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  1. has joined the chat
  2. Genrei: Sup tats
  3. TatsuyaKiyoshi: Yo
  4. AlucardeKiyoshi: Ey bro.
  5. TatsuyaKiyoshi: Sup
  6. kamiomega88 has joined the chat
  7. kamiomega88: (Hey guys)
  8. AlucardeKiyoshi: sup
  9. TatsuyaKiyoshi: ^
  10. kamiomega88: OOC?
  11. Genrei: Nah
  12. kamiomega88: Ok, well how are you guys doing?
  13. Genrei: Not much just chillen hbu
  14. kamiomega88: Just thinking about joining since I no longer have a job atm
  15. kamiomega88: Well
  16. kamiomega88: Being around more is the better way to say it
  17. kamiomega88: So what are you guys doing tonight?
  18. Genrei: You would have to talk to Kirigami
  19. TatsuyaKiyoshi: recooperating mostly. If not chilling with the wife
  20. kamiomega88: Gotcha
  21. Isorei: ..............
  22. Isorei: you can also talk to me about joining xD Seeing as im co owner partner thing
  23. kamiomega88: Hello Iso
  24. Isorei: I thought you were taking a year off?
  25. kamiomega88: Sorry, I forgot
  26. Isorei: lol, by all means join
  27. kamiomega88: I was yes...then I didn't have a job soooo
  28. Isorei: xD
  29. kamiomega88: I think I already am in here
  30. Isorei: you are already in the group
  31. kamiomega88: One moment
  32. YukimuraSenada has joined the chat
  33. Genrei: Sup Yuki
  34. YukimuraSenada: Not much.
  35. kamiomega88: Yeah I joined 2016 but my info was either lost or removed by accident but I never got around to coming back in since I had so little time
  36. Isorei: ..........
  37. Isorei: I meant in Dawn
  38. kamiomega88: I was in the HunterxHunter group too until I was kicked out by Hana's ex I think and I know, that's what I meant too.
  39. Isorei: you never posted a bio in damn.
  40. Isorei: dawn*
  41. Isorei: baha
  42. kamiomega88: I did, like I said the info was lost
  43. Isorei: Im telling you chris You didnt. I dont think. we do not delete bios
  44. Isorei: we simply remove the person
  45. Isorei: All their shit is still there
  46. kamiomega88: I know, that's why when I asked you last year you said it had to have been an accident
  47. Isorei: WHEN did I say that?
  48. AlucardeKiyoshi: Imvu has had glitches like that
  49. AlucardeKiyoshi: Where posts just vanished without mods knowing anything about it
  50. kamiomega88: Indeed
  51. Isorei: and Im telling you Im the one who INVITED you to the group
  52. AlucardeKiyoshi: sometimes even entire threads vanished
  53. Isorei: like a month ago
  54. kamiomega88: Yes after I had to leave due to my job
  55. TatsuyaKiyoshi: does it really matter though?
  56. Isorei: Im just so confused
  57. TatsuyaKiyoshi: *eat on popcorn*
  58. Isorei: and tats
  59. Isorei: forget you. >:I
  60. TatsuyaKiyoshi: loll
  61. TatsuyaKiyoshi: :P
  62. kamiomega88: I told you in 2016 that I had to take time off due to my job but when I tried to RP more my info was missing and I never really my bio back and I had another job so I was removed
  63. Isorei: walking your MIA black ass up in here like you own the damn place. FORGET UOU
  64. kamiomega88: XD Iso
  65. Genrei: diablo
  66. AlucardeKiyoshi: lmao
  67. kamiomega88: But yeah that's what happened
  68. Isorei: Please hold
  69. Isorei: getting documantation
  70. kamiomega88: Ok, tyt
  71. Isorei: http://i67.tinypic.com/4fycza.jpg
  72. Isorei: ^
  73. Isorei: this is what i was talking about
  74. Isorei: it was 2 weeks ago x.x
  75. Isorei: Has nothing todo with 2016 xD
  76. kamiomega88: I know and it's unrelated to what I said XD
  77. Isorei: and what i am saying is you ahve not been removed from Dawn
  78. Isorei: So go fuckin post your bio
  79. Isorei: dang
  80. kamiomega88: >.> Can I use my old RPC?
  81. Isorei: Post the bio and Ill take a look at it?
  82. TatsuyaKiyoshi: *tap chin and think about getting back into it* Hmmm
  83. Isorei: >.>
  84. Isorei: you gonna go MIA on us?
  85. Isorei: Like last time?
  86. kamiomega88: No
  87. Isorei: Not you
  88. Isorei: -.-
  89. kamiomega88: I just need to decide if I am going to make him the same or make a new RPC
  90. TatsuyaKiyoshi: Well last time, more important things had to take care of. But eh dont plan to go mia
  91. kamiomega88: Ok
  92. Isorei: Were you removed?
  93. TatsuyaKiyoshi: not until my child arrives
  94. Isorei: ^
  95. Isorei: THATS RIGHT
  96. Isorei: i heard that rumor.
  97. TatsuyaKiyoshi: Indded they are true. Finna be a daddy
  98. TatsuyaKiyoshi: but dont believe i had been removed
  99. Isorei: OK.
  100. Isorei: then all ya shit should still be there
  101. kamiomega88: Congrats Tatsu :)
  102. Isorei: and Congrats. ^^ Im assuming this wasnt a planed baby? or was it?
  103. Isorei: planned*
  104. kamiomega88: Iso my stuff is not there
  105. Isorei: . . . .
  106. Isorei: I just
  107. Isorei: told
  108. Isorei: you
  109. Isorei: you never posted your stuff
  110. Isorei: e.e
  111. TatsuyaKiyoshi: ^
  112. TatsuyaKiyoshi: and i dont see th egroup any longer so i will assume i was removed
  113. Isorei: you were gonna and you said " Nevermind imma quit rping for a year"
  114. TatsuyaKiyoshi: and yes the baby was plan. Thank you both. Got a lil girl
  115. Genrei: congrats!
  116. Isorei: !! congrats tats. your gonna be a great dad.
  117. Isorei: I want to have a tiny human in the next 5 years.
  118. TatsuyaKiyoshi: Thanks Man. And well I am looking to do do the best i can to be a great dad
  119. kamiomega88: I did in 2016 and Alu even supported my claim of missing info and awesome Tatsu :) With a guy like you as her dad no way she will be anything but awesome
  120. Isorei: Kami
  121. Isorei: Let me
  122. Isorei: break
  123. Isorei: this
  124. Isorei: down
  125. Genrei  goes to actual sleep
  126. Isorei: this group hasnt been AROUND
  127. Isorei: it opened 2017 in august
  128. Isorei: you joined this rp group 2 weeks ago
  129. Genrei: z
  130. Isorei: You Never posted a bio
  131. kamiomega88: http://www.imvu.com/groups/group/Bleach%253A%2BDawn/view?message=Welcome+to+Bleach%3A+Dawn Look at the date
  132. kamiomega88: Date Formed: 2016-07-20 15:28:44
  133. TatsuyaKiyoshi: Iso, when you can. Can you ship that nice little group invite to me pwweez? Thank you kindly
  134. Isorei: ...............
  135. Genrei: bruh
  136. Isorei: I AM TELLING YOU
  137. Genrei: Just post the bio
  138. Genrei: Jesus
  140. TatsuyaKiyoshi: ^
  141. kamiomega88: I will post it, I just don't want to be told I am making stuff up
  142. TatsuyaKiyoshi: it really doesnt matter at this point. Clearly the information not there so just get to work and drop the detective work
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