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  1. C3979
  2. "Reward! You actually rewarded that useless old thing for an outsider who spied on the treasures of our six big powers!"
  4. "Hahaha, you've truly broadened my horizons!"
  5. Nine Stars Heaven Mountain laughed wildly as he looked at leader.
  7. His smile was truly happy.
  8. How could he not be happy?
  10. Just now, it was precisely because of Wang Chen that Wind Thunder Sword Sect was so arrogant, which made him extremely unhappy.
  12. But now, he suddenly realized that Wang Chen, after all, was just a fake, and not someone from the Wind Thunder Sword Sect.
  14. It was also because of this that the's reward to Wang Shang Kun just now became a huge joke.
  16. This joke was so funny. How could he miss it?
  17. At this time, Wind Thunder Sword Sect was so angry that his face had changed.
  19. He looked at Wang Chen who was in a sorry state, and roared.
  20. "What exactly is going on? Explain it clearly!"
  21. Being scolded by the Lord Headmaster, Wang Chen had never seen such a scene.
  22. He was so frightened that with a plop, he kneeled in midair. He was so scared that he almost peed his pants.
  24. In a situation like that, he did not dare to hide even a single thing. Not only did he clearly explain what happened, he even spoke of the matter of him bullying his own school.
  26. After hearing what had happened, Wang Shang Kun immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.
  28. He could not accept this fact.
  29. Just a moment ago, he even thought that his grandson was going to bring glory to his ancestors, yet now, he was going to face reality. His grandson was still that good-for-nothing guy, and today, he had completely lost face for him.
  30. "You useless thing. See if I beat you to death."
  32. At this time, Wang Shang Kun flew over and landed beside Wang Chen, he raised his hand and was about to hit Wang Chen.
  34. He was not putting on an act, he was truly planning to teach this Wang Chen a lesson.
  35. "Bang ~ ~ ~"
  38. However, before his powerful palm could land, a muffled sound rang out.
  40. The next moment, a gust of hot air sprayed on his face and body.
  42. Then, he was stunned.
  44. Because to his astonishment, he discovered that Wang Chen, who was previously in front of him, had now turned into a cloud of blood mist and floated in midair.
  45. His grandson Wang Chen was dead!
  46. "The wreckage belongs to the same sect as us, yet we were used by others. Truly, our sect has lost all face."
  47. Immediately after, an angry shout came out, it was from the Wind Thunder Sword Sect.
  48. Actually, everyone could see clearly that Wang Chen was killed by the Wind Thunder Sword Sect.
  49. Even if he killed Wang Chen with his own hands, the fury of the Wind Thunder Sword Sect would not subside.
  51. Thus, he turned his gaze to Wang Shang Kun.
  52. "There is no room to educate your descendants, they are not fit to be my Wind Thunder Sword Sect."
  54. "Woosh ~ ~ ~"
  55. After speaking, he pointed his finger, and a light sword flew out. With a "pu" sound, it pierced Wang Shang Kun's dantian.
  56. Wang Shang Kun's cultivation had already been abolished.
  57. "From today on, expel them from my sect. They will no longer be part of my sect."
  58. Wind Thunder Sword Sect waved his big sleeve, and immediately, a Elder rushed forward.
  59. Not only did he forcefully take off Wang Shang Kun's clothes, even those few disciple s who were travelling alongside Wang Chen had their clothes ripped off.
  60. Those disciple s were all scared silly.
  62. But in truth, they were lucky. At least they were not directly killed by the leader like Wang Chen.
  63. However, everyone was clear about this.
  65. The reason why Wang Chen and his grandfather were in such a miserable state was all because of that imposter in the barrier.
  67. If it wasn't for the fake person's performance being too stunning and caused Wind Thunder Sword Sect to place too much hope in him, he wouldn't have been disappointed later on.
  68. However, he once again looked at Chu Feng who was inside the barrier.
  69. But at the same time, another question appeared.
  70. "Who the hell is this guy?"
  72. "Since he isn't someone from the six great forces, he should be a Junior, right? Otherwise, how would he be able to enter the realm of the barrier?"
  73. "Where did such a powerful Junior come from?"
  75. Everyone's hearts were filled with curiosity. Even the voices of the crowd that were filled with confusion resounded throughout the vast sky.
  77. "Lord Headmaster, according to Wind Thunder Sword Sect's description just now, those people look very much like Secret Cave Saints and that Asura."
  78. At this time, someone from the All Heavens Sect said.
  79. "It's them again."
  81. Hearing these words, the All Heavens Sect, who had been always calm, burst into a rage.
  82. After all, he had heard the reason why breaking through the Grave of Demon Slaughter Emperor failed.
  83. It was because of Secret Cave Saints and a guy called Asura.
  85. Especially that Asura brat. He was the main culprit behind their defeat.
  87. "Good, good, good. They actually still dare to cause trouble for my All Heavens Sect."
  89. "I would like to see if they can escape from my sight this time around."
  90. At this time, the All Heavens Sect was burning with anger.
  92. Because he had long ago been filled with hatred towards the Secret Cave Saints and the Shura.
  93. He had already decided long ago that he would seek justice.
  94. But now, without waiting for him to go find Secret Cave Saints, Secret Cave Saints actually came looking for him.
  95. And it was even under the condition that he and the six great forces' leader were present.
  96. This was a provocation, an unmistakable provocation.
  97. This caused his provocation to become berserk, and it had already reached a point where it was difficult to suppress his rage.
  98. "Heavenly leader, do you know who the person who had disguised himself was?"
  100. At this time, the leader of the Wind Lightning Immortal Pavilion asked.
  102. "They are called Secret Cave Saints. They are a group of despicable and shameless organizations that commit heinous acts."
  103. "Before this, they had once used special treasures to enter the barrier's Formation, which only the Junior could enter."
  104. "So, it must be them."
  106. The All Heavens Sect said.
  107. "Use your treasures to sneak in."
  109. "That is to say, he is not a Junior at all? was it an aged Martial Cultivator disguised as him? " Dragon and Phoenix Immortal Pavillion asked.
  111. "Yes, Secret Cave Saints, they aren't Junior at all."
  112. The All Heavens Sect said.
  113. Walla ~ ~ ~
  114. Once those words were said, the crowd burst into an uproar once again.
  115. The people who were previously full of praise for Chu Feng suddenly started to argue, some even acting and humiliating others.
  117. If a Junior with a cultivation of the eighth rank was indeed heaven defying.
  118. For a figure who had been a older generation for many years and was a Grade Eight Supreme Realm cultivator, he was basically nothing, to the extent that he was not even listed in the rankings.
  120. However, to impersonate a Junior and bully a Junior with the identity of a older generation, this kind of cultivation was truly too detestable.
  121. "This Secret Cave Saints is too shameless, I have to teach them a lesson."
  123. In that moment, everyone was filled with enmity towards the Secret Cave Saints.
  124. If only he could swallow the Secret Cave Saints alive and strip it of its body, then he would be able to relieve the hatred in his heart.
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