2579. >"What do you suggest then, huh? that we go onto battle?"
  2580. "Exactly!"
  2581. >Celestia rubs her temples
  2582. >"You... are a moron."
  2583. "I can't argue with that... well, do you wanna hear my other plan?"
  2584. >"What is it?"
  2585. "Just watch."
  2586. >You turn to the queen
  2587. "Chrysalis!"
  2588. >"Oh, are you two done? finally! what is it darling?"
  2589. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"
  2590. >"Indeed! it's truly wonderful to see you face to face after so long."
  2591. "Wish i could say the same."
  2592. >Chrysalis squints her eyes
  2593. >"That's no way of greeting an old friend."
  2594. "I have my reasons"
  2595. >Chrysalis grins
  2596. >"Such as?"
  2597. "..."
  2598. >She chuckles
  2599. >"Is there something you wanted?"
  2600. "I wanted to make a deal."
  2601. >That wicked smile of her returns
  2602. >"A deal? well isn't this a surprise! i'm listening..."
  2603. "I want you to retreat all your troops, and to leave the Witches alone at once!"
  2604. >"And?"
  2605. "And in return... i will hand myself over."
  2606. >"Oh my..."
  2612. >"Anon... what are you doing?"
  2613. >You whisper back to Celestia
  2614. "The right thing... plus, i have a plan..."
  2615. >Celestia grimaces at you
  2616. "So what do you think, Chrysalis?"
  2617. >"You make that offer as if you were some sort of criminal, even though i guess you're not technically one you did, after all, abandon your kingdom and your brothers in arms."
  2618. "What do you say? i hand myself over, and so you're free to torture me all you'd like. As long as you never try to raid Luna Nova ever again."
  2619. >"Oh Anon, it's not my intention to see you suffer... but i do wanna see you pay."
  2620. "So do we have a deal?"
  2621. >"Anon i don't this is a good idea--"
  2622. >You signal Celestia to settle down
  2623. "I'm awaiting your response."
  2624. >"...hmph..."
  2625. >She places a hand in her chin
  2626. >"Say, Anonymous, do you trust me?"
  2627. "Not particularly, no."
  2628. >"Well i expected that sort of answer. Still! you do know i am one to keep my promises, right?"
  2629. "...i guess so."
  2630. >"Wonderful, we can agree on something!"
  2631. >Chrysalis claps her hands
  2632. >"So Anonymous! if we make this deal, i shall promise you that i will never try to attack the witches of Luna Nova, ever again!"
  2633. >Good... fall for the bait you dumb bitch
  2634. >Unlike Luna, throwing you in a dungeon is gonna do little to nothing
  2635. >If you manage to infiltrate the castle, it would be easy to escape whatever sort of dungeon they would throw you in with your magic
  2636. >Even if they took away your wand, you still have some aces up your sleeve...
  2637. "Well then, we have a deal?"
  2638. >"Of course."
  2639. "So tell your troops to fall back! take me to the kingdom at once!"
  2640. >"Oh not so fast, honey..."
  2641. "What is it?"
  2642. >"You're not going near Canterlot, and my troops are not leaving, not yet at least."
  2643. "...what?"
  2644. >"Kneel before me."
  2645. "I don't know what you're tryi--"
  2646. >"Kneel."
  2647. "..."
  2648. >You don't where this is going but... better to follow orders?
  2649. >You kneel on the ground, looking up to Chrysalis
  2650. "What now?"
  2651. >"Remember how i said my intention wasn't to make you suffer? how i just wanted you to pay?"
  2652. "I do."
  2653. >"Well, this is you paying me back."
  2654. >What the hell...?
  2655. >Chrysalis snaps her fingers
  2656. >"Maximus!"
  2657. >Max bows
  2658. >"Yes, your majesty?"
  2659. >"Kill him."
  2660. >oh
  2661. >You know, something tells you: you should've seen this coming
  2662. >This wasn't the plan!
  2663. >"B-but my queen... isn't this--?"
  2664. >She glares his way
  2665. >"Is it what?"
  2666. >"...nothing..."
  2667. >"Stop! i will not allow this!"
  2668. >"Step back Headmistress, do otherwise and i will orders my troops to attack!"
  2669. >"Why you!"
  2670. "Listen to her, Celestia!"
  2671. >"And the same goes to you, Anon. Try to move and my army will destroy everything in it's path."
  2672. >Oh great...
  2673. >Alright, Plan B!
  2674. >...
  2675. >I mean c'mon, you already know there's no plan B
  2676. >Time to do what you do best
  2677. >Improvise!
  2678. >"Don't look at me, peasant. Maintain you gaze to the ground."
  2679. >Chrysalis speaks with a more serious tone now
  2680. >You obliged
  2681. >Think... think... think...
  2682. >You see the shadow of Max approach you
  2683. >He stands to your side, in his shadow you see him reach for his scabbard
  2684. >He draws his sword with one powerful motion, and positions it on the back of your head
  2685. >Just try it, bastard...
  2686. >All the years
  2687. >All the time spent
  2688. >All the memories...
  2689. >He threw them all away, for a mere rank!
  2690. >Maximus grunts as he pulls his sword upwards, and prepares to strike
  2691. >"Anonymous No!"
  2692. >Jesus, why is Celestia worried so much all of a sudden?
  2693. >Well get a load of this, you limp dick back stabber!
  2694. >You reach for you inner pocket, and quickly draw your wand
  2695. >It connects with Max's sword, it would've snapped in an instant if it weren't for the transparent shield that covers it
  2696. >"D-damn it..." he says in between grunts
  2697. "You thought it was gonna be that easy?"
  2698. >Chrysalis clicks her tongue and shakes her head
  2699. >"Bad move, Anon..."
  2700. >Chrysalis speaks in an almost disappointing tone of voice
  2701. "Celestia, Cheerilee! run away! tell the witches to prepare to strike!"
  2702. >"W-what about you?!"
  2703. "I have a plan!"
  2704. >They hop into their brooms and fly away, back into the formation of elder witches that stood in back
  2705. >"Well what are you waiting for you fools?! Charge!"
  2706. >The army shouts in unison and the ground trembles as they rush towards Luna Nova
  2707. >You, on the the other hand, are still trying to hold Max's sword back
  2708. >This isn't exactly the best spot for a battle...
  2709. >"What are you going to do now, Anon?!" he shouts
  2710. "You'll see!"
  2711. >You're both covered by a cloud of purple smoke. As it dissipates, you and Max found yourselves in the top of a hill
  2712. >Can't be too far away though... in the distance you can hear the battle take place
  2713. >Maximus steps back
  2714. >"Ptfff, too much of a coward to face me in the battlefield?"
  2715. "Too much of a pussy to face me one on one?"
  2716. >"..."
  2717. "...hey, listen man... you do realize it doesn't have to be this way, right?"
  2718. >"What is that supposed to mean?"
  2719. "You can just... you know, help *us* instead?"
  2720. >"I swore loyalty to the Queen."
  2721. "Oh shut up about that, can't you see they'll lose this battle?"
  2722. >"We've been training for months on end, the troops have given it's all just for this battle. Victory will be our--"
  2723. "Dude, you said the exact same thing the last raid."
  2724. >"...i did?"
  2725. "Yep. like, word for word"
  2726. >"Heh... i was never good with words..."
  2727. >You smile
  2728. "I know..."
  2729. >"Sorry once again. For everything."
  2730. "It's... well it's not alright, but i forgive you."
  2731. >"Thanks..."
  2732. "You know i mean it. You can help us... i'm sure the witches would be more than glad to take you in, they could use a guard for the academy!"
  2733. >"I, uh, appreciate the offer..."
  2734. "And plus, i know some cute girls that would be interest--!"
  2735. >"Anonymous, you know only one of us is going to make it out of this. Don't you?"
  2736. "...i'd like to think otherwise."
  2737. >"I'm sorry to disappoint you then."
  2738. >He goes back into a battle stance
  2739. >Both hands griping the handle of his sword
  2740. >You stand to your feet, and catch a break
  2741. >His eyes stick to you, he watches your every movement
  2742. >Ah, the morning breeze hitting your face feels wonderful
  2743. >Just relax for a minute
  2744. >...
  2745. >Guess there's no other way
  2746. >You raise your arms
  2747. "Come then!"
  2752. >He rushes with the tip of his sword pointing towards you, slightly raised above his shoulder level
  2753. >You allow him to get close
  2754. >Once you're at arms length, he sways his sword with mighty strength
  2755. >Max barely misses as you crouch, but you don't waste any time. With your fist you strike his stomach, a wave of energy sending him backwards
  2756. >"F-fuck... how did you do that without a wand?"
  2757. "I've been practicing, just a little though... to be honest i didn't expect that to work"
  2758. >"Damn, i always knew that fighting a wizard wouldn't be easy. Especially if it's you."
  2759. "Oh, thanks man. I mean i always thought you were more than capable than handing my ass to myself, but..."
  2760. >"But you have magic, and i a puny sword."
  2761. >You shrug
  2762. "Eh, yeah pretty much..."
  2763. >Max places a hand on his stomach and breaths deeply
  2764. >"I guess i should expect anything from you."
  2765. "Don't worry, i'll keep it as clean as possible."
  2766. >He goes back into a battle stance, it's a tad bit different from the previous one though
  2767. >"Prepare yourself."
  2768. "Just make it quick"
  2769. >"Oh it'll be quick, alright."
  2770. >Hm?
  2771. >Wonder what that's supposed to mea--
  2772. >"Gyaaaaaaah!"
  2773. >Oh shit, here he comes!
  2774. >You cover the wand in the same force shield
  2775. >You'd try the same trick from before, but you'd rather not push your luck so much
  2776. >The way his holding the sword is different too, now that you pay attention to it
  2777. >Max reaches you much faster this time
  2778. >Watch his movements closely...
  2779. >Very closely--
  2780. "Oh shit!"
  2781. >His sword moves at an incredible speed
  2782. >It makes a CLANK sound as it hits the force shield
  2783. >But he's not done
  2784. >Following comes a series of quick strikes
  2785. >Like, really quick
  2786. >He's barely giving you any room to breath...
  2787. >It's... shit it's getting harder to keep up... how is he moving so fast?
  2788. >Fuck it, you're gonna have to use *that* move
  2789. >The ground begins to tremble, Max slows his attacks considerably
  2790. >"What's the meaning of th--"
  2791. >A pillar emerges from below, sending him flying
  2792. >It's not a long fall, but none the less he hits the ground pretty hard
  2793. >"Ugh... goddamn..."
  2794. >He struggles to get back to his feet, even when he manages to stand he stumbles around in place
  2795. "H-hey... let's just call it a tie, okay?"
  2796. >"No!"
  2797. "That was a pretty harsh fall, you know?"
  2798. >"I'll fight until i'm dead!"
  2799. "There's no need for that, goddamn it! since when did you become so loyal to Chrysalis?!"
  2800. >"Since the day i was born!"
  2801. >You roll your eyes
  2802. "Ugh, i don't get it! you say you're sorry for everything, and still you fight by her side?!"
  2803. >"What else am i supposed to do?! my father swore loyalty, my brother swore loyalty, what would it say of me if i weren't to do the same?!"
  2804. "They're dead! what does it matter now?!"
  2805. >"You wouldn't understand! after all, Johnny abandoned the kingdom just like you! the two of you are nothing but traitorous rats!"
  2806. "Take that back you son of a bitch."
  2807. >"Enough small talk. Fight!"
  2808. "No! i'm not done talking! you want a fight to the death?!"
  2809. >"..."
  2810. "Then so be it! but i assure you i'll be the one walking out of this one! and so i won't get another chance to say this!"
  2811. >"It doesn't matter to me what you have to sa--"
  2812. "You're a coward! you didn't bother to help Luna when they killed her! you didn't bother to tell me in the three fucking months she was captive! you pushed aside our friendship for that stupid rank!"
  2813. >"I had to."
  2814. "No, you were jealous."
  2815. >"It was my destiny! that rank belonged to me! Flash was a general before his death, and so was our father, and his father before him!"
  2816. "It that it?! everything for a fucking badge and slightly different armor?!"
  2817. >"You wouldn't understand."
  2818. "...you know what? you're right, i don't understand!"
  2819. >You fling your wand towards his direction
  2820. >A lighting forms in the tip of the wand, and rapidly strikes Max right on his chest
  2821. >He manages to keep his stand at the impact, but slowly falls to the ground facing upwards
  2822. >A trail of smoke emerges from the armor's chest plate
  2823. >Maybe that was a little bit too far?
  2824. "Oh shit... Max!"
  2825. >You run to aid him, you crouch by his side and remove the front plate of the armor
  2826. >It reveals Max's torso, burnt to a crisp
  2827. "Jesus christ... i didn't mean to do this!"
  2828. >In between coughs, Maximus speaks
  2829. >"Ah... it's okay... i had it coming."
  2830. "I'm sorry... i'm so so sorr--"
  2831. >"Shut up for a minute... i'm so tired of all the apologies... just take responsibility for what you did..."
  2832. "No you don't understand! i should've told you that... your brother... i think Chrysalis murdered Flash!"
  2833. >His face shifts between confusion, sadness, and anger
  2834. >"W-what!? what do you mean you think?!"
  2835. "The night before the raid where Flash and Johnny died! he... my brother told me that when he tried to abandon the kingdom, Chrysalis threatened him."
  2836. >"What does Flash have anything to do with--!?"
  2837. "Just let me finish... he said he wasn't going to make it tomorrow, but i don't think the witches killed him... and when i asked him about Flash, he said the same. Then, your brother came to my room looking for John. After that night i never saw them again."
  2838. >Max shakes his head
  2839. >"No... no there's no way... my brother wouldn't... he wouldn't abandon the kingdom..."
  2840. "What other explanation do you have? our brothers were an unbeatable duo... i doubt the elder witches could have been able to kill them both."
  2841. >With his mouth agape, he stares off into the distance
  2842. >He begins coughing, and pretty badly too
  2843. "Let's go dude... i know a couple of spells that could fix you right up..."
  2844. >"No... i'm done for..."
  2845. "I have magic, you'll be up and kicking before you know it."
  2846. >"Let me die, i'm begging you."
  2847. "w...what?"
  2848. >"I've made so many shitty decisions these last couple of years... it all summed up to this endgame... i deserve this."
  2849. "I don't care how many mistakes you made, nobody deserves death"
  2850. >"Please... i fought so hard... all for nothing... i should've told you about Luna... i should've helped you fight against Chrysalis."
  2851. "But this is my fault! i acted out of anger back there! if i would've kept my temper we could be fighting side by side right now!"
  2852. >"Anon."
  2853. "...yes?"
  2854. >He stretches a hand and you grab it with all your strength
  2855. >Max opens his mouth to speak, but his coughing it's getting worse
  2856. >"...Luna... Luna isn't--"
  2857. >He can barely finish his sentences, but as Max grips your hand harder, he speaks
  2858. >"Luna isn't dead."
  2859. >And so, he lays back on the grass
  2860. >Takes one last deep breath
  2861. >And sighs.
  2866. >"What do y'all wanna be when you grow up?"
  2867. >"What do you ask for?"
  2868. "Why do i feel like that's not the first time you've asked that?"
  2869. >"Because i already did, duh! it was back when we found that cool spot over at the forest!"
  2870. "Oh yeah, i remember! but that was years ago..."
  2871. >"Wait, what cool spot?"
  2872. >"We never showed you? oops!"
  2873. "Yeah we didn't, sorry we kinda forgot."
  2874. >"But can't you guys show me the spot now?"
  2875. >You shrug
  2876. "Meh, already forgot where it was"
  2877. >"Wow, you guys are unbelievable."
  2878. >"Anyway, so what are you boys going to do with your lives?"
  2879. >"Well i guess it's kinda obvious, i wanna be the army's next general"
  2880. "That makes sense, considering your bro is the current one, you going to follow his steps?"
  2881. >"That is what i intend to do."
  2882. >"What about you Anon? you wanted to be the kingdom's most powerful wizard, right?"
  2883. "Yeah... but that was back then."
  2884. >"What do you mean back then?"
  2885. "I just changed my mind, you know?"
  2886. >"Oh... but i thought it was your dream?"
  2887. "It was, but i don't wanna dedicate my life to this stupid kingdom."
  2888. >"This kingdom isn't stupid."
  2889. "Maybe, i still don't want to spend my entire life on it."
  2890. >"What are you saying?"
  2891. "There's a whole world out there to explore... i don't plan on wasting my time here"
  2892. >"Are you... saying your're going to leave?"
  2893. "No... probably not... i'd just like to explore the world, thats all"
  2894. >"Well you can't be at two places at the same time."
  2895. "Yeah i know that, Max. So maybe i'll just stick around for a while and... go out to explore and maybe come back for a few days, and then i hit the road again."
  2896. >"That actually sounds kinda nice!"
  2897. "You could come with!"
  2898. >"Anon, if you want to abandon the kingdom then do it yourself, don't drag Luna down with you."
  2899. "...uh...okay... sorry?"
  2900. >"Aaaaanywayss... are you gonna ask me what i wanna do?"
  2901. "Sure, last time you wanted to be an important figure on the army too"
  2902. >"Yep, and i still wanna be!"
  2903. >"But not a general, right?"
  2904. >"Oh, no not at all, that rank belongs to you..."
  2905. "Don't say that, Luna. If you really wanna be a general then i say go for it."
  2906. >"Well it doesn't matter what you say."
  2907. >"Geez Max, why are you so grumpy?"
  2908. >"No reason... If you'll excuse me, i have somewhere to be."
  2909. "You're leaving already?"
  2910. >"Yes."
  2911. >Max rises from the flower bed and slowly walks off the little dirt trail out of the forest
  2912. >"See you later!"
  2913. >Luna shouts back waving a hand, but the reply she gets is rather not as exciting
  2914. >"Whatever."
  2915. >He says nonchalantly without even looking back
  2916. >And so he heads off into the distance
  2917. >Luna sighs and you hear a PLOOF as she lays down on the flowers once again
  2918. "Guess we caught him in a bad mood?"
  2919. >"It seems..."
  2920. "You think it has anything to do with you wanting to take "his" rank?"
  2921. >"Nah, we're his friends after all. If you wanted to be a general, i'd support you!"
  2922. "Well maybe you and Max are different."
  2923. >The two of you stay in silence, enjoy the wild life and the hot summer breeze
  2924. >Along with the sunshine hitting your face, it's a perfect combination
  2925. >"Hey, is it true what you said about wanting to leave?"
  2926. "I thought a lot about it, and yes i'm serious."
  2927. >"But you wouldn't actually leave me-- i mean leave the kingdom behind!"
  2928. >She laughs awkwardly before finishing her sentence
  2929. >"...right?"
  2930. "Of course not, this is my home and i don't think i'll be leaving anytime soon."
  2931. >You reach for Luna and your palm lands on her silky hair
  2932. "But if i ever do, i'll let you know."
  2933. >"...can i ask you something?"
  2934. "Sure."
  2935. >You hear rustle as she stands and lays back besides you, a little bit too close for comfort
  2936. >"It's okay if you don't want to talk about it, but... how's your dad doing?"
  2937. "He's been... better, that's for sure."
  2938. >"The illness hasn't passed?"
  2939. "Unfortunately."
  2940. >"Well i'm sure he'll get better!"
  2941. "I hope he does..."
  2942. >"What illness is it anyways?"
  2943. "No one knows. Not even the best doctors on the kingdom could figure it out."
  2944. >"Not even one?"
  2945. "Nope, we even had a doctor from the Crystal empire come over to check on him, but he wasn't of any help"
  2946. >"Oh yeah, i remember him. Sir Sunburst, right?"
  2947. "I can't quite remember..."
  2948. >"That's so weird, how did he even catch it?"
  2949. "It really is weird. A random illness that only infected my father and no one else at all? it just seems too fishy for me."
  2950. >"Are you implying he was... you know..."
  2951. "Poisoned? it's likely... i mean not even magic was able to cure him, what kind of illness is resilient to magic?"
  2952. >"Well i've read of some venoms that can actually block certain magic properties."
  2953. "Really now?"
  2954. >"B-but don't worry! i still don't think anybody would want to poison your father! and plus those venoms are super rare and expensive."
  2955. "How expensive?"
  2956. >"Very. Half of this kingdom, no, more than half couldn't afford it in a lifetime!"
  2957. "Could royalty afford it?"
  2958. >"Ptfff, what *can't* royalty afford?"
  2959. "I see... interesting."
  2960. >"...let's uh... change the subject... but just know that i'm here for you, Anon."
  2961. "Okay..."
  2962. >There's silence again, for a while
  2963. >You look up to the leaves of the trees, and the occasional birds that may fly by
  2964. >Slowly you feel something creep on your hand
  2965. >You mistake it for a bug, but as you were about to smash it you realized it was Luna's hand
  2966. >"It's a beautiful day, isn't it?"
  2967. "Just like every other if you ask me."
  2968. >"Yeah... but there's something different about it, don't you think?"
  2969. >That's when she takes hold of your hand completely
  2970. "Hm... yeah... you're right, there's something special to it."
  2971. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5__T0_FyAQ
  2976. >You stand besides the corpse of your childhood friend, whom you killed
  2977. >That time, no thoughts crossed your mind
  2978. >It was absolutely blank, like a sheet of paper
  2979. >You stared of into the distance, oblivious to the presence that approached you
  2980. >Given the number of footsteps, it was at least three men
  2981. >And due to the metallic rustling, it was most likely a group of knights
  2982. >They stood behind you
  2983. >You believe they were saying something, but you weren't paying attention
  2984. >You simply maintained your view to Maximus
  2985. >The tinnitus has gotten worse, hasn't it?
  2986. >It's almost deafening
  2987. >"Do what you must."
  2988. >A voice breaks you from your trance
  2989. >You recognize it instantly
  2990. >Averting your gaze upwards, you look over your shoulder to a view of two knights escorting the queen of Canterlot
  2991. >One of the guards steps forward, hand in holster
  2992. >Before he can step any closer, he's sent flying by a pillar of stone
  2993. >The remaining guard reacts to it, and rushes towards you
  2994. >He stops mid-way as roots emerge from the ground, trapping his lower body
  2995. >They quickly rise, completely covering him
  2996. >Then they proceed to launch him the opposite direction, towards a grove
  2997. >And so Chrysalis is the only one left
  2998. >"I thought you were going to make it easy for me, i guess i'm not that lucky."
  2999. >She looks down to the corpse
  3000. >"I'd never imagined you would be capable of murder, let alone a friend."
  3001. >Chrysalis looks over the top of the hill, into the battlefield
  3002. >"It seems months of practice still wasn't enough, we'll have to retreat soon."
  3003. "Your troops can gladly leave, but not you."
  3004. >Chrysalis turns her attention to you, and chuckles
  3005. >"Oh my, you still want me dead?"
  3006. "I need you to pay, you can't keep getting away with this."
  3007. >You reply, a finger pointing to Max
  3008. >Her chuckle morphs into a full-on laugh
  3009. >"You seem confused, *i* didn't do that."
  3010. "This is all our fault nonetheless."
  3011. >"My fault? i am to blame now?"
  3012. >Chrysalis shakes her head
  3013. >"This, ALL of this is on you. If you would've never left, if you would've stayed with us, this would have not happened."
  3014. >In a way, she's very much right
  3015. >If perhaps you didn't leave, right now you'd be having a drink with Luna and Max
  3016. >But no, you just had to abandon them
  3017. >Why did you even want to leave in the first place?
  3018. >"Anon, we'll see each other again very soon."
  3019. >A dozen of thoughts cross your mind all at once
  3020. >Those thoughts vary between blaming yourself or realizing that this was inevitable to begin with
  3021. >But as she turns to leave, your mind goes blank once again
  3022. >Chrysalis' lower half is trapped by roots
  3023. >"W-what the?!"
  3024. >They slowly rise
  3025. >"What do you think you're doing?!"
  3026. >Until they reach her neck, where one of them circles around it
  3027. >"Let go you peasant!"
  3028. "I want answers."
  3029. >"You... you what?!"
  3030. "Tell me why! why was raiding Luna Nova so important to you?!"
  3031. >"I don't know... what you're talking about."
  3032. >The roots tighten
  3033. "You could've gone anywhere, but it was always this place you wanted."
  3034. >"I wanted the treasures that this castle holds you mongol!"
  3035. "Lies!"
  3036. >"..."
  3037. "You have all the gold in the world, and yet this was what you always desired! So much so, you thought worth it to kill my brother and my father over it!"
  3038. >"I didn't kill anybody you imbecile, now let go!"
  3039. "Johnny told me everything, the threats, the reasons you killed my father for. I know it all!"
  3040. >"So what?!? your brother deserved to die! and your father was nothing more than a obstacle in my way to controlling this realm!"
  3041. "So you admit it?! you finally admit you're a horrible person?!"
  3042. >"..."
  3043. >She doesn't respond, yet a smile forms on the corners of her face
  3044. >"You are so selfish. Just because i killed two men, who deserved it, i'm a horrible person?"
  3045. "How does that not make you one?"
  3046. >Her face quickly shifts to an enraged one
  3047. >"I did what i had to do to give the residents of Canterlot a life worth living!"
  3048. >"look around you, idiot! have you even bothered to see just how happy the patrons of Canterlot are?!"
  3049. "..."
  3050. >"But of course you didn't, that'd make too much sense."
  3051. "So... so..."
  3052. >"You have nothing left to say! you like to believe you're the protagonist of this story, that everything revolves around you!"
  3053. "It doesn't change the fact tha--"
  3054. >"And yet you ignore the fact that without me, it WILL get worse. Who's to say that after my death, that the next ruler would simply destroy the quality of life i worked so hard to create?"
  3055. >You cannot think of an answer
  3056. >Instead you opt to stay silent
  3057. >"That's right, you've said everything you had to say. But i still have more."
  3058. >The sound of the battle taking place subdues, the screaming and shouting slowly fades
  3059. >"I have done so much for your father, you wouldn't even know. Go ahead, ask any of the other royals. So get it into your little head that i'm not the bad guy."
  3060. "..."
  3061. >You can't build the pride to look at her in the face
  3062. >Today, you've been absolutely defeated
  3063. >Not with weapons, but with common sense
  3064. >You stare off into the ground
  3065. >You're not a hero.
  3066. >"After all, i gave your father his greatest gift of them all."
  3067. >Chrysalis speaks, her menacing voice sending chills up your spine
  3068. >Interested, you look up at her once again
  3069. >"Who would've thought that same gift, sixteen years later, would stand before me like this."
  3074. >You carefully peek over the window onto the front field
  3075. >Seems like it's over...
  3076. >"A-and? do you see anything?"
  3077. >Derpy asks, still covered in four different sets of blankets
  3078. "No... i think it's over!"
  3079. >"Oh thank goodne--"
  3080. >Knock knock knock
  3082. "Calm down! there's just someone at the door!"
  3083. >You walk towards it and slowly open it
  3084. "...Sunset?"
  3085. >"Twilight have you seen Anon?! is he there with you?!"
  3086. "W-woah, calm down!"
  3087. >You fully open the door
  3088. "I haven't seen him since the raid started, why do you ask?"
  3089. >"I don't where he is! i've been looking for him since the knights attacked!"
  3090. "Have you checked the--"
  3091. >"I've looked everywhere! he's not in his dorm, he's not with any of the witches, he's nowhere to be found!"
  3092. "It's okay! i'm sure he's just hiding somewhere safe!"
  3093. >"You don't understand! when i left my room to look for him, i saw someone leave through the front gates, and i think it was him!"
  3094. "...you don't suppose he went outside to the battle... do you?"
  3095. >"I think he did..."
  3096. "Oh no..."
  3097. >...
  3098. >....
  3099. >.....
  3100. >"I'm sorry i didn't tell you before, it's my fault."
  3101. "There's no way..."
  3102. >"You have to understand, with my duties as a ruler i had no time to tell you, and then you left... and well."
  3103. "There's just no way..."
  3104. >"I didn't want you to found out like this."
  3105. "..."
  3106. >"...Anon, come with me into the kingdom, i want you to come back. We'll have all the time to talk there, i promise."
  3107. "There's no way in hell..."
  3108. >"C'mon Anonymous, get rid of these roots and let's go. I'll explain everything to you."
  3109. "No i mean... there's literally no way you're my mother!"
  3110. >"W-what?"
  3111. >The roots around Chrysalis' right arm begin to unravel
  3112. >"What are you doing?"
  3113. >You approach her and take a hold her hand
  3114. >"Anon the witches are coming, we need to go!"
  3115. "Shut up for a minute..."
  3116. >You don't know what you're looking for... but your gut is telling you something isn't right here
  3117. >You look for it all over... whatever "it" may be
  3118. "It's not here..."
  3119. >"Anonymous stop fooling around and let's move!"
  3120. "The... the thing... it's not here..."
  3121. >"What are you talking about?!"
  3122. >Yeah, what *are* you talking about?
  3123. >You stare at her hand, just thinking
  3124. >But the words, they escape your mouth by themselves
  3125. "The marking isn't here..."
  3126. >"Wha-...."
  3127. >You look up to her
  3128. >Chrysalis stares at you back in disbelief
  3129. >Almost like she knows she's been found out
  3130. >You chuckle
  3131. "There's no marking in your palm."
  3132. >"I... i don't know what you're talking about..."
  3133. >Suddenly, you're filled with confidence once again
  3134. >It sends chills all over your body
  3135. >What a relief...
  3136. "Oh wow..."
  3137. >You run a hand through your scalp
  3138. "Good grief, you almost had me there."
  3139. >Chrysalis grunts
  3140. >"Let go."
  3141. "I must say, that was a nice trick you had there. Did you come up with it just now?"
  3142. >"Let go!"
  3143. "Nah, i made up my mind. I don't care about the kingdom, and i don't care what happens to it. I only care about the students and witches of Luna Nova."
  3144. >"You bastard! do you really think you can stop me?!"
  3145. "I don't think so..."
  3146. >"..."
  3147. "...I know so."
  3148. >The ground shakes
  3149. >Slowly, rocks begin to rise from below
  3150. >But this isn't just another pillar
  3151. >Nah, you have something else in mind
  3152. >"W-what are you doing?!"
  3153. >The rocks form a bulky humanoid figure
  3154. >This isn't a pillar
  3155. >This... is a Golem!
  3156. "It would feel wrong to beat you to a pulp myself."
  3157. >The golem approaches her
  3158. "So i thought if i got someone else to do the job, i wouldn't feel half as bad."
  3159. >"W-wait! you don't have to do this!"
  3160. "Chrysalis."
  3161. >"Y-yes?"
  3162. >The golem rises his fist
  3163. "This is payback."
  3168. >"Anonymous, what do you think you're doing?!"
  3169. >A shadow looms above you
  3170. >Uh oh
  3171. >you snap your fingers and the rocks that formed the golem fall to the ground
  3172. >Looking above you, it's Celestia riding her broom
  3173. >She lands besides you
  3174. "Celestia? what are you doing here?"
  3175. >"I was looking for you."
  3176. >She looks over to Chrysalis, whom is still covered in roots
  3177. >"For the *two* of you."
  3178. "Is the raid over?"
  3179. >"Yes, we have won."
  3180. >As expected
  3181. "That's amazing! now we just have to get rid of Chrysa--"
  3182. >"No Anonymous, we are not doing that."
  3183. "...What?"
  3184. >"Anonymous!"
  3185. >Chrysalis speaks up
  3186. "What do you want?"
  3187. >"You wanna know why i wanted to raid Luna Nova so badly?!"
  3188. "..."
  3189. >"It's because of HER."
  3190. >She looks over to Celestia
  3191. "What do you mean? was is she talking about, Headmistress?"
  3192. >"Is there something you'd like to tell Anon, "Headmistress"?"
  3193. >"..."
  3194. >Chrysalis chuckles
  3195. >"No? i'll tell him myself then."
  3196. "What's going on here?"
  3197. >"Anon, you'd like to know what happened to your mother, right?"
  3198. >You don't like where this is going
  3199. >"After she gave birth to you, she disappeared, as i'm sure you know. It was around that time that i was already planning on killing your father."
  3200. "And?"
  3201. >"Well somehow, your mother found out. She tried to warn your father, but he didn't listen. Needless to say she already knew she was next after your father, she tried to tell Johnny to come with her, but he refused to leave Canterlot."
  3202. "Where are you going with this?"
  3203. >"The night your mother left, she tried to take you with her. But your father and her had big fight, and so you stayed in Canterlot."
  3204. >You look back at Celestia, she refuses to look at you, instead she looks down to the ground
  3205. >"After i poisoned your father, next step on the plan was to find and kill her. I knew after all that she would try something."
  3206. "Celestia... do you--"
  3207. >"Let me finish. Turns out after her two pregnancies, she acquired some sort of magic, though it was little. Next thing you know, she's a student at the prestigious witch academy Luna Nova."
  3208. "Celestia please tell me she's lying..."
  3209. >"..."
  3210. >She doesn't respond, she simply looks up to you with a saddened expression on her face
  3211. >"I'm sure it took her a while, but eventually she became strong enough to qualify for the position of Headmistress."
  3212. "...Is this why you... allowed me to enter the talent show? just so i could enter?"
  3213. >"I didn't know you were working for Chrysalis, i just thought it was fate that brought to the doors of my academy..."
  3214. "...let me see your hand."
  3215. >"..."
  3216. >Celestia slowly takes off both her gloves
  3217. >She throws them to the floor, and stretches her right arm to you
  3218. >You grab it
  3219. >...
  3220. >It's there
  3221. >The marking
  3222. >Surely enough, it resembles a sun
  3223. "...Mother?"
  3224. >"I'm sorry you had to find out like this."
  3225. "You didn't abandon us? you... you knew what Chrysalis was planning?"
  3226. >"I hope you can forgive me."
  3227. "Of course i forgive you... you didn't do anything wrong..."
  3228. >You pull her into hug
  3229. >After all this fucking years
  3230. >And these last three months, she was right there all along
  3231. >"I love you, son."
  3232. "I love you too, mom."
  3233. >You stay there for what seems like an eternity
  3234. >"Oh boo-hoo, what a beautiful moment."
  3235. "Shut up, you're ruining it."
  3236. >"Oh don't worry, i can ruin it even more!"
  3237. "Wha--?"
  3238. >You look over to Chrysalis
  3239. >And she fucking escaped the roots
  3240. >You got caught up in the moment!
  3241. >You try to reach for your wand
  3242. >Chrysalis rushes towards the two of you
  3243. >Before you can pull the wand up, Chrysalis reaches for the inner pockets of your coat
  3244. >How the fuck does she know about the dagger?!?
  3245. >You aim your wand directly at her
  3246. >But it's too late, she's already holding the dagger up to Celestia's throat
  3247. "Don't you fucking dare! i'll kill you!"
  3248. >"I know you will! but make a move and this dagger is going directly into her little pretty throat!"
  3249. "...damn it!"
  3255. >"Now drop your wand! Do it!"
  3256. "..."
  3257. >You comply and let go of the wand, it falls to your feet
  3258. >Chrysalis kicks it off into the distance
  3259. >"Now this is what's going to happen... listen carefully, you and your mother will leave this kingdom."
  3260. "What?"
  3261. >"You heard me! move to the Crystal Empire! or anywhere else! i don't care where you go as long as it's not here!"
  3262. "I'm not doing that!"
  3263. >She pokes the dagger harder onto your mother's throat
  3264. >"I don't think you're in a position to negotiate."
  3265. >Goddamn it
  3266. >Think... you have to improvise...
  3267. >"I'll give you ten second to make up your mind! take longer than that and you can bid your mother farewell!"
  3268. "You won't kill her! i know you wouldn't dare!"
  3269. >"Are you sure you want to find out!? SHE is the reason i wanted to do this in the first place!"
  3270. >You shouldn't test her
  3271. >"Ten!"
  3272. >There's no point in arguing, you have to think of something!
  3273. >"Nine!"
  3274. >You can't see where the wand went...
  3275. >"Eight!"
  3276. >And using that energy wave could get Celestia heavily injured as well...
  3277. >"Seven!"
  3278. >She took your dagger...
  3279. >"Six!"
  3280. >Does Celestia have her wand?! it doesn't seem like it, she would've done something by now!
  3281. >"Five!"
  3282. >And if you were to scream for help...
  3283. >"Four!"
  3284. >She would without a doubt just kill her on the spot!
  3285. >"Three!"
  3286. >Jesus... someone please help!
  3287. >"Two!"
  3288. >You can't agree to that, it would be like accepting defeat!
  3289. >"One!"
  3290. >Why the fuck do you have to be so goddamn proud all the time?!
  3291. >"You took too long Anon! you'll learn today to NOT fuck wit--..."
  3292. "...Huh?!"
  3293. >"Wha-... what the..."
  3294. >Chrysalis drops the dagger
  3295. >She lets go of Celestia
  3296. >She steps backwards and stumbles around
  3297. >"H-how... who... who the hell did that...?"
  3298. >What the hell is going on?!
  3299. >Chrysalis opens her mouth, as if to talk
  3300. >But words don't come out, just small droplets of blood
  3301. >"That wasn't a normal... that... that arrow had magic in it..."
  3302. "What are you talking about?!"
  3303. >You rush towards Chrysalis
  3304. >She falls, but you manage to catch her in your arms
  3305. >"Everything was going so well... who the hell did that..."
  3306. "Chrysalis! what happened?!"
  3307. >She doesn't respond
  3308. >Slowly, her eyes close
  3309. >"Damn you Anonymous... l'll see you two in hell..."
  3310. "..."
  3311. >"Is she...?"
  3312. "She... she's dead."
  3313. >"Was it you?"
  3314. "I..."
  3315. >You look over your shoulder to Celestia
  3316. "...have no idea what just happened..."
  3317. >You lay her facing down on the ground
  3318. >"Jesus Christ..."
  3319. "What the hell...?"
  3320. >An arrow is poking out of her back
  3321. >"She said something about magic... didn't she?"
  3322. >You quickly stand to your feet
  3323. >You look around frenetically for anybody who could've had a clear shot with a bow
  3324. "Who's out there?! who the hell did this?!"
  3325. >You're not sorry for Chrysalis, but she deserved worse than this
  3326. >And this was personal goddamn it!
  3327. "Do you see anybody, Celestia?!"
  3328. >"Over there!"
  3329. >She points a finger to the other side of the hill
  3330. "Who's that?!"
  3331. >A hooded figure stands, too far away to recognize
  3332. >You're no archer, but you're sure a shot like that wouldn't be possible
  3334. >At the sound of your voice, the mysterious figure turns around to leave
  3335. >Damn it!
  3336. >Where's your wand?!
  3337. >You can still catch him if you just teleport to him!
  3338. >"Anonymous..."
  3339. "Help me look for my wand!"
  3340. >"Anon..."
  3341. "I can still catch him so just--!"
  3342. >"Anonymous!"
  3343. "..."
  3344. >"He's gone."
  3345. "...s-shit..."
  3346. >"We can't worry about this know, we need to take care of Chrysalis."
  3347. "Can't we just dump her body on a river or something?"
  3348. >"Be respectful."
  3349. "I guess... she's not the only one who deserves a proper burial."
  3350. >"Did you do that to Maximus?"
  3351. "I didn't mean it... i lost my calm and acted out of anger..."
  3352. >"I understand, let's go. I think you went through enough today, the elder witches will take care of it."
  3353. "Are you sure?"
  3354. >"I'll make sure myself that they find whomever that person was."
  3355. >Celestia places an arm around you
  3356. >"Let's go now."
  3357. >You walk down the hill back with Celestia, onto the front doors of Luna Nova
  3358. >As they open, your friends are there to welcome you
  3359. >"Anon! for the love of God what were you thinking going out there!"
  3360. >Sunset is the first to speak
  3361. >She rushes to you and takes a hold of your face
  3362. >"What happened to you?! are you hurt?!"
  3363. "I'm fine, Sunny..."
  3364. >"Did you really go out there to fight?" Asks Twilight
  3365. >"Did you kill any of those scums?" Adagio is the next to speak, followed by Rainbow Dash
  3366. >"Dude, next time let me know and i'll help you kick some knight butt!"
  3367. >"Now now, girls, Anon has had a rough day. He needs to rest."
  3368. >"Headmistress... are the knights going to attack again?"
  3369. >Sonata speaks in a very quiet tone
  3370. "Don't worry... i have a feeling we won't be hearing from them in a long time..."
  3371. >"What Anon said. You shouldn't worry, girls."
  3372. >Celestia rests a hand on Sunset's shoulder
  3373. >"Shimmer, would you be kind enough to accompany Anon to his dorm?"
  3374. >"O-of course Headmistress!"
  3375. "Hey i'm tired and all... but i can still walk just fin--"
  3376. >"Hush you! orders from the headmistress!"
  3377. >There's some chuckling as you walk along with Sunset back into your room
  3378. >It's a silent walk, but eventually Sunset talks
  3379. >"Seriously though, why did you go out there? you could've gotten hurt badly..."
  3380. "It's... uh... it's complicated."
  3381. >"Don't you trust me?"
  3382. "Of course i do... but i'm just scared you'll hate me if i tell you"
  3383. >"I'd never hate you, silly... but you didn't cheat on me, did you?"
  3384. "Wait, since when are we dating?"
  3385. >"Since now!"
  3386. "Oh okay, i guess?"
  3387. >"So tell me then!"
  3388. "Maybe later..."
  3389. >"D'aww..."
  3390. >Everything went better than expected
  3391. >But there's still something you need to take care of...
  3392. >Luna...
  3393. >Where is she?
  3394. >She's still alive?
  3395. >You swear you'll find her
  3396. >No matter where she might be, you'll find her!
  3397. >And whoever that guy in the hoodie was, why was he even there...?
  3398. >Your point is, something tells you this isn't over yet.
  3399. >But before you forget...
  3400. "Hey Sunny?"
  3401. >"Yeah?"
  3402. "I owe you date."
  3409. >You pull the bow with all your strength
  3410. >Your aim doesn't have to be perfect, just let the magic do it's job...
  3411. >You let go of the arrow
  3412. >It's surrounded by a purple aura
  3413. >The shot wasn't perfect, as expected
  3414. >But the arrow automatically corrects it's course towards Chrysalis
  3415. >...and there it is
  3416. >Bulls-eye
  3417. >You see something fall to the ground
  3418. >She lets go of the Headmistress
  3419. >Now she's walking backwards...
  3420. >Anon rushes to her... he catches her in her arms
  3421. >Some seconds blow by, and so Anonymous sets the queen down
  3422. >Maybe it was a little bit cowardly, you'll admit
  3423. >But with all respect, you couldn't care less
  3424. >"So? are we done here?"
  3425. "Yep, time to go."
  3427. >You look over the hill
  3428. >They spotted you, it seems
  3429. >Well, whatever
  3430. >Anon doesn't seem to have his wand, so you're safe
  3431. >"Can we go?"
  3432. "Yeah yeah... let's go."
  3433. >You turn to leave
  3434. >Your job here is done
  3435. >And although you'd love to stay and talk
  3436. >There's no time to lose
  3437. >You can't allow them to see you
  3438. >"Took 'ya long enough."
  3439. "You're so impatient, you know that?"
  3440. >"That's just how i am."
  3441. "Well for a self-proclaimed "God of Chaos" you sure can't just wait for a couple minutes."
  3442. >"Oh shush, we have somewhere else to be, i just didn't want to be late."
  3443. >And so you walk off into the horizon
  3444. >What a beautiful day...
  3445. >Summer is starting soon, isn't it?
  3446. >Are the witches going to look for you?
  3447. >Probably
  3448. >Are they going to find you?
  3449. >Not likely
  3450. >Are you ever going to come back?
  3451. >...
  3452. >Maybe once you're done with this little "odyssey" of yours
  3453. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6F8mLpXdII
  3455. ------------------------- THE END ----------------------------
  3480. part 2
  3485. >You walk along the hallway with the royal guard
  3486. >She's escorting you to a room Celestia really wanted you to see
  3487. >Your mother herself wasn't able to show you though
  3488. >Makes sense, now that she's officially the new ruler of Canterlot she must be really overwhelmed by her duties
  3489. >But this walk is getting tedious and a little too long
  3490. >Might as well try to small-talk
  3491. "Hey, guard."
  3492. >"Yes, Sir Anonymous?"
  3493. >Ugh
  3494. >There they go again with the stupid nickname
  3495. "First off don't call me that."
  3496. >"I apologize, Sir Anonymous."
  3497. "Goddam-- whatever, second off; what is this place we're going to?"
  3498. >"It is one of the many secret chambers the royal castle holds."
  3499. "Well what's inside?"
  3500. >"There's no telling, the innards of these chambers haven't been explored in years."
  3501. "Interesting, what's your name by the way?"
  3502. >"Renault, sir. Unit name RS10"
  3503. "Okay Renault, has there been any... news on Luna?"
  3504. >"Unfortunately not, sir. All the dungeons on the castle have been checked, yet she's nowhere to be seen."
  3505. "Where could she have run off to..."
  3506. >"No idea, sir. The royal security is already investigating how she could have escaped, though her cell shows no signs of a break-out."
  3507. "What about a break-in?"
  3508. >Renault stops on her tracks
  3509. >She turns to look at you
  3510. "...is something the matter?"
  3511. >"We're here, sir."
  3512. >...
  3513. >Not you're not?
  3514. >You're just standing at the middle of the hallway...
  3515. "Are you sure, Renault?"
  3516. >"Oh, excuse me, i forgot."
  3517. "Hm?"
  3518. >Renault crouches
  3519. >She then begins to tap the floor tiles, one by one looking for... something
  3520. >Stopping at a particular tile, she taps it a couple more times
  3521. "Huh, that's weird. It's sounds hollow."
  3522. >Renault punches through the brick
  3523. "That's one way to do it..."
  3524. >She removes what's left of the hollow tile, revealing underneath it what looks like a button
  3525. >She presses it
  3526. >The ground shakes as the floor behind her begins to lower, forming a sort of staircase
  3527. >Renault stands
  3528. "How the hell did you even find that?"
  3529. >You ask, still at awe
  3530. >"I was trained for this, sir."
  3531. "You can stop calling me sir, you know? just call me by my name."
  3532. >"Of course, sir."
  3533. >You glare over to her
  3534. >Is she fucking with you?
  3535. >You look for any sings that she might be kidding
  3536. >But no, she seems dead serious
  3537. >"Would you like me to go first?"
  3538. "Nah, just follow my lead."
  3539. >It's a long way down
  3540. >But thank god, eventually you make it
  3541. >The chamber itself is very ominous
  3542. "Is this it?"
  3543. >She nods
  3544. "I can barely see."
  3545. >You reach for your wand
  3546. >Let's see if you got anything that could help
  3547. >You wave your wand around as per usual
  3548. >You'll cast a small light orb, that should do the trick
  3549. >As you close your eyes, you mouth the spell to yourself
  3550. >You re-open them to be greeted by a small orb, no bigger than a lamp, levitating before you
  3551. >The chamber is... empty, for the most part
  3552. >As you wander deeper in it, Renault places a hand on your shoulder
  3553. >"Sir, this is it."
  3554. "I still can't see anything though..."
  3555. >You rise the orb upwards, providing you with a little more coverage
  3556. >"That's better."
  3557. "Oh my god... what is this place...?"
  3558. >"I know only how to get here, but i am not familiarized with the contents if this particular chamber."
  3559. >You shake your head
  3560. "What were you hiding, Chrysalis?"
  3561. >Two tall statues, and an empty base
  3562. >You approach them, Renault follows close behind
  3563. >The first statue, has a golden plate with text embedded on it
  3564. >It reads as follows
  3565. "Numb'r IV: The Emperor. At which hour thou et'rnal night falls, the shadows shalt riseth once again, and with thee, Sombra shalt claimeth what once did belong to that gent."
  3566. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Maaupg55uAk
  3567. >"What does that mean?"
  3568. "Hell if i know. But that name... Sombra..."
  3569. >"Is there something about it?"
  3570. "It does ring a bell, but... i can't quite remember where i've heard it before."
  3571. >You look up to the statue
  3572. >It's that one of a... well, emperor
  3573. >The man wears a cape, and holds a staff in his right hand
  3574. >Yet for an emperor he looks rather young
  3575. >One thing that caught your eye though are his fangs
  3576. >You walk towards the third pillar
  3577. >Yeah, you're skipping the second one
  3578. >The fact that the statue is missing gives you a bad feeling
  3579. >You read the contents of the third plateing
  3580. "Numb'r XV: The Devil. Thy charm belons to that gent, f'r a puny human hast nay privilege possessing such pow'rs. At which hour the et'rnal night falls, that gent shall riseth from the ashes and claimeth the charm of the entire w'rld."
  3581. >"Charm?"
  3582. "I think they mean magic."
  3583. >"Interesting... that sounds worrying though."
  3584. "Perhaps, but it doesn't worry me. It's the fact that they mentioned this "eternal night" twice now that makes me uneasy."
  3585. >The statue is that of a centaur, not much to point out other than the peculiar medallion hanging from it's neck
  3586. >Let's check the last one...
  3587. >You move towards it
  3588. >As mentioned before, the statue is missing
  3589. >The base remains
  3590. >You read the plateing out loud
  3591. "Numb'r I: The Fool. God of chaos, destroyeth'r of harmony, that gent goeth by many names. although not known, t's m're concept draws feareth to all. the m're ideology of what yond beast represents..."
  3592. >The last part of the plate is a little washed out
  3593. >But not because of it's age or anything
  3594. >It was scrapped out
  3595. >"What does it say?"
  3596. >You try to make out whatever you can
  3597. "Uh... it says..."
  3598. >You squint your eyes, and move the orb closer
  3599. "I think it says..."
  3600. >"Yeah?"
  3601. >You look ever you shoulder to Renault
  3602. "...Discord?"
  3607. >Oh fuck...
  3608. >Your head is killing you...
  3609. >You slowly open your eyes
  3610. >Oh, won't you look at that
  3611. >You're laying on the floor of a rather comfy looking cabin
  3612. >Wait
  3613. >Where are you exactly?
  3614. >Or... who are you again?
  3615. >You look around for any clues
  3616. >The cabin is covered from wall to wall with shelfs filled to the brim with books
  3617. >Still doesn't tell you much
  3618. >"Look who's awake."
  3619. "Gah!"
  3620. >You jump at the female voice
  3621. >"Woah calm down, i don't bite."
  3622. >Where the hell did she come from?
  3623. >Before you stands a young looking lady with messy green hair
  3624. >She's wearing a striped sweater too
  3625. >Hmmm...
  3626. >Nope, doesn't ring any bells
  3627. >She wasn't there before, that's for sure
  3628. "When did you get there?! and who are you?"
  3629. >"I could ask you the same thing."
  3630. "Uh... okay? but where am i?"
  3631. >"In a cabin."
  3632. "And where?"
  3633. >"In the middle of the woods."
  3634. "Wha-..."
  3635. >A wave of pain goes across your body
  3636. >It fucking hurts, like some one stabbing you
  3637. "Ouch! goddamn..."
  3638. >"You okay?"
  3639. "I don't know... i can't remember... anything!"
  3640. >She squints her eyes
  3641. >"Can you tell me your name?"
  3642. "..."
  3643. >You try to look around your brain for it
  3644. >But...
  3645. "I'm afraid i can't remember it..."
  3646. >"I see, give me a minute."
  3647. "For wha--?"
  3648. >"Discord! your "friend" is up!"
  3649. "What?"
  3650. >A distant voice speaks
  3651. >"Really? that's marvelous! i'll be right down!"
  3652. "W-who's that?"
  3653. >"Who's who, champ?"
  3654. "What the hell?!"
  3655. >You look over you shoulder, a tall man standing behind you
  3656. "W-when did you get there?!"
  3657. >"Not so fast young man! i'll be asking the questions from now on..."
  3658. "Wait what? q-questions? what questions? ...w-who are you people?"
  3659. >"Well i'm sure my partner here has already introduced herself, right?"
  3660. >The mans says, pointing a finger towards the girl with the sweater
  3661. "Uh... no?"
  3662. >"What? Oh my, that's no good. Wallflower, could you?"
  3663. >You look up to the girl
  3664. >"Ugh.... i'm Wallflower, pleasure to meet you."
  3665. "Nice to meet you too?"
  3666. >The man clears his throat
  3667. >You turn your attention towards him
  3668. >"And i'm known as Tony Stanza, sometimes refereed to as Captain Wuzz, also known as Mr. Cord... but most know me as... Discord."
  3669. >He grins, almost devilishly
  3670. "Oh, okay..."
  3671. >The smiles wipes off his face at your response
  3672. >"Wha... what? "okay"? just okay?"
  3673. "Oh right! Pleasure to meet you too, Tony!"
  3674. >He rolls his eyes
  3675. >"No! don't call me Tony!"
  3676. "Oops, sorry... Mr. cord?"
  3677. >"Discord! call me Discord!"
  3678. "Oh... sure."
  3679. >Discord looks almost taken back
  3680. >He looks over to Wallflower
  3681. >She simply shrugs, and walks off into what seems to be the cabin's living room
  3682. >Discord looks down at you again
  3683. >"Have you really never heard of me?"
  3684. "Not that i remember..."
  3685. >"God of Chaos? Destroyer of harmony?"
  3686. "Sorry... but no..."
  3687. >He clicks his tongue
  3688. >"Can you believe this, Wallflower?"
  3689. >"I can, actually. You were a pseudo-villain like three decades ago, get off your high horse."
  3690. >"PSEUDO-VILLAIN?! Why you... moody teenager!"
  3691. >Discords responds, shaking a fist
  3692. >"Nice insult."
  3693. >He shakes his head before turning back to you
  3694. >With a smile, he continues
  3695. >"Don't pay any attention to her!"
  3696. >He says followed by an awkward laugh
  3697. >"So, can you remember your name by any chance?"
  3698. >"He already told me he can't."
  3699. >"I'm speaking to him not you, darling."
  3700. "Oh no but she's right though, i really can't remember."
  3701. >"Hmph... that's not good... can you tell me your age?"
  3702. >You shake your head no
  3703. >"How about... where you come from? do you remember that?"
  3704. >You shrug
  3705. "I can't even remember how i got here..."
  3706. >"Don't worry about that, i brought you here."
  3707. "Really?"
  3708. >"Indeed, you were laying on a field, but you were already unconscious when i found you."
  3709. "Oh damn... what happened to me?"
  3710. >"That's not the primary concern right now, first we need to find a name for you if you're going to be working with us!"
  3711. "Working... with you?"
  3712. >That energetic smile of his returns
  3713. >"Exactly! a mage like you is just the thing we needed!"
  3714. >"Huh?"
  3715. >You tilt your head
  3716. >His face shifts to one of disappointment
  3717. >"You don't remember you're a wizard as well either, do you."
  3718. "No-uh..."
  3719. >He runs a hand through his face and grunts
  3720. >"This is gonna take longer than expected..."
  3721. "What's gonna take longer?"
  3722. >"You helping my friend over there with magic."
  3723. >He points with a thumb over his shoulder to Wallflower
  3724. >"You see, she's a witch-in-progress. And not a good one at that."
  3725. >"Ptfff..."
  3726. >"Oh hush, you know it's true."
  3727. "Hold on... what makes you think i'm a wizard?"
  3728. >"Oh puh-lease! you're irradiating so much magic, you're stinking up the place!"
  3729. "Oh?"
  3730. >You lift your arm and sniff
  3731. >Discord sighs at your display
  3732. >"I don't mean it literally, sport. It's a metaphor."
  3733. "Oh... right! but how can you tell?"
  3734. >"I can sense magic from a mile away. And you, sir, are packing a lot of it!"
  3735. "Is that good or bad?"
  3736. >"It depends... but in this situation it is extremely good! for us at least..."
  3737. >He trails off at the end
  3738. "What was that?"
  3739. >"Nothing!"
  3740. "...okay?"
  3741. >"First things first; we need to get you a name..."
  3742. "Sure?"
  3743. >"Let's see... you can't remember yours... and surprisingly enough i have never seen you before... hmmmm..."
  3744. >Discord gasps
  3745. >"I got it! the perfect name for you!"
  3746. "What is it?"
  3747. >"From now on, you'll be known as Anonymous!"
  3753. >The train ride to the Crystal Empire was much longer than you'd expected
  3754. >But still, you're not complaining
  3755. >Sure, half the ride you had to withstand all the girls arguing with each other
  3756. >And sure, maybe these seats aren't the most comfortable
  3757. >But it's the destination that matters
  3758. >Although you're not really here for vacationing, only the girls are
  3759. >You still have to figure out what the fuck those statues were
  3760. >And the Crystal Empire could hold the answer to that riddle
  3761. >On your to-do list is: Meeting the princess, figuring out anything you can
  3762. >...and that's about it really
  3763. >Though you'd be thankful if the girls could--
  3766. >"Of course they're mine! they were hidden inside my bag!"
  3768. >"THEY. WERE. INSIDE. MY. BAG!"
  3769. >--if they could be quiet so you could get some sleep...
  3770. >"Gosh darn it! can you two keep it down?!"
  3771. >"Shut it hillbilly! she stole them from me!"
  3772. >"Rainbow Dash! how many times have i told you to not call Applejack that?!"
  3773. >"Shut it you slut!"
  3774. >"Yeah! ya' slut! i don't need ya' to defend me!"
  3775. >Huh
  3776. >You feel like you've heard this conversation before
  3777. >"HAVE I EVER! Don't bother talking to me for the rest of the ride!"
  3779. >"P-pinkie's right... do we have to sho--"
  3780. >"This all started because of you Pinkie!"
  3781. >"Why were you even snoopin' around Rainbow Dash's bag to begin with?!"
  3783. >"BUT YOU DI--!"
  3785. >The arguing stops, and the girls all focus on you
  3786. "I don't understand how the hell you can all manage to do nothing but argue for five hours straight!"
  3787. >They all exchange looks
  3788. "Can't you just be quiet for five minutes? please?"
  3789. >None of them speaks, not a word
  3790. >That is until Applejack, tipping her hat, breaks the ice
  3791. >"Geez partner, no need to scream like that."
  3792. >Rainbow scoffs
  3793. >"Yeah dude, we would've heard you just fine."
  3794. >And then Rarity peeks over from the seat in front of you
  3795. >"I have to agree with them, Darling. You seem tense, have you gotten any sleep?"
  3796. >Ugh
  3797. "You know what? forget it, sorry i shouted."
  3798. >You lay back in your seat
  3799. >Sunset, who's sitting besides you, stretches in her seat and lets out a yawn
  3800. >"Hm... did someone say something?"
  3801. >Pinkie leans towards her
  3802. >"Hey Sunset, you should keep an eye on your boyfriend. He seems really tense!"
  3803. >She says, while placing a hand on her puffy hair
  3804. >Then she pulls out a... a candy bar from it?
  3805. >"HEY! That's mine!"
  3806. >Rainbow points a finger towards her
  3807. >"See?! i told you she stole them! you have them stuffed in your hair?! give them back!"
  3809. >And so the shouting resumes
  3810. >You sigh
  3811. >"Hey Nonny, are you okay?" Sunset asks "You look like you've seen better days."
  3812. "I'm just tired... and nervous about meeting the princess."
  3813. >"Right... why do you gotta meet her anyways?"
  3814. "Just some dumb mission my mom sent me on."
  3815. >"And you gotta take care of it all by yourself?"
  3816. "Oh no, there's this one guard that's been helping me."
  3817. >"Well that's a relief, i could help you too if you wanted!"
  3818. >Sunny leans over on your shoulder
  3819. "Nah, don't worry about it. You and the girls deserve this break."
  3820. >"Anon, you've worked the hardest out of anyone i know this year. Maybe you should put this misson on hold for a while?"
  3821. >If only you could...
  3822. >But those statues and those messages...
  3823. >This "eternal night" they mentioned, you gotta know what this is all about
  3824. >You'd be lying if you said it didn't freak you out a little
  3825. >But as Sunset wraps and arm around you, you calm down
  3826. "I'd love to put it on hold, but Renault is already waiting for me at the station."
  3827. >"Who?"
  3828. "The guard i was telling you about. She took the morning train to the Crystal Empire, so yeah."
  3829. >Sunset pulls back
  3830. >"Wait... s-she?"
  3831. "Yeah, i met her a couple days back. But ever since i started this investigation she's been helping me a lot."
  3832. >"Oh... okay... what's the investigation about?"
  3833. "Meh, i'll tell you later."
  3838. "Anonymous?"
  3839. >"You don't like it?"
  3840. "It's just a pretty weird name..."
  3841. >"Oh, well naming things was never my forte."
  3842. >"I can tell."
  3843. "GAH!"
  3844. >You jump at Wallflower's voice, right behind you
  3845. "How did you get there?!"
  3846. >Wallflower rolls her eyes
  3847. >"What part of magic don't you understand?"
  3848. "I-... right."
  3849. >"So are you willing to help us?"
  3850. >She speaks while stretching a hand down towards you
  3851. >You reach for it, and she pulls you up with quite a lot of strength
  3852. "I mean... i would, but... i'm just more worried about my amnesia problem. Sorry."
  3853. >"Oh... i understand."
  3854. >She has a rather disappointing expression on her face
  3855. "Hey listen i'm sorry but as far as i know, maybe *i* can't even perform magic."
  3856. >Discord interrupts
  3857. >"Actually, i beg to differ."
  3858. >As you turn to face him, Discord continues
  3859. >"Magic, at least for someone who was born with it, is more muscle memory than anything."
  3860. "Well still, i don't know if i'm ready to teach. Why don't you just look for help somewhere else?"
  3861. >He shakes his head
  3862. >"I'm afraid we can't, and even if we could, we wouldn't be able to afford a magic tutor."
  3863. "In that case, why shouldn't *i* make you pay for my services then?"
  3864. >You were being a little bit deadpan there, you'll admit
  3865. >Not like you could use the gold anyway
  3866. >Discord grimaces, but quickly looks away
  3867. "Don't take it the wrong way, as i said i'm just--"
  3868. >"No, it's alright. It was foolish of me to think you'd help."
  3869. "...Thanks then. Right now i'd like to--"
  3870. >"We can pay you."
  3871. >Alright you're getting tired of being interrupted now
  3872. >Though what Wallflower just said does catch your attention
  3873. "What?"
  3874. >"What?"
  3875. >Yeah, not even Discord knows what's going on
  3876. >"We can pay you. Not with gold but with your amnesia."
  3877. "Really now?"
  3878. >That's...
  3879. >Interesting, to say the least
  3880. "And how would you do that?"
  3881. >"If you promise to help with my magic, Discord and i will do anything we can to help you as well."
  3882. >You gaze over to Discord
  3883. >He simply shrugs, and Wallflower continues to speak
  3884. >"How we can help, i do not know. But it's certainly better than nothing."
  3885. >Well she's right
  3886. >But then again, you could just ask anyone else for help
  3887. >...or could you?
  3888. >Eh, that's not a risk you're willing to help
  3889. >You also need somewhere to stay
  3890. >So they could provide that
  3891. >It is a very spacious cabin after all
  3892. >Fuck it.
  3893. "You know what? i'll do it."
  3897. >>"This palace is... beautiful!"
  3898. >"I don't get it, Rarity. It's a little bit too fancy fer me."
  3899. >"You just have to appreciate the little details, Applejack!"
  3900. >"Little details? what little details? this place is literally made out of crystals!"
  3901. "Yeah honestly though, how extra do you have to be to make a castle out of precious gems?"
  3902. >"That's what am saying!"
  3903. >"Tch, you two could never understand interior design."
  3904. >You gaze over to AJ and shrug in unison
  3905. >Right now you're being given a tour of the Crystal Palace
  3906. >And so long you've learned that
  3907. >Well
  3908. >It holds up to it's name, that's for sure
  3909. >Interesting who your tour guide is
  3910. >You get a feeling you've meet this guy before
  3911. >Anyway, he goes by the name of Sunburst
  3912. >"And here we have the royal gardens! over here at the Crystal Palace we pride ourselves a lot for it!"
  3913. >Sunburst speaks
  3914. >"The history that this garden holds is very interes--!"
  3915. >Though he's interrupted by a very excited Rarity
  3916. >"OH MY GOODNESS! Just look at this place!"
  3917. >"Uh... yes, the gardens are a beautiful sight to withhold! but as i was sayin--"
  3918. >"Look Fluttershy!"
  3919. >"H-huh?"
  3920. >"Look at the beautiful wildlife! aren't you excited?!"
  3921. >"I-i guess it's n-nice, bu-- oh my god... is that a ribbon-tailed astrapia?!"
  3922. >Sunburst speaks up once again
  3923. >Hopefully he doesn't get interrupted this time
  3924. >"Indeed it is! the royal garden is famous for the exotic and beautiful creatures it holds!"
  3925. >"I... i gotta see it up-close!"
  3926. >*FWOOM*
  3927. >She speeds off
  3928. >Never in your life have you seen anyone run so fast
  3929. >"Wait for me, darling!"
  3930. >Fluttershy and Rarity run off into the gardens
  3931. >"How can you get so worked up over some grass and birds?"
  3932. >Rainbow shakes her head
  3933. >"I really don't understand them sometimes."
  3934. >Then she gazes off, but her eyes widen
  3935. >"W-woah, what's that?"
  3936. >She asks to Sunburst, pointing a finger towards a group of guards
  3937. >"Oh, that's the practice field! it's a small arena where the units can spend their free time by battling one another!"
  3938. >"Wait... like actual battles?"
  3939. >"Yep! and let me tell you it can get pretty nasty sometimes!"
  3940. >She chuckles
  3941. >"Well this place just got better!"
  3942. >Rainbow Dash runs off into the fields
  3943. >Which leaves you, Sunset, Applejack and Pinkie
  3944. >And talking about AJ, she's the next one to speak
  3945. >"Imma be honest with 'ya fellas, this tour is pretty boring. No offense."
  3946. >"None taken." replies Sunburst
  3947. >"So some entertainment is exactly what ah need!"
  3948. >And so she runs off following Rainbows' trail
  3949. >"Oh... okay then?"
  3950. >Sunburst turns to the group
  3951. >"Well guys, we can end the tour here if you'd like! i mean it's lunch-time anyways so--"
  3952. >"LUNCH?! WHERE?!"
  3953. >*FWOOOOOOOM*
  3954. >holy shit
  3955. >Scratch what you said before, Fluttershy ain't got shit on Pinkie
  3956. >"B-but i didn't even tell you where the kitchen is!"
  3957. >Sunburst sighs as he walks off
  3958. >"I'll go look for her..."
  3959. >And now it's just you and Sunset
  3960. >"That took a weird turn."
  3961. "Yeah, i guess you could say that."
  3962. >She chuckles
  3963. >"Weeeell...."
  3964. "Yeah?"
  3965. >"Now that we're alone..."
  3966. >She leans forward
  3967. >"I guess we coul--"
  3968. >"Look who decided to show up!"
  3969. "Huh?"
  3970. >You look over your shoulder
  3971. "Oh, Renault!"
  3972. >She waves your way, while walking towards you and Sunset
  3973. >And she's not wearing her uniform
  3974. >You've never seen her in casual clothing before
  3975. >But...
  3976. >She doesn't look bad at all
  3977. >"Took you long enough!"
  3978. >Once she's at arms length she goes for a hug
  3979. >I mean, it would be disrespectful to turn down the gesture
  3980. "The trip took a little longer than expected, i'll admit." you reply breaking the embrace
  3981. >"Hey, and you must be Sunset! pleasure to meet you!"
  3982. >Since when does Sunset have that annoyed facial expression?
  3983. >"And you must be Renault, pleasure is all mine."
  3984. >You don't like the tone of her voice either
  3985. >And it seems like Renault notices it too
  3986. >"I'm not interrupting anything, right?"
  3987. >"Oh of course not! we were just about to--"
  3988. >"Cool then! Anon, i have to tell you something!"
  3989. >"Uh, guys? i was going to say somethi--"
  3990. "What is it, Renault?"
  3991. >"While you were still on the train ride, i managed to organize a meeting with the princess!"
  3992. "Nice! so when's the meeting?"
  3993. >"She said she'll be more than glad to take us in right now"
  3994. "Right now?"
  3995. >"Yep!"
  3996. >You look over to Sunset
  3997. "Hey... i'd love to stay but you know how important this whole thing is, right?"
  3998. >She grimaces
  3999. >"No it's okay, you go. I'll just go and meet up with the rest of the girls."
  4000. "Oh okay then!"
  4001. >Sunset walks off
  4002. "I'll see you later then!"
  4003. >No reply
  4004. >...
  4005. >"I just realized i told her my name was Renault..."
  4006. "What do you mean? is it not?"
  4007. >"Of course not! that's just the name given to me by the guards of Canterlot."
  4008. "Huh, so what is it then?"
  4009. >"Meh... don't worry about it."
  4010. "Aw c'mon, why not?"
  4011. >"It's just a silly name."
  4012. "You're gonna tell me 'Anon' isn't a weird name too?"
  4013. >She smiles
  4014. >"Are you sure you wanna know?"
  4015. "If we're going to be partners in crime then i guess so!"
  4016. >Renault(?) rolls her eyes
  4017. >"In that case."
  4018. >She stretches a hand
  4019. >"I'm Lemon Zest, nice to meet you!"
  4024. >It's been two weeks now since you moved in with Wallflower and Discord
  4025. >Two rather uneventful weeks
  4026. >Although some sort of progress was made at least
  4027. >Wallflower's magic has definitely gotten better
  4028. >And it should, you've done nothing but tutor her this last couple of weeks
  4029. >Unfortunately you still haven't had any sort of progress when it comes to your amnesia
  4030. >Still not a complete waste of time
  4031. >As you helped Wallflower with her magic, you grew more acquainted with your own
  4032. >But as you said before it's been two weeks already
  4033. >Your patience is growing a *little* bit thin
  4034. >"Hey Anon, check this out!"
  4035. >Wallflower pokes you with her shoulder
  4036. "What is it?"
  4037. >"Look!"
  4038. >She gazes over to her wand, which is covered by a green aura
  4039. >The wand itself points towards a single book, covered as well by a similar green-ish aura
  4040. >Slowly but surely the book rises from the table to a considerate height
  4041. "Look at you, you've gotten better with levitation!"
  4042. >"Yep! all thanks to you!"
  4043. "I'm glad. By the way, can i ask you something?"
  4044. >"Sure! anything!"
  4045. "I was just wondering when you and i were going to... you know..."
  4046. >"Oh... i mean... i didn't know you were interested in that..."
  4047. "What? of course i am. It's the only reason why i even wanted to stay here."
  4048. >"Oh Anon... i-i'm flustered..."
  4049. "You really shouldn't be?"
  4050. >"Yeah i know... i'm such a dork but... i'm not very good with boys..."
  4051. >...
  4052. >What?
  4053. >"But i mean... i'm up for new experiences..."
  4054. >That last response was kinda breathy
  4055. >And now she's leaning forward--
  4056. >Okay, no, abort
  4057. "Hold on hold on..."
  4058. >In response you lay a little further back on the couch
  4059. "What are you talking about?"
  4060. >Her eyes widen
  4061. >"U-uh... w-what are *you* talking about?"
  4062. "My amnesia! i'm talking about my amnesia!"
  4063. >"OH! T-that's what you meant!"
  4064. "..."
  4065. >"I-i mean! i know that's what you meant!"
  4066. >Her cheeks turn bright red
  4067. "Ugh."
  4068. >"Heh... heh..."
  4069. "You haven't forgotten about our deal, have you?"
  4070. >Just as Wallflower opens her mouth to speak, a familiar voice interrupts her
  4071. >"Of course we haven't! who do you take us for, Anonymous?"
  4072. >You look over to Discord
  4073. >Seriously gotta get used to him popping up from thin air
  4074. "There you are, why did you call us in here?"
  4075. >"Great question! I just wanted to introduce someone. An old friend you could call her."
  4076. "...sure, i guess."
  4077. >"Perfect! Mi Amore, please come in!"
  4078. >The front door to the cabin opens
  4079. >And a mysterious figure, wearing a hood covering its face, enters
  4080. >"Anonymous, Wallflower..."
  4081. >Discord gestures towards the figure with an open palm
  4082. >"...meet Mi Amore."
  4083. >"It's a pleasure to finally be able to see you in person."
  4084. "...did you need something?"
  4085. >"Not necessarily, i'm just here to offer you a deal."
  4086. "What sort of deal?"
  4087. >"Tell me, how would you like to attend a witch academy?"
  4088. "...are you talking to me?"
  4089. >"I'm talking to the both of you."
  4090. "Well sorry but i'm not a girl so--"
  4091. >"I know, but you wouldn't be the first male to enter Luna Nova."
  4092. "To enter what now?"
  4093. >Wallflower chimes in
  4094. >"It's the most prestigious witch academy in the kingdom."
  4095. >And turning back to Mi Amore, she follows
  4096. >"But we wouldn't be able to pay the entry fee in a lifetime..."
  4097. >"Worry not, gold isn't a problem. I'll make sure to pay all the expenses."
  4098. "Woah, all of them?"
  4099. >She nods
  4100. >"As i said, gold is not a problem. Your amnesia is though, yes?"
  4101. "Indeed."
  4102. >"Then i believe Luna Nova could hold the answers."
  4103. >...
  4104. >Okay then, not sure you follow but...
  4105. "Who are you again?"
  4106. >The woman pulls her hood back
  4107. >Allowing her hair, rose with shades of violet accompanied by golden stripes, to fall upon her shoulders
  4108. >She looks up back to you
  4109. >"You can call me Cadence if you'd like. Princess Cadence of the Crystal Empire."
  4110. "Oh okay then."
  4111. >Yep, you're still not following
  4112. >Maybe Wallflower...
  4113. >You look besides you to a shocked Wallflower with her jaw on the floor
  4114. >Okay, she probably knows who this "Cadence" is then.
  4119. >You wait patiently along with Lemon Zest in the princesses chamber
  4120. >To be honest, you're a little bit nervous
  4121. >Do you even know what you're going to talk about?
  4122. >Oh god what if you fuck up and start a war or something?
  4123. "H-hey Lemon Zest i'm not feelin--"
  4124. >But before you can finish that sentence
  4125. >The door to the chamber opens
  4126. >Here we go...
  4127. >You rise from your sit, and Lemon Zest follows
  4128. >Then the... princess enters?
  4129. >Who's that?
  4130. >"Well let's get this over with, why did you want to meet?"
  4131. >Before you stands a girl just a couple years younger than you
  4132. >You look over to Lemon Zest
  4133. >She stares back and shrugs
  4134. "Uh... who are you?"
  4135. >"Excuse me?"
  4136. >"Oh wait, aren't you Flurry Heart?"
  4137. >"Yeah." she says looking over to Lemon Zest
  4138. "But where's your mother?"
  4139. >"On a vacation or something"
  4140. "She can do that?"
  4141. >"She's the princess, she can do whatever she wants."
  4142. >"Well what about your father?" adds Lemon Zest
  4143. >"He's off too, he went to see his family or something."
  4144. >Great
  4145. >There goes the investigation
  4146. >With a sigh you return to your sit
  4147. >"Hey, until they're gone, i'm in charge. So whatever you had to say, say it now."
  4148. "Nah nevermind, it's nothing."
  4149. >Lemon taps your shoulder
  4150. >"Anon, it wouldn't hurt to try."
  4151. "...i guess."
  4152. >"So are you two just gonna waste my time or what?"
  4153. >Lemon looks over to her
  4154. >"Of course not your majesty, we just had a couple questions than needed answering."
  4155. >"Well ask them then."
  4156. >"Anon, could you?"
  4157. "Yeah yeah..."
  4158. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjT0p2z4hGg
  4159. >You look up to Flurry Heart and give her the short version
  4160. >About the secret chamber in the Canterlot castle, about the statues and messages
  4161. >About the "Eternal night" they mentioned, about "Discord"
  4162. >And last but not least, about the name "Sombra"
  4163. "We were just wondering if the princess knew anything about this, and if maybe she could help."
  4164. >"You wouldn't happen to know anything, right?" asks Lemon Zest
  4165. >"Actually... i think i do."
  4166. "What? really?"
  4167. >"I mean, not all of it. But my mom used to tell me this story about a guy named Sombra."
  4168. "Could you tell us something about it?"
  4169. >"There's not much to tell. Sombra was, like, a super evil guy that, like, wanted to control the Crystal Empire and stuff."
  4170. >Really?
  4171. >You curl your lip at Flurry Heart
  4172. >"Hey sorry, but that's all i remember."
  4173. >"Couldn't you tell us something more... specific?"
  4174. >Flurry Heart shrugs
  4175. >"Well if you wanted me to go into detail you could've said so."
  4176. "Please do."
  4177. >"So apparently Sombra was an actual person that took over the empire, like, a really long time ago."
  4178. >That still doesn't add much
  4179. >So you encourage her to continue
  4180. "What else?"
  4181. >"He managed to take over the empire, but was vanished or something like that. That's all i know."
  4182. >Just like yourself, Lemon Zest doesn't seem very content with the answers
  4183. >"Could you tell us if this palace holds any sort of secret chamber then?"
  4184. >Flurry Heart shakes her head
  4185. >"I wouldn't know."
  4186. "Ugh, great."
  4187. >You lay back in your seat
  4188. "So we came here for nothing, huh?"
  4189. >Lemon Zest doesn't reply, she just stares at the ground
  4190. >What a waste
  4191. >At least now you have an excuse to spend time with the girls
  4192. >"But i do know someone who might..."
  4193. >You sit upright once again
  4194. "What? why didn't you say that before?"
  4195. >"I just wanted to add that little extra dramatic effect."
  4196. >You roll your eyes
  4197. >"So who is it?"
  4198. >"Just give me a minute"
  4199. >Flurry Heart snaps her fingers
  4201. >Gee, quite the royal she is
  4202. >In record time, your former tour guide rushes inside
  4203. >"Yes... your... majesty?" he talks in between breaths
  4204. >"Would you happen to know anything about a secret chamber?"
  4205. >"Oh, of course your majesty. Why do you ask?"
  4206. >Flurry Heart looks back to you with a smile
  4207. >"Well what are you two waiting for? let's see what the fuss is about."
  4212. >"Anonymous!"
  4213. "Huh?! wh-wha--?"
  4214. >You wake up at sound of your teacher's voice
  4215. >And raise your head from your desk
  4216. "Yeah?"
  4217. >"Please try to remain awake in my class."
  4218. "Uh, sure..."
  4219. >You hear chuckling around you
  4220. >Damn it
  4221. >First day of class at Luna Nova
  4222. >And you're already falling asleep
  4223. >"Now, let us continue with the lecture."
  4224. >For how long did you sleep?
  4225. >Anyway, hopefully recess is soon
  4226. >You'd like to see what Wallflower is up to
  4227. >Concerning Luna Nova itself, it's alright you guess
  4228. >You don't know what you were expecting
  4229. >Most of the girls seem to be ignoring your presence though, that's for sure
  4230. >And you still don't know how this place holds the answer to your amnesia
  4231. >Whatever, maybe you should be paying attention
  4232. >But you can feel your eyelids closing
  4233. >You try to open them but
  4234. >Oh god you're falling asleep again
  4235. >Or at least you were, as the sound of a bell wakes you up fully
  4236. >"Well ladies, that's it for today. If anybody has questions, don't forget to consult me."
  4237. >Slowly, everybody rises from their seats
  4238. >Some students walk towards the teacher
  4239. >But most of them head for the door
  4240. >Finally you stand and decide to look for Wallflower
  4241. >Although the halls seem completely flooded with Witches, you'll wait until the crowd dissipates
  4242. >In the distance, you see someone approach you
  4243. >You'd recognize that big ass hat anywhere
  4244. >It's an elder witch, the Headmistress to be exact
  4245. >"Hello there, Anonymous."
  4246. "Hello Headmistress, did you need something?"
  4247. >"Please just call me Cheerilee. I just wanted to check on you and see how you were doing!"
  4248. "I'm fine."
  4249. >"Great! remember, if anybody causes you any trouble you come to me."
  4250. "Yeah sure."
  4251. >"I'll see you around then!"
  4252. >Cheerilee walks off
  4253. >Well, seems like the halls aren't so crowded now
  4254. >Time to head out
  4255. >You walk along the hallway, and your mind trails off
  4256. >You're just thinking about if coming here was a good idea
  4257. >It's just weird how a princess from another kingdom just showed up out of nowhere...
  4258. >You haven't thought about it much
  4259. >But is she working with Discord?
  4260. >If so, then what's their pla--?
  4261. >THUMP
  4262. >"Ow!"
  4263. >You snap back to reality as you bump into someone
  4264. >Great, you just keep fucking up don't you
  4265. >You look down to a... a student?
  4266. >Yeah she's a student, but what is she wearing?
  4267. >Her attire is similar to that of the elder witches
  4268. >Cape, hat, everything
  4269. "Uh... Sorry, i wasn't paying attention. Are you oka--?"
  4270. >"Who dares bump into The Great and Powerful Trixie?!"
  4271. >...
  4272. >What
  4273. "Um, it was me. Sorry, let me help you out."
  4274. >You stretch a hand towards her
  4275. >But she slaps it away and stands by her own
  4276. >"Tch, you should be more careful! do you have any idea who Trixie is?!"
  4277. "...not really."
  4278. >Is she refeering to herself in third person?
  4279. >"You are standing before the one and only Trix--!"
  4280. >"Trixie! there you are!"
  4281. >You hear a distant voice
  4282. >Gazing away from Trixie, you see another witch approach you
  4283. >"I was looking for you all around! what were you doing?"
  4284. >The girl looks over to Trixie, then to you, and back to her
  4285. >"Ugh, could you stop flirting with the new guy and help me with this?"
  4286. >The witch takes a hold of Trixie's arm and drags her off
  4287. >"W-what?! Trixie was *not* flirting with anybody!"
  4288. >You hear her shout from a far
  4289. >You can even hear them argue in the distance actually
  4290. >That was...
  4291. >weird, to say the least
  4292. >Now where were you?
  4293. >Oh, right
  4294. >Looking for Wallflower
  4299. >"Woah, i never knew this part of the palace existed..."
  4300. >Flurry heart exclaims
  4301. >"It's been hardly a decade since anybody has come down here. Not many know about it."
  4302. >Sunburst replies
  4303. >As of right now, you're exploring the underground of the Crystal Palace
  4304. >Walking through the dark, empty, and narrow halls
  4305. >Along with Lemon Zest, Sunburst, and Flurry Heart
  4306. >You weren't expecting such a big crowd, but you're not complaining
  4307. >"So are we getting any closer?" asks Lemon Zest
  4308. >"Yep, as a matter of fact; we're here!"
  4309. >Sunburst gestures with torch in hand towards the wall
  4310. >You can barely make out a small switch
  4311. "Huh, that's subtle."
  4312. >"To be honest, i'm just glad it isn't hidden under the floor or something like that."
  4313. >Lemon Zest speaks as she slowly approaches the previous mentioned switch
  4314. >She rests a hand on it, and looks over to Sunburst
  4315. >He nods
  4316. >And so she pulls it
  4317. >Part of the wall lowers, revealing a small staircase heading downwards on the other side
  4318. "Well... ladies first?"
  4319. >"Hey i don't mind going first, but not without a light."
  4320. "Let me try something."
  4321. >You reach for your wand
  4322. >You hold it tightly in your hands, and mutter the spell to yourself
  4323. >The very tip of the wand lights up
  4324. >It's not much, but it'll have to do
  4325. "After me, everybody."
  4326. >You step forth into the stairwell
  4327. >With Flurry Heart behind, followed by Lemon Zest
  4328. >Sunburst stays at the back with a torch of his own
  4329. >It comes without saying, but this place gives you a bad feeling
  4330. >You feel a breeze pass through you, slowly
  4331. >Although you're underground
  4332. "Ugh..."
  4333. >"You okay?"
  4334. "Yeah... i just got shivers up my spine."
  4335. >You reply to Flurry
  4336. >"Well this place *is* a little bit eerie after all..."
  4337. "About that, why did you come?"
  4338. >"What?"
  4339. "I mean, why would you want to come to a place like this?"
  4340. >"I literally have nothing else to do. Plus, coming to an adventure sounds fun!"
  4341. "This isn't exactly the safest of adventures though."
  4342. >"It's better than dying of boredom."
  4343. >You chuckle
  4344. "Maybe you're right."
  4345. >The staircase comes to an end
  4346. >You enter a open area, a dungeon
  4347. >It's odd, but it's pretty similar to that at the castle of Canterlot
  4348. >Of course you can barely see what's in front of you
  4349. >This will probably damage your wand, but whatever
  4350. >You can get your hands on another one after this
  4351. >Your wand shines brighter, giving a better view of the dungeon
  4352. >You can already tell it's not doing any good to your wand
  4353. >"So what are we looking for, exactly?"
  4354. "Anything and everything. By the way, hey Sunburst?"
  4355. >"Yes?"
  4356. "This place doesn't have any sort of traps or anything, right?"
  4357. >"I don't think so... i haven't really wondered too deep into the underground myself."
  4358. "I don't blame you, let's just hope none of us step into a floor tile and this whole place falls to the ground."
  4359. >"Agreed, everyone watch your step."
  4360. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIuDDwWQuWc
  4361. >You step foward into the dungeon, keeping at the front of the pack
  4362. >Eventually you reach the end
  4363. >And surely, there awaits two more statues
  4364. >Just like the ones on Canterlot
  4365. >"Woah... what are those?" asks Flurry Heart
  4366. "It's exactly what we were looking for."
  4367. >You gesture your wand towards one of the statues, there's something engraved on the base
  4368. >The statue itself is of a princess
  4369. >And the engraving reads as follows
  4370. "Number II: The High Priestess, That whom shalt rule ov'r all. After a thousand year catch but a wink the lady wilt reclaim t all. But not without the holp of thy wizard."
  4371. >"What is that supposed to mean?"
  4372. "Hell if i know." you reply to Flurry
  4373. >"Hold on, could you read the next one?"
  4374. "Uh, yeah sure."
  4375. >You approach the next statue
  4376. "Number I: The Wizard. The final peace whom shalt bringeth the darkness itself. Without that gent, the prophecy shalt not beest complete."
  4377. >That's not all
  4378. >Below the message itself, it seems as if someone wrote something else
  4379. "Hey look, below here someone wrote 'find him'?"
  4380. >"Intriguing, you know what these are?"
  4381. "...statues?"
  4382. >"No not those, i mean the messages themselves."
  4383. >You shrug at Sunburst
  4384. >"Those at Tarot cards, at least what they're named after"
  4385. "Really? these aren't the first statues we've seen."
  4386. >"What did the others say?"
  4387. >"I believe one of them was named 'The Devil', and another went by 'The Emperor'."
  4388. >Replies Lemon Zest
  4389. >"Yep, those are Tarot cards." Sunburst adds, nodding his head
  4390. "Weird..."
  4391. >The statue of the wizard is pretty self explanatory
  4392. >It's that of a wizard, but the sculpture itself doesn't have a face unlike the others
  4393. >And talking about that
  4394. >You shine your light towards the statue of the high priestess
  4395. >...
  4396. >The curves of her face...
  4397. >That's... kinda uncanny valley
  4398. >It's a face you've seen before
  4399. >But where?
  4400. >Your memory has just gotten worse with the passing of time
  4401. >"AH!"
  4402. >The sudden shout makes your heart skip a beat
  4403. "Ah! what?! what is it Flurry Heart?!"
  4404. >"L-look over there!"
  4405. >You shine your light towards the direction she's pointing
  4406. >Sunburst does the same
  4407. >"...w-what the hell?"
  4408. "What the fuck?"
  4413. >Welp
  4414. >You spent the entirety of recess looking for Wallflower
  4415. >But she was nowhere to be found
  4416. >Wonder where she ran off too
  4417. >Luckily enough you two share a dorm, so you'll be able to catch up on her later tonight
  4418. >Doesn't matter, right now you're in class and
  4419. >And well you have no idea what this class is about but it has something to do with nature and stuff
  4420. >Your teacher speaks
  4421. >"Okay everybody, next work will be in pairs of two. So i will assign a partner to each of you."
  4422. >Whatever, you think
  4423. >You remain at your desk
  4424. >And eventually your partner shows up
  4425. >Hey, it's that chick from before
  4426. >Not Trixie, the other witch that dragged her off
  4427. >She takes a seat besides you
  4428. "Hey."
  4429. >Might as well try and make some friends
  4430. >But you don't hear a reply from her
  4431. "...so, what's the assignment?"
  4432. >"Don't worry about it. Just let me do it."
  4433. >Okay then
  4434. "No need to be so passive aggressive. I'm just trying to help."
  4435. >"Didn't you fall asleep last class? i can do it by myself either way."
  4436. "Hey-- ugh, okay what i do? it's literally my first day here and everyone hates me?"
  4437. >"I just really want to get a good grade on this, okay?"
  4438. "And what? you think i can't help?"
  4439. >"It's not that, it's ju--"
  4440. "I bet i can get you an A+."
  4441. >"I--..."
  4442. >Her eyes narrowed
  4443. >"That's a pretty bold claim to make."
  4444. "Yeah well i know i can, you won't even have to lift a finger."
  4445. >"Really now?" she says lifting an eyebrow
  4446. "Trust me, just tell me what i have to do."
  4447. >"...well i guess there's no harm in trying."
  4448. >Your partner reaches for her bag
  4449. >She pulls a plant pot, and sets it on the desk
  4450. >"That's it."
  4451. "What? i don't get it."
  4452. >"We're supposed to use magic to make the flower seeds in this pot grow."
  4453. >She lays back in hear seat
  4454. >"Think you can do that, mister A+?"
  4455. "Uh..."
  4456. >You look down to the pot and shrug
  4457. "Sure."
  4458. >You hold your wand in your index finger and thumb
  4459. >How are you gonna do this?
  4460. >An idea pops to mind
  4461. >...hm, you guess you could try
  4462. >Let's just hope you don't set the classroom on fire
  4463. >You close your eyes
  4464. >Under your breath you say the magic words and gesture with your wand towards the pot
  4465. >Some seconds go by before you hear movement besides you
  4466. >As if your partner were leaning forwards in her chair
  4467. >"Woah..."
  4468. "Can i open my eyes now?"
  4469. >"Huh? oh yeah sure, i don't even know why you closed them to begin with. Not like it helps."
  4470. "Ah, right. Sorry, force of habit i guess."
  4471. >You open them slowly
  4472. >And you're welcomed by the sight of a single rose, slowly blooming
  4473. >"Won't you look at that, you actually did it."
  4474. "Ptff, was there ever any doubt?"
  4475. >Your partner chuckles
  4476. >"Hey, you're Anonymous. Right?"
  4477. >You gaze away from the pot and back to the witch
  4478. "That's me."
  4479. >"Are you related to the other Anon, by any chance?"
  4480. "The other Anon? what are you talking about?"
  4481. >"You know... Anonymous?"
  4482. "Me?"
  4483. >"No not you, i mean... there's another guy that attends here. And because you two share the same name i thought you were related."
  4484. "Oh, i think i've heard of that guy before. Yeah, but where is he though? i've gone around the whole school and i haven't seen any other guy."
  4485. >"Him and his class are in like a sort of vacation."
  4486. "But classes just started?"
  4487. >"Yeah but the previous Headmistress gave them permission."
  4488. "That's weird."
  4489. >"Kinda, i guess."
  4490. "You ever met him?"
  4491. >"I did actually, at a birthday party once."
  4492. "So how is he?"
  4493. >"He's alright, pretty cool. Haven't talked to him much though after that party."
  4494. "Nice, i mean probably not as cool or charming as me. But you can't get that from many other guys."
  4495. >Getting a little bit cocky, aren't we?
  4496. >The witch chuckles
  4497. >"I'm Starlight by the way, Starlight Glimmer."
  4498. >You nod your head
  4499. "It's a pleasure to meet you."
  4500. >"Oh and before i forget; that tricked you pulled was nice and all, but not enough for an A pluuu--..."
  4501. >She trails off at the end
  4502. >And you can see her eyes move over to the desk
  4503. >So of course you look to see what happened
  4504. >And... it's the pot
  4505. >The previous single rose that bloomed is now surrounded by many other flowers, of many different colors
  4506. >And as a matter of fact, it's still blooming
  4507. >Slowly but surely
  4508. >"Woah, how'd you do that?"
  4509. "I... uh, don't know."
  4510. >You stare at the pot along with Starlight
  4511. >And sooner than later it finally stops growing
  4512. >You contemplate it for a couple of seconds, and stare back to Starlight
  4513. "What i do know is; *that's* definitely an A+ job."
  4518. >You shine your light towards the direction she's pointing
  4519. >Sunburst does the same
  4520. >"...w-what the hell?"
  4521. "What the fuck?"
  4522. >Before you stands around a dozen of sculptures
  4523. >Sculptures of warriors it seems, as they're all wearing medieval armor
  4524. >It leads you to believe they are from a different era
  4525. >But what are they doing here?
  4526. >The entire group stays silent for what seems like an eternity
  4527. >But eventually Lemon Zest asks
  4528. >"What are these supposed to be?"
  4529. "I wouldn't know, what i'm more interested in knowing is; how did these get here?"
  4530. >You turn back to Sunburst, hoping he can answer your question
  4531. >"Don't look at me, sadly i don't know what these are doing here either."
  4532. "I guessed so..."
  4533. >Great, seems like nobody knows what the hell is going on
  4534. >So you do what seems like the most logical thing, and approach the statues
  4535. >Once you're at arms length you shine your wand towards them, revealing the crazy amount of detail in them
  4536. "Weird, i think i recognize the armor this one is wearing."
  4537. >Lemon Zest approaches them as well and stands by your side
  4538. >"Yeah i think i do too. It's the armor the Guards of Canterlot used to wear back in the day."
  4539. >"I believe i know where that one over there is from as well."
  4540. >You look over your shoulder to see Sunburst pointing towards one of the many sculptures
  4541. >"It's similar to the armor the warriors of Yakyakistan used in the medieval times."
  4542. >Lemon Zest shrugs
  4543. >"Still doesn't tell us much..."
  4544. "Well you're right..."
  4545. >"Can we leave then?"
  4546. >Flurry Heart speaks while taking cover behind Sunburst
  4547. "Flurry, if you're scared you can leave."
  4548. >"By my own? i'm not going out there alone!"
  4549. "Then just ask Sunburst to go with--"
  4550. >You turn to face her, and goddamn it she's giving you the puppy eyes
  4551. "C'mon... don't be like that."
  4552. >"Pleaseeee~?"
  4553. "...ugh, okay. Whatever, there's no point in staying here anyways."
  4554. >"Thank god."
  4555. "Let's go everybody. Time to leave."
  4556. >The entire group turns to the exit
  4557. >You decide to stay further back
  4558. >And over your shoulder you look back to the statue of the "High Priestess"
  4559. >It's nagging you
  4560. >You don't know what it is but...
  4561. >You KNOW you've seen that face before
  4562. >You try to concentrate and remember
  4563. >It's on the tip of your to tongue
  4564. >But something pulls you away from your trance
  4565. >It's the sound of...
  4566. >...water?
  4567. >It sounds like pouring water?
  4568. >You turn back to the group
  4569. "Do y'all hear that?"
  4570. >Lemon Zest looks back
  4571. >"Hear what?"
  4572. "Listen..."
  4573. >"..."
  4574. >"...hey... yeah i hear that too?"
  4575. >"Is that water?"
  4576. "I think so..."
  4577. >"Where's it coming from?"
  4578. >Everybody begins looking around
  4579. >All of you stand there for a couple of seconds
  4580. >"Uh, guys? you might want to have a look at this."
  4581. >Sunburst slowly points towards the wall besides you
  4582. >You turn your head
  4583. "Oh."
  4584. >From the walls pours a slimy substance
  4585. >It could be the lighting of the dungeon, but it definitely doesn't look like water at all
  4586. >It looks like goo?
  4587. >A black-ish goo
  4588. >"Okay fuck that i'm leaving!"
  4589. >Flurry Heart rushes towards the stairs
  4590. >"I'm with Flurry heart on this one, i don't like the look of that!"
  4591. >Sunburst Rushes towards the exit
  4592. >But you stand there
  4593. >Just looking at whatever that thing is
  4594. >And as the goo stops pouring it leaves a puddle on the floor below it
  4595. >The puddle begins to move around in place frantically
  4596. >It rises from the ground
  4597. >And morphs into a humanoid figure
  4598. >"Anon, we need to get out of here."
  4599. >Lemon Zest slowly walks backwards towards the stairs
  4600. "I... i uh..."
  4601. >You can't move
  4602. >Not literally
  4603. >If it were up to you, you would've already gotten the fuck out of there
  4604. >But there's something wrong
  4605. >There's something wrong with this whole place!
  4606. >There's something that isn't adding up!
  4607. >The statues, the high priestess, the sculptures, and now this?!
  4608. >What's the meaning of any of this?!
  4609. >The creature walks towards your way
  4610. >Leaving trails of goo in between the floor and it's feet as it closes the gap
  4611. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxjjie1Ohio
  4612. >"Anon! get a move on!"
  4613. "Just-- i just--!"
  4614. >And then it hits you
  4615. >It fucking hits you like a train
  4616. >Not the creature itself, but the realization of what's happening
  4617. >A prophecy? sculptures of warriors from different lands?
  4618. >An eternal night? a thousand year sleep? a wizard?
  4619. >Well, all of that is still a mystery to you
  4620. >You're not even close to figuring out what it means
  4621. >But something clicks
  4622. >It's The High Priestess
  4623. >You know who that is
  4624. >"For the love of god Anon! move your ass!"
  4625. >Why is everyone acting so scared?!
  4626. >That thing is just a blob of slime!
  4627. >It's the atmosphere of this place that's fucking you up!
  4628. >The creature gets closer every second
  4629. >"ANON!"
  4630. "You don't get it! it's... it's the High Priestess!"
  4631. >"What about it for fucks sake?!"
  4632. "It's Luna! that's fucking Luna!"
  4637. "How did that guy even manage to enter the academy?"
  4638. >"There was a talent show that was held way back, and whoever won got a spot at the academy."
  4639. "So i take it... he won?"
  4640. >"Yep, well deserved win too."
  4641. "What'd he do?"
  4642. >"Oh he just summoned a dragon and then killed it."
  4643. >"Oh, cool."
  4644. >It's lunch time, baby
  4645. >Finally, you're dying of hunger
  4646. >So after last class with the whole flower thingy you headed outside to the cafeteria
  4647. >And Starlight actually decided to walk along with you
  4648. >Which is nice of her, considering you still don't really know the layout of this place yet
  4649. >At least you won't get lost now
  4650. >So you go around a corner
  4651. >And in the distance...
  4652. >You see it...
  4653. >The lunchroom
  4654. >Ah... that aroma
  4655. >It smells like chicken
  4656. >Oh boy, you could really go for some meat right about now...
  4657. >Your stomach is killing you
  4658. >You also see something else though
  4659. >At the entrance of the cafeteria, there's a small group of withces just standing there
  4660. >Like if they were waiting for someone
  4661. >it's nothing out of the ordinary...
  4662. >That's what you would say, if they weren't all directly staring at you
  4663. >Out of the corner of your eye you see Starlight stop in her tracks
  4664. >"Oh great... this is just what i needed..."
  4665. "What's up?"
  4666. >"It's Sour Sweet."
  4667. "Who?"
  4668. >You turn your head back to the previous mentioned group
  4669. >And now they're walking towards you and Starlight
  4670. >At the front of the pack leads a witch with light rose hair and a long ponytail to go along with it
  4671. >You gesture with your head towards her
  4672. "Is that her?"
  4673. >"Yep."
  4674. "And you two aren't good friends?"
  4675. >"Nope."
  4676. >Finally the group approaches you
  4677. >And Sour Sweet speaks up
  4678. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjBgJGPyHYQ
  4679. >"Starlight! dearie! how are you?"
  4680. >"Go away."
  4681. >"Huh? why the attitude? i just wanna know how you are!"
  4682. >"Uh-huh, because you care a lot, don't you?"
  4683. >"Of course! i'm really worried for you, Starlight!"
  4684. >"Is that so."
  4685. >Starlight speaks in a really cold tone of voice
  4686. >"You have a lot of potential! but if you keep hanging around people like Trixie Lulamoon and now bootleg Anon, you're not gonna end up well in life!"
  4687. >lmao
  4688. >bootleg anon
  4689. >...
  4690. >Hold on a minute that's you
  4691. "Excuse me?"
  4692. >"Hush you. Can't you see i'm talking to my friend?"
  4693. "What? who you think you are to hush me?"
  4694. >"I could ask you the same thing. Who do *you* think you are? going around using *his* name?"
  4695. "What are you even talking about?"
  4696. >"I'm just saying; if Anon were to find out you're going around dirtying his name, he'd beat you to a pulp."
  4697. >Starlight scoffs
  4698. >She obviously isn't having this shit, and honestly, you aren't either
  4699. >"Anon wouldn't do that."
  4700. >"And how would you know?"
  4701. >"Because unlike you, i've actually talked to him before."
  4702. >"W-what are you implying?!"
  4703. >Oh shit
  4704. >Seems like she hit a nerve
  4705. >"Well all *i'm* saying is; you're obsessed with a guy who doesn't pay you any attention."
  4706. "Oh shit!"
  4707. >"Ugh! who are you now? his best-friend?!"
  4708. >"I never said i was, but at least *i* am his friend."
  4709. "Ohhh shit!"
  4710. >Sour Sweet quickly jerks her head towards you
  4711. >She seems pissed, to say the least
  4712. >"UGH! Could you shut up?!"
  4713. "Nah i'm good, i'll ask again though; who do you think you are to tell me to shut up?"
  4714. >"Oh please! stop acting so hard! you probably can't even ride a broom."
  4715. >"Ooooh!"
  4716. >The group standing behind Sour Sweet chuckles
  4717. >She looks directly at you with a smug grin
  4718. >Okay, that's settles it
  4719. >Time to use plan B
  4720. "Oh yeah? well i got a broom *you* can ride."
  4721. >Sour Sweet's eyes widen, and that shit eating grin wipes right off her face
  4722. >"Ptfff!"
  4723. >You can hear Starlight besides you trying to hold in her laughter
  4724. >"You know what? let's go, Anon. I think we're done here."
  4725. "I think so too."
  4726. >Finally you walk past Sour Sweet and her goons
  4727. >But before you go though, you look back at her one last time
  4728. "See 'ya later, Peep."
  4733. >You remain in line with tray in hand along with Starlight
  4734. >Spoiler alert: they weren't serving chicken
  4735. >That was probably your stomach playing tricks on you
  4736. >Meh, soup will have to do
  4737. >So once you're out the line you look around the spacious cafeteria
  4738. >Must be like a hundred or so tables
  4739. >That's obviously an exaggeration, but you get the idea
  4740. >Thing is, they're all taken
  4741. >And sitting with a group of girls you don't know kinda doesn't seem right...
  4742. >God bless Starlight for chiming in
  4743. >"Hey Anon, you wanna sit at our table?"
  4744. "Oh please, i should the one asking."
  4745. >"Heh, well you're free to come."
  4746. "Thanks, which one is it?"
  4747. >"Eh... just follow me."
  4748. >You in between tables and tables of witches
  4749. >And you actually make pretty far back into the cafeteria
  4750. >At the very end of the lunchroom there's a table that stands out the most
  4751. >Mainly because it's the only empty one
  4752. >There's only a single witch sitting on it
  4753. >And ho and behold, it's Trixie
  4754. >You could tell even from a distance because of her peculiar attire
  4755. >As you approach the empty table, Starlight takes a sit besides her
  4756. >You sit across from them
  4757. >Without looking up from her bowl, Trixie speaks
  4758. >"Hello Starlight."
  4759. >"Hey Trixie."
  4760. >She seems to notice that someone else sits in front of her, so she rises her head
  4761. >"Oh, and you're here too."
  4762. "Yep, hope you don't mind."
  4763. >"Meh..."
  4764. >And that was it
  4765. >Most of lunch went by silent
  4766. >Which seemed pretty awkward
  4767. >There's all these witches around you, conversating and laughing
  4768. >And meanwhile here you three are, in complete silence
  4769. >Starlight digs into her soup, unlike Trixie who just plays around with hers using her spoon
  4770. >She doesn't seem to have an apettite
  4771. >Might as well try to small-talk, right?
  4772. "I'm Anon, by the way."
  4773. >Finally Trixie looks up once again
  4774. >"Huh?"
  4775. "Anon. That's my name."
  4776. >"No i got that, but..."
  4777. >Starlight sets her silverware down looking over to Trixie
  4778. >"Yep, i thought it was weird too. But he has the same name as him, and they're not even related."
  4779. >"Hm... okay."
  4780. >Okay, so you didn't mention this before but...
  4781. >You thought Trixie was just tired
  4782. >But with that tone of voice, she just seems borderline sad
  4783. "...you okay, Trixie?"
  4784. >"Yes i'm fine, i was having a wonderful day... until Sour Sweet decided to ruin it."
  4785. "Ah, we ran across her too."
  4786. >"Yep, but we dealt with her!"
  4787. >"Good for you two."
  4788. >"..."
  4789. "..."
  4790. >You look over to Starlight, and she looks back with a shrug
  4791. >It probably wasn't as easy to deal with a whole mob by herself
  4792. "What did she do to you?"
  4793. >"She made fun of me, as always."
  4794. "But what did she made fun of, exactly?"
  4795. >"My clothes, my looks, my way of talking, my magic."
  4796. >Right, you weren't paying attention to it before
  4797. >But she's not referring to herself in third person anymore
  4798. "Ptfff, don't let that chick get you down. I bet you're much better at magic than she is."
  4799. >"But she's right, she really is. It's a miracle i even managed to pass these last couple of years."
  4800. >"Well... i heard Anon was helping some other witches out with magic."
  4801. "Am i?"
  4802. >"Not you, the other one."
  4803. "Oh... right."
  4804. >You're really gotta get a nickname or something among those lines
  4805. >Otherwise this is gonna get really confusing and boring really quickly
  4806. >"Why don't you ask him? i'm sure he'd be willing to lend a hand!"
  4807. >"I know... apparently he helped the Dazzlings and Twilight Sparkle before..."
  4808. >"Right? and look at them now! top of their class!"
  4809. >"Yeah yeah, whatever. I never had the guts to ask him for help either way."
  4810. "And you kinda can't ask him for help now, considering he's out of town."
  4811. >"Exactly, it doesn't matter though. I probably wouldn't have been able to ask him anyways."
  4812. "Why not?"
  4813. >"Because i'm a coward."
  4814. "..."
  4815. >Um...
  4816. >This is awkward...
  4817. >Starlight you better do something because your friend right here is on the verge of deppresion
  4818. >She looks around, as if looking for something to talk about
  4819. >Starlight, that is
  4820. >And finally she perks up, and with a smile on her face she says
  4821. >"I know!"
  4822. >Oh thank god...
  4823. >"Why don't you ask *this* Anon for help?"
  4824. >She exclaims, pointing with her thumb towards you
  4825. >"What?"
  4826. "What?"
  4827. >You and Trixie ask in unison
  4828. >Starlight looks over to you
  4829. >With an expression that says "you better play along, or else."
  4830. >So you catch up to her game rather quick
  4831. "I-i mean... sure! i'd be more than glad to help you out!"
  4832. >"Oh really? thanks, but i pass."
  4833. >"C'mon Trixie, don't be like that. Anon's actually better than i expected with magic!"
  4834. >"How the hell would you know? you two just met."
  4835. >"Yes i know, but! we got paired up last class, and i was pleasantly surprised with what he pulled off!"
  4836. "And plus, there's no harm in trying new things, right?"
  4837. >"You don't understand... i'm a lost cause, okay?"
  4838. "I bet i can make you two times as powerful as that Sour Sweet cunt."
  4839. >That...
  4840. >That sounded cooler in your head
  4841. >But your dumb exclamation actually manages to get a weak chuckle out of Trixie
  4842. >She looks up to you, considering your offer
  4843. >"Do you promise?"
  4844. >Well, She wouldn't be the first witch you'd tutor
  4845. >Now you're no teacher, but you know for a fact that Wallflower definetly got better after those weeks you spent practicing
  4846. >And you're in too deep now anyway, so yeah
  4847. "Cross my heart."
  4848. >Trixie looks to the seat besides her, over to Starlight
  4849. >And in response, Starlight does the universal gesture for "Eh, why not?"
  4850. >For the first time ever since you sat down, Trixie finally smiles
  4851. >"It's settled then! You'll tutor the Great and Powerful Trixie! When do we start?"
  4852. "Right now!"
  4857. >After lunch was over you had to head to class on your own
  4858. >But after the end of said classes, Trixie would come looking for you so you could resume her training
  4859. >So you pretty much literally spent all day with her
  4860. >You tackled basic spells first, they would be easier to deal with after all
  4861. >And just like Wallflower, Trixie was a very quick learner
  4862. >Which didn't surprise you as she had been attending this school for a couple of years now
  4863. >Though they were somethings she could definitely improve on...
  4864. >And talking about Wallflower
  4865. >You still haven't seen her all day
  4866. >No idea where she is, what she might be doing, or if she's OK even
  4867. >But Wallflower's a big girl, she can take care of herself
  4868. >So as the sun set, you had the rest of the night with Trixie without any interruptions
  4869. >Starlight would join you during the day to check on your progress, and even to give some input of her own
  4870. >But unfortunately she had some homework to take care off, so she couldn't join you in the after hours
  4871. >Helping Trixie wasn't the easiest of tasks
  4872. >But you were confident you could help her with her magic
  4873. >You had already gotten acquainted with yours after all
  4874. >Although some more practice wouldn't kill you
  4875. >Just like Starlight, you probably should take care of your homework too
  4876. >But that can wait, who cares anyway?
  4877. >This is what you get for making promises
  4878. >You still remember what Trixie told you at the beginning of the day
  4879. >"Anonymous, although Trixie is thankful for you efforts, we need to remind you that tutoring Trixie can be... frustrating."
  4880. >That girl has some serious confidence issues
  4881. >Which is good, depending on how you look at it
  4882. >In one hand, it would make the process of helping her a tiny bit more complicated
  4883. >On the other, once you're done with this, she might actually over come those issues
  4884. >See? everyone wins
  4885. >So here you are, in the outsides of Luna Nova along with your student
  4886. >Okay that sounded a little bit corny
  4887. >In the outsides of Luna Nova *with your friend*
  4888. >There we go
  4889. >There was this small forest not-so far away from the academy
  4890. >And it worked perfectly as a practice field
  4891. >For how long have you been out here?
  4892. >Three... maybe four hours?
  4893. >Soon enough you would have to come back inside
  4894. >Unless you wanted the elder witches to come looking for you
  4895. >Which you didn't
  4896. >Who would've thought?
  4897. >There was this one spell that Trixie told you had been giving her a hard time ever since her first year
  4898. >So like any other sane person would do, you said you could make her master that spell
  4899. >In the span of a single fucking night
  4900. >So here i am
  4901. >Stuck in the middle with Trixie
  4902. >In the middle of a forest, that is
  4903. >lol
  4904. >That's not funny
  4905. >"Um... Anon? i'm not sure about this..."
  4906. "Why not?"
  4907. >"I just don't think i'm capable of performing this one spell... not tonight at least."
  4908. >You've noticed that when she stops referring to herself in third-person, that's when the issues start
  4909. >Oh right
  4910. >You forgot to mention what the spell is...
  4911. >Nothing really THAT hard
  4912. >It's the transformation spell
  4913. "We already went over this, Trixie..."
  4914. >"I know! but i just... you know... i think we should call it a night."
  4915. "What? why?"
  4916. >"I'm just tired and... yeah... tired."
  4917. >Trixie fakes a yawn
  4918. >Sorry not sorry, but you spent way too much of your valuable time in this shithole
  4919. >Pretty sure you got around 63 mosquito bites too
  4920. >And you won't let those mosquito bites be in vain
  4921. >"Well i'll say you tomorrow!"
  4922. >Of course you could just deal with this the next day
  4923. >Buuut that would be boring
  4924. >Trixie, putting her wand away, turns to face the academy
  4925. >But right before she can walk away, you grab her by the star-decorated cape she's wearing
  4926. >"AH! what the hell, Anon?!"
  4927. >And you pull her back with all your strenght
  4928. >You set Trixie right in-front of you
  4929. "Now listen, take out your wand."
  4930. >"Anon please... i really mean it when i say i'm tir--"
  4931. "Your wand. Take it out."
  4932. >"..."
  4933. >She's looking over her shoulder and back to you
  4934. >Of course she seems annoyed, but you expected that from her
  4935. >"Ugh... fine."
  4936. >She reaches for her back pocket and takes out her wand, with little to no enthusiasm
  4937. >"What now?"
  4938. "Let's see... point it towards that bunny over there."
  4939. >"Huh? why a bunny of all things?"
  4940. "Because the spell won't work unless you utilize it on another living being."
  4941. >"...ugh."
  4942. >Trixe's right arm slowly rises, but her aim is a little off
  4943. >Yeah... you can tell she's not gonna cooperate
  4944. >No problem
  4945. >You place your left hand on her hips (To help with her posture, of course.)
  4946. >And your free hand you put right under her wrist
  4947. >"Eh? what are you doing?!"
  4948. "Just shut up for a minute. Now pay attention, okay?"
  4949. >Trixie lets out a deep sigh
  4950. >"...okay."
  4951. "Great. Now i want you to concentrate on that bunny."
  4952. >"Sure."
  4953. "And especially on what you want that bunny to transform into."
  4954. >"Alright."
  4955. "I need you to do a big thinky right here, okay?"
  4956. >You mock her with a childish tone
  4957. >"I'm not retarded, Anon."
  4958. "I know, but seriously though, concentrate."
  4959. >"Mhm."
  4960. "Concentrate on what you want the bunny to transform into. Let it be a dog, or a pig, or whatever... just make sure it's not like a dragon or something like that."
  4961. >"I got it, okay?"
  4962. "Good, now close your eyes. I'll make sure you don't miss the shot."
  4963. >"...if you say so."
  4964. "Now repeat after me: Metamorphie Faciesse."
  4965. >"..."
  4966. >She takes a very deep breath
  4967. >And holds it in for a couple of seconds before letting it all out
  4968. >It really isn't that dramatic...
  4969. >But who knows how the inner-mechanisms of Trixie work?
  4970. >"...Metamorphie Faciesse!"
  4971. >A beam of light shoots out of her wand, sky-blue in color
  4972. >That bunny is either deaf or stupid, because it simply just stands there
  4973. >Let's see
  4974. >If the worse happens, and that bunny gets turn into hot soup...
  4975. >It would be his own fault, right?
  4976. >Gladly that didn't happen though...
  4977. >The beam strikes the animal
  4978. >And as the aura of light that surrounded it finally dissipates
  4979. >A hawk rises from the smoke and dirt that was picked up when the beam reached it's target
  4980. >It opens its wings letting out a screech, right before flying away into the night
  4981. >And you two stand there
  4982. >Not sure of what to do
  4983. >...
  4984. >Kinda awkward, innit?
  4985. >It's almost like it took Trixie some time to realize that she had actually done it
  4986. >Because she breaks the silence with a screech more annoying than that of the hawk
  4987. >"TRIXIE DID IT!"
  4988. >And she's back to the whole third-person deal
  4989. >Which is good, it's getting pretty old, but it's good nonetheless
  4991. "You sure did!"
  4992. >"And it was all thanks to you, Anonymous!"
  4993. "Ah... it was nothing, reall--"
  4994. >But you can't finish that sentence, as Trixie's silences you with a kiss to the lips
  4995. >...
  4996. >wait what
  4997. "Hm???"
  4998. >She breaks the embrace, with a loud "MWHA!" at the end
  4999. >"Thank you thank you thank you!"
  5000. "...uh...Trixie?"
  5001. >"Yes?"
  5002. "uhhh..."
  5003. >That's when her eyes suddenly go as wide as plates
  5004. >And her face gets as red as a tomato
  5005. >"S-sorry! T-trixie got caught up in the moment!"
  5006. "It's, uh, okay... don't worry."
  5007. >"I'm so sorry!"
  5008. "No seriously though! it's okay."
  5009. >You put a lot of emphasis on the "Okay"
  5010. >"Oh... i see..."
  5011. >She gives you a little bit more of personal space as she takes a step back
  5012. >"So... i guess i'll see you tomorrow?" she asks while rubbing her arm
  5013. "Yep... and by the way, you did really great today. I'm sure that if you keep this up, by the end of the week, that Sour Sweet girl won't hold a candle against you."
  5014. >"Heh, if *you* keep it up, you mean."
  5015. "Well sure i'm here to tutor you, but if you don't cooperate i won't be able to do much."
  5016. >"...guess you're right."
  5017. >By now, the both of you should've already parted ways
  5018. >But something happens...
  5019. >Not literally
  5020. >In reality there's nothing happening, you two are just standing there looking at each other
  5021. >But at the same time, a whole lot of shit is going on
  5022. >If you catch my drift
  5023. >It's probably not a wise idea to go around falling in love with girls you've just met
  5024. >But...
  5025. >...Trixie's kinda cute...
  5026. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R3B2Xr8kwQ
  5031. >You're Cadence!
  5032. >does cadence even have a full name? sorry, i forgot
  5033. >Huh? who said that?
  5034. >no one, continue with the narration
  5035. >Oh ok then
  5036. >After discussing further plans with Discord, there was no more business to attend to in Canterlot!
  5037. >Which means...
  5038. >You're free to head back to the Crystal Empire!
  5039. >The idea of leaving Flurry Heart by her own did make you a little bit nervous...
  5040. >Honestly you were expecting the whole kingdom to be burning down or something like that by the time you got back
  5041. >Although what would happen if the prophecy were to be fulfilled would be much worse...
  5042. >No worries though!
  5043. >You like to think Discord has everything under control!
  5044. >The streets were silent
  5045. >Which is to be expected given the early hours
  5046. >Or maybe...
  5047. >Maybe everyone is waiting at the castle to throw a surprise welcome party!
  5048. >Heh, those sneaky little bastards...
  5049. >That's definitely something they would do!
  5050. >Oh, and now that you mention it you're already at the palace!
  5051. >Okay... before you step in, is your hair-do well?
  5052. >What about your make-up?
  5053. >Oh please... of course you look amazing!
  5054. >So you take a deep breath...
  5055. >And push the main doors to the Palace open!
  5056. "I'M HOME! HELLO EVERY...body?"
  5057. >...
  5058. >Uh
  5059. >Well that's a let down...
  5060. >There's... nobody here
  5061. >...
  5062. >*THUMP!*
  5063. "Ah!"
  5064. >You jump at the sudden sound of the main doors closing abruptly
  5065. >At first you thought perhaps it was because of a strong breeze
  5066. >But looking back confirms that it's actually just Sunburst the one that closed the doors
  5067. >"Sorry your majesty, i didn't intend to scare you."
  5068. "...it's fine, where's everybody?"
  5069. >"In their rooms."
  5070. "Huh??? did they not know i was returning today?"
  5071. >"Oh they knew, don't you worry."
  5072. "So where are they? i was expecting some sort of... i don't know... welcome party?"
  5073. >"I'm afraid not. It was me who instructed them to not come anyway."
  5074. "...but why would you do that?"
  5075. >"Flurry Heart wishes to speak to you."
  5076. "Okay, tell her to come down then."
  5077. >"In private."
  5078. "..."
  5079. >"She's in her room waiting for you, please come with me."
  5080. "...o...kay?"
  5081. >The walk towards your daughters room is... eerily quiet...
  5082. >You could almost hear your blood rushing in this silence
  5083. >...
  5084. >This is definitely not what you expected by the way...
  5085. >But...
  5086. >OH!
  5090. >Okay! you'll play along for n--!
  5091. >*BUMP*
  5092. "Ow!"
  5093. >Oops!
  5094. >You're getting a little bit distracted now...
  5095. >You ran into Sunburst as he stopped at the doors to Flurry's room
  5096. >"Are you okay, your majesty?"
  5097. "Oh... yes! i'm fine! just got a little bit distracted is all! Silly me!"
  5098. >"...yes. Flurry Heart is expecting you, along with some guests."
  5099. >Guests?
  5100. >Ohhhhh... she brought in the paparazzi too?
  5101. >Ho ho! you love this girl!
  5102. "Well no need to leave them waiting!"
  5103. >"Of cours--"
  5104. >You practically crash the doors open, with a big goofy smile on your face
  5106. >...
  5107. >This doesn't look like a party at all
  5108. >On the middle of Flurry's room lays a single table, accompanied by two chairs sitting one across the other
  5109. >Flurry occupies one of said tables
  5110. >And as for the "guests" Sunburst mentioned...
  5111. >You believe he's referring to that group of girls over there besides Flurry?
  5112. >Who are they?
  5113. >Inside the room, right behind Flurry Heart, also stands a small squad of three guards
  5114. >...
  5115. >What the hell is going on here?
  5116. >"Mother, please take a sit."
  5117. "Heh, what's up? not even a "Hello" for your old lady?"
  5118. >"Please, we've already been waiting a long time for you."
  5119. >Huh?
  5120. >Well... you comply
  5121. >Maybe something serious happened while you were gone?
  5122. >Slowly you take a sit across from her
  5123. "...what did you want to talk about?"
  5124. >"I-- no, we ALL have some questions for you."
  5125. "About what, honey?"
  5126. >One of the guests speaks up out of nowhere
  5127. >It's a rainbow-haired colored dyke
  5128. >If it weren't for the long hair, you wouldn't be able to tell wether she's a boy or a girl
  5129. >"What do you know about a secret dungeon this Crystal Palace may hold?!"
  5130. >...
  5131. >WHAT
  5132. "U-uh... w-what are you talking about?"
  5133. >Another one of the girls chimes in
  5134. >This time it's a redneck, wearing a cowboy hat
  5135. >Why the hell is she wearing that inside?
  5136. >"Yer know exactly what we're talking about!"
  5137. >You actually do
  5138. >But... but how the hell do the kno--
  5139. >...
  5140. >Did Sunburst...
  5141. >Oh shit!
  5142. >Quickly, deflect the question or they'll get suspicious!
  5143. "Who gave you authorization to speak?! can't you see i'm having a conversation with my daughe--?!"
  5144. >"Mom, answer their questions."
  5145. "B-but?"
  5146. >This is not the sort of welcoming you were expecting
  5147. "W-who are these girls anyway?! i don't remember giving any of you the permission to enter my palace!"
  5148. >And yet another of the girls speaks up
  5149. >This one has a very peculiar color-scheme on her hair
  5150. >Almost looks like bacon
  5151. >"Oh, you don't remember? well this letter you sent back to Princess Celestia from the Canterlot kingdom says otherwise!"
  5152. >She holds a paper in her hands, and smacks it against the table
  5153. >"Signed; Mi amore Cadenza! for authorization to let a group of transfer students from Luna Nova a stay at the palace!"
  5154. >...
  5155. >Crap
  5156. >You just sign so many goddamn papers all day, it reaches a point where you can't tell letters from your fans apart from letters sent by other princesses
  5157. >So you just end up signing all of them
  5158. >Maybe you should pay more attention to the shit you sign
  5159. "...well maybe i signed to allow your stay here! but i did not allow you to go middling around in my palace! *especially* around areas that are off-limits to the public!"
  5160. >The bacon-haired girl squints her eyes towards you
  5161. "And that, the way i see it, is a crime!"
  5162. >Ha! you got 'em now!
  5163. >You turn to the squad of guards
  5164. "Gentlemen! throw these ruffians into the dungeon! i'll see a fit way to deal with them!"
  5165. >Oof! that was close!
  5166. >You'll probably just throw them back into the first train that goes back to Canterlot
  5167. >And after that, you'll be in the clear!
  5168. >...
  5169. >Why aren't the guards doing anything?
  5170. "Guards? i gave you an order!"
  5171. >"..."
  5172. >The squadron exchanges looks
  5173. >But still, they remain put
  5174. "What's going on here?!"
  5175. >"I ordered them to not listen to you."
  5176. "Huh?!"
  5177. >What the--?!
  5178. >What kind of sick prank is this?!
  5179. >And how the hell do these complete strangers know about the secret chamber?!
  5180. "Hmpf! betrayed by my own daughter?! i see how it is!"
  5181. >You'd make a fucking run for it
  5182. >No idea where'd you run off too
  5183. >All you know is that anywhere but here will do!
  5184. >Sadly, you're pretty sure Sunburst is guarding the only exit
  5185. >So unless you want jump off one of the windows, you won't be going anywhere
  5186. >Think... think...
  5187. >Damn it, you'll just have to see where this goes...
  5188. "You know what? i don't mind being stabbed in the back! i'm used to that!"
  5189. >Flurry Heart lays back in her seat opposite to you, arms crossed
  5190. "But i will not stand to be treated as if i were a criminal! i am royalty! and i should be treated as such!"
  5191. >There's that bacon girl again, speaking up
  5192. >"Are you sure about that?"
  5193. "I'll say again if you didn't hear me! I. AM. NOT. A. CRIMINAL!"
  5194. >You tap your finger on the table as you speak, to make sure they understand the message!
  5195. >"I'd beg to differ, 'your majesty'."
  5196. "Oh yeah? then what crime am i being charged for then?"
  5197. >Finally one of the guards decides to speak up
  5198. >The, whom you assume is, the leader of the squadron clears his throat so that the atenttion is turned towards him
  5199. >"Princess Cadence, you're being charged for the murder of former member of the Royal Guards of Canterlot; Lemon Zest, codename: Renault RS10."
  5200. >...w...wha...
  5201. >W-wha--
  5202. "What?!"
  5207. >You're Anonymous
  5208. >And you're hanging around in your dorm on a Friday night
  5209. >Just laying in your bed
  5210. >There's just not much to do
  5211. >You've been helping Trixie with her magic for a whole week now
  5212. >But sadly Trixie had plans for tonight
  5213. >So you're by yourself
  5214. >...
  5215. >It's kinda awkward, you know?
  5216. >Neither of you have discussed the whole deal with the kiss and all that...
  5217. >Thankfully it didn't interfere with Trixie's training
  5218. >But it's like she just forgot about it...
  5219. >Maybe you should forget about it too
  5220. >Maybe Trixie really did just get caught up in the moment
  5221. >Who knows
  5222. >But it's okay, at least you two are still friends
  5223. >...
  5224. >...soooo...
  5225. >Friday
  5226. >Night
  5227. >...
  5228. >God you're bored...
  5229. >As if on cue, your roommate finally decides to show up
  5230. >Wallflower steps in
  5231. >"Hello."
  5232. "Hey, what's up?"
  5233. >"Not much... just finished reading some books. So i got nothing else to do."
  5234. "Cool! wanna hang out?"
  5235. >"What do you mean?"
  5236. "It's Friday! we can stay out of the premises for longer on the weekends! so what do you say?"
  5237. >"...i don't know, Anon. I'm really tired right now. Maybe tomorrow?"
  5238. "Oh...sure! tomorrow..."
  5239. >"Welp, i'm gonna take a shower and call it a day. We can still hang around the dorm, though."
  5240. "And do what?"
  5241. >"Hmm... board games? we could play some Uno!"
  5242. "Meh... not in the mood."
  5243. >"That's alright! you can think of something in the meantime!"
  5244. "Yep, sure."
  5245. >Wallflower heads towards the small dresser sitting on the corner of the dorm
  5246. >She grabs her pajamas, which is in a nice and tidy pile
  5247. >And so she heads for the bathroom
  5248. >She locks the door behind her, and soon you hear the sound of water running
  5249. >...
  5250. >Board games?
  5251. >Really?
  5252. >Lame...
  5253. >You wanna do something more... i don't know... fun?
  5254. >Too bad you're not really a social butterfly
  5255. >Your only friends, when you think about it, are Starlight, Trixie and Wallflower
  5256. >And they all seem occupied
  5257. >Well, whatever
  5258. >You can have fun on your own
  5259. >So you rise from your bed, and with your coat in hand you head out
  5260. >Not only out of the dorm, but out of the academy as well
  5261. >What's there to do in this boring old town?
  5262. >You walk through the cold night looking for anything
  5263. >Anything at all
  5264. >And as you wander through the trail of dirt, kicking along a small pebble as you step further into the town, you see the flashing of lights besides you
  5265. >Looking up to the source of the light, you see a bright sign
  5266. >Displaying the words "BAR" on top
  5267. >Convenient
  5268. >Is there like a minimum legal drinking age, or whatever that's called, in this village?
  5269. >Do you even have an ID for that matter?
  5270. >Eh, whatever. What's the worst that could happen?
  5271. >You step through the colorful glass door
  5272. >Oh, that's nice!
  5273. >A very pleasant wave of heat carasess your face as you enter the establishment
  5274. >The very soothing sound of background music also gives this place a much more comfortable atmosphere
  5275. >You believe this genre of music goes by the name of "Jazz"?
  5276. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxz9eZ1Aons
  5277. >And the not-so-pleasant smell of cheap alcohol fills your nostrils
  5278. >It's better than nothing
  5279. >The bar itself is actually more crowded than you expected
  5280. >This *is* a small village after all
  5281. >Still, it's not like you have been in a bar before
  5282. >To you it seems like there's just the right amount of people in here
  5283. >...
  5284. >Have you ever been to a bar before?
  5285. >You don't remember...
  5286. >Right... amnesia...
  5287. >You still haven't dealt with that...
  5288. >Goddamn it...
  5289. >You look over to the counter
  5290. >It's empty for the most part, as the majority of the customers are all sitting down in stalls of their own
  5291. >There's only one other person at the counter
  5292. >A woman
  5293. >No, a girl.
  5294. >She holds an empty glass on her hands
  5295. >Her head laying on the counter
  5296. >Perhaps some alcohol could... help with your problems
  5297. >You step forward, and take a sit right besides the girl you mentioned before
  5298. >"What can ah get 'cha, son?"
  5299. >The bartender is quick to ask for your order
  5300. >And it seems like he hasn't realized you're probably not old enough to be here
  5301. >Or maybe he just doesn't care
  5302. "Get me some root beer."
  5303. >"Right on, sir."
  5304. >The bartender speaks, all while still cleaning a glass with a piece of cloth in his hands
  5305. >...
  5306. >"...heyyy...i recognize that voicee..."
  5307. >That's the girl besides you speaking
  5308. >So of course you turn your head towards her
  5309. >Hey hold on a minute... is that Sour Sweet?
  5314. "Sour Sweet? what are you doing here?"
  5315. >"Drinking by myself, what else would i be doing?"
  5316. "For how long have you been here?"
  5317. >"I just entered."
  5318. "And you're already wasted?"
  5319. >"I'm drunk you fuck, i'm just tired."
  5320. "Oh, sorry then."
  5321. >Sour Sweet lifts her glass, and chugs the remains of her beverage
  5322. "By the way, not to be a cunt or anything, but were are your friends?"
  5323. >"I don't know... somewhere in the capital partying i'd guess."
  5324. "And you're not with them because?"
  5325. >"Because i don't like parties... the loud music... the strangers... they make me anxious."
  5326. "Huh, so you're spending the time at some bar then?"
  5327. >"Got a problem with that?"
  5328. "Not at all, i just didn't take you for the type who'd be into alcohol."
  5329. >"What? you don't know me."
  5330. "I know, that's why i said i didn't think you were the type to hang around alone at a bar."
  5331. >"You say that like it's a bad thing..."
  5332. "Well i didn't mean for it to come off that way. You always seem to hang around your friends so... i just thought it was a little weird."
  5333. >"Yeah maybe... it's just that... when i'm at a party with my friends... it's like they suddenly change, you know?"
  5334. "I don't got many friends myself, so i actually wouldn't know."
  5335. >"What i mean is... when we're at the academy they act so different... we can always have fun without having to chug a beer down after the other."
  5336. "But?"
  5337. >"But... at a party they just change... they act like party animals, they like getting wasted 'till they pass out and making out with boys they don't know. And i'm not into that."
  5338. "Huh, well i think it's good you think that way."
  5339. >"Ptfff, yeah sure. Becoming a social inept sure is good. Because you would know about being one, wouldn't you?"
  5340. >Ouch
  5341. >That hit a little close to home
  5342. "I never said that..."
  5343. >"Have you ever even been invited to a party, Anon?"
  5344. "I don't know. Maybe i was, maybe i wasn't."
  5345. >"So that's a "no", then?"
  5346. "...you wanna know something about me, Sour Sweet?"
  5347. >"..."
  5348. >You await an answer, but she stays silent
  5349. >So you take it as a cue to speak
  5350. "I've got amnesia, i've had it for the last couple of weeks now. So i don't know who i am, who my friends were, or where my family is. I don't even remember my own name."
  5351. >"What? are you joking?"
  5352. "I wish i were... that's why go by "Anon". It's not what i'm actually called, some guy that found me laying in a forest named me that."
  5353. >"Woah... but how did you make it into the academy then?"
  5354. "It's a weird story. Some rich girl paid for the entrance fee, so Wallflower and i could join Luna Nova. I know it's sounds like bullshit, but believe me when i tell you i have no fucking what that was about either."
  5355. >"..."
  5356. >Sour Sweet seems skeptical at first, and you don't blame her
  5357. >That's when your drink finally arrives
  5358. >A tall glass, filled to the brim with root and almost no foam
  5359. >Sour Sweet looks over to your glass, and looks back down to hers
  5360. >"Hey bartender, let me get some of what his having."
  5361. >"Some more root coming right up."
  5362. >The bar guy takes Sour Sweet's glass
  5363. >And on the meantime, you chug down some of your own too
  5364. >"So how do you cope with it?"
  5365. "My amnesia? i don't, most of the time. I mean i like to put it aside, and to convince myself that eventually i'll figure it out. It's been almost a month now, and still nothing."
  5366. >"So now you're drowning your sorrows, eh?"
  5367. >You chuckle
  5368. "I guess you could say that."
  5373. >Sour Sweet's drink arrives
  5374. >You know, just talking to people from time to time can be really nice
  5375. >You've wanted to get this off your chest for a while
  5376. >Not even Trixie knows
  5377. >But you don't mind, not like she would care anyways
  5378. "Hey, tell me about this Anonymous guy."
  5379. >"What do you wanna know?"
  5380. "Whatever, i'm just curious. Why don't you tell me how he is?"
  5381. >She starts blushing a little bit
  5382. >"Well... he's smart... charming and cute... and a really powerful wizard too..."
  5383. "So you like the guy?"
  5384. >"Of course i do!"
  5385. "I can tell, but do you *like* like the guy?"
  5386. >And her blush gets more profound
  5387. >"...i mean... yeah."
  5388. "But given what Starlight said a couple days back, he doesn't pay attention to you?"
  5389. >"No, but it's not his fault. I always keep to myself anyway."
  5390. "You don't seem to "keep to yourself" when you go around bullying others."
  5391. >"Tch, i know. But i don't mean it, okay? i know it's wrong and everything... but i can't help it."
  5392. "Whatddya' mean?"
  5393. >"It's like sometimes i'm nice to shitty people, and an asshole to others. It's like i have a split personality or something..."
  5394. >You were about to speak up, but the ringing of a bell stops you
  5395. >What's going on?
  5396. >You were thinking maybe something had happened? like an emergency?
  5397. >But those doubts are thrown out the window as the bartender shouts
  5398. >"Midnight everybody! drink up!"
  5399. >There's cheering all around the bar
  5400. >And all the patrons lift their glasses, chugging down all of their drinks like it's water
  5401. >You were a little bit surprised to see Sour Sweet joining the fun too
  5402. >Just like that, her glass is empty
  5403. >She sets it down on the hard wood of the counter
  5404. >Well, you don't wanna be a buzz-kill do ya?
  5405. >There was only so much of your beer left, so you finished it up rather easily
  5406. >You set your glass down, but in a more relaxed manner unlike Sour Sweet
  5407. >And talking about Sour Sweet
  5408. >She lets out a very long burp
  5409. >Which seems completely out of place from someone like her
  5410. >But that's when you realize
  5411. >You really don't know anything about her
  5412. >So maybe she's not as bad as you thought
  5413. >"So! i wanna ask you something too, Anon."
  5414. "Ask away."
  5415. >"Rumors has it around the school that you're dating Trixie Lulamoon."
  5416. "Me? nah... we're just friends."
  5417. >"Just friends, huh? the fact that you two seem inseparable tells me otherwise."
  5418. "That's just because i'm helping with her magic. Told her that by the end of the week, with my help, she'd be a more powerful witch than you."
  5419. >"Ptfff, why me of all witches?"
  5420. "Because lately you've been giving her a very hard time."
  5421. >"...oh shit...sorry, i..."
  5422. "It's okay, i know you didn't mean any of it."
  5423. >"Thanks... but do you like Trixie?"
  5424. "Sure, she's fun to be around with."
  5425. >"I can tell, but do you *like* like her?"
  5426. >...
  5427. >Heh...
  5428. >Cheeky cunt
  5429. >You share a quick chuckle with her
  5430. "Oh hush you..."
  5431. >"But really, do you?"
  5432. "...yeah, i do."
  5433. >"Well you two would make a cute couple! and i'm pretty sure she's into you as well."
  5434. "I mean... there WAS something between us... but we never talked about it."
  5435. >"So why don't you confess to her?"
  5436. "That's the thing. She's my friend, i don't have many of those. I can't just take the risk to ruin our friendship."
  5437. >"I see... are you much of a heavy drinker, by the way?"
  5438. "Oh i wouldn't remember. I mean even before i got here i didn't even know if i had been to a bar before."
  5439. >"Is that so? well i guess we should find out if you have a high tolerance..."
  5440. "Hm?"
  5441. >"Bartender! i want six shots, pronto!"
  5442. >"Coming right up!"
  5443. "Ho ho! six shots? you sure you can take that?"
  5444. >"Three for each. Whoever finishes them first, wins. What do you say?"
  5445. >A challenge, huh?
  5446. "That's a lot to take down, i don't wanna have to carry you back to the academy."
  5447. >You mock her
  5448. >And in response, she leans closer to you
  5449. >"Oh Anon, you really don't know me. Do you?"
  5450. >You lean closer to her
  5451. "I'm starting to think i don't."
  5452. >The bar guy sets six small glasses in front of you, one besides the other
  5453. >He rips the cap of a bottle of vodka, and with a swift motion pours the beverage filling all of the glasses
  5454. >"Drink responsibly, kids." he says while walking off
  5455. >You see all of this happen out of the corner of your eye
  5456. >That's because you're paying much more attention to Sour Sweet
  5457. >And she's paying just as much attention, if not more, to you
  5458. >You don't break eye-contact as you ask
  5459. "What's my prize if i win?"
  5460. >"...we'll see. But if you beat me, i'll think of an appropriate reward..."
  5461. >Sour Sweet lowers her tone and gives you a very breathy response
  5462. >You grin at that
  5463. "Well then, bottoms up!"
  5464. >You exclaim while reaching for the first of three shots
  5469. "Agh! shit!"
  5470. >That one hitted a little bit too hard
  5471. >But it's okay!
  5472. >That's two down, one to go!
  5473. >Just concentrate, Anon
  5474. >It's just vodka, it's not that serious or dramatic
  5475. >Look at that fucking glass...
  5476. >It's taunting you
  5477. >*BANG*
  5478. >Sour Sweet sets her second glass down
  5479. >She's catching up, you gotta hurry!
  5480. >Take the shot, Anon!
  5481. >A part of your body is begging for you to stop
  5482. >But it's almost like it moves on it's own, as your right arm grips the last remaining shot with all it's strength
  5483. >You lift the glass up to your mouth...
  5484. >And down it goes
  5485. >...
  5486. >It fucking burns
  5487. >Your throat is killing you
  5488. >But you're filled with confidence as you down the entire shit
  5489. >You fucking did it
  5490. >*BANG*
  5491. >After a little bit of delay, Sour Sweet finally sets her last shot down as well
  5492. >"F-finish!"
  5493. >She shouts, while turning towards you with a very smug grin
  5494. >But that grin wipes right off as she sees you already holding your empty glass
  5495. "Oh? you're finished? took 'ya long enough!"
  5496. >"...heh...damn."
  5497. "I expected better from you, Sour Sweet."
  5498. >"Hey, don't get cocky now. I was only a couple of seconds behind."
  5499. "Well time is valuable, baby. And you wasted yours, which means: I win."
  5500. >"Ha ha, very funny. I didn't thought you had it in 'ya."
  5501. "Well to be honest, three shots ain't no easy task. Specially after a couple of beers, so i understand how you could've lost."
  5502. >"Oh puh-lease! it takes much more than a couple of beers and three shots to get me fucked up."
  5503. "Oh really? because it seems all it's gonna take *me* is three shots to get *you* fucked."
  5504. >"..."
  5505. "..."
  5506. >"Ptffff hahaha! fuck off!"
  5507. "Okay i'll admit that was kinda cheesy..."
  5508. >"You know what, Anon? you're funny, but for all the wrong reasons."
  5509. "Yeah that's kinda my trait."
  5510. >"Remember what you told me when we first met?"
  5511. "What?"
  5512. >"You told me you had a broom i could ride..."
  5513. "Heh, yeah i remember that shit."
  5514. >"Well..."
  5515. >Sour Sweet leans closer
  5516. >To a point where's she's practically leaning on you
  5517. >"Now that you won, i'd like to see what that was all about."
  5518. "Hmmm... i don't know..."
  5519. >"Awww, what is it? is this baby's Anon first time?"
  5520. "What are you talking about? this is probably your first time too!"
  5521. >"Well... yeah, but it's different 'cause i'm a girl and you're a boy!"
  5522. "Ha! what the fuck does that even mean?"
  5523. >"I don't now man, i'm just looking for excuses... but don't worry, my beauty must be intimidating!"
  5524. "Oh man you have no idea, i'm trembling over here."
  5525. >That was sarcasm
  5526. >Doesn't seem like she noticed but whatever
  5527. >"I can tell! so don't worry, i'll take the initiative~"
  5528. >She grips your hand
  5529. >And with a strength you had no idea someone her size could muster, she drags you off your seat
  5530. >She practically drags you around the entire bar actually, before reaching a back door
  5531. >Said door leads to a back alley
  5532. >And thank god the people of this village keep this town clean, otherwise this would be a pretty fucking bad spot
  5533. >Sour Sweet, before finally letting go of your hand, drags you off besides a dumpster
  5534. >You're guessing so that no unwanted visitors get a view of the show
  5535. >She peeks over said dumpster
  5536. >Maybe to make sure nobody followed you?
  5537. >Okay, this girl is taking way to many precautions, and you're getting a little bit bored over here
  5538. >Time for *you* to take the initiative
  5539. >You grip her by the hips and pull her back towards the wall behind you
  5540. >"Ah! n-not wasting anytime, are 'ya?"
  5541. "Sorry, but you took too-little-too-much"
  5542. >Okay, Anon
  5543. >You're doing good so far
  5544. >Just don't fuck it up...
  5545. >There stands Sour Sweet
  5546. >Her back against the wall, with a hungry grin
  5547. >...
  5548. >Um
  5549. >What now?
  5550. >...
  5551. >So you're telling me...
  5552. >You got this fucking far...
  5553. >Just to not know what the fuck you're supposed to do now?
  5554. >Ok...ok!
  5555. >Don't freeze up!
  5556. >Keep your cool!
  5557. >Just...
  5558. >Just let the alcohol do it's thing
  5559. >After all maybe that vodka had like a retarded effect, because it's starting to hit just now
  5560. >Fuck it
  5561. >Do whatever
  5562. >You go for the neck
  5563. >Some foreplay always comes in handy
  5564. >And girls like hickeys, right?
  5565. >"Hnng... fuck, you were taking your time weren't you?"
  5566. "Why wouldn't i? we got the whole night."
  5567. >She chuckles to herself
  5568. >"Alright then~"
  5569. >Now just go with the flow
  5570. >Don't lose her now
  5571. >You try to step your game up
  5572. >And as you slowly suck on her neck, you unbutton her shirt with your free hands
  5573. >After you're done with that, her chest is exposed to you
  5574. >And Sour Sweet moves to undo her bra strap
  5575. >*click*
  5576. >There's that sound
  5577. >That majestic sound of her bra falling to your feet
  5578. >You bring your head back from her neck, a trail of saliva still connecting them
  5579. >Fingers crossed she doesn't have, like, mozzarella nipples or some shit like that
  5580. >So you look down
  5581. >...
  5582. >...
  5583. >...god, are you there?
  5584. >Could you tell me what did i do to deserve such a treat?
  5585. >Finally you get a good look at her body
  5586. >That hour-glass figure...
  5587. >Her areolas, not too big and not too small
  5588. >They're on the middle of the spectrum, and that's fine by you
  5589. >And the cherry on top?
  5590. >Pubes trimed, just like you like 'em
  5591. >But...
  5592. >BUT.
  5593. >Those thighs are just hnnnnng
  5594. >And won't you look at that?
  5595. >Little miss Sour likes to act all cool and shit
  5596. >But her soaking underwear is telling you otherwise
  5597. >You just gotta take a minute to appreciate this view...
  5598. >"You wanna take a picture? it'll last you longer."
  5599. "I wouldn't count on that."
  5600. >"Are you implying you'll ever get to see me like this again?"
  5601. "Boy, by the time i'm done with you. You're gonna be crawling back begging for more."
  5602. >"Oh shut up, Nonny. Don't kill the mood."
  5603. "Heh, sorry. I'm letting this shit get to my head."
  5604. >"Don't worry..."
  5605. >Sour Sweet moves to face the wall
  5606. >She leans forward, leaving her ass in all of it's majestic, godly beauty exposed to your peaseant eyes
  5607. >"I think it makes you look cute... in a dumb way, but cute nonetheless~"
  5608. >Her hands moves towards her underwear
  5609. >And she pulls them down
  5610. >With her striped panties around her ankles, one of her hands moves towards her pussy
  5611. >She places two fingers in the shape of a "v"
  5612. >She wouldn't dare...
  5613. >"What are you waiting for, wizard?"
  5614. >And so, she spreads the gates to heaven open
  5615. >It blinds you
  5616. >The light blinds you
  5617. >And you know what they say, right...?
  5618. >Go towards the light, Anon.
  5619. >Go, my boy.
  5620. >In that one moment
  5621. >The universe flashed in front of your eyes
  5622. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebmwYqoUp44
  5627. "It's nine o' clock on a Saturday!"
  5628. >"The regular crowd shuffles in!"
  5629. "There's an old man sitting next to me!"
  5630. >"Making love to his tonic and gin~!"
  5631. >Tonight was the best night of your life
  5632. >You walk around the freezing cold of it
  5633. >With Sour Sweet by your side
  5634. >Singing along to the lyrics of a song you had never heard before
  5635. >Not before it played at that bar
  5636. >The alcohol is getting to your head
  5637. >And tomorrow morning, or today technically, you'll be puking your guts out
  5638. >But goddamn was it worth it
  5639. >"Sing us a song you're the piano man!"
  5640. "Sung us a song tonight!"
  5641. >"Well we're all the mood for a melody!"
  5642. "And you've got us feeling alright!"
  5643. >"Dude! we could start our own band!"
  5644. "Can you even play an instrument?!"
  5645. >"I can play the flute! so fuck you!"
  5646. >Once you two were finished at that alley
  5647. >Neither of you had plans for the rest of the night
  5648. >You spent a couple of hours at the bar before it's doors finally closed
  5649. >And with not much to do at this time of the night
  5650. >You both decided to head back to the academy
  5651. >Say, if an elder witch were to see you like this, you'd probably get in trouble
  5652. >But you're way too wasted to care
  5653. >So wasted in fact, you didn't even realize you were already at the doors of Luna Nova
  5654. >Well, might as well go in already
  5655. >Though you can't enter as Sour Sweet pulls you back by tugging on your shirt
  5656. "What's up?"
  5657. >"Hey, my roomies are probably not gonna be back in a couple of hours..."
  5658. "Alright, so?"
  5659. >"What do you mean "so?" c'mon! don't you wanna spend the night?"
  5660. "Oh my bad, sure!"
  5661. >"Let's get a move on then!"
  5662. >Without letting go of your shirt, she sprints off dragging you along with her
  5663. >This girl really likes pushing you around
  5664. >There's not a soul in the campus
  5665. >And you were surprised to see no elder witches as well
  5666. >Everything is just going marvelous
  5667. >It's like after all the bullshit you had to go through, it's all finally paying off
  5668. >Or at least it was
  5669. >You remember you left Wallflower all by herself back there
  5670. >And yeah, that was a pretty dick move
  5671. >But you thought it didn't matter that much
  5672. >As far as you knew, she was already long asleep
  5673. >She wasn't
  5674. >You're going through the main hall, which connects all of the four different buildings into one
  5675. >Sour Sweet's dorm was on the east block
  5676. >And you were about to follow until something caught your eye
  5677. >The main hall also allows access into the school's library
  5678. >And in that one moment you saw someone enter said library
  5679. >Normally you wouldn't pay any attention to it
  5680. >But you recognized that witch
  5681. >Yep, that's Wallflower
  5682. >What's she doing here?
  5683. >You pull Sour Sweet's grasp from your shirt
  5684. >She stops humming the tune to the song you were previously singing, to look back at you
  5685. >"Huh? what's the matter?"
  5686. "Uhhh... it's..."
  5687. >There's really no way to explain
  5688. >It's not a big deal or anything
  5689. >Wallflower seems like the type to sneak out at night, just to read some books
  5690. >But if you remember correctly, she told you earlier that she was done with that?
  5691. >Maybe she meant that as an expression
  5692. >...
  5693. >But it's bugging you
  5694. >You don't know what it is
  5695. >But's fucking with you
  5696. "I... nothing, it's nothing. Why don't you go ahead? i'll catch up later."
  5697. >"What for? is something the matter?"
  5698. "No, you see... just go. I'll meet you up in your room."
  5699. >"W-wait!"
  5700. >You turn to the library, leaving Sour Sweet behind
  5701. >"Hmph!"
  5702. >You can hear her pout behind you
  5703. >Sorry, but you gotta see what this is about
  5704. >You carefully push the doors open, and peek your head inside
  5705. >It's dark, really dark
  5706. >You can't see a thing that's in front of you
  5707. >But through that darkness you can make out a very faint light
  5708. >Looks like a candle, actually
  5709. >That must be her
  5710. >So you step inside, following the candle and making sure you don't run into anything
  5711. >You follow her for what seems like a whole 5 minutes
  5712. >This is a pretty spacious room after all
  5713. >But what is she going so far deep into it for?
  5714. >Eventually you reach the very end of the room
  5715. >Still, it seems like Wallflower might've found what she was looking for
  5716. >Spying through the shelves won't do you any good, you have to get closer
  5717. >So you peek your head over a corner to get a clear view of what she's doing
  5718. >Wallflower is muttering something under her breath
  5719. >"Let's see... where are you..."
  5720. >She squints her eyes at a very dusty shelf, while rising her candle for better lighting
  5721. >"...here we go."
  5722. >Wallflower whispers, while taking one of the many books on that shelf
  5723. >She reaches for her bag, and the places the very large book inside
  5724. >...
  5725. >So what?
  5726. >She's stealing books?
  5727. >That's not that bad...
  5728. >But why would she do it at night time?
  5729. >Wouldn't that be more dangerous? with all the elders guarding and shit?
  5730. >See, this is what you mean you say something isn't right
  5731. >Lately Wallflower has been acting... strange
  5732. >You don't see her all day, and she barely talks to you during the night
  5733. >At first you thought maybe she just didn't like you?
  5734. >That maybe she doesn't wanna be friends?
  5735. >If only it were that simple... but you get the feeling there's something else going on
  5736. >So you leave your cover, revealing yourself to her
  5737. "Hey Wallflower."
  5738. >She's seems startled at your sudden appearance, as she jumps in place
  5739. >"Ah! A-anon?! what are you doing here? did you follow me?!"
  5740. "Indeed."
  5741. >"W-why would you do that?"
  5742. "Well i was just minding my own business, when i saw you sneak over here. And i thought to myself: well that's weird, what's she doing?"
  5743. >"I'm just... looking for books."
  5744. "In the middle of the night?"
  5745. >"...yeah? what about it?"
  5746. "Oh nothing, i just think it's suspicious."
  5747. >"Huh? suspicious?"
  5748. "Yep. I mean why would you be looking for books? i thought the teachers provided us with all the necessary textbooks already."
  5749. >"Well... they forgot to give me mine... so i came to fetch for it."
  5750. "At the far back of the library? in the middle of the night?"
  5751. >"Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that!"
  5752. "Of course there isn't. But, you know, lately there's been a lot on my mind."
  5753. >"..."
  5754. "You ever think about how we made it in here?"
  5755. >"Cadence payed for the entra--"
  5756. "No i know that, you moron. I mean; do you ever wonder *why* she payed for that fee?"
  5757. >"...why would i?"
  5758. "Because i think it's pretty fucking weird. I get it that she's a princess and all, but why would she pay for us? two kids that she doesn't even know?"
  5759. >"Because Discord and her are old friends."
  5760. "Is that really it? and how does she even know Discord? i mean that guy never fucking leaves the Everfree Forest."
  5761. >"I don't know, maybe they went to the same high school."
  5762. "I see, yeah that makes a lot of sense. So tell me then, how did YOU meet him?"
  5763. >"...none of your business."
  5764. "Well that sounds oddly suspicious."
  5765. >"It's not. I have no reason to tell you if i don't want."
  5766. "It's not? Wallflower i don't see you the entire day! at first i thought maybe you were ignoring me, but this is not a "i wave at you but you don't return the wave" kinda deal!"
  5767. >"What are you even talking about anymore?!"
  5768. "Wallflower, you disappear during the day! dis-app-ear! i have no idea where you are, or what you're doing!"
  5769. >"Well it's none of your fucking business what i do!"
  5771. >"..."
  5772. >...
  5773. >Maybe you should calm down
  5774. >You raised your voice a little bit too much right there
  5775. >But it's like you're hit with the realization of what this is all about
  5776. "...and you know what? i think i know what's happening here."
  5777. >You turn your back, without saying another word
  5778. >It's time to pay Discord a visit.
  5783. >You're Discord
  5784. >And you're looking out one of the windows of the now empty cabin
  5785. >The weather seems... strange
  5786. >What just a couple of hours ago was a clear night sky, is now completely cloudy
  5787. >Is it going to rain soon?
  5788. >Seems like it is, given the small droplets on the window
  5789. "Such a chaotic weather... i love it!"
  5790. >Still, the newspaper said nothing about a storm being forecasted...
  5791. >*Knock knock knock*
  5792. >Hm? what's this?
  5793. >Visitors?
  5794. >"Discord! open the door!"
  5795. >Oh, it's Anonymous! wonder what he's doing here!
  5796. >"I'll be right there!"
  5797. >You shout back, walking towards the door
  5798. >The door unlocks
  5799. "Hello Anon! what are you doing here? is there something you need?"
  5800. >"We need to talk."
  5801. "Talk? about what?"
  5802. >"Cut the friendly act, Discord. And take a seat."
  5803. "...as you wish."
  5804. >Anon enters the living room as you lock the door behind him
  5805. >He takes a sit, and you do as well in a chair across from him
  5806. "What is it? did something happen?"
  5807. >"Yeah, something did happen. But don't mind that, i just have some questions for you."
  5808. "Well, talk then."
  5809. >"You said you found me laying on the forest, didn't you?"
  5810. "Indeed!"
  5811. >"And, correct me if i'm wrong, the Everfree forest is notorious because of the monsters and dangerous creatures that it holds, right?"
  5812. "You would be correct, yes."
  5813. >"Tell me then, for how long do you think i was passed out? how many days did it take for you to find my body?"
  5814. "I wouldn't know."
  5815. >"Alright, then let me give a number. How about 3 days? maybe 4?"
  5816. "Where are you going with this, Anon?"
  5817. >"What i'm saying is, all it would've taken was a single day for any creature to find me and feed off my unconscious self."
  5818. "I guess so. So what's the deal?"
  5819. >"How come you were able to find me in a such a big forest before that could happen?"
  5820. "I got lucky, i suppose."
  5821. >"Lucky, eh? if you say so."
  5822. "What's going on, Anonymous? you seem rather irritated."
  5823. >"Oh it's nothing, i've been very busy is all."
  5824. "Busy studying?"
  5825. >"No, thinking. I've been busy thinking... about stuff."
  5826. "...well that's too bad, is there anything else you wanted to say?"
  5827. >"Yes there is actually. You wanna know what i've been thinking about?"
  5828. "What's that."
  5829. >"It's been a very strange month, hasn't it? first you find me, then you make me help Wallflower with her magic, and then some random princess comes out of nowhere."
  5830. "It hasn't been the most normal of days, i agree."
  5831. >"Well i think this doesn't add up. All of what i just mentioned makes little to no sense."
  5832. "What are you implying?"
  5833. >"Nothing at all. It's just that Wallflower has been acting very strange as of lately. She's been very distant."
  5834. "And is that bothering you?"
  5835. >"Everything is bothering me, Discord. Every little thing."
  5836. "And why's that."
  5837. >"...you know what i think?"
  5838. "I can't read minds, Anon."
  5839. >"Well let me tell you what i think."
  5840. >Anon pauses before continuing
  5841. >As you said before, he seems very irritated
  5842. >His tone of voice, his current way of talking
  5843. >Now this could be for a number of reasons
  5844. >But before jumping into conclusions, you allow him to continue
  5845. >"...i think *you* did it."
  5846. "Did what?"
  5847. >"You gave me amnesia."
  5852. >"I don't know what you're talking about."
  5853. "Can't you stop lying for a single minute?"
  5854. >"I'm not lying, i have no idea what you're talking abo--"
  5855. "Just stop. Please. Stop doing this to me."
  5856. >"Anon, you're speaking gibberish"
  5857. "And you're speaking bullshit."
  5858. >"You're not making any sense! are you even listening to yourself? and have you been drinking? i can smell the alcohol from over here."
  5859. "Yes i have, but trust me when i tell you i'm the most sober i've ever been."
  5860. >Discord shakes his head
  5861. >"Anonymous, get some sleep."
  5862. "Not until you tell me the truth."
  5863. >"I'm not lying, how many times am i going to have to repeat this?"
  5864. "Yes you are. I know you are because of this."
  5865. >You reach for your bag, and throw it on top of the table
  5866. >As it lands, the four books that were hidden in Wallflower's room scatter all around the table
  5867. >Discord lowers his gaze
  5868. >And his eyes widen at the sight of the textbooks
  5869. >But he quickly tries to regain his composure
  5870. >"I don't know what those are..."
  5871. >he says after faking some coughs
  5872. "You recognize those books, don't you? they were hidden under Wallflower's bed."
  5873. >"..."
  5874. "'Ye olde texts of Equestrian prophecies'. This what she's been reading."
  5875. >"..."
  5876. "Apparently there are five different volumes. But she was missing the fifth. So i'm guessing when she sneaked into the library, she fetched the last one."
  5877. >Discord keeps silent
  5878. >He knows he's been found out
  5879. "Can you explain to me why all of these four volumes mention your name multiple times? and why Wallflower was hiding them from me?"
  5880. >"...Anon--"
  5881. "No no no. Make sure that the words you're about to speak are not lies."
  5882. >"..."
  5883. >Discord sets his hands on his knees, and takes a deep breath
  5884. >"...ok...you got me. I did it."
  5885. >Although that was the answer you were expecting
  5886. >Hearing him confirm your doubts hits you like a train
  5887. >So you lay back in your seat
  5888. "...why? why would you do this to me?"
  5889. >"Anon, i promise i can explain everything."
  5890. "I don't... i don't wanna hear it."
  5891. >"Please, if you give me a chance, i swear you'll under--"
  5892. "What are you gonna tell me? that without me, that bullshit prophecy on those books will become a reality?"
  5893. >"...how do you know?"
  5894. "I read them on my way here. I was only able to read a snippet of each volume, but that was all i needed to understand what was happening."
  5895. >"Then you must comprehend the gravity of the situation!"
  5896. "I genuinely don't care..."
  5897. >"W-what?"
  5898. "I don't care if this means the end of the world."
  5899. >"How could you say that?"
  5900. "Listen, i was having the night of my life. But you and Wallflower managed to fuck me up in the span of a single hour."
  5901. >"...i'm sorry."
  5902. "Heh... keep telling lies... see where that got you."
  5903. >You rise from your seat, slowly
  5904. >And you don't bother to grab your bag nor the books, he can keep them if he wants
  5905. "Whatever this prophecy is about, you deal with it. But i won't be a part of this."
  5906. >"Anonymous please sit down, let's talk--"
  5907. "No... i've heard enough."
  5908. >You don't look back as you step through the front door
  5909. >And Discord doesn't try to stop you
  5910. >The droplets of rain falling on your face... are relaxing
  5911. >But unless you want to have a hangover and a cold at the same time, you'd better head back to Luna Nova
  5912. >So you close the door behind you, and begin walking a considerable distance
  5913. >You make it through the Everfree forest and before you know it, you're on the trail that leads back to the academy
  5914. >...
  5915. >You've always liked rain
  5916. >Although this is technically the first time you've ever seen it
  5917. >But maybe your amnesia didn't make you forget everything about yourself
  5918. >What do you want to do now?
  5919. >...
  5920. >You want to go back with Sour Sweet
  5921. >You feel like she's the only one who hasn't lied to you
  5922. >And maybe you feel this way because she holds your v-card
  5923. >Or maybe there's more to it
  5924. >Maybe you just fell in love?
  5925. >And all it took was around four hours
  5926. >You didn't even realize you had already made it into the school
  5927. >It's like you're on auto-pilot as you make your way to the east block
  5928. >Knocking on the first door you see, you remember Sour Sweet didn't actually tell you what her dorm number was
  5929. >Yet, as the door opens, Sour Sweet stands at the other side
  5930. >"...A-anon? i thought you weren't coming..."
  5931. "Nah, there was just a minor inconvenience i had to deal with."
  5932. >"Oh... so you wanna come in?"
  5933. "Please and thank you." you say while stepping inside
  5934. >You hear a *click* behind your back, meaning that she locked the door
  5935. >"S-so what do you wanna do?"
  5936. "Cuddle."
  5937. >"...huh?"
  5938. "I just want to cuddle for the night."
  5939. >You take off your shoes, drop your soaked coat on the floor, and throw yourself in her bed
  5940. >"Well... i don't mind."
  5941. >She was already in her pajamas, so she was quick to lay besides you
  5942. >Sour Sweet rests her head on your chest, and you pet it back and forth
  5943. >And that's when you begin to trail off a little
  5944. >Because this is what you wanted
  5945. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3poiuXdKIQ
  5950. >You're back to being Discord now
  5951. >So let's review what happened the following hours after your little "discussion" with Anonymous
  5952. >You have been losing sleep thinking about what just happened
  5953. >Never in your life had you felt cornered, until now
  5954. >Nothing came to mind regarding how you were going to deal with the situation with Anonymous out of the picture
  5955. >Cadance would know what to do, you thought to yourself
  5956. >so in a snap of your fingers, you found yourself at the Crystal Empire
  5957. >And more specifically, at Cadance's current location
  5958. >But it wasn't what you expected
  5959. >You were inside a room, and Cadance was there
  5960. >But her daughter too, along with the royal wizard, some guards and a group of girls you had never seen before
  5961. >Needless to say, she was being interrogated
  5962. >Somehow she had been found out
  5963. >It was terrible
  5964. >Cadance was having a mental breakdown
  5965. >The group of girls you mentioned were demanding an explanation about the dungeon on the underground
  5966. >And you were getting anxious
  5967. >So you gave in
  5968. >You told everyone in that room everything
  5969. >The prophecy, the origin of the statues, the amount of danger you were all in...
  5970. >...and about how you ruined a boy's life trying to stop the now imminent doom
  5971. >But you were surprised at their response
  5972. >They had many questions, and you answered all of them
  5973. >Once everything was explained, they were rather understanding
  5974. >And that allowed you to calm down
  5975. >Just a little bit
  5976. >They group of girls agreed to aid you in any way possible
  5977. >But with one condition
  5978. >One of the girls, whom you were guessing was the leader, spoke up
  5979. >You believe another of the girls called her "Sunset"?
  5980. >She explained to you how someone was in critical condition
  5981. >The victim had ventured into the underground, and she was attacked by an unknown creature
  5982. >Of course you agreed to help, you were confident you'd be able to anyway
  5983. >Sunset asked for you to please follow her
  5984. >She lead you to a separate room, where the victim was resting
  5985. >And once you entered the room, what you saw was... unusual, to say the least
  5986. >Inside the room sat a human-sized sculpture of a young girl
  5987. >That same sculpture was the victim
  5988. >The room wasn't empty though, there was another boy looking over the statue
  5989. >It wasn't easy to help the girl, not as easy as you first thought it was going to be
  5990. >But you managed
  5991. >Still, the girl, who went by the name of "Lemon Zest" remained in a state of coma
  5992. >She had a pulse, and her breathing was steady
  5993. >So at least she's alive
  5994. >But these last couple of hours haven't been easy
  5995. >You had offered to stay with Lemon Zest, in case anything happened
  5996. >Sunset agreed, but the boy that was guarding the former statue insisted on looking over her as well
  5997. >You remained in that room for hours
  5998. >And you utilized that time to explain everything to the boy
  5999. >You asked for his name
  6000. >And his answer surprised you
  6001. >"My name is Anonymous." He spoke. "Thank you for helping her."
  6002. >You told him it was nothing
  6003. >But... heh... Anonymous...
  6004. >What are the odds?
  6005. >He had many questions
  6006. >And one of those, left you speechless
  6007. >"You know everything about those statues in the underground, right?" he asked
  6008. "Indeed i do."
  6009. >"Then would you happen to know about a girl, around my age, named Luna?"
  6010. "i do, actually." you responded
  6015. >You still have to think of a plan
  6016. >You need to find a way to overcome the evil that approaches
  6017. >So without any time to spare, you gathered around everybody in the same room where Cadance was being interrogated just hours ago
  6018. >Because there was something you needed to get off your system
  6019. >Once you gave the news, you waited patiently in Flurry Heart's room for everyone to arrive
  6020. >Everybody showed up in almost to time
  6021. >And you appreciate that, it shows they really are concerned
  6022. >Except Anonymous
  6023. >He decided to stay with Lemon Zest, and you don't blame the kid
  6024. >Those two seem pretty close
  6025. >So here you are, all the folks having gathered around
  6026. >"Why did you call in this meeting?" asks Sunset
  6027. "There was something i thought i should address."
  6028. >"And what's that?"
  6029. "Well, you all might wanna get comfortable, because i'm about to tell you a story."
  6030. >The entire group of girls exchanges looks
  6031. >Cadence, Sunburst, and Flurry Heart await patiently
  6032. "There's this ancient story... that tells the tale of two sisters..."
  6033. "And this is considered a kid's tale by today's standards. Something parents would tell their children so that they would behave."
  6034. "But it wasn't always like that."
  6035. "This two sisters had the duty of rising and lowering the sun and moon."
  6036. "They were goddesses, to say the least. And their names were Luna and Celestia."
  6037. >"Hold on, one of them was named Celestia?" asks the girl, whom you believe went by the name of "Rainbow Dash"
  6038. >You have yet to memorize all of their names
  6039. "Celestia, yes. Why do you ask?"
  6040. >Sunset chimes in
  6041. >"It's just that our former Headmistress goes by the same name."
  6042. "Hm... interesting. But it just might be a coincidence. So allow me to continue."
  6043. >Sunset nods, gesturing for you to follow the story
  6044. "I'll cut you the irrelevant details. All you need to know is that Luna was eventually vanished to the moon, by her own sister."
  6045. "She had turned evil, you see. And Celestia saw no other fitting way to deal with Luna, than to vanish her for a thousand years."
  6046. "But Luna promised that one day, she would come back to the earth. And along with her, would come chaos."
  6047. "Now this is the part where, usually, parents tell their children that if they don't obey or behave, "Nightmare Moon" would kidnap them and take them with her back to the moon."
  6048. "Have any of you ever heard of this story before?"
  6049. >"Ah have," Speaks up the Cowgirl "Granny Smith would tell me that story when i was causin' fuss. She even tells it to mah younger sister still."
  6050. "Good, so tell me, do you believe this story to be true?"
  6051. >"...well...it's just a kid's tale, as y'all said."
  6052. "Indeed i said it was, but by today's standards." you say with a smirk "But a millennium ago, this story was believed by all to be very much real."
  6053. "And i know, much better than anybody else, that it is."
  6054. >"So that's what this whole prophecy is about..."
  6055. "Mhm."
  6056. "Just to make sure we're all on the same page, the prophecy tells that after a thousand years of her banishment, the starts would arrange in her aid, and Nightmare Moon would come back to destroy Equestria as we know it."
  6057. "But she's not going to do that single-handedly. She could, but along with her, many other evils will rise from the ashes and stone. To aid in her crusade of horror."
  6058. "We shouldn't worry about them. As long as we vanish Luna back, all of those evils will die."
  6059. >You take a deep breath, and walk towards one of the windows of the room
  6060. >Getting a full view of the Crystal Empire, in all of it's beauty
  6061. >The sun is finally rising
  6062. >But you have to turn back to the group
  6063. >There's still much to be said
  6064. "I always thought that when the story mentioned Luna returning to Equestria, it meant that she would physically come back from the moon."
  6065. "I've been starting to have second opinions about that. She will return, that's for sure, but maybe in a different manner."
  6070. >"Well, if she's not going to return physically, then... you mean, like, possession? taking control of another body?"
  6071. >Sunset is very quick to pick on what you were implying
  6072. >She definitely is talented
  6073. >You can sense the magic energy flowing through the bodies of everybody in this room
  6074. >And Sunset, right behind Sunburst (And yourself, of course), is one of the most powerful
  6075. >You'll make a mental note to keep her close
  6076. "Indeed. And although it may sound far-fetched, i believe there's a reason as to why this crossed my mind."
  6077. >"And that would be...?"
  6078. "Anonymous told me that he knew a girl named Luna, and that apparently, this same girl had disappeared not so long ago."
  6079. >"Huh? he never told me about a girl named..." Sunset trails off, muttering under her breath
  6080. "Now this may seem like a coincidence to you all, but i see it as a message."
  6081. >"A message of what?" asks Rainbow Dash
  6082. "Of her return." you speak with a smile forming on the corners of your lips
  6083. >"..."
  6084. >The group stays silent
  6085. >Right, you haven't told them about *that*, yet
  6086. "None of you girls would happen to know what day it is today, would you?"
  6087. >Sunset snaps back to reality
  6088. >And looking back to her group, she answers with a confused look on her face
  6089. >"Sunday?"
  6090. "Hm... well, yes. But a thousand years ago today, Luna was vanished by her sister."
  6091. >"Wait you mean, like, *today*?"
  6092. "Yes."
  6093. >"So how much time do we have left before she... "appears", i guess?"
  6094. "Not much."
  6095. "There's something else though."
  6096. "The prophecy mentions a wizard, and it talks about how this wizard is the 'final peace to the puzzle'."
  6097. "At first glance, it seems like it's trying to say how that wizard is the key for Nightmare Moon's awakening."
  6098. "I used to think so as well, but something changed my mind."
  6099. "I tried to take manners into my own hands not so long ago. I believed i had come in contact with this wizard."
  6100. "But i didn't know what to do."
  6101. "I had no idea how he was related at all to the prophecy."
  6102. "But something was telling me... that was the guy."
  6103. "I was running out of time by then, so i did what i thought was right."
  6104. "I erased his memories, all and every single one of them."
  6105. >Sunset along with everybody in the room, besides Cadance, frowns
  6106. "I didn't know if that was going to help. But i did it anyways."
  6107. "It left a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth. So i tried to make it up to him."
  6108. "I asked Cadance, whom i hadn't talked to in a long time, if she would be willing to assist me financially."
  6109. "Of course i told her everything i just told you. And she agreed."
  6110. "That same boy is studying in Luna Nova as we're speaking. And he knows that i have wronged him, and now i realize it was all for nothing."
  6111. >"Luna Nova?"
  6112. "You have heard of it before, haven't you?"
  6113. >"Of course we have!" says Rainbow Dash "Dude, we're from there!"
  6114. "Excuse me?"
  6115. >"Yeah! we're just in our vacations!" jumps in the fluff of pink, a.k.a Pinkie Pie
  6116. "...huh... won't you look at that. And i'm guessing Anonymous does as well?"
  6117. >"Yep, he does." answers Sunset
  6118. "And Lemon Zest?"
  6119. >"Oh no, she's just a royal guard. She met with Anon as he started his "investigation" on this whole prophecy."
  6120. "A royal guard? at her age? that's odd."
  6121. >"You tell me." Says Sunset with a shrug
  6122. "Still, i believe now i may have found the wizard whom the prophecy was referring to."
  6123. >"You mean Anon?"
  6124. >You nod
  6125. "I think the fact he met with this girl "Luna" was fate. And so, he may be final puzzle piece."
  6126. "But not the final piece for Nightmare Moon to return. If not rather, to vanish her back."
  6131. >Our protagonists stood outside the beautiful crystal palace
  6132. >They had come up with a plan
  6133. >Which, to it's very core, was simple enough
  6134. >Nightmare Moon had finally returned
  6135. >How convenient, right?
  6136. >The group had a single goal in mind
  6137. >Not to kill Nightmare Moon, they didn't have the power after all
  6138. >But rather to stall her
  6139. >At least enough for her to meet with Anonymous
  6140. >Cadance had made sure everybody evacuated the building, from maids to guards and everything in between
  6141. >Someone refused to exit, nonetheless
  6142. >And that person was Anonymous himself
  6143. >He refused to leave, not without Lemon Zest whom was still unconscious
  6144. >No problem, all it's going to take is just some small-talk with Nightmare Moon until Anon decides to step outside
  6145. >So our heroes awaited patiently
  6146. >The inhabitants of the Crystal Empire peeked from outside their windows
  6147. >And a line of guards took a formation behind our group
  6148. >Although they were ordered to not interfere
  6149. >As Discord offered to be the one to do the talking
  6150. >Nightmare Moon had no intentions of destroying the Crystal Empire, yet
  6151. >She would, without a doubt, head for Canterlot first
  6152. >That's what Discord believed
  6153. >And in the current situation, where our heroes were about to come face to face with a queen of pure evil and grief, no one dared to differ
  6154. >It was early in the morning, yet the birds were not chirping
  6155. >It was time for the shops to open, yet they all remained closed
  6156. >And even at this time of the day, where normally the streets would be flooded with people
  6157. >Everyone remained sheltered
  6158. >Cadance thought about everything that could go wrong
  6159. >Flurry Heart thought about what Nightmare Moon would look like
  6160. >Sunburst was thinking about which spells he would have to use if everything went south
  6161. >So did Sunset Shimmer
  6162. >Applejack and Rainbow Dash were confident, and were ready to fight if necessary
  6163. >Rarity was worried for her friends, specially Fluttershy
  6164. >Since Fluttershy was taking cover behind her back, obviously anxious about what was about to go down
  6165. >And Pinkie Pie... well...
  6166. >Look, i know i'm supposed to be a narrator
  6167. >An omniscient one at that. But even *i* can't decipher Pinkie's thoughts
  6168. >Anywho, one could feel the tension in the air
  6169. >It was so thick, you could've cut it with a knife
  6170. >And the ominous silence that drowned the streets was not helping
  6171. >But what definitely did not help to calm our characters, was the sudden footsteps that echoed and resonated through the empire
  6172. >Accompanied by the rustling of metal, as if someone wearing armor was approaching
  6173. >"Maybe it's one of the guards?" the group thought to themselves
  6174. >That couldn't be, you see, as the sounds originated from the palace itself
  6175. >Whomever it was, they were coming from the castle
  6176. >And as stated before, everyone but Anon and Lemon Zest had evacuated
  6177. >Everybody was quick to realize this
  6178. >And they were just as quick to realize what it meant
  6179. >Discord prepared himself
  6180. >"Hopefully there's no need for violence." he thought
  6181. >"If that were the case, everybody on this kingdom would perish."
  6182. >The thought have him shivers
  6183. >But he shrugged them off, there was no time to be scared nor intimidated
  6184. >Given the fact that a figure stepped through the entrance of the palace
  6185. >A feminine figure
  6186. >Her armor decorated by precious gems
  6187. >Her hair, the color of sapphire, blowing through the wind
  6188. >And the swords of the guards couldn't compare against the blade alone which she wielded
  6189. >Discord had heard many tales about her in battle
  6190. >Her dexterity was remarkable, to say the least
  6191. >Her stamina, infinite
  6192. >Her strength, inhuman
  6193. >She was merciless, without fear
  6194. >And she was driven merely by anger
  6195. >The mention of her name was enough to bring fear into the hearts of the olde guards of Canterlot
  6196. >Discord remembered that when she turned evil, a war broke short before Celestia vanished her
  6197. >Many guards had passed away in that war trying to defend their princess
  6198. >They just couldn't stop her
  6199. >It took Celestia no more than three days to vanish her sister
  6200. >But until then, chaos and carnage rained upon Canterlot
  6201. >During battle, the younger sister still referred to herself as "Luna"
  6202. >She wasn't the one who came up with the nickname that would later be used in the tales depicting her malicious acts
  6203. >If not the same guards who fought in battle
  6204. >And those who tasted the edge of her sword named her...
  6205. >The Doom Slaye--
  6206. >I mean Nightmare Moon, my bad
  6208. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6BbvCC0VI0
  6213. >Remember that little forest you stayed at to help Trixie with her magic?
  6214. >Well, you're back
  6215. >This place really is... something
  6216. >You can't describe it, but the trees... the leafs blowing... the cold breeze
  6217. >The smell of nature
  6218. >It's comfy
  6219. >"...Anon? is everything okay?"
  6220. >Trixie speaks up, and she kinda breaks your train of thought
  6221. "...hm? what's up?"
  6222. >"You zoned out for a moment there."
  6223. "Oh, my bad. I was thinking about stuff."
  6224. >"Trixie can see that, but i'll ask again, is everything okay?"
  6225. "...yeah? why do you ask?"
  6226. >"You've been staring at Trixie for the past five minutes."
  6227. "Have i?"
  6228. >Trixie nods her head
  6229. >Well you'll be damned
  6230. >You probably look like a creep right now
  6231. >Though that wasn't your intention
  6232. >You really do have a lot on your mind...
  6233. >Like, for example, do you realize how awkward it's gonna be sharing a dorm with Wallflower now?
  6234. >Or for that matter, how awkward it's going to be tutoring the girl you have a crush on, when you already have a girlfriend?
  6235. >...
  6236. >A girlfriend...
  6237. >That sounds kinda weird
  6238. >Are you dating Sour Sweet?
  6239. >You mean... you two just kinda had a one-night stand, right?
  6240. >But you like her...
  6241. >Does she like *you*, though?
  6242. >You haven't had the chance to ask her
  6243. >You woke up in the morning with a mean hangover
  6244. >And Sour Sweet was there, but she was quick to leave
  6245. >She said she had "something to take care of"
  6246. >Whatever that was
  6247. >So when you went out looking for her and you crossed Trixie... you didn't get to speak with her
  6248. >Trixie really wanted to continue with the lessons
  6249. >And you promised to help, so you couldn't say no
  6250. >"Nonny? are you there? you're zoning out again."
  6251. >Fuck, snap out of it, Anon
  6252. "Yeah sorry... don't mind me though. Let's just continue the lessons where we left off."
  6253. >"...actually... about that..."
  6254. >Trixie looks away while rubbing her arm
  6255. >"I didn't ask you to come with me for that..."
  6256. "Huh? what do you mean?"
  6257. >"Trixie wanted to talk with you about something."
  6258. "What's that?"
  6259. >"There's been a rumor going around... about you."
  6260. "Ptfff, another rumor? people have been spreading those about me ever since i got here."
  6261. >"I know, but this one seemed a little off to me."
  6262. "...alright? so what is it?"
  6263. >"Were you with Sour Sweet last night? specifically at a bar?"
  6264. "..."
  6265. >Hold on, who the fuck saw you?
  6266. >Great...
  6267. >Whatever, that's not such a big deal
  6268. >But why would Trixie call you out of Luna Nova for?
  6269. "That's true, yes."
  6270. >"But why?"
  6271. "Why what?"
  6272. >"Why would you hang around with her? Trixie thought you hated her..."
  6273. "Hated her? i never said i did... sure i disliked her, but when you get to know her, she can actually be pretty nice."
  6274. >"...i see..."
  6275. >What's up with her?
  6276. >With that tone of voice she seems... sad
  6277. "Are you okay Trixie?"
  6278. >"Yes, i'm fine. It's just that... do you remember, the first day you tutored Trixie, that i.. uh... k-kissed you?"
  6279. >oof
  6280. >You really don't want to talk about that
  6281. >But Trixie looks like something is really bothering her, so...
  6282. "Yeah, i remember that."
  6283. >"Good... i feel like we never really talked about it, did we?"
  6284. "No, we didn't."
  6285. >"I was hoping you'd bring it up eventually, but you never did..."
  6286. "Well, i didn't because i thought you told me it was an accident? that you just got caught up in the moment?"
  6287. >"Of course i got caught up in the moment, Trixie always gets caught up in the moment, but when i do... i don't just kiss anybody who's close by me..."
  6288. "...s-so you meant to do that?"
  6289. >"...i guess i did."
  6290. "..."
  6291. >"Anon, the rumor doesn't end there. There's a couple of witches that say they saw you and Sour Sweet lock yourselves in her dorm..."
  6292. "That's true as well."
  6293. >"So..."
  6294. >Trixie finally averts her gaze from the ground, and back to you
  6295. >If you wouldn't know any better, you'd say her eyes are getting a little misty
  6296. >But that could just be the breeze hitting her face
  6297. >"...are you two dating now?"
  6298. "...i don't know." you answer with a weak shrug
  6299. >"What? you don't know?"
  6300. "Trixie, look, i'll be honest with you. I had-- HAVE a crush on you."
  6301. >Her eyes widen at that
  6302. "But i never had the courage to ask you out, since i was scared you'd... well, that you wouldn't feel the same. You're one of the only friends i have after all."
  6303. >"...A-anon i don't know what to..."
  6304. "Nah don't worry... just... just forget i said anything."
  6305. >Wow, you're such an idiot
  6306. >You spoke out of your ass there
  6307. >You've known her for, what, no more than two weeks?
  6308. >Puh-lease, only a dumbass like you would be capable of falling for someone so quick--
  6309. >"T-trixie has a c-crush on you as well!"
  6310. "Eh?"
  6311. >"I... i share your feelings... that's what Trixie meant..."
  6312. >And then she stares off into the ground once again
  6313. >...
  6314. >This is, uh...
  6315. >A nice change of events?
  6316. >Do something, dude!
  6317. >You can't just stand there like a moron!
  6318. >So you approach her slowly, until you're at arms length
  6319. >You can see Trixie looking at you through her pale blue hair
  6320. >Well... don't just stand there...
  6321. >You reach for her hands, and you hold them in yours
  6322. >This is going to be super fucking corny, but...
  6323. "Trixie... i... i really don't know if i'm actually dating Sour Sweet... we literally just started talking last night, so..."
  6324. >She looks right into your eyes
  6325. >Ouch shit, your heart
  6326. >It's melting
  6327. >Don't stop now
  6328. "So... do you wanna give this whole thing a try?"
  6329. >"Y-you want to date Trixie...?"
  6330. >D'aww... you can't help but crack a smile at her
  6331. >You nod your head
  6332. "Yeah... let's do i--"
  6333. >"What the fuck is going on here?"
  6334. >!!!
  6335. >U-uh, you recognize that voice!
  6336. >Your head snaps to your side, towards where Luna Nova is
  6337. >And besides you, two witches stand, looking directly at you
  6338. >One of them looks surprised
  6339. >That's Starlight
  6340. >But the other?
  6341. >Her current facial expression is that of confusion mixed with anger
  6342. >And that would be... Sour Sweet
  6347. "S-sour Sweet? w-what are you doing here?"
  6348. >"I was looking for you."
  6349. "But-- i-- uh..."
  6350. >You turn back to Trixie
  6351. >And honestly she doesn't look any happy to see Sour Sweet
  6352. >"What do you want? can't you see we're in the middle of something?"
  6353. >"Oh fuck off Trixie. I'm talking to Anon."
  6354. "Hey calm down, this isn't what it seem--"
  6355. >"No! Trixie is sick and tired of being walked over! you can't tell Trixie what to do!"
  6356. >"Are you still talking? are you deaf? i told you to shut up."
  6357. >"Listen here you!"
  6358. >"Girls... can we turn it down a little?"
  6359. >This is awkward
  6360. >Like, really awkward
  6361. >And Starlight doesn't seem any more comfortable
  6362. "Y-yeah... Sour Sweet i'm trying to tell you that--"
  6363. >"That what?! that the moment i turn my back you go off looking for other girls?!"
  6364. "Huh?! you don't understand! i'm trying to say--"
  6365. >"And what if he is?! Anon isn't your pet! he can do whatever he wants! and if he wants to date Trixie, that's his choice!"
  6366. "Trixie calm down, Jesus Christ--!"
  6367. >"UGH! How many times am i gonna have to tell you to shut up?!"
  6368. "Can you let me talk for a second?!"
  6369. >"No! i don't want to hear it! while i was off trying to apologize to everyone, you backstab me!"
  6370. "A-apologize?"
  6371. >"Yeah! why do you think Starlight is here?! i wanted to apologize to everybody! and when i asked Starlight where Trixie was, she told me she was with you!"
  6372. "...i-- uh, that's amazing but please just let me explain!"
  6373. >"You have nothing to explain to her, Anon! her attempts at making amends are transparent!"
  6374. "What?!"
  6375. >"Transparent?! what are you talking about?!"
  6376. >"You don't actually want to apologize to me! you're just trying to look good with Anon because we're his friends!"
  6377. >"How the fuck would you know?! can you read minds?!"
  6378. >"No, but Trixie knows you much better than Anonymous does!"
  6379. >"You don't know me! at all! so i'd suggest you stayed quiet!"
  6380. >"Or what?! what are you gonna do?!"
  6381. >"I'll fucking show you!"
  6382. >Sour Sweet reaches for her wand
  6383. >But Trixie, whom already had her wand in hand, is quicker to point it towards her
  6384. >...
  6385. >Just why?
  6386. >Why does this happen to you?
  6387. >It's like every single time you're having a good time, you get fucked over
  6388. >And it's like nothing you do matters
  6389. >Why did you even tell Trixie how you felt?
  6390. >What did you thing was gonna happen?
  6391. >You don't even like Sour Sweet
  6392. >Or do you?
  6393. >Why are you... why are you dating her?
  6394. >This whole... "relationship" felt forced
  6395. >Maybe you... you needed something to ease your mind?
  6396. >Maybe you thought a girlfriend would fill that void?
  6397. >That void of not knowing who you are?
  6398. >...
  6399. >Who are you fooling?
  6400. >You don't even like Trixie, do you?
  6401. >You don't want to choose between one or the other
  6402. >Not because you like either of them
  6403. >But because they both have their problems
  6404. >And choosing one, and leaving the other alone, wouldn't be good for their mental
  6405. >Again, not because you're their soulmate or anything
  6406. >But because...
  6407. >Because...
  6408. >Does it ever happen to you that, while you're walking down the street, you see a group of people from the opposite sex staring at you?
  6409. >They don't laugh... or look at you weird
  6410. >They just stare at you.
  6411. >What are they thinking?
  6412. >Do they think you're pretty?
  6413. >Do they think you're ugly?
  6414. >Do they think your clothes are horrible?
  6415. >Maybe they're not thinking anything at all
  6416. >But Trixie and Sour Sweet
  6417. >Or any teenager for that matter, probably don't enjoy the thought of complete strangers thinking they're horrible
  6418. >No shit, nobody enjoys being judged, let alone by someone who doesn't know you. No matter your age
  6419. >Where are you going with this?
  6420. >This is completely unrelated to everything.
  6421. >You guess what you're trying to say is...
  6422. >It doesn't really matter, does it?
  6423. >You don't know
  6424. >You honestly don't know
  6425. >So you do what seemed right at the moment
  6426. >You walked away
  6427. >No goodbye, no nothing
  6428. >You really don't wanna be there
  6429. >"You cunt! i'll destroy--... Anon? where are you going?"
  6430. "..."
  6431. >"Anonymous! ugh, see?! you scared him away?"
  6432. >No she didn't
  6433. >You'd tell Trixie to shut the fuck up
  6434. >That girl can be so dense sometimes
  6435. >But that wouldn't be nice
  6436. >Just because you don't care, doesn't mean they don't either
  6437. >Care about what?
  6438. >I don't know, you tell me
  6439. >I am you, you're talking to yourself
  6440. >I always talk to myself
  6441. >"Anonymous?! get back here! you can't just bail out like this!"
  6442. >Bet
  6443. >You zoned off, like you usually do
  6444. >By the time you took in your surroundings, you realize you're standing at the door to your dorm
  6445. >...
  6446. >Is Wallflower in?
  6447. >Does it make a difference if she is?
  6448. >You just really feel like taking a nap all of a sudden
  6449. >So you step in, without knocking
  6450. >The moment you set foot inside, a million thoughts crossed your mind
  6451. >It was overwhelming
  6452. >What are you gonna tell Wallflower?
  6453. >How is she going to react?
  6454. >And many more among those lines
  6455. >All for nothing though, she's not here
  6456. >...
  6457. >You lock the door behind you
  6458. >What now?
  6459. >You have a whole day ahead of you
  6460. >But you don't want to deal with that shit
  6461. >Understanding other people's feelings can be hard
  6462. >But how are you feeling?
  6463. >Did you hear that?
  6464. >Of course i did, i'm the one who asked
  6469. >Hnngg
  6470. >...
  6471. >Goddamn it
  6472. >You've been rolling around in bed for...
  6473. >You don't actually know how long it's been, but
  6474. >But you just can't fall asleep
  6475. >It doesn't make sense
  6476. >You felt so tired before...
  6477. >So why?
  6478. >...
  6479. >This is fucking depressing
  6480. >Not only that, but now you feel like an asshole for leaving the girls like that
  6481. >Couldn't help it, you just really needed to get away
  6482. >So maybe that's it...
  6483. >Maybe you weren't tired, you just wanted to run away
  6484. >Although you probably should've taken responsibility
  6485. >You fucked up after all, didn't you?
  6486. >Not like it matters anyway
  6487. >Nothing matters
  6488. >It's funny how you're so worried about it
  6489. >Yet, in a years time, neither of those girls will remember you
  6490. >Or for that matter, no one at all will
  6491. >Maybe your family
  6492. >But even that doesn't matter, considering you don't remember who your family is
  6493. >As far as you know, you don't have one
  6494. >Maybe all of your relatives are dead
  6495. >And you were just a poor soul living on the streets...
  6496. >...
  6497. >Maybe...
  6498. >Maybe then, if that's the case, having Discord erase your memory wasn't that bad...?
  6499. >...yeah...
  6500. >Yeah!
  6501. >Nothing matters!
  6502. >And that's alright!
  6503. >Just think about it for a second
  6504. >And what if Trixie or Sour Sweet forget about you once they graduate?
  6505. >You should be glad you were able to spend time with them!
  6506. >And you should be glad that they enjoyed your company!
  6507. >Even if it was for two weeks in Trixie's case, and a single night for Sour Sweet!
  6508. >They enjoyed having you around to a point they thought fighting over you was worth it!
  6509. >And let me tell you, it definitely wasn't!
  6510. >You're trash
  6511. >You already knew that
  6512. >Hopefully they do now too
  6513. >And that's fine
  6514. >You hop off your bed
  6515. >And you step closer onto the bedroom's window
  6516. >Ah... look at that beautiful view
  6517. >There's a whole world out there, Anon
  6518. >And it's out to get you
  6519. >Bring it on then, you've made it this far
  6520. >And this far you've made it feeling miserable and sorry for yourself
  6521. >At least these last months you have
  6522. >Let's look at it this way: what if before Discord erased your memories, you were famous? or a millionaire?
  6523. >That's of course a hypothetical scenario
  6524. >But if that were the case, what does it matter now?
  6525. >What did it even matter back then?
  6526. >Hell, you're just a small little boy in the middle of space
  6527. >Getting older, getting closer to your death
  6528. >See?
  6529. >You didn't just lose your memories
  6530. >You also lost all of your previous worries!
  6531. >You've got no one else to feel sorry for
  6532. >And that would explain why you felt sorry only for yourself
  6533. >Were you compensating?
  6534. >Perhaps
  6535. >But now
  6536. >Now you want that to change
  6537. >You push the window open
  6538. >And a breeze of cold air hits your face
  6539. >It feels amazing, so you take a deep breath
  6540. >Previously, you'd love the cold breeze
  6541. >Because it was a form of pause button for life
  6542. >It was relaxing
  6543. >And it kept your mind off from your worries
  6544. >Not anymore, you say!
  6545. >That world is out to get you
  6546. >But not if you get to it first!
  6547. >You're done
  6548. >You're done being miserable!
  6549. >Step through that door, Anon!
  6550. >Look for those girls!
  6551. >You're gonna set the record straight!
  6552. >And after you do
  6553. >Either they'll accept your apology, or they'll never want to see you again
  6554. >Whatever happens, good for them!
  6555. >You're glad you were good enough for them!
  6556. >And the mere fact that they would actually see you as a fit lover makes you happy!
  6557. >It makes you feel like you're not half the shitty person you thought you were!
  6558. >Closing the window, you turn and head towards your dormitory's door
  6559. >You step outside, and shut the door behind you
  6560. "Get ready for me, Equestria! 'cause i'm coming in hot!"
  6561. >You hear the creek of a nearby door
  6562. >And a witch peeks her head from out her room
  6563. >She looks around, presumably looking for the source of the sound, which would be you
  6564. >And as her gaze lands upon you, she shouts back
  6565. >"Hey asshole! shut the fuck up! we're studying here!"
  6566. >D'aw, you can't help but smile
  6567. "Yes! fuck you too, friend!" you reply pointing a finger towards the girl with the gray-ish cyan hair
  6568. >And she rolls her eyes, before snoopin' back into her dorm
  6569. >Okay
  6570. >Before you do anything stupid
  6571. >Keep in mind you might just be having a mood swing
  6572. >If that's the case, you love it!
  6573. >Because right now...
  6574. >You feel great
  6575. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0X-SWiDr1g
  6580. >Well, where could the girls be?
  6581. >You trail along the school's ground looking for them
  6582. >And the plaza seemed like the most obvious place to check first
  6583. >Too bad the plaza is full of witches, simply just hanging around
  6584. >But a certain witch stands out
  6585. >Sitting on a single bench by herself, holding a book in her hands, you see Starlight
  6586. >So of course you approach her
  6587. "Starlight! my friend! how's it going?"
  6588. >"It's going-- Wait, Anon?"
  6589. "The one and only."
  6590. >"Uhhh, hey? how are you feeling?"
  6591. "I'm doing fantastic, never felt better in my life."
  6592. >"Really? you seemed pretty bummed out back there"
  6593. "Yeah don't mind that, i'm actually looking for Trixie and Sour Sweet. Have you seen them?"
  6594. >"Um, not really. After you left, i took my leave as well."
  6595. "Oh, and what were they doing before you left?"
  6596. >"They were still arguing, unfortunately."
  6597. "You didn't keep an eye on them?"
  6598. >"Why would i?"
  6599. "They seemed kinda agitated, ya' know?"
  6600. >"Trixie can be a little volatile sometimes, figuratively and literally."
  6601. "I can tell. You wanna help me look for them?"
  6602. >"What?"
  6603. "Yep, the least i could do is apologize."
  6604. >"Anon, you can't just do that."
  6605. "...come again?"
  6606. >Starlight sets her book besides her
  6607. >"Look, if they haven't killed each other yet, then you're gonna have to think outside the box."
  6608. "Why? i just want to apologize and forget about this."
  6609. >"Won't work."
  6610. "I heard you, but i'm asking why."
  6611. >"It's gonna seem way too forced. So you're going to have to think outside the box, you get me?"
  6612. "Define 'outside the box'."
  6613. >Starlight scoffs
  6614. >"You have to make this apology special, is that clear enough for you?"
  6615. "Ptfff, yeah, sure. What do you want me to do? fly a dragon around with a piece of paper tied to the back that says 'I'm sorry, Trixie'?"
  6616. >"..."
  6617. >Why isn't she saying that's not what you're supposed to do
  6618. >Oh
  6619. >Oh no
  6620. >A smirk forms on the corner of her lips
  6621. >it's subtle, but not enough for you to not notice it
  6622. "That was an example, i'm not doing that."
  6623. >"Hmph, well then. I guess Trixie is going to have to spend the rest of her years blaming herself for something that was your fault."
  6624. "Huh?!"
  6625. >Starlight reaches back for her book, and she buries her face on it
  6626. >Still, you can tell she's trying to hide that shit-eating grin behind the textbook
  6627. >...
  6628. >Goddamn it, what if she's right?
  6629. >...
  6630. "Does it... does it have to be a dragon...?"
  6635. >"Now listen, Anon, if we're going to do this, we're doing it right."
  6636. "Exactly, that's why i feel like i should just apology to Trixie like a normal human being--"
  6637. >"So, as i was saying, getting our hands on a dragon isn't going to be easy."
  6638. "Absolutely, that's why i feel like i should just--"
  6639. >"Say that one more time, i dare you. I double dare you, and i'll make sure you apologize to Trixie on a fucking hospital bed."
  6640. "....so...you were saying?"
  6641. >"That's more like it. Look, finding a dragon isn't going to be easy, let alone getting it to help us."
  6642. "So what's the plan?"
  6643. >"I know of a certain witch that specializes on domesticating wild creatures. Fluttershy."
  6644. "Cool, so let's go look for her then."
  6645. >"Yeeeaah... about that, here's the problem: she's on the other Anon's class."
  6646. "So she's not here?"
  6647. >"Sadly, worry not! i know of a friend of hers that can also help us!"
  6648. "Nice, but why even tell me about Fluttershy to begin with then?"
  6649. >"Do not question me."
  6650. "..."
  6651. >"So! let's get a move on!"
  6652. "Lead the way."
  6653. >Starlight stands from her seat, and with her book in hand she signals for you to follow
  6654. >Oh boy you don't like this
  6655. >A dragon? is this girl trying to get you killed?
  6656. >You mean, shit, you'd rather drive around a tranny van with loudspeakers before doing that shit
  6657. >lol
  6658. >But still... Starlight knows Trixie much better than you do
  6659. >So you trust she knows what's better for her
  6660. >Is it still too late to change her mind?
  6661. >Probably, since Starlight stops on her tracks as you approach a small group consisting of four witches
  6662. >You get a feeling she wants to do the talking herself
  6663. >And you're not gonna object to that
  6664. >Starlight clears her throat, catching the attention of the girls
  6665. >You don't recognize any of the witches
  6666. >One of them is rocking a puffy hair-do
  6667. >And you might make this comparison because you're hungry
  6668. >But her hair does /kinda/ resemble a cheeto
  6669. >Anyway, to her left is a younger looking witch with blue hair and a ponytail
  6670. >And to her right, a purple haired chick with pigtails
  6671. >Last one of the group is a girl wearing glasses, again, with purple hair accompanied by a single pink stripe
  6672. >Never seem them before as you said...
  6673. >"Can i help you?" speaks the cheeto girl
  6674. >"Hey Adagio! it's me, Starlight Glimmer!"
  6675. >"...hello there? do you need something?"
  6676. >"Actually, my friend over here does. He wanted to ask you for a favo--"
  6677. >"Hold on, aren't you Anonymous?" interrupts "Adagio" pointing a finger your way
  6678. "Um... yep, that's me."
  6679. >"Oh! you're the guy that's dating Sour Sweet!" chimes in the girl with the ponytails
  6680. >Goddamn it, of course they were going to bring that up
  6685. >"So... let me see if i understand... you want me to help you kidnap a dragon... so you can apologize to Trixie Lulamoon?"
  6686. "I wouldn't say 'kidnap', just borrow."
  6687. >"You can't 'borrow' animals, Anon. Let alone a dragon."
  6688. >You click your tongue
  6689. "I know, but... can't you just brainwash one? for like an hour or two? that's all we need."
  6690. >"Brainwash? that's not how it works."
  6691. "Didn't Fluttershy teach you how to domesticate wild animals?"
  6692. >"Yeah, if you were asking me to get you a dog or a cat, i could probably *maybe* help you. But not something like a dragon."
  6693. "Isn't it the same though?"
  6694. >"No it is not."
  6695. "...hm..."
  6696. >"Look, even if i were willing to help, finding a dragon is easier said than done. They migrated from Equestria years ago..."
  6697. "I see... sorry to bother you then."
  6698. >Sheesh
  6699. >Look at the bright side
  6700. >At least you won't be risking your life anymore just for an apology
  6701. >Still... why is it bothering you?
  6702. >You guess the flashy idea of getting a dragon kinda started to grow on you...
  6703. >"Actually." speaks up the girl with glasses "They still might be a way to find one."
  6704. >"What do you mean Twilight?" asks Adagio
  6705. >"Well, Anonymous did after all manage to summon a dragon at the talent show, remember?"
  6706. >"...huh...i guess that's true... but he never taught me how to do it."
  6707. >"Lucky for us, i asked him personally if he could teach me the spell he utilized."
  6708. "Hold on, so you know how to summon a dragon?"
  6709. >"Partially, yes. I just never actually tried the spell myself."
  6710. "We would be very grateful if you could try! and i could help in any way possible!"
  6711. >"..."
  6712. >Twilight, you believe her name was? looks over to Adagio, who shrugs in response
  6713. >"Hey, if you want to give that spell a try, then i figure i could help as well."
  6714. >Oh shit, are you actually doing this?
  6715. >You weren't thinking about all the things that could go wrong before, but now you are
  6716. >Push those thoughts away, Anon!
  6717. >You gotta commit to this!
  6718. >Even if it mean risking your lif--
  6719. >"Wait, are you two actually considering helping this guy? we don't know him."
  6720. >"Oh Aria! always so gloomy!" The ponytail girl locks Aria in a hug and ruffles her hair "If the girls wanna help, i say let them!"
  6721. "Eh... she's right though."
  6722. >You turn back to Adagio and Twilight
  6723. "If you two aren't confident about this, then it's okay. I won't force you to do it."
  6724. >Adagio shrugs
  6725. >"Well... your whole plan did sound a little ridiculous at first, but... the idea of apologizing to a girl via the mean of kidnapping a dragon does sound romantic..."
  6726. "What?"
  6727. >"I was thinking that too!" adds Twilight
  6728. >"Right?! i would die if a boy did that for me! so i'll help!"
  6729. >"I'm in as well!"
  6730. "Woah, really?"
  6731. >The girls give you a firm nod
  6732. >Welp, ya' ain't gonna question that line of reasoning
  6733. >After staying quiet for longer than you'd expect, Starlight finally speaks up
  6734. "That settles it then! let's catch ourselves a dragon!"
  6739. >Alright!
  6740. >It's show-time!
  6741. >You've got a felling this will go just as planned!
  6742. >Just to make sure though, let's review the plan
  6743. >Twilight is responsible for summoning the dragon
  6744. >Adagio is gonna make sure to tame the beast
  6745. >And you, Anon, are responsible for...
  6746. >...
  6747. >Uhhhhh
  6748. >Um
  6749. >What are you supposed to do again?
  6750. >Shit
  6751. >You nudge Starlight with your elbow
  6752. "Ptsss, Starlight?" you whisper
  6753. >"Hm? what's up?"
  6754. "What's my role again?"
  6755. >"what's your role in what?"
  6756. "Yeah, like, what am i supposed to do?"
  6757. >"Oh, you're going to be the one flying the dragon of course."
  6758. "Ptffff, sure."
  6759. >"...i'm not kidding."
  6760. "Sure you're not."
  6761. >"Anon i've never been more serious in my life."
  6762. >You turn your head to face her
  6763. >You were expecting her to be smirking, she must be joking after all
  6764. >But...
  6765. >That deadpan stare is telling you otherwise
  6766. "Hold on, are you a hundred percent serious?"
  6767. >"Yep."
  6768. "I never agreed to that though!"
  6769. >"Yes you did, this was your plan after all."
  6770. "No it wasn't! never in my right mind would i think of something like that! *you* proposed it!"
  6771. >"And *you* are the one who cheated on Trixie."
  6772. "..."
  6773. >"Must i remind you that you got yourself into this mess?"
  6774. "There's no need for that..."
  6775. >"Then keep your head down, and do it."
  6776. "Look, i was all about getting a dragon, but the moment you add *me* riding said dragon i have to step back."
  6777. >"What else did you think you were going to do then?"
  6778. "Oh i don't know, maybe watching from a safe distance?"
  6779. >"Jesus Christ, you're such a pussy."
  6780. "If not wanting to ride a fucking dragon means i'm a pussy, then sure! i'm the biggest pussy alive!"
  6781. >"..."
  6782. >Starlight tries to hold in her laughter
  6783. >You're gonna kill this girl, if she doesn't get you killed first that is
  6784. >Someone behind you clears their throat
  6785. >And then you realize Starlight wasn't looking at you when she was holding her laughter, if not pass you
  6786. >...
  6787. >damn it
  6788. >"Am i interrupting anything?" speaks Adagio
  6789. "U-uh... no?"
  6790. >"Good, just wanted to let you know we're all set. You guys ready?"
  6791. "No! we're not ready at all--!"
  6792. >"Yep! all good here! summon that dragon already!" Starlight shouts over you
  6793. >Adagio nods, and she looks over her shoulder with a thumbs up towards Twilight
  6794. "Hold the fuck on--!"
  6795. >"Nope! too late Anon!"
  6796. "W-woah!"
  6797. >Grabbing you by the collar of your shirt, Starlight drags you to Twilight
  6798. >Adagio follows close behind
  6803. >"Spawn the fucken' thing already!"
  6804. >"Geez calm down, what's with the hurry?"
  6805. "No hurrys here haha take your time :)"
  6806. >Starlight covers your mouth with one hand
  6807. >ewwww
  6808. >"Oh Anon! you're so funny! always making jokes! Now do the spell, Twilight. Or else."
  6809. >"...sure?" answers a hesitant Twilight Sparkle
  6810. >"Now keep in mind she hasn't practiced this spell before, so this might or might not take a whil--"
  6811. >"It's okay!" reaffirms Starlight "Just take a deep breath!"
  6812. >What even is the spell anyways?
  6813. >You're about to find out it seems
  6814. >Twilight takes, as Starlight proposed, a deep breath
  6815. >She holds it in
  6816. >And as Twilight opens her mouth to speak she lets it all out
  6817. >"Boom goes the dynamite!"
  6818. >...
  6819. >oh fuck off mate
  6820. >*BOOM*
  6821. >A small explosion
  6822. >Followed by a cloud of smoke
  6823. >And from behind the cloud, forms a silhouette
  6824. >The smoke dissipates
  6825. >Twilight watches in awe
  6826. >Adagio readies herself for her spell
  6827. >And Starlight can barely hold in her excitement as she hops in place
  6828. >Meanwhile you're getting really tired of her holding you
  6829. >So you pull her hand away, and spit on the floor
  6830. "Ew! don't do that shit again! i don't know where you hands have been!"
  6831. >"W-what?! what are you implying?! i wash them everyday!"
  6832. "Your hands smell like cheese! what are you on about?!"
  6833. >"Oh that's it you fucker!" Starlight says as she rolls up her sleeves
  6834. >"Guys!"
  6835. "What?!"
  6836. >"What?!
  6837. >"Look!" shouts Adagio
  6838. >The smoke clears from in front of you
  6839. >And standing behind it...
  6840. >It's...
  6841. >...It's...
  6842. "I don't get it there's nothing."
  6843. >"Ugh, told you guys this might take a while..." Adagio rolls her eyes
  6844. >"Well just do it again then!"
  6845. "Yeah, no time to waste i guess. If you don't hurry up i'm gonna end up killing Starlight before you pull the spell off."
  6846. >"Keep talking shit, and i'll stick my wand so far up your ass..."
  6847. "Just get on with it, Twilight."
  6848. >"..."
  6849. "...Twilight?"
  6850. >She doesn't reply
  6851. >Instead she stands frozen in place
  6852. >Her gaze looking downwards
  6853. >Looking at the ground
  6854. >And in a small patch of grass, rests a creature
  6855. >...
  6856. >A baby dragon...?
  6857. >"...hoLY SHIT IT WORKED!" Starlight screams in excitement
  6858. "Woah... first try..."
  6859. >"Ha! amazing! you did it Twi!" Speaks Adagio giving Twilight a pat on the back
  6860. >"...i-i really did didn't i?"
  6861. >"Yep yep yep!"
  6862. "Alright that's cool and all but don't get your hopes up. We needed a dragon that was... kinda, uh... older."
  6863. >Starlight, who had finally resorted to jumping up and down, snaps her head towards you
  6864. >With a predatory look...
  6865. >"What did you just say?"
  6866. "..."
  6867. >This girl doesn't scare you
  6868. >But hey one things for sure
  6869. >She might be cute, but she'll fight
  6870. >A-and you'd fight too!
  6871. >S-she doesn't scare you!
  6872. >But your parents taught you to never raise your hand at a woman!
  6873. >lmao what? we don't even know our parents
  6874. "nothing haha just a funny joke :)"
  6875. >"Thought so."
  6880. >"D'awwww it's so cute!" Adagio holds her own cheeks
  6881. "It's something alright..."
  6882. >You stand in a circle, leaning forwards, around the baby dragon
  6883. >"Don't worry Anon!" Adagio gives you a friendly shove "I'm sure Trixie will love it!"
  6884. "I can imagine... but there's a problem..."
  6885. >"...he's not ours... we just took this baby away from his family..." adds Twilight, in a low tone of voice
  6886. >She read your mind
  6887. "That... this doesn't feel right..."
  6888. >Starlight and Adagio look at each other with worried expressions
  6889. >"I... didn't consider that..." answers Starlight
  6890. >"So what now...?"
  6891. >You avert your gazes towards the baby yet again
  6892. >It sleeps peacefully
  6893. >But it's ears shake, and with a yawn, the creature opens it's eyes
  6894. >First thing he sees, Twilight
  6895. >Can dragons smile?
  6896. >Because you swear he's grinning at Twilight like a dork
  6897. >"Bark!"
  6898. >HM?!
  6899. "Dragons bark?"
  6900. >"It's not a... uh... i wouldn't know actually..."
  6901. >Not so much of a smart-ass now, eh Starlight?
  6902. >It's stands in it's four legs, very much like a puppy
  6903. >And in baby steps (Literally) he makes it's way to Twilight's feet
  6904. >It lays down, right besides Twilight
  6905. >...
  6906. >"D'awww!
  6907. >"D'awww!
  6908. "D'awww!
  6909. >Adagio, Starlight and yourself exclaim in unison
  6910. >"I think it likes you!" Starlight looks up to Twilight
  6911. "Yeah! i think you should keep it!"
  6912. >"W-wha?"
  6913. >"Yep! you'd make a great owner!"
  6914. >"G-guys he's not mine i can't just..."
  6915. "C'mon, he's already here. Why not keep him?"
  6916. >"Because.. you guys already know why..."
  6917. >"We get it Twi, but maybe if you kept him... it would be better for him?"
  6918. >"What sense does that make?"
  6919. >"Oh right! don't baby dragons have a high mortality rate?" Speaks Starlight with a finger hold up
  6920. >"Yes, the mothers usually don't look after their children for long... most of them abandon them on the nest."
  6921. "Hm, didn't know that..."
  6922. >"Of course you wouldn't" Starlight frowns "You fall asleep eight out of ten classes."
  6923. "Not now, cheese hands."
  6924. >She squints her eyes at you
  6925. >"So will you consider it, Twilight?" asks Adagio
  6926. >"...oh i really shouldn't..."
  6927. >The baby stretches on Twilight's feet, and lets out another yawn before resting his head on the grass
  6928. >"...ohmygod..." it's all Twilight can say
  6929. "Again, he seems comfortable with you. So?"
  6930. >"I guess it wouldn't hurt anybody..."
  6931. >Nice
  6932. >You and the group exchange looks with a smile
  6933. >"So what are you naming it?" Adagio looks over to Twilight
  6934. >"n-name it...?"
  6935. >"Yeah, i guess it only makes sense to give it a name." adds Starlight
  6936. "Maybe that's going too quick, i know for one i wouldn't be able to come up with a name on the spo--"
  6937. >"Spike." interrupts Twilight
  6938. "Oh never mind then."
  6939. >"Spike huh?" Starlight lifts her hand to her chin "I like it." she nods
  6944. "That took way longer than it should've..."
  6945. >"Agreed." Starlight sighs "And i blame you for that."
  6946. "Fair enough."
  6947. >Short walk back to the academy with the girls
  6948. >The sun was already setting by then
  6949. >"Hey guys?" speaks Twilight, holding a sleeping Spike in her arms
  6950. "What's up?"
  6951. >"What are we going to do with Trixie?"
  6952. >"Just tell her Anon got a baby dragon for her."
  6953. >"...and we give it to her?"
  6954. "Nah you can keep it, he's yours. Trixie has a short attention span anyways."
  6955. >"AND she's very prone to getting caught up in the moment, she'll forget about Spike in about an hour or so."
  6956. >"So was this for nothing?" asks Adagio tilting her head
  6957. "Not really, let's just hope she appreciates the gesture."
  6958. >"Mhm, about that, where's Trixie?"
  6959. ...i thought... you would know?"
  6960. >"Why would i know that? i'm not a psychic."
  6961. "Yeah perhaps, but you are her best friend."
  6962. >"I told you i left after you. No idea where she ran off to..."
  6963. "Hm..."
  6964. >You stop at the entrance to Luna Nova
  6965. >The group notices and stops as well, looking back
  6966. >"Got a plan?"
  6967. "Yeah..."
  6968. >Oh boy
  6969. >You've wanted to say this line for so long...
  6970. >You can't help but smile at the thought of saying it...
  6971. "Alright gang, let's split u--!"
  6972. >"Let me stop you right there."
  6973. >Starlight stares at you with a dead-pan expression
  6974. "...uh, what's up?"
  6975. >"Don't finish that sentence."
  6976. "Finish what? let's split up ga--?"
  6977. >"Just please. You're already enough of a dork."
  6978. "Aw c'mon! Dagi and Twilight were into it, right?"
  6979. >You look over to them
  6980. >"...tch... you see..."
  6981. >"No, to be honest i don't even know what you were referencing."
  6982. >"Don't worry about it, it's about a cartoon."
  6983. "A VERY good cartoon at that."
  6984. >"First off: You're wrong. Second off: as far as we know, Trixie is in her dorm. No need to split up."
  6985. "Yeah but what if SHE ISN'T?"
  6986. >"..."
  6987. >Starlight crosses her arms
  6988. >"You really are a dumbass."
  6989. >"He has a point though."
  6990. >"What?! no he doesn't!"
  6991. >"I guess there could be a slim chance that after... whatever Anon did, that Trixie might've ran off..."
  6992. >"Why would she do that?! no, actually, why are you two even fancying him?!"
  6993. "You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em."
  6994. >"Yeah but *i* can beat you."
  6995. "Let's vote then. Who wants to split up, raise their hands."
  6996. >Adagio raises her hand, Twilight follows
  6997. >"Aw c'mon!"
  6998. "Seems like it's one to three, cheese hands."
  6999. >"When i said beat you, i didn't mean it figuratively!" and she's back to rolling up her sleeves
  7000. "You wanna go, cunt?!"
  7001. >"For the love of-- you two are worse than my sisters."
  7002. "Not my fault! i just wanted to spice things up!"
  7003. >"I'll spice 'ya up! i'll spice you up real good!" shouts Starlight
  7004. "It would've been cool! Adagio could be... uh... Daphne! and Twilight, obviously, Velma!"
  7005. >"Who's that?" asks Dagi
  7006. "And then Spike's Scooby, and of course i'll be Fred! oh and you starlight could be shaggy, i guess."
  7007. >"...i'm going to look for Trixie."
  7008. "Starlight get your ass back here."
  7009. >"Make me."
  7010. >"C'mon Starlight, let's just get this over with."
  7011. >"..."
  7012. >She takes a very deep breath
  7013. >"If i we do this, Anon, do you promise to stop wasting our time?"
  7014. "I didn't waste anybody's time..."
  7015. >"You could be apologizing to Trixie right now, BUT NOOOO, you want to roleplay as fucking Scoob--"
  7016. >You don't let her finish
  7017. >Instead you hover a hand in the air, and look over to Adagio and Twilight
  7018. >They catch up very quickly, and place their hands over yours
  7019. >So you look up to Starlight
  7020. "C'moooon, we're waitiiiing~"
  7021. >"...i recommend you sleep with an eye open tonight."
  7022. >And so, Starlight joins in
  7023. "Alright gang, let's split up!"
  7024. >And you throw your hands up to the sky
  7025. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_C2HJvtRDY
  7030. >"Any luck?"
  7031. >Asks Starlight, to which Twilight answers
  7032. >"Unfortunately no, i looked all over the place as well."
  7033. "I asked the elder witches to see if they knew where Trixie was, but i got nothing."
  7034. >"I don't get it... i checked the dorm too, but she's not there."
  7035. >"What now?"
  7036. "I guess we wait for Adag--"
  7037. >"Guys!"
  7038. >Nice timing
  7039. >Off in the distance you see a rushing Adagio
  7040. >She joins the group, and in between breaths she speaks
  7041. >"I... i know where Trixie is!"
  7042. >"Really? how?"
  7043. >"I asked... all of Trixie's class and..."
  7044. >The next minutes, Adagio explained the following:
  7045. >Seems like Trixie's class noticed she wasn't at her best
  7046. >So one of the girls, Sugarcoat you believe? told her about this club
  7047. >Apparently they told Trixie that when they're feeling down, a little partying always cheers them up
  7048. >"So... she's... at a party?"
  7049. >"I suppose, that's what Sugarcoat told me... the whole class left for the capital along with Trixie."
  7050. >"Oh no! knowing Trixie she'll probably burn the whole club down!"
  7051. "I don't get it... if the entire class went then... how did you--?"
  7052. >"Ask Sugarcoat? she's the only girl that didn't go."
  7053. "Did she tell you which club it is?"
  7054. >"The Pit."
  7055. "Pit? never heard of it."
  7056. >"It's one of those underground hipster clubs..."
  7057. "Oh... what's a hipster?"
  7058. >"I don't know, i just use it to describe douchebags."
  7059. >"Really? never thought of that one! hey Anon!"
  7060. "What do you want, Starlight."
  7061. >"You're a hipster."
  7062. "I know you are, but what am i--"
  7063. >"Guys, please. I've heard way too much about this club, and none of it was good." Adagio finally catches her breath
  7064. >"..."
  7065. "..."
  7066. >"Can you two stop arguing for a second? anything could happen to her there..."
  7067. >...
  7068. >Well...
  7069. "It's getting dark... do you think we still have time?"
  7070. >"We'll never know if we don't go."
  7071. >You glare over to Starlight
  7072. >...and hesitantly stretch a hand towards her
  7073. "Just for now, truce?"
  7074. >"Truce."
  7075. >Without hesitation, she gives you a firm shake.
  7076. "Woah... that was quick."
  7077. >"Trixie's my best friend, last thing i want is for her to get raped at an 'underground club'."
  7078. "Agreed."
  7079. >"So? are we going?"
  7080. >"No doubt about it."
  7081. "You two don't have to come if you don't want to, that would be asking too much."
  7082. >"We don't mind!"
  7083. >"We've made it this far, we might as well keep going."
  7084. "well... we appreciate that."
  7085. >You turn to face the academy's entrance
  7086. >How weird...
  7087. >That's the first thought that crosses your mind
  7088. >Why did Trixie's class approach her all of a sudden?
  7089. >As far as you know, Starlight was her only friend
  7090. >Eh, but it really isn't that hard to believe
  7091. >Maybe they just genuinely wanted to cheer Trixie up
  7092. >But why take her to a club?
  7093. >That's what's bugging you...
  7094. >Still, going all the way over to the capital seems like too much
  7095. >It's like you just keep adding stuff to your to-do list
  7096. >You wonder if all of this is worth the trouble
  7097. >...
  7098. >And you know what?
  7099. >It is
  7100. "Let's find Trixie."
  7105. >The late night streets were cold, dark, and ominous. With your only source of light being that of the moon
  7106. >And the deeper you wondered into Canterlot's capital, the more that sense of dread in the back of your head grew
  7107. >It comes without saying, the girls were uncomfortable. Despite from, maybe, Starlight. You'd imagine this isn't her first rodeo in these parts of the town
  7108. >Let's not make it the last, okay?
  7109. >As you walked through the empty streets of a now sleeping city, strangers would gaze your way. That definitely got you out of your comfort zone
  7110. >Though you're not worried for yourself, if someone tries to jump you, you'll send them flying without thinking twice
  7111. >That "Rule" about how it's prohibited to use magic against normal people is bullshit
  7112. >Twilight and Adagio should consider doing the same, as if any of the elder witches were to find out about it if they did
  7113. >But that's it
  7114. >You're not worried for yourself, as much as you are for them
  7115. >You heard chit-chat coming from the girls, but it sounded like white noise to you
  7116. >No idea what they're talking about, should've payed attention
  7117. >Have you mentioned you hate small-talk?
  7118. >It's just a way of trying to make an already insufferable experience less awkward
  7119. >Yet in a situation like this, where all these shady men are staring at you like a five star meal served on a silver platter, maybe small-talk can distract and/or calm them
  7120. >Keep wary, you're not about to let anything happen to them
  7121. >Oh god did you seriously just say that, Jesus that's corny as fuck
  7122. >But you mean it from the bottom of your heart. Even if Twilight and Adagio came willingly, you feel responsible
  7123. >Anyhow, You snap back to reality as Adagio remarks:
  7124. >"Well guys... we're here. The Pit."
  7125. "Finally..."
  7126. >The building itself is... unremarkable
  7127. >No signs, no security or bouncers, no line waiting outside, nothing.
  7128. >You understand this is one of those "top secret cool kidz" club, but even then this seems like a horrible way to run a business
  7129. >"Looks pretty shitty to me."
  7130. "Well i have no idea what you were expecting."
  7131. >"So do we..." Starlight looks back to Adagio over her shoulder "...just walk through the door, or...?"
  7132. >"Yeah, no one is going to stop you."
  7133. "If you don't mind me asking, Adagio, do we need to show our ID's to anyone?"
  7134. >"Not as far as i'm concerned."
  7135. >"That's not a good sign. You've got any idea what kind of people or criminals could hang around there?" Speaks Twilight, clearly off-putted from the idea
  7136. "It definitely seems like the perfect safe-house, if that's what you mean."
  7137. >"Be optimistic guys, we shouldn't think about the horrible people that must come to this place, if not rather about the horrible things they could do to Trixie." Starlight tries to lighten the mood, but fails miserably
  7138. "...what?"
  7139. >Twilight fakes a cough into her fist
  7140. "I don't think you understand the definition of 'optimistic'."
  7141. >"Alright, maybe i could've worded that better... what i meant was: that if we think about what they could or ARE doing to her right now, we would be more motivated to help...?"
  7142. "..."
  7143. >"..."
  7144. >"..."
  7145. >"Guys? you know what i mean?"
  7146. "No."
  7147. >"Let's just go in..."
  7148. >Starlight heads first into the entrance
  7149. >Obviously you follow close behind
  7150. >You stop in your tracks though, as you realize neither Adagio or Twilight are moving
  7151. >Yeah you imagine the idea of a literal rat nest mustn't be too pleasant for them
  7152. "You girls coming?"
  7153. >"...do we have to?" Adagio lowers her tone
  7154. "Not at all, you two can wait outside for us if you'd like."
  7155. >"O-outside...?"
  7156. "Well yeah, is there a problem with that?"
  7157. >"Not at all, if you don't count that group of guys over there." Adagio points her finger towards an alley across the street "'Cause it's not like they've been staring at us ever since we got here or anything."
  7158. "Just walk back to Luna Nova then."
  7159. >"Are you kidding me? us two? alone? in the middle of the night?"
  7160. "Oh for the love of-- if anyone tries to do anything, just use your magic. You're witches for God's sake."
  7161. >"We already left it very clear, Anon. We're not allowed to use magic against normal people. We'd get kicked out from the academy."
  7162. "But it's personal defense!"
  7163. >"The elder witches don't care. Hurt any non-magical user, in any way shape or form, and you're out. No questions asked."
  7164. "Fuckin' bullshit... well then just wait for us, we'll be back in a jiffy. Plus what's the worst that could happen out here?"
  7165. >"We could be mugged, or kidnapped, or murdered, or molested, or all of the above."
  7166. "You're so negative, you know that Dagi?"
  7167. >"Negative? i'm negative because i don't wanna end up dead in a ditch? in this shit-hole of all places?"
  7168. "Yeah maybe this isn't the prettiest place, but the people here seem friendly."
  7169. >Adagio breaths sharply through her teeth
  7170. >"...about that..." she rubs her arm
  7171. "What?"
  7172. >"I don't really trust... you know... the people that hang around this part of the capital..."
  7173. "What does that even mean."
  7174. >"You know... their color..."
  7175. "Yeah, we're all colored. Like a coloring book, what's your point?"
  7176. >"You know what i mean..." Adagio looks away
  7177. "No i don't actually"
  7178. >"They're dar--... goddamn it, you know what i mean!"
  7179. "I do not--"
  7181. "..."
  7182. >"..."
  7183. "Oh my god that's racist."
  7184. >"What?!"
  7185. "The proper term is 'people of color'."
  7186. >"I-i'm not racist!"
  7187. "Are you sure?"
  7188. >"Yes you asshole!"
  7189. >"Look!" Starlight interrupts over Adagio's shout "If you two are so scared of being out here, just come with us!"
  7190. >"I-i'm not going in there! are you crazy?!" Twilight finally loses her cool
  7191. >"Then just stay out here! how is that so complicated?!"
  7192. >"It's not safe you moron!"
  7193. >"All you have to do is stand here and wait for us to come back! is that a hard concept for you to grasp?!"
  7194. >"Listen here you little shit--!"
  7195. "Can you three shut up?! just let me think of something!"
  7196. >At your out-burst, the group calms down, partially
  7197. >Twilight is still freaking out
  7198. >God damn-- why did you even let them come with you?
  7199. >It's too late now
  7200. >...
  7201. >You said you were going to keep them safe...
  7202. >But how?
  7203. >You look around, for anything and everything that could help
  7204. >There's no royal guards, or any form of law enforcement to be seen
  7205. >And just to remind yourself: no bouncers either
  7206. >But there is someone...
  7207. >A single guy, standing by the entrance to the club, leaning on the wall
  7208. >Was he always there? if so, just now you've noticed him
  7209. >Of course you wouldn't bother looking at the guy twice
  7210. >...hm... but there's something about him
  7211. >A sort of... "aura"
  7212. >He catches your eyes
  7213. >Yet you can't quite put your finger on why...
  7214. >...
  7215. >This is gonna sound crazy, but...
  7216. >Should you ask him to watch over the girls?
  7221. >Honestly, what would you gain from not asking him?
  7222. >You've said it before, he doesn't exactly look very trust-worthy
  7223. >The way you see it, he could perfectly be another criminal, that would explain why he's hanging by the club
  7224. >But if you leave the girls alone... then what's stopping the guy from mugging them himself?
  7225. >Best case scenario, he asks you to pay him to keep the girls safe
  7226. >Too bad you don't have much in your pockets...
  7227. >You reach into them to confirm your doubt
  7228. >You've got some change... and a piece of gum, that's about it
  7229. >Hell...
  7230. >Just ask him, dude. You're sure the girls aren't dumb enough to stand with their arms crossed if anybody would try to hurt them
  7231. >...right?
  7232. >You step forward
  7233. >Starlight notices you, and asks "Where are you going?"
  7234. >You don't reply, you're too distracted thinking about what you're going to tell the guy
  7235. >He wears a jacket over his hoodie, has a messy beard, messy hair, and on top of that, a nose ring
  7236. >You're starting to re-consider... too late though, as you stand before him, he takes a quick puff off his cigarette and throws it away
  7237. >And now he's staring directly at you...
  7238. "Um.... h-hello, sir."
  7239. >Oh goddamn it, Sir? really?
  7240. >He leans against the wall, motionless
  7241. >Welp, he hasn't told you to fuck off yet, nor has he pulled out a shiv, so we're good so far
  7242. "This is going to sound strange, but my friends over there..." you point with a thumb over your shoulder to Dagi And Twilight "...they're a little scared of staying out here by themselves."
  7243. >Wordlessly, he nods. As if signaling you to continue
  7244. "And well, if you don't mind, would you be willing to watch over them? at least until i come back?"
  7245. >"..."
  7246. >He doesn't speak
  7247. >Either he's deaf, thinks you're fucking with him, or perhaps he's considering it
  7248. >You wouldn't be able to tell, he hasn't moved since you approached him, so it's kinda hard to read him
  7249. >But eventually, to your surprise, he nods affirmatively
  7250. "Huh? you'll do it?"
  7251. >*nod*
  7252. "Oh, thank you mate! appreciate it!"
  7253. >"me teeth are fucked and me spanish is trash"
  7254. "..."
  7255. >Uh...
  7256. >His voice definitely doesn't fit his looks...
  7257. >What's with his accent...?
  7258. >Oh! he's Irish!
  7259. >That's why he caught your eye!
  7260. >Or at least you think he is...
  7261. "I like your accent."
  7262. >Might as well show some gratitude for bothering him
  7263. >"thank" he replies in a broken english
  7264. >You re-join the girls, along with... uh... you didn't get his name...
  7265. >Anyway, you'll ask him later
  7266. >You introduce him to Twilight and Adagio, then you explain you'll head inside the club with Starlight and how you'll be back in no time
  7267. >The girls give him an awkward (and almost forced) "Hi..."
  7268. >And before heading inside, you tell the girls
  7269. "Hey, one more thing, if Starlight or i aren't back in half an hour, come and fetch us."
  7270. >They nod
  7271. >Without any further time to waste, you follow Starlight into the club
  7272. >You step inside, and both of you are greeted by a very narrow staircase, heading downwards
  7273. >As if it wasn't enough, there's close to no lighting in this place
  7274. >Also worth noting, you don't hear any sort of music, from anywhere
  7275. >Maybe they closed up?
  7276. >The staircase reaches an end, by it's feet, a black door
  7277. >You look behind and up to Starlight, she stares back with a shrug
  7278. >Facing the door once again, you take a deep breath and prepare for the worst
  7279. "Here we go..."
  7280. >You push open the door
  7281. >And the obnoxious sound of electronic music fills your ears, with loud beats and a meaty bass of course
  7282. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBvf7KUEZ78
  7283. >You've only heard this type of music once thanks to a chick from the Academy named Vinyl, and you already hate it
  7284. >The club's colorful light show also momentarily blinds you, but thankfully your eyes quickly adjust
  7285. >Starlight takes a stand close besides you, and while covering both of her ears she screams
  7287. >Even while shouting, it was still hard to make out what she said
  7288. >You read her lips, and to the best of your abilities try to guess what she says
  7290. >Hmm....
  7291. >You face the dance floor
  7292. >Comes without saying that this place is absolutely filled to the brim
  7293. >The dance floor rests at the far left of the building, absolutely filled with people jumping up and down to the music
  7294. >To the far-right, is the bar. Which, in comparison to the rest of the place, is pretty much empty
  7295. >Behind the bartender rests, on top of a tall glass shelf, an array of exotic drinks and beverages
  7296. >The dance floor and Bar are separated by a small section with tables and such
  7297. >In the middle you can see around six or five stalls, on them sit men and women of all ages sharing drinks and laughing
  7298. >But there's no sign of Trixie...
  7299. >This place looks shitty from the outside, but goddamn did someone put money into it
  7300. >And they're definitely making profit
  7301. >Anyway, concentrate!
  7302. >You're here for Trixie!
  7303. >After scanning the club once or twice, you have to turn to Starlight and shake your head no
  7304. >Starlight looks away and frowns
  7305. >You guess she's thinking of a plan?
  7306. >Yeah, maybe you should've come up with a plan before-hand...
  7307. >Starlight taps your shoulder
  7309. "Sure!" you nod your head in case she can't hear you, considering she's back to covering her ears, it's most likely she can't
  7310. >Moving through the crowded underground shows itself to be pretty complicated
  7311. >You try your best to not bump into anyone, but while doing so you lose track of Starlight
  7312. >Please for the love of everything holy, let her be right behind you
  7313. >You peek over your shoulder
  7314. >And she's not here
  7315. "H-huh?! Starlight?!"
  7316. >You stop in your tracks, but no matter how hard you look, she's no where to be seen
  7317. "Fuck! where are you?!"
  7318. >You try to maintain still, but as the club shuffles, people bump and push you deeper onto the building
  7319. >Damn it! no point in looking for her, you won't be able to find her like this
  7320. >She's a big girl, she can take care of herself, just look for Trixie!
  7321. >No need for manners at this point, you move anyone and everything out of your way, and fortunately no one seems to care nor notice you
  7322. >Tonight you learned that you actually might be claustrophobic, because it's getting harder and harder to breath
  7323. >Though that could just be the smoke's fault...
  7324. >Hold on a second, smoke?
  7325. >The building isn't on fire, is it?
  7326. >Actually they might also have one, if not multiple, of those smoke machines here
  7327. >Ah! you're getting distracted again!
  7328. >You rush through the crowd
  7329. >And finally, after what seemed like a marathon, you reach the end
  7330. >You're covered in sweat, although you're not sure if all of it is yours...
  7331. "Fucking 'ell!"
  7332. >You have to take a deep breath after that, and run a hand through your scalp
  7333. >Now... who do you look for? Trixie or Starlight?
  7334. >Slowly, you look back to the border-line mosh pit taking place
  7335. >...
  7336. >There's no way in hell you'll be going back into that shit-show
  7337. "Sorry not sorry Glimmer, you're on your own now" you speak to yourself... out loud...
  7338. >"I'M WHAT?"
  7339. "Ho! holy shit!"
  7340. >"WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
  7341. >Well that's a... pleasant surprise?
  7342. >Starlight stands in front of you, hands still covering her ears
  7343. "N-nothing! let's just keep going!"
  7348. >You wipe the sweat on your forehead, you blow the smoke away from your face
  7349. >And even then, you can barely see a couple of feet in front of you
  7350. >The flashing lights, they allow you to see for only a couple of seconds
  7351. >To put it into perspective: Imagine being in an action movie, in a dark room full of bad guys, and the muzzle flash of their guns is the only light source
  7352. >Maybe that example was a little extreme, but you guess that's what it feels like
  7353. >Still, even for the second or two of visibility you have, you can't see any trace of Trixie, or for that matter, of any of her class mates
  7354. >But thank the God's above for what happened next
  7355. >The music slowed down, the flashing of the lights got slower
  7356. >Until the electronic beats had come to an end, and the club was filled by mere ambiance music
  7357. >And the once colorful lights, are replaced by a single white beam
  7358. >Seems like that rave is over, for now
  7359. >The patrons of the club leave the dance floor, one by one
  7360. >You've only got so much time left before the next mosh-pit begins, so you're on a timer basically
  7361. >With the single beam illuminating the underground, you can finally take in your surroundings
  7362. >...and still, no Trixie
  7363. >Before you stands a wall, a black, unremarkable wall
  7364. >You reached the end of the club
  7365. >Welp, you ran out of ideas
  7366. >Time to use your ace up the sleeve: Asking Starlight and hoping she can come off with something
  7367. >Noticing the loud music had come to an end, Glimmer lowers her hands from the side of her head
  7368. "Great! she's not here! now what?"
  7369. >"Don't ask me! it was your plan to come all the way over here!"
  7370. "First off: No it wasn't. Second off:... well there's no second, that's it."
  7371. >"So what? we just give up?"
  7372. "You tell me, i'm not planning on leaving this place without Trixie."
  7373. >"Well me neither! but--... uh... hey, i kinda just realized something."
  7374. "Spit it out."
  7375. >"You wouldn't happen to know who Trixie's classmates are, would you?"
  7376. "Not really, am i supposed to?"
  7377. >"No. After all, you're so oblivious i kinda half-expected that answer."
  7378. "How about you stop being an ass and you tell me what you have in mind?"
  7379. >"Ugh, look, i'm gonna make it quick: Sour Sweet and Trixie are in the same class."
  7380. "Interesting, is that all?"
  7381. >"How do you not see my point?"
  7382. "Sorry, i guess i'm just 'too oblivious'." you mock
  7383. >"For the love of--! What if Sour Sweet and her group of friends brought Trixie here on purpose?!"
  7384. "I don't know, does it matter if they did?"
  7385. >"Are you dumb? no, scratch that, of course you are. Look, maybe, JUST MAYBE, Sour Sweet wanted to get back at Trixie!"
  7386. "By bringing her down here?"
  7387. >That idea sounded far-fetched to you, at first
  7388. >But the more you think of it, you guess there's a possibility?
  7389. >Adagio did say that this club doesn't hold a good reputation
  7390. >So... so maybe... Starlight's right?
  7391. "It was Sour Sweet's idea... that two-faced bitch..."
  7392. >"Two-faced? she isn't exactly the one who cheated."
  7393. "I didn't cheat on her! i wasn't even *officially* dating Trixie before she found us!"
  7394. >"Whatever you say, player."
  7395. "Look, i'll take your theory into account, but maybe we should worry about that later? we still haven't found her."
  7396. >"Where else are we supposed to check? we just hit a dead end, literally." Starlight gestures towards the wall with an open palm
  7397. "...hm... you sure about that?"
  7398. >The more you look at it, the wall that is, you notice there's something... off about it
  7399. >A single spot seems to stand out, as if it where a crack on the wall itself
  7400. >It's a brick wall, and correct me if i'm wrong, those aren't supposed to reflect light, are they?
  7401. >This spot you mention, the beam of white light shines on it
  7402. >Which leads you to believe, there may be a door?
  7403. >Of course consider the following: It could just be a bathroom, for example
  7404. >But wouldn't it be marked as one if that were the case?
  7405. >It's worth a shot, you've gotta work with the little you got
  7406. >You walk towards it. Starlight, noticeably curious, follows your lead
  7407. >Turning the door knob proves it's not locked, but just in case, you slowly open it, just enough to make a gap big enough to see through
  7408. >Glimmer, using your back as support, leans in as well over your shoulder
  7409. >"Woah..."
  7410. "Won't you look at this."
  7411. >It's a back room, but due to it's size, you'd swear this could be a sort of VIP lounge area?
  7412. >It's very fancy, that's for sure
  7413. >Problem is, it seems empty
  7414. >There's no dance floor, no tables. There is a bar, but no bartender
  7415. >So you'd dismiss it, sure it's strange, but you've got no business scooping around here
  7416. >If it is VIP, you'll probably get kicked out for entering by security
  7417. >And well it's empty so what does it matter
  7418. >Yet in the distance, you can make out the faint sound of chattering and feminine laughter
  7419. >And you'll be damned if you don't recognize that laugh
  7420. >Whatever this place is, Trixie's here
  7421. >And she isn't alone
  7426. >The thought of Trixie being with someone else bothers you
  7427. >Not because you're jealous!
  7428. >You're just worried someone may try to take advantage of her!
  7429. >Yeah, that's it!
  7430. >So without any time to waste, you push the door open and storm inside
  7431. >Starlight falls forward, but manages to balance herself before falling face first into the floor
  7432. >"H-hey! where are you going?!"
  7433. >Can't bother to look back, you've got to get Trixie out of here
  7434. >Out of the corner of your eye, you see Starlight catching up to you, until she's walking by your side
  7435. >She didn't even bother to close the door behind her
  7436. >"Dude, i don't think we're supposed to be here!"
  7437. "..."
  7438. >"Why aren't you talki--?"
  7439. >You stop Starlight in her tracks by placing your arm in front of her
  7440. >Then you lift a finger with your free hand, as if to say "Do you hear that?"
  7441. >"..."
  7442. >Then, right on cue, the silent room is briefly filled by the sound of giggling
  7443. >"...is that Trixie?"
  7444. "Ssshhh..."
  7445. >There's no reason to go along so silently, but you're not taking any risks at this point
  7446. >Like Starlight said, you doubt this area isn't off-limits, considering it might actually be a VIP area
  7447. >The both of you would get kicked out, without a doubt
  7448. >That's why you scan the room, in search of any sort of security or staff
  7449. >Yet there's no one here, the place seemed empty as you said
  7450. >You continue walking, still keeping an eye out for anything
  7451. >This room is of a considerable size, maybe not as big as the club itself, but without a group of people standing in your way, you manage to make to the other end rather quickly
  7452. >Then you see it
  7453. >By the far end of the room, there's a couch facing the wall, one of those sectional sofas
  7454. >And although the two persons resting on it aren't facing towards you, you can make out Trixie's pale blue hair
  7455. >Besides her, rests someone with blonde hair
  7456. >Whomever that person is, Trixie's leaning on him/her
  7457. >But let's be honest, it's probably a him
  7458. >Also note, that sectional sofa you mentioned is also facing another couch, one of those fancy Chesterfield sofas
  7459. >Don't ask how you know so much about couches
  7460. >On that Chesterfield, sit a group of four very bulky men
  7461. >All in black attire, and given by the ear-pieces they wear, that's probably the club's security
  7462. >Why are they here?
  7463. >Shouldn't they be... you know, guarding?
  7464. >Whatever, all that matters is: You found Trixie
  7465. >So let's get this over with
  7466. >You step forward, Starlight, who probably has no idea what to do now, watches you from a distance
  7467. >You come to the side of the sectional sofa, and ho and behold, that's indeed Trixie
  7468. >She leans and rests her head on this blonde's chest, and yes, it's a guy
  7469. >Still, he looks to be around your age, if not younger
  7470. >It takes the guards not much time to notice the company, a.k.a: You
  7471. >"Hey! what do you think you're doing here? this area is off-limits!" speaks one of the bulky guards
  7472. >The group of four stands, the guard whom speaked walking towards you
  7473. >At the ruckus, Trixie and the boy holding her look up to you
  7474. >And Trixie's face switches to an annoyed frown
  7475. >"Anon? ughhhh, what are YOU doing here?"
  7476. "I'm here to take you back to the academy."
  7477. >"What? excuuuse me? who do you think you are? my parents?"
  7478. "I'm your friend, and i was worried for you. Now get up, we're getting out of here."
  7479. >"Buzzkill..." she speaks, closing her eyes and laying her head back on the blonde's chest
  7480. >And talking about the blonde, he decides to finally speak up
  7481. >"Anon? is this the guy you were telling me about?" he asks Trixie, while fiddling with her hair
  7482. >You swear to God if he doesn't get his hands off from her...
  7483. >"Unfortunately..." she answers, with a tired tone
  7484. >Great, so they've been talking about you
  7485. >Ugh, you're not having this bullshit
  7486. >You'll carry Trixie out of here if you have
  7487. >So you step forward with the intend of picking her up
  7488. >You don't get far though, as you're pulled back by the collar of your shirt back to where you stood
  7489. "Augh! what the fuck!" you shout while rubbing your neck
  7490. >"You better step back, kid." speaks the same guard from before
  7491. >Now that they're close up, you realize just how much taller they stand
  7492. >They easily stand one or two heads taller than yourself
  7493. >gulp
  7494. >"Hey calm down, Bulk." At the blonde's order, the guard steps back, arms crossed
  7495. >Just who is this kid?
  7496. >"Hey Anon."
  7497. >Turning your attention away from security, and into the blonde, you notice how he stares at you with a smirk
  7498. >"Listen, i'll give you a chance to do this the easy way. Walk away willingly, or they'll kick you out by force."
  7499. "How generous of you."
  7500. >"Of course, i'm a humble man after all. So humble in fact, that if you behave, i might even let you watch..."
  7501. "...excuse me?"
  7506. >His next move makes your heart ache, and your blood boil
  7507. >While the blonde fiddles her hair, with his free hand he reaches for Trixie's cleavage, groping her like a kid who's never seen a pair of tits in his life
  7508. >Not everything is lost though, as Trixie quickly reacts by slapping his hand away
  7509. >"H-hey! h-hold on a second! what are you doing?" Trixie leans away from him
  7510. >"Get your hands away from her, creep!" Starlight steps forward
  7511. >"Huh? And who's this?"
  7512. >"Starlight Glimmer! her best friend! and you better step the fuck back!"
  7513. >The blonde scoffs, shrugging off Starlight's threats
  7514. >"Great, there's always someone willing to ruin my night. Guards, do me a favor and get rid of them."
  7515. >Once again at his orders, security steps forward, ready for a fight
  7516. >"You think these roid-raged, limp dicked guards are gonna stop me from shoving my boot up your ass?!"
  7517. >This is getting out of control, real quick
  7518. >It's four against two, and you're in no position to fight, let alone without magic
  7519. >You find yourself placing a hand on Glimmer's shoulder
  7520. >She flinches at first, and you'd swear she was about to swing at you out of instinct, but she settles down as she faces you
  7521. >"What?!"
  7522. "Starlight, i think you need to calm down..."
  7523. >"Are you kidding me?!"
  7524. "I don't think you're taking in the current situation, we're at a disadvantage here..."
  7525. >"And?! i'm a wizard, i'll do what i want!"
  7526. "You can't use magic, remember that. Do you want to get kicked out of Luna Nova?"
  7527. >"Kicked out?! that's what worries you?!"
  7528. "It's not that. If someone has to get laid off for using magic, then it's gotta be me. this was my fault after all."
  7529. >"..."
  7530. >At your words, Glimmer takes a deep breath
  7531. >Her body practically deflates like a balloon
  7532. >You're mad as well, rest assured
  7533. >But goddamn did she get worked up all of a sudden
  7534. "Look, we can't fight back. We need to think of something else."
  7535. >"...no, we can't fight back with *magic*..."
  7536. "...what do you have in mind?"
  7537. >"Just look."
  7538. >In a swift yet quick motion, Starlight launches forward
  7539. >Once she's at arms length from the guard standing closest to you, she manages to hit him square in the jaw with such a strength, even his sunglasses take flight
  7540. >The tower of muscle gracefully falls to the ground, unconscious
  7541. "Holy shit."
  7542. >Is all you can say. It happened so quickly, and if you were in that guard's shoes, getting knocked out by a school girl half your size would be the last you'd expect
  7543. >"Who said i needed magic to fight, huh?!"
  7544. >"Jesus Christ! she's a crazy! keep her away from me!" shouts the blonde boy, holding Trixie in place
  7545. >"Ah! let go! you're hurting me--!"
  7546. >Trixie's shouts for aid are drowned, as the blonde places a hand over her mouth
  7547. >"Get rid of them! what do i pay you for?!"
  7548. >"You got it, boss!"
  7549. >As the trio of guards approaches, this time ready for anything, Starlight is forced to step backwards
  7550. >She returns to your side
  7551. "Where did you learn to do that?"
  7552. >"Personal Defense 101. I took my fair share of classes. And plus, i've been holding back the urge to kick your ass for a long while now."
  7553. "Oh... well at least you'll be able to take it off on them."
  7554. >"We'll see. By the way, i figure you know how to fight, right Anon?" asks Glimmer, while rolling up her sleeves
  7555. "...eh, i wager."
  7560. >The trio of guards take separate routes
  7561. >One of them slowly makes his way to cover your left, another guards does the same, covering your right side
  7562. >The last guard stays in the middle, approaching you, fists covering his face
  7563. >You instinctively walk backwards, you're not planning on running away, but you have never (as far as you remember) gotten in a fight before
  7564. >Let's hope muscle memory does the trick
  7565. >Starlight, who's standing by your side, seems ready for whatever they might throw her way
  7566. >You envy her confidence, to be honest
  7567. >The guard who stayed in middle of the rest launches a right hook your way
  7568. >Which seemed strange to you, considering there's still a lot of distance between you two, there's no way he would've been able to strike you
  7569. >Despite knowing this, you still flinched, like a sissy
  7570. >And once the guard starts chuckling, you realize what he's trying to do
  7571. >Motherfucker is trying to scare you
  7572. >He repeats this two more times, at this point he's trying to distract you from the two other guards surrounding you
  7573. >So you get the idea to play along...
  7574. >It's obvious he'll try to make you flinch at the very least one more time, before actually going for the hits
  7575. >So you tap Starlight's hip with your knuckles, below your waist, hoping she can understand your plan
  7576. >Without any sort of confirmation from her, you step forward, hoping the guards tries to feint you once again
  7577. >And, c'mon, these aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, so of course at your sudden movement the guard throws a quick blow
  7578. >He misses you by a hair, as you manage to duck below his fist just in the nick of time
  7579. >Now to initialize your plan...
  7580. >As soon as you duck, you make sure to give your girliest scream while covering your head
  7581. >You're gonna look so bad in front of Trixie... but if this works, it'll be worth it
  7582. >Your reaction gets another chuckle from the guard
  7583. >But the mockery is cut short, very short, as Starlight gives her most powerful kick right to his groin
  7584. >The guard groans in pain, uncovering his face to grasp his genitals
  7585. >Now it's your turn, you quickly stand with a fist up to the air and using the momentum you strike his chin
  7586. >It fucking hurt to do that, but you'd guess it hurt him more, as he falls to the ground back first
  7587. >That punch alone wouldn't be enough to take him down, but as the guard fell, you're pretty sure you saw his head bounce on the floor
  7588. >Needless to say, this fight is now a two versus two
  7589. >Starlight steps back, keeping an eye out for the guard on your right
  7590. >She points with a finger towards him, warning you to stay wary
  7591. >You nod in response, she nods back. And then you place each of your backs against one another
  7592. >The guard Glimmer pointed out is pacing his sight between you, and the two guards on the floor
  7593. >His face scrunches in either anger or frustration, you can't tell
  7594. >What you CAN tell though, is the fact that now he's rushing towards you
  7595. >And you've got no idea how to react to that
  7596. >Is he gonna try to tackle you?!
  7597. >What do you do against that?! jump over him?!
  7598. >You're frozen in place as the guard runs with his arms forward, preparing to tackle you onto the ground
  7599. >At this point you're basically standing in place getting prepared for the hit, hoping you can take it
  7600. >Fuck that shit!
  7601. >He's coming in like a mad-man!
  7602. >Muscle memory takes place, as you see the most fit action at the moment to imitate the guard
  7603. >You rush, even despite not having nearly the same amount of momentum as him before you collide
  7604. >Thankfully thanks to his height, you manage to place yourself below him, ducking under his arms and stopping him in his tracks
  7605. >But now what?
  7606. >You'd go for the generic route, and try to strike his stomach repeatedly, hoping for the best
  7607. >That wouldn't work, you think in the heat of the moment, the guard's six-pack would protect him
  7608. >No homo
  7609. >So instead you place your head under his armpit
  7610. >Eugh! you can feel the back of your head getting wet because of his sweat!
  7611. >Don't pay attention to it, Anon! you'll take a shower after this i don't know!
  7612. >You place both of your hands on his side, and with every single ounce of strength your legs can muster, you lift the guard in the air, and throw him over your back
  7613. >*THUMP*
  7614. >That's all you can hear after he lands
  7615. >But it's not enough, you look over your shoulder and turn, the guard having landed on his ass
  7616. >And now he doesn't look very happy watching over his own shoulder back to you
  7617. >You'd swear you could see him blow smoke out of his nostrils...
  7618. >At least now you've got an advantage over him
  7619. >But hold on, where's Starlig--?
  7620. >*POW!*
  7621. >Starlight takes use of the fact he's watching you, to kick him straight in the jaw
  7622. >She lifts her leg to the air, just like a ballerina
  7623. >And sets it back down, her boots landing right on the back of the guard's head, stomping it against the hardwood floor
  7624. "Damn! and where'd you learn to do THAT?"
  7625. >"Didn't i tell you? i took a couple of dancing classes myself!"
  7626. "Who would've know-- Hey! watch out!"
  7627. >"Huh?!"
  7628. >It's too late!
  7629. >In the middle of your conversation, the guard who was previously covering your left sneaks on Starlight
  7630. >Placing his veiny arm around her neck, holding her in place
  7631. >"Let go of me!" Glimmer screams
  7632. "Let 'er go, cunt!"
  7633. >Well that was a smart thing to say, of course he'll let Starlight go just because you told him to
  7634. >"Step back, buddy! or i'll choke her out!"
  7635. "..."
  7636. >"Now here's what's about to happen, you're gonna leave through that door!"
  7637. "Fine! but let her go first!"
  7638. >"Nah! you can go, but i think we're gonna keep this one!" the guard smirks
  7639. "Don't make me do it, man..."
  7640. >"Do what? stop wasting my time! you got lucky with Bulk and the rest!"
  7641. "..."
  7642. >Welp
  7643. >You got close to doing it without magic...
  7644. >That was the plan after all
  7645. >But you're not taking any chances
  7646. >You slowly reach for you back pocket
  7647. >You feel around, until your hand lands on your wand
  7648. >"Hold on Anon! don't do that!"
  7649. "I got it, Glimmer! don't worry!"
  7650. >What are the chances of you getting kicked out anyways?
  7651. >It's not like they've got witnesses... or security cameras...
  7652. >Fuck it, you didn't like that school anywa--
  7653. >"Move along, kid! or i'll take you out mysel-- w-woah! what the he--?!"
  7654. "Wha--?!"
  7655. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRGrfurZaNQ
  7656. >The guard suddenly let's go of his grasp on Starlight
  7657. >And Glimmer doesn't waste any time to run away, back to your side
  7658. >You have no idea what's happening!
  7659. >But something-- No! *someone* is lifting the guard onto the air!
  7660. >"H-hey! who the hell is this?!" The blonde boy shouts, all while preventing Trixie from escaping by holding her in his arms
  7661. >You can't make out the figure who's holding the guard
  7662. >Whomever it is, he places his right hand under the guard's calf, and another on the back of his neck, providing a firm grip
  7663. >Then, as the figure lifts the guard over his head, you get a clear view of who it is
  7664. "You?!"
  7665. >"That guy?!"
  7666. >It's the same dude who you asked to watch over the girls!
  7667. >What's he doing here?! or rather, how did he find you?!
  7668. >Then, with such an ease like if he were throwing away a trash bag, he throws the guard across the room
  7669. >The guard screams mid-air, wailing his arms around, before flying over the couch Trixie rests at
  7670. >He lands on top of a coffee table which stood in between the two couches, breaking it on impact
  7671. >"..."
  7672. >"..."
  7673. "..."
  7674. >You've got no idea what to say to what you just saw, other than:
  7675. "...thanks..."
  7676. >"yer welcome."
  7677. >"Why are you here?" asks Starlight
  7678. >"yer told us to check on 'ya if yer didn't come back, didn't cha?"
  7679. "But how did you know we were here--?"
  7680. >"yer left the door open"
  7681. "...oh."
  7682. >"Right... that was my fault." answers Starlight
  7683. >"Oh my goodness! you people are mad!"
  7684. >"Ah!"
  7685. >The blondie stands from his seat, Trixie in hand
  7686. >"All of you are in enormous trouble! you've got no idea who you're messing with!"
  7687. "Let Trixie go, Romeo. It's over."
  7688. >"My name is not Romeo! don't try to make a fool out of me!"
  7689. >"You think we give a fuck what your name is?" speaks Starlight
  7690. >To which in response, the blondie scoffs
  7691. >"You haven't heard the last of Prince Blueblood!"
  7692. "Prince--?"
  7693. >He sees nothing better to do than to try to run away... along with Trixie
  7694. >"Just let go of me already! please!"
  7695. >"Blueblood", or whatever his name is, drags Trixie by her wrist, away from the couch and into the door that leads back to the club
  7696. >He runs past your irish friend, and you waste no time to pursue him
  7697. >Starlight and the irish follow your cue, chasing Blueblood out of the VIP area
  7698. >You can see him merge into the crowd in the dance floor
  7699. >Both the irish and Glimmer stop, not sure in what to do next
  7700. >But you're confident in your next move
  7701. >You run, and run, and run into the crowd
  7702. >Soon you realize, the light show had began once again, so had the smoke
  7703. >And the slow ambient music was being replaced by a more up-beat song
  7704. >Another rave was about to start
  7705. >That would only make it more difficult to find them...
  7706. >So you've only got so much time before Blueblood manages to run away, taking Trixie with him
  7707. >Honestly with all the commotion, you're not sure you'll be able to catch up
  7708. >But you know one thing, if you do catch up, you'll fuck him up
  7709. >...was that too edgy?
  7710. >Just go, man!
  7711. >You make your way through the crowd
  7712. >It's already difficult as it is, but of course as another song starts playing, everybody begins jumping up and down
  7713. >The club being filled with the sound of thumping
  7714. >This is, by far, the worst night of your life...
  7719. >*Thump*
  7720. >You fall face first onto the floor
  7721. >That's what you get for rushing through a crowd like that
  7722. >You raise your head and rest your chin on the cold floor
  7723. >Goddamn, does this place have no sort of ventilation?
  7724. >You fell like you're about to get cooked inside here
  7725. >Anyhoo, where's Blueblood?
  7726. >You slide your face from side to side, catching a glimpse of the prince
  7727. >He's trying to pull the exit door, which leads to the staircase, all while battling to keep Trixie from running away
  7728. >Retard, that's a push door
  7729. >You pick and dust yourself off
  7730. >Slowly walking towards Blueblood
  7731. >Oh, you've got an idea, you gotta make this look cool
  7732. >You'll tap his shoulder and say something cool like "Yippee ki-yay motherfucker."
  7733. >Or maybe "You'll already dead."
  7734. >Yeah that's a cool one-liner
  7735. >Wait hold up, where did he go?
  7736. >Shit
  7737. >Looks like it took him not too long to figure out all he had to do was push
  7738. >You'd rush to them, but you're just too exhausted
  7739. >You need to catch a breath... and maybe work out a little more
  7740. >So you rest your palms on your knees, and breath in and out
  7741. >Suddenly, from the staircase you hear a scream
  7742. >"Ah! what the hell is this?!"
  7743. >That's Blueblood, but at first you were convinced it was Trixie screaming
  7744. >"Get this damned dog off me!"
  7745. >Dog...?
  7746. >Rushing down the stairs, Blueblood
  7747. frenetically shakes his leg, trying to fight something off
  7748. >"Get away from me you mutt! do you have any idea how much these trousers cost?!"
  7749. >He reaches the end of the stairs, still battling against whatever seems to be attacking him
  7750. >And you get a good look at whatever seems to be distressing Blueblood so much
  7751. >It's Spike!
  7752. >"Spike! no! get back here! bad do-- uh, dragon! bad dragon!" you can hear Twilight shout from the staircase
  7753. >And during all the commotion, you were able to catch your breath, how convenient
  7754. >You knew that dragon was a total bro the moment you laid eyes on him
  7755. >While Blueblood rants about how he'll kill Spike if he messes up his expensive Gucci trousers or whatever, you manage to silently approach him
  7756. >He goes on and on about how much he fucking hates dogs, but his complaints fall on deaf ears, since it's an animal, it can't really understand you buddy
  7757. >After a short fight, Blueblood manages to fling Spike away by kicking the air
  7758. >But even then, Spike lands on his feet with no struggle
  7759. >"And stay away! or i'll mess you AND your owner up!"
  7760. >Time for the one-liner, Anon
  7761. >You tap his shoulder
  7762. >And Blueblood quickly looks over it
  7763. >"What?! what is it now?!"
  7764. >His angered face morphs into a shocked one at your sight
  7765. >Kinda forgot he was running away, didn't he?
  7766. >Wait, and you're forgetting the one-liner!
  7767. "Yippay key ay-- oh goddamn it!"
  7768. >"W-what?!"
  7769. "N-nothing! i mean-- f-fuck you!"
  7770. >That's all you can come up with before hitting him with your hardest right hook
  7771. >Blueblood slides into the ground with his back against the wall
  7772. >And ow! goddamn did that hurt! you're going to need some ice after this one!
  7773. >You shake your open palm, maybe that'll help?
  7774. >"Anon?" speaks your nerdy friend, holding Spike in her arms
  7775. "Huh? oh, hey Twilight!"
  7776. >"What happened? are you okay?"
  7777. "Yep, never been better! uh, did you happen to see Trixie on your way down?"
  7778. >"Yeah... she's outside with Adagio. Where's Starlight by the way? and the irish guy?"
  7779. >"We're here!"
  7780. >After making their own may through the crowd, Starlight approaches the exit along with irish fella
  7781. >Yeah that's his name for now
  7782. >Starlight averts her gaze from Twilight, to Blueblood
  7783. >"So i guess you already took care of everything Anon."
  7784. "All in today's work"
  7785. >"yer hand's looking pretty swollen, 'ya good mate?"
  7786. "Y-yeah."
  7787. >"What's up with that guy anyways?" Twilight asked, before her eyes opened wide "Did you guys get into a fight?!"
  7788. "No."
  7789. >"Yep."
  7790. "Starlight..."
  7791. >"What? we don't gain anything from not telling her."
  7792. >"Well... as long as you guys didn't use magic, i guess it's okay."
  7793. "Cool, 'cause we didn't. Unless these guns right here count as magic."
  7794. >You flex the noddles you have for arms
  7795. >"...okay then, can we leave?" adds Twilight
  7796. "Sure. Giddy up guys."
  7797. >You look down to Blueblood, passed out on the floor
  7798. "We're pretty much done here."
  7799. >Twilight climbs the stairs, with Spike still in hand
  7800. >Starlight follows, but before leaving, she looks back to you
  7801. >"One more thing Anon, you better give Trixie the apology of a life-time, because if we did all of this for nothing--"
  7802. "You'll punch my cunt in, i know. Don't worry, i'll take care of it."
  7803. >"...Good."
  7804. >She resumes her trail, following Twilight
  7805. >And before leaving yourself, you turn to irish fella
  7806. "...so... what about you? you wanna come with? we could use the protection."
  7807. >"protection from what, mate?"
  7808. "I don't know... thugs?"
  7809. >"..."
  7810. >Irish fella doesn't reply, but slowly he begins to chuckle
  7811. >"lad, all of ye were scared of thugs and what not, but all you did was judge a book by it's cover"
  7812. "Would you care to elaborate?"
  7813. >"don't ye think it's ironic? how the real bad guy here turned out to be royalteh?"
  7814. >He looks down to an unconscious Prince Blueblood
  7815. >Now it's your turn to chuckle
  7816. "I guess so... i'll see you around then, mate."
  7817. >"see 'ya lad."
  7818. >And so, you take your leave
  7819. >Climbing up the stairs, and outside. Where your witch friends await
  7820. >Twilight, Adagio and Starlight surround Trixie
  7821. >You can make out a faint muttering, but you can't quite tell what they're talking about
  7822. >Still, Trixie holds Spike in her arms, with a smile on her face
  7823. >You hate to interrupt, but...
  7824. "Hey gals."
  7825. >"Hey." Starlight is the first to answer "Are we ready to leave?"
  7826. "Yep, let's go now. I don't even know what time it is..."
  7827. >The group takes a long walk, most of it is silent
  7828. >And when it wasn't, it was just mere small-talk
  7829. >And you fucking hate small-talk, so you kept silent
  7830. >Still, you couldn't help but glance over Trixie once or twice
  7831. >She even looked over her shoulder towards you
  7832. >At this, you decide to step up and just get this torture over
  7833. >You speed-up your pace, until you catch up with Trixie
  7834. "Hey."
  7835. >"Hey..."
  7836. "I guess we should talk, right?"
  7837. >"Of course, but Trixie would prefer if we did so at the academy... in private."
  7838. "...i...uh, Anon agrees?"
  7839. >She smiles at your dumb joke, and thank god she does
  7840. >The rest of the walk is silent
  7841. >At one point, once you reached the wide dirt trail that leads to Luna Nova, Adagio and Starlight started talking about something
  7842. >So at least there was background noise to keep the whole situation less awkward
  7843. >But even then, you couldn't help but look to your side, where Trixie was
  7844. >You looked at her, kinda just admiring her
  7845. >You probably looked like a creep
  7846. >But you just can't help it
  7847. >The moonlight shining down on her face
  7848. >Her silky pale blue hair slightly waving around with the wind
  7849. >You got so lost in her, you didn't even notice she was looking back
  7850. >She chuckled...
  7851. >You chuckled...
  7852. >And eventually you felt her hand creeping on yours
  7853. >You walked the rest of the trip hand in hand
  7854. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxaKVeiBiOE
  7859. >It's a beautiful morning
  7860. >Or it was, at least
  7861. >The sun was shining down on yourself, basking you in all of it's glory
  7862. >The birds were chirping, the wind was blowing
  7863. >And that slight breeze was enough to keep the heat tolerable
  7864. >You were hanging around at the village that rests close to Luna Nova
  7865. >You'll get into why you're here soon
  7866. >But after last night, let's just say you didn't have much time to discuss things with Trixie
  7867. >Specially because it seems you spent a little too long outside of the school grounds
  7868. >As a matter of fact, you made it back to the academy just in time. Right before the school was about to send a group of witches to retrieve you
  7869. >In the short amount of time you had with Trixie before you were sent to you respective dorms, you were able to arrange the following
  7870. >You were going to have that talk tomorrow afternoon, in private of course
  7871. >Trixie said that meeting up at a Cafe wouldn't be a bad idea, so you agreed
  7872. >A date, basically
  7873. >Well, not really... she didn't necessarily say it was a date, but a man can dream
  7874. >You gave the news to Starlight, in hopes she would have a plan to make sure everything goes A-OK
  7875. >So here you are, Glimmer proposed that perhaps getting Trixie a gift would give a right impression
  7876. >Hopefully it doesn't come off as forced, as a puny attempt at making yourself look good
  7877. >Needless to say, Trixie didn't pay much attention to Spike
  7878. >So yeah, Twilight is going to be taking care of him
  7879. >What? she's like the star-student, you think they're not gonna allow her to keep a baby dragon as a pet?
  7880. >Anyway, back to the topic
  7881. >Here you are, along with Starlight looking for the perfect gift
  7882. >But there's a catch
  7883. >Remember how you mentioned this /was/ a beautiful morning?
  7884. >You stood outside a thrift shop with Starlight
  7885. >It was one of those magical ones or whatever
  7886. >"Hey, how about this place?" asked Glimmer "Knowing Trixie, they could have something of her interest over here."
  7887. "Sure, you check it out. I'll... uh, wait for you outside."
  7888. >Glimmer shrugged, not questioning why you'd rather not enter
  7889. >And there was no particular reason
  7890. >At least not one you could explain to her
  7891. >Starlight entered the establishment, a bell ringing as she opened the door
  7892. >You opted to wait out here, because not-so far away, you saw a figure creeping
  7893. >A figure that was very much familiar to you
  7894. >Want a hint? his name starts with a "D", and ends in "iscord"
  7895. >Besides him, stood two other men
  7896. >One of them looked like a proper wizard
  7897. >Either that, or he was a poser
  7898. >You say that due to this attire, which in a way, reminded you of Trixie herself
  7899. >Mostly because of his cape
  7900. >The other guy, who looked to be your age, was mostly unremarkable
  7901. >Apart from the fact he's missing his left arm
  7902. >You already knew Discord was coming your way
  7903. >Seeing him approach you made you... upset? angry even?
  7904. >What did he want? What was he going to do?
  7905. >And although you knew very well he was here looking for you, deep inside, you hoped he walk past
  7906. >When he stopped and stood right before you, it was impossible for you not groan
  7907. >Discord took account of this, like if he was expecting this reaction
  7908. >"I know i know... you're not happy to see me."
  7909. >His attitude at first caught your eye
  7910. >He had lost that friendly tone, and unlike most times, that fake and forced grin wasn't on his face
  7911. >"Anonymous, i'm sure i must've ruined your day already. I can't judge you for that. I'd apologize for 'you know what', but i'm sure you wouldn't take me seriously either."
  7912. >You kept silent, you didn't have much to say, not to him
  7913. >Yet, you wanted to listen
  7914. >His way of speaking, it's almost like he's taking himself more seriously
  7915. >"But i ask of you one thing. Just one." Discord lifts a finger
  7916. >Again, you didn't speak a word, you first wanted to hear whatever his request was
  7917. >"I ask for five minutes of your time, at the very least."
  7918. "...what for?"
  7919. >"I... can't tell you, not without context. You'd think i'm pulling your leg if i did so."
  7920. >His company remained silent, the mage had walked towards the storefront of the thrift shop, looking over various magical items
  7921. >The other looked over you, not in judgement
  7922. >If anything, he looked worried. Even melancholic
  7923. >All of this picked your curiosity
  7924. >You felt as if you just had to know what was happening
  7925. >So in response, you sai--
  7926. >"Hey Anon!" Starlight bursts through the shop's entrance, holding a paper bag in her hands "Look at what the fuck i just bought--!"
  7927. >Glimmer stops mid-sentence, probably at the sudden sight of numerous strangers
  7928. >Still, she wasn't looking over Discord, or even the other mage
  7929. >No, instead her gaze was fixated on the boy missing one of his limbs
  7930. >"Uh... hey... Anon." she said to the boy
  7931. >"Hey Starlight." he responded
  7932. >And suddenly, you have many more questions
  7937. >You set outside a small cafe at the plaza of the town
  7938. >Spring leaves fell to the ground, and that pleasant breeze remained for most of your lunch
  7939. >Still, the heat was becoming insufferable. So much so, you're beginning to question your order of warm coffee
  7940. >On top of that, Starlight's order is looking very... appetizing
  7941. >Iced tea? never heard of it, but it looks damn good
  7942. >This diner was nice, small, but very pleasant
  7943. >Mostly thanks to it's location, being besides the plaza guarantees you a beautiful scenery
  7944. >The children of the town run and laugh, the old folks sitting in benches, newspapers in hand
  7945. >Why haven't you visited this place during the day before?
  7946. >You lift your warm cup and take small sips of your beverage
  7947. >Discord sat across from yourself, he had ordered no drinks, but he was munching away at an order of bagels
  7948. >Starlight sat to your right, sitting on her laps was the paper bag from the thrift shop
  7949. >Anonymous sat to the left of Discord, he was silent and kept to himself. The wizard who introduced himself as Sunburst sitting to Discord's right
  7950. >You spent most of this lunch in silence, after Discord filled you in about why he came to you, no one talked
  7951. >You were still processing the news. And you think you understand, it's not too complicated to comprehend after all
  7952. "So..." you suddenly beam, breaking the ice
  7953. >Discord looks up from his food, bagel in hand
  7954. >"Yes? have you thought about it yet?" Discord speaks with a mouthful of bagel
  7955. "I think so. Like, yeah i guess i understand."
  7956. >"Perfect. Would you mind relaying this message to me? Just to make sure we're on the same page."
  7957. "The prophecy depicted on those books Wallflower was hiding, it's become a reality?"
  7958. >"Unfortunately. I saw this coming from a mile away, as i'm sure you can imagine. I tried warning you that night after all, if you remember correctly."
  7959. "Yeah don't worry, i remember." you reply, lifting your cup and downing what remained of your now lukewarm drink
  7960. >"Anon, we're dealing with forces much bigger than us. And i'm confident you're aware of this. You studied those books just to prove i was lying to you, after all."
  7961. "Oh no i'm well aware, rest assured. But i'm guessing you came here to ask for my help. And i'm not sure i'm willing to aid."
  7962. >"Even knowing the gravity of this situation?"
  7963. "Even then, sorry."
  7964. >You look over to Anonymous. His downwards gaze almost makes it seem like he fell asleep on his chair
  7965. "And on top of that, you've got Anonymous with you, right? His help should be more than enough. Me on the other hand... well, I'm not a powerful wizard."
  7966. >"That's not true, Anon. You know that."
  7967. "I mean it, i don't make a good mage. Shit, maybe even a stage magician could be of more use to you."
  7968. >Discord frowns
  7969. >"Please, there's no need to be so humble. You know very well how capable you are."
  7970. "Exactly, that's why i'm saying i won't be of much help. I'm... just some kid who got the privilege of having some sorts of magical capabilities. I'm not special beyond that."
  7971. >"Look, i understand your mentality. I can get why you'd think this way. But i wish i could think of a way to prove you wrong."
  7972. "Well don't bother." You look back to Anonymous and to Sunburst "You got the wonder team here after all. Plus some talented witches from Luna Nova."
  7973. >"We need all the help we can muster, our forces alone aren't enough."
  7974. "Having a mediocre mage in your line-up isn't going to balance things out, Discord."
  7975. >"Mediocre?" Discord scuffs "Anon, i'm not very fond of this attitude of yours--"
  7976. >"Just let him be, Discord." Anonymous interrupts "If he doesn't want to help, then i say let him do whatever the hell he wants."
  7977. >Discord, taken back by the interruption, looks to his side with a frown
  7978. >"Let him be? Are you crazy? we need Anon in our side. I told you already--"
  7979. >"We're wasting our time here, the kid won't help us. We should be taking care of other issues rather than talking to some random magician."
  7980. >Oh wow, random magician?
  7981. >You weren't being exactly humble before, you really do believe you won't be of much help
  7982. >But why the hell is he talking down on you now?
  7983. >"Didn't you hear him? He already knows he's mediocre at best, let's get a move on." Anonymous speaks while slowly rising from his seat
  7984. "Mediocre? What's your problem? You don't say a word all day, and when you do, it's to talk down on me?"
  7985. >"You said it yourself, don't you remember? Oh wait, my bad. Maybe your amnesia is getting worse."
  7986. >What?
  7987. >What the hell is wrong with this guy?
  7988. >*This* is the Anonymous everyone at Luna Nova looks up to? This prick?
  7989. >From all the stories you've heard, from students and teachers alike, this dude definitely doesn't seem as "friendly" or "up-beat" as they made him out to be
  7990. "Oh and now you mock me? you mock me over something that wasn't my fault?"
  7991. >"I'm just saying maybe we shouldn't have come to a borderline handicap for help." he speaks without even bothering to face you
  7992. >That's it, you can take getting called mediocre, but you're no retard
  7993. >You quickly rise from your seat
  7994. "I ain't no handicap. I'm not the one missing an arm after all."
  7995. >"Are you trying to pick a fight?" Anon says nonchalantly
  7996. "Who do you think you are to speak to me that way? You self-righteous troglodyte."
  7997. >"Troglodyte? Oh my, what a surprise. I thought such a word would be way out of your vocabulary. You literal mongoloid."
  7998. >"Alright guys!" Starlight beams "That's enough! you're both acting like children for no reason!"
  7999. "I've got my reasons. This douche bag comes to me for help, but has the balls to treat me like trash while he's at it."
  8000. >"Trust me, i'd rather be using my time watching paint dry."
  8001. >This fucking guy...
  8002. "A comedian, huh? Fuck off. I'm the one that has no time for you inane faggotry."
  8003. >You lean forward, resting your palms on the table
  8004. >Before you can lean any closer to him, Starlight places a hand in your chest
  8005. >"That's enough, Anonymous."
  8006. "Which one? Him or me?"
  8007. >"Both."
  8008. "..."
  8009. >You've seen Starlight angry before, but this seems different. She's not as angry as much as she seems upset
  8010. >Glimmer averts her gaze to Anon
  8011. >"You. I don't know why you're in such a bad mood, but whatever happened to you isn't his fault. Don't take it out on him."
  8012. >Anon scoffs
  8013. >"And YOU." She stares you down "Tread lightly dumbass, i know he's acting like an absolute cunt. But you have no need to rise to his silly mocking."
  8014. "What? what do i do then? sit back and watch him throw insults like they're nothing?"
  8015. >"That's not what i said at all--"
  8016. "I was getting ready for a date, you were going to help me. But then this twat comes out of the blue and tries to draft me off to fight a demon?"
  8017. >"Yes, i agree they could've gone about this better. But you're not helping making it better."
  8018. >You keep silent. You guess she's partially right? You might just be adding to this shit-storm
  8019. >But c'mon, it's justified, right?
  8020. >Starlight looks back to Anonymous once again
  8021. >"Anon, you're acting strange. It's not like you to try to pick fights. It worries me, did something happen?"
  8022. >"..."
  8023. >Anonymous looks away for a split second, his glowering face changing into a wan one
  8024. >"...look, maybe i am in a bit of a bad mood. And maybe i should've watched my tone. But i have my reasons."
  8025. >"And what are those?"
  8026. >"We traveled all the way back here for help. We had many other persons whom to ask for aid. And yet, Discord insisted on coming here first."
  8027. >Anonymous takes a deep breath
  8028. >"I'm afraid if we don't work quickly enough, we'll be doomed. We're wasting valuable time, and Anon refuses to lend us a hand?"
  8029. "But that's not my fault. I already told you i'm not gonna help. Why would you keep insisting?"
  8030. >"Because Discord looks up to you, for whatever reason... and in all honesty, we seriously need help. I'm sorry for acting up back there, okay? There's been too much on my mind lately."
  8031. >Ptfff, too much on his mind?
  8032. >Ten outta ten excuse
  8033. >It's not like you don't understand this situation is serious. But you also do really believe you can't help
  8034. >But can *they* stop this?
  8035. >If they're not capable of stopping Nightmare Moon then... all your friends... Luna Nova, all will be destroyed, won't it?
  8036. >"If Discord can't get you to help." Anonymous interrupts your train of thought "Then maybe i can."
  8037. "...what do you have to say?"
  8038. >"Would you like to hear about what happened to my arm?"
  8039. "Uh... yeah, sure. I'm guessing you didn't lose it in an accident?"
  8040. >"I wish i had."
  8041. >"What happened?" Starlight questions, while sitting back on her chair
  8042. >You being the curious little pile of shit you are, decide to follow Starlight. And give Anon one more chance
  8043. >"It wasn't too long ago, but it was back at the Crystal Empire."
  8048. >The Crystal Empire
  8049. >Although a beautiful place, the dark story that surrounds not only the town, but royalty itself, is very well known
  8050. >Apparently not well known enough, though, for Anonymous to know it
  8051. >It's the story of King Sombra
  8052. >A tale that has been passed down through generations
  8053. >The fact that it has been passed down would seem a good thing at first
  8054. >But because of that, the story has also been warped so much it's hard to tell what actually happened
  8055. >Still, ask nobody about Sombra. Everyone's story will have one thing in common
  8056. >They all depict the king as a horrible person.
  8057. >Someone who was hungry for power and domination
  8058. >Someone who enslaved his own kingdom to fulfill his wicked fantasy of ruling the world
  8059. >Yet nobody knows why he wanted that.
  8060. >All agree that no one wants King Sombra to return of course
  8061. >To this very day, the elders of the Crystal Empire still pray that no one half as evil and wicked as Sombra appears
  8062. >Who would've thought, that soon enough, Sombra himself was to return to finish what he started?
  8063. >------
  8064. >"Gah!"
  8065. >Lemon Zest wakes in a cold sweat
  8066. >Her first instinct is to look around, and to take in her surroundings
  8067. >She scans the room, from the old and aged stone walls that formed the room she woke up in
  8068. >To the well-worn candles that stood by her bed's feet
  8069. >Lemon Zest looked to her side, to a young man resting on a chair, his chin on his knuckles
  8070. >Did he fall asleep while sitting down?
  8071. >Lemon Zest rubs her eyes, and leans her back against the wall her bed was pressed against
  8072. >"Anon?" she calls out "Anon are you up?"
  8073. >------
  8074. "...five minutes, ma..."
  8075. >"Anon, it's me."
  8076. "yeah yeah... i have a stomach ache, can i skip class today--?"
  8077. >"Anonymous!"
  8078. "Hm?!"
  8079. >Your eyes snap open, and you perk up in your sit
  8080. "W-wha--?!"
  8081. >You look around the room frantically, looking for whomever called out to you
  8082. >You looked at the door frame
  8083. >Then you looked at the window, for some reason, even thought you're on the highest point of the palace
  8084. >Eh, you can't never be too sure
  8085. >Bet fifty gold bits that Pinkie Pie could somehow reach that high
  8086. >But the last place you would've thought of checking was Lemon's bed
  8087. >"Anon? i'm right here, dude."
  8088. >You watched in awe, as Lemon had finally woken up
  8089. "...holy shit, Lemon Zest? you woke up?"
  8090. >"What does it look like, dummy?"
  8091. "Jesus, you have no idea how worried you got me..."
  8092. >"What for? for how long was i asleep?"
  8093. "Uhh... thirteen hours? give or take."
  8094. >"Thirteen--...?" Lemon looks away with a frown "Fuck." is all she replies
  8095. "Um, yeah. 'Fuck' is definitely a way to put it."
  8096. >She rubs her face before making eye contact with you again
  8097. >"Where is everybody? was it only you waiting here?"
  8098. "Yep, only me. The rest was-- or well, IS occupied figuring out what to do about this whole prophecy or whatever."
  8099. >"Prophecy? how much did i miss in only thirteen hours..."
  8100. "Trust me, it's a long story. And very weird and rushed one at that."
  8101. >"Yeah, i can't imagine."
  8102. >You and Lemon Zest turn to the camera with a frown
  8103. >"Anyway, where is everybody then?"
  8104. "Hell if i know. Not like i care. I was only worried for you."
  8105. >"..."
  8106. "...did that sound too cheesy?"
  8107. >"Yeah, a little bit." Lemon Zest chuckles "But don't worry, i understand what you mean."
  8108. "Thank God... so how're you feeling?"
  8109. >"Like a ton of bricks."
  8110. "I know that feeling too well..."
  8111. >"Hm..."
  8112. >Lemon brings her legs closer to her chest, hugging them and resting her chin on her knees
  8113. "...and because i know how that feeling is, i also know the best way to cure it!"
  8114. >"And that would be? some spell of sort?"
  8115. "Nah, magic is cool and convenient and all. But it kinda loses it's charm if you use it to walk around every issue you get."
  8116. >"Well i'd like to disagree." She says with a smile
  8117. "Nah c'mon, trust me. You'd never imagine how boring and mundane a night of heavy drinking can be without the hangover."
  8118. >"Ptfff, if you say so..." Lemon replies while rolling her eyes with a grin "So what's the cure, then?"
  8119. "Coffee!"
  8120. >"...coffee. Just plain, common coffee?"
  8121. >You nod your head
  8122. "Yep, and tell you what, just because now you're officially recovering, i'll throw in some extra bacon and eggs for free!"
  8123. >At the mention of a full meal being brought to her, all while in bed, her look changes and suddenly seems very interested
  8124. >"...alright... i think i can get behind that. Didn't know you were a cook though."
  8125. "Nah i'm not. There's a reason i was banned from the cooking club over at Luna Nova."
  8126. >"Oh cool. And now i'm suddenly not interested anymore."
  8127. "D'aw c'mon! I'll get the Palace staff to prepare it! You just rest here."
  8128. >You add while rising to from your seat, and making your way over to the bedroom's entrance
  8129. >Looking over your shoulder, you see Lemon Zest gives you a weak smile
  8130. >"Welp, if you insist." she lifts her hands and shrugs "But it better be damn good."
  8131. "No worries. I'll be looking over the cooks to make sure they don't mess up in the slightest."
  8132. >"Okay then, try not to burn the whole kitchen down."
  8133. "Sure, and you try not to fall into another coma."
  8134. >You hover a hand over the doorknob, but before stepping out, Lemon calls out one more
  8135. >"Hey, Anonymous. One more thing."
  8136. >You look over your shoulder before turning to her
  8137. "Yeah, what's up?"
  8138. >"I wanted to ask... were you waiting for me here all these thirteen hours?"
  8139. "Uh, yeah? it's the least i could do."
  8140. >"Oh you shouldn't had worried so much over me..."
  8141. "Don't mention it. You saved my life back there, even if you had no reason to. And plus, i wouldn't want anything to happen to you..."
  8142. >"..."
  8143. "...too corny? Sorry."
  8144. >Lemon Zest chuckles
  8145. >"Nah it's okay, i get what you mean. So... yeah... thank you Anon." Lemon scratches the back of her head "I really i appreciate it."
  8146. >In return you give her a weak smile
  8147. "Well you're very much welcome then! now, about that breakfast..."
  8148. >"Yeah, it's already taking you long enough."
  8149. "I'll go get it!"
  8150. >Finally you step outside the room
  8151. >Softly shutting the door behind you, you look around your surroundings
  8152. >And wonder to yourself: "Where the hell was the kitchen, again?"
  8157. so the witch general has been dead for a while now. it probably wont be coming back unfortunately, not soon at least (blame the raids).
  8158. i put plenty of other greens on hold for this one. but now i guess its time to move on and keep working on different shit.
  8159. wanna do me a favor? come back some time later. who knows? maybe ill have some new fresh content.
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