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  1. >Erza
  2. A large part of her character comes from her ability to use various swords. Maybe something like Erza using different sword styles or learning/teaching sword styles from/to others, like Taiga or Satsuki, would be a good idea.
  3. You can make a whole slew of requests based on her using different swords like a scimitar or something.
  5. >Chiaki
  6. Anything representing classic, retro game companies would be a good start. Konami? Chiaki as a Bomberman or piloting the Vic Viper. Namco? Chicaki being chased in a maze by four spooky waifus (Yuuko, Toyone, Hagoromo, Sawyer etc.) and or playing a game on a monitor showing Arche and Colette. Compile Heart? Playing an otome game with Anon as best boy. Possibly with touch features.
  8. >Yuria
  9. "A characteristic trait are her eyes, which are black bars without pupils. It is likely that this is not her real face and she is just trying to seem inconspicuous."
  10. Something like Yuria being confident enough to display her "true" face would be a really stunning drawing, especially if it entailed her smiling. Or use the fact that she doesn't like expressing emotion as a feature. Her doing intense things without any emotion, completely deadpan. The keyphrase being "Whatever."
  12. >Kobory
  13. I don't know if this isKobori or some other girl, but there was some mention of making a grave for oneself. What about Kobori hiding in one like so out of being fed up, ( Also, being based on elemental creatures, Kobori is an Earth fairy. Maybe something like her being dressed up as an earth gnome might be cute. Anything else referecing her connection to the earth and nature might make for fresh ideas.
  15. >BB
  16. I'm going to get the dumb idea out of the way first and suggest this might be funny.
  17. But also, BB is connected to the Moon in some way. A big number of requests could emerge from that, like BB sleeping on a crescent (if that's not already a thing,) or her as an astronaut on the moon (if that's not already a thing,) or making mochi with a rabbit (if that's not already a thing)
  19. >Mai Natsume
  20. One idea I thought was cute was the idea of Mai kissing anon to gain his memories. And then upon doing so, kissing him more passionately.
  21. Also, in anticipation for the newest Blazblue, a bunch of requests involving her spear would be nice. Even though the Olympics ended, something like Mai participating in the Javelin Toss would be neat. For added humor, she could cheat completely inconspicuously by using her homing ability. Or spear fishing and being amazing at it.
  23. >Rin Eba
  24. I would imagine she has a thing for cute toys, cute things in general and candy. Maybe her eating desserts might be a cute thing. Or hugging a giant teddy bear or sitting/sleeping on an even bigger teddy plushie. Also, putting pins on people's chairs, rearranging shit that shouldn't be messed with, any number of general highschool prank shenanigans would be nice, since she likes causing trouble. Or since she likes bears, how about playing with or hugging a bear cub, or in a bear kigurumi.
  26. >Watashi
  27. I see she's a kind of girl who hates the current state of humanity. It might be one thing for silly requests to see her using her skill to make sweets to perform pranks. Hell, something as simple as Watashi spreading a pie on anon's face like ( might be funny. A joint request of her cooking up sweets for Stocking and other girls who love sweets might be interesting. Any number of cosplay requests involving her as characters who bake and make sweets is another idea. Or her as a gnome.
  29. >Rikka
  30. The only reasonable thing I could suggest stems from her affiliation with the underworld. That includs gambling. Maybe her playing poker or managing a casino of her own might be something.
  32. >Nepgear
  33. One aspect that separates her from Neptune is that she's a lot more mature than her. Maybe something like scolding Neptune's lax behavior or cleaning up after her messes might be an idea. Or her defeating a Dogoo in battle, saying "Sleep tight, Pudder!" Another aspect of her is that Nepgear is know to turn down dates from boys on a regular basis, so her going on a date with a boy that she's interested in must be something very special to her. A request like that should have that in mind. Given how timid she can be, any number of teasing requests would be cute, including her covering her beet red face with her hands.
  35. >Len
  36. Maybe teasing Len in some way that makes her ears come out, like giving her salmon, or her eagerly learning how to fish. I don't know how you feel about cat memes, but that is also an option. Or Len holding a giant gold coin like a Beckoning Cat. Or wanting to be a big cat like Taiga or Himari.
  38. >Hane
  39. I can't find any information on this girl, but if I'm right, she's a biker, and bikers like to go fast. Request her ging fast. In a number of ways, including but not limited to Super Hang-On shenanigans, D-Wheeling, Tron biking, or trying to train that Kirby monster, Wheelie, to be her personal motorbike, with varied results.
  41. >Mai Kawakami
  42. I always though an interesting thing bout her is her power over the five chinese elements. Making requests with that in mind might be a fun idea, especially if it's using it for something silly and mundane. Making requests involving the motif of the Four Beasts (Azure Dragon Seiryu, White Tiger Byakko, Black Snake and Tortoise Genbu, Vermillion Bird Suzaku, and the Gold Dragon Kirin) might even make for good joint requests depending on who you ask.
  44. >Akeno
  45. I've been curious about one particular reference pic where Akeno looks pissed off. Something with that hidden side of Akeno might be interesting, though I'm not sure exactly how much you enjoy that. The idea of someone attempting to pull the buzzer handshake prank on her only to have her shock them instead was an idea I had in mind too. Or something funny like her wearing an afro saying she shocked herself. Or actually having a hair afro saying that she shocked herself.
  47. >Anzu
  48. I know two motifs are really common with Anzu: Dance, and the concept of friendship. One idea maybe would be her practicing differnt kinds of dance, like the tango or bolero, or salsa, or ballroom dancing, all with their own nice dresses to match. Even her practicing capoeira isn't a particularly unorthodox idea. Or that thing with the marker and her friends' hands where she made a smily face? Instead, what about her making a heart shape with her hand and anon's? Or as an easy go-to cheat, her cosplaying the monsters she uses in duels.
  50. >Nano
  51. The idea of Nano wanting to be human but still being a robot is something that makes Nano cute. But also, something about her reminds me of the sad works of the Android Kikaider anime. Something like a wooden puppet version of her might be cute. Or her dressed up as a woden soldier toy with her wind up key might be good. Or of course, the near infinite ways one could come up with a request in the format of "Nano trying to hide that she is a robot, or hiding her wind up key" through several different ludicrous methods.
  53. >Irisu Kyouko
  54. Well, with the nail bat, I'd say her playing baseball. A very hardcore game of baseball, possibly involving Christopher Robin. Or like that webm of the guy drowning in cute bunnies, the same with Irisu. Or how about her piloting that bunny mech piloted by Catherine Kyoubashi from Arcana Heart? Playing other Puzzle VS games with other waifus might be cute, and even make for entertaining and funny 4 komas if her concentration is broken.
  55. For a few more ideas, what about Irisu making mochi like the rabbit on the moon (even with her nail bat), or perhaps Irisu dreaming of puzzles. To go even further beyond, Irisu dressed up like Professor Layton talking about things that remind her of puzzles. One aspect of her I had remembered was that the reasoning for Irisu Syndrome’s gameplay was that she uses the puzzle game to keep her mind sharp and focused, so requests like those two wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary.
  57. >Q
  58. One thing I know about Q is that she has the appetite of a carbuncle. Especially since she can eat space with the opening and closing of her jaws and eats money. One funny thing might be suggesting to her that a gem or chunk of gold is worth a large sum of cash, only for her to then assume that she can eat said gem or gold the same way as she eats cash.
  60. >Momo
  61. One thing that comes to mind is the idea that she is a very poor shot when it comes to matches. Maybe her trying her best to train to improve her accuracy in a number of exercises might be amusing to see. And the fact that she's known to hide her emotions would make for neat requests involving a show of true emotion. Then there's a bunch of ideas that emerge from the idea of her piloting or commanding any number of tanks, lke the Landmaster, the Edelweiss, the Filgaia Sandcraft, etc. Even shitposting online about their weaknesses in a combat situation might be funny.
  62. Could also joint request with Mai Kawakami representing the Black Tortoise.
  64. >Sakuya (Utawarerumono)
  65. Her ears are pretty long. What about something like her hiding her eyes in embarrassment with them? That aside, I'm sorry there's not much I can think of. Something with her and kendo would be nice. Or since she's usually seen as a retainer to royalty, maybe her in a maid outfit or a butler outfit if you like tomboy stuff.
  67. >Mint
  68. Mint's a natural born leader. Some things that show that, even if a little silly, would be neat to see. Like an election poster showing that she's running for [insert leader title here], or sitting in a grand office chair much too big for her, stroking a cat on the back. A joint request with Fon Master Ion given this aspect of both of them might be interesting. Since she likes dressing up in kigurumis, maybe her in a dinosaur kigurumi stomping around on a miniature model of New York among other ideas.
  70. >Ai Nanasaki
  71. First thing that caught my attention was her being on a swim team. That means connection to water. So her scuba diving, dancing with a manta ray, playing with water pokemon etc. would be good ideas. Ai swimming in the air would be silly, but not something I wouldn't see her doing given a silly enough circumstance. Even something of her tying different styles of swimsuits wouldn't be oo bad, like a sarong, or tank top and swimming trunks.
  73. >Hinagiku
  74. Because she's super adept in swordplay, what about requesting her using other people's sword techniques? Zero's moveset and the Artes of any Tales series swordsman are a few things that come to mind, especially if she's shouting them out loud, or trying to come up with sword moves of her own to give cool names.
  76. >Kirino
  77. If there's three things that stuck with me about Kirino, it's VNs, gyaru and mahou shoujo shit. Maybe Kirino tearing up after playing an otome game, or trying different kinds of fashion she's not used to, like gothloli or urban dance fashion. Or, her as any number of magical girls. Even doing sakuga fights like Cure Black. Or mistaking Arche for a magical girl and gushing about how cool she is.
  79. >Touka
  80. I hardly know the first thing about Touko or TYPE-MOON things in general, but on first glance, Touko strikes me as a good policewoman or a detective. Some request like that would be cool. That being said, any number of noir or faux-noir requests would make for cool or funny things to request of her. If any drawfag were to draw her narrating a scene of anon walking into her office with her--in a deadpan tone--detailing exactly like a 50s private eye how sexy/manly he looked, that would be something you could do. Playing with puppets with Rachnera would also be an interesting idea for a joint request, since she knows puppet magic.
  82. "And then Anon stepped in. That boy was something special. Bold. Had a set of abs that popped out of his shirt. And those legs of his. You know the kind. They went all the way down to the floor."
  84. >Colette
  85. I don't know whether or not you enjoy the idea of Colette with her angel wings, but a lot of ideas can come from that alone, like butterfly motifs, pixie-sized Colette, or other things. Also, her singing songs like Tear Grants did might be something, since she knows certain spells that Tear knew and has a penchant for singing like she did. Her singing the Fonic Hymns might be an interesting request. Her doing things with her chakram weapons is another thing to consider.
  87. >Shinjirou
  88. If you like Shinjirou as the “punk”, a good attire for him would be something rugged, with a bunch of spikes on it, like the outfit Michelo Chariot wears (, with spiked shoulders and knees, and curled boots like Shinjirou already wears. Or you can go for his misunderstood “Moon” side and request things like him sleeping on a crescent moon in the sky, or something cute like him pulling his cap over his face while blushing. Even something like him finally showing off his hidden inner desire to enjoy himself, things like him dancing happily or trying to look cool while doing any number of things. Even telling a joke would be nice, because he seems like a guy who doesn’t do jokes. Or some things with his axe, like spinning his poleaxe in his hands, or chopping down a tree—possibly shirtless, even—or even striking the earth with it.
  90. >Maka
  91. Maka dwells in death, so one interesting idea already is to put Maka in the traditional tattered grim reaper robes. ( You know what other people use scythes and deal in death? Assassins. Maybe her in some assassin garb would be nice. It doesn’t have to be muh creed shit, but any kind of assassin you can think of. Purely because of the hip-hop tone of the show’s soundtrack, I wouldn’t put it past one to request Maka wearing some punk urban clothing, or even straight requesting something of Jet Set with her. Some others that might fit for a joint request are any undead/spooky or demihuman characters (Yuuko, Toyone, Rachnera, Kneesocks) any characters who are students by day and heroes by night (Shinjirou, Mai Natsume, Akeno) or any fightan waifu.
  93. >Tamamo-no-Mae
  94. Being based on the story of the nine-tailed kitsune, some really cool requests could come from just referencing back to that. A cute idea would be giving Tamamo the red face paint on the corners of her lips and eyes, like so ( Or give her nine blue orbs of fire surrounding her as is a common thing with kitsune ( Her in Kunimitsu’s attire from Tekken is another thing to consider. Or happy tears from getting her nine tails back. Making joint requests with other Fate characters, demihuman characters, and especially other magic users is an option for joint requesting.
  96. >Konata
  97. “She refers to herself as a prankster, and finds great enjoyment in teasing her friends.” This already makes for a good load of requests, causing mischief in the form of several small pranks or setting up said pranks for others to fall for. You could easily request her cosplaying as several vidya and anime characters while she puts a silly spin on those things. You could even request her as characters from the adult video games she apparently plays if you want to make it silly-lewd, or cute lewd, but that of course depends on your desire to do so. Given the title of the show, why not request her image as a constellation in the sky, or her riding on top of a shooting star if that’s not already a thing? Joint requesting with Haruhi Suzumiya is an absolute must at some point. Doing so with other student or otaku waifus and husbandos is an option too, as is her interacting with or mimicking characters from popular manga and anime she claims to love.
  99. >Hikage
  100. Because she’s a ninja fundamentally, that gives way to a bunch of requests involving that sort of life outside of the fancy narutu magic. The traditional stuff, like her in the normal, modest ninja/kunoichi robes and hood that you’d see no-names wear, or breathing underwater through a blowgun, or mischievously placing/tossing caltrops on the ground, or other ordinary ninja tricks. The idea of hunting and espionage are also other things to consider because of her being a snake ninja and all.
  102. >Kyousuke
  103. One thing I know about Kyousuke is that he sometimes has these outbursts of emotion that he later ends up being embarrassed about. One thing I think would be neat is a request where he is offering a rose to the viewer, saying some cheesy but very romantic line (that he got from an anime), before being really embarrassed about it moments later. Another aspect about Kyousuke is that he, just like Konata, can cosplay all kinds of vidya and anime characters. Only unlike Konata, he would instead be deadpan annoyed by his situation, or having a sense of “embarrassment but also utter excitement,” given part of his personality is that he wants a normal life, and yet enjoys the excitement he got from hanging out with his otaku friends. He makes for a perfect partner for joint requests with characters like Shinjirou, Akihisa, Konata, and other “normal but not really” characters.
  105. >Etna
  106. So that thing with Chiyo-chan in the penguin suit? Put Etna in a Prinny suit in that same situation.
  107. But really, the thing about Etna is that she’s a total diva that wants anything and everything that makes her happy for a few minutes, but also wants to be super popular. So what if you requested her as a magical girl, or as an idol, or even meeting another character who is a magical girl or an idol, or even a rock star, or imagining herself as the demon queen she always knew she could be? More dynamic action poses of Etna might also be something to keep in mind. She is a fighter, after all. Or considering how uppity she can be, and the way certain mechanic of Disgaea work, Etna attempting to teach her “slave” the viewer a new magic spell she knows, and being frustrated that the viewer is not learning it. Or what about her hair? What if you were to give her a small ponytail instead of pigtails, or even just let her have her hair down? Some joint requests with Mai Natsume, other demon and demihuman characters, and undead/spooky waifus might be another thing to consider.
  109. >Taiga Fujimura
  110. First and foremost, Taiga is a character in the Fate series who is the genki, jokester secondary character who everybody wishes had her own spinoff series, even her. She’s really fun to do silly drawings with. ( Why not request her drawing a katana iai style (or pretending to know how), or using an ultra-complicated sword attack ala Tales series (or pretending to know how), or even dual wielding swords (while pretending to know how)? Even requesting things of her as though she were actually a fighter on par with characters like Saber and Archer, with the clothing to match, isn’t out of the question. If she is also a supervisor for her school’s archery club, why not request her practicing archery, and perhaps being really good at it, even? Taiga’s character is all about “masterful skill hiding behind goofiness,” so go for that. Some ideas for interactions might come from student characters, “normal but not really” characters, and some characters who have experience in sword training, archery, or English (or lack thereof). She is also a prime candidate for a joint request with Mai Kawakami representing the White Tiger, Byakko.
  112. >Hisui
  113. Hisui is pretty cute in her own right given her personality as a mature young woman who isn’t so prone to reveal her emotions as she wants to be. Depictions of that side of Hisui will be far more enjoyable to see than simple costume swaps. Things like her possibly as an assassin maid like Sakuya Izayoi or having just plain old fun doing household chores, like singing a song enthusiastically while sweeping the floor thinking no one is watching, or writing “Hisui + Anon” with a cleaning rag on a dirty glass, before wiping it off before someone sees. Despite being abysmal with kitchen duties, another idea would be to request her spending literal hours to make a single, very special meal for her loved one. Some ideas for joint requests include servant characters like Sakuya Izayoi, other characters who can’t cook, like Fuuka, or other characters who can teach her how to cook, like Shinjirou for starters. The most important thing is to try going for things that show her doing cute and interesting things rather than simply wearing cute things.
  115. >Dolce
  116. Pico claims that Dolce needs a stuffed doll to fall asleep with, otherwise she can’t sleep. Something like her receiving a stuffed animal from a carnival event might be cute, or even her falling asleep with an anon daki. Also, it’s September, so a request of her receiving a warm apple pie as a gift would also be nice, since it is her favorite food. And then next month, pumpkin flan. One thing that pops out for me is the top hat, so what about ideas involving her wearing other outfits usually capped off with a top hat, like a bunnysuit, or a 20s socialite outfit? Also, for an idea inspired by her monster form, what about a joint request of her, Touka and Rachnera playing with marionettes together?
  118. >Kneesocks
  119. One thing that stands out about Kneesocks, even before the fact that she is a demon, is that she is quite a hardass for following the rules. Some conflicts that arise from that would be funny to see, like Kneesocks sampling some tasty food, but getting mad that she wants more even after reading a sign that say “One sample per customer.” Shit like that. Kneesocks dressed up like a cop wouldn’t be a bad idea either, being an enforcer of the law, or in a full blown dictator’s getup. Because of this, there’s also a number of interaction ideas that could come from this too, especially with the other  not-normal-student waifus and husbandos. For example, something like this between Kneesocks, Shinjirou, Akihisa and Maka might make for an interesting collage ( And this is all without even getting into the number of action requests that could be made with her as a fighter, or ideas inspired by the way she starts blushing talking about the things she’s passionate about.
  121. >Anna
  122. Putting aside everything people meme about, Anna is actually a very sophisticated woman in her normal persona. Because of this, why not request her wearing a princess’s ball gown or something of the sort? As a socialite, or even as any kind of blueblood would be a good start. Since her abnormal strength is also a part of her character perhaps her in martial arts robes would be nice.
  124. >Cyan
  125. I tried looking her up elsewhere but couldn't get much of a feel for her personality without watching the show, but some ideas I can give are giving her even longer drills. Drills fit for a princess. Or perhaps in an elegant dress playing a harp. Or because of her love of gothic lolita, how about some art of her in a dark, more grim artstyle? Not dangerous, but perhaps something spooky of her in more gothic lolita clothing.
  127. >Yukiho
  128. Going off of the shoveling thing Yukiho is prone to, what about Yukiho playing with a cute mole or digging for buried treasure? You could even request her in Shovel Knight’s armor, taking off the helmet to reveal her luxurious face and hair. It’s worth thinking about, since it’s getting DLC soon and all.
  130. >Aigis
  131. I always thought it would be neat to see attachments and addon equipment from other robots that looks cool on Aigis. Like E-102’s lock-on cannon system, or Megaman X’s laser scarf from that RPG game nobody played. Or maybe even the addition of wheels on her feet to dash and spin on. But of course if you want more silly things instead, how about Aigis cosplaying as a pirate with a pegleg. All she needs to do is put one shoe on. Or she could try wearing geta sandals for a summer festival.  Another idea might be dressing Aigis in Greek roes and a laurel crown, just like her persona, the goddess Athena. Or take a page from Nichijou and request Aigis getting upgraded features—ones that are absolutely useless to her and that she would never use. Speaking of Nichijou, a joint request with another robot girl like Nano might be fun, especially considering the comedic irony of how Aigis manages to integrate into human society better than Nano tends to. Also other things with demihuman characters might be interesting for joint ideas too.
  133. >Risty
  134. I notice a lot of requests are of her in different clothing. What about requests that show the ‘Robin Hood’ side of her that she exhibits so well in Queen’s Blade, the side of her that works as a mercenary for hire. Perhaps Risty looking nervous for an interview for a job, or snoring in bed while dreaming of making mischief with a get-rich-quick plan. Or if you like musclestuff, what about her in workout clothes doing curls or boxing, or any number of exercises? Or because she’s from a fantasy setting, one could easily imagine drawing her in some other RPG-style clothes, like as an earnest Knight with a mace, or a Berserker, or anything like that. Her singing sea shanties at a bar is another idea one could do. In terms of interaction ideas, Risty could pair well with other characters from a fantasy background, as a bodyguard for Arche and Ion. Or other characters who are known for being into amassing wealth, or actually being rich. Because she’s good with kids, her being a good motherly figure or playmate around younger characters like Nanako or Cyan might also be fun to see.
  136. >Momo (DxD)
  137. One interesting thing about Momo is her “Reverse” ability in the series. For me that equates to mirrors, so one possible idea could involve the use of the mirror motif. I once imagined her wearing the Mirror Kirby jester’s hat. Or going off of her namesake, why not request things involving peaches, like perhaps Momo in Princess Peach’s dress, or playing the tomboy and playing with a sword like Momotaro, eating a peach with anon, etc.
  139. >Kobeni
  140. “Kobeni is the "ultimate average high school first-year student."”
  141. I refuse this. Request her doing things far above the average. Her life should get to be exciting. She can imagine herself to be a hero, an actress, a magical girl, or even a girl with a ponytail if you want to. Or you can request her winding down for the day and sharing a bowl of ice cream with dearest Anon. Of course, it seems that she enjoys shopping as a way to unwind, so why not a drawing of Kobeni grabbing the viewer by the sleeve and asking to go into a particular store at the mall with a smile or starry eyes. Joint requests with Kyousuke and Yuria, the three of them together, doing ‘absolutely ordinary everyday things and nothing else’ that turns into some wild adventure none of them wish to partake in might be a fun start. That or Kobeni with other student characters, or mall enthusiasts.
  143. >Yuuko
  144. Depending on how comfortable you are with requesting things emphasizing her undead aspect, you still have a whole slew of things to request in relation to that, from something as simple as cutely posing with her hands in her sleeves with her tongue poking out, to full-on scaring the viewer or other waifus with various mischievous tricks, scaring them for the sake of laughs. Things like peek-a-boo scaring people, walking through walls (if she can even do that,) going invisible and picking up normal objects acting like she’s possessing them (if she can even do that,) etc. Also, consider the near-infinite spooky-related joint requests you can make with Yuuko and other waifus like Toyone and Hagoromo. On top of that, other waifus who are canon scared of ghosts, like Hinagiku, Miia or Minorin. On top of that, requests involving waifus who deal in the supernatural, like Kneesocks, Stocking and Maka.
  146. >Valerie
  147. There’s a load of cutesy things to imagine Valerie doing simply on the basis that she’s a cosplaying gym leader who wishes to be like a cute pokemon. A few off the top of my head are things like ‘wanting to be a magical girl,’ or being a tiny Zelda-esque fairy. Or maybe something silly like her using those big wing-like sleeves to flap herself airborne. Also, holy shit, Valerie’s cosplay clothes weigh 33 pounds, and she walks in them every day. Maybe a request either showing how tired she is after a long day of cosplay, or how super strong she is despite her apparent lack of muscles. Considering she has a deep appreciation for fashion and all things beautiful, requests of her trying on different frilly outfits or cutesy things—even with other fashion-loving waifus, would be a good start. Though it’s a fair bit of a stretch, Valeria might be a good idea for a joint request involving Mai Kawakami, representing the Vermillion Bird.
  149. >Shion
  150. One other aspect of hers is her love for chess. There’s plenty of ideas that can spawn from this alone, be it from her engaging in a bout of “Logic Chess” with someone, Shion in an outfit reminiscent of one of the six chess pieces on the board, or 2-komas showing a silly variant of classic chess moves. For example, Shion getting in trouble and then hiding behind anon to help save her…”Castling.” Shion completely yet inadvertently ignoring anon or another waifu walking up to her while she’s lost in deep thought over something, causing them to be sad she ignored them so brutally…”En Passant.” Because she’s not wel acquainted with the “Commoner’s life,” some cute requests could come from that childlike glow she gets when she sees those everyday things that normal people experience, like her jumping up and down and clapping at her first time receiving a soda from a vending machine, or being super excited to hop onto a shopping cart and ride around on it, completely uninhibited.
  153. In short, it comes down to knowing ALL of the ins and outs of your waifu. All of the things she likes, she dislikes, her personality, her abilities, her passions, the motifs her character is built on the foundation of, everything. And then taking those things and formulating something that might just in istelf be cool or cute or funny to see with her. Don't be afraid to do silly things or ask for cool things. Some drawfags might like that, and you never know what else they might come up with.
  155. One instinct while requesting might be to want to stick to a certain one tone across all of your requests, often the tone that is set for your waifu or husbando’s series, whether it be cute, actiony, grim, or comedic. But because your request is separate from the original work, why not be a little unrestricted in regards to tone? Request your action girl waifu doing funny things, or if she’s usually cutesy, try something more cool. Of course, all of this while still having it be something in character for them.
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