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  1. Once there was a little boy named Johnny. He was a six year old who had a basketball dream, he wanted to be on the N.B.A. Johnny would watch all of the basketball games that's on TV He would go to a basketball court with his father (Mike) and practice or play a scrimmage game. When Johnny graduated from elementary, he went off to high school
  3. When the high school basketball team started, Johnny decided to sign up for the basketball team. Johnny was in his class doing his work then all of a sudden the coached announced on the P.A that basketball tryouts would be after school. Johnny wanted to try out and the coach told him to do what he said and he did it perfectly. So the coach decided to allow Johnny on the team! Their first game was today after school and Johnny was really nervous for his first game,  So when Johnny went on the court he was really scared and didn't really do anything at all. Johnny's next game would be tomorrow but he was really scared and this was his dream, so he asked his father "dad I have a problem" His father said "what's wrong son"? Johnny cries out and says "Every time I play on the court I get really scared, what do I do?" His father says "Johnny when I was your age I was scared too but I told myself don't care what other people says and do what's best for the team. Johnny thanks his dad and says "Thanks dad for helping me a lot and I'm going to take your advice. The next day there was a big basketball game and Johnny was going to use his dads idea. When Johnny went on the court, Johnny was going crazy in the game he kept getting 3 pointers and lay ups. Johnny had scored thirty one points and his whole team was surprised. Johnny was on the newspaper, T.V, and everything else he was on. After all of his basketball year at highschool he graduated from high school and now he is heading to college.
  5. When Johnny went off to college and his coach set him up on the team already, without Johnny signs up. The next day Johnny's father passed away but Johnny didn't know because he was at his basketball game that day. When Johnny went home to visit his parents but when he got in his mom was crying out in tears and cried out "Johnny I have something to tell you" Johnny asked "What's wrong mom"? His mom said"Your dad.. Your dad.. Died today.." Johnny started to ball his eyes out and went upstairs to his room for the whole night.
  7. Then Johnny had a flashback he remembered in high school what his dad said "Johnny remember don't care what other people think and do what's best for the team". So when Johnny got on that court he went WILD he said farther "I'am doing this just for you and mom," When the game was in the last quarter it was 79-79 and there was only fifteen seconds left Johnny got the ball and Johnny yelled "THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS"!. He shoots a 3 pointer the crowd goes wild. Everyone was so happy with Johnny. A month later Johnny was still on his game and got drafted to the N.B.A, and he had the dream he always wanted.
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