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  1. [SIZE=7][COLOR=#80ff00][B]Customer Reviews[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  3. [QUOTE="BassTrackerBoats, post: 12104177, member: 100373"]Approved.
  5. Very nice service in an aspect of IM that is trending up.  Niche edits on older posts/pages is a solid way to help rank one's site.
  7. We were given 5 niche edits and all but one flowed nicely and one was even on a page from 2010!
  9. I'd suggest indexing the pages in a clean way after getting your report so Google recrawls them and sees your link.
  11. Good service, easy seller to work with and a quality product at a fair price.
  13. Good luck with sales![/QUOTE]
  15. [QUOTE="MisterF, post: 12118267, member: 78749"]Review;
  17. I received a free copy of this service.
  19. Link was in a niche relevant article, which was a nicely written piece. Although not showing in Ahrefs as yet, these are the metrics of the page.
  22. RD  = 3,590
  23. Backlinks = 5,620,000
  24. DR = 58
  25. DA = 50
  26. TF = 23
  27. Organic Keywords Ranked =  58,000
  28. Organic Traffic = 13,800
  29. Domain also Linked with 3 Wikipedia Pages
  30. Forbes, nytimes, the guardian and many more high authority sites.
  33. Communication and TAT was good, which was nice to see.[/QUOTE]
  35. [QUOTE="pauliakas, post: 12118377, member: 35351"]Service review
  37. OP gave my free review of his service.
  38. And one thing I can tell you about this service is - Excellent!
  39. If you need authority niche links to your site this is the place!
  41. My link was placed in a relevant niche site and also article is relevant to mine niche too.
  42. Article looked natural and well written.
  43. Site is old has a lot of organic traffic.
  44. Site info:
  45. RD  = 36,700
  46. Backlinks = 13,400,000
  47. DR = 76
  48. DA = 72
  49. TF = 44
  52. Communication and TAT was great!
  53. Great service overall![/QUOTE]
  55. [QUOTE="Moto801, post: 12121566, member: 45335"]Received a free review link:
  57. The link I received was on a 3 year old post from a very relevant niche to my website.
  59. Metrics overview:
  61. RD  = 19,300
  62. Backlinks = 4,610,000
  63. DR = 72
  64. DA = 65
  65. Organic Keywords Ranked =  63,200
  66. Organic Traffic = 20,200
  68. Domain also Linked with 49 Wikipedia Pages
  69. 11 nytimes pages, the guardian, and many more high authority sites.
  72. Overall very happy with such a strong link I received from only a review copy. There is no doubt these type of niche edit links can be very powerful and should be added as part of everyone's link building strategy.  Will place an order for bulk package soon. Thank you![/QUOTE]
  74. [QUOTE="PropertyGrow, post: 12157634, member: 909258"]Looking good. Worked with this provider since like 2011. One time I have even challenged him to rank super competitive keywords and he got it done. He definitely knows what he is doing.
  76. Order placed! Looking forward to seeing what these new links can do![/QUOTE]
  78. [QUOTE="KinikuMan, post: 12170981, member: 145300"]I was given a copy review and honestly this is the strongest link I've ever had.
  80. My link was placed in a post which is posted in 2011 and very relevant to my niche.
  82. The post itself has a little traffic and ranked for some keywords.
  84. The domain is strong too with DR 61 and DA 54. According to similarweb it has 75k traffic per month. So it is a real site, strong site and relevant site.
  86. OP did a good job and I'm going to place an order for my site soon.
  88. Thank you OP![/QUOTE]
  90. [QUOTE="hippo123, post: 12177825, member: 949229"]Got a review copy from OP today.
  92. [ATTACH=full]117297[/ATTACH]
  93. It's a wicked domain. Everything that I am looking out for in a niche edit.
  95.     HTTPS
  96.     Organic Traffic
  97.     Non-Spammed Anchors
  98.     Legit site
  99.     Juicy RDs
  100.     Great Backlinks
  102. The link was also inserted in a highly relevant article.
  104. Overall, it's superb link insertion service.[/QUOTE]
  106. [QUOTE="Arrowtown11, post: 12177861, member: 1112518"]Just gotten my report few days ago.
  108. The niche edits link was placed naturally and from a real website with high traffic. RD is awesome too.
  110. Thanks so much! =)[/QUOTE]
  112. [QUOTE="PropertyGrow, post: 12222387, member: 909258"]Just got my order completed and I am pretty impressed.
  114. First Alamgir delivered 5 links, 3 of which had well over 1000 referring domains. 1 other link had 980 referring domains and another one had about 400 referring domains. So straight away I contacted the seller to ask for replacements. He assured me right away that he will make 2 more links. Today Alamgir delivered 2 more links and both have solid traffic: 67k and 425k monthly traffic according to Ahrefs and solid stats: 3.2k and 5.7k referring domains.
  116. In fact, I got 7 links instead of 5 I ordered, cause the 2 that had insufficient referring domains are going to stay live!
  118. I am very impressed with this offering. Will be back for more for sure![/QUOTE]
  120. [QUOTE="Walt0n, post: 12230709, member: 1274570"]Baaaaaaaammmmm, have get my report today.
  122. have ordered the 5 x 200 RD and 1 x 1000RD.
  123. These guys rocks, serios.!!!!
  124. ALL LINKS ARE FROM MY TARGET COUNTRY!!!! these is real cool.
  125. The articels are REAL, OLD and HQ content.
  127. The metrics are also real good from the 1000 RD.[/QUOTE]
  129. [QUOTE="WebMinati, post: 12235828, member: 1062073"]Received a review copy:
  131.     Article was on legit site
  132.     Niche related
  133.     2000+ traffic on ahrefs
  134.     I don't think these are hacked links
  135.     Good metrics : GOOD DR AND RD.
  137. Would recommend this seller.[/QUOTE]
  139. [QUOTE="RangerEsq, post: 12246228, member: 154883"]Review:
  141. First the results: I gave him two keywords of moderate difficulty and he put one link for each keyword. One went up from 74 to 31, though just yesterday was at 29. The other went up from 62 to 43. Other keywords on the same website remained the same, roughly on the same page, so it definitely wasn't a general increase, it was specifically related to this package. To me, jumping 2-4 pages is well worth the package even if I knew nothing else.
  143. One link was on a website that is 6.5 years old, the other 4.5 years old. DA/PA is 52/31 and 26/23. TB is 25 and 96.
  145. The English is not perfect, but pretty good and looks legit. Both articles are very long with pictures, bolded parts and other stuff to make them look very real.
  147. OVERALL: This is a slam dunk. I'm ordering a full package. One of the best networks out there, if not the best if the 2 links I got are representative of what you should expect.[/QUOTE]
  149. [QUOTE="jurky, post: 12249793, member: 5173"]I ordered my package a few weeks ago. This is a stellar service. Just look at the domain stats:
  152. This guy is getting on my go-to list.
  154. [/QUOTE]
  156. [QUOTE="cyberzilla, post: 12275665, member: 76956"]Review: Received my report today for 5 niche edit links with up to 200 RD. All links were placed in a relevant page. Due to the nature of the content, I requested seller to replace one link which he gladly accepted. All these pages are aged, at least an year old. One post is from 2011! All sites have good SEO metrics and gets organic traffic. A good service to target main keywords as anchor. Hope you can offer a subscription model with a discount. I would be interested.[/QUOTE]
  158. [QUOTE="mattbkk, post: 12296304, member: 884644"]Great service! All the placements are really good, relevant sites, good long articles, the edit is also relevant and flow naturally into the content. So far the best solution for niche edit that I ever try. A+[/QUOTE]
  160. [QUOTE="T2tkid, post: 12304576, member: 141952"]This is my second order and the first one saw the site overall ranking improving.
  161. Place a new order (5x200 RD) for an inner page; Order #13625[/QUOTE]
  163. [QUOTE="T2tkid, post: 12317059, member: 141952"]Placed my 3rd order. (5x 500 RD)
  164. Transaction ID: 141143705
  166. You can't go wrong with these links. I am seeing so much positive changes in my previous orders and the quality of the sites are impressive.[/QUOTE]
  168. [QUOTE="avijatica357, post: 12319132, member: 142957"]It's really easy to cooperate with this provider. I received a report with a great link so I decided to order again this time 4 RD1000 links.
  169. Transaction ID 9YV78142VH260xxxx
  171. Waiting for great links again.[/QUOTE]
  173. [QUOTE="tamerbek, post: 12319874, member: 832639"]Crazy stuff! I received a report yesterday.
  174. x2 rd500 -  two domains with 1600 and 6500 (!) root domains.[/QUOTE]
  176. [QUOTE="mattbkk, post: 12370926, member: 884644"]hi, I had several orders and if your site is well optimized, the links are really blowing! A+, highly recommended![/QUOTE]
  178. [QUOTE="T2tkid, post: 12402152, member: 141952"]
  179. Review Time
  181. It is been a while since I dropped a detailed review.
  183. So I placed my 3rd order for RD 500 and OP over delivered on the RD and my results has been awesome!
  185. Almost all the sites have https and some amount of traffic.
  186. All the sites are aged. Got a link in a post as far back as 2007.
  187. All the niche are related to my niche.
  189. And the ranking effect. (This is what matter most).
  190. I gave OP 5 different Keywords (one for each link)
  191. And these KWs has been on the 3rd page for over a year!
  192. Currently, here is my results.
  193. KW 1: move from 30 to 12
  194. KW 2: move from 29 to 12
  195. KW 3: move from 21 to 8!
  196. KW 4 and 5: All moved to 13 and 16 respectively.
  197. And I think I am going to see some more positive SERP movement.
  198. (I didn't add the keyword currently on the 1st page).
  199. I actually added the KWs to my tracker when I saw that they are all jumping to the 2nd page and still climbing!
  202. I will wait another 2 weeks and update on my ranking if they have improved more. (If you happen to see this and you are interested on my update, tag me and I will come back to share image of my KWs).
  204. All these KWs are Super competitive and we have known and powerful websites ranking in the top 10.
  206. Forgot to add this: I sent this to a page in my website and from what I am seeing already in the SERP. Other pages are now benefiting from it.
  207. I can imagine what RD 1000+ and RD 2000+ will do.[/QUOTE]
  209. [QUOTE="imbveej, post: 12416920, member: 1117157"]Hi guys,
  211. I just wanted to review on the first order i did 4 weeks ago. I bought 2x 2000RD links and 1x 1000RD link for a competitive niche. The links were delivered in about 3 weeks and were placed on highly relevant articles with amazing metrics as described (even better than described). Today, 4 days after the links were dropped (1 is visible in Ahrefs, still waiting for 2 to drop, they are indexed though!!) and one of my targetted keywords allready jumped up 10 positions from page 3 to page 2.
  213. Considering that these links are not even live for 1 week i thought this was worth mentioning (Looks very very promising!!). At this point i can't really judge the end result yet since it has only been 1 week. To be honest i think the results will be amazing but we'll see in about 3-6 weeks!
  215. Did another order of 2x 2000RD / 1x 1000RD link for another competitive keyword/niche to see what these beauty's will do there.
  218. I will update in 3 - 6 weeks again to let you know the final results of these links, to be honest they look like f*king magic!
  220. Thanks adss30!![/QUOTE]
  222. [QUOTE="Thomas Shelby, post: 12511413, member: 608345"]Hi,
  224. I ordered 2 links for 500RD+ and received the links within 2 weeks. There was a hiccup on the link, but in the end, he gets the job done.
  225. For the replacement the stats from semrush are:
  226. First site: link placed on 2006 articles (13 years old, it's insane!), and the article is relevant with 900+RD.
  227. Second site: link placed on 2013 articles with 1.8k RD.
  229. Overall Im really happy with what I got. Especially the first link, I think it's pretty decent, and both sites got traffic as well.
  231. Please proceed with re-index. Thank you and good luck with the sale.[/QUOTE]
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